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> Be 18
> work as apprentice enginseer in a mech shrine (mechanic at truck shop)
> not adorning the walls and machinew with holy symbols of the omnissiah

So /tg/ what symbols could I put around here that I could preferably draw with oil? Also 40k lore thread

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>Also 40k lore thread
As if there really needs to be more of them...

Seriously, the only fucking symbol you really need, is the cog-skull one like you posted in your pic.

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Noted but its kindof hard to draw with your fingers

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>As if there really needs to be more of them...
So what? It's not that one more thread will freeze 4chans servers, right?

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>Not being a Mekboy and converting a piece of junk pick up truck into a ramshackle style Wartruk
I wish I knew how to cars/trucks

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Semi trucks. But actually. There are a bunch of torn up frames and chassies..

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Newfriends are confused about people discussing 40k in the 40k board.

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Imagine it. A peaceful little farming town in central Illinois. The town square is bustling with activity. People wave to eachother as they pass on the roads, and children playing In the streets. Then a low rumble turns into a mighty roar as a fully decked war trukk comes tearing through town, mowing over mailboxes and street signs, carrying about ten rednrcks in ork junk armor screaming at the top of their lungs,"WAAAAAAUUGHGGHGHH!!!"

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Forgot pic

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>Be on patrol at a Gue'la bazaar (Mall in my local town as security)
>See glider coming in at a high speed and a Gue'la child in the street having slipped his mothers bond
>Rush and push child out of the way of the vehicle, and come close to taking critical impact damage
>Be yelled at by mother for touching her child
>Sigh. Dust off armor, continue patrols.
Stupid Gue'la.

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More like this??

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>Be 22
>Stationed at a safe house for traveling cultists who spread the word of Chaos (working at a Holiday in)
>Nothing interesting so far

Of course I just started yesterday...

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Inn, not in

Fuck typing sleepy. Need more coffee.

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>Hydro-purgation Technician (dishwasher)
>Space Wolf squad stops to have a bite
>Gaze in abject terror at the detritus which remains

I quit

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>Rogue Trader dealing exclusively in long-distance voxes (I sell phones)
>Guardsmen constantly complaining about getting poor reception in the warp

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What about a Tech-Priest face? Two eyes above a gas mask, with the gear teeth-detailed hood around it telescoping monocle eye optional seems both distinct and simple.

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You mean recaf, right? Right?

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> Enginseer chilling at shrine. (Op)
> Get a call over the vox
>Another seer responds, eyes wide mechanical jaw on the floor, "you did what??"
> drive out to see what plebian Guard driver did to stop his atmosphere cooler unit from working
> on the side of the road, engine torn open, parts and tools scattered everwhere
>you can feel the machine spirit of the truck calling out in agony.
> Guardsman says as we pull up ,"its all good now. Got 'er all hammered out an' workin' great."

Heresy. So much heresy.

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>travel the universe far and wide to spread the good word of the Imperium's strong, unstoppable economy in the face of many external threats (deliver catalogues for pocket money)
>chased by a cyberhound
>got yelled at by mom

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>>Initiate level Enginseer, going hab block to hab block, conducting communion with local vox casters, extranet servers, and tele-pict casters. (Cable guy)
>>Simple human minds cannot comprehend the glory of the Omnissiah.
>>Spend hours performing the sacred rites of power flow control reunification, and lightly tapping the machine to rouse its spirits. (oh look, your cable box wasn't turned on)
>>Omnissiah be praised

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Omnissiah be praised indeed.

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