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Mods are awake
Post orcs

Also which is your favorite clan?
I'm partial to the no-nonsense Goffs, though the idea of being an archmilitant in RT squaring off with Snakebite Injun Warchief is pretty cool too

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I absoultly love Ork clans, each with it's own theme

Also squigs, squigs are the best

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Goffs always reminded me of 2e D&D orcs, back when they were lawful evil millitant and a race with some flavor before HURR BARBARIANS
Still 40k is the best interpretation of NE/CE orks out there

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>Can't into choppa
>Flashgit nobs go freeboota when they get enough money
>Best Clan

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Blood axes are cool because they have hats

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>not Evilsunz
>Best mekz around

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I like Blood Axes because they combine brute Orkiness with cunning and twisted human trappings. Garish 'camo' schemes are boss, I like that they use a lot of looted stuff, and it amuses me that they've even fought alongside Imperial forces before (in older fluff at any rate)

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God orks, part of you wants to pal-around with them but you realize they are bent on your destruction and/or enslavement. plus their race is the ONLY one in the game w/o waifus

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Orks rock because they aren't too grimdark without trying not to be grimdark (like the tau who become marysue)

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>Blood Axes

Is you 'avin a giggle grot? I'll dakka ur face in I swear on me boss

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They can make anything into anything

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Knock yourselves out

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Everything about them is Orky.

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Blood Axe mercenaries are still very much a thing.

>In fact, most of the Blood Axes’ reputation is undeserved. True, they have made the most contact with the forces of the Imperium, occasionally fighting as mercenaries and making extensive use of Imperial war materiel, but then every Ork can see the funny side of extorting weapons from human planets only to use them against their former owners.
- Codex: Orks 4th edition

>Unforeseen alliances happen all the time in the murky world of Warhammer 40,000. The Eldar might assist the Tau in destroying a Tyranid invasion, knowing that if they don’t, the vassals of the Hive Mind will destroy a Craftworld. An Imperial Guard general might hire Orks of the Bloodaxe clan, little realising that his Chaos Space Marine enemies have already struck a similar arrangement with the selfsame greenskins. The possibilities are endless! From a gaming point of view, taking allies in your army opens up entirely new tactical possibilities, making your already formidable force even more so.
- 6th edition rulebook

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Blood Axes, because they provide the perfect excuse to have Orks in Hawaiian shirts pretending to be all stealthy.

Hell, go all the way, have a bunch of Blood Axe tourists visiting the Imperium.


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>Working with 'umiez

>Being this much of a git on da zappy-picture box

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Sauce? I'd like to see that pdf

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Missed the clan glyphs and names.

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>implying you couldn't ask the mek and painboyz to make you a waifu for a few teef

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A small article on three clans in US White Dwarf 237, shortly after the release of the 3rd edition codex. I'll post the other pages.

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Makari is Ghazzy's waifu.

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Mind you it wouldn't end well, but hey it's a prototype

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>Commissars gonna Commissar.

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Fuck all yall

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Following on from >>26739602

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Oh, the days when Lootas could have weapons that were actually, like, looted.

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Waaagh! Grax is the best Waaagh!

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And done.

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>They don't really know what "waifu" means
>They make an animated suit of power armor that is shaped like a woman
>With huge tits and missles
>Everything when better then expected

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Oh boy oh boy, an Ork thread, love me Orks.

Favorite clan would probably be Evil Suns, simplicity at it's best, GOTTA GO FAST. Though Deathskulls come in close secone because of their lootin' ways.

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Wait, Nids have waifus?

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Don't make me post dat biomass please

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Waaagh! Tuska is the best ya git!

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(oh god I hope the mods don't see this)

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Orks: The villians you'd like to have a beer with

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Ah, if that counts, then the Orks are an entire race of Waifus.

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Latest Tuska fluff says that Khorne took Tuska and his Waagh! into his realm. There they fight for his amusement under his terrible gaze. When death finally takes them, they are resurrected to fight. An endless loop of carnage of mayhem with no true losers.

But there is a little detail that has been overlooked. The Orks are immortal and they keep shedding spores. In blood drenched earth of Khorne's realm, these spores are thriving.

So how long before Khorne's domain gets overrun with Orks?

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Nids have nid girls
Better than that

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Tau being outsmarted by Orks.

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I want to say that Khorne would have thought of that beforehand and made it so the spores can't grow because Chaos shenanigans, but canon Khorne Orks sounds awesome.

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I play Orks and I have a good friend that plays Tau . He does not like this story nearly as much as I do.

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>Implying Tau aren't fags

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>implying orks know what a woman is

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They enslave humies
Wiminz is humies dat talk a lot and have squeezybitz

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Sounds like he's being a blue baby

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Based Ironteef
Hero of the WAAAGH

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They probably mistake women for Eldar

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All eldar are female untill proven otherwise
and even then we keep going but don't bring it up to the guys

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Thats a Blood Axe, not a Freebooter

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A lot of Warbosses are great.
>Wazzdakka wants to make a warp highway from one side of the galaxy to the other so his Waaagh! can endlessly ride across the galaxy.
>Klawjaw wants to beat up the stars and planets because he thinks they are looking at him wrong
>Snagrod is aiming to burn Ultramar to cinders

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Squigs are the best
>Orks can't grow hair
>Orks want hair
>They get a Squig to be hair

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Quit bitching about tau. Tau are great. Orks are better, but tau are still great.

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Oi warboss blakksnake, I got a right kunnin plan, I 'as.

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Nah, that would be Yarrick. He even told all other orks not to touch his waifu.

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Deff skulls.

I like shooting and vehicles without being an evil sun.

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>ork wants a cotton swab
>squigs grow into big fluffy swabs
And they're adorable to boot.

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If Ghazzy ever killed Yarrick for good, would there be anything that could stand in his way anymore?

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Yeah, I mean an ork could rampage through an orphanage, slaughtering children and infants left and right but at the end of the day you're left with a confused and disappointed creature thinkin "Awww, them humie grots woz no fun at all". They're grimdark and yet totally innocent about it.

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>would there be anything that could stand in his way anymore?
Yes. A broken heart

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Is there a storytime for this? I've not heard the one about the ork with a friend.

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Ork fungi is all kinds of great stuff
>A giant, spicy, jawbreaker

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Wait a tick...

if taus are blueskins

and blue = lucky

then do orks think taus are lucky?

suddenly all tau in ork engagements are BS5

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>Is there a storytime for this?
Its in the Codices. The whole War for Armageddon is basically Ghazzy and Yarrick playing orky grabass whilst Yarrick slowly becomes more and more orky.

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Ork biology is probably the cleverest thing GW has ever come up with.

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I don't think Orks kill kids, there aint no fight in them. Orks aint just mindless murderers, they want a fight, if you aint a good fight, they won't bother with you. Otherwise there wouldn't be any slaves for them to work.

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Imagine Ghazz lifting the limp arm of Yarrick up in his power klaw and letting it go as it flops back to the ground, a single green/black/red tear rolling down his cheek and into his jawplate.

"You aint no fun no more..."


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Nah, ya gotta teach em how to be proppa orky before they can be proppa lucky.

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Yeah but how would they know there's no fight in em if they've never tried? They must have done it at least once at some point.

Though an Ork looking really uncomfortable trying to swing his choppa at a little girl is a cute mental image. "Come oooon, 'it me! Just a little one... pleez?"

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I cried a single manly tear

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That's what they have gobbos and snotlings for, I thought.

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>Snotlings are more closely related to fungus than normal Orks
>If a Gretchin is a bit gluttonous and eats too many mushrooms they turn into mushrooms

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Humans know how to build nice things though, and they aren't all grots.

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You forgot
>snotshrooms are considered a delicacy
The Drops, too. I cant get over how clever The Drops are.

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If an ork mistook a kid for a grot, he would be more likely to put it to work than to try to fight it.

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Well Orks are built for fighting, I think they would realize at a glance that kids aint much for fightan.

Though I do find the idea of a little kid uselessly flailing his arms at some Warboss trying to protect his little siblings, the Boss just staring at the little humie, not even feeling his hits, cute.

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Even if the Imperium is the main character of 40k, it feels like the people working on the Orks put a lot more effort fleshing them out than the other races, but that just might be my own bias.

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I feel the same way. Granted, I haven't delved as deeply into the other factions as I have orks, but orks just feel like more love and character has been put into their race the other ones.

That said, there are some neat little tidbits scattered around the Imperium, like the Navigator houses or the Admech in general. Orks are still my favorite, though.

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Now I want to write a story about the orphaned son of a catachan being adopted by a Warboss after he ran out of his hiding spot with a red bandanna tied around his forehead and stabbed the boss in the foot with a piece of rusty metal.

"Oi boss, it's wunna them hairy humie grots, can I stick it?" lusted the towering ork's shoulder gretchin, his vile tongue flickering between his pointed teeth.
"Nah, this one's right orky, 'e is, I'm keepin 'im."

wildchild sprog raised ork has some serious cute potential.

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I think it's majorly because Orks don't have really any limits for their stuff. If don't own it, they build it, if they can't build it, they steal it, if they can't build it or steal it, they have a Squig for it. They are also stress free as a race, no drama or political intrigue, and no rules, so they have no restrictions for what happens. I doubt you would ever see a Bloodbowl Stadium in an Imperium city, or see Space Marines racing their bikes on a dirt track, or the Imperial Navy racing through an asteroid field, but Orks do it. They are also not heartless evil monsters. While some Bosses enslave planets and work them to the bone, others can enslave them, and not bother with them except to show up, pick up their taxes (guns, bullets, ect) and then leave, providing the planet protection from other people.

Plus theres the innerworkings of the clans themselves

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This image is cool and all but at this size it's pretty much unreadable.

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If you're blind maybe

>> No.26741609

Its been done before, except with a tau earth caste being mistaken for a mek grot

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Oh whoops, my computer defaulted to a different scroll level for no reason, my mistake.

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I was part of the original writing crew for the Blue project, I just prefer the scrappy kid direction to the cutesy engineer kid direction.

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Evil Sunz best klan

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I want an Ork RPG already, FFG.

>> No.26741768

Dis git knows wots wot

>> No.26741794

I want a game that focuses around Orks.

I mean come on, a Tau Fire Warrior got his own game, wheres da Orks game!

>> No.26741824

Fair enough. On that note, the guy who drew the previous picture I posted has done that too.

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Eternal Crusade soon, boys!

Da Green Kroozade will rise again!

>> No.26741863

I cant wait two years to be an Ork

It hurts anon, let me sleep and wake again in this new era

>> No.26741865

>Da Green Kroozade
More like the HUEAAAAGH

>> No.26741896

>Implying the game won't be shit and dead after a few months

>> No.26741918

*wot's wot

a conjunctive is still a conjunctive, even in orkish.

>> No.26741930

Good thing there won't be a currency system.

Though I wonder how an english speaking Warlord will be able to lead BRks. I guess it will be easy enough if they understand "CHARGE THAT"

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I'z gonna krump you

>> No.26741955

They'll just follow the leader, so a "WAAAAAAAAAGH" should suffice.
Really, this is what the ork experience is about.

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Bugger. Big Orks with little kids is just too cute an idea.

>> No.26742084

I can just imagine a mob of Boys hanging around the spawn point to get vehicles
>gib truk pls
>truk pls
>spawn truk now
>were truk
>gib ride

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Come say that ta my face and not on the zappy sparkbox, and we'll see who gets krumped.

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Because an Ork would be the best big brother ever.

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I want to run a Blood Axe Kommando/Meganobz army.

Kommandos in Chinoorks and Meganobz in Squiggoths.

What should I buy?

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Great, now I want a picture of an ork freebooter kitted out like a loot Sniper Joe

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>squig sharks
My god

>> No.26742528 [SPOILER] 

Yep, and here is a Squig hawk

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Makes orks sound like africans being invaded by the british.

>> No.26742760

Deathskulls are incredibly superstitious, painting themselves with blue, wearing lucky charms, and all kinds of other stuff.

>> No.26742938

And a messenger squidgeon.

>> No.26743293

>blood bowl

Ah thought this game was exclusive to the fantasy setting. How old is this 40k codex?

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Zog damn, ork designs always come out beautiful in their clunky, ramshackle way.

>> No.26745035

Not a codex, it was from Waaagh the Orks, back in the rogue trader days.

That was a book of pure background materials. No rules.

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>Orks with dicks
This is awful
Thank the big E they are genderless

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