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ITT: Best ways to start out a campaign.

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"Welcome to my Magical Realm."

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"Rain. It always rain in the city of Sin..."

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>"First one to swallow gets bonus EXP."

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you all wake up as little girls

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"You wake up chained in a leather dungeon."

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You all met in a tavern. At least that's what you think happened. The hangover makes it hard to tell, and currently you're in the middle of a corn field. You see smoke rising in the distance.

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"War. War never changes."

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"You watch as the world ends"

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I like to start in character generation. Have the players dictate a few scenes about how they got to know one another, maybe write down a few enemies and allies they made in their pre-campaign adventuring. Feels more organic.

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Your vision is obscured by your knees, as you are currently in the fetal position.

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"You awake in a room surrounded by horrifically mutilated bodies. Blood covers the room from floor to ceiling. A Genie floats in front of you and asks, "What is your third wish?"

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Does anyone have the slightest clue where OP's pic is from?

It struck me as particularly beautiful.

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OP here. Been wondering the same thing! Saw it posted here with no context, but it is really fucking fantastic.

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I wish to know who I am.
Genie: That was your first wish!

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"You wake up in a daze, and you don't remember much."

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Combat drop.

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There are three halfings sleeping next to you.
At least you hope they're halflings.

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oh gosh I'd play this

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Yeah. Best CRPG I've ever played.
Among other things, it's the only one that included roleplaying.

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Boku no Reverse Image Search

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"Each event is preceded by prophecy, but without the hero there is no event."
You wake up to the rythmic sound of waves banging against a boat's hull.

Will you suck my dick if I tell you?

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> "The fields of war have shifted. Fires burn as high as mountains, turning this valley - once fertile and green - into a superheated wasteland of glass and flame. On the ground lies a shattered helmet, the last remnant of a battle fought long ago."
> "This wasteland was your home. And the helmet is your gravestone."

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>I wish to know my second wish
>that WAS your second wish

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I have rarely felt as bad about an ending as I did with Reach. I felt physically uncomfortable as I watched my dude get shanked to death.

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I didn't, because it was evident from the start that he wasn't going to survive. Shit, the entire Noble team seemed like they were competing over who could have the bloodiest death.

I am mad that A Fistful of Arrows (http://leviwastaken.deviantart.com/gallery/27221463) isn't canon. It would have rounded out the Noble Death roster nicely.

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"You enter the tavern. You see eighteen shadowy figures, each of them brooding in his own little dark corner."

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Primarch quest?

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And one of them has a hat with a yellow exlimation point on it.

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>a tavern made entirely out of shadowy little corners

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I love it. Pic related.

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More pics of this place op

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Not OP, but this is the same lake from the other side, you can see the hut at the lakeshore.

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He said that he doesn't have any.

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Do you know where this is?
Also, on topic:
You are goblins. Your stats are 2d6 straight down, and this makes you very sad.

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That... That sounds slightly horrible.

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BUT NO! they are infact KENDER!

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"Hand your sheet to the person on your left."

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Of course, I was there.
Very precisely it is in Germany, Bavaria, Königssee (Kings lake).
Though what is shown here is not that lake actually, there is a smaller one behind it called Obersee.

To get to that you have to take a ferry to St. Bartholomew's Church (pic related) and hike from there around the rest of the lake. Take about 2 hours and is slightly exhausting.

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Everyone died. But they got better.

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>You are goblins. Your stats are 2d6 straight down, and this makes you very sad.

That... sounds like it wmight be the start of a great campaign.

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And the path you have to take, always along the lakeshore. Very scenic.

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>you die
>everyone else dies
>the world ends
If you've actually done one of these three, please stop DMing

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"You die" is how every game of Geist: the Sin-Eaters begins by definition.

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I'm stealing this.
And this.
The shadowiest tavern! Does anyone have that comic with the tavern with like, 18 different corners?

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It actually comes from a 2e module.
You get to run the tribe if you ever become so powerful you get a THACO of 19.

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>the world ends
But what if it's a vision of the future that brings all the players together?

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That'd be cool.
Acutaly, I'd be okay with playing any of those scenarios he said sucked.

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Basically every quest/anime ripoff/special snowflake story begins with you dying

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And this is what happens AFTER.....

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Yes. YES.

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I could start a planescape campain like that.
You are in a afterlife of some sort, and then you get summoned by a wizard as reinforcements.
He dies before he can unsummon you, but it turns out his summon was permanent. Find you way back to wherever you were before you died so you can pick up where you left off.

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"You wake up in Monrovia, Liberia. A man offers you heroin as a cheesburger gently lands on your head. Must've been one hell of a night."

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I don't think you know the planescape setting as well as you think you do.

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The Cathedral of Two Penises is now in my campaign.

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When you die, you become a petitioner with no memmories of your past.
Petitioners can be summoned.
Just make some bs as to why they remember their past.
Hell, don't have them die in the first place. Planiers can be summoned, so as long as no-one wants to be a prime, you're golden.

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"The chains chink slightly as you drag the ball and chain along the dirt. Luckly, up ahead you see the railroad!"

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I played a one shot where we were dumb ass goblins with shitty stats sent to kidnap the baby princess for the glory of our chief. The actual campaign started with us making PCs that were hired by the King and Queen to rescue the baby.

Goblin antics included entering a barn full of horses and flipping shit (and starting a fire). Entering a butcher shop filled with all sorts of meat and quality knives and flipping shit. Trying to get a pig we put people clothes on to drive us through a checkpoint while we hid in the back of a cart. And our soothsayer convincing us that the other party of goblins we met were visions of the future we must emulate to succeed.

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I think I'm going to start my players aboard a luxury liner that collides with an oil tanker when I start up with my new campaign. PCs will be stranded in Rogueport (Yes I'm doing a Paper Mario-based campaign). Good idea?

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Can I steal this?

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You awake, covered in an unknown liquid. Your bed is comfortable, and you appear to have some women around you. your best friend is also there, sharpening his sword, and you can see piles of Gold Pieces around you.
One of the women begins to suck you off. It feels fantastic.
You realize none of this can be real.
You're transported to the astral realm, and a celestial being asks you three questions.
Why didn't you stay?
How did you know?
And finally
What now?

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That givese me a campain idea: 1 shot destroy the goblin village,rest is the few survivors trying to live in a world balanced for 4d6, drop lowest 1.

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You're running. You have the egg. You're screaming. Your friends are screaming. Behind you, something big is screaming.
You are all screaming.
What do you do?

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fry the egg.

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sure, that's the plan, but you're thinking too long term.

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"Because it wasn't real"

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charisma check: Roll to convince other party members to attack whatever is screaming at us from behind.

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"The timer has finally hit zero. Your capsule beeps several times, then opens with a can-packed hiss. You are free at last... but freed into what?"

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Bring a chime to the table.

"As you all die a slow, agonizing death you remember that particular day, not too long ago, when you met..." Strum chime.

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>cue epic time wizard campaign with multiple realities and the PCs have to save themselves from themselves because they are the protagonists, antagonists, and also every NPC, just at different life stages

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"You awaken, your ass is sore."

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"Your life flashes before your eyes, but it has to start somewhere. For whatever reason, you think back to the day you first met your companions. What was it like? It seems so long ago."


"Up until now your lives have been boring, mundane. And then you discovered the power of funk."

>inb4 the Fire Nation attacks

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>in a pub
>the pub explodes/assassins appear and kill everyone/a hail of bullets turns the building and many of the patrons into swiss cheese/a horrible curse or some shit descends killing everyone
>the PCs are the only survivors
>they can decide for themseles whether or not to team up to find out whos responsible
>good characters do it for loljusticelol
>evil and neutral characters do it for revenge

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alter the past, to change the future, to fix the present.

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"Dare you enter my magical realm?"

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>You were once dwarfs, now you are simply refugees
>You remember the good old days, when the mine rang out with the sound of your picks and the song of industry
>You remember your clan, your loved ones, your family
>You survived, just barely, damned to carry on your clan's memories
>Only you remember how it happened, how the hold fell and how the keep was overrun
>You can still hear the screaming coming from deep undergound
>You remember the day when the beer ran out

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"You all awake, the smell of musty air filling your lungs as well as thousands of years of ancient dust that obscures your vision. You all begin to remember the floor of the temple collapsing and dumping you all in this dark, dry crypt. Thankfully you had all fallen on a pile of dirt that has gathered beneath the thin flooring, and all your equipment appears to be intact, although now covered in dirt."

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"You stand atop a spiral stair. An oracle confronts you there. He leads you on, lightyears away, through astral nights and galactic days."

>> No.26777223

The flooring of the temple, stone slabs underneath you, covered in dirt.
The dirt is covered in thousands of years of dirt, underneath it, dirt.
Underneath that dirt, more dirt.

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Im wearing a 2112 shirt right now

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>now the seven of you must strike the earth, ere the elephants get hungry

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So the tavern is an octadecagon?

>> No.26777352

"You and your gang of rogues awaken from another drunken stupor to the sound of the boat rocking about in the salty waves, the stomping of the crewmen's feet beating at your heads. You wonder if this is it, you are famous pirates in this small little sea route, wanted by the local government, and even other pirate crews, you have wealth, fame, and a powerful crew, but what now?"

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Nah, would be more like an 18 pointed star, otherwise not really corners.

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"My wealth and treasures? If you want it, I'll let you have it...search for it! I left all of it at that place"

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It's 3 AM. Your cellphone rings.
The man is cut short by the sound of gunfire. For a few moments the line is silent. Then you hear a raspy voice:
"My men have a very particular set of skills. We will find you. And we will kill you."
The line goes dead and you swear you can hear movement downstairs.

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Reminds me of a fjord.

Ah okay. I will still post the fjord picture though

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>Your new home is in a land the common folk call "Boatmurdered"
>A grim portent indeed

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I would play the fuck out of a One Piece RPG.

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You wake up in the dark, and struggle your way to the surface.

You look down at your mudstained hands. Bones. It hits you like a truck: You are a skeleton.

Do you...
>Act Spooky
>Scream Forever

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Is that NICE BOAT?

>> No.26777542

All three.

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It actually looks like there's a troll waiting beneath that bridge.

>> No.26777567

The twist?
>You aren't black and don't know who the hell T-Bone or Big L are

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Looks more like some sort of giant turtle.

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"You are jarred awake as the plane touches down, after coming to a stop, a pair of guards make their way down the aisle, unshackling each inmate from their seat"

>> No.26777609

Scream forever while exploring.

Don't tell me that wouldn't be spooky as shit, walking through a dungeon, hearing a faint yell constantly, and then running into a skeleton that is screaming as loud as he can without rest.

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Am I the only one imagining all of the more modern starts with a traditional D&D party instead?

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They're so much better that way.

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Your peaceful existence is ended, not by an act of another, but through yours. All your life you have spent on the back of the Great Beast, floating through the sky. You have spent the previous two years training in preparation. But preparation for what? No tales, nor hymns, nor scripture of any kind tell of what is below. You can only see darkness. You must take a leap, both metaphorically and literally, and embrace what is to come.

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Holy shit that really looks like Geirangerfjorden! It probably is!

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you all wake up chained to a truck axel in a remote junkyard.


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Holy shit that's huge! There's the cruise ships in that port and they look so small

>> No.26778117

The world is big

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The answer to the first and the second are one and the same: because I seek the truth. The truth that must be known.

Now, if you will excuse me, my ride is here.

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You are standing in an open field west of a white house, with a boarded front door.
There is a small mailbox here.

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I eat the grue.

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roll for mental disease

>> No.26778847

Yeah but the picture is a little deceiving until you notice the boats and put it to scale.

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>There are lines around the block outside of every tavern and inn in the city.
>Hundreds of thousands of adventurers looking for work and plothooks.
>You bump into the rest of the party at the end of a line for a new tavern.
>Some guy comes up to you.
"Look, my daughter got kidnapped by orcs, but I don't want to wait in this line to get inside and find somebody to deal with it. The four of you seem like a decently balanced lot, can you just handle it?"

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Waking up, with no memory of the night before, in a bed with the rest of the part.

>> No.26779156

You wake up on a larged bed naked with four other people, suddenly a large orc comes in and addresses all of you "So, do we have a deal?"

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maybe one wall is just corners all the way down

>> No.26779595

I didn't read the thread, I just wanted to post a photo I took a while back that reminded me of OP

>> No.26779622

>"You're all in the middle of having gay sex with eachother when..."

>> No.26779783

you see your starting equipment? please ?rase all of it

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I like this one.

>> No.26780211

God I loved being there. There was an afternoon storm, and the thunder seemed to echo forever.

>> No.26780732

"Long ago in a distant land I, Aku, the shapshifting master of darkness unleashed an unspeakable evil. But a foolish samurai warrior wielding a magic sword stepped forth to oppose me. Before the final blow was struck, I tore open a portal in time, and flung him into the future. Now the fool seeks to return to the past, and undo the future that is Aku."

>> No.26780849

You are all in a tavern. But the tavern is busy floating and spinning in a raging torrent, and you're not sure if the tavern will hold.

>> No.26780901

Very Douglas Adams-y.

>> No.26780962


i like it

>> No.26781096

Each player starts separately.

>You're falling. Who would leave a banana peal at the top of a flight of steps?

>You are stuck by a car at a crosswalk and killed.

>She doesn't love you. Though maybe if he was out of the picture, she would. There's always that monkey paw that your mother left you.

>Every day they constrict you a little more, and their scales become more visible as they press into your flesh.

>You drag the unconscious body into a back alley. This is wonderful stress relief.

>> No.26781454


>banana peal


1. a loud ringing of a bell or bells.

2. a loud repeated or reverberating sound of thunder or laughter.

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It's a game of time wizards

>> No.26781721

It so happens that the one NPC that can time travel is rather inept at it. She attempted to jump backwards in time by one day. She jumped back one day and eleven years.

>> No.26781723


ah, makes sense.

>> No.26781734

You all meet in a bombed out tavern.

>> No.26781787

Shit, time wizards are the best.

>> No.26781829

"You are dead. This is the afterlife's Processing Department. Please present your identification."

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Our DM started our game with this:

You all awaken from the sounds of screams, clashing steel and war drums.

You run outside, greeted by a warring band of orcs as they ransack the village.

>Roll for initiative.
>Endless wave of orcs thrown at level 5 party.
>Eventually die.

You all died, though short-lived, your deeds bought enough time for the king's cavalry to arrive and saved the people you threw your lives to protect.

>We call out bullshit
>DM says not to leave the table just yet

You all awaken from the sounds of laughter, cheers and music.

Before you is a great hall banquet filled with fine wine and fine food. Amongst you are warriors from different eras and different lands.

From the far end of the great hall, A bearded man with a missing eye and a horned helm calls out with a booming voice

"Welcome, brave noble heroes... To Valhalla!"

And now our quest involves stopping Ragnarok.

>> No.26782055

Why did you guys not retreat in the face of infinite numbers?

>> No.26782060


>> No.26782072

Someone just punched your collectively shared girlfriend in the stomach, threw her over his shoulder, and retreated into the harsh streets with her.

>> No.26782083


Would have been better if everyone was now an orc that just successfully raided a village before being chased off by the king's army.

>> No.26782126

Alternately: the president has been kidnapped by ninjas.

>> No.26782136

I remember there was an effort to reverse engineer the MAGOS DEL TIEMPO system based on that story. Anyone know if they ever finished?

>> No.26782156


Yeah, let me post them.

>> No.26782170


He expounded a bit more there

>> No.26782174


>> No.26782195


>> No.26782209


>> No.26782233

"You're in the gallows preparing to be hung. The king is watching and looks pissed. Everyone is glaring at the bard."

>> No.26782234


Oh god, I love you. My dick is so hard right now.

>> No.26782243


I'm so preparing to get a huge dick.

(It's hanged)

>> No.26782271

Thanks for posting that. You're a cool guy/gal.

>> No.26782286

"You are."

>> No.26782292


Damn it, Greg, I told you, I'm not playing fucking Nobilis with you.

>> No.26782297

It is dawn, as the sun moves so slightly through the inn's window. One of the inn workers moves to wake everyone else up, for the continental breakfast. The party's slave has been working in the kitchen for two hours, helping prepare breakfast for your group.

Everyone seems to be of full vitality in the group. What do you do?

>> No.26782319


I activate Celerity, and seek to drain the vitality from the group.

>> No.26782322

"You are together in a park in some big city, no landmarks are visible at the moment. Each of you has a handgun, loaded, and 1 extra magazine. The city is eerily quiet."

>> No.26782333


I open my extra magazine. It is a copy of Lusty Busty Sluts vol. 7.

I roll to ogle disconcertingly.

>> No.26782343

That is some god tier DMing right there.

>> No.26782358


Success! you pop a boner, and the moaning come from a nearby alley seems to fit what you're reading. You have 11 bullets, everyone else has 21.

>> No.26782375


I am willing to gamble that due to my porno mag, that I am firing real bullets, and that those lacking pornography are only firing blanks.

>> No.26782389

If they did retreat, they wouldn't be in fucking Valhalla, now would they?

>> No.26782402


Is fucking Valhalla any different than regular Valhalla?

>> No.26782410

Fucking Valhalla is way more awesome than regular Valhalla.

>> No.26782416


Its like valhalla, instead of ale, feasting, and wenches there are wenches, wenches and wenches.

>makejap autos

the fuck, captcha

>> No.26782417

"For your crimes against the state, your fellow man, and the Gods, I sentence you to exile. May mercy elude you."

>> No.26782425

Your party stands before the Cave of Tits.

>> No.26782428

Your captcha obviously is telling you to invest in Japanese car manufacturers.

>> No.26782430

Thought that was a giant turtle with land on its back from the thumbnail.

>> No.26782434

I'm guessing cause they aren't little bitches

>> No.26782472

"Welcome to the first day of fighter's college! this is Dave, he's a wizard, now be nice guys!

Cakes and Ale in the rec room tonight and 7, and please keep any fighting to one of our dozen arenas. Mind the traps!"

>> No.26782504

The stink is unbearable, even at this speed.
The mag-rail rushes along the broken, choked surface of Ord Mantell and the junk piles you've positioned yourselves behind seem a little shaky at best.
"How did we end up in this poodoo?" You're bounty hunter ally shouts as another blaster bolt ricochets off your makeshift barrier.
>I really hope none of my group sees this.

>> No.26782506


>> No.26782517

I meant

>> No.26782539

The vitality of the group is drained. Now, they're going to need more than coffee to get to their spry selves again.

The smell from the kitchen is growing stronger, and smells very pleasant.

>> No.26782565



Check my ally to make sure I didn't somehow end up with a Gungan partner in a drunken stupor.

If not a Gungan, proceed.

If Gungan, shoot him, and then myself.

>> No.26782590

>thinks poodoo is gungan and not hutteese
>Though it's still incorrect, as it's not shit at all, but rather the food eaten by Banthas

>> No.26782616

hehe "uuuuhhhh shit guys i really expected you to die. fuck. so i guess the campaign is about a guerrilla war on orcs"

>> No.26782647

the ninja was actually the vice president

>> No.26782711

>It is the year 1935
>You awaken in a forest, not far from Berlin.

>The professor's time machine was a great success.

>In your bag is everything you need for the mission: fake papers, uniforms, your trusty sidearm, and a device to predict how much of the future you might change.

>Its time to prevent World War 2.

...is what SHOULD have happened. But the players pretty much accidentally got Einstein captured by the Nazis, so the campaign ended up taking a detour.

>> No.26782761


I'd play the hell out of this. though, I wouldn't be there to end WW2. I'd be there to help hitler win.

>> No.26782837

>>you die
Did that.
A very enjoyable game of Eclipse Phase.

>> No.26782841

>the players accidentally expose Romell and all the other generals as traitors
>the players accidentally disclosed the trick the British used to outsmart the germans in the European front
>the players accidentally lost a history book they brought with them and it somehow fell on hitler's lap.

>> No.26782891

>dying to a bunch of orcs

Odin must be damn desperate if he's scraping the bottom of the barrel.

>> No.26782898

Red Alert: the Tabletop

>> No.26782953

>have the party wake up with headaches in a back alley in some city
>first thing they do is steal a car and shoot a cop

god dammit players.

>> No.26782955

Who says the players were working for the allies?

If anyone wanted to change the outcome of WWII, it would be Nazis in the future.

>> No.26783008



>> No.26783010


So how do we prevent WWII while assisting Hitler?

I say start a cell of jewish terrorists somewhere and start blowing things up. Have the mass media assist the hatred of the jews spread.

Blow up some big ass monument that would be a massive affront to the german population whilst taking out whatever leaders need to be gone for hitler to step in.

Now, with the world behind him, hitler can successfully exterminate the horrible plague that is the jew without worry.

>> No.26783017

>yfw one of the players is jewish

>> No.26783037

Its ok. Jews are a self hating people

>> No.26783075

You awaken at the bottom of the ocean off the coast of an island, where you have been resting all these years.

You are hungry, and a little angry at that annoying buzzing sound you hear coming from above the waves. Others are probably also awakening, what do you do?

>> No.26783084

Except, y'know... Hitler invaded every other country as well.

Hitler was trying to take over the world by using jews for his hate engine

>> No.26783092

As you meet together in the tavern for various reasons you realize that the tavern is on fire.
And falling through the sky.

>> No.26783109

"Awaken... ye who is chosen... Ye who are amongst the dreams of the masses awaiting a hero to come. However ye are not alone on this journey, others follow the same fate as thine own. As you come across thy compatriots to come, Ye will know thy true destiny"

>> No.26783134


Now he wouldn't be invading.

He would be exterminating the jew with their blessing. hitler didn't want to rule the world, he just wanted germany to be for germans and keep a german culture.

>> No.26783136


>> No.26783173

"Awake! Avast! Hold tight your buns if buns you do hold dear! For time has come to wake and run, and not give way to fear!"

>> No.26783178


I chuckled audibly.

>> No.26783189

>Rise and shine, anons. Rise and shine. Not that I... wish to imply you have been sleeping on the job. No one is more deserving of a rest, and all the effort in the world would have gone to waste until... well, let's just say your hour has come again.

>The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world. So, wake up. Wake up and smell the ashes

>> No.26783192

Goddamn /pol/ what are you doing here

>> No.26783249

>Half Life campaign

Give me your DM, and nobody gets hurt.

>> No.26783269


Half life would suck as a co op game.

>> No.26783281

Prevent WW2 while assisting Hitler? Simple, just make his art career stable and/or popular. Now he draws happy little trees in tv.

>> No.26783286

Beyond this room are a thousand rooms, outside of them still more

>> No.26783296

Not really. Outside of Gordon Freeman, there were other characters who had a story.

Barney and Alyx are notable examples

>> No.26783302

>unt now we draw ze birds. are these not pretty birds? dese birds can only be born in ze glorious fathaland. juden birds are no where near as pretty

>> No.26783314

How about Portal then?

>Welcim space
damn it captcha

>> No.26783315


Story wise, sure, but half life is about the atmosphere. Its hard to have a tense situation with multiple PCs.

>> No.26783318

Behind each door, on every floor, danger, danger, ever more.

>> No.26783335


>tabletop multiplayer puzzle game

find a way to make this interesting.

>> No.26783354

Stranger, hark! The traps galore may kill you whilst you do explore

>> No.26783390

Hmm, maybe not best for portal, but could you adapt Parnoia's crazy system, give everyone infinite clones (because they're all test-performing robots) and go from there? The re-assembler creates a crew of various aperture science robots from old personality cores unknown to GLaDOS, and without any way of communicating with the reassembler, and all alone at the start (and ideally with no verbal communication available IC between the bots), they must figure out why the reassembler built them, and what their purpose is in the giant complex facility that is Aperture Science Labs.

Along the way they can reactivate reassembler modules and upload their own schematics so in case of destruction they can be rebuilt. If you want danger, have the reassemblers go offline as GLaDOS smartens up (or they get destroyed, or other bad stuff happens), and well as far as specifics go I've got nothing, but that seems like a solid enough start.

>> No.26783391

In front of you, awaiting your answer, sits the man who just asked you if he could raise your family members from the dead.

>"They died in the raid. I want to use their bodies to fight back against the invaders. I have a place for you among the ranks as well, if you wish."


Although this might be a better to begin a new arc in a campaign, rather than an entire campaign itself.

>> No.26783396

To free yourself from this tomb, and nevermore re-enter, find the room amidst the rooms that lies exactly center

>> No.26783444

Damn that's good

>> No.26783452

I'm thinking somewhere in Scandinavia.

>> No.26783487


guys! Guys! What if...

Black Mesa / Aperture Science quest

>> No.26783509

I always wanted to begin a campaign like that.

>You're all in a tavern.
*players groan*
>Which explodes. Looks like you're smack dab in the middle of a riot. Roll initiative.

>> No.26783517

Sensation courses through your circuits as sensors and servos are rapidly welded to your body. You feel your feet attach to your waist, before touching the ground, before the ground opens up beneath you and you fall through a glass tube, catching glimpses of the guts of some kind of factory, including other glass tubes. A second before you hit the ground your optical network comes online, and you stick the landing perfectly. You're standing on a steel floor that would feel cold if you were capable of feeling temperature. You look up. Four other robots, similar in size to you but not in make fall upon you, creating a pile of tangled twitching metal.

Out of a similar tube a short distance away, five white gun-like devices with black prongs fall to the ground.

>What do you do?

>> No.26783534

>>reading /tg/ late at night for kicks
>>find this thread
>>someone posted the entirety of the time wizards campaign ruleset



>> No.26783545

Dibs on being the intelligence dampening core.

>> No.26783557

This is the start of a HORRIBLE campaign.

>> No.26783564


Quest thread?

>> No.26783574

pls no

>> No.26783576

Fuck those two, just look at half the NPC rebels in Half-Life 2. Especially those ones in the tunnels during Water Hazard.

Mind you, this is way before the start of the general revolt, when people are fighting the Combine in the streets. You walk off, look at a map, and come back with a gun welded on your boat.

>"It came off of one of those hunter-choppers out there."

How the fuck did you get a gun from a hunter-chopper? What the fuck, man?

Plus there were cool rebels in just about every other location. It seemed like there was a lot of opportunity for a small party of rebels to do cool things far away from Freeman throughout, really. I think I actually have a notebook full of ideas for just such a campaign somewhere around here...

>> No.26783601


But then its just in the world of half life without any of the half life feeling.

>> No.26783603

"You are twelve years old. You have been twelve years old for fifty years now."

Campaign didn't go so well, but I rather liked it. Creepy magic book caused a groundhog day (actually season) loop and neighborhood gang of kids had to stop it.
BBEG would have been the book trying to steal enough time to gain a separate existence.

>> No.26783636

Hell, these two are practically PCs already.

>> No.26783640


Ends in separate time streams. Or sex.

>> No.26783651

Define "Half-Life feeling". Because I'm thinking 'cool environments, balanced gameplay, memorable NPCs, continuous forward movement punctuated by puzzles at regular intervals, and loads of world-building just under the surface.'

All of that can be done in a tabletop game with a bit of deft GMing and players who know what they're getting into.

>> No.26783667


That intense feeling of being alone, of not know whats going on. not knowing where any of the sides are coming from, just that they all want you dead.

>> No.26783687

What the fuck game of Half-Life have you been playing? There are certainly parts of the game like that, but it's by no means a majority.

>> No.26783690

I'd play this only if I get to be a Vortigaunt.
>immune to headcrab poison
>psychic abilities
>can shoot lightning
>can heal

>> No.26783696

> No one get this reference

>> No.26783699

You have to do the voice.
Or at least try.

>> No.26783705

Sounds less like Half Life and more like Dead Space or DOOM.

Gordon actually has allies.

>> No.26783707

I got it, it just wasn't terribly interesting.
Juib was the real hero.

>> No.26783722

Sure but you're level adjustment means your buddies level up 5 times before you can.

>> No.26783725


I felt this way most of the time. when the vortigaunts first showed up, when the military started showing up.

My allies were captured or MIA most of the time.

I dunno, maybe it just freaked me out a little bit more. I only played half life for the first time maybe a year ago and new nothing about it.

>> No.26783744

I'd play it. Can I be Aperture escapee with a portal gun?

>> No.26783763

Ohhh.. You played Half Life 1.

Yeah, you're mostly solo with the exception of the occasional barney following you around.

Half Life: Opposing Force was good too. You were the part of the military sent to clean up Black Mesa during the resonance cascade event

>> No.26783780


Neat, maybe I'll get that and try it.

>> No.26783793

I'd be up for it. It'd just be a little bit more difficult with the HL2 game opener I had in mind.

>You're in the back of a Metrocop APC, handcuffed with zip-ties, legs shackled to the floor of the cabin. Innocent or not, you've been accused of 'Anti Civil Activities' and you and your other fellow 'inmates' in the convoy are headed for Nova Prospekt. The cops find this much more amusing than you do.

>Suddenly, a blast knocks the APC on the side, slamming everyone and everything in the back to one side. The shrill cry of the heart monitor on the cop riding in the back with you alerts you to his fate as the automatic shackles release you from your seats.

>The zipties are easy to break with the cop's knife. The gunfire still continues outside. You might consider thanking whoever's attacking this convoy for your new lease on life by joining them.

>> No.26783797

doesn't that fuck up the timelines?

Aperture was lost after GlaDos killed everyone with neurotoxin years before Half Life 2.

>> No.26783814

How would this work out and not be retarded?

>> No.26783824

There's always those humans that were stored in cryostasis. You know, the ones the two robots gave GLaDOS access to?

>> No.26783828


Yeah. Also doesn't help that the only successful portal gun was the one in the games and chell has that thousands of years in the future

>> No.26783851

How about.. Guys
Guys, how about

How about Men in Black
Men in Black meets a wizard/paladin order

They are super secretive and combat extraplanar threats that want to destroy all life and such. Wands of Erase Memory, code names by the alphabet.


>> No.26783859

Please god yes

>> No.26783876

>Thousands of years in the future
I didn't play Portal 2. Is this revealed there?

>> No.26783883

I'd play it but only if I get a rocket powered horse chariot.

>> No.26783888


>(paladin/rogue)s everywhere
>tiny crossbow with transmutation spells that turns bolts into flaming trees as they fly

>> No.26783893

It's at least 200

>> No.26783916


>> No.26783917

>Players make characters
>Wizard appears and merges them into one superhuman as an experiment
>Superhuman has all the best stats, gear, feats, levels, and so on of each character
>All the players control this character
>The twist is, for each action the players are on a time limit. If they do not agree within 30 seconds of being presented a choice, they will try to do all them at once

For example
>"You see a bunny"
Dave: Awww, it's so cute! I keep it!
Mike: I Smash it for food
Lou: I try to feed it a carrot

30 seconds of bickering later
>"You grab the bunny and voilently shove carrots down it's mouth,gently petting it while you start to gnaw on its ear"

>> No.26783933

To die fighting is to prove potential. Valhalla is as much a training ground as a holding pen.

>> No.26783943

This scares me

>> No.26783968


so in a world with thrikeens and antmen and those squid things whose name i can't remember, aliens are kept a secret?

aren't the squid things aliens from another dimension in the future?

>> No.26784321

Dear god thank you, I'd seen the pictures before but never this thread. I can actually run a game of time wizards now.

>> No.26784574

You're no hero.

You're an adventurer:
a reaver,
a cutpurse,
a heathen-slayer,
a tight-lipped warlock guarding long-dead secrets.

You seek gold and glory,
winning it by sword and spell,
caked in the blood and filth of the weak,
the dark, the demons, and the vanquished.

There are treasures to be won deep
underneath, and you shall have them...

>> No.26784594

I've run a campaign that started with my three players being thrown into an alley by three men, starting to beat them up (not rob them)
these people did not respond to any sort of things the PCs said to them, and whenever they got hit all they did was say "ouf" over and over again, and my pcs did not have any cell phones. As the three assailants are all unconscious, their bodies dematerialize and the PCs find out it was all a video game they were playing at one of their apartments.
THEN one of them starts involuntarily spasming and the actual campaign starts.
It was a fun way to introduce combat to a new player that didnt harm the actual character in any way

>> No.26784628

My favorite campaign started out like this.

"ok so you are all sitting down at a tavern. your characters have all been friends for a good while and now you are on fire. Go."

>> No.26784782

I once cooked up something similar for a D&D campaign.
> You all meet in a tavern
> It's so crowded, the lone stragglers have been pushed onto a single table
> There's some sort of celebrity near the bar ordering lots of drinks
> Suddenly the far wall explodes and a dwarf at your table keels over with a large splinter in his back
> Through the concussion you see a wizard pick up the celebrity (a local prince) and interrogate him
> Prince screams to the scattered patrons that he'll pay a fortune to anyone who kills the wizard
> ( $_$ )
> You get drawn into a plot where the scheming power-hungry wizard is the goody guy, the well-intentioned balkanised kingdoms are the real obstacles to peace, and if you don't force everyone to kneel to you instead of fighting each other they'll all be raped and murdered by the Evil Empire.

>> No.26784793


>> No.26784845

>the well-intentioned balkanised kingdoms are the real obstacles to peace
It's obvious from miles away - anything to do with Balkan is up to no good.

>> No.26784851

stand up

we're here

why are you shaking?

are you ok?

stand up

>> No.26784854

> mfw

>> No.26784865

Here's one OP!
Your players awake in this cabin in a very peaceful manner.
Then they walk along the trail that other guy was talking about.

>> No.26785136

"My character doesn't drink, GM"
"I take all my clothes off!"
"I stuff as much of the corn in my pants as possible. Then I make corn-chucks."
"I disappear into the corn and draw my swords."

>> No.26785237

The two robots in Portal 2 have portal guns.

>> No.26785281

"It is August 24th, 1940. You're relaxing after a day of work, the stress of New York sliding away from you.

Your radio switches on, despite your not even touching it, and a smooth, elegant voice begins to formally invite you to an exclusive club..."

>> No.26785283

Goddamnit, I want to post that screenshot of a D&D one-player one-shot that leads into a RT game, but I can't find my copy.

>> No.26785290

I give Liam Neeson his daughter back and hope for mercy.

>> No.26785293

"You become lucid enough for about 3 seconds to remember the ambush by the Fae; all the dead, all the screaming. Then the colours crawl up into your eyes again and your mouth expels a torrent of starlight, and you recall the agony of the poison as it giggles, hidden inside of your violated blood. It was a forest once, but it ran into the sky to escape the blood rushing about your knees."

>> No.26785307

1997, October 1st, The END DAY

>> No.26785369

You all explosive decompression in a vacuum....

>> No.26785371

they are not afraid of being killed by fictional orc

>> No.26785407

If you really want to prevent WW2, go back to 1914 and stop the assassiation of Archduke Ferdinand. BAM. No Great War, no Treaty of Versailles, no reparations, no Nazis.

>> No.26785588

get out /pol/

>> No.26786408


>Went back in time to assist Hitler

We go further back in time with some Loomis books and get him into art school!

>> No.26786580

>It's a bright, sunny morning on Fulgrim's pleasure planet and the Battle of the Bands is about to begin. Are you ready to rock?

>You stand on a ruined world, surrounded by solemn remnants of a civilization long dead. A ragged-looking man runs towards you, screaming, "The gods gave you a weapon against evil! You have to go back! You have to try again!"

>The building is on fire and it might not be your fault. Roll initiative.

>You wake up in pain on a grassy field. Behind you, an armor-clad Orc does a merry jig with an egg-shaped leather object. A voice seemingly from the heavens yells, " TOUCHDOWN".


>> No.26786735

You are Space Marines. The Emperor's finest warriors, forged in the fires of war, ceramite-clad and bred for the destruction of mankind's enemies. Indeed, destroying mankind's enemies was precisely what you thought you were doing until five seconds ago until you woke up.

You can't feel your limbs. It's dark, but your auto-senses adjust accordingly. Even your head has been rendered immobile. Out of the corner of your visor, however, you see something unsettling: the frame of a plastic sprue. The box opens and a hand reaches inside.

>> No.26786746

>Inb4 mutations are caused by Citadel Finecast

>> No.26786757

The President's been kidnapped! Are you bad enough dudes to rescue the president!

>> No.26786770

Dudes have rescued the president! Are you a bad enough ninja to kidnap him back?

Ninjas have kidnapped you! Are you a bad enough President to save yourself?

>> No.26786795

You've got one chance to pass your school's history course and you need to make one hell of a presentation. One day, during a visit to your local Circle K, a phone booth materializes and out steps a man who resembles George Carlin. Are you ready for an excellent adventure?

>> No.26786800

>Hello anons, I know you all like playing games.
>lets just see how much you'll enjoy mine.

>You've all been injected with a neurotoxin, and you will all die within 5 hours unless you solve a series of puzzles and acquire the antidote.

>If you're ready to play, just open the door behind you.

>> No.26786811

The players actually are poisoned. The DM poisoned the food

>> No.26786814

I rolled 2 dubs in a row. sweet!

>> No.26786855

It's been three years since the apocalypse was averted. Mankind recovered. Cities were rebuilt, the dead mourned, and the war's events commemorated to legend. You were among the veterans who fought in the war, and unlike the masses, you still think there's a threat looming around the corner.

And suddenly, the apocalypse begins anew. A new rift opens, and once again, monsters spill forth. The weapons that brought you to victory were either destroyed long ago or interred in a museum, and one such museum happens to be five minutes away from the bar you drown your sorrows in.

The museum's name? Los Angeles Shatterdome. Your jaegers are waiting, pilots.

>> No.26787034

>a forest not far from Berlin
So... a park then?

>> No.26787070

> Ninjas have kidnapped you! Are you a bad enough President to save yourself?

>> No.26787223

I would play the shit out of a crystalis campaign.

>> No.26788778

Stopping Ferdinand's assassination wouldn't do shit. The great powers were going to fight sooner or later and they knew it. They just needed an excuse.

>> No.26789047

Pass it along, man.

>> No.26789683

Why not just lay down if the blondies' idea didn't come to you?

>> No.26789701

Not even last night's storm could wake you.

>> No.26789851

There are already wenches in Valhalla.

>> No.26789875

I like your way of thinking.

>> No.26790042

This. I like this.

>> No.26790105

That could be amazing with the right people.

If I were to DM such a game, I'd tell my players to prepare characters for a pirate themed game, and no magic users, although there will be magic elements in the game. I'd start off the game like normal, letting them meet in a bar in some harbor town. Then they overhear two sailors arguing: "you are ridiculous, there is no way that treasure really exists!"
And once my players ask them about this treasure, the sailor responds indignantly, "the greatest treasure of all time. Are you dense?"
If they asked for more information, the sailor would explain, "once there was a great pirate, the king of pirates. He had fame, power and wealth beyond your wildest dreams.
Before they hung him from the gallows, these were the final words he said, 'My fortune yours for the taking, but you'll have to find it first. I left everything I own in One Piece!'
Ever since, pirates from all over the world set set sail for the grand line searching for One Piece, the tresure that will make their dreams come true."

And then, I would hit play on my laptop.


>> No.26790218

It begins as all of us watching a movie on TV. I'd rig up some sort of convoluted device and play some sort of variant of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZIynuYDRVA
that I cooked up for my local area (around NYC.)

>> No.26790309

My cousin once ripped that audiofile and set up his mom's computer to play it at 12 AM. Meanwhile he had unplugged the TV cable so it would only show static. As he told it she woke up my her husband and ran across the street to wake up the neighbors. She also almost called the police apparently when he told her that he had played a prank.

>> No.26790318

>Forgetting the ", where my evil is LAW!" after the "flung him into the future".

>> No.26790358

You're doing it wrong.
Now this, this is what you should play.

>> No.26790399

>YOHOHO he took a bite of GUMGUM
Fuck yeah! This guy knows what's up.

>> No.26790411

No, you are wrong. The weeb choice is clearly superior.

>> No.26790435

Oh come on. Can't you appreciate fun?

>> No.26790497

>lure players with promises of a Ninja Themed game
>start game at their last day of Ninja training

>> No.26791668

You are level 1 street urchins.
You have nothing.

>> No.26792392


Get your best three friends together, and give each of them one of these introductions in secret. Have the Ninja start, then, an hour after, the game begins.

>> No.26793523


The DMPC would be a fucking pain though.

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