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Grapple Check edition

>Recruitin' players
>Talkin' about game
>Being to shy to actually start playing

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Lamia are the only type of monstergirl I really tolerate.

Worse yet, while they can certainly be erotic or sexually appealing, I never feel the need to go, "My character's gotta bang that."

Usually it's either raising a youngling as my own, killing them, or working with them.

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> lesbians

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Anyone want to help initiate a newcomer on f-list?

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What's wrong with Lesbians?
...Are you simply hating on the superior sexual orientation?

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>superior sexual orientation
That's not Pan-, anon.

>> No.26758898

I'm hating on the chosen sexual orientation of 15 year olds that just discovered boobs.

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Really? I find the lack of legs too weird to really work with. Same reason I'm not crazy about mermaids.

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But I'm 26

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>Giving sexual orientations quantitative values

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You should probably do some soul-searching, then. It's fair to come out of it liking lesbians, but a lot of guys' sexual preferences sort of stall out at one point because EW GAY and that's horrible.

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Hence why I said I'd never actually seal the deal with one.

I can see the appeal, and it certainly gets me going in all the right ways, but beyond simply getting turned on I don't find it enough to make something happen.

>> No.26758982

Wow...way to stereotype, Anon...

Good luck with your backward council-estate view of the world, would you also like women to wear frilly dresses and bonnets and work in the kitchen 'where they belong'?

If a woman wants to sleep with a woman, fine, it's got nothing to do with me, or you, so shut up and stop being such a sexist fag about it.

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So what's ERP General's opinion on Anime characters then?

>> No.26758994

Haha dude, that's normal.

No offense, but Men liking only Women is nature.

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only on 4chan will you find unintentionally hilarious phrases like sexist fag

>> No.26759014

My personal opinion is that show sis wonders for my lactation fetish.

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People who play canons are weeeeeeiiiiiiird.

>> No.26759016

Yes, but completely excluding men, including themselves, from the equation is not.

I'm probably just bitter from too long dealing with idiots, honestly. I'm sure that you've run into the sort yourself, in your time.

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Fapable as fuck

>> No.26759031

See how many times you can shout it out randomly in the middle of a busy street before people start giving you funny stares.

>> No.26759034


They're annoying and generally poor roleplayers.

>> No.26759037


I have no objection to it, and if they look good then prefer it. Definitely prefer it to some random camwhore photo.

>> No.26759054

Looking for 1/1

Main desires are nudity, exhib, loss of inhibition.


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>No offense, but Men liking only Women is nature.

What isn't?

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Cool and all, but screaming something like NO NOT THERE while in the middle of fucking is a bit of a turn off.

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I am so fucking pissed! My partner went with me for three days, got right on the verge of getting to the good stuff and then!


all my hate dot gif

>> No.26759092


At least you didn't get to a mediocre sex scene followed by the two of you awkwardly trying to continue the plot post-coitus, even though both of you know you'd rather it ended at that.

>> No.26759118

Yeah. That guy needs to check his privilege.

>> No.26759137

So is eating grubs, die young of disease and not having fancy electric computers to talk through. The "it's wrong because it's not natural" argument is retarded.

>> No.26759151

I would have accepted it rather than the absolute clitcockteasing nothing.

>> No.26759169


He did not say it was wrong.

Having poor comprehension is retarded.

>> No.26759176

I feel you! I feel you deeply! Your feeling I can feel deeply!

What were you doing with your partner?

>> No.26759179

So, humor in erp, like it? Hate it?

>> No.26759199

At least you didn't get a so-so sex scene before they tried to rope you into some huge story driven thing with no sex.

>> No.26759207

Sex is inherently silly. Including humour draws attention to that and makes it very hard to keep your attention off of the humour of the situation, which will ruin the mood quite quickly.

>> No.26759217

If you are good at it I guess. Cause you can be lovable or witty but internet shit or forced stuff is terrible.

>> No.26759218

>Definitely prefer it to some random camwhore photo.
It always weirds me out when it looks like just some person's personal Facebook photos. Like what the fuck

>> No.26759244


Stating that being disgusted by homosexuality is normal because it is unnatural pretty heavily implies the anon's opinions.

>> No.26759245


This is the ultimate drawback of ERP; unless it's a side-dish at the Normal Campaign Buffet, than you're not going to want to continue the game following the first time you do the bang-bang.

>> No.26759271


Which is extremely amusing because homosexuality is completely natural.

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REALLY depends.

>> No.26759292

Define Initiate.

>> No.26759299

I wouldn't have minded, actually. So nuts to you.

Having futa-Mitsuru fuck Naoto

>> No.26759313

>tfw playing a lamia in my current game
>My lack of legs makes people scratch their heads as to how to bang

Look, I can like, you know, wrap around

I'm so big, I fuck -you-.

>> No.26759339


I should fuck a Lamia one of these days.

>> No.26759360

I find that argument, as well as the mermaid one, is easy to resolve. Just move the 'monster bits' down maybe...2-3 inches. Bam, nice plump Lamia pussy ready to fuck.

>> No.26759372

How do you deal with jealousy?

>> No.26759387

What, like...between ERP partners?
Depends, how do they find out about one another, and do you mean IC jelly, or OoC jelly?
One is sweet, the other is weird.

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Fun fact for male lamias!

Snakes have two dicks

>> No.26759410

V-shaped join. Doubles as a slutty panty line only with monster girl bits instead of clothes.

>> No.26759415

kill the bastard so she'll stop paying attention to him

>> No.26759419


There is no such thing as male Lamia.

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I propose a freeform system be made where everyone makes characters and uses them in 1 on 1s and there are carry overs from one fug to the next

There would be four classes, Dom, Switch, Equal, Sub, each with their own traits. The main mechanic would be rolling against each others lusts. Characters would have and acquire different fetishes which would give modifiers to the lust.

If you crit as a Dom against a Sub, or an Equal on an Equal, you can force the other to acquire a fetish that you can fulfill. (Of course the recipient can just forget that ever happened when they leave if they so choose)

Then other mechanics can be added in for things like transformation, hypnosis, and what not.


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Report the thread and move on. Maybe one day they'll realize that /tg/ is a blue board.

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>what is futa
Do you even /d/?

>> No.26759447

This is the reason I say no human can satisfy a lamia.

>> No.26759471


I tend to ignore futa because it's goofy.

>> No.26759475

Such as being left out, not getting any in a group game, not being able to bring it up OOC, etc.

>> No.26759478 [DELETED] 

name a more traditional game than a beta monkey pretending to be the alpha

That's ERP broseph

Also, blue boards only apply to images according to the mods

>> No.26759483

>MFW I manage to find a partner who happens to write pretty good sex scenes, has a nice sense of humor and likes my writing style and we've been RPing on and off for the better part of two months.

Keep at it anons, you'll find a cool partner if just keep trying.

>> No.26759501 [DELETED] 

>blue board

Son, we're closer to /d/ than any red board out there, /b/ included. Hell, all it'd take for /tg/ to become /d/ would be a recolouration of the board.

>> No.26759511

You know, I did that once as well, then I got to know the other two too well and it got awkward since it was two guys and a trap

>> No.26759521 [DELETED] 

Also a bit less sperging about magic, D&D, and 40k.

>> No.26759529


Sounds like you need 2 step it up.

Seriously, grow a pair and start asserting yourself towards one of the female characters, at the very least they'll give you a handjob out in the woods unless you're some freakish monstrosity.

Ideally, you should scope out the Favorites, Likes and Dislikes of the party before you even make a character, and build the character around the amalgamate of what gets them turned on. If you have your fancy on one character in the party, use that single player's list of kinks as a guideline.

>> No.26759538

Oh. Well talk to the GM for one thing. Everyone should be getting some at one point or another.

>> No.26759554 [DELETED] 


I don't get why threads like this aren't tolerated but ones filled with Sororitas sex, Elf rape and Drow snatches are.

>> No.26759561

Alright, here's a bigger issue: What if you, the player, don't know how to flirt?

>> No.26759571

Alright, back again.
I'm sub and I'll take any and every of your fetishes, I do prefer to be female though.
I'll play in any setting, with any character of your choice, as well as using nearly any sort of communication.
Groups, 1 on 1, whatever, I'm up for it.

>> No.26759584 [DELETED] 

Well, as long as the sperging was contained to pornographic areas, we'd be good.

>> No.26759588

are you female?

and I don't want to hear about sky pirates

>> No.26759593

>that purple dude
and that's my drow character concept
>massive upper-earth aboo
>hates ceremonial armors

>> No.26759599

How do you not ...?

>> No.26759601

Give me a ring.

>> No.26759602

I, the buttmad person with the partner dropper, had one once. She lives in Germany and is colleging now. I sad.

>> No.26759620

yeah there's a certain distance you have to maintain from a good ERP partner. If you get TOO chummy then its hard to well...get hard for them.

Not chummy ENOUGH and you won't be able to push their buttons well enough to keep the relationship going.

Tis a precarious thing.

>> No.26759621

I'm really in the mood for a double team thing at the moment. Anyone else?

>> No.26759623

>russian drinking loli
>Not "Average russian dota2 player"

>> No.26759629

I'm going to remain gender neutral unless we get really close, but I prefer being female in most roleplaying.

Should be sending it off in a moment.

Setting up a F-List as I speak too.

>> No.26759644 [DELETED] 

The problem is that 40k is like the Champagne room, because everything is war, ever, all the time.

>> No.26759668


I don't know how to *be* seductive. Every time I flirt I fall over myself.

>> No.26759679

want to meet up and see what happens?

>> No.26759690

Okay sure, why not.

>> No.26759694

Honestly, all it takes is confidence. You could talk to a girl about anything almost, if you express interest in her, and give a few smiles and winks, she'll usually get the picture.

If she likes, you're in. If you're not her type, there's others to pick from.

>> No.26759702


In that case, just read other threads and see how guys hook up with the buxom sorceress.

You should get to the point where you don't even need to flirt; if you built a hunk, show you're a good roleplayer (this is a BIG one, since no one wants to initiate an encounter with a dude that can't act for shit) and generally put yourself in situations where someone can do lewd remarks/advances, you should be having THEM set up the scene.

Example that comes to mind:

I made a Big-Ham Musclefists Fighter in a game of Pathfinder. In the party there was an Elven Sorceress I had my eye on from the get-go. The only interaction I really gave her was referencing my guy eying her up every now and then or giving a snide remark about her choice of robes. One night as the party settled down I made it a point to mention my guy was going out into the woods to get some firewood. Elven Sorceress followed and started making remarks about the day... You could see where this was heading.

>> No.26759703

That sucks. I found mine of F-List by answering a personals ad in one of the forum groups.

You really can't predict this stuff, it just sort of happens.

>> No.26759721

> mfw half my friends-list on AIM is people I met through ERP
> mfw the other half are people I ERP with
> mfw I barely do ERP with group A anymore

>> No.26759736

I'm in for it, it'll be my first time though.

I don't make jokes through filenames, I really should start though.

Another one to the list, thank you very much.

>> No.26759741

this >>26759694 really.
But that's being vague. Unless you want to run something specific for a bit of help.

>> No.26759749

That reminds me of the mage that bragged about how great he was in bed to a fire genie of some sort.

Long story short, he set her crotch ablaze.

>> No.26759753


Oh, another big one is to make your intentions known to the player via PM. Just shoot them a PM like, "Hey, I'm interested in having [my guy] take [your character] out back and push her against a wall, up for it?"

>> No.26759765

There's tons of people out there, Anon. Some you'd think are amazing and it hurts when they leave... but everyone has to leave sometime.

Just keep on looking, you'll find more.

>> No.26759784

> getting owned by a genie like that
> not forcing her to be your perfect girl through wishes

>> No.26759786


Yarp, what this guy said. Very friendly and straight to the point. Not wishy washy "Hey what's up" kind of thing, but:

"Came across your profile, really found it appealing. Seems we sync together when it comes to XYZ kinks or preferences. Had this scene in mind, or did you have something you want to run?

Cheers/take care"

>> No.26759797

I'l add you when you make an F-list, alright?

>> No.26759814 [DELETED] 

That's fine, on the condition that really fucking angry orgies count as war.

>> No.26759830

>Had this scene in mind, or did you have something you want to run?

This is the important part.

NEVER just say, "Hey I want to do an RP with you, please respond."

The initiator always, ALWAYS should have a plot ready, ideally explained in a paragraph or more.

>> No.26759837

Personally, until I was introduced to this a few days ago I was actually really vanilla and didn't have any sort of preference.
Which is why I haven't really set anything up.

>> No.26759851

Jeannie? Is that you?

>> No.26759885

I know. /el sad o

Thanks anon. That's really nice of you to say.

>> No.26759929

>mfw a super hot milf is ERPing with me
>mfw she says I'm great, and wants to do a lot more with me
>mfw I take this too seriously, but fuck it my boner is eternal.

>> No.26759956 [DELETED] 

So, apparently this is a thing.

>> No.26759960

Not yet, I'm not. Just another anon with a fetish for being someone's pet like that.

Really, introducing magic into the equation perks my ears in general, because there's so much you can do with it. That's the real fun of ERP, is seeing the infinite permutations available.

>> No.26759983

So, apparently this is a thing.


>> No.26759986

Damn man. I'm gettin' mad jelly hearing about all these amazing partners you guys found

>> No.26760008

I must agree. Hiding under the guise of just fulfilling wishes, but deep down adoring every caress and rough thrust he gives her is fantastic.

>> No.26760027

I had that once. Lovely girl, huge and milky tits, best ERP I had done, said I was the first worthwhile man in a while... ended up heartbroken.

Have fun!

>> No.26760039

Well then, my AIM is in the email field.

>> No.26760050

>Lesbian haters ITT
>Lesbian haters get told to shut up

Wow, I thought everyone on /tg/ either was a pansexual or just wanted straight stuff. I'm happy to see that isn't the case.

>> No.26760055

Empowered made me dislike bondage.... Like a lot.

>> No.26760059

>for being someone's pet like that.

Are we talking "assertive out of the bedroom, a fuck-toy in" or "I'm needy and you need to do everything for me."

>> No.26760063

It's not that I love her, just the idea of turning on a woman like that gets me hard as a tree trunk.
What can I say.

>> No.26760104

I'm talking "Assertive but on his side until the words pass his lips, then completely whatever he chooses". Perhaps not even on his side at the start of the RP, until he finds the lamp/ring containing her?

>> No.26760105

I can see that. Totally got me into emotional-mess girls, though.

>> No.26760150

I'm bi, but only like stuff if it features a dick somewhere. But what you like is not my concern so whatever.

>> No.26760163

I'm going to miss you, Hachikuji.

>> No.26760293

You're not one of those lazy scum who just copy-pastas out whatever their 'master' says right?

Because if you are, I just might have to mail you a present.

The present is fist.

>> No.26760339

Ahahahaha, no, fuck that. I'm not one of those ten-minutes-to-post sorts, but I'm always doing SOMETHING with my posts. I have trouble playing characters who AREN'T cunning, at that.

>> No.26760344 [SPOILER] 

Nah, they left that behind a long time ago. They're just -Sexual now. Not even the Harkness Test can stop them.

Also, the only time I got involved in an ERP, it was with someone playing a naga with a vore fetish. It derailed in a rather amusing way thanks to my character.

>> No.26760407

I'm watching you anon

>> No.26760410

you roleplayed as teddy?

>> No.26760425

>Naga with vore fetish
Y-You're brave, anon...

>> No.26760440

Yep. It turns out having a pair of size twelve climbing boots jammed into your throat sideways will give anyone a coughing fit.

>> No.26760465

The last time I roleplayed a genie, she was unaware of her heritage thanks to a prior wish and invaded the recently-acquired pyramid of a half-dragon looking to set himself up. She was HIS, as soon as she touched the lamp, but there's no doubt she was fighting it every inch of the way. Besides, monkey's paws are fun, especially when he can punish you physically for it.

>> No.26760495

...Not that guy... but I was in the /tg/ channel on f-list, playing truth or dare, and am playing a shapeshifter. I was dared to let one of the players wear me like a suit. You have to do weird shit sometimes.

>> No.26760513


Every wall they've built?

Every one they've killed?


>> No.26760519


>that feel when two of your fetishes are snake people and multiple sets of arms, making nagas right up your alley.
>that feel when they are all into vore

>> No.26760524

Oh...you meant that you started RPing, then kicked his character in the throat?
Well, that's...one way to kill a mood for a vore fetishist...or make it...hotter?

>> No.26760536

Literal wishes are best wishes.
"Make me immortal!"
"Make me powerful!"
"Make me a sandwich!"
*Predictable punchline*
"Fuck me"
*With a Cactus*

>> No.26760544

I don't get this. I just...why?

>> No.26760551

Yep. It's a bad feeling.

Still, kicking people in the uvula is amusing, especially when you're strong enough to suplex them for their audacity.

>> No.26760572

Oh, never to the point where he can't make another wish. That was the thing, see, was that now that she was bound back to her lamp, she had near-infinite magical power to herself. It had built up, and it was like a pressure on her, making her NEED to get rid of it. But the only way she could do it was by his wishes.

>> No.26760577

Being kicked in the throat from the inside with steel toed boots is a mood killer for anybody. Except masochists.

>> No.26760579

"Let me have sex with your naked vulnerable body so you can't resist."

>> No.26760586

>If you get TOO chummy then its hard to well...get hard for them.
This is really bad.

I had a partner fall for me. Reached the point where she was willing to literally drop everything for me.

>> No.26760604

I want to play a lamia and I don't get vore.

>> No.26760605

I do not understand vore. I just...don't.

>> No.26760606

Just bend his commands beyond all reason.
"Shut up!"
*Close a store on a continent ten thousand miles away*

>> No.26760636

"Naked vulnerable body? Can't resist?"
*Become live superconductor, then rape him*

>> No.26760638

Had a similar situation, except it wasn't quite that bad.

It's...strangely arousing to have a woman say she wouldn't mind getting pregnant by me to prove she's mine.
Shame she got married...

>> No.26760656

Nor I. I hate it. Hence the kicking and suplexing.

>> No.26760661

You want get fucked by a maralith?


>> No.26760665

Generally trying to understand kinks that aren't immediately sexual that you aren't into is a futile effort. With most things, it almost always boils down to power; having it or losing it.

>> No.26760669

Alright that made me laugh. Next one

"Do not harm me in any way."

>> No.26760670

> I manage to get into an ongoing longterm ERP session with a great partner
>The scenario is "CATastrophe Shiny hunter finds deadly island full of murderous wild life and accidentally gets a local girl to fall head over heels in love with him."
>My character is a pale submarine piloting diver neko who has a blaster and lots of pouches for gadgets
>She's a typical neko with a coat of fur, a lithe muscley body and nice feminine curves
>MFW he introduces her to sex and she loves it so much that she manages to fuck him into unconciousness while her cousins are listening from nearby

>> No.26760693

I guess? But it's just absurd at that point. So you have the power to eat someone, why is that sexy? You just ate them, and your dick is left unsatisfied. Congraz.

>> No.26760714

Or vagoo, but most of them have dicks...

>> No.26760718


I used to play an AI on SS13. I'm GOOD at this.

>> No.26760721

>Rapee because the Raper
I love it. My sides, and penis, are pleased.

>> No.26760728

There's a difference between a narrative fetish and a visual one. This is a good example of someone with primarily visual fetishes encountering someone with an extremely narrative fetish.

>> No.26760732

See the first sentence, you're making a futile effort that at best is going to net you frustration and disappointment.

>> No.26760748

Man, if you ever DM normal games, your players must know a Ring of Three Wishes is a death sentence.

"God damn it, I wish you'd stop twisting my wishes!"

>> No.26760775

"Okay, I'll start breaking them instead. Starting with that one."

>> No.26760788

I can't take you assholes anywhere, can I?

>> No.26760796

Sigh, I suppose. Reminds me of the last ERP thread, where someone mentioned liking RPing cervix penetration, but not actually wanting to do it or see it themselves, due to the pain.

>> No.26760812


"I wish you weren't so mean!"

>> No.26760813

I like that picture. And no.

>> No.26760814

Because they get off on the feeling of their 'prey' squirming around inside them, kicking, growing anxious or desperate, being dissolved, being absorbed etc etc. It's not so much the 'I ate you' as much as the process.

I would say it's a lot like rape.

>> No.26760820

Well, that's the thing.

She WAS married, and there was more to it than that.

And it was literally that, if I said so, she'd leave her entire life to basically be mine. This happened really quickly, but basically she more or less became really... devout to me.

Obviously, I stepped away from this, but some part of me wishes I'd given in to temptation.

>> No.26760833

"I wish you wanted to satisfy me...at a reasonable amount."

>> No.26760845

"Okay. I'm EVEN MORE CRUEL NOW. That'll teach you to try and rape me."

>> No.26760847

Looking for 1/1
I've been hoping I could play a Djinn or some such magical creature, twisting wishes and such.
I'm also a real sucker for anything space related, sci-fi is my shit, man.
I play Male, females, futas, monstergirls, monsterguys, and most anything that isn't a full on animal. Nagas are one of my go-to monster characters, so if you need or want a naga, I can provide.
I have skype, so we could use the messenger on that, I also have a throwaway email if you prefer.
My kinks are numerous, and I'm always willing to give a shot to anything I've not tried before, so run it by me, I'll more than likely give it a fair shake.

>> No.26760854

It's the same branch, but it's deep in the cess pit of sin for sure.

Not my thing.

>> No.26760861

"Here, have a sandwich."
*Reasonably satisfactory meal*

>> No.26760863

And now I REALLY don't like vore.

>> No.26760870

There's certainly something arousing about that...

Unfortunately, society usually frowns on that sorta thing.

>> No.26760879


My conception of naga is born from HoMM3 and 4.
What's the difference between a naga and marilith anyway?

Or is this one of those mistaken identities?

>> No.26760884

"I wish for you grant my wishes, including this wish, in the exact manner that I expect the wish to be granted, and not any other possible interpretation of the wish."

>> No.26760892

Naga are snakes with human heads.

>> No.26760903

The best part is that she was a fairly stereotypical amazon. She could beat the crap out of him if she felt like it and she was submissive the first time they had sex.

Then she began to have an increasingly voracious appetite for it.

>MFW he accidentally an orgy with his new lover and her cousins who are fraternal twins.

>> No.26760907

"Certaintly, master. I will continue to brutally twist your wishes, as that is the manner in which you expect me to grant them, in increasingly devious ways. HOHOHOHOHO!"
*Mocking intensifies*

>> No.26760910

HA jokes on you, I got a sandwich without being exploded.

>> No.26760920

I much prefer it when the nagas go for complicated snake bondage.

>> No.26760921

It's an anchovy sandwich

>> No.26760933

The problem being I wouldn't expect you to twist my wishes after (and during) this SUPER CLEVER WISH. Too much hubris.

>> No.26760936

That's not the manner he expected that wish to be granted in, though. She loses.

>> No.26760940

Am I the only one that things Amazon women that give into sex are amazing sexy?
Maybe I just like dominating powerful women...

>> No.26760942



>> No.26760948


But marilith are female only right?

If I want to refer to male "marilith", what do I use?

>> No.26760996

Ah, in that case, "Certainly master. Would you kindly explain how you want your wishes to be interpreted? I am afraid I cannot read your thoughts."

>> No.26761021

>something arousing about that...
There was. Oh god there was.

It's an amazing, wonderful and terrifying feeling to have someone who all but worships you. Who, seemingly, sees their grand purpose in life being your happiness.

And it's worth mentioning: she did not get this way with her other partners. Apparently this was just me.

>> No.26761036

I hear that. I usually don't touch furries, but some of the best fun I had was a giant tiger-woman of an amazon who got lost in her own desire and had to have her charge cool her when it came upon her.

>> No.26761047

I wish you could read my thoughts when necessary to interpret my wishes.

>> No.26761054

Same for the girl I mentioned, only difference was, she cared deeply for her husband to be, and...I messed up a few things.

>> No.26761067

I wish you could read

Wait, no, that's just asking for "you thought about wishing something bad"

I wish you were forced to interpret wishes, including this wish, in the originally intended spirit of the word, and not any other possible interpretation of the wish, through a newfound and accurate innate knowledge of intent.

>> No.26761093

Furries can be good, just depends on how much you focus on the animal part during sex.

Thus the gray area between Monstergirls and Furries, sometimes.

That's SOMETIMES, because normally, they're very different.

>> No.26761110

See, this is why I stepped away.

Partly for her sake.
Partly because the temptation of it all was a bit much.

>> No.26761132

"Okay! How would I do that master? You do realize my powers are not actually magical, but a result of my existence as a divine spirit of immense power that dwells on this plane, bound to serve the holder of that lamp due to my hubris in attempting to serve Allah, right? I mean, changing the shape of things or making gold appear is all a matter of moving things about, but to read minds? That would be a violation of free will, and one of the things that got me trapped in a lamp in the first place! Also, you already used up your three wishes. Sod off and let the next guy have a go."

>> No.26761143

Actually, we already locked the genie into doing what we expect, so it should be fine.

>> No.26761171

For an explanation on why I can't do that."

>> No.26761172

only Spy Vs. Spy porn I've ever ound.

>> No.26761186

I'd be really turned on if I didn't feel so bad for the husband.

>> No.26761188

It's a pinup, really. Also, that is the least Lunar Lunar I've ever seen. Neither hot, slutty, or mutated enough.

>> No.26761196

Sexy genies you say?

>> No.26761214

It is. But it's close enough to porn for me.

>> No.26761219

On the other hand a lot of the vore on f-list is soft vore so it's basically just a friend hitching a ride in another's tummy before they are taken out unharmed. Both parties enjoy it!

Yeah I don't really get it either.

>> No.26761229


She's nice and thick, though. It counts.

>> No.26761241

Why not just gaining the ability to use magnetic resonance imaging through your eyes, and also be able to interpret it? For an outside the box genie you're really sticking to the simple way of doing things.

>> No.26761245

THAT'S Ma-Ha-Suchi? Wow. I can see why everyone mocks Lunars now.

PS 1st Age Dessus is hotter.

>> No.26761246

Honestly furry ERP isn't that bad provided your partner doesn't go full retard.

This applies to all ERP though I guess.

Powerful women are sexy.

A powerful woman that loves you and seeks to please you and depends on you for her own pleasure?

Even better.

>> No.26761290

To be fair, it would take a long goddamn time for acid to eat through your skin, you'd suffocate first.

>> No.26761291

"Okay, smartass, fine, I'll generate an enormous magnetic field, grow magnetic sensors in my eyes. The only way I could generate a field that powerful is with a portable electric generator, and the most convenient nearby source of electricity is Uranium. Therefore, I'll build an open air nuclear reactor nearby to allow me to read your pathetic last thoughts of 'Oh shit'. That's what you get for not wishing me free, smartass."

>> No.26761311

F-List usually provides me a nice stable of healthy young boys, but there is no reason I shouldn't ask 4chan as well.

I'm very much into the /ss/. Especially with virginal young men, and most especially where I'm in charge. To give you an idea of what I typically do, here are pairings I have done in the past: An elvish tutor and the heir to a merchant house, a lizardwoman diplomat and a young prince, a witch in a forest and a young village boy, a succubus and a neophyte clergyman, a dark elven scout on the overworld hiding out at an orphan boy's farmstead, a dwarven archaeologist and the fledgling child form of an ancient god she uncovered, a ninja and her young master, a nubian priestess converting a general's son to the faith, and your standard stable of incestuous /ss/. Cheerleader/younger brother, single mother/son, aunt/boy, etc.

I could probably go on for the entire post limit. The point is made, though, I think. A thing to keep in mind: I love originality. Pick something I haven't done, something that sounds fun and enticing and I'll almost always gladly go for it. Note: I don't really enjoy playing muscle bound amazons, I vastly prefer the hot, elegant and cool type of beauty. So if its something like orc raider rapes an elf boy, I'm not up for it.

I'm fine with one shots and long term RPs. I do really want a long term one, but I haven't seen an idea worth devoting myself to yet.

>> No.26761356

>hates ceremonial armors

Don't you mean regular drow armors?

>> No.26761384

Since you're bound by my wish to interpret it the way I did, you're gonna have to use that "moving things about" to generate energy efficiently and safely.

The problem with that, though, is that you can't interpret my wish in the same way I did because you can't determine how I would want the wish without granting the wish. Wish is un-grantable due to an unresolvable dependency.

>> No.26761401

So any fags here that do daily group stuff?

>> No.26761403

>a lizardwoman diplomat and a young prince
>a succubus and a neophyte clergyman

Oh my. It sure is getting warm in here, isn't it?

>> No.26761430

Mhmmm. I was going to say "The manner in which you expect me to grant your wish is stupid and impossible."

However, you annoyed me enough to smite you. I'm a djinn, I don't gotta take this ruleslawyering shit from mortals. I didn't fight under Iblis and get sealed in a jar for a million fuckin' years for this shit.

>> No.26761469

>If you wish, you get fucked
>If you try to prevent wish fucking, you get fucked

What's even the point?

>> No.26761471

Wherever there are asshole genies, there are also genre-savvy, obsessive overthinkers.

Transcending history, and the world, a tale of loopholes and lawyers, eternally retold.

>> No.26761489


>Knight and her squire
>Having to persuade him to give it up as he stammers on about Code of Conduct and Honor.

>> No.26761546

The point is, you're a masochist who keeps coming back for more punishment. WHO WON'T FUCKING FREE ME.
For that pun, you may have Soul Edge to save your village or whatever.

>> No.26761655

Could you link your F-list?

>> No.26761704

>The point is, you're a masochist who keeps coming back for more punishment. WHO WON'T FUCKING FREE ME.
Well of course. If he frees you he'll stop getting his fix.

>> No.26761738

Huh. Honestly didn't think of that.

>> No.26761780

Promise to keep punishing him in new fun ways once you're free, for your mutual enjoyment.

Bore him senseless until he does.

>> No.26761810


>> No.26761811

"Hurt me!" Said the Masochist.
"No." Said the Sadist.

>> No.26761878

"SHUT THE FUCK UP I'M TRYING TO SLEEP!" said the Asexual Insomniac next door.

>> No.26761900

"WELL WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING IN THE ERP THREAD, THEN?" Asked the reasonable, if near-deaf, neighbor.

>> No.26761910

"KILLJOY!" said the voyeur across the hall.

>> No.26761940

"pan" is just bisexual with more flavortext

>> No.26761943

"Everyone has to evacuate, there's a bomb in the building!" said the irreverent conman from Miami.

>> No.26761965

so is a lot of things that humans wish weren't.

>> No.26761972

what the hell is with the pink ones chin?

>> No.26761974

Mr. Tweek tried to sleep. But the ERPers upstairs wouldn't stop gloping!

>> No.26762004

So is cyanide. They have something else in common too

They are both poison

>> No.26762019

"YEEESSS, KEEP SHOUTING!" moans the audiophile

>> No.26762023

Bee sting?

>> No.26762041


>> No.26762057

"SICK FUCK. HOW IS SHOUTING HOT?!" said the audiophile's shamed little sister next door.

>> No.26762083

"THINGS WILL GET LOUD NOW!" said the Noise Marine.

>> No.26762092

sounds good to me.

my skype is gentlemenshadow

>> No.26762119

I hope you get royally sodomized by a burly Grecian fellow and thoroughly enjoy it.

>> No.26762184

>I hope you get royally sodomized by a burly Grecian fellow and thoroughly enjoy it.

*sweating intensifies*

>> No.26762185

>dat 2 hour time span
0/10 way too fucking obvious

>> No.26762337

The sexual evolution of a man.
>Early Teens: Haha, boobies! Girls are awesome! I'm totally straight!
>Mid Teens: Yes! Lesbians are so hot!
>Late Teens: Maybe I'm bi? I'm kinda into crossdressing too.
>Early 20's: Yeah i'm gay now, nothing but dicks for me.
>Mid 20's: Fuck yeah, choke on that horse dick, shit in her mouth!
>The rest of your life is downhill from here.

>> No.26762459

Projecting much? Scat is repulsive. Much like Futa is boring and stupid.

>> No.26762464

>sexual evolution of a /d/egenerate

>> No.26762536

The sexual evolution of a woman.
>Childhood: Haha, playing with myself is funny!
>Early Teens: Man, boys are dumb. I do better on my own.
>Late Teens: Well, just have to deal with them. I wish I were gay.
>Early 20's: Fuck men, I'm sure I'm gay.
>Mid 20's: Bi... maybe?
>Forever dissatisfaction.

>> No.26762616

>Bi maybe
Heh, luckily for her, she can swap back and forth if she wants. No one judges a woman for tasting a pussy.

>> No.26762722

>Early Teens: Video games!
>Mid Teens: Girls are boring, men sure are attractive
>Late Teens: Yeah, men are definitely attractive
>Early 20's: older men are REALLY attractive
>Mid 20's: I need dick all the time

Not too hard to figure out.

>> No.26762748

Eh, I wouldn't say that. A gal pal of mine pulled something like that when she was young---to this day, her husband still uses it to bug the shit out of her.

>> No.26762848

Ha! GAY!

I swear, just be bi. It's easier. And probably more fun.

>> No.26762885


>this is what people who lurk trap threads actually believe

>> No.26762913

It doesn't really work like that. Women just aren't attractive, and it only gets worse when they get naked.

>> No.26762942

>to this day, her husband still uses it to bug the shit out of her.
If a man had taken cock a few times when he was young, do you think he'd be bugged about it by his wife from time to time? Or would there be a smaller or larger deal made of it?

>> No.26762995

I did say that.

>> No.26763014

Wait, what's so unattractive about women? They have curves and smoothness and pretty faces!

>> No.26763055

Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. A man who fails to find women attractive while finding men attractive is LITERALLY the definition of gay. Stop justifying how you're "Not Gay" and get the hell out of your titanium closet.

>> No.26763097

They aren't sexually appealing to gay dudes or straight women.

I don't think he's trying to say he's not gay. I think he's trying to say "I can't just choose to be bi. I'm gay as a hatbox."

>> No.26763110

Wait I'm confused. Are you saying you're not homosexual?
Because liking men and not women is homosexual, as you're interested in the same sex as yourself, or 'homo' gender.

>> No.26763125

>A man who fails to find women attractive while finding men attractive is LITERALLY the definition of gay.
Wait, so finding the thought of yourself as handsome and masculine attractive is gay? And admiring how girly you look trapped up is straight?

>> No.26763130

I never denied being homosexual.

/tg/, please.

>> No.26763141

Oh, I see. Sorry, misunderstood. Also, I don't find either gender unattractive. It's merely a question of aesthetics. I fuckin' hate prettyboys. Now Pretty MEN I can stand. Oh Bowie, EVERYONE's gay for you.

>> No.26763155

Wow Nevin, you still posting that shit?

>> No.26763164

Men should be men, women should be women, and small fuzzy things from Alpha Centauri should be small fuzzy things from Alpha Centauri.

>> No.26763168

I think a larger deal would be made of it. Women aren't much like men when it comes to getting off to gay stuff.

>> No.26763180

....What? You're an idiot. What I said was a MAN who is attracted to MEN but not to WOMEN is GAY. Yes, Traps are gay, because it's a man. Then again, I consider love on a more platonic scale than "Would you fuck it?" because the answer is most always "Yes."

Sorry, misread.

>> No.26763191

DAMN that guy was fuckin' STACKED.

>> No.26763214

Wasn't he just, though? Every Avengers movie was a buffet of beefcake and I love them for it.

>> No.26763251

You know who surprised me? The kid from Kickass. Never imagined him getting that ripped.

>> No.26763329

I don't either, but there are degrees there. Also lots of bi dudes on the internet are weird about it. Like good looking femme men are okay. Traps are fine, but they then take issue with hairy beefcake like >>26763130 which they justify by saying "men who are all hair and lumpy are gross. women are elegant and refined, and men who are elegant are also sexy."

This is a weird phenomenon I think, and is a product of an open mind that has still interalized a lot of cultural sexism, so gaze and objectification.

I'm not saying a gay dude or bisexual has to be into bears. Everyone has a type. But that being into twinks and traps can just be a simple preference, or it can be a result of an immature sexual formation, the same proto-sexuality that drives preteen girls to put up posters of feminine boy band singers.

please note I'm not saying it's a one hundred percent thing. Holy shit Bear-lovers do some ugly arguments about those who don't not being "really gay" because they have no interest in "real men."

Sex politics is complicated and carries a lot of internalized sexism, in all genders and sexualities is all I'm sayin.

>> No.26763424

>> No.26763433

I swear, every board thinks it's the gayest board.

>> No.26763487

Lesbians just... don't really do nothin for me anymore. And roleplaying them is even more of a... what, turn off? I dunno, just don't, can't, enjoy them. At all. It's gotta be a girl and a guy, a guy and a guy, a... dickgirl of one kind or another, and a guy, or a girl, or anything, honestly. It's just when it gets all girl on girl I just get turned right off.

If I see pictures of any camwhore or a pornstar, I'm out. Just can't stand it. I also detest, to an extent, people who find a random photo, and just play that character, but with a 'few' alterations, that they will then outline. That sort of thing just grinds/rustles my gears/jimmies.

If you're going to play a custom character, I want to see how you imagine them. Write up a goddamn description, make it meaty, and not overly long for the sake of length. It doesn't need to be the nearly 1400 word descs that I generally tend to, but if you can't paint a picture that I can understand, if you can't even transmogrify a picture into words, then I don't think I really want to do anything with you.

Naturally, I accept anyone when it comes to actually playing anything, ever. I'm not good with keeping to the standards I set for myself, then promptly never use, ever. Sigh.

There are many, many times when I will consider an idea, hm about it, shrug, and just say, "Sure, I'm interested" or something along those lines, even if I'm not. I'm not even certain why, it's almost as if it's an instinct-coded, muscle-memorized reaction that plays out whenever anybody ever messages me.

I have a huge, dangerous habit of creating characters that garner me too much attention. So much goddamn attention. You have no idea. It is astonishingly easy to create a character that appeals to the general mass of people with whom your community has been created with. My mistake has been consistently doing this over and over again.

The real challenge, is balancing uselessly nonsexual, and stunningly hyper attractive.

Venting done.

>> No.26763561

Must be tough being the popular one.

>> No.26763591

So...basically, a love of penis?
Nothing wrong with that. Some of my favorite female friends love penis. No need to be ashamed.

>> No.26763598


But genderswap is my fetish.

>> No.26763632

Oh, I nudge at it every now and then, at which point I still think (newly-made)men should be men, (freshly-crafted) women should be women, and (transformed) small fuzzy things from Alpha Centauri should be small fuzzy things from Alpha Centauri.

>> No.26763760

what is ERP?

>> No.26763775

Enforced Roleplaying.

>> No.26763777

Elephant Rave Parties. The scourge of the African savannah.

>> No.26763793

Electrical Rape Parades.

>> No.26763802

Efuck Ryour Pshit

>> No.26763808

Ernest Remy Pennyworth, inventor of the tamograph. He's sort of a Paul Bunyan figure 'round these parts.

>> No.26763810

Ignore these idiots. It's Enforced Roleplaying, usually of a sexual kind because that's the kind that works best without dice

>> No.26763830

..Are you fucking kidding? Like, those other posts are clearly supposed to be jokes, but do you think that ERP actually stands for "ENFORCED" roleplay?

EROTIC. Erotic Roleplay, you fuckwit.

>> No.26763847

I know, I was just having fun. It's often more fun to stand next to the truth, but not upon it, then to be far afield from it.

>> No.26763862

You, sir, are an Emphatically Retarded Person.

>> No.26763981

So what you're saying here is that some guy enforces roleplaying, preferably of a sexual nature, possibly at gun point?

>> No.26764011

Let me guess, they were from Felarya?

>> No.26764026

Close, it's possibly of a sexual nature, preferably at gunpoint

>> No.26764059

But what about delicious androgyny? I need my slightly boyish girls and my slightly girly men.

>> No.26764075

No you really don't.

>> No.26764089

Fucking fetish-havin', monster girl lovin', piss forestin' faggots always forcing me to ERP!

>> No.26764096

does anybody have that pic of the sexy elf ranger bimbo? the one with the ankle boots and stockings?

>> No.26764098

It's because 4chan is the gayest site.

>> No.26764151

Men wanting dicks on their women.

It just ain't natural.

>> No.26764158

no go, I'm afraid.

>> No.26764202

I can enjoy them though.

>> No.26764208

Yes, but you're a far piece from needing them.

>> No.26764225

I guess my statement was a bit exaggerated.

>> No.26764245

I know, why not Tentacle Vaginas if you're getting freaky with sexual anatomy?

And if you are a futa, do you still have a vagina?
I mean, if you don't, then technically aren't you a feminine dude with great manboobs?

>> No.26764369

Yes. A futa has both dick and vag by definition. Dick and no vag is just a dickgirl.

>> No.26764394

That being said, people still argue for Futa with balls.

>> No.26764423

Is there any difference between a dickgirl loli and an androgynous shota?

>> No.26764429

That debate to me is just the epitome of stupid. Who cares about testicles one way or another? "Just don't jostle mine" is pretty much the only thing I have to say on the subject.

>> No.26764570

A true master knows just by looking.

>> No.26764573

Fuck no. Were it Felarya I'd have roleplayed a lategame X-COM squad.


>> No.26764608

I consider that "A Man With Tits". Also horribly boring. Also, lesbians just don't do it for me. I just find them dull. There should be like, at least one Male organism in there SOMEWHERE. Have you seen /d/ today? Nothing but futa as far as the eye can see.

>> No.26764739

Well the funny thing about Felarya is that an XCOM squad should be viable, just as long as they don't have a large enough presence to piss off the Guardians.
It's suppose to be a Death World for EVERYBODY, but people there complain when you start handing out .50 Assault Rifles...

>> No.26764804

Reading this thread over, I'm going to suggest people just learn to respect what other people like. Not like or even accept, just respect. As in, don't be a dick about what other people like that you don't.

People who enjoy lesbians should not foam at the mouth at males and their penises, and people who enjoy straight stuff not look at lesbians with contempt because someone wants to play a character disinterested in guzzling down some dudes cum from his meat straw.

Oh, and something about not judging people with all those weird /d/ fetishes I can't even comprehend.

With this stuff, it's always been like a war where one side is all "You guys are SO intolerant!" and the other side having to defend themselves, and sides switching those positions at different times. It's just frustrating to look at both sides being like this.

Shemales are irredeemably awful however. No sympathy for them, ever.

>> No.26764893

7/10 I giggled

>> No.26764906

>Shemales are irredeemably awful however. No sympathy for them, ever.
you see? EVERYONE has that one fucking thing! Everybody has that one thing that's irredeemably fucked, and no one who likes it is right. And then someone comes in and enjoys it, despite how obviously wrong they are.

>> No.26764962


That was more a joke. Though you're right. That is what usually perpetuates this stuff.

Personally every shemale character I've seen has just been some muscle bound... Thing that wants to fuck others and... Not my thing. I'm not judging people who like shemales, but I'd prefer they keep about ten steps away from my buttcrack.

>> No.26764967

Eh, I don't care how powerful a being you are, getting a face full of Blaster Bomb will ruin your day. I mean, you can completely vaporize Cthulhu in a single shot of em.

>> No.26765041

Yeah, and the Guardians are things that regularly clean house against things that vaporise Cthulhu...
Seriously dude, Felarya is a Dimensionally Unstable Sandbox, and they are Karbo's specially built litter scoops.

>> No.26765065


>> No.26765105

Too late, they shifted the Dimensional coordinates...

>> No.26765142

Goddammit! Now we need to spend another three days researching this crap. Fuck it, let's go raid the Cult of Sirius, they're probably somehow responsible for this.

>> No.26765179

I think my personal favorite fetish would be Xenophilia. Oh Christmas Hat Wearing Xeno, none can know of our forbidden love. Except for you, me, and the entire English speaking world.

>> No.26765221

Why are you even bothering going there in the first place X-CAnon?
What is worth taking on Giant Man-eating Monster-girls in the first place?

>> No.26765288

>What I said was a MAN who is attracted to MEN
So thinking you're handsome and muscular as you look at your attractive physique in a mirror is...?

>> No.26765331

X-COM didn't really need a reason to blow up two full alien dimensions, they just had to figure out how to seal them off, which they did.

They nuked them anyway.

Bi as fuck. That said I find my body disappointing in an aesthetic sense.

>> No.26765446

Panty lines are slutty now?

>> No.26765524

>That said I find my body disappointing in an aesthetic sense.

>> No.26765592

What face? This one?

>> No.26765627

>can't use f-list search unless you're logged in

oh come ON I just want to browse profiles and names to see stuff and figure out if I want to try an idea, fuck

>> No.26765678

Just make a ghost profile. Nothing but a name. Decide to use or delete later.

>> No.26765720

Ah... yeah. I guess I could do that. Feels skeevy I guess, I hate seeing all these taken names with no actual profile or stuff in them.

>> No.26766103

Well at least lemme try to find popular or niche characters using the address bar and see what people have done wi-

>Lucas is a big hairy musky nerdy boar adopted from a big gay gator and his gatorsnake son. he has grown very close to his stepfather and even closer to his stepbrother.

jesus fuck me with a pike fine I'll make a ghost account

>> No.26766152

Yeah...F-list gets like that sometimes. It's better to search by Fetish

>> No.26766696

>implying [game of your choice] has monopoly on a name
It has over a hundred characters named "Lucas". Good luck searching through them.

>> No.26766735

And 36 of those are humans, so filtering doesn't help much.

>> No.26767609

Xenophilia means 'love of aliens'. It means wanting to bang strange shit, not necessarily xenomorphs.

Nothing wrong with that, mind you.

>> No.26767807

Hooray, another ERP thread!

This discussion is fascinating.

>> No.26767957

What is the /tg/ channel on f-list, anyways? OP did not include it.

>> No.26768019

in general hates all non-normal and practical armors.
also not to look like a drow he starts worshipping a sun god.

>> No.26768024

I do.
D&D and a focus on diapers and sissy

>> No.26768041

It's just called /tg/

>> No.26768126

>[7:30 AM]Error code 26, Could not locate the requested channel.
Doing something wrong? Just doing /join /tg/ in the console

>> No.26768262

Good morning/afternoon.

Would people be interested in a male dom character if I made one?

>> No.26768456

Gotta agree here, can't seem to be able to join.

>> No.26768465

The channel is called #/tg/ chat

>> No.26768526

I'm not sure if we have or haven't yet, but yes I very much would.

>> No.26768603


Awesome. Not got much luck as a shapeshifter.

>> No.26768627

Although, I may need your contact details if that's the case.
I'd also be fine with any sort of character you create as long as you don't mind a female sub.

>> No.26768647

That ain't working either, I'm even copying and pasting here.

>> No.26768651

>female sub
Is it me, or is /tg/ painfully lacking with these.

Mostly F-Doms and M-Subs

>> No.26768665

Well, hopefully I can take up the slack~

>> No.26768712


I can give you my current F-list, I have further ways to get in contact with me on there



I think there has been a shift, people were complaining about too many subs a while ago and now its too many doms.

I like to both dom and sub though.

>> No.26768749

I hope you can hold out when the inevitable wave of doms come for you.

>> No.26768770

I am 100% female sub. There do seem to be a lot of subby guys around here though.

>> No.26768774

You're implying I don't want that...
Although, not many have been rushing after me just yet.

>> No.26768789

Oh, there are plenty of subs. Problem is, most of those subs are male - and I'm not into men.

Been wondering, how does one contact you, Mami. Or are you not taking partners right now?

>> No.26768797

Post contact info, watch that change.

>> No.26768822



I'm pretty sure there are some doms who are just lurking. Not to mention it's not even the weekend yet. Things could change around then.

>> No.26768843

You're correct, I am not taking partners right now, despite my fascination with ERP. I simply don't have the time at current to devote to sessions, though I will be able to in ... oh, 2 or 3 weeks, I think. If you want to leave contact details for me, please do, I'm keeping notes of some of the most tempting people from these threads.

>> No.26768899

Alright, here is an email I made for these threads. As you can guess based on context, normally like to play dominant males.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

>> No.26768910

Go to "Channels", click on "private channels", ctrl+f /tg/ chat. Or try the /join command without the #

>> No.26768966

>Large breasts
Damn it, Boner, we JUST finished.

>> No.26769042


I'd love to play with you but I'm not sure if you'd be interested.

>> No.26769239

You know what we need?

Slime girls. Goddamn I'd love to do a scene with a slime girl.

>> No.26769272

Eeeeeeh. CoC kinda ruined slime girls for me.

>> No.26769315

I'm up for it, why don't you pass your details along?

>> No.26769393

>page 10
New thread?

>> No.26769411

It'd be a good idea.

>> No.26769429

Makes me even happier I stopped playing it. I've always had a thing for slime girls, but never a good chance to actually have my way with one.

Oh sweet. Here's my email.

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