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What are your favourite tabletop games involving miniatures?

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Chess is good. But a bit too complicated.

I prefer checkers, everyone can play checkers.

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Psssh, checkers? Checkers is for the elite.

Real men play Sticks and Stones.

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The Savage Worlds setting?

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No. I mean actual sticks and actual stones. You know? The things that you find on the ground?

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Anima: Tactics.

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I don't know about you, but in my society, sticks and stones are highly prized weapons available only to the elite so that they may break our enemies' bones and protect us.

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I've been playing Scab by mail for years. It's easy to pick, sometimes painful, but really infectious.

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Eagerly waiting for Kingdom Death: Monster.

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I've always had a great fondness for HeroClix. not many people at my LCS play it but I still have fun with it.

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whelp I'm going to get get some flak for this but
WHFB and 40k is somewhat decent, at least it's playable

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Ha! Casuals,

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I always liked Mordheim until some jackass decides that he wants to run pit-fighters or amazons.

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Battletech. Nothing else really captures that awesome feeling. It's more than just a tabletop wargame, but it really isn't an RPG. At least, not in the conventional sense.
I love it.

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Ah, Heroscape. (sniff) You are missed.

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A super cheap miniatures game with fun and super easy rules can only last so long ;_;
Pic related, my favorite unit. Going man mode with these guys was always a blast.

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In all seriousness: Rogue Trader ship-to-ship combat. I bought a bunch of Battlefleet Gothic minis just to encourage my GM to do more ship stuff, so that I could be Horatio Hornblower IN SPAAAAAAAAACE!

Had some fun with it, but the rest of the group didn't enjoy it as much. They didn't really understand the rules, they didn't really want to understand, they liked hitting and shooting things. I want everyone to have fun, but come on guys, make an effort.

When I managed to hulk a well-armed highly-maneuverable raider, taking no damage, in my scrapped-out skeleton-crewed ore-hauler armed only with 4 torpedoes (not 4 torpedo tubes, 4 torpedoes TOTAL,) I was expecting some congratulations. They didn't even understand enough to realize that what I had done was hard.

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