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Let's make some shirts

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I don't get it.

GWB is The Rock.

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Junk is the more popular color combo name and he wanted to make a pun about junk

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GB is the Rock, GWB is Junk

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Why did you use the worst art of lili? Seriously, she looks fucking anorexic

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Black should be in the middle

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I can do CharArt.

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I sure hope weaver doesn't sue me too hard...

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here's a better version.

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im not too proud of this one
maybe if it had better borders/outline

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more or less /v/ related
but who cares Homeworld has some pretty sweet lore behind it so here is a t-shirt

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I would wear this every single day.

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Makes me feel good to know all the actual Wedge names. But then it makes me feel bad to hear all the FTM Standard kids saying a bunch of nonsense around me.

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My only regret is that I couldn't get the Sorceress to fit on there.

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>Implying Dega, Negra, Ceta, Ana, and Raka are the official wedge names

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10/10, you can stay for now /tv/.

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>Want to see my Junk?
>No Junk Warrior

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Yes. Or can I just rename the Shards to whatever I want and scoff at the people who don't get my clever strategic references?

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because the thinner is the winner, so i don't have to take her out to a fancy dinner like sizzler.

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Any design ideas for shirts that effectively hide your power level?

Most of these are the equivalent of off a fedora and hawaiian shirt. Some of us like being part of civilized society while occasionally responding to winking nods from other human beings.

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I have two of those DBZ style shirts. I wear one of them to the gamestore with my Legend of Zelda ballcap.

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oh god my sides
i dont know why thats so funny but it is

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Usually you dont want the theme of the shirt to be anything too attention grabbing, and instead want something that's very "plain" with a symbol that you recognize and other people would as well.

I love the idea of something like this, and I've gotten my spouse something like this to wear for has casual meetings at work.

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pleb as fuck

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>unnecessary name and trip
pleb as fuck

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You are the reason I cannot stand going to my local game store.

That and ever since they moved to the bigger location and expanded the staff, it feels way less like "this is a place to hang and bullshit about games and maybe play stuff" to "you're wasting our time if you're not buying shit. Browsing? no. You will ask about a specific thing, and we will show it to you or help you place a reserve order for it."

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tripfag got rekt.

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I think the post you're responding to may have been made in jest. I agree though, I try not to judge people based on what they choose to wear but stuff like that is a bridge too far for me.

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Yes, you have my idea right.
had I photoshop. Or skills pertaining, a set of polygon silhouettes of the standard dice (possibly in the classic "Official DnD" color sets. You remember the ones. The reason everyone and their mother owns a couple orange D20s and yellow D12.)

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Your gripe is with the management of your store. Not the people who reserve their nerdiest clothes for when they go to the store to play Magic, Tanto Cuore, Super dungeon Explore or the in-house homebrew RPG based on Metal Gear Solid.

Eat 1.21 gigadicks.

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No, I assure you, my gripe is with both.

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>"this is a place to hang and bullshit about games and maybe play stuff" to "you're wasting our time if you're not buying shit. Browsing? no.

Probably because autists come in with their fedora and oversized DBZ shirts and bug the living fuck and goodwill out of the people who were working there.

*nasal voice* I dont understand why my theif got to level in in Pathfinder and then blah blah blah just like that time in One Piece and blah blah blah and then my N64 stopped playing DragonQuest and we ran out of Pepsi. Hey have you seen the new magic card. Let me exhaustively tell you about every card."

employee: "Take my fucking life now, dear Jesus."

source: lived the nightmare

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I'd wear this

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Then you're a fagbag.

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It is very necessary. As I am a classic /tg/ MTG trip. If you weren't new as fuck hiding behind anon you would know that.

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>"hiding behind anon"
> Anonymous message board
>Thinking his trip serves a purpose in this thread
>Not 1000 B.C.E

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>Waah, I dress like a sperglord, and then whine when people get creeped out and don't want to talk to me. Everyone is obligated to look past my neckbeard uniform to see what a great guy I am because how you choose to present yourself to the world has no significance!

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>All that entitlement
>This isn't even a MTG thread
>I'm the one whose new as fuck

You can lie to me, but don't lie to yourself. You're about as important to /tg/ as a fapfic quest thread, but you contribute less.

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I really like how you have a trip so I can ignore you.

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Those people dont understand social cues. Why would they expect other people to...


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or you know, he just understand the community of his gamestore. if that place actually has in house tanto curore and SDE you're the one not fitting in by being weeb as all fuck.

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I'd probably marry a Stark man over a man from another house, but that doesnt matter.

Contributin' more shirt pics

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can I please have the original image?>>26722155

Would buy

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Well gosh, you're so important that I'm gonna have to filter you.

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gonna put this on a t-shirt
only i cant decide on the color of the t-shirt

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You'd look like a lunatic if you wore it on white. I'd say grey or black

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filtering is the pussy way out. Its for losers who want to run and hide instead of hashing it out like a man.

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here is version #1

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I never claimed to be "important"
notice I never insulted anyone in here(besides the starks, stannis4ever)

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These are awesome.

These are particularly bad.

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Smaller version.
That's not surprising, considering he's a less cuntish version of you.

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Just a friendly reminder, shitposting is against the global rules.

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>Is that supposed to stand for transgender?

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You claimed to be a "classic" trip, and insinuated that someone would have to be new not to know of your extremely illustrious presence. And you literally only showed up in this thread to shitpost. You are pretty much the embodiment of why people hate tripfags. You're obnoxious and self-important, and worst of all, you're a fucking liar. You may not have said that you were important, but that's your game, you talk as if you were. Now please, do the right thing, take off your trip and name, and actually post a fucking shirt design.

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>Not this

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Please fund this one

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its tg's 4chan cup logo
>surly you jest

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...And don't call me surly.

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Classy as fuck

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because I want a damn watership down t-shirt thats why.
watership down is pretty tg related in my book see bunnies & burrows or read the damn book

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now in team colors

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That's a pretty bad ass design.

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>implying I wouldn't know what "tg" stands for on /tg/
I was imagining what non-/tg/ people would think of the shirt.

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Only oldfags will know this terror

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what terror am I missing here?

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Maiden Rape Assault: Violent Semen Inferno

The Japanese VN with the comical name. That scars you for life.

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I like the shirts, but I don't like the idea of wearing a big sign on my chest that says I'M FROM 4CHAN

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I would.
Either that or an urbanmech.

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Watership Down is the shit.

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Im really trying to stop myself from watching the movie untill i finish the book.
But its reeeally hard

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I maek shurt. Is gud.

Except for the fucking corners. Bleugh. Probably better as a white shirt, but black blended the borders better.

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Just get it on your kit of choice.
On a football shirt obviously.

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haha people actually saved those? here's the original, if you want it.

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thx dude. you my nigguh.

do you have the dino-sex one?

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sorry I didnt make that one
>losedye quality

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Well, I'm signing up.

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>Using the shitty /vg/ version
Anyway, I would kill for an Atlas shirt. That is, one with the Atlas's front torso in B&W lineart on the shirt. No battletech logos, nothing else. It would be a great powerlevel hider.

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AN atlas is 100 tons

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Yeah. No shit.

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why are they called the Rock and Junk?

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I think this came out pretty well, actually.

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Junk is a play on Jund. The Rock is called that because the deck was first piloted to a tournament win by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, an avid MTG player when his wrestling and acting career permits.

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You're fucking with me.

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No, he's just one of us

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Can I have the original picture?

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This feline
it is very irate.

>> No.26725001


Sure. I actually like it cut off for shirt purposes.

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Umm... yeah.

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I want one like this, only on the back it would have a faded-in chatlog in the bottom right where there's "NAR-SIE HAS RISEN" followed by the typical freaking out over comms.

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Unwearable-in-public shirt time.

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why doesn't GW make t shirts.
....not that I would buy them.....

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What's that from?

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Space station 13

>> No.26725381

*this shirt

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I would buy that, and I don't even play IG.

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right...just like how Vin Diesel plays DnD

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Space Station 13
there are 3 4chan servers
2 tg servers and one vg server
there is a general on vg if you want to know more

>> No.26725497

Space Station 13
there are 2 tg servers and one vg server
there is a general on vg if you want to know more

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Same vein, but better

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Original Junk deck was "just a pile of good junk" in those colors. People kept calling it that.

The original Rock was a GB deck from Urza's block standard featuring Phyrexian Plaguelord and Deranged Hermit. Plaguelord apparently bears a resemblance to or has the same pose as the wrestler The Rock, making the Deranged Hermit tokens leveraged with Plaguelord "The Rock and His Millions." Again, the name stuck.

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Upside: still counts as hiding your power level
Downside: people think you're a fag

Net win, really. They're probably right.

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>not a reference to Wall of Junk
I'm disappointed

>> No.26725772

I'd wear the shit out of that shirt

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>> No.26725869

an other SS13 shirt

>> No.26725872


Someone's a virgin.

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>> No.26725908

a handy chart

>> No.26725924

Can someone post the original picture?

>> No.26725942

get out you..you... UN-VIRGIN!!

>> No.26725996


Might be funny if we could read it.

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>> No.26726016

here it is

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Is that a Battletech joke?

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>> No.26726066

its from Outsider
a comic thats pretty tg related
youll sometimes see this chart posted in Traveller general or anyother setting that involves hyper space

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>20 May 2013: I finally got around to converting the Prologue pages to the new, larger format. New pages coming soon.

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Except one of those I just made up and one of them is real.

>> No.26726162

Yeah, that didn't seem right, seeing as BT jumps to the zenith and nadir, and not along the axis of the solar system like retards.
That fucking comic, though. Good art, intriguing story. No updates.

>> No.26726167

I know it sucks anon. we all feel that pain
read the comic then busy yourself with the massive amount of fluff this guys written for the setting in the extras
I mean just look at all of that fluff.

>> No.26726240

>Massive amount of fluff
Are you one of those people that thinks fsn is a good example of a detailed universe or something?

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>> No.26726248

excuse me what the FUCK is that picture. And what does it have to do with Magic

>> No.26726274

meh im just saying that I appreciate the amount of fluff he has made for his setting over the course of the years.
and would you look at that
new fluff written two days ago

>> No.26726277


It's a triceratops humping an android. What are you, stupid?

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>> No.26726295

magic is not a necessary requirement of all fantasy settings

>> No.26726304

It's a dinosaur having sex with a fembot, why would it have anything to do with Magic?

>> No.26726364


Personally I'd go with this one.

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>> No.26726618

I get it

>> No.26726634

I get it.
It's just that it isn't funny.

>> No.26726670

That's just sort of crap.
Also giantdads a shit.

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>> No.26726735

>> No.26726861

I'd wear this.

>> No.26726867

original image please?

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>> No.26726883

The greatest of Spaceknights

>> No.26726909

I'm bringing you fags fashion.

>> No.26726911


nigga that shit Squid Girl

>> No.26726927

Most people won't see the difference between this nerd-cred shirt and most graphic-tshirt fashion.

>> No.26726979

I'm considering this one seriously.

>> No.26726983

Gotta rep dat sponsership.

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>> No.26727055

>> No.26727064

Would only work if you're that guy

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>> No.26727116

Welcome to /tg/.

>> No.26727131

What's the matter? Git gut, casul.

>> No.26727133

oh shit thats a good one

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>> No.26727174

ok yeah i would wear that.

>> No.26727197

Do you dare?

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>> No.26727292

>sir could you please take your shirt off?

>it's too loud

>> No.26727306

A loaf of Owlbears

>> No.26727341

>> No.26727397

then you throw hawks at his head

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>> No.26729673

Best I could think of

>> No.26729689

That's nice.

>> No.26729862

>> No.26729888

no it shouldn't

>> No.26729894

Decided to give this a go.

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I'd wear the shit out of these

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>> No.26729980

thats it.

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>> No.26730013

Looks good to me.

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GWB is Necra.

It's like you guys don't even Invasion block. The others are:

RWU=Raka (Not American, RAKA DAMN IT, RAKA)

>> No.26730126

Are you the same moron that always brings this up?

Nobody uses the Invasion block terminology, dipshit. Nobody even used it DURING Invasion block.

>> No.26730169

Nope. This is the first time I mention it. _I_ use it, since I am absolutely tired of all the billion random names people use for color combinations. Especially those flag colour names piss me off. The Invasion names are actually useable.

>> No.26730181 [DELETED] 

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>> No.26730217

I suppose it figures that /tg/ would have more than one person using the Invasion block 3-color prefixes. This place is complete dildos when it comes to mtg.

>> No.26730223


Considering that a respectable portion of the user base didn't even see the original Ravnica or Mirrodin at release, much less freaking Invasion, I don't know if that's true.

>> No.26730226

>> No.26730250

Does anyone have the original image of this? I would wear the fuck outta this adorable thing.

>> No.26730288

I don't expect everyone to remember them, but I expect them to be able to handle deck names that are not American or French or Nicaraquan or Junk or Dark Boros or whatever bullshit someone has recently come up with. Maybe they'll use them in turn later, since the Invasion block names are actually pretty nice.

>> No.26730400


Also,I have some spare ones I mocked up, but they're kind of /v/ related.

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>> No.26730422


>> No.26730429


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>> No.26731701

>> No.26731709

>> No.26731710

here you go

>> No.26731743

that is adorable
would buy

>> No.26731878

Have an orky corgi.

>> No.26731989

would buy

>> No.26732049

You... I like you. I had that as my wallpaper at work, and nobody understood what it was, or where it was from.

>> No.26732110

Except Vin Diesel did/does play D&D.

Just because your built like a fucking tank doesn't mean you have to spend all day grunting and doing squats while eating oats and shit.

>> No.26732158

I think the real question we need is "How often does Vin Diesel play DnD."

thats a pretty important question

>> No.26732280

I think he said that doesn't do it all that much nowadays but played the shit out of it in AD&D days. Though my memory might be faulty

>> No.26732536

can you post the original?

>> No.26732661

Could you post the original?

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