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Is there a "dark eldar poison dakka" army that isn't dark eldar? Sniper rifles'n'shit.

Eldar/Mreenz/Other capable of matching with sniper, lascannon/brightlance etc? Is dark eldar the supreme in this aspect?

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Try marines, 6x 10 man scout squads, or what I use, 6x 5 man scouts with snipers for things like ripties, wraithknights, nids, demon princes, harpies, flying tyrants, ect. 30 shots with chances at rending fucks those up.

And 3x 3 man squads of centurions with twin las and missles, all with split fire. Split fire every single one of them at a target, even if you don't destroy that target, you have the next group to then split fire. Best of all immune to helldrake bullshit. Not out yet, but will be a staple in my raven guard army

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