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Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another edition of Succubus Lord Quest! I... Can’t think of anything to say, so let’s just get right into it shall we!?

Last time we dealt with the aftermath of transforming of Leona and Amanda, finding out some surprising new changes such as Leona’s ability to shrug off bullets or take relaxing baths in boiling hot water. Then Amanda’s ability to go into a mad-scientist like mood before eventually collapsing Brooklyn’s view of math in the world, before then admitting to him it was actually a test of psychology of how to get Brooklyn to bring back cookies. After teaching her some new tricks, we decided to go see Brodin and Mina before getting all of the Succubi girls together to teach them, and we now continue from that!

Also, more original art! Yayifications!

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Brooklyn (Current protagonist): https://docs.google.com/document/d/16x32JNNBRnUAk-PQNXcqMaVvtDMLsHRARj3kk4mrj1M/edit
Mina: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wAOC8_7DCjRIiV2_Zzzfz0xu9_JHCGfti8dw0eZSS8E/edit
Brodin: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jIfmmTHbwrujeLZ9CkBeVoTEs6_uJPpo7CW5EKKTj_8/edit
Ada: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19LG6d19luxQjAWNtKHiL2MMmTsUygdaHZ4WSd-9hid8/edit
Sebastien: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DRNg7dimGiWmwD1dalLgw2H_8L_K930KL4Mr4mEk1x4/edit
Alex: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pOxi73DRA-lwBG34RTtCdXA8-4QES5GDqCJfqzLZU3k/edit
Amanda: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-NpLAhW8YQxCQkRl_0CK-4NoafeV7PpJTH2QyqIbObs/edit
Katlin Nitorin (NEW!):
Stacy Nitroin (NEW!): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rbTk3EQ4H5hKogPMKJANHYpZ51dc7AshJ-zBP_Z7ZLI/edit

Thread 2 (Contains link to thread 1 in first few posts): http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/22034277/
Thread 3: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/22094978/
Thread 6: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/22181221/
Thread 21: http://www.mediafire.com/?p6pwskaau8px2vc (The achiever messed up, so here's the entire thread I saved in complete form)
Thread 41: https://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/26216580/

Magic List:

Rest here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Succbus%20Lord%20Quest

If you enjoy, then please vote!

Chat: #SuccubiDemonLordCYOA in irc.rizon.net
Twitter: Sandact6

Tell me if I forgot anything on the sheets (Haven't got the twins done yet, sorry!). And if you have good Succubi pictures, post them please!

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After tucking Amanda in and cleaning up at her house, you decide to go see how Brodin is doing, buying him a pitcher as a ‘gift’, one he’d enjoy more than flowers anywho. Brodin himself is recovering very well, but is actually quite depressed when you go to see him. Knowing that his time of laying down in bed and spending the days drinking is soon about to come to an end. You playfully mock him about the ‘dreadfulness’ of actually working for a day in his life, before wishing him luck with his recovering and setting off to find Mina.

Mina takes a bit longer to find as Alex needs you to redirect you towards Doctor Gaterkin’s place of where Mina is, ignoring the young lad he apparently brought home from the bar the previous night.

“Mina... Mina are you here?” you call out as you walk down the small halls of the clinic.

“Oh hi Brooklyn! Just working up for the last bit of my shift!” Mina says as she comes out around a corner, wearing what appears to be a white nurses uniform complete with the red cross cap, hair up in a ponytail. It isn’t the uniform what catches you, but rather the fact that her demonic traits are completely out. Mina gives you a big hug with her arm as she does meet you.

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You realize that there is going to be an investigation team here in a couple of days? Please don't tempt fate.

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Give her a hug back and a quick smooch.

"Hello sweetheart. You're looking good. I'm starting to suspect you're doing this job just so you can wear a nurse's uniform.

Any particular reason behind having all your traits out?"

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Durr, ignore that bit about the twins and replace it with Leona.

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Oh yeah, for Brooklyn, we've got a good pile of BP unspent.

We can get Space Control at Basic and Occult Theory to Great! with the amount we have unspent. So I say we do that, they're both things we want right now.

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Mina, what are you doing, stop that.

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Mention the coming investigation might not take to her horns as kindly as we do. Also, how is her arm?

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lets look at DP
-Amanda is locked in with
Physics/Blacksmithing None to Good! (85 DP)
remaining 40 points
-Brooklyn Browning
we have 207 free points right now basic space control will cost us 160 leaving enough to upgrade one skill from good to great.
-brodin have 404 points free
and Leona favors blunt weapons such a maces

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>Leona favors blunt weapons such a maces

Oh yes. She should train with Mina.

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thinking to save up BP to get light to great.


tempted to post bad ending pic

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those remaining 40 points of amanda's are enough to get one more average skill which we should put into some sort of Engineering, Artificer, or Chemistry.

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Mina is Japanese but I think she learned marital arts from the Chinese, as I recall her referring to her teacher as "sifu" instead of "sensei." But I have to admit I do love the idea of a tall busty girl with a tetsubo.

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That costs 640 BP for us. That's a massive flying fuckton of BP. We can save up for that later, for now we should shore up other stuff. I'm personally for upping Occult Theory and getting Space Control.

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You're not the only one.

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"Hello sweetheart. You're looking good.” you say hugging her back while giving a small kiss on her cheek. “I'm starting to suspect you're doing this job just so you can wear a nurse's uniform.”

“Oh well I wouldn’t lie if that was one reason!” Mina says with a small giggle.

“Any particular reason behind having all your traits out? Especially when an investigation is so close?” you ask her.

“Pfft! So I shapechange, go into another house and do something else! Big deal. Succubi may be disliked up here, but considering what I’ve done to help these people? I think a few of them would be willing to take a lie for me.” Mina says.

“It does become somewhat easy to locate a Succubus with one arm though.” you tell her.

“Not for much longer! Dr. Gaterkin managed to isolate the icky burns on my skin that stopped my regeneration! I should be able to regenerate from my wound normally now!” Mina says.

“That’s great!” you reply to back to her. “How long will it take to regenerate your arm?”

“I’m... not sure... I never lost an entire limb before.” Mina says looking at her stump before moving it around again.

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"Mina, dear. You are a bit, *ehem* exposed." Gesture with our eyes towards the horns, wings, and tail.

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>My face when that club is solid metal

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Belkarians, brah.

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"I'm sure it shouldn't be too long for a tough girl like you as long as you keep your Aether up.

I'm glad you've been able to help people.

But back to the main reason why I visited. As you know we've got a pile of new Succubi, and there's a lot of important things they should know that they don't yet. So later today I'm gathering them all for a meeting, and I'd like you to be there with me. You can teach them a lot of stuff about Succubi culture and combat that I can't.

Also, I wanted to spend more time with you."

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more like super strength as Leona is an Aide

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>I'm personally for upping Occult Theory and getting Space Control.
agreed, can't have our student surpassing us already

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Condensed link collection; https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Um4gk-JN4CHFJJdQrJjfbzg6Q8FHcmfxP8sRDhaf-FI/edit

"Hopefully not too long... Also, I've got you a sparing partner! She's a rookie, but as tough as nails... especially considering she spent half an hour in a hot bath, and by hot I mean 'Flesh from Bone' hot... Not only that by she is very big on morals, so I thought you the perfect mentor for her... Though she does have a thing... but I'll leave it as a surprise for you! So, are you up for the job?"

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"I'm sure it shouldn't be too long for a tough girl like you as long as you keep your Aether up.” you tell Mina. “I'm glad you've been able to help people.”

“I know right!? Doctor Gaterkin said the use of a strong Nurse really helps him out!” Mina says to you.

“But back to the main reason why I visited. As you know we've got a pile of new Succubi, and there's a lot of important things they should know that they don't yet. So later today I'm gathering them all for a meeting, and I'd like you to be there with me. You can teach them a lot of stuff about Succubi culture and combat that I can't.” you say to Mina.

“Also a thinly veiled excuse to spend more time with me?” Mina asks with a small smile.

“You know me too well.” you say giving her a small kiss on the cheek.

“Sure I wouldn’t mind at all! What time do you plan on doing the lesson?” Mina asks.

“We planned on meeting up at Amanda’s place in an hour and a half from now.” you tell Mina.

“Great! I’ll be sure to see you there!” Mina says waving you off as you go down the hallway, before a lightbulb seems to go off in her head, then yells down the hall “OH YEA! DR. GATERKIN WANTED TO KNOW IF YOUR FIRST PERIOD HAS ARRIVED YET!”

You freeze in your tracks as you realized Mina just said this to the point where everyone in the clinic probably heard it.

“Oh don’t worry dearie, I’m sure you’ll grow up into a beautiful woman.” an old lady’s voice can heard behind the curtain of a nearby bed close to you.

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>“Great! I’ll be sure to see you there!” Mina says waving you off as you go down the hallway, before a lightbulb seems to go off in her head, then yells down the hall “OH YEA! DR. GATERKIN WANTED TO KNOW IF YOUR FIRST PERIOD HAS ARRIVED YET!”
now that's embarrassing,but important seeing as we won't have one and we are playing human.

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shapeshift into a younger girl and tell Mina no

Blush and stammer for good reason.

>> No.26762262

Running red-faced from the crazy demon-nurse is an appropriate reaction.

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>“Great! I’ll be sure to see you there!” Mina says waving you off as you go down the hallway, before a lightbulb seems to go off in her head, then yells down the hall “OH YEA! DR. GATERKIN WANTED TO KNOW IF YOUR FIRST PERIOD HAS ARRIVED YET!”

There is only one response to this affront! UNLEASH THE EXPLODING SOLIDOGRAM BUNNIES!!!

sounds like fun...

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"Did you have to yell? Tell him that it's none of his business and I don't like thinking about that sort of thing."

>> No.26762276

No no no we're playing human to most of the town shapeshifting is out

>> No.26762281

no one else is nearby.

>> No.26762287

what and blow our cover? we're a "human" wizard not a shapeshifter

>> No.26762289

This is actually helpful for our cover. So is our reaction.

>> No.26762293


The granny managed to hear Mina yelling.

>> No.26762302

who would win in a fight, Leona's Virtue or Mina's Experience?

This is a sufficient reason to find out...

>> No.26762305

Mina basically just told the entire shop she is talking to a younger woman or girl. If they see that she is not then they will wonder why she is lying.

Shapeshifting is the right thing to do in this instance.

>> No.26762307

yes, but shifting isn't

>> No.26762349

probably meant no one is in sight. That could change soon though.

>> No.26762365

except our medical file covers the MtF transformation via magic trap.

>> No.26762405

I vote not shifting. Going full spaghetti is good though.

>> No.26762419

we could just pitch our voice higher with our great Performance skill

>> No.26762559

ooh that's embarrassing, but we should try act(even if we aren't) calm, and no shifting just because noone is here right now doesn't mean that this s a safe place to shift someone could walk in

>> No.26763066

Embarrassed by the overall situation you’re in, the only thing you properly can do is just blush a bright red before walking out as quickly as possible. Dr. Gaterkin thinks you’re human still, so it probably makes sense about him wondering. Although you’re not sure if you should be welcome that he cares about your health, or that he only cares because you’re a test subject.

You head back to the castle to warn both Leona and the twins, apologizing for the short delay but something that is needed since they’re all well enough to attend normal lessons now. After that, you retire back to your room to read up on a new gamebook that you found in the Langy Library, wanting to run a new game for your friends since nearly everything else you own was burned in your old house.

Just as the sun is beginning to set at 5:15, you give a small string of complaints to yourself about the shorter days before entering the Richardson bathhouse, seeing that most of the girls have already arrived.

“Brooklyn! So glad of you to join us!” Katlin says as you enter the bathhouse.

“Sorry for being late! I was reading and I lost track of time.” you say as you begin to take off your coat.

“Oh knowing you it was probably some sort of obtuse spellcasting book, so we’ll overlook it this time!” Stacy says with a small laugh.

The memories of the RPG book flash through your mind. “...Sure... But it looks like you’re all getting along well at least.”

“Oh of course! Stacy and I have much more in common than we originally thought!” Amanda says as she talks to Stacy.

“Indeed! Needless to say it was quite the pleasant surprise!” Stacy replies, seeming to not be flinching anymore due to her super senses.

Hm... Now you gotta think of a location of where this lesson can take place...

>> No.26763230

Is that big cavern underneath the public bath available?
I think we should make that our regular magical/succubus training area. It's fairly out of the way and infrequently visited by other people, while being wide open and easily reached.

>> No.26763243


It is availible yes.

>> No.26763244

The big cavern underneath is the obvious place. It's quiet, it's away from things, plenty of room for exercise and practice, and we can take a bath down there as well.

>> No.26763277

at least until we get/make our mage workshop/lab

>> No.26763331

I still think that we should keep our official Court Mage Lab for our very non-succubus use. That will be a known place where I'm sure nobles will seek us out regularly, and we should make it look like it is only our magical training or research area, depending on how we explain our qualification for the job.

>> No.26763372


If only we had some kind of private sanctum or lab...

Lesson one is mainly for introductions, practicing shapeshifting expanding on feeding.

Lesson two is when things are going to get messy... might be best to have two in the ruins...

Also, we still need to see about getting a place in the outskirts or slums... ideally some old decrepit & derelict bunker/fortification... we'll need to expand into an underground area as well, then we can set up a training area...

>> No.26763380

that doesn't preclude having Stacy carve a secret one under the lab with her earth control.

>> No.26763415

it could work until we make our own, I'd rather not be dependent on that rather precious commodity, we fuck up a spell or something happens down there and it draws alot of attention because of the springs it supplies, it works for the short term, but ultimately we need our own villainous lair

are there any volcanoes nearby?

>> No.26763463

I still think we should keep it clean of succubus things.
I'm pretty sure that inspections will check the lab of a heretofore unknown magic user very thoroughly.
>>26763415 has a point though. We need to find a new, more permanent place soon.

>> No.26763499

>in Ontario, Canada
how about no

>> No.26763514

fucking useless canada

right, we need to build us a volcano

>> No.26763525

We could learn Earth control, dig really deep and have a base that might as well be near a volcano.

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File: 105 KB, 600x576, 1374713743837.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh yes, while I update, thanks to the anon for making original art for the Quest!

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for reference Fort hope is point A

>> No.26763659

im still not seeing any volcanoes...

how can we have a lair without a volcano?

>> No.26763700

even if there was a volcano Lord Arctus would have killed it on principle

>> No.26763747

This is a good point
Sandact6, what sort of power ranks would it take to make our very own volcano?
I assume Earth control would be necessary. Does Fire control work on Lava and Magma?
Or would that be some sort of hybrid control requiring both Earth and Fire?
If Magma can be controlled with Fire Control alone, could you use that to reduce the Earth control ranks necessary by pulling magma up with Fire control while simultaneously delving with Earth control?

>> No.26763834

Volcanos are just not practical at this time

>> No.26763869

It's still good to know for future reference.
I vote we don't go up against Lord Arctus until we can raise a volcano directly under his ass, unless it would take an incredible number of ranks in earth and fire.

>> No.26763889

not only would it take lots of power to do, making a volcano screams that a new player has moved onto your turf.

>> No.26763930

look at it this way our Darkness magic has reached skyscraper at great

>> No.26763934

“Amanda, do you still have that underground spring?” you ask Amanda.

“Yes of course.” Amanda replies.

“Do you mind if we use it?” you ask.

“So long as you all promise this bit of the conversation we’re having right now didn’t happen and that we all went to the teahouse.” Amanda replies.

“Deal.” you all say.

“Then the kitchen awaits us! Please follow me!” Amanda says as she leads you over to the underground cavern area.

After descending the stairs and reaching the bottom, you stop holding onto your light orb, losing the collar and unbuttoning your top a bit.

“Blast... It’s as hot as I remember down here...” you mutter to yourself.

“Eh? You mean it’s hot?” Leona asks.

“Oh yea! But I don’t think it’s that hot! I think it’s because the fragile widdle Okarian can’t take the heat.” Mina says teasing you.

“Fuck you Mina.” you bluntly reply.

“Well I do notice it is a little hot, but I don’t exactly feel uncomfortable.” Katlin says.

“That’s because you can set yourself on fire without any ill effects dear sister...” Stacy replies, having the same reaction as you of nearly sweating all of her clothes off.

“And you wondered why I wore a light dress down here.” Amanda replies to the rest of the group.

(Anything you wish to say/comment on before the lesson begins?)

>> No.26763949

But we could make veils of darkness and shit to make really deadly traps. They try to bust through a magic wall in our base, and BOOM, flooded with lava.

>> No.26763979

In theory, Stacy could make a volcano right now. It'd just take a long time for her to dig down to the bottom, but her earth control would allow her immunity to Lava's harmful effects. It will take a long time before Stacy can summon up a volcano.

Fire control gives one immunity to lava and also allows them to control it. This is one example of where a domain overlaps. Though when that magma solidifies too much then you'll need Earth control to move it again.

>> No.26764054

Could we...
Could we recreate the Fuck the World lever in our lab?

>> No.26764084

that would be counter productive as we want the world intact when we take it.plus that would probably be Miyan tech

>> No.26764178


If you felt like it, sure

>> No.26764201

If we're having underground bases, have it near the hotsprings
Geothermal energy
Secret base for mad scientist/crazy wizard
Nearby to Amanda
We just gotta get planning permission and scope out the lay of the land.

>> No.26764474

So nothing you want to say or do before the lessons?

>> No.26764568


when providing examples of our magic, give Mina the exploding bunny... other than that, TEACHING TIME!

>> No.26764577

Perhaps reveal that we are a Succubus lord and make general introductions. We can leave strategic meetings till later.

>> No.26764597

did we introduce the twins? lets talk to mina about Katlin's having spear skills and leona's strength

>> No.26764601


already done that. everyone just laughed and/or did not care...

>> No.26765063 [DELETED] 

guys i just want you to remember that SM has shoved a total of four huge enemies at us in quick succesion.

I think hes telling us to eat them because we are going to need it soon.

I know we probably won't go for the damn dynamo but the Shadow Thing, Lucy, and the dragon all need to be CONSUMED.

>> No.26765338


With no further things to discuss, you begin your lesson with the girls. While you handle bits about how the powers work and such, it is Mina who does most of the lessons for this session. Mainly because you’re not sure if you could fetch her again on a moments notice and also just how curious you are about Succubi culture in general.

Mina does highlight some of the lesser known bits about Succubi legality though. While yes, it is true that Succubi are often caught by Pride Demons and such, the Pride Demons generally don’t go out of their way to hunt for Succubi who mind their own business. There are areas throughout the ‘realm’ (AKA: Galaxy) in which Succubi are free to live in. These areas are more like ghettos than anything else, but so long as Succubi do not cause open revolt they are free to do as they please in the area. Old TO being one such place, in which you remember that Succubi were allowed to be there since that place was the unofficial ‘Capital’ for the Succubi Queens and would be too much effort to completely root out. Succubi in these areas are tolerated, but caution is advised as Succubi rights are still actually below human rights in these times. Mina also goes over what very limited personal knowledge of each clan that she knows of, but for some of them (Such as the Miyians or the Okarians) are very hard to get information from.

>> No.26765346


Mina also goes over one thing you’re not able to explain that well, mainly the Succubi sex culture. She notes that while Succubi are not whores, this is a stigma attached to their race since time immemorial. Succubi do not need to sleep with me, nor are they even required to be straight. Mina does also touch upon the two ‘mindsets’ about Succubi. First are the ‘humanized’ ones, in which they see humanity and mortals as equals. The second one are called ‘demonized’ Succubi, but Mina forgets their actual group names. These Succubi basically see mortals as nothing but intelligent animals of sorts. They’re not malevolent, indeed some are quite nice, but Mina warns them not to be too freaked out about meeting any of them. Leona isn’t really shocked by this, as she apparently already knew such a thing.

Your lesson does continue on the basics of magical principles in where you teach Leona, Katlin, and Stacy on how to control their powers. While you lack their abilities, the basic principles of them are the same. Amanda however needs an additional sort of help with her physics book, which in this case she’s getting her so called ‘insanity’ math mixed into her normal math. Miyu did warn you about this, in that while Miyians can learn some sciences quickly and can do them very well, it is often the Miyian mindset for higher level maths sometimes get in the way of basics, so often they’ll need proper nudging just like everyone else. Indeed some Miyians will often find it extremely difficult to convey even simple mathematical terms to people, simply because they’re so used to thinking in their ‘insanity’ math ways, though you do admit that it somewhat challenging to try and point out why Amanda think’s Newton’s second law is apparently wrong.

>> No.26765352


“And... That’s it for the lesson!” you say clapping your hands, having long since unbuttoning your entire top and leave it open a bit due to the heat.

“For the mental part at least! Now we just relax a bit!” Mina says as she leans back in your couch soligram.

“...Not running to the water?” you ask Mina.

“Hey, this place is like a free sauna? What’s the rush?” Mina asks.

“My family’s greatest treasure isn’t merely a sauna.” Amanda says with a slight bit of irritation in her voice.

>> No.26765491

It's many things, a sauna is one of those things.

Okay girls! Lets relax for a bit before we continue. And, if any of you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask either myself or Mina!

>> No.26765778

To Mina: "Actually, it's quite a bit more then that."

And turn to Amanda, "The why don't you explain a bit more about them to Mina, Amanda? She's love to learn about them." Suggestion: She meant no disrespect, so please be polite.

>> No.26765796

Anything else? I dunno if I should go ahead or wait for more votes.

>> No.26765814

seconding this

>> No.26765817

Was hoping to have the suggestion not be controlling, but a hidden message within the sentence.

>> No.26766036

“Now now Amanda, I’m pretty sure that Mina didn’t mean any offense to that.” you tell Amanda.

“Of course! One of the big deals about my country is hot springs and bathing, in that we have very specific methods of bathing over where I come from! In fact, Fort Hope is the first place I’ve seen in elsewhere in the world which has similar bathing customs from where I am from!” Mina says.

“Most places barely have running water for a bath.” Amanda says.

“I know right! Not only that, but not even rinsing off before getting in... I mean you’re just bathing in your own filth otherwise!” Mina replies, before she suddenly gets an idea. She immediately lets her wings and tail come out. “Oh! I know!”

“I’m surprised you know anything.” Amanda retorts.

“Amanda.” you give a little warning to her, before turning back to Mina. “Know what?”

“How big are all of your wings and tails!?” Mina asks the group.

“I think only Leona and I have wings and tails that are fully grown.” you say.

“...They’re fully grown already?” Amanda asks while looking at Leona.

“Um... Well yes...” Leona says with a slight blush.

Amanda’s only reply is a stunned look with an agap mouth, the twins also having a similar reaction.

“Well then let’s train you how to fly then shall we!?” Mina asks. “Succubi are lucky in that they are one of the only species of Noble demon with an ability to fly!”

>> No.26766151

Here come the part where we embarrass ourselves in front of our students by not knowing how to fly.

>> No.26766234

"Leona is an early bloomer in many respects."

It's time to learn how to fly, or more realistically fall flat on our face while trying. And after all that physical exertion we can clean off.

And make sure the other girls know that Mina is remarkably good at fighting and physical combat, and to go to her for advice in that respect or if they need someone to spar with.

>> No.26766476

"Leona is an early bloomer in many respects." you say to the girls. “In fact, since Mina is a Belkarian, I can probably suggest that you all refer to her in case you need to know anything physical related, including if you feel like having someone to spar or train with. But yes, I think it is high time for some flight lessons.”

“Indeed! I’m so happy that I’m going to be the first one to train you on how to fly!” Mina says to you. “A Succubus learning how to fly is a big deal! It’s akin to learning how to walk for the first time!” Mina says as a small tear comes out from her eye. “I’m... almost just getting a little sentimental just thinking about it...”

“Wait... You don’t know how to fly Lady Brooklyn?” Stacy asks you, where upon all of the other girls begin to stare at you, almost like how kids stare at a first grader who does not know left from right.

>> No.26766647
File: 1.96 MB, 500x300, 1366870011999.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"I am Brooklyn Browning! Okarian Lord! Chosen of the Eight Queens! Royal Mage! I could reduce you all into cowering wrecks! I can tear skyscrapers out by their foundations, have reduced parties of professional warriors into a fine red slurry, have made the raider tribes prostrate before me to avert my wrath AND I WILL NOT BE MOCKED!"

>> No.26766652

before everyone leaves at the end of this training we really should discuss plans for everyone.

Ada needs to keep control of the town in the short, get a boyfriend in the mid (otherwise nobles will try and get her one) maybe brothen? how old is he/ada's form anyway. and long term we need to do something about her shapeshifting issues.

for the twins and amanda we should suggest they try and create a good buisness relationship so that amanda can use the excuse of expansions in the buisness empire to get out of her job at the bathhouse when we need to take her to Old TO.

erika needs to work on her psychic stuff and then prepare to reintegrate into the castle, while leona could maybe set herself up as a rival to ada so that ada can see more easily who her enemies are.

mina should be attached to our adventurer party and sent out to explore the surrounding area, maybe as far as Old TO to help us get a base of operations when we get there.

also we might want to consider getting another succubus that is a archer/hunter who can use her job to stockpile aether then deliver it to the queens daily, without arousing suspicion.

>> No.26766806

"No, no I don't know how to fly. I spend a lot of my time fixing things and solving problems, and the rare times I get to relax I usually spend indoors reading or drinking tea.

Don't you dare mock me on this one. I can and will give all of you impromptu lessons on how to fall gracelessly into a hot spring."

>> No.26766811
File: 119 KB, 465x700, tumblr_lnj9o5pNcG1qzbfjqo1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm now convinced Okarians act like Dr. Orpheus in weird situations.

And it also explains some of their friction with Miyans.

>> No.26766874


>> No.26766984


“I am Brooklyn Browning! Okarian Lord! Chosen of the Eight Queens! Royal Mage! I could reduce you all into cowering wrecks! I can tear skyscrapers out by their foundations, have reduced parties of professional warriors into a fine red slurry, have made the raider tribes prostrate before me to avert my wrath AND I WILL NOT BE MOCKED!" you say proudly before letting all of your demonic traits fly out.

“Oh? Then why don’t you show us how to fly milord?” Mina asks while making a small bow towards you.

“Maybe I will!” You say as you spread your wings out wide. You give your wings a few test flaps, trying to see if you can even move them properly in sync, let alone give any sort of lift. You’ve rarely ever spent any sort of time with your wings out, much less even tried to flap them.

“Well?” Mina asks you in a smug voice.

“I need to warm up!” you protest as you begin to flap your wings harder. You’re actually surprised at how hard you can flap them, as each time you do steam can be seen rushing out of the way. It does however take a while to get used to flapping your wings together. It takes an entire minute of experimenting with strength and tempo before you even begin to feel some sort of lift. After doing one more smaller test flap of that tempo, you beat your wings harder. Sure enough, you begin to actually lift up off the ground and up into the air.

“AH HA! I DID IT!” you yell triumphantly in the air. “YOU MOCKED ME BUT I DID ITAAAHHHHH!”

>> No.26766987


You begin to scream because as soon as you lurched forward, your flight began to head straight into the middle of Amanda’s underground lake. You try to correct yourself, but in your haste you only end up moving in what appears to be a spiral dive. What follows is a visual blur, but you can painfully feel yourself skip off the water once before diving back down into it. You can feel a burst of sharp pain coming from your left wing as you try to move it at all. You quickly swim back up to the surface and reflexively take a breath of fresh air.

“OW! MY WING!” you protest as you rise up from the water.

“Now see! Let this be a demo that flying is a bit more tricky than it looks! I highly suggest low altitude, low speed flying for anyone new to flying and be prepared for some accidents along the way!” Mina says educating the others.

“...Ow... My wing hurts...” You say as you come back to shore.

“I... Don’t think it should bend that way...” Amanda says looking at your wing.

>> No.26766988

this but mention that because of mina's comments you started your period, "period + okarian emotional issues may lead to issues if triggered, like mocking me would so you weren't doing that were you?"

>> No.26767053

My ego... it huuuuuurts...

>> No.26767061

sit out of lesson while you inspect damage, if anyone mocks you a lightball/shadow tentacle will disorient them mid flight... while we look innocently on

>> No.26767096

"This is why I stay inside and read. It's nicer in there."

Get out, take a closer look at the wing, see how bad it is and what steps we can take towards fixing it. Sulk.

>> No.26767285

“My ego hurts...” you say pouting as you look at your wing, seeing that it is indeed bent into a queer shape. “Is... Is this normal? Seriously?”

“Oh just a minor dislocation! Now hold still, this will hurt a bit.” Mina says as she walks over to you, grabbing hold of your wing before forcefully cracking it back into position. “There we are!”

“AAAHHH! AH! AH...” you say near paralyzed from the sharp pain coming from your wings. It begins to rapidly recede, but boy did it ever sting.

“Now it’s your turn Leona!” Mina says.

“Uh... I-I don’t know...” Leona says, looking at your ruined state.

“Oh come on Leona! I’m sure if your wings are as big as Brooklyn’s then it should be completely possible!” Mina says as she walks over to Leona. “Plus since you’re an Aide, you won’t need to worry about serious crashes as much!”

Leona still looks to be unsure.

“I mean think of it skating. It’s difficult at first, but eventually it becomes like second nature! Remember that your body is sensitive to pitch and yaw, while your tail acts like a stabilizer in of itself. That was Brooklyn’s main flaw there in that she didn’t use her tail.” Mina says before looking at Leona. “...And you’re probably going to want to take off that big bell bottom dress there in order for your tail to swing free. You can fly without the tail, but is often hard to do until you’re actually experienced.”

You wonder if you should also try and encourage Leona to go for a test flight herself. Though you somewhat feel like a terrible person for hoping she fails so that you're not alone.

>> No.26767534

Let her go for it. "You can do it Leona, I'm hopeless at physical stuff, you'll be fine. Just listen to Mina."

And hope she falls straight in the drink.

>> No.26767588


encourage her... also defer to poor flight as 'being rusty' and 'flying was a good way to get Langly to call down a pride demon...'

>> No.26767617

"So, Mina, you think I should use my tail more often, then?"

>> No.26767672

“Oh come on! You can do it Leona! I’m hopeless with physical stuff, but I’m sure you’ll be fine! Just listen to Mina!” you tell her, while secretly hoping she crashes down into the water below.

“...O-OK... I’ll do my best!” Leona says with a determined face. She removes her clothing until just in her underwear (unable to shapeshift clothing yet) and letting her demonic traits out.

“That’s the spirit!” Katlin and Mina say cheering her own.

“Be careful about the landing either way.” Amanda warns her.

Amanda first begins like you, mainly flapping her wings to test them out and getting used to doing them in sync, but unlike you she seems to spend a lot more time getting used to the wings. You can tell she generates a bit of lift for the first time due to her having a surprised reaction. It takes nearly ten minutes for her to get used to her wings, before she finally seems to take off with a jump, and begins to flap her wings to gain height. You keep expecting her to crash and burn, but to your surprise she actually manages to maintain a steady flight in the air.

“Am... Am I doing it!?” Leona asks, still somewhat scared as she looks down.

“You’re doing it Leona!” Mina says cheering her on.

“I... I’m flying! I’m actually flying!” Leona says as she hovers in place, before she seems to begin to move forward over the lake, now flying up towards the stalactites in the cave roof.

“OH COME ON!” you say looking at Leona. This is worse than Roger’s first time game mastering and his incident with GMPC’s, only this time it appears to be in reality. If Leona seemed to so naturally grasp flight, you can see why Erika was somewhat jealous of her cousin.

>> No.26767696


If there was ever a time to sink into the water and blow angry bubbles, now is that time...

>> No.26767722

Time to try again, we will not be shown up by our student in any category, that tiny little spot that is our pride demands it.

>> No.26767734

Sulk, go into the water and sulk. Our pride is shattered, we're going to go sit in a corner and make tiny shadow tentacles.

Our wing just got dislocated, we're not flying right after that without it being unpleasant and possibly painful.

>> No.26767823

It was only a minor dislocation, it should be fine now, the pain seems gone, don't forget we are still a succubus even if are the worst at physical stuff.

>> No.26767838

sulk but train while doing it, leona has never met exploding bunnies before has she?

>> No.26767968

You do the only appropriate thing for this situation. You take off your clothing, heading over to a dark corner of the cavern to sulk to yourself, sitting next deep in water, blowing bubbles to yourself while small bits of darkness flame seem to boil off your body, all while Leona seems to fly around up in the air.

“Oh Brooklyn... What’s wrong?” Mina asks walking over to you.

“My pride is shattered...” you say muttering, just lifting your head above the water long enough to say that.

Mina gives a small laugh before patting you on the back. “Don’t worry about that! I was pretty terrible at flying too! I was a late bloomer to flying myself, and it was only until my mentor trained me by... tossing me off cliffs that I finally learned how to fly myself. ...That hurt a lot.” Mina shudders, recalling some dark memories. “You’ll look back at this event and just consider it water under the bridge! But you know what they say, fall down once, stand up twice!”

“...Fine. I’m going to keep trying just for the principle of it.” you say, still sulking as you continue to try and fly.

The result of what happens is nearly an hour and a half of painful crash after painful crash. A few times other things getting bent out of shape other than your wings themselves. But at long last, after dozens of times, you finally manage to stay up in midair with a steady wingbeat.

“AH HA! I DID IT! I DID IT!” you yell in victory, this time being careful not to repeat the mistake of when you first took off.

“Great job Brooklyn!” Leona cheers as you hover in the air.

“Now come on down for a landing!” Mina calls up to you.

Your face then freezes as your heart skips a beat, recalling that you have no idea on how to actually land properly, at least in a way that doesn’t involve a splashdown.

>> No.26767995

Tentacles, they can help us land.

Have a pile of tentacles below us ready to gently catch us and try slowly beating our wings slower and gliding downwards.

>> No.26768009

you want to approach the ground as slowly as possible. No dives, no rushing the ground, just a slow descent.

>> No.26768011

Cheat for now and use a bed of darkness tentacles to catch you. We can learn proper landings another night.

>> No.26768017

slowly decend to almost touching the floor, then drop... should work well enough for now... we will practice moving landings privately... we will get it down to the extent that we can fluidly switch from swooping down to a regal gliding walk... but for now, controlled drop...

that could work too...

>> No.26768051

Time for a giant pile of soliogram pillows to break our fall if we fuck up, and some to throw at Mina.

>> No.26768093

“I’ve had enough crash landings for one night, so I’m cheating.” you say as you gradually begin to lower your wingspeed, dropping down slowly to the ground. As you do, a small staircase of tentacles seems to almost make a stairset and platform for you to rest on.

“Boo!” Mina calls out as she sees the platform.

“Oh boo yourself! I’m tired after all the crash landings!” you say as you let the tentacles grab hold of you, before calmly putting you on the platform.

“Well one more wouldn’t of hurt!” Katlin says seeming to join in about Mina.

“It couldn’t have been as bad as the 23rd crash.” Amanda says with her nose still in the physics book.

“Oh don’t tell me you’ve been counting!” You retort back to Amanda as your darkness tentacles dissolve.

(Anything else you wish to ask or do with the girls before Brooklyn leaves for the night?)

>> No.26768123

Oh yes!

Brooklyn is now capable of flight! While he cannot do any sort of fancy stunts, he is capable of going from point A to point B with it. If you want to do combat manuevers with it, you'll need the Aerobatics skill.

That being said, following changes to character sheets for free, based on hindsight:

- Brooklyn has Physics Basic
- Mina and Ada have Aerobatics at Good!

>> No.26768135

use tentacles to grab everyone and throw them in the pool, yell "think fast" while you do it.

have disappeared by the time they surface

>> No.26768145

are you me ?
seconding this.

>> No.26768155

Great minds think alike, thirding

>> No.26768171

Agreed, but try to keep Amanda's physics book from getting wet.

>> No.26768176

"You all suck. You can't even be nice about me not being able to fly after all I've done."

Make sure they all know each other's names, how to find each other if need be, that sort of thing. Tell them to try to not experiment with their powers at 6 in the morning. Make sure Leona got a momento from Erika.

Then in the middle of a sentence distract them with a little exploding flash of light up above them and have tentacles throw them into the pool.

>> No.26768182

Try making her panic by coating it in a watertight soliogram copy of itself.

>> No.26768201

i am not you however if you thought that too you are awesome. also by disappeared i think we should do invisibility, then we can play with them more

>> No.26768256

So we have a plan here, first we do >>26768176

Then we save the book but fake it with >>26768182

Lastly we mess with them some more with >>26768201

I love this plan.

>> No.26768416


"You all suck. You can't even be nice about me not being able to fly after all I've done." you say pouting to the girls.

“Oh come on Brooklyn, we do all mean it in good fun!” Mina replies back to you.

“Yes... Yes you do... AS I WITH THIS!” you say suddenly making the light ball in the center of the room glow with a far greater intensity. As you do this, you summon up some darkness tentacles which quickly grab the heels of each one of the girls while they’re distracted, hurling them all into the underwater hotspring nearby. Just as each one of them impact the water, you yourself cloak with a smile of satisfaction on your face.

“Hey! That was mean!” Leona pouts as she swims back up to the surface.

“Ah! My book!” Amanda says in a panic. You are also concentrating on the book with your water powers, making sure it doesn’t actually get wet despite being underwater.

“Brooklyn!? Brooklyn where are you!?” Mina says looking around the area, a slight hint of anger in her voice.

“She must’ve cloaked!” Katlin says.

“...There! She’s cloaked in the darkness over there!” Stacy says pointing at you.

...Oh son of a bitch... Gemelli’s really are good at locating things aren’t they?

Mina seems to swim down under the water for a few seconds before seeming to erupt from out of the water, own wings spread as she seems to dive bomb straight towards you with one arm in front of her.

“...Mother...” you mutter in a small feeling of fear.


>> No.26768420



“Um... OK. Today... Today was a learning experience for us all. That... That is for certain.” you say while standing surrounded in an Earthern coffin up to your neck thanks to Stacy. But if it wasn’t overkill enough, Amanda demonstrated some of her newfound ‘insanity’ physics, helping Stacy carve the stone in a way so that even your Darkness tentacles at moderate power seem to barely be able to scratch it. Naturally you didn’t put up a super hard fight against the girls due to aether concerns.

All of the girls seem to be staring at you with an evil glare, apart from Leona who still looks a bit confused.

You could use your darkness tentacles at full power to break out, but you do wonder what you should say to the girls in response.

>> No.26768466


"So you're going to let me out now, right?"
light control a halo for ourselves...

alternatively continue messing with them with darkness tentecles... except Leona. She doesn't quite know what is going on...

>> No.26768487

Explosive solidgram army time? Also while it may hold against pure darkness, can it stand light/dark bombs? I think we should test that.

>> No.26768499

annihilation beam tiem?

>> No.26768513

"I'm not sorry. You're all still jerks.

I deal with a lot of problems all of you have and all the stuff that the universe throws at me. And the moment I don't know something you make fun of me."

Use Darkness Control to Shadowjump to a different shadow outside the rock.

"I'm going to bed."

>> No.26768543

Well that didn't go to plan.

that kind of makes us sound a bit like an asshole, I think they are going to tease us in the same way we tease them, but a good escape plan if they arn't.

I'm thinking of playing along as >>26768466 suggested.

>> No.26768738

let's go with this

>> No.26768978

“So... You’re going to let me out of this right?” you ask while making a halo made of light around your head.

“...I was thinking of tearing that coffin out and throwing you into the bottom of the lake.” Mina replies.

“Don’t, too long of a time could contaminate the supply. Though I could use some test subjects for my theories in psychology.” Amanda says while looking at you.

“Ohgodpleasedon’t!” you beg. “Besides your book was fine!”

“...Promise not to do such a thing again?” Stacy asks while tapping her foot.

“I’d do a pinky swear if I could!” you reply.

With that, Stacy let’s the stone smoothly recede back into the Earth once again. Letting you breath a large sigh of relief and breathe easy again without all of that rock pressing against your chest.

(Anything you want to say for the girls before you dismiss the session? Also I’m going to bed now, so the thread will resume tomorrow after my game, as per usual. Feel free to discuss upgrades or possible things you want to do during the downtime. Right now I seem to read the general opinion of wanting to go to Old TO once the BS with the investigators is handled, but you can opt to stay if you want)

>> No.26769041

as they leave, have a tentacle slap them on the ass each

>> No.26769132

Let's not. This has already been too much like a bad sitcom.

>> No.26769213

Except no one is laughing. Sand usually wonders whether he should take stuff this late, and I can see why. I was debating being somewhat petulant as I read it, but not to this magnitude.

Apologize to everyone. They deserve it. Throwing everyone in the water...it pretty petulant. Also explain to them about the Okarian weakness in this area (include information that some Okarians actually bury their emotions...).

>> No.26769235

Make sure leona gets something of erika's so she doesn't wreck her room. suggest that Amanda and the twins try to do some crazy buisness deal so that the twins dad works with the Amanda's family to sell their products. that way amanda can use the excuse the relationship with the twins to say "i should go with the twins to Old TO to help ensure we get the best deal" when we journey with there (i assume we'd travel with the twins dad)

tell mina to keep an eye on brodin since he wasn't his usual cheerful self earlier

>> No.26769306


we should explain that thing about our emotions not working like a 'normal' person. They have had a taste of it now, Amanda twice even.

also the fact that many stuff those emotions away.

>> No.26769884

actually, that's been retconned because it kept causing a shitstorm. We are just more vulnerable to emotional magic now.

>> No.26769955

actually we still have that flaw, and it makes us more emotional, but it no longer dictates our choices.

>> No.26769977

char sheet clearly says otherwise.

>> No.26770002


Thought I did.

It was retconned into what the other anon said. I'll fix it when I wake up.

>> No.26770027
File: 181 KB, 850x306, 1357613156123.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just got back and seriously what the heck happened? Since when did we become an asshole?

Well what is done is done apologize and admit that Okarian's get very emotional, admitting this was a bit more emotional than usual.

>> No.26770030

no it really doesn't. we're a Okarian and therefor more emotional, but that doesn't mean that emotions rule us just that we're more susceptible to them

>> No.26770033

Char sheet says "You’re more susceptible to emotion based mental or social attacks."

>> No.26770035

sleep-posting, impressive

>> No.26770044

sleep is for the weak

>> No.26770062

is it really being an asshole? i thought it was the "friendly dunk in the pool" sort of thing you do to your family as a joke. that was my opinion on it anyways

>> No.26770107

Yeah, I thought so as well, but in hindsight this was more of the humor that Lamia, or guy friends would enjoy.

>> No.26770127

Actually that's not how it works at all. I've reviewed the threads where the shitstorm happened and Sandact clearly stated that he would change it from being more emotional in general and having issues with emotion based magic to only having the issues with emotion based magic because there was a recurring shitstorm. The character sheet was then changed to reflect this. as per >>26770033

If this has been changed again when I wasn't looking I'm going to be pissed, again.

>> No.26770147

>or guy friends would enjoy.
is it really our fault that we haven't fully adapted yet?

>> No.26770157

Quotes in support

>> No.26770178

yes, i've been here from thread 2, and anti lance. but really other than lance the emotions thing was never really a problem

>> No.26770222

As someone who has been here since thread one, I tend to disagree. That said, I'm used to being ignored/misinterpreted (even when I have clear support) whenever I try to steer Brooklyns character so my expectations are incredibly low at this point.

>> No.26770247

Yes, the various requests to make Brooklyn more "confident" or "commanding" tend to run into the issue that Sandact really likes making a fool of Brooklyn in social situations. Which, for the record, I utterly loathe.

>> No.26770250


and truthfully when something his established fact for several threads the Quest run, gets retacon'd and then hasn't come up lately one tends to forget the correct answer and go with the more common one.

>> No.26770284

>"confident" or "commanding"
a yes the lets shove our being the boss down everyones throats, alienate potential allies in favor of trying to make them our minions, and other stupid shit.

>> No.26770297

Well, could he just remember it and stop having Brooklyn be an annoying insecure newbish bitch? We've been trying to get him out of that the entire damned quest.

>> No.26770310

Nah, lets not do that. Lets do the "confident" and "commanding" thing though.

>> No.26770349

I wasn't suggesting it. that was what was passed of as being "confident" and "commanding" the last time this came up. one thing that people seem to for get is in game time it hasn't even been a month since Brooklyn became a succubi

>> No.26770397

Yes, but sandact keeps telling us to give feedback on such things, but we have yet to see a real tonal shift on the issue. In all honesty, he's probably forgot repeatedly and/or moved it a tiny bit in that direction.

Perhaps to help him remember he can give us some sort of "magical" or "caster" leadership tree we can climb to help represent or remind him of our character growth.

>> No.26770448

Well, the last time we did that it didn't turn out so bad now did it?

>> No.26770477

but that's just it we've made great progress in the 3 and a bit ingame weeks.
that's because we didn't do it. infact Sand had to beat people about the head with the fact that it was a stupid idea.

>> No.26770500

ok... while that's an intriguing thought lets flesh it out a bit.

what would you want in the tree that i'm dubbing "presence" something like at max level we could walk into a room and all would kneel, like what the pride demon's can get naturally?

it could work you know.

>> No.26770510

Not really nope. Then again, the doom and gloom guys have always been a little silly.

As an aside, we need to tell Ada about our lordship fairly soon if only to ensure that she doesn't learn from someone else. Lets face it, I don't really trust Leona to keep it secret all the weeks we've been gone.

>> No.26770557

true Ada should really get told, but at the same time tell her your going to start looking into way to circumvent the lamia shapeshifting issues, that way you give her an incentive to stick with you despite any ill will she might have towards you

>> No.26770570

We didn't do it in the way that some people who didn't like it insisted we were really trying to do no. Although Sandact wasn't "clubbing us over the head." He honestly forgot the issue a few times and then decided to make a game out of it. Or he was outright lying in IRC on several occasions, which I don't really find likely.

>> No.26770597

>Not really nope. Then again, the doom and gloom guys have always been a little silly.
that was the court wizard "ultimatum" time. we never gave her a ultimatum like the "confident" and "commanding" wanted because Sand have Ada address all of the concerns before we could make an ass of ourselves.

>> No.26770616

Um... that was pretty clearly to sidestep the huge argument it was causing. Sandact has done that quite a few times.

>> No.26770628
File: 379 KB, 1000x701, 1265772905760.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just be careful being assertive as their is a difference between confident and persuasive and being arrogant and an asshole.

>> No.26770665

It was a bit more explicit than that. Sandact outright said he was trying to make everyone happy, or at least not blindingly mad.

Oh, there totally is. Its just that those who dislike the idea tend to assume we'll present whatever we want in an utterly retarded manner, while those who like the idea are probably a bit to optimistic in how they will respond.

Sure we can do that, I always liked that Miyan work around.

That works.

>> No.26770693

>Sure we can do that, I always liked that Miyan work around.
Im 100% positive that with enough skill that will work, but there is still the problem of side effects

>> No.26770789
File: 260 KB, 900x1200, iridium_the_half_dragon_barbarian_by_zhenderson-d5d7pqp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

when being assertive i would suggest actually use quotes and describe actions as that allows people to get a better idea what your trying to do. If people like the idea they may decide to do it.

Also gives standact a better idea of what you want.

>> No.26771731

that depends on the side effects, really i mean if you can shapeshift to an older form but can't change your skin colour then thats fine

>> No.26771759

Well yeah, since she can use her normal shape-shifting to change the color

>> No.26773252

Damnit. Most text got eaten. Also, it's kinda weird that suddenly late at night a few anons post something that causes the thread to change in tone.

That said, we need to be extremely sorry for this. And if we can talk to Amanda and Mina before we leave, that'd be awesome (mainly because the learning session seems to be over).

>> No.26773277

Meant that most of the text of the post I was about to make got eaten.

>> No.26776643

bumping for sandact

>> No.26778127

I am awake, but in game now. I'll be updating this thread once again in a few hours time.

>> No.26778618

While I understand everyone's been enjoying our currently slice of life stuff, there are two things we need to do that haven't been done:
1) We need to deal with the Paladin. Said Paladin has (buried in their mind) memories of the queens and us. This can't be allowed to stand. Two things we can do about this are using our previous plan of a cursed sword that will cause him to fumble attacks (which is a small loophole in 'who killed him' scrying spells), or get Brodin's boss to take care of him by simply mentioning he exists and is nearby (the Boss hates Paladins who are prideful and stuck up).

Secondly, we need to ask the queens about the effect of our using an illusion of the Black Flame Sorceress to scare the rest of the bandits out of the area (that's our dark-form persona of sorts,which took a turn for the worse after Mina was hurt). This is a problem because several Pride demon investigators are coming to the town and they'll already figure out that the BFS was involved in directly killing Langley.

I personally would like to wrap this up with saying something to Amanda and having Mina there for the communication ritual with the queens.

Just throwing this out there if anyone agrees/disagrees/has a better idea about any of this.

>> No.26778797

I vote we go over to Ada, tell her about our lordship before Leona says something confusing, tell her about our plan for shapeshifing, and curse whatever weapon she wants us to curse for the paladin.

Then head over to the pub, possible with one of our students. We haven't had a full meal in ages.

>> No.26779547

We should totally make the bandits into a cult, and then feed them to the big shots when we hear that the investigators are coming.
It's easy to nurture a cult when all we have to do is occasionally show up and use our perform skill.
Hungry? Shadowform up, put some shadows on the girls, walk into their camp, get Erika to mind-talk some spiritual eldrich shit, and just walk out with maxed out mana.

>> No.26779819

If we do it right, we could have a pocket army for emergencies.
I like this idea.

>> No.26779917

>Black Flame Sorceress
it's the black Flame Hunter, and this talk of cults makes me think of the Fire Hawk Quest line in Boarderlands 2

>> No.26779921

Hmm, we'd have to arm them to the teeth with Miyian weaponry and power suits if we want them to go toe to toe with enlightened mortals or bottom tier demons, but that's still a lot less of an investment in what will likely be cannon fodder than running an enlightenment racket... I'd support a trial study. Equip a squad of bandits, monitor their behavior (make sure they only take out the targets we provide) and efficacy in fighting enlightened opponents.

That work for you guys?

>> No.26779949

>arming scum of the Earth with supertech
that's about the stupidest thing I've heard today.

>> No.26779954

We should also never actually claim to be the Black Flame Hunter if possible. Deniability while under truth spells should never be given up lightly.

>> No.26779984

And yet they would be entirely useless as an army without it. Also, we have Suggestion and Erika to uplift said scum of the earth, or inbuilt self-destruct devices for Amanda to remotely trigger as necessary.

>> No.26780006

We should walk up to Lord Articus's fortress by ourself and tell him Miyu sent us.

>> No.26780015

We should work on playing up our cult persona to ensure perfect obedience.
I wouldn't start arming them until a pretty sixteen-year-old girl could walk through their camp without fear.

>> No.26780086

Alternatively, we could use them as a smoke screen for our operations in the area... all we need to do is set them up with some form of ritual, then so long as we plant links to said ritual at any 'crime scene' it can be brushed off as their work...

But I do prefer the 'productive members of society' method over the meat shield/cannon fodder method... especially when our opposition specializes in large scale conflicts...

>> No.26780117

> bandits for a cult worshiping supernatural person that hunts them
the parallels tell me that Sand was playing BL2 at the time.
personally i prefer to use them as target practice and food
you win that's stupider
unless we're there to watch them all the damn time or use mind control we'll never get perfect obedience

>> No.26780204
File: 102 KB, 900x556, dragon_mama_by_sakimichan-d3myx73.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

first apologizing for our earlier antics of course. Feeling that Brooklyn will feel relay bad for a while. (wondering if Brooklyn may be a little bipolar considering all his antics)

If you want to bring up the lord thing to Ada i would suggest we should bring it up as a disclosure about what task the queens gave us. Relay while Brooklyn would want to bury the fact he use to be male i think we could bring up or own identity problem to Ada. Saying that while we may not complexity understand her situation we can empathize with her. and maybe discuss ways to work around the age problem of shape shifting. perhaps long duration rituals or some item that would allow her enhanced shape shifting capability.

>> No.26780263

I wouldn't say bipolar, more that Brooklyn has been extremely stressed lately and as a result of that is rather touchy, sensitive, and doesn't react well to teasing or feeling inadequate.

>> No.26780284

> personally I prefer...
There really aren't enough left for unless we want the Norns (or whatever we're calling the barbarians) to move in. Oh, that would give us an excuse to massively upgrade the armaments of both Ft. Hope's guard corp and the mercenaries. Of course, we couldn't do that in secret though...

Personally I'm with you on the "toy with scum while improving our skills and replenishing our strength" bit, but it never hurts to have some expendable guinea pigs around.

>> No.26780310

Given how we play her (I am using "her" intentionally since Brooklyn has started referring to herself that way in public) I'd say bipod disorder is kind of a given.

>> No.26780383

>There really aren't enough left for unless we want the Norns
the norns would make a better army than the snow pirates

>> No.26780396

I agree, we can play this realy well. We hang around a bandit camp and wait for the crazy prophet to start yelling in the campfire about us. Go into spooky shadow form with Erika nearby but out of sight. We get her to speak in the heads of the prophet and those around us, while we make hissing and alien sounds. We want to get the whole "Eldrich Abomination" thing going with a calm, soothing voice going on inside their heads. Erika can do calm and soothing, right? Anyway, We tell them something cheesy to get them to stop raping and to convert/fight the other bandits. Something like "Your people are strong. You have been chosen by the Black Flame Hunter. These 'Bandit' tribes, you are to convert or capture them. Your god shall deal with those fools who do not understand or believe my power. Do this, and my dark gift will be bestowed upon you. And you prophet. Fulfill your task, and you may take the Black Flame Hunter herself as your bride" Maybe part the shadow a little and reveal the face of a beautiful woman who isn't us, I dunno, use our (Pretty decent) performance here. We could also spend a ton of aether on suggestion.
Then we just pop in every so often, take their captives as queen food, get full aether from a symphony of intense fear, worship and adoration, and when we gotta get rid of them, just tell them that the promised time has come, and feed them all to the queens. We can mindfuck any innocents and put them somewhere safe.
The zealots are going to be to busy fighting other bandits to rape and pillage civvies, so we help that area too. We could even take credit for their disappearance as the head mage of the castle, saying that those bandits got too dangerous, so they had to go.

>> No.26780574

...isn't there only one bandit tribe left?

>> No.26780633

They repopulate all the time.
French speaking Barbarians move into abandoned camps regardless of rumors about demons in the area, right?

>> No.26780764

No, once cleared they get replaced by quasi Vikings that want a challenge in battle. Namely whatever wiped out the bandits.

>> No.26780894

OK I'm back, and I feel like saying something about the next update at least.

No, the game isn't cancelled.

I feel as if the Paladin has dragged on long enough and some people (myself included) wish to move to Old TO.

Now before I make the next update, my plan for this was simply going to make Ada's plan succeed. You curse a few weapons, Paladin tries to escape and dies. The investigation team planning to be held in a similar straightforward matter, composed of mostly mortals looking for something before officially making Ada the ruling Lord of Fort Hope.

I wanted to know if this is fine or if some people actally want to play that out. It'd take a few weeks in game for all of this, so would there be anything else you'd like to do in that time?

Also pardon if this seems very immersion breaking, but I'm worried about enjoyment of the quest and don't want to piss a lot of people off.

>> No.26780916

Works for me!

>> No.26780926

>A plan working
I do not understand this concept. Please explain further. On a serious note I am fine with continuing past it

>> No.26780949

I Don't really care. I do want to at least play out Brooklyns initial entrance into noble politics that we had planned at the ball and a few fun training ideas..

>> No.26780977

>On a serious note I am fine with continuing past it
Agreed there.

>> No.26780986

Oh agreed. Don't skimp on the politics please. Also, need to probably play out the twins a bit more, and assembling our secret base and stuff.

>> No.26781059

let deal with the DP that we can
I vote basic space control + Occult theory for Brooklyn.
and average artifice for Amanda

>> No.26781077

We did promise to attend that ball after all.

>> No.26781100


All aboard the delayed Plot Train! Next Stop PROGRESSION!

also, magic training with secret base construction. see if we can't buy/lay claim to a building which has easy access from the alleys and gutters of Fort Hope... we want to be able to slip off the main street and get there all secret like...

>> No.26781133

Sounds reasonable. I'm less than thrilled about playing small town noble games, but we do need some practice before we rule a whole planet.

>> No.26781195

I look forward to our childish antics at the Gala.

>> No.26781306

OK then, Gala it is. Anything else you want Brooklyn to attend to?

Moreso, anyone remember Mina's deal?

>> No.26781351

>Mina's Deal.

>> No.26781408

Create base.
Begin to nurture cult
Learn space magic.

>> No.26781410

Over the next few weeks?
Train space control and light control. use Leyline crap to set up some fortress somewhere. Have Amanda make us some power armor, with defense and magic augments. And presumably seduce the twins and stuff. Oh, and mention our lordiness to Ada before somebody else does by accident. Don't be too flippant about it, but make sure that we consider a deal a deal, regardless of our projected growth rate or supposed standing at court.

>> No.26781428

>Moreso, anyone remember Mina's deal?
uhm no.
as for what to do, just pretty much what was already said. Train magic.

>> No.26781437

So, the bandits. We basically admonished them for living off of others and not living in just way. As 'punishment', we took their men (letting women and children go), implying that they should correct their ways (they then left the area, I think). So yeah, we can, but not really worth it.

Sounds excellent.

Things to do in that time: Tell Mina about our little 'speech' to the bandits about JUSTICE. Work on getting Light Control to it's next level (I have a feeling that it might balance out our options as Darkness form seemed negentropic). Also practice Perform, because until we get Ley Lines set up (and they have downsides), that's our best way to regain aether.

>> No.26781449

> not living in just way
should be: not living in a just way

>> No.26781550

This is me
Sand, I think people want to RP where the action is. RPing starting normal lives at the beginning is fine, because we basically ARE normal. Now we have profit-factor and tons of magic. Doesn't mean we can't have RP with our allies, but time skips are there for a reason.

>> No.26781926


With nothing else to mention in the lesson, you excuse yourself to head back home. The twins going with you, but Amanda and Leona remaining back at the bathhouse for a while longer.

Over the next few days, the castle security force often has you run ragged as you are assigned to putting wards over the castle of not only important strategic points, but also many extremely worried nobles who want you to ward their room. One of which is little Brothen. He misses you greatly for his teacher, and you do agree to continue teaching him whenever you possibly can, because as stressful as it is, it reminds you of your old life. It may be dull compared to the new life you have, but there was something relaxing and enjoyable about it.

Eventually Ada does get around to asking you to hex a few weapons in plan for the Paladin’s demise. Sure enough, Ada’s plan seems to go off very well. Six Royal guards and a single demonic bodyguard are killed during the engagement. Leaving only one very angry, ape like bodyguard left.

Another project you work on is training the girls on the proper use of their powers. Amanda’s underground cave seems to work rather well, but you want to work on a location of which you’re able to access all the time. You manage to purchase a house in town then with Stacy’s help, begin to forge an underground base for where you can all work. It is somewhat tiring for Stacy, but she does enjoy the aspect about using her new powers. Amanda herself tops it off with a form of a superscience seal, which opens only with a specific combination. Appearing to be black steel, the seal is incredibly strong and looks like a normal seal, but Amanda warns that dogs shouldn’t get within five meters of it due to... issues.

>> No.26781939


Amanda herself also branched out, purchasing a small workhouse for herself where she can work on blacksmithing projects in peace. Her family is very perplexed by her queer behavior, and indeed there is some talk of it in the town, but people eventually move onto their normal lives.

Mina’s arm does indeed grow back in due time, accelerated thanks to Leona’s application of healing magics. It isn’t long at all before Mina is back to her full, 100% self all over again. She continues to (Rather openly) work in Doctor Gaterkin’s office, which too is expanding rather nicely. It’s thanks to Mina helping out that he’s had the free time to replicate some basic old world medicines in the prototype stages, which is rather potent considering most medicine is still nearly back in the dark ages aside from magic. When the investigators are about to come, Mina shifts her shape into a typical asian woman with long black hair and a bit of a suntan.

The investigators themselves do eventually come, and the night after they come a ball is thrown, one where official rulership of the town shall be transferred over to Ada.

“I still cannot believe that you never wore makeup before milady.” Linda says as she applies makeup to you.

“Never... was the type to use makeup.” you reply as you purse your lips for the lipstick. “Hell this is my first time attending a major social event.”

“Worried milady?” Linda asks as she begins to touch up your cheeks.

“About making an ass of myself? A bit.” you reply as Linda finishes touching up your cheeks. “So do you have my dress?”

“Yes, but I got a dress delivered today at the castle for you.” Linda says.

>> No.26781949

“Oh?” you ask.

“Yes, it came with a message. Saying that you should wear it for a ‘friend’s promise’.” Linda replies.

It takes a few seconds to realize what she meant by that. The dress that you promised Mina to wear to your next big social event. “...Oh... Oh crap...”


You stand before yourself in a mirror, wearing what appears to be a black silk dress. You would like the dress, but it is mainly the fact that the front of the dress has a rather large V-shaped hole in the front of it, easily showing the sides of your breasts and virtually your entire cleavage to nearly all the way down to your belly button. Your backside is pretty much completely exposed as well, only material being at your hips. A long slit runs down the right side of the dress to allow for some freedom of movement.

“Ugh...” you say looking at the mirror at yourself. Normally you’d be blown away if your girlfriend wore this, but you didn’t think you’d be wearing this.

“While I do think it is very risque, I think it is a rather stunning fashion milady. People in the Old World were a bit loose, but I think it does a great job of setting you apart.” Linda compliments you.

>> No.26781993


Yes, I posted these

>> No.26782013
File: 71 KB, 575x800, 1150113273788.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, are there any accessories we can wear with it that say POWERFUL MAGE, TAKE SERIOUSLY.

>> No.26782037

We need a hat.
A big goofy wizard hat to compliment the sexy dress. A hat so big we can pull it down and block out stares and shit.

>> No.26782065

soliogram one up

>> No.26782103

Soliogram Jewelry
A single, uh, for a black dress you want a silver necklace with...
Crap, I forgot Brooklyn's hair and eye color.
Silver necklace with matching earrings and appropriate gems to her hair and eye color.
And have the gem on the necklace glow a bit, naturally.

>> No.26782155

"That's the polite way to put it Linda. The impolite way to put it is that everyone there is going to be staring at my tits which are on full display.

At least I know how to dance so I shouldn't embarrass myself more than I already will by showing up."

Put on our fancy witch's hat, we are the Head Magician after all. Wear some black opera gloves to match the ensemble. If we don't have any jewelry or earrings to put on ourself magic them up out of Shadow when Linda isn't looking. We're going to be wearing a lot of black so see if we can't make the jewelry silver to match that, match the gems in them to our hair or eyes, use Light Control if needed to get the color right, aim for elegant simplicity rather than making anything too complex.

For perfume go for an Oriental styled one, something similar to Opium by Yves Saint Laurent would be my preference, prioritize top notes of citrus, plum, pepper, jasmine, cloves, medium notes of sandalwood, cinnamon, rose, bottom notes of sandalwood, musk, vanilla, cedar, and amber. There will be other notes in it, but these are ones to prioritize that make an Oriental what it is.

>> No.26782310


remember to keep our aura suppressed to the extent of appearing only slightly aetherically capable... Don't want to appear too powerful lest one of the Pride Demons calls us in... (is possible, but highly unlikely...)

>> No.26782521

Sandact, you accidentally your trip again.

>> No.26782597


“Very well, but I’m keeping the hat.” you say as you move over to get your witches hat.

“Do you want your jewelery too?” Linda asks.

“Of course.” you reply, letting Linda help put the silver necklace, the jewel in the center of it matching your brown eyes and hair. “I’m just worried that everyone is going to staring at my damn tits.”

“Well I think you have wonderful breasts, so at the very least you can take it as a compliment.” Linda says as she puts on your necklace. “Just be careful about correcting them. Remember that when it comes to high nobles, you’re going to have to indirectly avert their gazes somehow.”

“Noted.” you reply as you put on a silver bracelet atop of your black, silk gloves that go up to about your elbows.

“Be very careful about bending over in the dress to make sure your breasts don’t fall out. Oh, and don’t bend over in front!” Linda warns you.

You shudder at the thought, as while it wouldn’t be political suicide, it’d certainly be a blow.

“Well...” you say taking a big breath in order to relax yourself, engaging your aether cloak to mask your enlightened signature. “I’m off now.”

“Good luck!” Linda says as she waves to you as you leave the room.


The entrance to the castle ballroom in of itself is mainly filled with some loitering nobles who appear to be either discussing major gossip, anti-social kids, or people who merely need a breather. Rows of what can be seen as Royal Guards appear to be there, two of which open up the ballroom for you.

>> No.26782603


As you enter the Langy ballroom, it feels as if you stepped into another world entirely. Light assaults your senses, filled with a collage of colour golden paint on the ceiling and walls, the candle lights shimmering within the crystal glass of the chandelier, before noting the multicolored clothing of nobles all over the ballroom. Marina herself in the middle of a crowd of talking nobles. Smell, as dozens upon dozens of foods lay out upon a table, each food probably being an entire weeks work for you in your old job, somewhat overpowered by the smells of flowery perfumes. Lastly the sounds within the area, which so many people are talking at once that it seems almost hard to focus on which thing at a time.

A small, casual strolls shows that, aside from the fact you’re getting glances from men and women which make you blush red as a beat, that some others managed to make it here too. Stacy and Katlin are at the ball, dressed in green and orange dresses, having made some friends in the accounting section of the castle since they transformed. Leona, who is currently talking with some of her friends, which is easy to spot as she’s the tallest one there, and lastly Amanda, who appears to have been invited to the ball and looks lovely within her white dress.

Aside from that, various rumors seem to be spreading about. You can hear rumors about both you and Ada, but you’re unsure if you should evesdrop yet. You could talk to the girls, or wait around to see what happens in itself. You ponder to yourself while grabbing a small glass of wine from a nearby Butler, sipping it as you think.

>> No.26782707

I wonder about those rumors. Rather than try to eavesdrop, we might be able to have one of the girls gather info and report back to us later.

>> No.26782786

spy network, go.
One of the twins would work best.

>> No.26782854

We should totally do an act. Magic tricks to both show off our power and improve our image.

>> No.26782938

That would be vulgar. We don't need to draw attention to ourselves.

We can try to listen in on a few things if Erika is nearby, otherwise, we can introduce ourselves to those that look least intimidating.

>> No.26782975

Keep in mind mortals can only do magic through rituals. Most people would have no idea what the difference is between a control and a ritual but the demons here might.

>> No.26782992

I vote we find the wilting-est wallflower and chat her up.
Either that or the oldest lady there, she ought to know what's what amongst the nobles.

>> No.26783091

This is actually a really good point. Beyond that, act somewhat awkward, but try to be...polite (because that's probably what we are feeling and should be feeling).

>> No.26783200

Deciding that it’d be best to tap your information network before running into this blind, you head on over to the twins first to see if they could overhear or find anything out of the ordinary.

“Lady Brooklyn!” Katlin’s face seems to light up seeing you, before making a slightly different face a few seconds later. “You look...”

“Katlin how are you!” you say with a smile, hoping the makeup is covering up your blush. “Apologies for my late arrival on the scene.”

“Oh not at all!” Katlin says giving you a small pat on the wrist. “I’m glad that you could just join us that’s all!”

“So I heard that you have... rather sharp ears. Anything in particular I should be aware about?” you ask.

“Hm... Well some people here think that you’re an... ‘order’ girl of sorts with that getup.” Katlin seems to say to you in a hushed voice.

“Beyond the obvious.” you say sipping the wine.

“Well... Some rumors about Lord Marina Langy acquiring the throne by blackmail are ripe, as are the ones where she used seduction in the higher areas of Blizzarios’s court. A lot of the nobles here are rather... uncomfortable with placing someone so young in charge of the throne here.” Katlin says.

“Because they know they don’t have a shot at outliving her natural life span.” you say sipping the wine again.

“Oh! And this one lady has been going about spreading some sort of awful rumor that you originally used to be a male, some woman named Mary-Anne Langy. That... that is beginning to spread a little bit, especially when they add your clothing to the mixture.” Katlin says.

Oh... You take a long drink upon hearing that...

>> No.26783265

We could have some leeway with our behavior. After all, we're a mage. We hardly ever leave the library and when we do we aren't terribly concerned what others think of us. Most important, we should not appear to be political, or incapable.

>> No.26783334

We should appear as a person who is in their job because they have practical experience, not political experience. Be polite, be nice, don't stand on ceremony, explain the dress is part of a bet we lost. Try to steer things towards getting to know others and being friendly.

Basically, turn politics on it's head.

>> No.26783336

...well, if news of our former status is going around maybe it's good we wore the tit-window.

Maybe we should talk to Mary-Anne. We are still tutoring her son, and of course will continue to do so.

>> No.26783374

Well our current outfit should kill that rumor like a sawed-off shotgun blast: with as much attention as possible. Also, site the practicality of pants, which have pockets.

>> No.26783566

>And this one lady has been going about spreading some sort of awful rumor that you originally used to be a male
Welp, time to play the rumor game.
Step 1: Try to ignore it until people get forget about it and gossip about something else.
Step 2: If anyone actually asks (highly unlikely) confirm nothing, deny nothing, and imply everything. Something like "Well I may be the court magician now but let's just say my first introduction to magic was less than ideal." should do.

>> No.26783703

Well... On the bright side your tit window should at least drag some of that rumor right out of the water.

“Thank you for the information Lady Katlin.” you say as you finish the rest of your wine.

“Likewise Lady Brooklyn. Please do not hesitate to drop by to see me again.” Katlin says giving a small bow to you.

You then decide to glide across the floor to the source of the rumor, Lady Mary-Anne Langy, the noblewoman whose son you used to teach. This is a bit tricky as you yourself had tea with her several times in the past as a male.

“Oh but of COURSE Sir Lendington, I assure you that recent vacancy to the ruins to the north can be harvested for materials, so all you’ll need to do just sent your men there with some mercenaries and you’ll be fine!” Lady Mary-Anne says talking to a nearby gentlemen, dressed in the same extremely frilly dress that she’s usually in. It is her eyes that catch you first. “Brooklyn!? My word! I barely recognized you in that dress! I take it that you’re now completely over your gender change?”

The men standing next to her seem to stare at you for a moment, before their eyes seem to grow wide a bit in shock about what Mary-Anne just said.

“Just a little while ago, I was telling these gentlemen about your ‘accident’ that you told me about that led to your current state.” Mary-Anne says, showing you the faces of a few older men looking directly at you.

>> No.26783758

You know, I was hoping to keep that matter a bit more... discreet.

>> No.26783792

While things certainly seem to be looking up for us, we hope she understands it's getting embarrassing and inconvenient to deflect those questions.

>> No.26783811

Now the question is. What do we want them to believe? It's not like anything will change a lot if they know, if anything we'll be considered more reliable for successfully adapting to anything thrown at us....Right?

>> No.26783860

Surreptitious Suggestion time
"I had hoped to keep that matter a bit more... discreet." <Please do not speak of this again>
Both directed at Mary-Anne and the two gentlemen nearby.
Connecting the court mage to our old self can cause complications. Let's take steps to mitigate the number of people who know of it.

>> No.26783912

Remember to act embarrassed. Because we so are.

>> No.26783975

>I assure you that recent vacancy to the ruins to the north can be harvested for materials,
that's worrying wouldn't want them stumbling over the shrine

>> No.26784208

I think it's best that they believe we are a commoner who has been put in this position because we can do the job. Taking cheap shots here probably isn't the best idea, as well.

Good point.

Tossing in what I can. To the other nobles, say this: 'I'd be careful of going there. Just because the area is temporarily empty, doesn't mean whatever cleared it out still isn't there.' Try to suggest an area away from the Queen's Shrine or Sebastian's base.

>> No.26784245

It depends on the scale of it, really. The Queens' magic should be able to send away a mortal or two none the wiser but a large-scale project would cause large-scale problems.

>> No.26784310

Time to play some Xantos Chess.
>Excavation starts
>Foreman discovers that all of the workers who enter a certain building can't remember anything that happens inside of it
>We get called
>Declare that there is a rebel magician inside and request a pride demon to investigate
>3-5 business weeks later Queens get a new pride demon
>Use our magic to fabricate evidence that the culprit fled southward

What could go wrong?

>> No.26784357

the could send someone too strong for us to deal with for one

>> No.26784363

Someone up the chain of command starts asking questions as to what happened to the dude he sent, finds out all sorts if shit started happening there "recently" and then many things could happen.

>> No.26784385

>What could go wrong?

your plan is terrible

>> No.26784408

Oh god, its almost as bad as an average Top Gear plan. Not even my friend has come up with an idea this bad. There is no possibility of it failing to work and go off without a hitch. The only reason I don't want to do it is because we finally going to somewhere that doesn't have ice rinks for puddles.

>> No.26784427
File: 105 KB, 750x600, 1223144655602.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lots can go wrong relay it is more of a batman plan, relying on the enemy to make obvious and predictable mistakes not xanatos.

xanatos chess is where your fighting someone who also is zanatose gambiting, adapting on the fly.

>> No.26784430

>Oh god, its almost as bad as an average Top Gear plan
Yeah that's what I was aiming for. It's not Xantos Chess unless every single step is a longshot.

>> No.26784453

Err, right, gambit. That's the word I was looking for.

>> No.26784455


“Ha ha ha... I had hoped to keep that matter a bit more... discreet. <Please do not speak of this again.>” you say dropping several powerful suggestions to the gentlemen and Mary-Anne.

(+5 DP)

“Oh... My apologies Lady Brooklyn, I didn’t know it was a sensitive subject for you.” Lady Mary-Anne seems to apologize.

“No worries, we all make mistakes at times Lady Mary-Anne.” you say with a gentle smile on her face. “By the way, I would be careful about going into the ruins of that old city.”

“Oh? Any reason in particular?” one of the gentlemen asks.

“Bandits are crafty. Just because they were cleared out, doesn’t mean they couldn’t still be there.” you warn the groups. “I went there a few times myself, and I can attest that the Eastern and Northern sections of the city are mainly clear.” you tell them, making sure they steer well away from Sebastien’s trap, one of which nearly killed you once in the past week.

>> No.26784460


“I’m more worried about that... dreaded Black Flame Huntress that has been rumored to go about that area.” a man wearing a fez says with a hint of fear in his voice.

“Oh Lord Finkle! I’m sure that dreaded creature has long since migrated away!” Mary-Anne Langy says.

“Migrated nothing! The reports the mercenary companies gave about the bandits being spooked before being completely wiped out are easily public knowledge. Let’s not forget the... incredibly brutal fashion the creature ripped off the head of the golem that the late Lord was piloting, screaming a beastial whail before it tore him limb from limb. If anything the scouting mission it had into Lady Leona’s room a few weeks ago is merely scouting operations it is conducting to finish us off since all it’s current prey in the city is either dead or worshipping it. Reports are cropping up all over the city of the townsfolk seeing such a... beast.” Lord Finkle seems to make a small shiver in fear before downing the rest of his drink. “I’m going to be moving to a post in New TO, at least it is safer there.”

>> No.26784489

>If anything the scouting mission it had into Lady Leona’s room a few weeks ago
right, remember how we talked about not wanting to use the BFH as an excuse because of this attention? yeah now we have to deal with it

>> No.26784490

>Reports are cropping up all over the city of the townsfolk seeing such a... beast.

...that's not us, is it.

>> No.26784520

Well crap. We makin the general public roll SAN checks. Glad we're rolling. Also, now I'm stuck trying to figure out a clever Stig joke for the quest.

>> No.26784529

Oh fuck I hadn't thought of that.

>> No.26784538


You didn't say it was you. You said it was a ghost, but some people didn't think differently. Note how Mary-Anne seems to disagree it was the BFH, this was because of your notification

>> No.26784551

It's probably mina and her "lol whatever no big deal" demonic trait policy. But we should investigate anyway.

>> No.26784569
File: 864 KB, 827x3200, 1374814365610.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Garr want to leave but can't till we investigate to make sure it is nothing but rumors. With our luck something may be lurking out their and we want to nip it in the but before it become too much of a problem.

Also we need Erika's help to investigate what happened to our original body and the prospector tip also.

>> No.26784627

'I don't think that it was the...the Huntress that caused that damage to Lady Leona's room. The room radiated magic related to wind and air, while the Huntress used completely different schools in it's attack on Langley. My estimate is possibly new elements in the Forest.' <It wasn't the Huntress that did damage to Leona's room.>

>> No.26784667

this is good, but we already reported it was a restless ghost so
>My estimate is possibly new elements in the Forest
is redundant

other than that, it gets my vote

>> No.26784883

'I don't think that it was the...the Huntress that caused that damage to Lady Leona's room. The room radiated magic related to wind and air, while the Huntress used completely different schools in it's attack on Langley. My estimate is possibly new elements in the Forest. <It wasn't the Huntress that did damage to Leona's room.>” you say to the man with magical reinforcement.

“Hm... Still...” the fezzed man says with a worried expression.

“Oh Lord Finkle you’re always so paranoid about things! Next think you do is claim that Brooklyn here is actually the Black Flame Huntress.” Mary-Anne, followed by the rest of the noblemen laugh. All except Finkle who still looks worried.

(Anything else you wish to say to the nobles here?)

>> No.26784975

ask about where and when the huntress has been terrifying the towns people. cross reference that with what our other succubus were doing to see if it was them (shouldn't since none of them know dark iirc) and then if asked why you don't know about these rumors make mention of the sheer number of wards now in place on the castle.

also i feel a joke about "huntress becoming hunted" should be in order soon

>> No.26785212

“Would you happen to know of where these rumors originated from?” you ask Lord Finkle.

“They’re not hard to find. You can walk down the streets in some of the commoner areas and hear all about them, about some creature stalking them in amidst the night. I even heard some people even say about how some people were brutally murdered by such a thing, limbs torn apart and scattered all about. Grisly tales that...” Lord Finkle says with a small shudder.

“Yes, the mercenaries are very busy on border patrol, though I heard it was the first time in years that I heard the mercenaries were more worried about patrol routes in town than out in the ruins.” a nobleman with a large white beard says.

“I’d say it’s about equal at this point.” Lord Finkle replies while sipping his wine.

>> No.26785233


>> No.26785245

Well ok, if what they're saying is true then we should worry. But first we need to investigate these murders. Surely Ada must know more.

>> No.26785286


Welp! screw new TO, we've got a one-shot detective arc to do now!

There have been strange goings on and brutal murders in the Fort, Can Brooklyn help find and detain the culprit, Or will the vigilante Mina deal with the problem with her JUSTICE?

Find out next time on; Guards.

>> No.26785474

can we find a body of someone killed by the BFH and question fate on who killed it? or ask what people use the name BFH as an alias, should give us something to work with it. also makes it look like we're doing royal mage work, always nice.

if we wanted to start this now we could tell ada we're off to investigate and we'll inform her of our findings later, which also gives us a chance to tell her about the whole "demon lord" thing

>> No.26785626


Question Fate is a high level ritual, in that the number of those who know it are a bit rare.

I'm gonna wait for a few more votes, but then again this is the slow hours it seems.

>> No.26785644

Let's go with some more conventional lines of investigation, like witness questioning, before we bust out the fate guns.

>> No.26785670

And confirming the deaths with Ada since she should have gotten a report on those from the guards.

>> No.26785691
File: 116 KB, 884x903, 1376958093927.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


these rumors are worry some. we need to do some investigating. should inform Ada and Mina and i really think we should bring Erika along. While Brooklyn won't want too he will have to eat his pride and tell Erika how he use to be a man an the fact that his body was abducted by cultists. While we hope it is not need to know it probably will be for this investigation.

I think we should proactively nip this in the butt before it escalates.

>> No.26785743

good thing we know it

>> No.26785892

true but we only have one more this month

>> No.26785900

we're on week 3 or 4 so that isn't too much of an issue

>> No.26785963


“Hm... Still the reports of a murderer in our town as grisly as that is indeed dire. I’ll see if I shed some light on this situation and confirm whenever it is something supernatural or just some person ripping people apart for their own sick and twisted pleasure.” you say reassuring the noblemen.

“Good. I was about to tell the Investigators about such a thing while they’re here. See if they can get someone with actual experience behind it.” Lord Finkle says.

“Very well, now if you’ll excuse me, I need to see Lady Marina about this matter.” you say excusing yourself from the noble group.

“Very well! Take care Brooklyn my love!” Mary-Anne says to you.

“And to you as well milady.” you say respectfully with a curtsy before excusing yourself.

Deciding it is best next to inform Marina, you decide to head over to tell her of this. She herself is busy chatting up some other high nobles and one of the members of the investigation group. Normally it is quite rude to interrupt a ruling noble while they’re in the middle of something, but given that you’re worried about town safety, you think you can make an exception.

“Lady Marina. So sorry to interrupt, but I have some important news about some findings I just made.” you say giving a small curtsy as you approach the group.

“Hm... Hm... Very well.” Marina says, gracefully wiping her mouth as she finishes swallowing a cracker. “Apologies Lord Ingleton, but your story for now will have to wait for the time being. Lady Brooklyn, I trust this matter won’t take long?”

“Of course not. A few minutes at most.” you say following Marina over to the ballroom bridge.

>> No.26785968


“Make sure no one aside from the investigation team interrupts us.” Marina says to the Royal guards in front of the balcony, who shift to block the way after you and Marina move outside to the frigid night air. Thankfully you won’t be out here long, so your cover about being a half clothed mortal shouldn’t be in danger.

“Well what did you need me for?” Marina says, you can detect a bit of annoyance in her voice.

“Sorry Marina, I know how important this night is to you a-”

“Yes yes I know... You wouldn’t call me out unless it was something important. I’m not upset at you, so just go ahead and tell me what the situation is.” Marina says.

“Are you aware of the grisly murders in town?” you ask Ada.

“Mortal murders barely register as a blip on my radar at the moment Brooklyn. I leave such matters to the Royal Guard.” Marina states.

“True, but what I’m concerned about people saying they’ve been seeing the... Black Flame Huntress around town at night.” you tell Marina. “People think she’s been ripping people apart.”

“You been going out at night?” Marina asks in a hushed whisper.

“No! I don’t ever use that form to scroll around at night in public!” you quickly reply back to Ada in a hushed whisper.

“I think this is nothing out of the ordinary Brooklyn. If anything this is some criminals who are merely using the ‘Black Flame Huntress’ fear the fort for a scapegoat for their barbaric murders. I think that within two to three weeks time we’ll have caught one murderer and hang him in the towns square to set a lesson to the rest of them.” Ada says. “It’ll be jumping the bolt to assume that this would be the work of some sort of supernatural entity just yet.”

>> No.26785999

"Regardless, I feel it would be prudent to check it personally. It's all well and good if it is 'simply' a mundane murderer, but if it is not, then I would prefer not to let rumor fester as the criminal grows in power."

>> No.26786017

"And yet with a Pride demon Investigation team inbound, the mere hint that a supernatural entity is involved could lead to some complications and more in depth investigations than we want. therefore we must investigate, if only to be able to prove to the demons that it isn't supernatural"

>> No.26786078
File: 70 KB, 620x1000, 1330393135001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


While this is most likely a wild goose chase i rather nip it in the but before it becomes a big problem.

Normal i would not be so concerned but I had a nightmare and Erika had one too about an individual. I want to be sure that this is not the tip of an ice burg.

>> No.26786109

"And yet with a Pride demon Investigation team already here, the mere hint that a supernatural entity is involved could lead to some complications and more in depth investigations than we want. therefore we must investigate, if only to be able to prove to the demons that it isn't supernatural.” you warn Marina.

“Then let the Royal Guard handle it. That’s their job. If it’s supernatural in natural, then you’ll probably be knowing about before I even do.” Marina states.

"I feel it would be prudent to check it personally. It's all well and good if it is 'simply' a mundane murderer, but if it is not, then I would prefer not to let rumor fester as the criminal grows in power." you warn Marina.

“What you do in spare time Brooklyn is up to you so long as you don’t endanger Fort Hope.” Marina says. “It’s just until I get evidence that this is a supernatural creature, I won’t be ordering full blown hunts like Langy did.”

...Those were dark... dark times for you...

>> No.26786160

"no one is suggesting a full blown witch hunt, i merely thought i should inform the leader of the town of a potential threat and what i will be doing regarding it, so that if it becomes a bigger problem or a worry for the nobles you can honestly say the royal mage is looking into it"

>> No.26786266

"No, nothing like that. I planned on looking into it on my own, just wanted to check if you knew anything about this. Anyway there is one other thing I'd like to mention myself, so you don't learn of this from other sources." Say about us being a lord and all that. I would write the rest but it's kinda hard on this tablet

>> No.26786274

Bah. Had to go and captcha decided it's not valid any more when I posted

>> No.26786438

"No, nothing like that. I planned on looking into it on my own, just wanted to check if you knew anything about this. Anyway there is one other thing I'd like to mention myself, so you don't learn of this from other sources." you tell Marina.

“Well it would save me the sigh then asking of you if you had gone out in the town drunk in your shadow form.” Marina replies.

“Oh perish the thought!” You tell Marina. “Anyways that is all I needed to discuss with you.”

“Very well, nearly just in time for me to officially gain control of Fort Hope.” Ada says, looking out over the town with a satisfied sigh. While you admit that you do not like Ada’s reason of taking over Fort Hope just because she simply wants to rule the town, she is certainly better than Langy ever was.

“Will you be coming in?” you ask Marina.

“Oh no, you can go ahead. I just want to... enjoy for a little bit.” Marina replies.

(That'd be it for this thread. Stay tuned for next week for my exciting adventures!)

>> No.26786442

i would disagree about the Lord bit just now since, tell her we will give her a report later on this and other matters

>> No.26786498

Hey Sand by my count its been about 3-4 weeks since brooklyn transformation, as such I'd like to know how soon our Question Fate recharges(gains upto our maximum of 2 casts again) there by determining how long until we waste a casting.

>> No.26786559

Did you by chance mess up a copy paste or something?

>> No.26786568

why do i think something like this will happen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_d4I_VYDj8

>> No.26786734

>as are the ones where she used seduction in the higher areas of Blizzarios’s court.
this should probably read Articus's court, as Blizz is the chump we killed and Articus is the one that controls canada.

>> No.26786880


No, don't think so, why?

>> No.26786885


Derp, area that should read articus's court.

>> No.26787019

This part
>Well it would save me the sigh then asking...

And I suppose the whole "We're a lord" thing got postponed, just wanted to deal with as many things as we can in one encounter.

>> No.26787671

So we continue a glorious quest tradition.

>> No.26787813

Didn't one of the twins have a dream about another person with shadow form destroying the city?

>> No.26787886

>Anyway there is one other thing I'd like to mention myself, so you don't learn of this from other sources." you tell Marina.
>“Well it would save me the sigh then asking of you if you had gone out in the town drunk in your shadow form.” Marina replies.
>“Oh perish the thought!” You tell Marina. “Anyways that is all I needed to discuss with you.”
It just... doesn't make any sense. We tell her we have something else to talk about and then she replies with I don't even know what and then we say there's nothing else even though we haven't said anything since we said there was something else.

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