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>Nat 1 Intimidate

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did that guy just kill himself?

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Absolutely Compelling Orders are a bitch ain't dey.

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Mind control was involved.

Being Lancer is suffering.

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Nat 1 Prophecy

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Being Lancer is suffering.

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Natural 1 on lore: Undead

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>Nat 20 on Divine lore

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it's just not the same with out the clicking

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>Rank E Luck

All the rerolls in the world won't save you from that

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Nat 1 swim check

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Nat 20 Jump

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Having done this once before in competition, I felt a certain twang of empathy

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Nat 1 Use Magic Device

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thats a mess

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Nat 20 Perform
Nat 1 Perception

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Nat 20 balance check
Nat 1 reflex

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Nat 20 dodge

Then again, considering this is Suzaku we're talking about, this might be his take ten.

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Nat 20 Survival

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>taking 10

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Nat 1 Swim Check

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Nat 1 Wild Empathy

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Natural 20 Bluff

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>taking 10

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>Nat 1 Diplomacy on 25 CHA character

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Nat 1 Bluff

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I remember UnSkewed polls. The website that thought Democrats were being overrepresented without realizing that there really are just more Democrats than Republicans.

>nat 20 bluff

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Strike me down as a liar if I say that I don't have fun watching Gatchaman Crowds.

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I always love when people think they know better than all of the statisticians/scientists etc. and are then proven horribly wrong. Especially when it comes to politics because there the predictions tend to be incredibly accurate all things considered
except for in Canadian provincial elections. How the NDP lost in BC and that whole mess in Alberta was just mind-boggling

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autism moe

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They'd better get to the point of it already. I'm expecting nothing less then a full-on adaptation of Ray Bradbury's "The Crowd" from what I've seen.

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Nat 1 Perform (Dance)

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>roll to confirm critical

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nat 20 to giving me a boner though

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>nat 20 Perform (Comedy)

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>nat 1
nat 1 posting in crit thread

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>Critical hits and FAILS

I hope you're happy.

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>Nat 1 perception

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That's what you get when you let a Bard use your discount Decanter of Endless Water.

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I think he's saying that because the dance is actually really sexy, it's not a 1. So labelling it as a nat 1 is a nat 1 in and of itself.

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That's a new way to refer to it.


That would be pretty cool...

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I think he's just an idiot.

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Nat 20 Interpret

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Nat 20 Investigate

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Natural 20 Diplomancy..

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Then why does he mention crit thread?

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That's just the action: "Posting in crit thread". And as others have pointed out, crit applies to success and fail in this context.

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oh wow, 5% of everything. arent natural 1s and 20s boring after a while? rethink your ruleset.

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Nat 1 on ranged attack
Nat 20 that reflex save

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You mean to say Nat 20 Seduce.

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You make an excellent point, you know that?

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Sorry, I should have said Nat 1 Crit Fail Labeling

really sorry i didnt post in a way you could comprehend

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>normal human liquifies her bones while dancing
>not a nat 1

Really, it should be nat 1 Perform (animate).

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nat 1 intimidate
nat 1 handle poison
nat 1 con save

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It's true. That's part of why I prefer GURPS. However we still use the term for the sake of the thread

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>natural 20 grapple

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You posted something that wasn't what you were thinking
If you are telling the truth

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>Nat20 Bait check

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That's clever.

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>Nat 1 on Sense Trap

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>dangerous dimolop

W-what is that?

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nat 20 on hide

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>Nat 1 Privilege Check
>Nat 20 Intimidate, Diplomacy, and Seduce.

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Nat... something...

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That's a 3 on a Mechanics check in GURPS.

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Nat 20 YouTube Sense Motive.

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nat 1 on flying car

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nat 1 sense motive

>> No.26726633

Nat 20 Intimidate

>> No.26726653

Nat 20 on...something.

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Im.... not sure if you're actually being skillfully meta, or just retarded.

Well played.

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Nat 20 Bluff

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I'd say intimadate/thievery.

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Nat 20 disguise

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That's pretty damn impressive.

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that gay ass kick he keeps doing

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here's another nat 20

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The joke there is that Google selects what you google.

The only reason dickgirl whatever shows up, is because that person often googles dickgirls on google.

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Nat 20 in bringing everlasting peace.

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Deadlands Weird Science critical failure

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Nah, it happened for everyone who looked it up a few weeks back. /co/ had a field day with it.

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more like Nat 20 in being edgy

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That's not the couple failing at Sense Motive, that's the dragon rolling a natural one on Lore: Gingers.

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Nat 1: Repair

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>Critical hits

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Nat 1: Charm

Worked on me. Kyouko is best girl along with Ayano

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Your post is an excellent example of a Nat 1 in foresight.

Only total annihilation of life can lead to peace.

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Fear is best g- er, judge.

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Fucking Disgusting

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Fucking Dubs

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>hitting Louisiana
>what fucking for

>> No.26727145

I think it's supposed to be New Orleans.

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Because all life must be destroyed.

>nat 20 in cybernetic comedy

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Natural 20 diplomacy

Cursed to be perceived as intimidation

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That one bullet took down two people who were standing next to each other. What.

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Nat 20 Slight of Hand

>> No.26727218


Him taking off the shirt first always gets me.

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no i think he drops down and crawls away

>> No.26727250

Nat 20 Acrobatics

>> No.26727254

Sucks to have your shirt grabbed in a fight.

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Nat 1 tumble

>> No.26727312

Nat 20 Intimidate

Not always a good thing.

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They just fucking close it on him.
"Fuck I knew I forgot to buy something at the last town, we're out of rope!"

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The black guy dives for cover. It's why he's in the rest of the movie.

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I dunno how people can piss themselves in dangerous situations.

I've had situations where I thought I was a goner a couple of times, and I never felt like pissing. More like my body tensed up so hard like I was hoping to turn in a block of rock.

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What's this from? Looks amazing

>> No.26727422

The Hero Yoshihiko
Thanks to the guy who posted that image I just started downloading both seasons, cannot wait to watch it.

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holy fuck thats beautiful. what I really want now is to see his reaction after the election

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I didn't think I would be jacking it again today, but way to prove me wrong.

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Under extreme stress the body is supposed to invoulentarily shut down non-essentials like growth, digestion, bowel-control, etc.. Or so I read. Humans are fairly varied, so there's probably enough variation among people that it doesn't happen to everyone. Or maybe you just weren't scared enough, who knows. This psychology-crap is all soft 'science' anyway.

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>Nat 1 Profession (Politician)

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He cut his dick. That isn't urine.

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I think you meant Nat 20 Survival

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So he tried to kill himself so that he doesn't find out that he's trying to kill himself. He should be punished with death.

>> No.26727521

One of the possible fear responses is trying to clear yourself of anything that might get in the way.

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Barksdale AFB.

>> No.26727529

Nat 1 Intimidate

>> No.26727530

Yeah, Alberta was just, what. Things have been pretty even keel over here in Saskatchewan though.

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I can only imagine what the meeting with the hitman must have been like.

>Hello, My name is Roger a Muirebe and will pay handsomely to have someone taken *ahem* care of.
>Who's the target.
>The King's Spymaster, Roger a Muirebe. Keep your wits about you, he's a shrewd one.

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Nat 1 Bluff

>> No.26727560

Did he have a stroke or something half way through, then come back and just shout that?

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Nat 1 Perform (dance)

>> No.26727599

Nat 20, intimidate, handle animal, grapple?

>> No.26727602

Shit's terrifying

>> No.26727604

>Nat 1 Perform (dance)

>> No.26727622

Nat 20 D

>> No.26727625

Nat 20 Survival

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>> No.26727632

Nat 1 Bluff

>> No.26727639

>year 32: I think my spymaster is schizophrenic

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This is hysterical.

>> No.26727651

Natural 20... something. Intimidate maybe?

>> No.26727665

>nat 1 larceny

>> No.26727671

Nat 20 retardation
Using a sword in a fucking mech. Jesus.

>> No.26727677

"Roll to sheathe your sword"
"What? That isn't even close to requiring a roll"
>nat 20

>> No.26727678

That scene was hilarious. Dude is just a regular, if physically fit, guy. But he can just do that because he feels like it.

Christ, Code Geass is terrible.

>> No.26727680

>Not using a sword in a mech

>> No.26727695

I don't like to think of Code Geass as a trainwreck

It's more like multi-track drifting, completely fucking retarded but also hilarious.

>> No.26727699

Nat20 Marketing

>> No.26727702

Nat 20 Nature

>> No.26727703

From the makers of the Shake Weight?

>> No.26727704

I prefer the term "quirky" and "silly". It's the cheesy 80s action movie of mecha. Was Commando shit? Well, technically, yes. But that doesn't mean that I don't love watching it.

>> No.26727706

Cheers, mate!
Downloading now, Looks good

>> No.26727709

Damn right I don't.
That shit's for retards and dracs.

>> No.26727739

Nat 20 Grapple

>> No.26727753

Nat 20 Armorsmithing

>> No.26727759

She wasn't bad at being charming, she just had horrid luck.

>> No.26727766

>Nat 20 Animal Empathy

>> No.26727770

I can get behind this way of enjoying Code Geass, unfortunately the fanbase of it seems to think it's deeply intellectual and groundbreaking.

>> No.26727776

Nat 20 Diplomacy

>> No.26727777

Nat 20 Intimidate

>> No.26727779

Do not fuck with Segata Sanshiro. To this day I have my Saturn hooked up to my TV just in case he comes by.

>> No.26727798

Wait so is she not Asian or is she bluffing about being smiley and excited?

>> No.26727801

Nat 1 Intimidate

>> No.26727810

... git gud?

>> No.26727813

Yeah, well fuck those guys. I actually know some people who cried at Shirley's death and I respect that. But the show has fucking rollerskates on giant robots. It has chess metaphors while nobody at all understands chess. That symbolism's more painted on than Eva's.

>> No.26727822

It's a catchphrase used on /v/ to justify bad game design.

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>> No.26727830

Flurry of blows, zero hits

>> No.26727837


>> No.26727846


Truly, a work of brilliance.

>> No.26727850


Somebody needs to git gud.

>> No.26727852

Ugh! I liked code geas but it was NOWHERE near as good as Mushishi, that show was flawless. I personally blame the teenagers.

>> No.26727856

better than your nipples

>> No.26727871

Nat 1 Sense Motive

>> No.26727873

Do you have a single fact to back that up?

>> No.26727884

Different guy but I was never able to finish Mushishi. The show was interesting but it just felt kind of boring after a while, I really wanted to like it but it just lost my interest.

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>> No.26727895

crit on AoO

>> No.26727896

The flaw has always been obvious even with western media.

Despite wanting more intellectual works, the majority of people, aka the general consensus, just wants to be entertained.

Good stories take a back seat compared to Action and eye candy sfx.

>> No.26727914

I will admit my jimmies were beyond rustled when it happened. I almost quit watching the series but didn't cuz I had to find out how it ends

>> No.26727919

Nat 1 Profession (train)

>> No.26727943

Nat 20 Bluff

>> No.26727960

Speaking of Code Geass and chess, Nat 1 Bluff I guess?

>> No.26727963

Nat 20 Profession (Waiter)

>> No.26727970

I'm pretty sure at that point he had the geass (Yes, they really spell it like that) on him, so he was forced to do whatever was necessary to not die, even if it meant insane acrobatics and pushing his body well beyond what he would be able to do consciously. So basically, it's magic, don't gotta explain shit.

>> No.26728004

It actually worked, though, so I don't know what to tell you.

>> No.26728008

Dear god is that an actual scene? Is that shown as being an actual move? Please tell me it's not.

>> No.26728009

Dat Yamasaki gif


>> No.26728037

Whatever game that is, it's not Chess as we know it.
There are several scenes where they play "Chess" and almost all of them have weird pieces that aren't in Chess and weird moves that no piece in Chess is allowed to make. Basically, pretend it's some other game you've never heard of and it makes a hell of a lot more sense.

>> No.26728039

Jesus Christ how horrifying.

>> No.26728040

It is and so is this.

>> No.26728041

It was contested by a Nat 1 Sense Motive.

>> No.26728075

It was a deliberate misplay to fuck with his opponent's head.

It worked, for reasons.

>> No.26728085

He just had more charisma than his opponent had wisdom. I see. It all makes sense now.

>> No.26728091

>Whatever game that is, it's not Chess as we know it.

>> No.26728106

He was pretty much throwing the match and everybody in the room knew it, and his opponent didn't take the win because he's got some kind of neurotic complex.

>> No.26728136

Every date I've ever been on.

>> No.26728190

It's just like my Metal Gear games!

>> No.26728220

>It's just like my Metal Gear games!

>> No.26728237

With Raiden in it it is a game for girls.

>> No.26728242


>> No.26728251

>Nat 20 Improvised Weapon

>> No.26728284

>Nat 1 Perception
>Nat 1 Melee combat

>> No.26728287


>> No.26728294

Nat 20 Profession (Guardsman)

>> No.26728305

holy shit, they really do exist in every police force

>> No.26728306

Nat 20 Intimidate

>> No.26728327

I'm sure we've all had a time like that. Anyone that hasn't, your day will come.

>> No.26728335

>not assmad at dark souls

>> No.26728340

Nat 1 Appraise

>> No.26728344

I prefer drills

>> No.26728346

yeah I've been randomly hugged and kissed by a cute asian girl before, shit was weird

>> No.26728358

morphogenic fields man

>> No.26728367

That looks like a Nat 1 on the detect yuri test to me.
You fail to assess the intentions of your friend and take 1 point of heterosexuality damage. You are stunned for one round, trying to figure out how to feel about this.

>> No.26728377

Nat 20 Strength.

>> No.26728381

God, I can't watch Free!, but it's certainly beautiful.

>> No.26728383

I had an Asian chick grab my ass and flirt with me because I look kinda like a hobbit. I took her to Isengard if ya know what I mean.

>> No.26728399

Nat 1 seduce

>> No.26728405

basicly. he is intimidating him not to take the obvious move

>> No.26728422

>Not Annerose
0/10 would not obsess over endlessly.

>> No.26728426

give her money

and kick her out

>> No.26728436


>> No.26728452

Nat 1 Acrobatics

>> No.26728453

I had a laughing fit at this.

>> No.26728482

Nat 20 Tumble

>> No.26728484

Nat 20 Perform (Synchronised Dance)

>> No.26728502

I'm pretty sure Yang had a feat or something which allowed him to take a 20 on any profession(tactician) role

>> No.26728508

Mad props to the guy on the left for throwing the dumbass to safety first.

>> No.26728516

I like how your only available response is "Okay."

I mean, what else are you going to say in response to something completely insane?


"Okay, sure, whatever you say."

>> No.26728524

Funny note. That was more of a nat 1 jump, nat 20 flair. He hits the bar.

>> No.26728542

So would I after a jump like that.

>> No.26728548

Nat 20 Acrobatics

>> No.26728551

Considering battles can take hours in the setting, twenty minutes for wining everything forever seems like the most useful ability in the universe.

>> No.26728564

Nat 20 Sleight Of Hand

>> No.26728579

Only if she changes her alignment to Evil.

>> No.26728606

yes. He got mind controlled into it.

>> No.26728621

oh my god the great appears over his dick

>> No.26728628

Nat 1 balance check
Nat 20 intimidate

>> No.26728643


>> No.26728669

What a rotten fucking cunt.

>> No.26728683

Nat 20 on Will save against fear

>> No.26728696

i loved that; wsj tried to show us how the taxes were going to fuck average americans only to prove that no one at the staff of the wsj has any fucking clue what the average american is.

>look at these poor lost souls with six figure incomes. how will they afford that vacation home now Obama?

>> No.26728703

What a gentlemans

>> No.26728769

Nat 20 Escape Artist

>> No.26728786

Nat 1 Use Magic Device

>> No.26728810

That's some shitty shelving.

>> No.26728822

Welcome to the back area of any major store ever

>> No.26728826

Nat 1 Profession (Horse)

>> No.26728829

More like Nat 1 drive.
Or rather Nat 1 common sense.

>> No.26728839

>Does this look familiar?
>Are you too damn stupid to accomplish the most basic tasks any child is capable of?
>Then you are just dumb enough to buy this useless crap!

>> No.26728855

barely touching something usually doesn't constitute having 1/4 of the damn warehouse fall on your head.

>> No.26728862

Nat 1 Sense Motive

>> No.26728870

b-b-back that fact up.

>> No.26728873

It makes you unappetising to predators.

My favourite strategy is to fake a seizure. No one wants to try and beat up/stab you when you're on the ground simultaneously twitching, screaming unintelligibly, frothing at the mouth and shitting yourself. Admittedly you have to buy new pants later but pants are cheaper than surgery.

>> No.26728888

I worked at a big wholesaler and the shelving there was incredibly sturdy. A forklift's brakes malfunctioned and it ended up hitting a shelf head on. The only parts that were damaged were the shelf it hit (Completely fucked, along with all merchandise) and the one directly above that (Badly dented, most merchandise damaged.). The rest of the shelf assembly was perfectly fine.
Shitty, cheapest-thing-we-could-find shelving is shitty.

>> No.26728901

What a miserable sack of shit

>> No.26728905

Nat 1 Handle Animal

>> No.26728923

I put one foot on a shelf like that in work, the whole thing damn near fell on top of me!

Thank fuck i jumped off quick enough or i could a lost my job.

>> No.26728926

I work at a Home Depot and our shelving is shit, I worked at Walmart and Sams Club and it was like that too.

>> No.26728931

is this you? >>26727263

>> No.26728941

HAHA what the fuck did that lady do, god damn.

>> No.26728944

I have to wonder how many times that kinda shit has to happen before the management realizes that they're losing more money in damaged merchandise and worker's comp than they save by buying the cheapest shelves they can find.

>> No.26728945

>imdb 8.9

i know its good but i cant believe imdb ranked it like that

>> No.26728952

Nothing by the look of it, that thing started wild or it's training was shit.

>> No.26728958

Just look at that shit she is wearing!
The bear acts in self-defense.

>> No.26728960

you've never been around forklifts before have you?

it may not look like much but that little thing is shoving the weight of two cars laterally into a support beam.

Those things are sturdy as fuck in general. You can bang weight on them and run into them directly all day. But if you take out a support column from the bottom? shits fucked.

>> No.26728973

even if she did start wild, just randomly attacking someone is really unlikely. the woman probably tensed up and the bear noticed and figured she was going to attack. which also means her training was shit.

>> No.26728986

she was slightly behind the bear, which it will take as an attempt to attack. If the trainer knew what he was doing he wouldn't have let anyone be in that position around the bear.

>> No.26729011

never. the cheap stuff is still hundreds of thousands of dollars to install and set up. Total failure incidents like that are insanely rare. Stuff like that only happens as a result of stupidity and you can't spend enough money to get rid of stupidity.

>> No.26729019

ah riiiight i didnt notice that. i work in a zoo and whenever we go in with the bears we are really careful to not get behind them

>> No.26729022


>> No.26729024

That's 27,000 dollars worth of bird on his body.

The reason they aren't flying away is because they're tamed (see the tag on handbird 1?)

>> No.26729043

Because there's no way in hell that most people on 4chan frequently search dickgirls.

>> No.26729055

Only on TOR and only with funky third party search engines.

>> No.26729068

>Nat 1 Handle Animal

>> No.26729075

Okay, I've seen this picture a million times but I dropped Code Geass on episode three.

Was is the context for this?

>> No.26729084

Very poorly translated subs.

>> No.26729088

No that's /g/

>> No.26729106

Eh, I think /k/ and /x/ has enough paranoid people to fit that description too.

>> No.26729108

I thought /tg/ was better than this. I didn't realize they had to DSP every single time they die.

>> No.26729115

Bear is omnivorous so among other thing a scavenger. The lady looked WAY past her prime. No wonder it got confused.

>> No.26729118


>> No.26729119

Nat 20 Handle Human

>> No.26729162

thats why its always funny when people are like "play dead with a bear they will leave you alone" motherfucker that bear is now more inclined to eat you

>> No.26729165

If you don't have friends who'll high five you after you steal something from a five year old, you don't have friends.

>> No.26729193

I thought it operated on different principles. You know like "holy shit I'm a terrifying grizzly and this guy's reaction on seeing me was to shrug and go to sleep, he must be hardcore I better leave him alone"

>> No.26729226

no, but shit like that happens when you swing a treebranch at them. if it hurts the bear may figure that you are too dangerous to go after. it will probably still be able to kill you, but you might hurt it badly enough to die later. which is pretty badass, making a bear retreat before it suffers a pyricc victory.

>> No.26729262


Just imagine what life is like for the infomercial fail guy. Poor bastard.

>> No.26729286

No but I admire his technique.

>> No.26729324

you haven't seen the scene where it happens, his line before saying it is something like t"that camera turret has 21 milisecond delay" also it was before then.

>> No.26729440

Point being not that it is simply "an intensely foolish move to make" but that it is a completely illegal and therefore invalid move. One cannot move one's king into check. Furthermore, checkmate defines a state in which the threatened is unable to make any move with which to save his king. That pawn could take the white king so this board position isn't even checkmate against black.

>> No.26729502

>nat 1 intimidate

>> No.26729574

Since it worked, wouldn't that be a Nat 20 Bluff?

>> No.26729592

Not really, it didn't work because it was a good bluff, it was just so stupid the other guy had an aneurysm.

>> No.26729617

So it was the reverse of a Nat20 failure by succeeding too hard?
Failing so hard you win?

>> No.26729643

>Nat 20 Acrobatics

>> No.26729706

Trying to see if there's any Transformers in there.

>> No.26729801

Like half of those aren't swords.

Or giant robots.

>> No.26729867

Japan seems like a fun place to live

>> No.26729876

It's really quite the opposite.

>> No.26729907

Nat20 Stealth Attack

>> No.26729938

That's a perform check, and not a good one

>> No.26729958

Ha ha! Look at that poor retired couple! I bet they can barely scrape together enough money to buy caviar. Losers.

>> No.26729960

Japan as it's portrayed in the media and hilarity that come out of it is not really all that close to what Japan is actually like.


>> No.26729970

Speaking as someone who did live there for a while, it's an alright place to live.

>> No.26730026

The other answers to this question are wrong: the lady did provoke the bear, but she didnt realize it of course.
Her grin is showing teeth. The bear, next to its handler as it is, perceived the sideways display of teeth as a threat display and went ballistic to protect its partner. In a different circumstance, it is actually possible it would have recoiled away.

Wild animals are wild, but they arent without any kind of rhyme or reason. You just have to learn to think like them. Bears are very similar to dogs in many regards, so they are a bit easier.

>> No.26730048

Maybe I am the retarded, but that thumbnail looks like the kangaroo is breathing fire

>> No.26730070

Nat 20 animal empathy.

>> No.26730207

Is this a joke?

>> No.26730244


>> No.26730462


>> No.26730738

Thats not funny man, they are from Australia. AUSTRALIA! Havent you ever heard terrible stories of men dying from dropbear attacks, poisonous spiders, evil not-wolves, poisonous spiders, flesh-eating platypus and poisonous spiders?
Fire breathing kangaroos are probably normal thing for aussies.

>> No.26730825

As an Australian I can tell you that's exaggerated and un true.

Platypuses do not eat our flesh, they only poison us if we try to pick them up.

>> No.26730897

Fuck, Europe is boring, here you only find wolves and bears, and those are boring as fuck.

>> No.26731274

We have Honey Badgers and Wolverines which are both terrifying as fuck if you happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

>> No.26731318

Nat 20 Stealth
I agree. Not a Nat 20 will save, but definitely a good roll for it.

>> No.26731326

Even if he hit the bar, that's hardly a Nat 1 jump.

>> No.26731428

I couldn't stop laughing

>> No.26731450

Check your priviledge, European man

>> No.26731455

Were I live there're like 30 kinds of snakes that can kill you with one bite, and the same amount of spiders that can do the same.

>> No.26731507

Cannot unsee

>> No.26731512

Atleast here we have a fighting chance.
Get cornered by an animal in Australia, get a nick, die from poison.
Get cornered by an animal in Europe, punch that motherfucker in it's mauling face.

>> No.26731526

>Get cornered by an animal in America, try to run away but you can't due to your scooter not being fast enough.
>also 'run'

>> No.26731557

>Punching brown bears
>Or a pack of wolves
What are you? somekind of mighty hero or what? what's your CR, motherfucker?

>> No.26732068

Not to sound like an Internet badass but I always felt that would be my reaction to that sort of prank.

>> No.26732293


10/10, would laugh again

>> No.26732522

And here you have the single most Australian .gif on the planet.

>> No.26732656

That was the point. The guy was egging on the other player, seeing if he would say 'nuh-uh you can't do that,' just take the win, or keep going for the sake of the game. Since both players were psychotic egomaniacs, the game (which represented the war) kept going.

At least that's what I took from it.

>> No.26732827

>Not hitting Ellesworth AFB.
Enjoy your B-1 Supersonic nuking!

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