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Erp Thread General
>Recruitin' players
>Talkin' about game
>Never actually playing games

How's everyone doing tonight? The 3 games where I am sending emails more than once a day are going great. I've got it in my head that I want to do a Fallout/ Post-apoc ERP 1/1 though. If you might be interested in that shoot me an email.

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Would be set in the south, I'm thinking around marina caverns, player can choose to be a vault dweller, raider or survivor. I don't wish to spoil too much but I try to accommodate for any fetish.

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if anyone wants to dm for a basic pathfinder/4e game with *light* ERP elements, my skype is bittyninny.

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Oh, 1/1 player/GM?


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sent you an email OP - if not, in the email field.

What are you thinking of?

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>Fallout/ Post-apoc ERP
Dibs on Deathclaw.

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I've been wanting to play in a pathfinder ERP forever. Every game I see is full ;_;

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better be a girl deathclaw with a purty mouth...

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I don't know that deathclaws come with purdy mouths.

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As I said I'm thinking about it being set in the south. as I said here:>>26743568

Got it expect a response soon.

I laughed more than I should have

Shoot me an email I have a setting but it's a 1on1 sort of game through email.

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I'd...I'd be up for that...

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>>26743821 here,

Not really what I'm looking for, but thanks for the offer anyway.

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What system would it be? I'd be interested.

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system for which the fallout or the Fantasy game?

Fallout :unsure we could do a custom for pathfinder, run savage worlds or just freeform.
Fantasy: I usually do a rules lite pathfinder, though I have done a few freeform but notice a definite degradation in the rping.

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...Well hello Kristinamahan...

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I meant Fallout, yes. If it's not Savage Worlds, I am definitely interested. Should I shoot you an E-mail?

(Also, just tossing it out there.<)

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Go ahead. I have saved the Pdf, but as much as I risk crucifying myself on /tg/ I've never really familiarized myself with gurps.

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E-mail sent.

And trust me, /tg/ doesn't give a fuck about GURPS.

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>MFW I realize all the fucked up erp shit that could be done in the Eclipse Phase setting.

one word: Cyper-Futa-Octopus

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Report the thread and move on. Maybe one day they'll realize this is a blue board.

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as long as no one is actually posting porn in the thread it hasn't been a bad thing for a while now.

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Forewarned is Forearmed

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One of the many reasons I stay away from that wretched hive of scum and villainy known as IRC

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If I recall, he tried hosting or joining some Skype games as well. He goes by many a name, so beware.

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dually noted.

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Does anybody have any good tips for getting over nervousness? I've reached out to some potential partners and tentatively suggested some things, and I'm overexcited but also struck with this lingering feeling which is holding me back from actually diving back into ERP.

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Imagine their characters in their underwear.


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That guy doesn't even visit IRC anymore, though.

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What's the feeling? Shame?

Having things literally crash before they even begin?

Is the fear of sucking complete ass? Maybe literally?

Get over it. You're doing this to have a good time.

You're new, so the chances are, you're going to fuck up like anything else you do, but if you're honestly that excited to do something like this, then do yourself a favor and just do it. Nobody really gives a fuck in the end. So there's two sides. On one side, there's you actually experimenting, and most likely, having a good time. The second one is you constantly being nervous over small shit like this. I'll avoid the latter if I was you.

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I've got the same feeling sometimes. You've just got to fight through it, aint no way around it.

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Take it slow. Get to know someone as a friend, then "play a game" with them.

Do some light RP stuff, and then ask them if they'd want to do the full ERP thing.

That might help.

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Eclipse Phase is great. Neonates fuck yeah.

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It's mostly a fear of it not working out, or not satisfying my partner.


Thanks though, I feel encouraged now. Mostly I think focusing on the lust is helping. It's hard to be nervous when I'm craving ERP cock so bad.

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Want someone to practice with?

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I'm new to this kind of stuff myself, afraid of not satisfying the person I'm playing with, being too cheesy, afraid of being turned down, lengths of text, this and that. But you've gotta face it man. It's best not to think about it and go wild.

Oh you.

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Hey man, I'm an opportunist.

But forreal I know how you guys feel, other than the being new to it part.

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You got an F-list? I might be up for something later.

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Kind of wish there was a collection of good ERPs to go through so as to avoid the trial and error of being new; but thinking about it, that may actually be counterproductive.

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I HAD one but I got sick of the place and deleted it. You only erp through there?

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No, I dont, but it's a good way to see what someone is into.

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That's true. Maybe I'll go make one just as a reference for kinks and stuff.

What do you erp through?

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The amount of ERP threads I've been seeing recently have led me to believe there may be more to this phenomenon than previously thought.

Was I mistaken in thinking this was just elaborate form of sexual roleplay, the primary purpose of which is still to reach orgasm?

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Not gonna say no! Drop some kind of contact details?

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Femdom-ish stuff, mostly, but I'm open to most things as long as they aren't too extreme.

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Climaxing should be the primary focus, but a good atmosphere and narrative are a definite plus.

God knows a lot of porn lacks that.

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I prefer to ERP in actual groups with actual characters. That way there's an actual story behind it (most of the time) and it's just a lot hotter than fapping to some random story-less porno or pic.

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Anyone have some story time to share?

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If you do as much cute brown elf as you're posting, it's hard to imagine not having a good time.

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Bam. Email right there. Hit me up anytime, I usually don't have shit to do most of the time so you wont be a bother.

I haven't done much femdom as far as I can remember but it was pretty cool. Any specifics in terms of that?

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I thought so, that's why I asked for your F-list first. What do you usually do?

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>climaxing should be the primary focus
Never, ever, ever masturbate while ERPing. You want to do it, do it afterwards, do it to the logs, whatever, but don't dump a whole load of post-orgasmic apathy on your partner. It's a shitty, selfish thing to do.

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Listen to this poster. And by that I mean, read it aloud and listen to yourself.

Also, you don't want to have to clean a sticky keyboard.

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I usually have a mood for a certain kink, kinda like a flavor of the month thing.

Sometimes It'll be loli, other times I'll want to do incest. Maybe some chikan stuff. I guess you could say I'm sort of a jack of all trades, but I don't really wander into /d/ territory.

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>but I don't really wander into the fun territory.

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Lets not be judgemental, mh?

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>post-orgasmic apathy
Wait, am I the only one ready for round N+1 right away?

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Do tentacles count as /d/? Because I still do that on occasion.

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I second this.
I understand getting caught up in the moment and accidentally blowing your load, but ERP is a mutual activity. You don't just get yours then ditch out. That's rude as hell and leaves your partner unsatisfied. On top of that, just because you climaxed doesn't mean they did.

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Yes and good on ya.
Not enough people to tentacles these days.

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I think it might be because most aren't good at it. I don't think I'm too great at it either but it would be great to have more opportunities to practice.

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>You don't just get yours then ditch out
Those people will forever blueball in hell...

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Are you talking about group or one-on-one ERP? I can agree with you if it is the former and I disagree with you if it is the latter.

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Here's my usual pitch: Player looking to play in ERP-styled shadowrun or L5R game. I am also willing to play in eclipse phase or cthulhutech (the setting, dear god please not the system, I'm a masochist but that's just to far). And just to specify, I am looking to play, not run, I have to much stuff on my plate as far as running is concerned. Anyone that needs a player for such, ideally over IRC, just hit up my email, in the field.

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For some reason that text hurts my eyes. It's got some sort of weird hinting that just looks like chromatic aberration.

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What if you orgasm and continue on for a bit passably if not as fantastically as before?

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> enter IRC
> get asked "Who are you?" upon entering
> What the fuck
> point out how confrontational that is
> ask if there's a problem with being me
> person asking goes to cry in the corner

What the fuck was that even about? I swear, you'd think people from 4chan would have thicker skin.

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>Want to run a quirky light ERP with dark crusades involving a slaneesh cult
>Warp dickery all over the place
>Glorious fun corrupting a hive world
>Avoiding the really prude inqusitor that blushes at everything
>Trying not to get raped by demons on your team
>tfw I'll never find a dm for it.
>ftw I don't have time to DM it myself.

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Do remember that every permutation of lust creates another daemon to embody it, just becoming more powerful as the feeling gets more broad, until 'lust' is powerful and 'desire' is moreso. Can you imagine the sheer frustration the Daemon of Unrequited Lust must be feeling?

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That's the polite thing to do, I guess.

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Personally I still think it's kinda rude. If they're giving their best you should give yours, and if climaxing makes the quality of your posts go down then you shouldn't do it.

>> No.26752298

What if you make sure they come before you come? It's ok then, right?

>> No.26752326

I guess? I still say it's better to just wait, since it feels great for one and two there's a smaller chance of the scene just suddenly stopping. But hey, if you can keep going and keep your posts good even after you finish then why not?

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Well, if I made them come simply through my writing alone, I think it's ok for a bit less detail after~ They usually don't have a lot of stamina afterwards to keep on going either so it's not too nice to keep up the high pace quite so much.

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> coming when doing ERP
> not giving it your all now and going off to read the logs after


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I'm still baffled by the amount of people who don't log their ERP sessions.

>> No.26752451

It's way better when you're getting off in the moment

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Depends for me.

Since I did most of my erp on flist I either had a TON of people just bailing or not even responding. And a ton of others just being boring. Not even like *Moans more and blushes hard* boring. Just... I dunno how to put it into words.

I would get the occasional good scene though. Still never got to finish them though because after we did one part they'd suddenly fall into some kind of fuckin' void.

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Having tried both, no it isn't. You have to try to get off between posts, or you take forever to respond to theirs, which is incredibly rude. And it puts pressure on you to get off quickly so that you don't make them wait, which isn't what you want when you're doing that kind of thing.

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That reminds me, am I the only one who gets a bit skeeved out when people message me on F-list when I haven't contacted them or asked for contact, either? It just seems a bit of a creepy thing to do somehow. Or am I just being uptight?

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I think the whole point of having an f-list is saying "Hey, if you're interested in these things, contact me using these avenues", so yeah I don't think it's that big of a problem.

>> No.26752540

How do they contact you? Do you get the whole "want sum cock bby" thing or is it just being contacted in general?

>> No.26752545

How the hell are you supposed to meet anyone new? If they contact you, it's creepy, and supposedly you don't contact them. Why bother with the whole thing anyway?

>> No.26752547

>Having tried both, no it isn't.
Well, maybe not for you, then.

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You've failed to understand the entire point of f-list. It's for finding out people who share your fetishes. How else would you find out partners if you didn't contact people on there?

>> No.26752555

Dude, there's a Slaaneshi warband ERP I'm in and the next session is this saturday. Send me an email and I'l send you all the details in a few hours.

>> No.26752560

That's why I do all my sessions through Email now, logs all my stuff automatically.

>> No.26752583

But it's just so fun to watch them start to make spelling mistakes and type out more and more hurried sentences as they struggle to contain themselves in their urge to get out the next sentence in the midst of their arousal. Knowing that these folks are known not to err - not ever under the fastest circumstances, knowing that it's your writing that pushes them to the edge and beyond-

Haven't you ever felt so happy you're making other people cum from just your words alone?

>> No.26752599

I'm a male dom, so I don't get that much. More people just suddenly contacting me out of the blue.
See "Not requested". When I want to meet new people, I drop an ad. The problem comes when someone new PMs me without me dropping an ad for a few days. Notes are fine.

>> No.26752600

It's even better when you know you're putting them through that hormone fog and they're struggling to keep up, and they don't want to disappoint you so they can't take the time to let themselves get off no matter how much they want to, leaving them squirming in their seat as you drive them higher and higher, unable to get off without ruining everything.

>> No.26752639

See my other post. I advertise and network plenty, it just makes me nervous when someone PMs me completely out of the blue

>> No.26752663

Also, yes, the system is Black Crusade. It's an actual campaign, not only ERP.

>> No.26752668


and this is why I can't erp

the fact that I know there's another guy on the other end and that it's all just roleplay.

>> No.26752669

Huh, personally I'd be flattered a bit if people were coming to me for once and I didn't even have to ask. But at the same time I get how you feel. Do you usually reject those people?

I think you two are playing it up a bit too much.

>> No.26752690

I am, but only to match how much he is. I really just think that it works better when you play it out like normal RP, and then get off from it later. The real meat of it is in your emotions and responses anyway.

>> No.26752693

Frankly, I have a fucking great group that has been gathered together from /d/.

>> No.26752701

>he doesn't erp with girls
Sucks to be you

>> No.26752711

I give them a fair but cautious shake. It usually shakes out fine, but after all the creeper stories I hear, I'm usually more nervous than flattered.

>> No.26752745

to be honest even if it was with a girl, there's still this mental block I can't get around. I'm talking from an ss13 perspective, so I'm not a stranger to witnessing erp, I just can't be lewd without making it sarcastic or funny at the same time.

>> No.26752761

>Terrible at roleplaying doms
>Terrible at roleplaying actual boning
>Want to do non-directly sexual fetish shit because, well, that's my fetish
>Want to be the sub
>This will never happen

I have nothing against roleplaying actual fucking, it's just I'm completely terrible at it, and it's gotta be disappointing for whoever's on the other side.

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How could you tell? Most girls on this section of internet have learned how to hide themselves for the sake of safety.

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I kind of have the same problem. I can do foreplay pretty well, but when it comes down to the actual lay, I just can't manage.

>> No.26752820

I don't ERP on "this section" at all anyway, I'm just sitting in and reading about all your guys' adventures

>> No.26752861

And away.

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On the topic of cumming during ERP, I personally have to fall somewhere in the middle. On one hand I absolutely love knowing my partner has done so, it's incredibly rewarding to know they've enjoyed it that much - which is really a major part of why I used to do it, I like making people do that.

On the other hand, I wait until after, and if somebody did pop early and then give up or lose interest, that would be really annoying. Some of my worst ERP experiences were with a chronic dropper who would just vanish right before his character in the scene was about to pop.

>> No.26752958

>it's incredibly rewarding to know they've enjoyed it that much
This I agree with more than anything in this thread. Helps me do the same, even.

>> No.26752961

Here's my advice. Cultivate the ability to not give a shit. Everyone is on the net. Pretty much every country with consistent net access has access to 4chan and thus /tg/. That guy/girl you chat with may be a transgendered Brazilian or a straight male Swede or anything else. You have no way of knowing unless you ask. So the answer is to accept that and give no shits about what lies behind the screen. Then just accept things at face value unless there is obvious reason to do otherwise. You'll be much happier.

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> Not really into ERP, but apparently good at it
> Friend pesters me into it
> Be eating while ERPing with them
> Tip over plate because I'm a fuckup
> Tell friend I have to go clean up a big mess
> Friend feels accomplished

Mission successful, I guess?

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>I think you two are playing it up a bit too much.
If you've never experienced something as intense as that in ERP, then I'm a tad sad, and hope that you do. It's a pretty rare feeling and both of you really have to be into it, but it's *really* good when it gets to the point both of you can't type out the next sentence because you're so aroused.

I was lucky; I was taught by some fantastic RPers and still keep in contact with most of them, despite our timezones being so different - and they introduced me to many of my kinks and had much good times with them.

Nowadays I have more fun teaching folks the ropes and guiding them down the garden path so to speak, but every now and again some scenes are incredible for both parties that it's near impossible *not* to come during it.

>> No.26753189

So you spilled your spaghetti all over the place?

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File: 51 KB, 238x212, I'm going to fucking fuck you.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Ramen, actually, but close enough.

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This thread needs more cheesecake.

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No it doesn't

>> No.26753387

Never have so it sounds really unrealistic to me. Then again it's hard to find a partner that I can have multiple sessions with.

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Same. I tend to have more one-offs than anything else.

Beefcake's one alternative, I guess.

>> No.26753468

Just relax.

Completely out of the blue is odd but you have to remember there's tons of people that look at your ads and just leave you for later or actually take some time to gather the courage/think of a scene/whatever else before actually contacting you. I once got someone who bookmarked me in like march and didn't actually message until december (by her own admission).

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So has anyone ever actually done ERP in Exalted? I'd love to do a few one-offs myself, but I can never find anyone willing to do it without the system attached.

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Solar Social Fuckery is fun, no matter which side of it you're on.

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>> No.26753495

It's certainly possible. Yeah, a big part of it is chemistry with the players and really being into the scene - but I've had plays pause because the other player was too flustered to keep on, and others where they were begging for more and going wild out-of-character between every other post or so.

And sure. Even during the scene, when they're paying you compliments - directly or indirectly - a lot of it can look like lip-service, but hey: if they're flustered enough to talk about being hot and bothered, you're probably doing something right.

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Being a sidereal who gets caught trying to be sneaky and punished by a social solar sounds fun, just saying.

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Also, all the fun a mischevious lunar can have with an unsuspecting mortal...

>> No.26753530

Did you send me anything? Because I didn't get anything.

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Also, the fun a Lunar can have with an unsuspecting Mortal...

>> No.26753572

I'm running an Exalted semi-freeform ERP on F-list, and might start another soon if there's enough interest

>> No.26753577


I hung out with the fun people on the f-chat channel and found them to be much more than just hit and quit sort of people. There was a lot of talk about pnp systems and such that honestly went over my head (shamefurry never did any pnp myself).


Good can be subjective, but if you are still around I can upload two of mine.


If you're still interested in further practice, see the email field.

>> No.26753585

Well. Would there be room for a Sidereal who's not as sneaky as she thinks she is, but is good enough to turn being captured to her advantage?

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>>Just posted in a /vg/ topic with this email field

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Forgive the Homestucks, but I saved a few of these images for a couple reasons; I love size difference. I like it when men are big and manly to contrast their partner's femininity. Not necessarily gruff and emotionless, or whatever, just powerful and muscly, but not like something out of a muscle fetishist's wildest dreams (you know the kind.. Little animu girl heads squished into a pile of throbbing tumors)

Also, I'm just a sucker for horns, fanged teeth, different skin colors, and other 'meta-human' type traits.

>> No.26753716

>I can upload two of mine
I'd appreciate it.

>> No.26753730

Delete post.

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>> No.26753759

You and me both.

I like couples like these, especially when the smaller, more fragile partner is the dominant one.

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File: 115 KB, 580x600, Doraeshi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Look up doraeshi on danbooru.

>> No.26753782
File: 227 KB, 719x900, 1338429244325.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26753834


I did, I think I escaped it. Meybbe.


Give me a few minutes, starting up a scene right now

>> No.26753843

>have a huge fetish for satyrs and other chicks with goat legs
>also have a foot fetish
>can't rectify the two

Kill me.

>> No.26753860


>> No.26753867


I had an Eclipse Phase sex dream once. A friend and I were in some sort of furry morphs, having casual sex while chatting over the mesh.

>> No.26753870

find pictures of satyr tours with hind goat legs and frount normal feet?

>> No.26753889


I like when a small female dominates a huge male.

>> No.26753895
File: 917 KB, 848x1200, 1357554722790.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Much appreciated. My folder can always use more pictures.

>> No.26753899

>play any World of Darkness game
>usually end up with a boner

>> No.26753914

Size difference with fun relationship dynamics are the best.

>> No.26753926

Thanks, dude.

>> No.26753936

>mfw I am the only fag here who's into big females dominating small males.
>mfw I probably have mother issues.


>> No.26753945
File: 6.01 MB, 2121x4816, Meryl.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>That feel when you like robutt girls
>and you also like mind control
>but combining them garners no interest from ERPers

>> No.26754002


I might have an idea for something along those lines, if you're good for transformation/robotification too. Drop me an email and we can maybe see about setting something up somewhere.

>> No.26754007

No interest you say?
I feel like you might be in the right place.
But wouldn't that be typical reprogramming anyway?

>> No.26754009


That's so easy to do though!

>"I know you're wondering why you can't move right now... It's because I've implanted a very special virus into your system. Even now it's overwriting several very key programs..."

>> No.26754015

Would you like to be the mind controller? Just finding a really, really submissive partner could fix that.

>> No.26754019

>Play Vampire
>Have mind control fetish
>Before game, ST privately, politely asks me not to pick any clan with Dominate.
>That feel when you realize you've accidentally Magical Realm'd and the ST noticed.

>> No.26754024


That's a fetish of mine too. One of my favorites in fact.

>> No.26754025


I know a guy who had an OC that was a digital program. He got off on his data being corrupted, and was mind-control reprogrammed into being a glitchy sex slave.

Stuff like that?

>> No.26754028
File: 464 KB, 994x1954, sailorjmercury2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> that feel when you tried this with someone and while his fetishes were sound, his roleplaying was shit

Feels even worse, man. Especially because he would take everything personally when we trie dto hielp him. Either that or not fucking listen at all.

>> No.26754034


I got my satyr fetish after playing a completely nonsexual Changeling character.

>> No.26754040


Bear in mind the length of posts is a variable for each partner's preferences. I actually greatly prefer people who do shorter, quicker replies to the ones I have to twiddle my thumbs 10 minutes for. I once would go and chop up strawberries while I had to wait for a partner to reply. I think this is an example where I like my partner's replies (despite sometimes being smaller than mine) because of the tempo:


I'll find some more.

>> No.26754046
File: 346 KB, 827x1169, greta_gravity_by_krazykrow-d33t27o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who said anything about big dominating females not being great?

>> No.26754048

Your not the only fag, but yeah, it's probably our mommy issues...

>> No.26754057

Yeesh, that sounds terrible.
>dat Robo Mars he did the other day.

>> No.26754066

People without mommy issues?

>> No.26754081
File: 363 KB, 901x1729, sailorjupiter21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It really felt like his first venture into ERP, and he seemed to think that including his fetishes made up for not having any erotic content whatsoever. Being turned into a robot's good and all, but it isn't fundamentally erotic, y'know?

>> No.26754113

Am I the only one who wants to erp not because I get off to it, but because I'm a vulgar little faggot who thinks rape and terror-fucking is hilarious?

>> No.26754126

>Wait, am I the only one ready for round N+1 right away?
Yes, being able to continue the fap right away is rare. Most people have noticeable recharge times.

Of course, I don't let that recharge stop the RP: discharge into tissue, set it aside and continue on. Sometimes the RP lasts long enough to get it up again.

>> No.26754132

>I actually greatly prefer people who do shorter, quicker replies to the ones I have to twiddle my thumbs 10 minutes for
I guess the latter are the types that want you to go at yourself while you wait/ relish their stuff.
I agree in enjoying the former.

>> No.26754144

Nothing wrong with enjoying women with a little 'oomph' behind them. Surrendering power and control is a sort of fetish unto itself.

>> No.26754147

Could you be entering an IC room and it was people asking about your character?

>> No.26754152


>> No.26754153

Thanks a bunch!

>> No.26754155

>Be overtly vanilla in the few games I've joined
>Eventually getting into doing 1-on-1 games on the side of this other pathfinder game I've been in for a while
>He tells me to trust him, etc, asks for me to open up because he wants me to let my hair down, so to speak
>Oh shit the gig is up, he knows I'm not having a lot of fun doing the missionary position for the sole reason of procreation
>Tell him of all my kinks
>Some seriously dark shit
>Anon has left the server.
>Last online: 12 days ago


>> No.26754167

Not quite. Though, I'll admit I enjoy most of my ERP for the emotional interplay more than the porn aspect, it just isn't that emotion.

That's also why I've been sticking to one-on-one stuff. That and not wanting to have to determine Initiative when fucking.

>> No.26754169



It can be a bit hard to find examples because I am a terrible son of a bitch who loves to tease, flirt and tempt them OOC until the lines blur a little during our roleplay and I end up talking nasty to them enough to pop and squirt[/soiler]

However doing so is very much a case by case basis - some people are comfortable with it, others absolutely detest it and want an unbreakable boundary between IC and OOC Or they did before I came along and broke them down to a whimpering, playful mess. Which you must respect, but the problem is naturally finding it out since asking forthright isn't very sexy. Best to just flirt and tease casually and friendly, and play it by ear. And as soon as you get told "whoah nelly, calm down" you respect that.

If there's a life's mantra I have it's the notion that you catch more flies with honey & the carrot over the stick (Unless they like the stick. Give her the stick). When I was a teenage passive aggressive entitled prick, I'd lose partners and friends. Since I've become a laid back, friendly, casual fellow (but also not a doormat), I'm knee deep in it.


Oh yeah, but you can only go so long. The folks that play for +3 hours, I can't imagine that.

>> No.26754173

Dare I ask what those fetishes might be?

>> No.26754200

Oh, you know.

V-violence. Light guro, blood-play. Maybe some more extreme power-play in the form of murder. Parasites. Mind control leading to becoming a lifeless pawn.

You know, stuff.

>> No.26754213

I was expecting incest/vore/inflation/etc

Other guy was a faggot

>> No.26754233

There's also the fact I'm more of a black widow. Sex is exciting if there's the threat of being murderlized afterwards. I'm not exactly objective to incest. Or bestiality.

Agree with you on inflation, though. The fuck is up with that.

>> No.26754260

What's wrong with inflation?

>> No.26754279

Not him, but I don't see what's right about it.

>> No.26754280

I personally don't get inflating for inflating sake...I get the whole being filled so much that you swell a bit around the stomach. I rather enjoy it infact. But other than that..Don't get it, nothing wrong with it I'd say though.

>> No.26754287

Nothing. You don't get to choose.

But it's pretty gross for those who aren't aroused by it. Like incest and vore.

>> No.26754299

I'm too chicken to do anything other than anonymously ERP homestuck things on a website for homestuck RP.

>> No.26754310

Why not take a chance?

>> No.26754315

>You don't get to choose.

Fetishes are like viruses; you might catch one the first time you see something or you might catch one the 100th time seeing it, the latter making the "You don't get to choose!" Excuse pretty silly.

>> No.26754332

You were. The other guy didn't have the context of "Holy shit, I scared a dude away with my fetishes" or even "We're on 4chan, everything's fucked up"

>> No.26754343

I agree.
I wasn't a footfag from the get go, but after seeing them posted so much I developed a taste for 'em.

>> No.26754344

Because I don't know if i'm good enough for any of the types of things you guys do.

>> No.26754355

I'm playing in one on IRC. It's awesome.

And trying to muster up to starting my own game, but that's going not too good.

>> No.26754357

Okay look I can want to like vore but it won't change shit

And trust me my life would be a lot better if I didn't stare at my cousins' tits every family event

So screw you buddy

>> No.26754369


What if you just watch an ERP session like some voyeur?

>> No.26754385

I'm running a Pathfinder campaign over IRC. Need two more players.

irc.rizon.net #AldvesOOC

>> No.26754390

I can do that?

>> No.26754402

>Okay look I can want to like vore but it won't change shit

Just like some people can't catch certain diseases.

>And trust me my life would be a lot better if I didn't stare at my cousins' tits every family event

That's sort of a prebuilt fetish; everyone likes to look at tits, especially other women. Cousins are a sort of genetically gray area anyway.

>> No.26754406

Since we're on the topics of very specific fetishes almost no one desires to cooperate with on some level...

I have plenty of fetishes that run the gamut from mundane to just about out-there. BDSM (light to heavy), Beast (Big to Small, Exotic to Mundane), Pet-play (Collar/Leash to thinking you're a cat), Branding (Tattoos/Piercings), elaborate and complicated fuck machines to ravage victims from hours to days to even WEEKS at a time, and just about anything else really, but one fetish remains for me that I could never quite satisfy.

Having a harem of young, powerful women in which to sex one at a time, make them sex each other and perhaps joining in the middle of it, or perhaps even making them fight in glorious, grueling gladiatorial combat wherein I fuck and praise the victor, while the loser is demeaned, trashed and forced to watch with nothing to satisfy her.

AND YET. Even with that, I am... weird about the specifics. See, I wouldn't desire any old young, busty barmaid. No sir. I desire powerful sorceresses, cunning thieves and warriors, intelligent women in which to sodify my position over them, make them loyal and obedient. Usually of course with a promise of making them even more powerful and cunning, and having the means to do just that in-between ravaging them every which way I desire.

And of course, despite the brutal beatings, cuts and bruises they may endure, I treat them well. Feed them well, treat them kindly, heal any wounds they suffered by my hand or another's. Rule and ensure loyalty not through abject, tyrannical fear, but fatherly, patient, firm kindness. After all, beautiful women should be treasures to present and enjoy, not toys to be thrown away.

Closest I could make a comparison to is say, Charlie's Angels. Except Charlie is banging each Angel on the side.

Unfortunately, I don't ever really get much hits on this type of roleplay. Few are interested, even fewer go along with it for any prolonged period before they disappear.

>> No.26754415

Uh, besides the fact that it is associated with one of the natural processes of arousal?
You do know that besides a mans penis, a woman's breast similarly expand when she is aroused?
Not by much mind you, but it's something.

Well there is also the whole tactile experience, especially depending on what part of the body inflates.
Usually this includes extra sensitivity, so you can feel everything your expanded volume is touching...

What kind of inflation are we talking here Anon?
Because MOST of it doesn't even approach the nastiness of Vore or even Incest...

>> No.26754420



First off, there are plenty of sites that hold reasonably good quality ERP; Blue Moon and Elliquiy are two big ones (F-List would be recommended, but it's full of REALLY out there kinks.)

Secondly, you could always sit as a Guest/Player in an IRC and... Just not do anything.

>> No.26754426

Only way to find out is to try.

>> No.26754471

After a quick google, I might do that first thing...

But I could never just sit in an IRC and do nothing, i'd feel like a waste of space.

>> No.26754489

>Horribly bloated beyond what the human body can withstand
>Not disgusting
>Pretty much normal intercourse if no context is provided

>> No.26754511


>That feeling when you realize this is probably you who's being talked about

You know, I'm not gonna start drama over this cause fuck that.

But I will say that it's hard to not "take things personally" when you're this blunt about it and when the advice you provided was of little to no help for me.

>> No.26754526

Incest is on the same tier as vore for you guys?

>> No.26754541

That feel when expansion is such a fragmented fetish pool. Sizes, endings, which parts, the logistics...

I met the perfect, and I mean -perfect- guy. Shares every last fetish of mine EXCEPT: he likes mega macro, I don't. Ending every session with a post about what it may theoretically feel like to have your breasts spill across infinite planes of time and space has been a great creative writing exercise, though.

>> No.26754553
File: 6 KB, 300x168, 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm looking for a stout bolschevik or two for a game I'm starting up with a friend of mine on Rizon's IRC channel.

Setting's a cross between Oblivion's 'space repairman' and Firefly's 'explore space, shoot nerds, bang bitches'.

Basically, Earth's on the edge of seriously kicking off deep space exploration. No extraterrestrial species have been encountered so far. The players are a crew manning a small, uniquely equipped ship designed to follow up on and eventually, repair deep space probes launched from Earth.

Alien babes, tentacles, eggs and dongs will be featured. Including pretty much whatever you, the player, would like to encounter as I aim to please as the GM.

Get on IRC on Rizon's server and PM me.

>> No.26754554

>Ending every session with a post about what it may theoretically feel like to have your breasts spill across infinite planes of time and space has been a great creative writing exercise, though.


>> No.26754564
File: 505 KB, 696x826, 1332047075712.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Add porn to your porn game" isn't helpful? The problem was that the advice wasn't followed, or was followed only half-assed, not that it was shit advice.

You can't say you're not starting drama and then say something like that. That's not how 'not starting drama' works.

>> No.26754601

What is Erp?

>> No.26754621

Euclidean Rolling Perceptions

>> No.26754622

Erotic Role Play

I'm up for this.
Also a newbie, so links would be nice.

>> No.26754644
File: 62 KB, 744x1074, 1373990128546.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

People always talk about Vampire for erp, but what about the rest of the World of Darkness?

In particular, I'd think both Mage: the Awakening and Changeling: the Lost are prime erp campaign territory... I have a Mage character I've always wanted to play, but never have because she's much too... let's say lewd for my usual groups (a wealthy heiress turned Mastigos, going into Goetic Magic and the Bene Asmodai legacy, for those who know it. Basically drawing our demons of her vice, which would if course be lust.) And Changeling has so much potential, especially for people like me who fall on the subbier end if the spectrum...

>> No.26754652

I love that picture and really want to play that role there.

>> No.26754653

It'd be in the FATE ruleset. Very light on the rules, character-heavy system. We'll get you hooked up with a link.

>> No.26754674

I'd be down, but I'm pretty new to this.

>> No.26754691

It doesn't HAVE to be "horribly boalted beyond what the human body can withstand," but extremest like myself may go that far overboard...
Still, unless you are a Burster, it's usually accepted that somehow the inflatee's body is able to handle it, so even tits spilling out across the multiverse isn't harmful to them.

And besides the sociological context of insest, there is also the GENETIC complications...

>> No.26754721

F-list has public rp channels with dozens of people lurking. You can just sit and watch all day.

>> No.26754740

Same as >>26754622.

Hook me up on IRC.

>> No.26754789

>polite sage
Can't find a "Zeeny". Either that or I'm daft.

>> No.26754807

bump for plz play

>> No.26754825

Can we get a little more info?

>> No.26754850

Lewd is permitted/encouraged but not the main focus of the campaign. There will be lewd encounters also.

Setting is gunpowder age high fantasy.

>> No.26754863
File: 44 KB, 630x410, sabre-rape.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26754945
File: 145 KB, 1000x1593, 1361600631702.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How come everybody who does freeform RP has no standards when it comes to their characters? Way too often my simple, low-powered fighter/monk-type characters get hounded by multiverse morphing demigods.

I really just want some pulpy, Conan-esque low-fantasy adventures with a healthy dose of dickings

>> No.26754948

Any type of body manipulation or mutilation is a instant turn off for me.
Inflation, vore, gore, etc. just seems weird and unappealing to me.
Same goes for piss and shit fetishes.

Everything else is pretty fair game for me.

>> No.26755019

Two others did. Are you on Rizon? But sorry to dissappoint, we're filled up by now.

>> No.26755080
File: 256 KB, 778x1000, Catgirls 541.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>touch the fluffy tail

>> No.26755110


Where are you getting these kinds of people?

Most of the time the other people I'm playing with choose normal, or at most vaguely fantastical characters. Hell, I've noticed a trend towards having meek people who are practically *begging* to get subbed.

>> No.26755112
File: 35 KB, 552x313, take_my_feel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you will never touch fluffy tail

>> No.26755116


>inflation extremist

You are the worst kind of filth.

>> No.26755132

I'm more disappointed with the lack of people willing to RP monster gals/guys. Either that or my inability to find them.

Dobson's in the thread.

>> No.26755141


Inflation is too goofy to be sexy.

>> No.26755158

>tfw you accidentally come across a player's Photobucket, and after some snooping discover they're a hideous landwhale and/or filthy guy.

That's like "step on dick" levels of turn-off.

Of course then there's "discover they're actually attractive/socially adjusted."

>> No.26755197


>> No.26755224
File: 62 KB, 300x167, 83a38e_4305660.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw you want to be the fluffy tail but have no idea how to react to said fluffy touchenings, or any touching for that matter, as it's just so passive.

>> No.26755229
File: 93 KB, 399x538, bd51c7ffb15834fe2f418829cb6b70a4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wanna touch~?

No seriously, I've wanted to try playing the animalgirl role for a while now, but it's difficult to suggest when it tends to attract actual full-on furries.

>> No.26755231

>tfw I'm so into xenophilia I get borderline depressed if I don't get to play a monster

If I wasn't in two games already, I'd hook up with you and suck your dick dry.

>> No.26755233
File: 107 KB, 468x690, balalaika.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The most regular RP I do nowadays has been an ongoing thing I've done and off for the last year. It's about an older woman who wanted desperately to have children, but she was sterile and could never conceive. So she adopted a son.

Come adolescence he fell in love with her, and coming from her unconditional love of her son and the fact she'd wanted to have a child for years, she was just too soft to reject his advances. When we started the RP it was occasional one offs with him in his adult hood and them just fucking around like a married couple. These last few months we've been exploring their relationship when he was younger, more adventurous, making her do kinkier things like fucking in a dressing room, or having a threesome with his best friend.

We're building up to a point where they're found out and they have to move somewhere else, thereby becoming even closer and eventually falling in legitimate love together instead of it being a sense of lust and an obligation to the son she loves, bringing us to the scenes we first played out.

pic related, the mom looks like Balalaika minus the scars

>> No.26755262


What kind of animal girl are we talking here.

Like, Western-esque anthropomorphic animal people, or Eastern-style "cute girl with animal gloves/ears/tail on."

>> No.26755263

>touch me like you touch your furry girls

>> No.26755267


It, giants, and gore are the three fetishes I can't wrap my head around. I can't even begin to understand why people find them sexy.

That being said, I've never really met someone with the fetish who blatantly pushed it on me. People with those fetishes seem very content to only do it with people who also enjoy the same fetishes. In my experience, at least.

>> No.26755271

I tend to talk up my partners.

Don't get me wrong, I normally do enjoy it. But I tend to exaggerate the physical impact of it.

>> No.26755288
File: 76 KB, 520x853, 5bqQ6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As someone who regularly plays a catgirl, blush and try to get them to stop from touching it. This generally involve wriggling your hips, which will catch their attention in wonderful ways. When they do scratch around the base of your tail, you should practically melt against them, leaning on them and letting your words turn into feline sounds, mewing and purring and being affectionate. If you're the submissive sort, this is their chance to start doing what they want to you. If you're the dominant sort, you start getting demanding when they stop.

>> No.26755290

Truly, my life is suffering.

>> No.26755295
File: 263 KB, 1200x800, 1350745689654.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Can you not see the image that was posted?

>> No.26755301


I freeform all the time and don't play Mary Sue characters. Stop generalizing.

>> No.26755302
File: 442 KB, 441x270, Distressed Feline.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>The moment you realize why a person you're playing with is obsessed with Violet Beauregarde.

At the time I thought they just REALLY liked the movie and were kind of weird... But now I know. I know, and I feel dirty.

>> No.26755307
File: 98 KB, 849x1582, e94872f75cbd73ae584f9e24ede0a318.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Eastern-style. Not a furry. Acting a bit like an animal, fluffy tail touchings all round.

>> No.26755346
File: 163 KB, 448x465, sitn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Adopt innocent shota?

>> No.26755363
File: 330 KB, 800x800, 107f2c73f5582d61f3d5732b8a4a3d41.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26755370

Am I Anon... AM I?!?!

>> No.26755390
File: 3 KB, 125x100, 1366459075189s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>That pic


>> No.26755429

Do you know what's awful

Having a fetish that requires multiple participants in an RP. It's hard to get enough people on at the same time, with compatible interest, that are willing to do a three person roleplay.
Being cuckquean is suffering

>> No.26755455


Damn, that's pedophilia AND expansion...

Talk about a double threat of fucking creepy.

>> No.26755468

I do the melting bit but from there people tend to... keep going. I mean, I like that, the slow build up. But I always feel it gets repetitious. Like I don't have enough reactions to it.

>> No.26755476

Original is some FFXII (?) thing about that main character getting her spine torn out, someone shopped in a Toblerone for the laugh

>> No.26755499
File: 49 KB, 887x564, 1329146913725.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

squirm and purr and just generally be affectionate. Remember, at that point, you are basking in being pampered, and react accordingly.

>> No.26755503

13, but yeah

>> No.26755515


>TFW you will never find a caring, femdoming dragon gal
>TFW you will never be the innocent cleric who got abandoned by his party in her cave

>> No.26755516

>Love cock worship
>Every single blowjob HAS to be followed up by them fucking me

Look, I just want your dick and your semen in my mouth, okay? It's sort of my thing.

>> No.26755526

Close enough seeing as I haven't played the game

>> No.26755539


Contact pls

I need it for ~reasons~

>> No.26755544

>Love Cock Worship
>Not obeying what the cock wants happily

>> No.26755567

I'm full up, bucko. Sorry.

The cock should need a rest after I'm done with it. When they go "OKAY NOW I FUCK YOU", I keep thinking "WAS I NOT GOOD ENOUGH"

>> No.26755594

On the opposite side: I hate having to follow up after blowjobs.

It needs time to recover.

>> No.26755600

Good answer.

>> No.26755602
File: 6 KB, 200x200, Costanza.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not controlling yourself so that you don't climax until the session is over

>> No.26755613

Unfamiliar with this, please elaborate.

>> No.26755632


>Love cuckqueaning.
>Love having cock worshipped.
>Love cumplay.
>Trying to get into text based ERP.

I can't into words.

>> No.26755643

Well inflation and Giants are easy since they're so similar, it's the SIZE.
All that wonderful flesh that you can practically swim in, you partner able to embrace your entire being like you were little more than a squiggling minoe trapped in their folds...
Or the inverse, being the one able to so fully physically dominate their partner.
The only real difference between Giant and Expansion/inflation is that the latter actually enjoys such a transition.

Gore... Idunno...
Probably either Sadism or a Pain fetish going on there, I'm too squeamish for either...

Oh come on, Blueberry not only has inflation, but JUICING as well!
If you have anything related to liquid coming out of your partner, Blueberry Juicing turns that up to ELEVEN.

>> No.26755652


Gender swapped NTR. Man cheats on his waifu, who sometimes watches.

>> No.26755669



That's why I tend to just refer to the 'mark' for lack of better terms off screen, unless the gal is willing to play (in my case, him) or there is someone available and interested in it.

>> No.26755676

That is a Goddamn shame.

How in the world do you do the captchas

>> No.26755688

This is fine. I tend to mix up words and word order, sometimes repeating myself.

Gets worse as sessions go on because I can get a little light headed when I'm very turned on. Even worse if I managed to get myself off. Sometimes, I just get plain ditzy

>> No.26755723

Some people get really spergy about outsiders. Ignore them.

>> No.26755726


If our interests synch up, you could color me interested.

Though I have to say there is much suffering in playing a human that enjoys furry tail, since rank and file even if they are okay with humans kind of naturally prefer furry.

Elves, catgirls, 1/4th fluffy tailed, anthro, humans, certain traps or feminine males.

I am still looking for an awesome omnivore animal to refer to myself as since I am not a goddamn sexual Tyrannosaurus as Khumfayar has big hands

And a huge penis but that's beside the point. T-rex with big hands is just not acceptable.

>> No.26755736
File: 2.81 MB, 250x167, DRINK.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Practice Phantom Limb sensations
>Practice full body imposition
>Get vivid hallucinatory feelings on command
>Can finish hands free from text

Best decision

>> No.26755752
File: 86 KB, 790x1011, pick__don_t_eat_2_3_by_0pik_0ort-d5a5o34.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Like you haven't to something that was technically underage...
If it makes you feel any better, most Blueberry Inflationist do prefer actual women, like so...

>> No.26755770

NTR with genders inverted.

My personal preferences always involve being made to watch. Preferred scenarios are:
a) Another (probably hotter) woman seduces my man, makes sure I'm around when she does the deed.
b) My man makes me watch him fuck another girl. While doing so, probably berates me for not being good enough.

>> No.26755782
File: 295 KB, 360x270, 1368608324495.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>your lover will never fuck another woman in front of you, while laughing in your face and calling you a loose, used up whore
>you'll never be forced to clean up the mess with your tongue

>> No.26755785

God damn it, Cop.

>> No.26755787

Clearly, you are a sexual ALLOSAURUS...

>> No.26755826


Is that related to the alot?

>> No.26755840

Speaking God's truth, you are.

>tfw being a xenophiliac and love playing monsters
>Love the D, semen and generally pleasing the male organ to the point of it jizzing, preferably in my mouth for me to taste, smell, lick up and swallow

>Either get shied away from by the NPCs or having to screw the other players afterwards as I play a cock-hungry monster.

It's a hard life.

>> No.26755892


Where do I find you people?

I'm obsessed with receiving blowjobs but most people I meet get bored of it really fast.

>> No.26755896
File: 222 KB, 960x720, dually noted.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you mean *duly noted*?

>> No.26755902


I'm >>26755515, and I'm just gunna leave my email here for scientific reasons.

>> No.26755914

>TFW you will never be captured by curious xeno girls
>They will never explore every single inch of your body with their tongues
>They will never keep you as their fucktoy

One can only dream.

>> No.26755917



>> No.26755921

>You will never be tied up by a rival for your lovers heart
>You will never be forced to watch your lover be rode by your rival, with him slowly (or possibly quickly) starting to enjoy and willingly participate
>You will never watch her force him to cum inside of her
>She will never force you to eat it out of her in a vain attempt to stop her from getting knocked up by your (or rather, her) lover.

>> No.26755924
File: 444 KB, 610x960, 1367104018999.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why is Saint just watching him do that.

This is almost as bad as when he forgot to right click the enemy team against Vulcun

>> No.26755936
File: 148 KB, 600x800, Tyranid_f_(4).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey guys...vore.

>> No.26755941

Drunk on boxed wine.

>> No.26755954

...Now I want to hug you Femon...

Khumfayar, do you even Late Jurrasic?

>> No.26755962
File: 144 KB, 388x587, shiggydiggyclose.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not edging until the session is over

>> No.26755967


I've boned a dragon or two but my cold-blooded conquests are shamefurry low.

>> No.26755974

>...Now I want to hug you Femon...
That's nice, very sweet of you, but I'd rather you do everything in this post >>26755921

>> No.26756019

Hah. Here's mine. I'm busy these days, but it doesn't hurt to keep lines open.

I'd be mostly up for medieval fantasy. Only prerequisite is let me play a monster of some sort and no, cat ears or scales on my thighs doesn't classify. I put the monster in monstergirl.

>> No.26756030
File: 736 KB, 800x960, 1343478535988.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26756036

B-but... I CAN'T!!!
The feels... OH GODDESS THE FEELS!!!
I am not strong enough... not strong enough to break your heart like that...

...That said, if this wasn't a lesbian character, we could maybe find a willing third and pretend...

>> No.26756037

No actual smut in this thread, please.

>> No.26756045

I'll play a game, preferably on F-List.

>> No.26756088

Aw, are you the one who never emailed me a while back? Sorry to hear then. Hope you manage to get into it.

>> No.26756105

What do I have to do to fuck a touhou. Every time I see one they're always lesbian.

I just wanna do an erp with Patchouli.

>> No.26756128

> recently join an offline roleplaying group
> looking through old e-mails
> notice a name seems familiar
> old ERP game that never took off
> guy organizing it is a member of new RL group


>> No.26756132

All these 'you'll never something something' posts sound a lot like what happens daily on f-list. Step it up boys.

>> No.26756134

To be fair, it is a world with basically no guys in it, one can only presume that they bud.

>> No.26756146


>> No.26756179


trust me dude, I've been trying this for years

the ones who do dudes, are either really bad, or really good then they vanish

>> No.26756186
File: 23 KB, 283x332, stares.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>using your RL name or emails for ERP

is that guy new to the internet

>> No.26756212

Hell, I made a whole new email address and Skype to do that.

>> No.26756215
File: 90 KB, 800x825, 1343477243087.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have no fucking clue, and asking him means telling him I was part of that.

>> No.26756221


dis nigga

>> No.26756225

Anybody making a new thread? This one's past the bump limit.

>> No.26756246

We usually do it when it hits page 10. Because actually using the front page instead of the catalog isn't a thing anymore, apparently. I blame homestuck general.

>> No.26756251

I had a million words and hundreds of pages lasting ERP themed Touhou RP looong ago. Tears were shed since it was so epic, no I am not lying. Shame I havent been able to repeat it due to my GM fatigue.

>> No.26756256

Wat? I can still ERP at work with skype.

>> No.26756292
File: 2.62 MB, 353x209, 1376187497530.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ERPing at work

>> No.26756298

Men actually do exist in touhou, just none of them are important except one, and I don't even think he has appeared in any of the main games, and he has no special abilities anyways. But a man can dream can't he?

I've been reading doujins to get my fix but goddamnit it's not enough.

I've yet to even have a chance to rp with one, terrible or not.

I'm more jealous than Parsee.

>> No.26756319


Just advertise in these thread I guess. Not many canon roleplayers here though.

>> No.26756324

You should be more jealous of the guy I was doing the adventure for. He boned Patchouli, Yuyuko, Suwako and Yuugi from the top of my head, and got close and flirty with many others.

>> No.26756330

Would you believe me if I said I can tell the difference by writing style and description?

>> No.26756352

Entirely agree.

>> No.26756373

There's no one else there and I have nothing to do.

>> No.26756396


I met a few who played some 2hus for me from /vg/ and /v/, weirdly enough. Maybe try there if a relevant thread pops up. /jp/ is also deviant enough you could try making a thread there to see what comes up.

or not, I dunno. I stopped trying awhile ago.

>> No.26756407


Having RPed quite a lot on more female dominated areas of the internet, I have to call bullshit, except in that in my experience most straight up bad writers tend to be men while women tend more towards purple prose instead of 'i rub u and u mone'

>> No.26756429


It's pretty easy to tell the pretenders from the real thing.

But I don't really care either way unless they start flirting OOC with me.

I have a penchant for running in to British women though.

>> No.26756455


Now I'm interested in hearing the differences you pick up on.

>> No.26756496

Not him, but there just is some certain way of writing girls have, I keep noticing it too.

>> No.26756507

>implying he's not just using a registered sex offender's name for his email to spook people who look into it

It's like you hate fun

>> No.26756511


Like >>26756407 says the difference between how things are described is usually telling. Now don't get me wrong, I've had my fair share of amazing male partners, but female partners in my experience tend to get a lot more colorful with descriptions. As someone with a sexy clothing kink, this is AMAZING.

Male partners tend to focus more on acts and descriptions of what's going on than superfluous stuff like that. Both have their pros and cons.

>> No.26756529


To clarify, females do better at descriptions of objects, surroundings, the setting and tone, while dudes do better with actions and goings-on. Again, just in my experience.

>> No.26756530

It is incredibly well displayed in the Caiphas Cain novels. Particularly the part with that one LT who became a serious general is involved.

>> No.26756561


Huh, I just find it interesting because people have thought I'm a woman before

>> No.26756578


Any particular reason you think why?

Overly emotive people sometimes come off as female to me. And oh man tildes too.

>> No.26756601


Like I said, most of my onlien RPing has been in female-dominated e-spaces so I tend to pick up their wrting "culture" if that makes sense? Emotes, tildes, that kind of thing.

IDK why but anytime I see stuff like ^_^ I tend to assume female.

>> No.26756602

Everyone I talk to and use tildes with say that my tildes are lewd and turn them on. Its weird. Even if they are full straight and know that I'm a guy.

>> No.26756605

Everybody assumes I'm a guy.

I never correct them.

>> No.26756613


That's perfectly fine, I'll try to poke you later after work.

>> No.26756644

Then it is my turn to call bullshit.

Rather, I've met a few female writers that are quite...lazy at times, at least from what I was told of their gender.

But of course, maybe I'm entirely wrong. Thus is the way of the internet.

>> No.26756649
File: 269 KB, 450x640, irenes__by_saniea-d2zz1sp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So as long as I'm taking notes on how to better pretend to be a girl on the internet, is there any literature that may help learning these superfluous wordings?

I guess I'd just have to read a bunch of steamy romance novels, right?

How many adjectives would you say is the minimum, and how many steps away from naming what I'm actually talking about would be ideal, do you think?

>> No.26756651


I could go full 2deep4u and say a tilde indicates a sort of feminine longing, like a droning on 'mmmm' sound any time you say a sentence, but that sounds like horseshit. Maybe it's just a feminine enough of a thing to cling to to not feel completely gay while they flirt with you.

>> No.26756660

It comes from spending a lot of time among them. Trust me, I'm the same way - you pick it up like an accent.

>> No.26756666

Emotions, sensations, ideas, thoughts.

Generally I'd say it requires a personality.

>> No.26756696

Alright, seems like the best place to mention it:

So I picked up a very nice contact last time I was here, had a great time pounding away at her throat and cunt until she could barely stand it anymore, so she was desperately sucking at my cock afterwards to please what was left in me.

But I fear I let things stay that way for a bit too long...haven't received a contact from her, and I fear I let the RP get stale. In interest in preventing this, any advice for ways to keep good partners interested after the initial shock and finding a good partner wears off? I've already played on many of her fetishes, of course...but even that has it's limits.

>> No.26756698

I'll give it a try when things pick up around here.

Godfuckingdamnit. How did he pull it off?

Maybe I'l give /jp/ a try. I'm takin' a break from anything /v/ related right now.

>> No.26756711


If they're not contacting you back already that's on them I think. Maybe they just had a brief urge to be a slut, and now it's gone and so are they.

Way too many RPers are too scared of confrontation in any form so rather than say anything they just let it vanish in to the ether.

>> No.26756712
File: 17 KB, 590x300, sweating_intensifies.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A personality? Oh my, such a tall order.

>> No.26756723
File: 191 KB, 1074x1517, 37913948.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I used to be a huge Yuugi and Yukari fag but I've spent the last year looking for a good Kanako. God speed anon, you'll need it.

Finding canon RP that's not Naruto or Bleach is a dick and a half.

>> No.26756737

>How did he pull it off?
By being a nice guy. I did say it took million words to get to the ending, timewise it took over a year. It was not fast process.

>> No.26756738

That would deeply disappoint me, but I suppose is possible.

Sigh...it is a shame. She was quite good.

>> No.26756746

The fuck is with that anyway? Neither Naruto nor Bleach are 'good' much less good enough to merit jerking off over the canon about.

>> No.26756749


Sorry anon. Trust me, I know the feeling. In the last year I've had... 3, or 4 different people I really liked who hit my buttons vanish on me. It sucks. You either give up or keep trying elsewhere.

>> No.26756774

And that's why you keep logs of the fun stuff. For fapping material later.

>> No.26756791

My current ERP GF is the first person I met that hit my buttons.

>> No.26756792
File: 606 KB, 1000x1113, 1303870076921.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They're well known enough that people can roleplay in the universe and reliably find other people to do so with.

>> No.26756803

God damn, you remind me of someone I know, he also is into "mature touhous" and seeks canon ERP from certain series. Shame that I had to dissapoint him and had to call off our Touhou ERP due to my fatigue.

>> No.26756809
File: 56 KB, 1280x720, 1362539594028.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I dunno. I mean I like a few from both series', but not enough to care to RP in the setting really. I prefer more modern anime, but that's even more difficult. And like >>26756792 said, it's popular, so it's easy to find other partners I guess.

>tfw no bakemonogatari ERP harem

>> No.26756810
File: 324 KB, 500x714, 1283776573186.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ugh. This is actually a problem I've run into, as someone sorta decent at ERP. I do some ERP, they like it, and suddenly they're in love with me and I have to either evacuate the area or hope to do shitty enough to get them out of love with me.

>> No.26756818

I can never really get into my own logs, simply because it was me that wrote it. I pour so much concentration into it to make it good, that I just simply can't re-use it because everything has to be thought over three, four times before I type it down.

I am my own worst enemy.

>> No.26756820

> trusting black hanekawa with your dick
She cut through fucking steel, anon. STEEL.

>> No.26756831

I'm mostly stuck on Patchouli lately, but I saw a really good Tewi doujin on sadpanda a while back and now I'm into her too.

It's a good thing I fucking hate both of those shows. The girls in them are just played the hell out.

Good lord, that's some real long term shit right there, I'd be lucky to erp with the same person again.

>> No.26756839
File: 335 KB, 1400x904, 1342683057747.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I tend to already have visualized my response, so it's a lot easier or me to just read what my partner wrote and fill in the blanks as I go, skipping my lines.

>> No.26756840

>tfw most of my partners are either Gruff McGruff McSwordarm, filthy workmen or war heroes

I just want my perfect, hawaiian-like sun-tanned boytoy. Sometimes.

Khal Drogo can still pound me 'till kingdom come, however.

>> No.26756842
File: 115 KB, 1024x768, 270148-duke_nukem_004_1_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I've got balls. Of better steel.

>> No.26756845

Superman can punch out planets, yet he's still had a kid with Lois Lane before.

>> No.26756863

The hell he did. http://www.rawbw.com/~svw/superman.html

>> No.26756905

>Good lord, that's some real long term shit right there
Well, the game was atmospheric adventure about exploring Gensokyo. It had LOT more than just ERP. Like I said, there were honest tears of happiness due to the events that were happening. But ERP was intense still, and memorable.
Doing naked Patchouli while she tries to read a book. It was her thing she wanted to try out. She was his main girl, and they were a wonderful couple. Sorry if romance is too vanilla, but it was important part of the ERP.

>> No.26756912


So, a normal clam diver would be fine then?

I meant the kind of fisherman that dives for...fuck it, it's an ERP thread

>> No.26756919

Actually, he did before. One of his powers is super-control, this allows him to change the shape of his face and the sound of his voice.

>> No.26756936

All I'm saying is that being a pretty boy is a-okay sometimes. You don't always have to be a lumberjack in flanell.

>> No.26756973

> One sperm arrives before the others. It penetrates the egg, forms a lump on it's surface, the cell wall now thickens to prevent other sperm From entering. Within the now-fertilized egg, changes take place...

> And ten million kryptonian sperm arrive slightly late.

> Were they human sperm, they would be out of luck. But these tiny blind things are more powerful than a locomotive. A thickened cell wall won't stop them. They will *all* enter the egg, obliterating it entirely in an orgy of microscopic gang rape. So much for artificial insemination.

Superman can't control that, sorry.

>> No.26756987


Truth. It's almost like people should tailor their characters to match their partner's likes/dislikes while still remaining with they're comfortable rping.

>> No.26757003

Super-control. Yes he can. Worst comes to worst, he can wear a kryptonite ring around his dick.

>> No.26757016
File: 37 KB, 393x600, LadyBoner.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26757021


>> No.26757035

Look, all I'm saying is that it doesn't matter how much super-control he has. Once the sperm is out of superman, the sperm are doing their own thing, and that thing's going not going to be pleasant for any woman they wind up inside.

>> No.26757045

Also, I can't believe I just said that.

>> No.26757047
File: 890 B, 125x125, 1360216668989.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's...exactly what I was suggesting.

>> No.26757074
File: 51 KB, 500x376, 1374832415096.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no men to dom

I thought 4chan loved futas and pegging?

>> No.26757097
File: 75 KB, 750x517, 1292552622457.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

/d/ does. go look there.

>> No.26757102

And if he releases but one?

Try F-List, I saw a person wanting to collect STDs there earlier today and the /tg/ channel is pretty gay.

>> No.26757112

/tg/ is full of subs. Just wait a day or so and try again.

>> No.26757119


I can't take futas seriously after playing WoW and using F-List. They're literally the most hilarious silly characters

>> No.26757123

Then we move on to the next problem. If the child is at all Super, it simply kicking will tear her apart from the inside. If it isn't, it's a moot point to begin with.

>> No.26757134
File: 76 KB, 600x681, Viggo Mortensen Eastern Promises.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Not Eastern European mobsters with slicked-back hair

I hope your twat yests over.

>> No.26757139
File: 103 KB, 390x391, 129.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


/tg/ is /d/ anon.

>> No.26757146


You should have little trouble finding such men. I hear the complaint more often that there is a lack of manly mans.

My testicles are sore from making up for that deficiency. Please send backup, I can't hold these women and subby men off for much longer

>> No.26757163

They have to be exposed to the sun to have the powers, pretty sure that a womb doesn't let a hell of a lot of daylight in.

>> No.26757177
File: 83 KB, 600x800, af5bb7e8b1b5a874ec3b3c3f770da0fc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> tattoos
How about go fuck yourself.
No, it isn't. There isn't even a /d/ in the board abbreviation
.Pretty sure supes keeps his powers indoors and in caves and shit. And at night - you could argue that the moon reflects the light and that's enough, but what about nights of the new moon?

>> No.26757180


I've played manly men before but the people who want them are just so lazy and demanding. I can summarize the posting experience as; *moans*

>> No.26757185

>Dissing Theives in Law tats

How about you choke on a rotten dildo

>> No.26757192


>No, it isn't.

Yes, it is. Just about everyone who browses /tg/ is a /d/eviant or a /mlp/ user.

>> No.26757204

That might be true, he's basically a massive solar battery, but it has to be charged first.

>> No.26757220

So if superman is a 'solar battery' as you claim, how does being exposed to red sunlight immediately remove his powers? I'm curious how deep this rabbit hole goes.

>> No.26757231

>how does being exposed to red sunlight immediately remove his powers?
Comicbook physics.

>> No.26757234

It doesn't and any depictions of it working like that are doing it wrong.

>> No.26757246

The same physics that would be applied to Supes Jr. He is under the light of a yellow sun, even if within something, and so he would get the boost from it.

>> No.26757249

I'm no futa lover, but I would be up for some pegging. Got an F-list or something?

>> No.26757262


I hate mlp and I'm vanilla as hell. Please stop shoving you deviancy on me.

>> No.26757268

Not really, walk outside, put your hand over your eyes, and look directly at the sun, and remember, your hands are not as thick as a woman's belly.

>> No.26757269

When does ERPing go too far?

>> No.26757278

The moment you get uncomfortable, is the moment you've gone out of your depths.

>> No.26757283

When you lose your job because you have to shit out eggs for your part tentacle monster-part catboy furry master in your NTS relationship.

>> No.26757287

It's still fucking bright through the hand, last time I tried that.

>> No.26757299

Try it again, you might be surprised.

>> No.26757300

What if your partner started masturbating on a train?

>> No.26757307


You're in a fucking ERP thread and you're complaining about deviancy? Lol. /tg/ has been /d/ as fuck for a long time now, get used to it. We used to be the biggest caterer to fetishes alongside /d/ until the mods stopped it all.

>> No.26757321
File: 71 KB, 480x320, 28-23.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just did.
Emphasis, used to. That was a long time ago, an most everyone who was involved in that left. And I say to them, good riddance.

>> No.26757325


That's nice.

>> No.26757339
File: 173 KB, 349x364, 159.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Sure, I like a lot of things.


I also like regular dom woman on a man, sub too if people really want. I just wanna fuck a guy in the ass recently.

>> No.26757349

In character, I masturbated for my girlfriend on a dance floor in front of everyone last night, staring at her the entire time. It's whatever makes you uncomfortable OOC or IC, but you have to communicate that.


>> No.26757371
File: 234 KB, 800x800, 1326513569939.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nothing was different this time than all the times I've tried it before. Bit of black, mostly red and bright.

>> No.26757378


See, that's the problem with femdom for me. Most take that to mean "PREPARE YOUR ANUS," which actually turns me off faster than anything else.

>> No.26757380


>Most everyone who was involved in that left. And I say to them, good riddance.
>Implying we left.
>Implying it still doesn't go on when the janitor is asleep

Its like you believe we magically went *poof* when the mods came in and left /tg/. And yet again, complaining about deviancy in a ERP thread is counter productive at best.

>> No.26757383 [DELETED] 
File: 88 KB, 768x768, Russian loli drinking.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm a fucking huge sub and I'll take any and every of your fetishes, I do prefer to be female though.
Anyone interested?

>> No.26757384
File: 919 KB, 1400x1400, 0e200f716cbe40fae3ec7c1ad48bffc4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When guys ask real life sexual questions out of the blue.

No, go away!

>> No.26757397


So is acting like we all share your fetishes.

>> No.26757408


Do you mind being anime characters?

>> No.26757409

Superman needs DIRECT sunlight, well, mirrors will do, but filtered light doesn't do him any good, it's why he doesn't charge up when in a building, he doesn't really lose power, unless he's really pushing himself, but he doesn't charge either.

>> No.26757420


how big are your tits?

>> No.26757432

Easily, fuck it, I'll even research her for you.

>> No.26757440


I never specified fetishes did I. That, or you think /d/ caters to only to certain ones.

>> No.26757453


Do you really want me to go, mami? If this is the mami who has constantly teased and tempted me before and I look forward to eventually doing the same to her

But yeah, people need tact. If you -have- to, bluntly ask them about the whole IC/OOC separation (in terms of flirting, talking and such). It's better to do so with more tact and flirtatiousness, but far better than a big faux pas.

>> No.26757455


That sounds pretty swell then. Contact?

>> No.26757461

AIM, Skype?
You first, I'm retarded at how to into technology.

>> No.26757497


I prefer AIM.

anonmarkv on AIM

>> No.26757500

Well, I sent you a message.

>> No.26757521
File: 717 KB, 992x1771, 5668d24af1c51fb0e3c1a4262e7088ba.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is indeed the same Mami, you fascinating person you.

And no, the kind of teasing you seem to engage in is the exciting kind. It's not about some kind of invisible line that you might cross, it's about ... tone, I think. I can't define it well but I've encountered more than enough of the creepy turn-off type to know it as soon as I see it. You, on the other hand, are charming.

>> No.26757524 [DELETED] 


You're the one that wants to play a female submarine, but more seriously a female submissive character, right?

If so, AIM: Transient Dusk

>> No.26757567

No, I'm this one: >>26757249

>> No.26757568

FYI, I've ERP'd with this guy in the past exactly once. He had me research a character, set up the RP, and then when I kept asking about continuing it, nothing happened. He seems more interested in having options than actually using them.

>> No.26757588
File: 99 KB, 378x387, 128.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Yay, I'll send you a message in a bit.


How have you been Mami, not seen you in a while.

>> No.26757605

Are you talking about me here >>26757383 ?

>> No.26757617
File: 81 KB, 500x524, 1332125405566.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can we not turn this into homestuck general, where it's as much about the same five people catching up and talking to each other as it is discussing the actual topic of the thread? Derails happen, but let's not go down that road.

>> No.26757691
File: 64 KB, 640x512, 5npxzd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Derails happen, but let's not go down that road.

Oh like you're doing right now? Good job

>> No.26757693


I was! But then I deleted it. But yeah, I am talking about you. If you got my AIM address feel free to poke by, if not I'll repost it.


The feeling is quite mutual. I've a fondness for all you crazy deviants here but I'd have to say the prowl to see if the golden-drill-haired vixen has shown up is certainly the most compelling force to get me into these topics. I know where you're coming from - it's a great deal of tact, subtly and in general reading between the lines. Which is difficult for some people in real life let alone online, where it can be for all of us - dialogue only through text when those scientists always say we're a very nonverbal species. Awhile back I was looking at a year long correspondence I had with a lovely neko on F-list, and found it funny how respectful and 'chaste' the introduction was and how now we're teasing, flirting and bantering with eachother mercilessly. All the more so when she quite reasonably has a very explicit and very firm litany on her profile about complete separation of her and her character and that she'll tear you a new one if you don't obey that. That being the case of the natural dance of flirting and interacting to see if we mesh and are comfortable with one another.

>> No.26757715
File: 294 KB, 600x900, e12748003c178cdcd17223eebcb8a3c9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Really really good thanks! My life outside of magical ERP realms is going so wonderfully that in a couple of weeks I might have lots of free time to spend on fun things.

I have in fact been reading every single one of these threads even if you haven't seen me posting. ERP culture and practice fascinates me even though I'm still holding off on jumping in until I have more free time. I did get around to making a new F-List account though, now I just need to ... fire it up!

Ahem. Sorry. Let's try to keep things on-topic! Ish!

>> No.26757764
File: 99 KB, 500x351, faye4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Oh cool, I've been thinking about making a male profile for subs who prefer non women. But I'm not sure who'd be interested in that. Not everyone is a fan of shapeshifting.

>> No.26757790

>ERP -general-
>chatting and catching on how the regulars are doing
This is pure shit. Fuck generals.

>> No.26757805


That's against military code of conduct, boy. Giving MacArthur a reach around and then you'll find the Chicoms are chargin up the frozen tundra eager to get themselves some, too!

>> No.26757807

Hey, we were doing alright at the beginning.

>> No.26757824


>ERP general
>Don't talk to anyone


>> No.26757840
File: 407 KB, 750x500, 1374807045751.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And then the regulars actually showed up.

So, anyone have any areas they want advice on? Anything they don't feel comfortable with that they want tips on how to do?

>> No.26757844

I would be very interested in ERP Exalted over IRC, and I know others who would be as well

>> No.26757882

How's f-list? Good place to get started?

>> No.26757883

>tfw wanting to do something with monsters
>Specifically a dragon or wyvern
>Realize the dragon would be probably at least ten times my size and quite literally inflict death by cock

And you say monstergirls are hard to deal with.

>> No.26757893

About what? Running a game or shenanigans?

Cause I'm bad at being a rough fuck ;w; Just seem to be able to tenderly love my women.

>> No.26757909

Eh, mixed. It's more a repository than anything else - you're going to find good people and bad people there.
Remember, what they want is for you to be rough. Throw profanity and physicality into everything that you do. Remember that it's all about you. Even if you want them to just kiss you and cuddle, it's not "Come here, honey", it's "Get the fuck up here so I can kiss you".

>> No.26757910

>catching for a dragon
Gotta establish dominance, mang.
Or you could just go for a drake, or something.

>> No.26757916

Almost no one pays attention to things like that and just handles their junk like they were magic.
Being into 'realistic' sizes is pain.

>> No.26757918

You could wrap yourself around it, rub against it, lick it, make him tease you with the tip etc. etc. if you really wish to keep the size. Otherwise, use a smaller dragon.

>> No.26757922
File: 133 KB, 407x391, 164.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The monster doesn't have to be huge. Don't humanoid dragons exist?

>> No.26757952

Arrogant dragon got forced down to human scale (and lost a huge chunk of his powers) for hubris by one of his rivals. Still has a hell of a sex drive, still has minimal spells (Whatever you're into), doesn't have HUGE.

>> No.26757974

All quadruped dragons are either extremely immature (Basically newborns) or extremely huge.

>> No.26758114

Just... have the dragon cast some sort of enlarge or shrink spell... or maybe elastic vagina/ass spell.

>> No.26758165

Depending on what particular mythology you are adhering to, dragons are innately magical creatures, so there needn't even be a literal spell. A dragon just fucks you and your body stretches obscenely around its cock in an almost cartoonish way instead of tearing you open and killing you like it should.

>> No.26758307

>dragon casts Perve's Magical Stretching
>oh god how did you fit all of this inside of me

>> No.26758365

Is it really breaking my heart if I'm asking you to do it.

I also came up with a new variation based on that bit of information.

>> No.26758392

So, time for a new thread?

>> No.26758527

Seems like.

>> No.26758538

The same strength of imagination that makes it do anything for you is what makes it hurt him. Sure, you asked him to do it, but it's still being done and that's what matters.

>> No.26758605

And thus we have created a new variation of a Fetish, SLAANESH BE PRAISED!

>> No.26758617

Goes against the appeal of porking with a city-destroying behemoth.

W-what if he jerked off in front of me
>Get splattered with so much semen I could eat my fill and still swim in it


>> No.26758645

Yup. If you'd like, I'd be willing to share what it is.

>> No.26758686

As I said, you could always help him a little. Sit on top of it, rub yourself on it, stuff like that.

>> No.26758717

You'll find a way.

And then you'll get into micro-macro

>> No.26758804


New thread here

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