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bring it back, /tg?
for old times sake?

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>female space marines
Whilst this thread appears to be a ruse, I will give you the benefit of the doubt and post some of the 40Kute that I have.

Some is old, some is new, but someone will probably hate all of it.

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Why not?

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>thinks Pretty Marines are women

First day on /tg/, I take it?

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The cute stuff is 2cute and the dark stuff is 2edgy.

People are tired of extremes and want more balanced stuff to consume.

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Aw shit, so it is one of them. The feminine spelling of Aaron threw me off, probably as it was meant to. That and op was asking for cute stuff, so I jumped to conclusions. Silly me.

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I never thought the Avatar of the Bloody Handed God could be so cute

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Blue is cute, right?

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Eh, maybe not.

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I can post the story that goes with this if you want, too.

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Is this cute?

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oh god thats so god damn cute i cant even deal

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yeah sure

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blue and mr squig are the cutest thing ever

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Huh, something fucked with my filenames.
Alright, but 4chan aint letting me post pictures so I dont know if I can get to it.

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Nicassr are adorable, I don't care what anyone says.
I tend to agree, but there's a contingent of /tg/ who doesn't. And hey, I can post again!

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Hell yeah, it is.
I wish there were more pictures of BT's being nice.

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How do those girls drawing graffiti know what the Tau symbol, an Eldar Farseer, an Ork Warboss, and a Necron Monolith all look like?

Has their planet been invaded by that many alien races?

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Those poor poor women... Trapped on what is basically a planet of Harem Protagonists...

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Brighthammer, the superior lore

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>Giving him Ice Cream
>Not executing him to save him from the horrible reality that is the 40k verse.

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Is there a story that goes with that?

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Son of a Woodsman, anyone?

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Let's see what I can find.

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One more Blue pic just cuz.

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And onto that story

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that may be my favorite piece of writefaggotry there

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everyone loves brighthammer

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Thats not cute, thats lewd

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This broad is kinda controversial, but what the hell.

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And then, the wolf ate up Little Red Riding Hood.

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Its got not just a titan on it, but a destroyed titan. It has probably seen some shit in days past.

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Everyone loves Lofn! Her creepy psyker abilities force you to!

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Seriously though, she is easily the best thing to come out of LCB.

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Have a version that isn't horridly low-def.

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>implying she needs the creepy psyker abilities to be loved

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Lofn is the best horrifying soul stealing reality eater.

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Macha is always pretty cute

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No story times for either of those?

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I miss Bloomwriter and Miko.

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Da Cutest Widdle Eldar

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There are still some writefaggots out there writing 40Kute. Not many, though.

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dat hivemind

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Gah, you stole my gif!

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Huh, I actually didnt notice Lofn at first. You would think she would be playing and building sandcraftworlds with her aunt instead of looking so confusing.

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Heheheh excellent.
>Dat Macha though, she borders on lewd nowadays.

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Marcia is...varying degrees of cute.

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Lofn looks like she's about to do some laser eyes out of amazement.

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That's a wide eyed look of amazement, not confusion.

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I think I need to get my eyes checked...

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Psh. Taldeer's just jealous.

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While your doing that, you should see if they can install some kind of laser or x-ray mode.

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While you're doing that, you should see if they can install some kind of laser or x-ray mode.

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I wish lewd anon would draw Lofn wide eyed in amazement larger, since that would be a perfect reaction image.

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Best pairing.

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And a second one of her.

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True that. At least we got this.

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Lewd can still be cute in small doses.

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On a more serious note, is there a bad realistic end for this?

I mean seriously, she can barely control her psychic powers, her imaginary friend from childhood is an emperor-damned GREATER DAEMON OF TZEENTCH, she SUMMONS IT TO KILL A SQUAD OF SPACE MARINES, and IT ATTEMPTS TO POSSESS HER and PERMANENTLY MUTATES HER, and she comes out just fine in the end?

Not grimdark enough for my taste.

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Lewdanon's good people.

And that daemonette is pretty cute too.

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Wall paintings in the local Ecllesiarchal temple showing the armies of man triumphing over various foes.

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Best fucking picture.

Anyone have the writefaggotry associated with it?

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If Cain can resist a slaaneshi daemon, then anyone is allowed to catch a break sometimes.

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Yeah, I wish the drawfag who drew them would come back.

The one who drew these pictures, too.

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And here is a chubby, insecure commissar to top it all off.

I think that's all I got for now. Take it easy and keep it cute, /tg/, Imma go read more King City.

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Having an Inquisitor for a casual fuck is his break, plus she would purge him so hard if she caught him being heretical.
in a non lewd way

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Where can I find it?

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here ya go

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Is there anything more to these?

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Who is that?

>> No.26747535

Kharn? Is that you?

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What? No, the Tzeentchian demon came from the ring the guy found, it said so itself. The imaginary friend is what saved their asses from it.

Remember, she said his name was "Mr. Sticks" and that according to Mr. Sticks, he wasn't real. Well, the thing that managed to fight off the demon was supposed to be undone from reality, according to the demon's rant, and was named Thorfinn Styxx.

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Nah, that's it unless the drawfag ever comes back.

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Not only is this entire thread pic related, but this picture especially.

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Exodite eldar IIRC

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>shit that never happened ever

>> No.26747844

>everything on this thread
doesn't make it any less cute

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>Meanwhile in my 2 year deathwatch campaign I've got something approaching a good end that I've bleed sweat and tears for.

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She grew up

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Nice but I like this version better

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mmmmm dat body.
Someone's been praying a lot haven't they.

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Venerate dat ass, in the name of the Emperor!

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>> No.26748138

It had been years since I saved any 40K art. Gud thred, boyz!

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I think you're overthinking it.

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>That cute lil' LCB image.

Makes me hnnnggggg every time.

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We are not men disguised as mere dogs. We are wolves, disguised as men. *sound of MG-42 racking*

That quote was so much cooler before I found out about furfaggots.

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I wish people would stop drawing little girls so lewdly.

>> No.26748205

Furfags truly ruin everything.

>> No.26748263

>one of them drew LCB
>they're playing orks and imperials
fuck, my heart...

>Midori Days 40K
truly the greatest love story ever told.

no, wait.
That is.

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It's the best kind of good end.

>> No.26748454

She's gotten close though.

>> No.26748458

Where on earth is that from

>> No.26748487

A particularly horny drawfag in one of the Macha threads.

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i got a few things labed as cutenids, lets see what they are

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I must find where this filth is stored and purge it from the internet.
Or save it to my hardrive

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image limit reached

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Dat tzeentch

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safety bamp

>> No.26750887

I thought it was supposed to be a Squat...

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>dat terminator plushie
:3 nyoro~n

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I always like to think that pic takes place when all the wars are finished, and the monsters are only remembered in bedtime stories.

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I never quite understood why /tg/ never really elaborated on this coupling.
stupid image limit...

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Actually the Imaginary Friend was a Psyker Squat lost in the Warp, who taught her how to control her powers.
The Daemon came from the Ring, but was Out planned by "Mr. Sticks" who was acutally a Badass Psyker Squat Daemon Hunter named Thorfinn Styx.
And they can still have a good end, especially if some Radical Inquisitor comes to investigate and recuits them...
...Though if she is allied with the Daugthers' of Peace, her Daemonette Host might gender flip Shucks first.

...I actually have a story about four Female Daemons protecting Cultist that maybe does...

Because said Daemons are the Daughters of their repsective Chaos Gods, except for the Plaugebearer Goo, who is both Nurgle AND Isha's Daugther.

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>I never quite understood why /tg/ never really elaborated on this coupling.

It's the only canon coupling in 40k.

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