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Good Afternoon /tg/,
The last time I posted a story, it was about my friend, the anti-social gaming friend with a heart of gold who went on to become homeless and bitter.

This is the opposite of that story, where as that guy was a bro(albiet with a great deal of problems and smells), this is about a whiny self entitled little prick, I have dubbed the Flamer.

So sit around /tg/, have a drink, and hear the cautionary tale of when you let a whiny emo bitch into your play group, hear of the Flamer.

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Speak then, tell us your tale.

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One night, I'm at my FLGS, playing M:tG with the group when a group comes in, all high school students. I'm about 22 at the time, so I don't really know them, but one of my friends recongnizes them as underclassmen.

So there are five of them, and they hadn't played magic very long, and never thought of looking up Magic cards on the Internet. So they are amazed at this. Now this store isn't very big, and it doesn't have any signs or anything, so it is literally a local secret, but it has a pretty impressive lot of cards, even power, if you show the owner all the cash up front.

So after an hour of them playing with us, buying cards, and introductions to our niche group as a whole, they all leave, and I think nothing of it.

The next day I get a message from one of the people in the group, asking if I would like to play Magic sometimes. Well I'm being both a combination of polite and with my love of M:tG I say sure, and if you need advice of questions, just hit me up a message and I will get back to you when I can.

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>show the cash up front
What the fuck kinda card shop are you playing in?

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I think you missed the part where he said "Power". I'm not going to pull out Moxen for a customer to drool over unless I know they are serious about buying them. Therefore, in the words of Cuba Gooding..... "SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!"

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Well in retrospect the few facebook messages seem kind of desperate, but hindsight is 20/20. They usually comulated to him wanting to meet up to play some Magic, so one afternoon, I bite, and invite him over.

We meet up at a gas station near my house, go back to my place (he drove, but didn't know the back roads very well, so I figured this was the best way, in case he got lost), and show him my cards in the basement before sitting down to game.

The kid is your alternative scruny rocker scene kid, including "X" on his hands to show his straight edgieness, florescent colored clothes, and band t-shirts I never heard of, but I believe in giving everyone a free try and shrug it off as a teenager being a teenager.

So after two or three games I can tell he's a Johnny. He has only one deck, it's mono green, and it either generates obscene amounts of mana to produce tons of tokens with Wolfbriar Elemental, or tons of counters with Warcaller, with a few other minor combo's here or there.

So, figuring this, I take out one more deck to run, something I know his deck isn't very optimal for, Glass Cannon Pros/Bloom. Five Turns later I Exsanguinate him for twenty, and he loves it. He proclaims he never seen a deck without creatures before, and he would have never even thought of the idea.

So in this moment, a Johnny is born, and it seems all is well, but I was wrong.

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He lives on the property, and this is more a side business for him. He has one table, and everyone must play in the same game. The store has boarded up windows, is generally cluttered with boxes of product not M:tG related all over the place, it's musky, there is no bathroom in the story, it's isolated in the country, and the neighborhood isn't the best (but has been cleaning itself up in the last few years). Actually at one point during the event of this story his shop was actually robbed, and the culprits took some sealed products and binders, just to get caught trying to steal them in a shop a few times over.

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I sure hope you typed this out beforehand.

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What the fuck is this some kind of underground magic circle, do all the people that play are mafia mobs

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I don't believe he did. He's mis-using a lot of words. He said "steal" when he meant to say "sell", "story" when he meant to say "store".

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So numbers are exchanged, and I find out a week later he got a job at the pizza place by the gas station by my house. So I stop in to see him whenever I go to work, and hang out after work (my restaurant closed before the Pizza place by a good hour), and for a few months there isn't anything that unusual going on. He is an active deck builder, and starts working on combo-y decks. Such as Mesmeric Orb mill, and a deck utilizing Day of the Dragons with Jungle Patrol and Opposition (which oddly worked, I wish I remembered the whole deck list).

We go to the store, and while we get along, he increasingly hates me as a deck builder and player, as my decks are usually less focused and try to have an answer for everything, or are just done for raw chaos (like Norin the Wary+Pandemonium+Grip of Chaos). He says he doesn't like decks like this, because they fuck with the game too much.

So in other words he bitches like the typical whiny Spike you find at Gen Con every year, and since I'm use to it, I don't care too much, and in fact the play group enjoys it because it's good for a laugh when he bitches about something.

However, I did have a few redflags in this time I choose to ignore, one time we are driving home and he is bitching about women in his scene and how it isn't about the music to them, but instead they might like a few songs, and are in it for the style and atmosphere.

The other time we are heading to the store, and I mention this t-shirt of a band he wore a lot while we went, and I say it is his official Magic: the Gathering shirt. He not only seemed to get offended and self concious about this, but we stopped at his house on the way there so he could change his short, and I don't think I ever saw him wear it again.

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I'm typing it on the spot. I'll try to proof read before posts, thanks for telling me this.

Just your Enthusiast given a place to play. He has been open since November of 93, so he has been around for a while. Plus Magic wasn't always so commercialized, or the gaming scene so socially available, this being said, I do wish he had a bathroom somewhere.

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So summer comes along, and another friend, we will call Jameson moves into an apartment closer to the shop we play at, then the Flamer gets fired, for what, I was never sure, but the owner of the Pizzaria tells me "You shouldn't hang out with him, he's bad". So now, where as say trips were a joint payment, and we payed for our own food and stuff, it is now on me. So at first I don't care too much, because we have a place to crash at when I'm not working (worked typically four days, and then had a three day weekend, so I would go to Jameson sunday night, and hang a day or two there and at the shop before going home for a day and then work).

Now Jameson the wanna be shark is another story all together for another time, but he was in the group, and being in a larger town, one with a few bars in walking distance, we would meet up and get drunk, and play some Magic.

The Flamer hated this almost as much as he hated my deck building. So one night, I'm in the apartment and we just got done going out, because the Flamer said he wanted to come over and play some Magic. So he challenges me with a friends sliver deck.

Now, he was convinced he could beat me with this deck because I'm drunk and he has slivers. Now I don't care, it's a kitchen magic game on the floor, so I pick mono-white banding. Run banders, along with creatures like Mother of Runes and Deftblade elite to dominate combat, Elspeth Tirel (a playset) and Congregate to keep me alive, Sun Titan and Akroma as the big finishers. Along with plenty of control like Wrath of God, Armaggedon, Balance, O-rings, ect.

I go 2-1 against him. He gets furious, talking about how Banding is a retarded ability, and claims me of cheating, and when I chuckle, and say I won, he said "bu-but I beat you once!" I explain it doesn't matter in a match, this is foreshadowing for later.

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This time, another, more competitive and modern shop opens in the town next to ours. It becomes sanctioned, and hosts type 2 fnm. When modern is announced, it hosts that as well, and he falls in love with the tournament scene.

Now I don't care for grinders or the tournament scene very much, but I do enjoy modern, and I play it consistently every Monday night. I run Goblins, which have it's pretty typical curve, with Guide coming out first. He hates guide, because in his eyes, it is an op one drop. Now I never disagreed with him, but said it wasn't strong enough to warrant a ban.

He asks me, to name a better one drop, and I name Wild Nactle (this was before it's ban ironically), Kird Ape, and Loam Lion. He says "the chances of them being 2/2 and 3/3's on turn one are slim to impossible" even after I explain the concept of fetch lands.

So he asks me, in an unrealistic fashion, name a card that could go 1v1 with Goblin Guide if he did nothing but play a Guide every turn, and I did nothing but played this card.

I name Order of the Stars, he gets so pissed he actually leaves me there, and luckily for me, I get a ride from an ex who was in the area.

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So I don't spend much time with the Flamer after this for a bit, he gets a job working behind the scenes in the same club as Jameson, and I continue doing what I usually do. Then one day, I'm with this girl in the basement, when he sends me a text asking if he could come over. I send back a text saying I'm busy, but come later, however in 5 minutes he's opening my basement door.

Well not only did I not get laid because of that, but he basically only stopped in for ten minutes to make a trade before he headed off to some shitty venue in the Capital. Well it was the most akward trade I ever made (don't even remember what for what, with a half nakes chick behind me on my couch). Well he later scolds me because of this, and his straight edge, and what not.

I tell him openly to stop being a faggot, and that if he lightened up a bit, maybe we all wouldn't call him the flammer.

I leave that August to go to Gen Con and see family, like I do every summer.

I don't hear from him until I get back.

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(is anyone reading this?)

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>scolding somebody for getting action

jesus chris

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And this people is why you keep your doors locked.

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So in the time I was gone, Jameson decided to get kicked out of his apartment. Now this was partially due to me bailing him out every month from whatever drunken problems he got himself into (such as missing rent).

So I let him crash the weekends on my couch, as long as he was gone Sunday night (I was living with my family at the time, so it was also because while they liked him visiting, they didn't want him living there).

Now a few weeks later, he calls me up, and says he will be around at about eleven (I got off of work about 10 and was just walking out of the restaurant). So I say no problem, I'll keep the lights on, and he asks if the Flamer can come around.

I roll my eyes and say sure. So he makes it there about 10:30 and we wait for the Flamer, who arrives at 1 am. I wanted to lock everything up, and wanted to wait for him to come in before doing so.

So he comes in and we all sit at the kitchen table to play some good old fashioned M:tG. They are there talking about Standard, and the meta and what not. So about a half hour of this I ask "So we going to game, or just jerk each other?". He looks at me and says "no I just wanted somewhere to talk about the Meta and playtest".

I lose my shit, and finally my hospitality, and tell him he can either sit down and play some Magic, or he can fuck off. He stands up, and I show him too the door. Jameson asks if he has too leave too, and I say no.

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After this, our only interactions are at the store when I go to play Modern. I let him burrow a few lands for his W/U control deck, and he becomes increasingly ok to be around after he loses his edge (he actually manages to get laid and starts smoking, but still no alcohol, even though I bring up what happened to all those principles he had a year before).

It is this time I start to meet up regularly with everyone else in that group I initially met him in, and they all say they hate him, and only put up with him the few times because he had a car, before they all decided to pitch in to buy a used car together.

So, it turns out he is the reason Jameson lost his job at the club, and ultimately the reason he got kicked out of his apartment. He told the owners of the place some lies, along with Jamesons problems with Alcohol, it was inevitable.

Now there are many small stories from here or there about his whinery, too many really, I could fill a thread, but I will leave it to exactly the last time I saw him.

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It's the end of a Game Day, and the Helavault had just been opened. Due to increasing issues at home, over my now ex, I was spending more time hanging at this store. I was there with my twin when a game gets off the ground, it included me, my twin, the noobie (a cool guy running a simple mono blue control deck) and a guy running an equipment deck. The Flamer is running artifact copy, which includes dump things like Master Transmuter, and Filigree Angel along with playsets of each Artifact land in his colors (blue/black) and every copy artifact effect in the game plus clone. It could be a nasty deck, with beaters including a Blightsteel Colossus, and Master of Etherium.

I'm running a janky combo deck w/ Disciple of the Vault, Spine of Ish Sah, Priest of Yawgmoth, and Mirran Spy, with a few other things here and there. Three turns go by, my brother just has mana dorks out, and a bear. He passed his turn with no plays. The other guy has a puresteel and a sword of fire and ice. The Flamer drops a Master Transmuter, and it's my go, and I drop my Spine with Tron (no sac outlet is in play or hand). I look at the puresteel, and then the Transmuter, and the Flamer says "just destroy it, you always pick on me anyway".

So I do that, to good effect. It turns out the other guy would play two more artifacts, a sol ring then a sword of feast and famine. My brother, being the odd deck builder he is, proceeds to naturalize both swords before blocking with his Grizzly Bears, killing the night, and the other guy is flabberghasted.

Flamer plays a second Transmuter, in which case, I top deck Tinker, proceed to Tinker into a second Spine.

Flamer drops his hand of all Islands, and said he had nothing. I simply rebuttle I didn't know that, you could have a Blightsteel in hand. He starts ranting, about me, and my theory of politics and Magic, and calls me a Royal Cunt while giving me the finger.

He proceeds to quit the game, leave the store, delete me from Facebook..

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and leaves my cards at my house, it was the greatest rae quit I have ever seen.

So this is the tale of the Flamer, who went from needy friend, to cunt in about a year. I hope you enjoyed.

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So anyone want to hear another?

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>delete me from Facebook
Harsh dood

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go for it

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yeah gogogogo

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Top lel. Well done, sir.

Go right ahead, I could read these all day.

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Yes, duh.
Moar, motherfucker.

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Did he leave anything valuable?

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Yes, it includes my buy a box promo of Celestial Colonnade, and Glacial fortress, but it wasn't like I let him burrow anything super valuable.

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Ok You can either here the cryptic tale of Jameson the wannabe shark and NEET fuckup, the trolling of Snake the Cupcake, or my most recent M:tG regret, Roberto de Faggot, a cautionary tale of degeneracy.

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>the trolling of Snake the Cupcake
This one

>> No.26720556

Rolled 1

Those all sound pretty cool.

Lets see what the dice gods pick

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Roberto de Faggot pls :3

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I like how all three got picked, but the dice gods picked Jameson, so he goes first.

Jameson grew up in a house hold that taught him to be a complusive liar. Whether he was a upstarting writter, a business wiz, a protour player, or just a lazy thief, all changed quicker then Amanda Bynes personality. Snake the Cupcake use to actually write down all the stupid shit he would say or claim just so he could contradict him later.

I met him on the strangest of situations and coincedences.

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Lurking. Pls proceed op

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Now not a whole lot of his early life is known, it is known the town he grew up in, and at one point, he won a tattoo of a flaming ace in a game of poker, but other than that, nothing is known about this persons life.

Did his girfriend when he was 12 really kill herself on his doorstep when he was out of town, did he really get molested by one of his older brothers when he was a kid, was his cock really a foot long, who knows, who cares.

He would buy a few friends of mine alcohol to seem cool, back when we were too young too do so (he was five year my elder).

You see at the end of High School, I actually quit Magic for a year or soo, after the awesomeness that was Time Spiral, assuming the game could never reach that high point again and the fact Lorwyn was aggro/control.set.

So in this time, a shop opens in the town next to mine (the same shop that would open again later in the previous story). A kid I worked with bought a box of Eveningtide to get Figure of Destiny, and wanted out, so after some whining and deal making (got some old vidya's too) I buy it off him for a hundred bucks.

(pic somewhat related, imagine the guy in this pic looking even more like a tool and you have Jameson).

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So I go to the newly opened store mainly to sell the filter lands for some extra cash, because hey Duals are always worth money.

Well, bad idea, I am handed by the person behind the counter (someone I know personally) a few dollar boxes and black bordered tron lands (Antiquities). He says "pull until you are satisfied". Two hundred cards later, I leave the store very happy, and this doomed me to get back into Magic.

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This is for you.

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Thanks, I been playing this gamme too long, but hey, I have some amazing stories.

So the day I meet this guy, he says he needs money, and will sell me a box for 40 cards. In the box included two resets, demonic tutor, a playset of Ball Lightning, and sex Vesuvas (remember this was 4 years ago, so the prices at the time varied), and I buy it in a heart beat.

Now I don't know how many of you believe in Feng Shui, but after deciding to get back in, I was deciding to practice the get money trick, but for Magic cards, and in theat month or so my collection tripled in size. I'm not honestly sure why either, but I started throwing all the rares I got into this box.

Now this box had his name on it, and I should have crossed it out, but again, hindsight. One day there is a mixup that too this day he claims was an accident.

After a day of him telling me he had my cards, and that he would get them back to me, he gets kicked out of the apartment him and his gf was staying at (this is a trend), and lives in his car off the radar for sometime, and I can't find him.

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im gonna go out for a smoke, OP.

keep going

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So I spend a year hunting this guy down, to no avail.

Well enter the Rise of Eldrazi pre-release, I'm talking to someone about this guy, and how he sold my reset's and how I'm going to kick his ass, turns out its one of his older brothers. So right before we get into duking it, Jameson comes in, with his girlfriend the 12 year old.

The situation defuses, he says he still has most of my cards, and that I should relax, and now he has a place he can get his life back together.

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I win first at the pre-release and pull a Kozilek.

Now I hang out with him, when we all go drinking, and I did get a good chunk of the cards back, including the Unlimited Will of the Wisp, but no Vesuva's or Reset's.

So, I hang out with him and his gf minimally really, until that shop closed and I had to go to the small shop I mentioned in the other story. Since that was in the next county, which he lived in, I ran into him a lot, and combined with the tradition of store running followed by going out for drinks, and Snake the Cupcake to bond us (a mutual friend, among others), we got to hang out pretty often.

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So roughly around the time I met Flamer, he gets kicked out of his gf dad house, and moves into a small apartment in a small city.

Now, he invites in this underage girl we drink with at a local bar occasionally and her friend, in hope he would get laid, and naturally it doesn't work. She does sleep with one of our mutual friends on his bed while he's drunk outside calling me at 2 am bitching.

>> No.26721637

So, he kicks her out, and yeah, break up w/ his gf the 12 year old, which drags on way to long, much longer then any break up ever should. I mean, I'm talking close to a year.

One time I'm suppose to help him move a tv, and it end with the almost fucking, then squabbling, and shit being thrown.

Yeah so he develops alcoholism as a coping mechanism, and I spend more than one night we are suppose to be hanging out baby sitting him, almost even got shot once.

I'm also helping him pay rent by buying shit cards I didn't really need off him (he wouldn't just take the money).

>> No.26721814

I keep hearing about the 12 year-old gf, but he's also 5 years your senior and in the first post you mention you're 22. How old was this guy at the time and where was Chris Hansen?

>> No.26721819

I appreciate this thread, so let me contribute my own little tale of how my DnD group fell apart recently.
My group was made up of 4 people; me, R, N, and Z. I was DM but I was also playing a character because there were not enough people in the group, as the area I live in does not really have that much DnD support. I was playing an Eladrin fighter, R a dwarven paladin, N a human mage, and Z a drow rogue. N is R's older brother, and Z and I are both stoners. Z and I get into all sorts of shenanigans while the other 2 are sleeping because we both have trance, and N does not approve of the shenanigans. This guy is like 22, a complete hoarder and so straight edge that its painful. Anyways the shenanigans continue to happen, then one time N decides that he had had it. He already did not like me and Z because we were "ruining our lives with the devil's lettuce" (I shit you not, he actually said that) and the shenanigans apparently put it over the top. N waited until we were in a fight, and he attacked my character with the intent to kill me and take my shit. I'm DM so of course I kill his ass. He then starts getting really angry, legit yelling at me and Z for being a couple of "good for nothings". R interjects, tells N to stop being a little bitch, then N punches R in the face. At this point we have forgotten all about the game itself and Z is telling me that we have to get the fuck out of there. I agree and start packing my shit up, and R gets up from being hit and tackles N. they fight on the ground for a couple of minutes, then N gets up, grabs my backpack out of my hands and swings at my with it. It clips my shoulder but it was still open so all the shit spills out. Now all my DM shit is all over the ground, so I punch him, grab my shit then get out of there. I later get a text saying R doesn't want to play anymore, so I say ok I understand. Z then tells me N grabbed his character sheet and ripped it up so he can't play anymore. And that's how N destroyed my group.

>> No.26721829

Also did his real name happen to be Rykardo?

>> No.26721856

Did the N stand for Narc?

>> No.26721857

Now on the day of the tv incident I found out he was extremely homophobic to the point of voilence (he attributes it to his molestation).

So we are drinking and he is being a faggot, and sitting across from me, so I sit up, lay my balls on his knees, and say "gay moment". He freaks out so hard, that he pushes me off him and in one solid motion munches me in the face with enough force to knock me back down on his chair.

It's like a movie, people stop drinking, chicks stop making out, the music actually stops, and everyone looks, and I laugh, get up, shake his hand and tell him that is the only cool thing he has ever done in his life.

"You punched him with all your might and he laughed at you"-Snake the Cupcake

>> No.26721877

She was actually my age. Ever watch the Orphan? She had a vitamin deficency similiar to that, so she would always have the body of a 12 year old, and it didn't help she liked anime and often dressed the part, she wasn't actually 12.

>> No.26721883

Nah, it stood for Nathan. Close enough though.

>> No.26721931

Is it weird that I'm jealous that none of the groups I have played with have been this dysfunctional?

>> No.26721946

Give it time.

>> No.26721957

The grass is always greener on the other side.

>> No.26722016

I just want my groups to explode in massive dramabombs instead of amicably drifting apart. Is that too much to ask?

>> No.26722051

You could always... you know... ignite the dramabomb yourself, no one would have to know you did it on purpose.

>> No.26722065

I can almost smell how bad those people's opinions are through the screen.

>> No.26722123

subtlety is not one of my strong points, and I don't really have the heart to do it on purpose. Maybe if I found a insidiously horrid enough group that would change, but until then, eh.

And Blackblade, is storytime over? I do always enjoy these sorts of stories

>> No.26722141

neat thread, keep it up

>> No.26722189

The moral of the story? Don't not do drugs, kids.

>> No.26722210

He's a slow typer.

>> No.26722252

Maybe you would smoke too if you had to deal with those people.

>> No.26722444

I smoke weed, did you read my post?

>> No.26722496

Im sorry, I'm too high for this shit

>> No.26722578

No I hhad to run to the Gas Station.

Anyway So while I'm at the Con I get a call from the 12 year old. She first says she wants to be done with Magic short of her cat collection (she had cats in the form of the hydra), and offered to sell me them.

She then mentions how he stole a large amount of money from her emergency account, however she doesn't know what, but suspects it was so he could chase SCG for a year. However even then, when she found out, she didn't lock him up, because she loved him, and that is the reason her dad kicked his ass and kicked him out.

So before I left, I bought a large and expensive lot off him, and put money down on a JTMS. He sold it, so I kicked his ass for that ten bucks when I got back.

He later gave me a Karn Liberated out of guilt at a later time, before knocking up some girl in a one night stand and forcing to become an adult.

Now he works a dead end blue collar job and has little time for Magic. Fin.

>> No.26722601

>bitches like a Spike
I don't think you understand what a Spike is. A Spike will grumble when you beat him, but recognize that your strategy worked.

A Spike's number one goal is to win. If the way that you win is by having a control deck with many answers rather than a highly synergistic aggro or combo or midrange deck, so be it. He didn't 'bitch like a Spike', he bitched like a scrub.

>> No.26722608

Now I have the trolling of Snake the Cupcake, or Roberto (Numo) de Faggot.

>> No.26722629

>Mono white banding deck
>Random other shit like Mother of Runes and Elspeth
>Sun Titan and Akroma
Shit, I hate the way you build decks too.

>> No.26722641

Rolled 2

Let fate decide

>> No.26722645

Snake the Cupcake!

>> No.26722682

>He later gave me a Karn Liberated out of guilt at a later time
>Karn Liberated
Don't you see? He liberated himself of his guilt, just like Raskolnikov liberated himself of his terrible crime when he confessed to Petrovich.

>> No.26722689

No spikes bitch about everything.

>This card shouldn't exist, it is just booster filler.
>This card shouldn't exist, it is OP and warped the format, and more importantly, my deck.
>I'm sure glad WotC added/removed X, it would be so much more difficult if it was still a part/wasn't a part of the game.
>Fucking event organizers, this event should have started five minutes ago.
>Fucking greedy prick, he should have traded his Dual for what I offered for it.
>Fucking EDH, it encourages bad plays and players.
>Fucking casual, it encourages bad plays and players.
>Fucking girls, why do they never talk to me.

I've heard all this just at Gen Con hanging around Pastimes events and entering them.

>> No.26722730

So, I came out to the Midwest about a year or so ago to help on a family farm. No real prospects in NY, and I was out of school, so I decided to give a hand for what was going to be a month or two.

I got too know the owners of a local shop, and started frequenting there mainly to play the one format they had in plenty that was cheap, EDH.

>> No.26722746

Why do you hate my deck, this is cohesion at it's best.

>> No.26722780

>This card shouldn't exist
Idiots say this, not Spikes. Idiot spikes, idiot johnnies, idiot Timmies.

>card is too OP
A Spike will accept whatever legal strategy beat him. A scrub will bitch.

>glad WotC changed something
Not seeing how this is bitching

>Fucking event organizers
Again, this is not what a Spike would say, but an asshole.

>Fucking greedy prick
Asshole, not Spike.

>Fucking EDH
Asshole Spikes are more common to say this than Asshole Johnnies or Asshole Timmies, but it's still mostly the asshole part.

>Fucking casual
See above.

>Fucking girls

So, it seems to me that you actually have a problem with idiots, assholes, scrubs, and idiot asshole scrubs, but you choose to lump all of them into the category of "Spike", which I'm sure to you means "Anyone I don't like, or who enjoys Magic in a manner different than myself", mister I'm Such A Special Fucking Snowflake.

>> No.26722817

Bullshit. Congregate is fucking awful, because lifegain is only ever good in a dedicated lifegain deck, and even then Congregate is pretty fucking shitty. Either you're gaining a good chunk of life because YOU have many dudes (which means the spell is pointless) or because THEY do (which means it's a bad Fog).

Mom is a good card by herself, but just because I put JTMS into a mono-blue shitheap does not lend that deck 'cohesion' or 'synergy'.

What it sounds like you did is put a bunch of bad banding cards into a deck with some actual decent cards like Elspeth, Mom, and Sun Titan, and then patted yourself on the back for being so fucking clever when it's the "no shit, sherlock" staples that are actually pulling all the weight of the deck. But hey, you didn't netdeck, which I would bet 10 bucks you consider a dirty word, so good for you sunshine.

>> No.26722819
File: 62 KB, 580x750, F.A.T.A.L.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now I met a lot of down to earth people playing EDH at this store, some great minds, a few llikeable pricks, and Roberto. When I met him, he was just another guy, running one edh deck, a Numot deck.

Now he wasn't the worst player at the table. In fact his deck was pretty mean, it could get a bad midgame lead, and sneak out a win. I even sold him an Idyllic Tutor that night.

Now I dont know what happened, maybe it was because he lost too much, maybe it was because he needed something to be good at. So he starts proxying cards, money cards and the ilk.

So the edh players hate him, as they tend to do, and he is always the first too go in a game, and if not, the second.

>> No.26722881

Not understanding the enviroment I play(ed) in, there was at time 8 or more players in a single game. Combo might get off once before everyone killed you first, control never got off for the same reason. It was Aggro: the Gathering, plus it was casual, I wasn't going to beat down someone who hadn't even played three months with Charbelcher, lock them out of the game w/ Stasis, or run them down w/ Pox. Get real. Now don't you have some SCG event to plan for?

So he became increasing of an asshole. Now at the RTR prerelease, there is this kid and his gf, both locals who are there all the time.

>> No.26722901

someone in another thread told me that i should tell you that you are a scrub idiot. >>26722849

You are a scrub Idiot, although i haven't actually read this thread so your mileage may vary.

>> No.26722915

Here's a quick summary:

He considers the term "spike" to be inherently insulting, and thinks himself infinitely more clever than the people around him for owning decks like 'mono white banding' or an updated ProsBloom deck, and actually told someone they weren't allowed to talk metagame/playtest at his table, they either had to play Magic with him or leave.

>> No.26722927

i woulda said Perimeter Captain, frankly. i used to run a janky wall deack back during Zendikar block and that card was my favorite one-drop against RDW

>> No.26722938
File: 34 KB, 223x310, steam vents.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now the guy is trying to get his hands on Steam Vents, and Steam Vents foil, and I'm sitting in a room after it, waiting for the 9 am event to start (the shop was open all weekend). I say a comment about he would probably let his gf give a bj in the parking lot for a foil Steam Vent. A comment meant to say he doesn't have his priorities straight.

Well the next day, in the same room, someone mentions I said this, and I repeat it, because a freind or two wanted to know what I said, so I repeat it, and Roberto hears and makes a big deal about me being disrespectful to her honor and later repeats it too her.

>> No.26722941

My go-to speedbump to fuck with aggro is Kraken Hatchling, personally.

>> No.26722962

haha okay im reading it now.

Yea OP, sorry but you are a fucking retard. The fact that your friend is also a retard and you think you are hot shit because you beat him at casual magic makes it all the more embarrassing.

>> No.26722968

>8 or more players in a single game
>Aggro is dominant
>i won't play combo or control
Well shit, maybe the area you played in was Dudes: The Sidewaysing because you were playing fucked up 8 man games where somehow combo and control were shunned out of use?

There's no way in fuck a combo player could 'go off' and only kill one person out of 7 unless they were playing the shittiest combos possible.

>> No.26723080
File: 330 KB, 1280x960, 1359309787587.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also it sounds like you your friends are disgusting white trash morons, who simultaneously take Magic too seriously while being completely ignorant about it. Just saying.

>> No.26723081

That's simplifying things quite a bit on the last account.
>guys is a tried and true asshole
>guy was at OP's house at 1am, OP was expecting to play magic
>Guy says "I don't want to play magic"
> OP tells him to leave.

As for the banding thing, I'd feel pretty accomplished if I beat a spike (as in cares most about winning), who was running slivers, with a near shit deck with a few good cards, while drunk. I'm not sure whether or not that's coherent, but I'm too tired to fix it.

>> No.26723176

First off, stop using the term Spike like that. Just because the kid wanted to win doesn't automatically make him a Spike, and it's unspeakably rare that you get people as a pure representation of one psychographic rather than some amalgam of all three. Second, oh fucking man, his deck full of random good cards that were weighed down by a shitty forced theme happened to beat a moron with a half-assed deck. You laud his accomplishment like a sliver deck is some insurmountable beast, rather than a quick aggro deck with synergy (that honestly a banding deck could fuck with badly, since banding can make sure combat is very very non-profitable for the other side).

>> No.26723353

>Using letter
Just use different names next time dude

>> No.26723381

Might as well give up OP, tourney and metafags have shown up.

>> No.26723405
File: 11 KB, 275x183, 1359419947181.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>better give up, people who know thing 1 about magic have shown up.

>> No.26723411

I did it with the Glass Cannon Pros/Bloom deck I mentioned early, and ANT would work from time to time.

Haters gonna hate

Anyway I gtg but I'll bbl, say maybe an hour?

>> No.26723438

OH man, god forbid anyone play the game differently than you right?

We're such faggots for finding joy in competing and building a deck to fight the meta.

>> No.26723449

Which are both combo decks more designed to kill ONE person than several.

Why not a proper combo deck like KikiMite or the like, to kill the table?

>> No.26723469

No, you're faggots because you act like faggots. Enjoying different parts of the game has nothing to do with it.

>> No.26723493
File: 19 KB, 302x320, 1358785202700.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

and yet you defend OP who hates "spikes" without even understanding what it means. Please exit life.

>> No.26723529


can someone run down some of this slang for me? johnny, timmy, spike?

>> No.26723531

What, exactly, makes me a faggot?

I have no issues with non-tournament players. If you want to play an 8 man casual pauper game, go ahead! This is a game! The whole point is to enjoy yourself. Would -I- personally enjoy that? No, it's not my cup of tea, but I'm not going to lambast you for enjoying the game differently than I do. You playing casual Magic does not hinder or interfere with my joy in any way, so please, continue supporting a game we both love by playing it in your own way.

Meanwhile, you are calling me a faggot why? Because I build decks to win rather than to have fun, because I follow the metagame and make decisions based on that? Is the sole basis of me being 'a faggot' that I play the game in a different manner than you do?

>> No.26723562

A long while back, there was an article on the Mothership explaining the three primary 'psychographic profiles' that R&D had in mind when designing cards.

Johnny, Timmy, and Spike are the three faces of the Magic player, or at least were back then. Johnny is often summed up as a 'combo player', who likes to find obscure ways to win, or likes to make shitty cards good through whatever means available.

Timmy is often categorized as being stupid or younger, only enjoying big smashy creatures and finding removal and control bullshit.

Spike is often categorized as being the win-at-all costs 'tourneyfag asshole.

I prefer the simpler explanations that Johnny plays to express something, Timmy plays to experience something, and Spike plays to prove something.

>> No.26723598


Shit, I think I'm a filthy casual Timmy.

>> No.26723610

Why the fuck did we have to start discussing OP's local casual meta? Fuck that, this is a thread about MTG That Guys, not MTG metagame.
So what if he has a shitty banding deck? So what if his Timmy/Johnny/Spike/Vorthos terminology is slightly off? We're here for testimony regarding the very slime of humanity, leave the more technical aspects of MTG discussion for more dedicated threads.

>> No.26723646

Mostly because it's a worst people I've run into thread, not hurr meta and hurr tourneyshit. thread.

>> No.26723651

I support this. I know almost nothing about magic but i like stories.

>> No.26723671

Because metafags and tourneyfags can't into anything else.

Are they gone, I'd like OP to actually continue so I can hear about the fucking shark.

>> No.26723734

Hey so am i, sort of.
I've gone more johnny lately though, it's helped me calm back to casual from a spike phase due to extremely competitive meta.

I still like timmying best though. want to build angel ramp but i don't currently have avacyn or sigarda money.

>> No.26724526
File: 22 KB, 265x480, kjivsobama.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You stll seem mad,

Also I never called the Flamer a spike, I said he bitched like one, because spikes bitch, just look at Asshole here.

Anyway so where was I, ok so he tells everyone and his mother about what I said and after a week are two, I'm being confronted about it, I fess up, admit what I did, said the context, it blows up, but to this day he still brings it up from time to time.

Shortly after he comes out of the closet, which I shrug, but starting throwing the "I'm a fag" down everyone who can hear's throat, talking about his bf and shit, the funny part was the guy lived in Cali, and he never met him, and after a month they where caput.

>> No.26724550
File: 640 KB, 200x150, 1359314823893.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Also I never called the Flamer a spike, I said he bitched like one, because spikes bitch, just look at Asshole here.
>Still does not know what a spike is
fucking laughable.

>> No.26724596

You are The Flamer aren't you?

>> No.26724622

So, at light of this, I literally think "oh well he's not trying to sleep with her when she goes on the rebound " (the relationship was near it's end), "he is just playing the mother hen."

So he gets the hint and stops playing EDH. He now goes too playing Standard, Modern, and YuGiOh too mixed results.

>> No.26724655

I find it hilarious that you say 'spikes bitch' when this whole thread is just you whining about the people you know.

Hell, half of it isn't even Magic related. It's you going on and on and on about the irritating shit they do, like how one of them being straight-edge was somehow offensive to you.

>> No.26724677
File: 376 KB, 416x312, 1374466967886.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The story with the straight edge faggot wasn't him.

>> No.26724684

A spike, by the classical definition is simply someone who plays M:tG to above all other things, win. This does include cheating when they can get away with it, lying (look at Long), and other underhand tactics. To him, winning is fun, and fun is winning.

Now I understand this, I do, but the recent bread of Spike has become such entitled whiny bitches who have gotten bitter that SCG isn't talking about them, and entitled because entitlement seems to be all the rage these days.

>In b4 herpderp not a Spike.

Face it, Spike is a deragatory term, and has been for just about as long as it has been coined.

>> No.26724708

Is that right?

>The kid is your alternative scruny rocker scene kid, including "X" on his hands to show his straight edgeness

>becomes ok to be around after he loses ihs edge

Are both of those posts not from Blackblade, with the same butchering of the English language found in all his posts?

>> No.26724720

The 'classical definition' does not include cheating or lying. It is doing everything within the rules to win.

Someone who wants to win so badly that they cheat is not a Spike, but a cheating asshole.

And, again, you quote what you 'think' Spike means, and then just buck that entirely to say that "Spike means anyone that complains" or "Spike means anyone that I don't like". I guarantee that this is due to some butthurt from someone who has an idea of how to PLAY Magic skullfucking your 8 man casual shitpiles that you call 'decks' and you taking great offense to that.

>> No.26724722

So enough with the spikes, he basically becomes "that guy" of the FLGS, too the point people avoid him, which just makes him act more like "that guy".

So since he slowly becomes a prick, his boss fires him. Now unemployed, he is trying to find a new way to make money, and it is through Magic cards, and he sells one of his friends cards.

Now you think this would be a warning, but people don't listen to common sense for some reason.

>> No.26724739

Dude, nobody fucking cares.

Stop bitching about people you know. Shut the fuck up.

>> No.26724786

fuck you, he's telling a story.

>> No.26724792
File: 10 KB, 256x256, 1358785599511.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>A spike, by the classical definition is simply someone who plays M:tG to above all other things, win.

>This does include cheating when they can get away with it
nope. The Fun of winning is ruined if you have to cheat to do it: I would not get any sense of accomplishment if I cheated to win.
lying(to anyone other than a judge) is not against the rules, also every person ever has lied so this is practically meaningless.

>but the recent bread of Spike has become such entitled whiny bitches who have gotten bitter that SCG isn't talking about them
what the fuck are you even talking about? and what does star city have to do with the definition of spikes?
>Face it, Spike is a deragatory term
only to redneck retards like yourself.

Spike is a player psychographic: A way for the magic designers to conceptualize the desire's of MTG players, so that they can design cards that appeal to their whole audience, there is nothing remotely derogatory about it.

Educate yourself.

>> No.26724799

No, he's whining about people he knows in a manner that's maybe tangentially related to Magic.

This is not his fucking blog.

>> No.26724817

You don't like what he's saying? There is a very easy solution. Get the fuck out.

>> No.26724863

So a few weeks ago, I'm bringing in my whole lot to trade before Gen Con, which includes things like Karakas, plenty of (non-power) unlimited rares, Arabian Nights cards, Power Artifacts ect.

So he starts looking, violently pulls out the Karakas, bending it in the process, when I fucking smack him and tell him to fuck off, there is a bit of a standoff before he backs down, says "well your shits poopy anyway" and goes to a corner of the store by himself. I'm suddenly not in the mood to trade, bring my whole lots back to my car, and the guy who I brought that all for had something come up anyway.

So enter GenCon, several people Carpool with him to the event, and give him there cards to trade. I tell them he did something once, and not to trust him, but they didn't listen.

He brings them too the dealers and sells them for credit. He picks up some cards, but given what he traded, it was obvious he took credit for himself.

So now he is black listed from everyone who goes to that store, and has become a social pariah, or so I been told, but I'm sure they will tolerate him in a week.

>> No.26724884

Man, fuck this thread. There was perfectly good storytime going on until people started bitching because OP plays differently from them. The projection is not even funny, where >>26722962 can't even imagine any reason for OP to be telling the story other than bragging about hid victory. God damn Magic, it's ruining /tg/.

>> No.26724893

>pretty good storytime
From step one it was just a mongoloid pigfarmer who can barely construct a sentence whining about the people he plays Magic with.

>> No.26724915

So then what IS the reason exactly?

>> No.26724917
File: 111 KB, 330x352, fucking moron.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok, this is the last post I'm doing to response.

>Player who obviously is a whiny bitch with few friends and probably a bully victim plays Magic to try and feel entitled too him, and runs with it, becomes an ass in the process.

>Guy with issues steals from friends and girlfriend to try and pursue M:tG glory because he wants to be something more then an anonymous schmuck, and can't be.

>Initial somewhat conservative clean cut guy turns more into your stereotypical NEET and degenerate as he also steals from friends. Gets angry when losing Magic and generally quits when he realizes he can't win consistently.

I must ask, are you angry because you see yourself in one of these posts?

>> No.26724937

No, I'm angry because you keep going on and on and on and on about their personal lives, like whining about the way they dress or their personal beliefs.

This. Is. Not. Your. Blog.

>> No.26724946 [SPOILER] 
File: 87 KB, 476x581, 1366643208703.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can we hear the last story, OP?

>> No.26724958

These are no different then BBB. The Fishmalks, this might not be as over the top as them, but it falls under the same situation.

Also stop with the damage control, it is ruining my thread.

>> No.26724985

No, it does not.

If you were purely complaining about what an ass this guy was within the confines of Magic, that's fine. If you were just talking about how he became a dick and started to steal cards, that's fine too.

But you bitch about the way he dresses. You go on and on and on and on about how he was irritating to hang out with in your home after work. About how he would bug you on Facebook, about how he was straight edge (a choice you mocked him for, by the way). There's a world of difference between "Hey, let's have a MTG That Guy thread" and "Everyone listen to me bitch about the specific people in my life, and also I'll vaguely link it to something /tg/ related"

And on top of that you namefag?

>> No.26724993
File: 38 KB, 380x245, dupichshin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Was it Snake the Cupcake? Actually his is kind of boring, but it mostly involves him being either an asshole or a Dave to new players to get an ego boost because of his low self esteem. He also trolled people in real life, but most of these were pretty petty.

>> No.26725007

Dude, knock it off.

I enjoy reading about how deliciously trashy OP and his friends are. My contempt for him is part of the fun.

>> No.26725008
File: 12 KB, 269x187, 1359210758250.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't care that you are using tg as your personal blog(it is semi-against the rules, but doesn't bother me at all).

I do care that you are a moron, who clearly knows very little about competitive magic yet feels like he is qualified to make absurd blanket generalizations about people he has never met, and clearly does not understand.

>> No.26725014

If you'd actually read>>26719286, you'd know it was to illustrate that the scrub he was playing bitched about losing to a non-competitive deck. This is what's called a "That Guy Thread," where OP tells about the idiots he plays with. Most of the non-MTG parts of /tg/ find them entertaining.

>> No.26725021

>He also trolled people in real life

>> No.26725036

> clearly knows very little about competitive magic yet feels like he is qualified to make absurd blanket generalizations about people he has never met, and clearly does not understand.
Haha really? That's what you need to know about to make judgments about people? I thought it was something like psychology, or a record of people's behavior, but nope. Apparently knowing about a card game is the best qualifier for knowing about people. Thanks tripfag!

>> No.26725041

Well, OP it was fun. Thanks for the stories.

>> No.26725046
File: 1.91 MB, 1836x3264, IMG_20130819_164448_348.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've met plenty of spikes who were OK dudes,

BUT I've NEVER met someone who verbally self-identified as a spike who was not a total tool.

Maybe it's a zen thing like /v/ and Gregor.

>> No.26725055

he's making sweeping generalizations of entire categories of people (spikes and competitive players in general) based on his minute, half-assed, completely incorrect assumptions based on very little evidence.

Him saying that all Spikes are lying, cheating assholes who do nothing but whine (because he's decided that everyone who lies, cheats, is an asshole, or whines is a Spike, so that his assumption that all Spikes are lying cheating assholes becomes self-fulfilling) is like me saying that all Jews are secretly black, because I've decided that every black person I've ever met is a Jew.

>> No.26725063 [DELETED] 

I know plenty about competitive Magic, I've probably been playing longer then you too boot.

Fuck I've run literally every deck named after a breakfest cereal short of "Oops all spells!". I've been to Super Series, Junior Series, GP Qualifiers, PT Qualifiers, Game Days, Anniversary Events, city events back when WotC did that sort of thing, and regionals.

I've done everything short of enter a major Vintage event (entered one or two local ones some time ago, but that was probably a decade ago now, and I didn't do all that well anyway, going 2-2).

Now, I don't know about competitive Magic? No I do, but I think it has become something of a joke too itself.

>> No.26725065

Mostly because competitive players who aren't dicks don't think of themselves as "Spikes", they think of themselves as... well, players.

>> No.26725081

What? My LGS has a Mox Opal in the glass case under the counter. How the fuck are you going to move stock if your clients don't know it's actually there?

>> No.26725089
File: 69 KB, 188x237, pol.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That is very /pol/ of you.

Exactly! I never said I hated tournament players, I said I hated spikes, there is a difference.

>> No.26725094

>I've been to this big list of barely competitive events that any jackoff can walk into
Oh wow! You must be SUPER COMPETITIVE! Tell me, how long ago did you compete? How frequently did you compete? How much prepwork did you do for a tournament? Did you study the meta, pick a deck accordingly, and playtest it a lot? Or did you just show the fuck up and get skullfucked 0-2 drop every time?

I could go to every PTQ within a thousand miles for the next year. That doesn't automatically make me competitive, nor does it naturally impart knowledge about competitive Magic just for showing up and losing. And your timeline means nothing. I know people who have been playing for half as long as I have that are a hundred times better.

>> No.26725103

>I never said I hated blacks, I said I hated niggers
>Oh by the way, all blacks are niggers
>So are some non-blacks, if they meet any one of my criteria for niggerhood
>but I'm not racist

>> No.26725131

>Ignores the fact two thirds of the event types I listed aren't even a thing.

Asshole, stop projecting, it is getting pathetic.

So, I have one more short story before I just lurk this thread, is anyone game?

>> No.26725147

Just leave and come back tomorrow under another name, and tell us the story in a thread that isn't constantly getting spammed by butthurt Spikes. And pre-type it, for fuck's sake.

>> No.26725159


You played in OLD TOURNAMENTS! That makes you competitive, somehow?

The JSS was basically a PTQ, except less competitive because all there was to win was a scholarship rather than a plane ride and a shot at the PT.

GPTs are still around, and are among the least competitive events to bear the title of "competitive REL", and while PTQs are still around, I have serious doubts that you ever did well.

You go on and on about your pedigree; why not tell me how you did? Did you ever win one of these events? Top 8? If you did win, how frequently, or was it a flash-in-the-pan thing?
Simply showing up and paying an entry fee at an 8 man GPT in Bumblefuck, Iowa does not make you competitive.

>> No.26725186

>Wah! You didn't top 8 at the latest open!

If I told you how I did at any of these, it could comprimise my fucking identity, and as an anon, I'd rather not do that, you understand that, don't you Trip?

>> No.26725190
File: 340 KB, 1024x830, 1359057921046.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wrong again. Anyone who plays to win is a spike.
are you just intentionally misinterpreting my posts now because you know you are getting rekt?
see >>26725055

>> No.26725201

>Wah! You didn't top 8 at the latest open!
more like you never top 8'ed anything of significance.

>> No.26725213

I'm not asking you to give me specific events and dates and times and placing.

Did you ever win one of these myriad events you entered? Did you ever PLACE? Or did you show up with whatever shit-brew you jam-fucked together the night before, end up in the x-10 bracket, and considered your lone victory some kind of moral triumph?

Again, showing up does not make you competitive. It makes you cannon fodder.

>> No.26725230
File: 109 KB, 250x187, the joy of cooking milhouse.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know a lot of competitive players who have distanced themselves from the "Spike" label simply do to the bad pr one could get from having what has become a deragatory term to describe literally the worst of the player base.

I also find it funny you have yet to actually prove my accusations, nor my descriptions are wrong, and the majority if players seem to agree with me.

I find it ironic that I set up troll threads in the past, just to end up with them fizzling, but I try legitimate that guy/BBB thread, and it actually works in trolling.

Go figures huh?

>> No.26725244

Well I've Top 8'd a lot, never got the gold, but making top 8 always gave me swag, so I usually didn't care that much.

The last one I entered was back in Mirrodin 2/Innistrad PTQ at my lgs. Made top 8, and dropped because they were taking too long setting up the top 8, I was hungry, and my gf was too incompetent to get me food when she was at McDonalds.

>> No.26725257

>Prove my accusations/descriptions wrong
I accuse you of being a giant cock-swallowing faggot.

I would describe you as an inbred dirt farmer from the middle of nowhere who thinks that anyone cares about his stupid rambling stories, and truly believes that because of the gallons of dog semen constantly pouring out of his shithole, that he is constantly right about everything.

Now, until you prove these accusations and descriptions wrong, they are 100% accurate.

>> No.26725263

>Made Top 8
I seriously doubt that unless there were only 8 fucking players.

>> No.26725282

>Implying I care what someone accuses me of on the Internet.

>> No.26725297

You cared enough to reply, pigfucker.

>> No.26725313

>Not understanding Greentext
Lurk Moar Asshole, and turn your Tripp back on.

>> No.26725334
File: 74 KB, 500x700, 1360077469785.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so not only do you not know what spikes are, you also don't know what trolling is.
Merely being a retard(what you are doing) is not trolling.

>The last one I entered was back in Mirrodin 2/Innistrad PTQ at my lgs. Made top 8, and dropped because they were taking too long setting up the top 8, I was hungry, and my gf was too incompetent to get me food when she was at McDonalds.
screenshot the event on your PWP page, after all apparently until you prove otherwise, you are lying hurr durr.

>> No.26725358
File: 518 KB, 1777x1015, rekt.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that isnt me. See screenshot where you can clearly see i get the (you) when you replied to me but not when you replied to the anon who agrees with me..

>> No.26725369

I'm good man. Fuck I'm not even sure what DCI number I used to enter the event, I have like four. One I used just to see how low I could my DCI score, so I would forfeit matches or run trolly decks for shit and giggles.

Now I just grab whichever one is on me at the time.

>> No.26725373

Oh, cool, so you broke rules that could get you permanently banned from DCI events on purpose.

For shits and giggles.

>> No.26725385

You might want to correct that. You're only allowed a single DCI number; knowingly maintaining multiple numbers (especially with the express intent to manipulate your record/ratings by having multiple numbers) is a big no-no. Like, banned for life big.

>> No.26725396

Yeah, what is the worst that could have happened, I was banned from the DCI?

It's pretty bad when at least two of them were made by accident and they basically told me just to merge them at a later time.

>> No.26725403

looks like you are a cheater too. Fucking spike.

>> No.26725411

Actually yes, that's the worst. Could be for a few months, could be for life.

>> No.26725422

I know GA, I have gone back to using my original, for most events these days, but sometimes I do use others, mainly if I misplaced another number. I do intend on some point merging them all, but I'm not sure how that works.

>> No.26725449

You call WOTC customer service and tell them you need your numbers merged.

This is not a 'get around to it eventually' problem. This is a 'needs to be fixed before you enter another event' problem, especially if you have a habit of misplacing your 'main' card.

Hell, don't bother with a card. Do you own a cell phone? Open it up, and create a new contact named DCI Number. Put your DCI number as the phone number since they're both 10 digits. Boom, you don't have to worry about losing your card anymoer.

>> No.26725455
File: 117 KB, 400x400, 1358763564304.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I top 8ed but dropped
(I have never seen anyone do this and I have probably been to like 50 PTQ's in my life)
>conveniently forgets his DCI number
sure I totally believe you.
You are bad and you should feel bad.

>> No.26725460


Yeah, back to playing Magic in run down shops and back rooms again. However, I don't wish to be banned, even though, as of this moment I've kind of quit Magic over the legend rule. Still playing casual though with a few friends.

>> No.26725486

It was local event, and I was more hungry then convicted to enter into top 8. I couldn't afford to travel across the US at that time anyway, with my sisters wedding coming up. I was just glad my RDW build did as well as it did.

Captcha: Ambition fpulde

>> No.26725488
File: 86 KB, 192x187, 1360771375816.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>quits because of a rules change
>accuses other people of bitching
keep digging a bigger and bigger hole. Every post you make is like a new revelation about how scrubby and pathetic you are.

>> No.26725495

They still have one of those? Well I guess I'll give them a call tomorrow, need to figure out my other two DCI's I left back home.

>> No.26725507

PTQ winners get free airfare to the protour. So that excuse makes no sense. Got any other ones for me to shoot down?

>> No.26725514

>Local event
PTQs are not a 'local thing'. PTQs draw people from all over the state, and people from nearby states half the time. Plus, they give you a free ticket to the Pro Tour if you win.

You are making up some of the most half-assed excuses to justify dropping from the top 8 of a PTQ, a feat nobody but yourself thinks was possible.

>> No.26725520

It just seemed like a good time to take a break. Like right after Lorwyn when then introduced Planeswalkers. I am building a new muscle car, and that doesn't exactly mix with M:tG.

>> No.26725528

They should have it on their database. I had the same problem long ago before my judging days, since I only ever played in tournaments 3 hours from home and lost a DCI card in the meantime.

>> No.26725536

So you've quit Magic at least twice over something overall inconsequential being changed, and yet you feel the ability AND need to look down on people who 'bitch all the time'? wow.

>> No.26725543

Yeah but the gas too the airport, the food, and the hotel aren't free. The last thing I was concerned about was the Airfare.

It was being hosted at my LGS, so as far as I was concerned, it was "local".

>> No.26725562

Okay, so you entered a PTQ on a fucking whim and managed to get to top 8, and then you dropped out because you were fucking hungry and couldn't afford to go to the PT anyway?

Why the fuck did you even enter?

>> No.26725567

Actually three times in my entire run. With the mess that was Mirrodin. I jumped back in because Ravnica was just that awesome.

Thanks again GA, people like you are the reason I can't seem to leave this game.

>> No.26725584

It was a Saturday I didn't have anything better to do on, why?

You mean you don't enter Magic tournaments out of boredom and melancholy? I did spend a week or two designing the deck, and at the very least studying the local meta.

>> No.26725623

No, I don't.

I do not enter a 6, 7, 8 hour event that costs me 40 dollars and is highly competitive just because I had nothing else to do that day.

>> No.26725643

That's too bad, you are missing out on life.

It was fun to run RDW I'd go on about the matches, but I don't remember much. I do remember my deck list though.

>> No.26725656
File: 124 KB, 500x500, 1360262011741.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Yeah but the gas too the airport
LOL. You could afford the 25 dollars to enter tehe ptq?
>the food
so you only eat when you are at the pro tour?
>the hotel
well the PT invite alone is about 400-600$ in EV, depending on how many people are there. Doubt the hotel was that much.

In actuality you are just talking shit, and then bringing up every excuse when someone asks you to back up what you said. Seems highly unlikely that you are not just making shit up especially after bragging about being a failed troll.

>> No.26725692
File: 1.76 MB, 311x166, p05mG.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This whole fucking thread man. I feel like one of those people who slow down on the freeway when they pass a traffic accident.

>> No.26725693

Worked at a restaurant for the time, ate for free. From a big traditional Italian family, also because of this, ate mostly for free.

Over an hour drive to the airport. At the time, didn't have a license, and wasn't 25, so I couldn't rent a car.

I don't know what EV means.

>> No.26725715

i can't believe i read 5 paragraphs into that shit...

you ramble like an old man.

wtf is the point of this story? that your homo friend had a crush on you?

>> No.26725730
File: 1.04 MB, 480x270, 1360771339014.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I don't know what EV means.
jesus christ
Expected Value.

>> No.26725734

christ, i'm sorry, that was kind of mean.

still, i guess i was kind of into your writing style.

>> No.26725767

also, do i have to understand mtg meta nonsense to be able to understand the story? cause you might have a rather limited audience for that.

I get the whole "He plays like the kind of person he is." thing, but after paragraph after paragraph of magic-babble...

>> No.26725803

No I guess I was a bit strong on the Jargon. A Johnny is a combo player, likes card interactions, and seeing what he can do. If a card exists, no matter how strange, he will make it work in his favor.

I guess the third one was a bit of a ramble, or are you talking about the first one.

>> No.26725839

>Telling Magic stories
>on /tg/
>I don't understand your magic story
>Who could possibly understand this?

I... what? If you don't understand cards, effects, and terminologies you should be googling them. /tg/ is the sort of place where one should be able to rely on the audience understanding Magic babble.

>> No.26725842 [DELETED] 


What is Five Hundred free bucks in the grand scheme of things. I would have hurt my wallet going to an event I would only partially enjoyed, surrounded by no one I knew and players I wouldn't enjoy being around, to what, at best win some faux paus glory and some swag?

I'm glad I dropped and went to spend that money on going to a wedding and Gen Con.

>> No.26725874


>> No.26725884


Rather go to a wedding and Gen Con.

>> No.26725913
File: 54 KB, 500x570, 1358782982327.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I would have hurt my wallet
I just demonstrated that It is actually profitable to attend Pro tours, especially given the free airfare.

> faux paus glory
don't (mis)use a phrase when you don't know the meaning(or spelling) of it. It makes you sound even more like a fucking idiot. For next time: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faux_pas

>> No.26725917
File: 77 KB, 402x564, forbidden love.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I already told you, I had nothing else to do on that Saturday! I found out a week prior I would have that Saturday off, and decided to go on a lark. Why does that piss you off so much?

Did it ever occur to you maybe I entered to help my LGS, to diddle around with a "Teir 3" deck, and to be around friends?

>> No.26725925

>Also a namefag on /co/
Why Raditz m8?

>> No.26725926
File: 319 KB, 368x477, 1370228894342.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26725934

I won't argue this, but I told you I had a wedding and Gen Con that year too, and I do (or at the time was) maintaining a muscle car, which /o/ will tell you isn't the cheapest hobby around.

>> No.26725935

It pisses me off that you entered a competitive event with absolutely no intent to attempt the event it fed.

>> No.26725948

Posted under a different name. My point is the same, didn't want to hurt my wallet, wasn't interested in going, and was hungry.

Plus it pissed off everyone who was still there that didn't make Top 8, which was icing.

>> No.26725959
File: 187 KB, 1185x746, capped.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

capped for posterity

seriously next time you attempt a highfalutin french phrase, Google it first before you embarrass yourself.

>> No.26725983

>Capped for posterity
>Crops off the Faux Pas of misusing Faux Pas


>> No.26726012

haha whoops
halp i am not good with computer

>> No.26726043
File: 79 KB, 1618x389, phew.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

saved by the archive once more

>> No.26726490

>Caring about how someone types French, the weakest of all languages.

>Fucks up his crop.

I hope this thread is archived just to show how retarded you are.

>> No.26726581
File: 400 KB, 457x699, 1360971818931.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i don't really care about the typing/spelling(I make typos, everyone does).
I do find it hilarious that he used the phrase faux pas without knowing the meaning of it.

Obv im Lelling hard when a redneck retard tries to sound smart and fails miserably. I mean the whole thread is filled with his contradictions, his obvious misunderstanding of terms like "spike." and his general "im clearly too cool to play magic, but I play anyway and im desperate for the approval of my thread" attitude. Also there is the other post he deleted where he brags about making troll threads on /tg/ that nobody responded to.

>> No.26726628

The funny thing is you are still in here bitching and making a small grammar mistake when Blackblade has clearly left.

You must be real successful in life, ruining a funny Storytime like this. The best thing he proved his point, you are everything he spoke about in the definition of a Spike.

>> No.26726657



You should really get back to Reddit, 4chan is an 18+ site.

>> No.26726678


>Blackblade has clearly left
Iunno, you're still here Blackblade.

From what I recall, AASK plays magic on a competitive level and does quite well. So yeah, he's successful at what he enjoys.

>Ruining a funny storytime
"My friends are all idiots, let me bitch for 6 hours" is not a funny storytime, and the only person all thread that's called it one is you, blackie.

>definition of a Spike
His 'definition of a Spike' was anyone he doesn't like.

>> No.26726702

>white trash

I'm pretty sure Blackblade is from England. So he wouldn't be a redneck. And I'm not sure if white trash applies when the only comparison is paki trash.

I mean, he's a scummy punk. But, we need to leave our American labels behind when we criticize other nations. He's too rural to be a chav. What do the English call their inbred hicks?

>> No.26726713
File: 18 KB, 512x384, 1360198758657.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

im 25. and I have been using 4chan since 2005.
Now if only you had an actual argument instead of just blind conjecture, you might get somewhere.

I haven't bitched at all. And it was not a grammar mistake, He was embarrassed about it and deleted his post as soon as he could.

>You must be real successful in life, ruining a funny Storytime like this.
His stories were not funny in the slightest(except for the purposes of laughing at his blatant hypocrisy), also I'm not sure how that relates to my life success. Perhaps you want to explain that?

>> No.26726754

He wasn't embarrassed over misuse of Faux Pas. He was embarrassed over using the wrong name. And for some reason didn't just copy his text.

You can see him deleting stuff for the same reason earlier in the thread.

>> No.26726760

It's been... eye catching. I have zero interest in M:tg and anything to do with it, although I do like reading stories about people being arseholes in relation to /tg/ things.

Basically, this whole thread is just compounding my view that people take M:tg way too fucking seriously online, as well as IRL.

>> No.26726762

You sure seem to know an awful lot about how he thinks.

>> No.26726776

I only see bitching and projection from my post.

Maybe he is lurking, who cares, if he posts he posts, but generally he is fickle when he does, I'm shocked he posted nearly as long as he did in here.

>missing the point.

He defines a spike as someone who is petty, can't be trusted, takes things in a hobby too seriously, and generally the type of tools you see gaming these days. I mean, in my time in the Magic scene, I've seen everyone in this story, and more. It truly has the worst player base, and it is fun to make fun of. It's just a shame you guys ruined it for us. Hey, at the end of the day, you are still the bottom denominator of the gamer pyramid (right next to the Yugioh players).

Personally I like when I hear people bitch on here, in reality that is all BBB was, an epic bitch fest about someone strange.

Now you will bitch, you will complain. You will go "Muh REL, Muh Planeswalker points and Web 2.0 streamline".

Enjoy your shitty simplified game, you guys could have stopped it.

>> No.26726793

I dont think he is from england
1) he uses american spellings.
2) >>26725693
He claims to be from a large itialian family(Itialian immigrants in england are quite rare compared to the US.
claims to be building a muscle car, is that a common british interest
>. I couldn't afford to travel across the US at that time anyway
If he was coming from England, why would he say he couldn't afford to travel "across" the US
Story about a local player who is CARPOOLING to gencon. Seems hard to carpool to gencon from England.

Basically, The evidence points to the fact that he is american.

>> No.26726803

'people from norfolk'

>> No.26726806

>What do the English call their inbred hicks?
The Welsh.

It sounds to me like Blackblade lives is a bit of a scummy city. Where ever it is, I'm sure it's not as bad as Portsmouth though.

>> No.26726820

Well, it's conjecture, but the post was deleted before 'faux pas misuse' was mentioned.

Oh, huh, you're right. I read things wrong at the start and just tunneled through.

My bad, he's a redneck and white trash.

>> No.26726849
File: 261 KB, 743x658, 1358782502462.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wow its almost like, you are in his head.
Good point about "him not even being here" though.
This thread is a fucking masterpiece as far as I'm concerned. Some of my finest rekt since the old days.

>> No.26726863

Blackblade is clearly an American, but I think he comes from an upstanding family.

>Is bored with life in Suburbia, so has a tendency to go to rural area's in search for adventures, a weekend punk if you will. Not all Italian Families are part of the mob, and some even adopt, since we are making speculation, lets make speculation.

>Building a muscle car.

Not nearly as cheap or poor a hobby as it was just a generation before.

>I couldn't afford to travel across the us at that time Anyway.

It could mean he couldn't get off work, couldn't afford it as he said due to prior obligations.

>Carpool to Gen Con

He also says he at some point was living in the Midwest, but who knows.

>> No.26726879

I've just been lurking closely.

I'm also 'thought he was British Trash for some reason' guy.

>> No.26726886

Blackblade here, first you use Lel, and then Rekt, you clearly are a 12 year old.

However keep deluding yourself, I'm lurking at you, laughing, and looking at porn.

The best part was how angry you all got after I made top 8 and dropped, even angrier then the people at the event.

>> No.26726891

Oh hey look Niggerblade put his name back on

>> No.26726903

Ol' Niggerknife just been lurking.

>> No.26726908
File: 97 KB, 696x462, 1360250134501.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>bottom denominator of the gamer pyramid
pyramids don't have a denominators, fractions do. Perhaps the fact that you suck at math is why you weren't good at magic either and had to quit.
>magic is apparently "shitty and simplified"
>it is more popular then ever before.
must be hard to be so wrong so often.

>> No.26726917
File: 2.82 MB, 1394x1106, dakkon blackbladde.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey I'm the real Blackblade

>> No.26726951
File: 305 KB, 1522x1021, nope.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Blackblade here, first you use Lel, and then Rekt, you clearly are a 12 year old.

Look at these events I played in when i was -1 years old!
Like I said I'm 25.

>> No.26726953

>The Simpsons are more popular then ever.

Doesn't make it better. People will love a simplified game with tropes for characters. I mean, short of Humility being broken again, does Magic even need layers anymore? They could remove colors at this point, and the game would play exactly the same, and fluff is dead.

Yeah I don't need some regurgitated politically correct tcg to sink my money into.

>> No.26726974
File: 397 KB, 909x1497, Emmar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks shooped man, I'm not convinced.

I'm also 25, but I don't type like I'm 12 or from leddit.

>> No.26726988

>The best part was how angry you all got after I made top 8 and dropped, even angrier then the people at the event.
I'm not angry since it never actually happened. You are just a pathetic retard bragging about t8ing a ptq when he never did.

>> No.26727017

>I lose my shit, and finally my hospitality, and tell him he can either sit down and play some Magic, or he can fuck off.
wait, what?
So, they were hanging out and talking when you all of a sudden get ultra pissed?

>> No.26727020

>>The Simpsons are more popular then ever.

>Doesn't make it better.

Well it also isn't true. The Simpsons is not as popular(ratings wise) as it once was.
Pretty shitty counterargument when your example is factually incorrect.

>> No.26727026

You know, I did decide to check and see if it was the DCI number I have in my pocket at this moment, and it wasn't, because I would have posted it. Last event I entered was sometime in January 2012 before this Gencon with this card. Other wise I would have screen capped just to make a point.

>> No.26727054

What the fuck is this BBB you keep mentioning, niggerknife?

>> No.26727066

Ok, I regress the ratings now are better then they were ten years ago, but they are still shit.

Magic is clearly just a slightly more complex yugioh (or compared to what konami has done to the game) maybe even simpler. It doesn't have the tang it use too. It's Zeitgeist is dead.

It is too TCG's what new Star Trek is to Sci-Fi. Over commercialized, and lost to the original meaning.

>> No.26727067

>Does Magic even need layers anymore
If I had a week I couldn't explain to you how stupid that question is.

>> No.26727080

Magic is infinitely LESS complex than Yugioh.

Your actual complaint here isn't that Magic is worse, your complaint is that Magic is different than the golden period between 'learning to play' and 'learning you suck'.

>> No.26727092


>Not knowing who Big Blue Boy is.

>You clearly aren't active on this board. Can someone link me the Archive for this please?

>> No.26727104

Not him, but while I know who Big Boy Blue is, I don't automatically think of him when I read BBB.

It's okay though man, you're a troll. No one expects you to be a cool due.

>> No.26727107

>Implying Magic is the same game it was in the late 90's.

I sure would miss being able to lock out my opponent, abuse mana burn, and phase out permanents while running Sands of Time.

Yeah totally the same game. Enjoy your beaters.

>> No.26727132
File: 116 KB, 223x310, tits n ass.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>politically correct
haha no

>> No.26727136
File: 30 KB, 450x450, 1363125515192.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yup i totally believe you zzzzz
There are different types of complexity. It is trivially easy to make a highly complex game, that hardly makes it good or fun.
Most of the changes made to magic recently have reduced rules complexity(or simply made those rules more intuitive)while leaving the strategic complexity(aka the type of complexity that leads to fun and interesting games) alone. Wotc knows what they are doing for the most part.

>> No.26727154

It wasn't the 'same game' a year after the period you're talking about.

The game changes, it evolves. You're just anally devastated that it's not the exact same game it was during the period where YOU enjoyed it most.

I guaran-fucking-tee that if you had started Magic today, then 10 years down the line you would be whining about how much better it was in 2013.

Magic has changed. It has evolved. Power has shifted around. I like how you act like the mid-to-late 90s were the golden period when that was the biggest stumbling block for the game, when Wizards fucked up the most frequently and greatly in their entire history.

The game is thriving. BOOMING. There's more and more players and tournament attendance than ever before, and no signs of that slowing down. Personally I think the game is better now than it ever has been, but that's an opinion, not fact. But go ahead and be a hipster, and automatically hate something just because it's getting more popular.

>> No.26727164
File: 901 KB, 240x160, brittney.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The sad thing is I didn't even make this thread to troll, just share more experiences I had gaming, and until you two faggots got butt hurt over me using the term "Spike" in a derogatory manner, people were enjoying it.

YuGiOh was at release simple compared to Magic. In an ironic twist of fate, Magic is now known for it's simplicity, while Yugioh is known for it's complexity. Oh how times have changed. I can't honestly say I feel it is for the better either. However, it is far too late for me to get into that tonight.

>> No.26727165

That's what I meant, I just expressed it poorly.

The game itself isn't very complex. Once you understand the basics of it, you understand almost everything rules-wise. This is in stark contrast to yugioh, where the rules are needlessly complex to the point of stupidity.

>> No.26727224

I hate it for its simplicity, not because it's popular. I got out of the game long before it's upswing.

Also the late 90's were Magic at it's worst. Foil cards, one turn win decks, the stack? Bah! I do like a few changes made to game, like Legendary being applied to creatures (never got why they didn't do that at the start), and I trudged along to enjoy the variety that Odyssey gave, and while tribal didn't have a lot of variety, it was fun too play. Then I left for good because they didn't look like Tomes anymore. I mean, I didn't like the changes, but I kept going with them until this.

That killed M:tG for me. I've never looked back, but given I'm probably a decade older than the OP, I can say this, Magic players never change.

>> No.26727244
File: 325 KB, 1024x768, im back.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah Konami doesn't playtest their shit.

It's the issue.

>> No.26727251
File: 59 KB, 390x313, gamekeeper.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Go is one of the simplest games of all time. Its rules can be explained in a few minutes and be remembered for a lifetime. Compared to any game with pieces that hold unique rule sets, it pales in comparison with regards to complexity. Does that make it a bad game? Obviously not. It's one of the greatest games of all time and in many parts of the world is held in higher esteem than even Chess.

>> No.26727256
File: 8 KB, 300x168, 1359168317295.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so you haven't played the game in 10 years yet feel qualified to speak authoritatively about the current playerbase?
Thanks for letting me know in advance to automatically discount your opinions.

>> No.26727343
File: 893 KB, 240x181, 1360081773858.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thought i would post this exerpt from a fb conversation with a friend that is reading this thread, since it perfectly incapsulates my feelings about this:
>i have argued with so many retards who like very obviously dont know what they are talking about
>only to have them reveal that they haven't played in X years
>everything they know about modern magic comes from reading other terribles bitching on /tg/

>> No.26727354


>> No.26727375

I simply said the game is simple and boring. It can be figured out with out much issue.

I do work at a LGS, so I do know how Magic operates even now. It doesn't change the fact of what it is.

>> No.26727407

>Simple and boring
>can be figured out without much issue
What's your logic on that? Are you saying the rules are simple and can be figured out? If so, why is that boring?

Are you saying the game itself is now too simple, and has been 'solved'? Are you really going to tell me that you think the days of spamming bullshit combos or just playing "Draw-Go" hard control decks somehow involved more complicated decisions?

Man, it was so tough to stick a Stasis and a Chronatog and figure out how to win from there. I don't know how you veterans did it.

>> No.26727428
File: 8 KB, 282x282, 1360901028504.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I simply said the game is simple and boring.
But it isnt simple or boring, People play for years and years without getting bored, and It is more strategically complex then most any other type of competitive game.
>It can be figured out with out much issue.
Please post your pro tour winner trophies, since according to you it is easy to figure out, Im sure you have won a couple by now.

>> No.26727453

>Comparison to Go.


Anyway, it's been an honor and a pleasure pissing some of you off, until next time I'd like to remind you I will continue to play Magic, continue to troll players when I can, probably continue to use my multiple DCI numbers (I think I have 5 now?), and continue to make fun of Spikes.

Good night, and here is a Greentext story to end the night with.

>Playing EDH teaching these two YuGiOh players how to play it one afternoon at FLGS.

>Neckbeard and preteen come over to bad mouth us on playing EDH.

>I ask why would they want anything to do with the competitive scene at this point.

>"We want to make a living doing what we want to do and love".

>"My apologies to your parents" with a smile and a polite gesture.

>Other guy looks up with the nicest smile on his face "Yeah I would rather contribute to society, but good luck with being a burden".

>They sit there wide eyes for two minutes before shambling off while we played EDH.

Good night /tg/!

>> No.26727465

>Protour trophies.

We use to throw dice at faggots like you, taking a game seriously like that.

>> No.26727486

>Guy makes That M:TGuy thread.
>Jackoffs who can't make yet another meta and tourneyshit thread hijack it.
>Still wonder why the rest of /tg/ wishes they would fellate a shotgun.

>> No.26727488

Why not take it seriously?

I mean, if it's such a simple game, surely it's trivial for an intellect like yourself to take down a PTQ and the Pro Tour it feeds for 5 figures easy?

>> No.26727494

exactly the type of behavior i would expect from people too stupid and egotistical to succeed in competitive Magic.
Ignorant and proud of it.

>> No.26727498

Just stop, niggerknife.

it's getting sad.

>> No.26727505
File: 80 KB, 388x314, monk realist.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because it easily demonstrates that simplicity in a game's design does not connote a lack of interesting, strategic, challenging game-play.

>> No.26727531
File: 17 KB, 307x371, 1366386579369.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>being a cunt

Who would have guessed?!

>> No.26727545

Because they don't have the brain problems to take a card game for teens as what it is.

Sounds like someone's doing maximum damage control.

Oh no, pointing out you could have just made a fucking Magic Metathread and stayed in your own cosy tourneyfag circlejerk. Yeah it's nice seeing the reason I stopped playing, I mean where the fuck is your handler.

>> No.26727548
File: 243 KB, 500x500, 1359426044778.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>dat deflection
this is what it looks like when a moron loses an argument on 4chan.

>> No.26727591

But the Simpsons aren't more popular then ever...

>> No.26727592

Oh, I'm sorry, did my 'tourneyfag circlejerk' impede on your hugbox blog?

here, let me get it back on topic.

OH man you guys, there's this one fucking idiot I know. He acts like he is the hottest shit because he can throw together shitty little 'off the wall' decks that everyone and their mother has thought of before. Hell, he's even straight up taken existing tournament winners and just remade or updated them and patted himself on the back for it.

He also plays 8 man games exclusively, and goes on and on about what a great player he is because of his occasional wins in this fucked up half-assed situation where he is the biggest fish in very, very small pond.

What's worse is he won't stop bragging about how he's a top level competitor, but any time we want proof, he dodges it.

>> No.26727611
File: 81 KB, 268x335, 1359671237416.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Yeah it's nice seeing the reason I stopped playing
Because people smarter than you kept winning?
This argument must bring back some painful memories.

>Sounds like someone's doing maximum damage control.
what am I damage controlling exactly? Did you even read the thread? Blackblade got rekt, This retard who hasn't played in 10 years(yet thinks he is an authority on the subject, lel) got rekt, The Boss is back and still champ.

>> No.26727636
File: 101 KB, 487x461, 1364440623788.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


So what if the OP is all tourneyfag, all the time?You need to remember that this is a game we're discussing, so there's no need to take it that seriously.
So what if he uses a word differently than you? That's one of the most wonderful things about expression through language: how the exact same word can be different, given context and usage.
I gotta say, that name of yours is fitting. We had a decent story time about That Guys, and then some puckered Asshole came along and shit all over everything.

>> No.26727648

Nah because this autistic tourneyfag bullshit is what it became about.

And champion autist. Wow, that's great to hear, once again where the fuck is your handler?

>I'm the type of faggot that starts an edition war on a That Guy thread.

Seriously if that's what you're saying I'll give you the same advice I give to 40kids. Kill yourself.

>> No.26727667

>You need to remember that this is a game we're discussing, so there's no need to take it that seriously.
did you read the thread? Blackblade got in a fistfight with people he plays magic with.
Somehow I don't think I'm the one who is taking it too seriously.

>> No.26727708
File: 105 KB, 500x500, uk12Z.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Nah because this autistic tourneyfag bullshit is what it became about.
hurr durr autist, tourneyfag, etc.

Care to post something substantive related to the points I have made in the thread? Go Ahead. Pick any of my above posts.

>> No.26727715


Have you read what you've been posting?
Throwing a fit and bitching because MtG is less important to some people than it is to you is what I'm complaining about.

>> No.26727729

Who's throwing a fit here?

And I highly doubt it's possible to take Magic more seriously than people who get into an actual physical fight over it.

>> No.26727761

>Guy punches him, he shrugs it off all over something in no way related to magic except this guy played it with him.

Totally got in a fist fight bro. Let me guess it really upsets your autism that a traditional storytime thread is happening over your precious meta.

Mostly the fact that you diecided to come into a storytime thread and shit all over it because oh my gawd not MAJUC!

>Search for fight.
2 of 2 results, by another anon.
>Search for punch
1 of 1 when Blackblade pulled a prank on the second guy, and it was the guy who threw it.

Great to see you think every anon in this thread aside from you is Blackblade.

>> No.26727768

I'm not a magic platyer (anymore). Beenr eading this yesterday for the story (which is good). What's up with all the aggressive tripfags. Don't these faggots know what trips are for? Don't these faggots know what threadshitting is?

>> No.26727778

I like how you keep bringing up meta and autism, like that somehow lends credence to your side of this debate rather than making you look like a fool grasping at straws and ad hominem attacks.

>> No.26727780
File: 1.41 MB, 350x272, 1361292442963.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Please post examples of me "throwing a fit" or "bitching"
I have made cohesive points(usually accompanied by some light insults like "fucking retard"): I refuted Blackblade's central arguments(showing his definition of "spike" was incorrect and based on his flawed perceptions and lack of knowledge about the MTG competitive scene), and demonstrated that he is likely lying about his supposed magic accomplishments. Furthermore I argued coherently against trusting the opinions of lapsed players who claim authority, since they are obviously disconnected from the current state of the game. The truth is that I don't mind casual players at all. I do mind when they talk out of their ass about topics they are completely ignorant of.

>> No.26727784

>good story

>> No.26727788


Honestly, they also might be thinking of when the OP said he was going to kick so-and-so's ass, but any violence would have been caused by, I don't know, people STEALING from him, rather than his devotion to a card game.

>> No.26727808

>Mostly the fact that you diecided to come into a storytime thread and shit all over it because oh my gawd not MAJUC!

I was asked to come to this thread: >>26722901

Try reading the thread next time fucknuts.

>> No.26727832

If I punch you, the cause of this action is me.

>> No.26727839

Oh they'll ignore that.

>Story thread.
>Bitches because one of the main story guys used a word incorrectly.
>Still keeps going.
>Keeps acting like he was in tournaments and not casual games.
>Can't seem to get that people might not tourney at all.

>But... but... people on another thread asked me to.

Yeah totally not coming to a thread and shitting it up with your tourneyshit.

>> No.26727872

He doesn't care about people playing casually, which he has flat out stated.

He minds people who do not play in tournaments at all chiming in with their false and/or fabricated ideas of what a tournament or the tournament scene as a whole is like.

Imagine if I told you I have never eaten Italian food in my life, but I've eaten Mexican food a lot. I then proceed to scold and lecture you on the finer points of Italian cuisine, despite having flat out stated I have zero qualifications in this area. Wouldn't you find that a little silly?

Now, that's not to say that you think anyone who eats Mexican food is an idiot, or that Italian food is the only food there is. But when you're an Italian chef, and someone who's never even eaten spaghetti, let alone cooked it, starts to lecture you about the cuisine... well, you might think them a blowhard asshole, wouldn't you? And you'd likely not respect their 'opinion' much.

>> No.26727901

Truthfully, I wouldn't give a rats ass, especially if some one said something like dego food, which is about the equivalent of bitching like a spike.

Then again I don't feel the need to inject italian cooking autism where it really doesn't belong.

>> No.26727902 [DELETED] 
File: 122 KB, 800x667, 1362078551540.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Yeah totally not coming to a thread and shitting it up with your tourneyshit.
Blackblade shat up his own thread by spewing misinformed drivel about "spikes". He got called out, and couldn't hack it(because unsurprisingly he was an idiot). I could not give a single fuck that I derailed his shitty greentext story thread.
The upshot is that if you don't what me to shit up your precocious story thread, don't post misinformed bullshit, since if you do I will 100% call you out on it.
and that's the god damn game.

>> No.26727930


The insult is "Dago", not "dego".

>> No.26727933 [DELETED] 

You are one of the reasns we cannot have nice things. You actually followed some guy's demand, in another thread, to shit up this one? Pathetic little shit.

Also, tripfagging makes you even more of a throatbruised cocksucker. Do you even know where you are?

>> No.26727936
File: 83 KB, 388x314, stern proctor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Seems to me you're misrepresenting the major misunderstanding that spurred the dispute in this thread. Blackblade does not understand what the word Spike means and uses it as a placeholder for anyone he doesn't like that plays what he views as competitive Magic. The competitive Magic scene is made up of a proportion of nice guys and scum bags that's likely equal to the non-competitive Magic scene. Equating being a jerk with being competitive does a disservice to the community of the game that he purports to love but really just wants to feel superior to. AASK jumping on the misuse of faux pas was an attempt to bring this to light as it was a perfect microcosm of the larger conflict -- ignorant misuse of a word in stroking one's ego.

It's not that AASK "can't seem to get that people might not tourney". It's that Blackblade is willfully misrepresenting the tournament-playing population, as most casuals (not a derogatory term) and most of /tg is so wont to do.

>> No.26727938

there's that word again.

>> No.26727945


Those are good points, but throwing in "lel" and "rekt" and generally being an argumentative shit tend to take away from your points being concise and cohesive.

And then there's the whole point about the word "spike" which I vehemently disagree with you upon. See, Blackblade wasn't all that incorrect in his usage of the word. As I said earlier, ambiguity is inherit in language, and words can have multiple definitions.

Take, for example, the word "nigger". Now, there's a world of difference in meaning between when it is used between friends as as a greeting (What's up, my nigga?) and when it is used to demean (stay away from me, you dirty nigger). One usage is not necessarily more correct than the other. It's the same thing with Blackblade's use of the word "spike"; not wrong, per say, but just with a different definition than you would give it.

All of the complaining about how he used it seems like petty bitching to me, which makes you look like a cunt.

>> No.26727947 [DELETED] 

Also: reported for not acting excellent, you shit.

>> No.26727951
File: 452 KB, 1095x730, 1374355706173.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>He minds people who do not play in tournaments at all chiming in with their false and/or fabricated ideas of what a tournament or the tournament scene as a whole is like.
gold star anon.

>> No.26727954

When I read BBB I think Necropotence.

>> No.26727972
File: 14 KB, 300x330, ASSK and anon-kun.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So basically you're confirmed for...

Fuck it pic, you and your anon boyfriend there.

>> No.26727973

Ambiguity levels within a language are decreased severely when you deal with very specialized jargon, especially when you're discussing the contents of that lexicon as they pertain to the context of their natural environment.

"Spike" can mean lots of things. It's 'ambiguous'. But within the very narrow scope of Magic: The Gathering terminology, it means a specific thing. Yes, you can argue until you're blue in the face that some people use the word wrong, but that doesn't make the word change meaning instantly.

If I insist that the word 'purple' is actually an adjective meaning "covered in bloody sloth babies", does that mean I get to argue about the ambiguity inherent in language, and how I use it to mean that and language changes?

You know what helps cut through ambiguity in a hurry? Context.

>> No.26727986 [DELETED] 
File: 19 KB, 320x180, 1375115837397.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

please excuse me for not trying harder, it is quite late.

>> No.26728012 [DELETED] 

1) use sage, you shit. 2) time of night i no excuse for hijacking a perfectly fine shit with your retarded bullshit.

>> No.26728013

But we're all on the internet

>> No.26728033

Tell me about it, makes me wish certain groups were quarantiend to certain sites.

>> No.26728035


Yes, but when the definitions are "player who plays to win" and "player who behaves horribly when they don't win", it seems to me like any complaining is just splitting hairs. There isn't a massive stretch of logic between the competing meanings, just one that seems to be colored by personal experience.

>> No.26728046

Except Blackblade's definition wasn't "people who lose without grace". it was literally "Anyone I don't like".

>> No.26728058

>Timmy, Johnny, and Spike
>by Mark Rosewater

please read

>> No.26728061


Maybe you should try being cordial like that anon next time you post, instead of acting like a smug asshole.

>> No.26728062

>Bitching like a spike...
>Totally not a person who loses without grace.

I realize it was tl;dr for you, but at least make a little effort.

>> No.26728064

should've reported an obvious troll post like
>>26726581 or >>26722962
instead of waiting for five hours.

>> No.26728078

Seriously don't get why nobody reports more often the entire site would be a better place.

>> No.26728088

Explain to me where you're getting 'person who loses badly' from that.

When he explained what he thought about Spikes, he just listed various whiny bitching, including "This card shouldn't exist", "This event is taking too long", "That guy should have taken the trade I wanted him to make with me", "I hate noncompetitive formats", and "fucking girls never talk to me".

Explain to me where you are extrapolating "sore loser" from this.

>> No.26728111

>that image
I remember that thread.

>> No.26728124
File: 48 KB, 385x314, ivory cup.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As a member of the competitive Magic-playing community, I've found that most casual Magic players use "Spike" in reference to mean-spirited players who think they're good but aren't and are bitter about it. Go to FNM and point out all of the Spikes. If more than half of them are big complainers, you probably fall into this category of mis-using Spike. Keep in mind that most competitive players won't even attend FNM because the competition is so poor. When a bad player that thinks he's good loses at an event like FNM, this is why he complains: he feels he is deserving of 1st place just for showing up.

This behavior is not representative of the competitive community. This behavior is representative of embittered and entitled Magic players that aren't as good as they think they are.

>> No.26728147

Because the anon focused in on the word spike, ignoring the bitching like a before it.

Context motherfucker.

Then great, prove you're not by not inviting people to shit up threads, because so far, I've pretty much confirmed that tourneyfags are what's wrong with Magic.

>> No.26728175
File: 1.59 MB, 256x192, 1362077399221.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yea I am 100% guilty of that. shrug. Magic is something I care about a lot, and im not embarrassed to say so.
I play to win. I don't complain or otherwise act rudely to my opponents(unless they do something egregious first) win or lose. It isn't sporting and it isn't good for the health of the game as a whole. Usually after a match if my opponent is bitching or complaining, I just try to pick up my stuff as quickly as possible and leave because I don't want to engage fruitlessly with a frustrated opponent. When new players (on tg or in real life) ask me for help, I do my best to give it. I lend cards, give rides and I try and be a positive force In the magic community. So when some ignorant FNM-hero who does not know thing 1 about the tournament scene tells me that all spikes are whiners, and faggots and ruined magic, or whatever else then yea that rubs me the wrong way.

>> No.26728195

Again, explain to me why Spike automatically means 'bad loser' in this context.

Explain to me at what point 'bitching like a spike' infers that the bitching is about losing a game. Because if the logic there is "Spikes care about winning", then the "bitching like a Spike" has no basis, any more than "Bitching like a Timmy" or "Bitching like a guy who uses sleeves". What/who they are has no impact.

So, I say again: Why do you assume that "Spike" means "Bad loser" in this context, despite nothing leading to that assumption?

>> No.26728211

>someone told me that all spikes are whiners.
no, they did n't
> I try to be a positive force in the MtG ccommunity, both online and offline.
Guess what: today you failed. Big time.

>> No.26728228

>> I try to be a positive force in the MtG ccommunity, both online and offline.
Don't think I did anything bad to the MTG community itt:since both blackblade and the other guy who hasn't played in 10 years already quit the game before the thread even started.

>> No.26728231


The crux of the matter is this, though: those players can still be labelled as Spikes, because their main motivation is victory. Just because the victory that they desire is at the low or casual level is does not make them something else.

These players can also be labelled as assholes. While there are assholes who are not Spikes, and Spikes who are not assholes, there are definitely players that are both.

Now, if a player bitches that he lost, it seems that his main motivation was winning, which makes him look like a Spike while being an asshole. It's much rarer to see Timmy or Johnny themed bitching, but as long as assholes keep on being assholes because they lost, they make Spikes look bad.

This is where the connotation of "Spike" and "Asshole" come from, and as long as human being will both a)complain, and b)play Magic, then this association will continue.

>> No.26728235
File: 75 KB, 417x305, belligerent hatchling.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Prove I'm not what? The point of >>26728124 is that most casual Magic players do not actually interact with competitive Magic players, but wanna-be-competitive Magic players, and that this is the divide from which Spike-as-insult emanates. Competitive players also do not like whiny, sore losers; I promise. But we should call them what they are and not throw out the baby with the bathwater.

>> No.26728267

You did damage to the image of the community. I, for one, am now even more convinced to not rejoin the community due to assholes like you.

There was little wrong with Blackblade's story, other than, apparantly, his "wrong" use of a word (which wasn't all that wrong, but lets not do that again) and the fact that you think he had badwrongfun. The thread was perfectly fine until you and your buddy (who atleast has the curtesy to be anon) started shitting it up. If you don't like a thread, don;t piost in it. Internet golden rule, you'd o well to abide by

>> No.26728278
File: 385 KB, 500x275, 1359298799954.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It's much rarer to see Timmy or Johnny themed bitching
except for all the constant threads on this board filled with people complaining that they cant beat "faggots with 300$ decks." Anyone who complains like that cant possibly be "playing to win." Someone who is playing to win by definition would enter the tournament with the deck they thought gave them they greatest chance of winning.

>> No.26728280


You didn't know that before you started being an ass, though; in fact, you admitted to not even knowing the context before you began to insult and belittle the OP. That makes your remark a little suspect.

>> No.26728299

I like how you keep on insinuating that AASK (or competitive players on the whole) have a problem with casual play, when he's flat out stated at least four fucking times now that his problem is with idiots spouting off about things they have zero knowledge of.

>> No.26728310

You don't need to sage, the thread is at bump limit and on its way to the grave.

>Don't think I did anything bad to the MTG community
Fostering an air of negativity and superiority is not very conducive to your stated goal of being a positive force.

Both of you relax and take it easy, Magic is not as serious fucking business as you want to make it out to be: even though there's a tourney scene, a lot of people treat it like a game, and competitive players should be understanding of that. On the other hand, the tourney scene does come with its own nuances and problems (and higher levels of gameplay).

Sometimes you need to learn to just let go and let people do their own things, even if you think they are doing it wrong. If you wish to educate people about how wrong they are, it helps to be constructive about it.

You don't have to resort to personal attacks and name-calling to have a discussion about Magic; it does not reflect well on either side of the argument.

>> No.26728318

>If you don't like a thread, don;t piost in it. Internet golden rule, you'd o well to abide by
If i don't like something someone posted then I'm going to tell them. Your "golden rule" turns websites into shitty hugboxes where bad information is spread, and incorrect stereotypes thrive. 4chan is a place for the free exchange of ideas and opinions, if you cant handle that, go to mtgsalvation, where the mods ban you for giving constructive criticism.

If you look at all my posts on this board, not just in this thread, you will see That i frequently answer questions and help players, give (good) advice about decks etc. So fuck your holier than thou bullshit.

>> No.26728324

also stated various times that he think the guy is bragging about banding mono white decks and how he's a retard for it. also stated various times that this thread is shit, that the stories in it are shit. he's accusing everyine who enjoyed this thread of having badwrongfun. Atleast his trip has the right word as the first

>> No.26728325


Everyone thinks winning is fun, but Spikes are defined by the fun they have in winning, rather than in big plays or intricate combos, yes? Then losing, not because of a mistake or difference in skill level, but because you don't want to waste money on the game would be anti-fun to them. How is that bitching not Spike bitching?

>> No.26728329

>Let people do their own thing
For about the tenth goddamned time, I have no issues with people playing the game differently than me. It's a game. The point is to enjoy yourself.

What I have issues with, is when someone who has based his entire worldview of competitive Magic off of some assholes at his 10 man FNM spouting off like he's deeply intimate with the scene, and making it seem like the tournament side of the coin is full of asshole cheaters who will shoot you in the face if they thought it would get them into the X-0 bracket.

>> No.26728338

Actually, that wasn't AASK, that was me.

And I was attempting to be a dick, yes.

>> No.26728349

>accuses a godlen rule of turning websites into shit. turned a thread into shit by threadshitting.
I see your logics there
>bad stereotypes
do you even know what this word means?
>tripfag tells someone about how 4chan is supposed to work.
dude, please. if you want to vindicate your behaviour in this thread by pointing out your other posts you definetly ahve no right to tell me about how this site works.

>> No.26728352

That's an awful big stretch. I like to use gA's interpretation, rather than 'winning, combos, big dudes'.

Johnny plays to express something. So, he'll try to make bad cards win, or to express himself in some way through the deck. Johnny treats his deck like a work of art; form over function.

Timmy plays to experience something. This is primarily accomplished with big splashy plays and big splashy creatures, yes.

Spike plays to prove something. Whether he's playing to prove his own worth (to himself or to others), to prove a deck's validity, what have you.

>> No.26728359

I really like how you're whining about him shitting up a thread but you're not man enough to just leave this shit alone and walk away. I'm not, either, since I'm still arguing with you, but you're right here beating the dead horse alongside me while chiding everyone about the stupidity and wrong-ness of beating a dead horse.

"Do as I say, not as I do."

>> No.26728371


>> No.26728376
File: 28 KB, 500x500, 1360788983517.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Fostering an air of negativity and superiority is not very conducive to your stated goal of being a positive force.
I was only negative to the people who provoked me with their ignorance. I know I have a combative posting style, I like to argue, it runs in my family(both of my parents are attorneys).
Civility is nice, but I reserve it for those who are deserving.

>> No.26728384


>fuck your holier-than-thou bullshit
I'm sorry, but that's a little hypocritical, considering that's the attitude that you yourself took when dealing with the OP.
While I may not have seen any of your other posts, you were making yourself out to be a mouth-breathing asshat while acting like you were better than OP, and that does nothing but further reinforce his wrong opinion.

>> No.26728385
File: 70 KB, 385x314, awesome presence.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I get where you are coming from, and your viewpoint is much more reasonable than most of /tg/ but I still disagree.

>their main motivation is victory
Their main motivation is ego inflation. When these types of players complain about losing, listen closely to what they're actually saying and what it means -- what it reveals about their motivation. They usually blame their loss on luck, not on how they could have played differently. They don't walk away from the match learning from their mistakes and improving as a player but complaining and feeling they should have won. A Spike does not feel entitled to victory but, to quote Rosewater, "enjoys the stimulation of outplaying the opponent"

>Just because the victory that they desire is at the low or casual level is does not make them something else.
I'm not saying they aren't spikes because of the level they play at.

>Now, if a player bitches that he lost, it seems that his main motivation was winning
I disagree as explained above. He complains because he feels entitled to a win, which is semantically different than having a drive to win.

> It's much rarer to see Timmy or Johnny themed bitching,
Again I disagree. Not sure how to refute this with anything tangible so I'll chalk this up to personal experience and differences in perspective, but I hear casual players complain all the time.

>they make Spikes look bad.
Absolutely. The persistent mis-use of the word Spike as jerk and treating FNM end bosses as pros by casual players also perpetuates the "evil tourney player scum" mindset, though.

> then this association will continue.
It doesn't have to, though. I rarely attend FNM or go to my LGS to play, but I often visit friends who do. I do my best to represent the competitive community positively when I'm present.

>> No.26728409

Let me point you to your first post in this thread. Reread it. Then read your seond post. Nopw, tell me, did you come fighting the good fight because you were provooked, or did you come because you followed a rtal of trollbait?

>> No.26728410


Exactly. So when he tries to prove his worth, and finds himself wanting only because he can't afford the best cards while his opponent can, he will want to complain. At least, that's how I'm seeing it.

>> No.26728412

>If you wish to educate people about how wrong they are, it helps to be constructive about it.

For example, instead of saying "you are a shit casual player and can't into magic, wow you suck so much you can't even use the correct terminology why are you terrible" try "money spent does not necessarily win you the game and there are multiple ways to out-play the things you consider as 'broken.'"

>If you look at all my posts on this board, not just in this thread
the way I see it, is that you're creating a ton of pointless noise (shitty posts) that drown out your own good contributions. I actually think that if you're using a tripcode, your posts should be consistently better than the average 4chan post! I think it's like a responsibility: if you're using a tripcode, you are attaching your identity to your posts. That means your posts will not only be judged on their individual merit (like anon posts are), but on your previous posts. If some of your posts are good and some of your other posts are shit, then your tripcode doesn't tell me anything about how good your post is, only that sometimes you're helping, and other times you're being an argumentative asshole with something to prove because "it runs in your blood." I don't know if I should filter you or highlight you, so I don't think you're using a tripcode correctly.

>> No.26728432

>do you even know what this word means?
yea I do.
Here is Blackblade saying that all spikes are cheaters: >>26724684
how is that not perpetuating an incorrect stereotype?

I am 100% justified in calling him a fucking moron, because guess what: he is.

>> No.26728433

I think you're stretching. A 'proper' Spike will accept that he is at a marked disadvantage, and rather than bitch about it, use it as fuel. Now he has something new to prove: That he can win on a tighter budget than you. So he will build the best deck he can build on his budget, and try to win.

>> No.26728446

Now consider, which is a better post:
"You are a moron."


"You are a moron because not all spikes are cheaters, and that's a terrible assumption."

>> No.26728451

reading comprehension, mate. I think you need to brush up on it.

also stereotypes have, by definition, bad connotations was my point

>> No.26728454

Or, I don't know, even something like
"you're a moron" vs "you're a moron for perpetuating incorrect stereotypes"

>> No.26728464

>Reading comprehension
"A spike will cheat when they can get away with it"

What part am I not 'comprehending', professor?

>> No.26728472


>He complains because he feels entitled to a win, which is semantically different than having a drive to win.
While that may be true, what I was trying to say was that to the observer, the complaining that stems from entitlement looks like it stems from the defeated drive. The chucklefucks you describe are superficially similar to the way you define Spikes, so they get lumped into the same category.

>> No.26728483

"all spikes are cheaters" an "a spike will cheat when they can get away with it" are demantically distinct. Also, applying a bit of context + PoC allows us to see that the cheating comment was an overstatement

>> No.26728492

some anon in another thread said that the OP of this thread was being a stupid faggot. I came in and skimmed the thread, he was indeed being a stupid faggot, Then I reread the thread in detail and confirmed.

>you were making yourself out to be a mouth-breathing asshat while acting like you were better than OP
I was "acting" better then the OP because I AM better(at magic) then the OP. Demonstrating my qualifications lends weight to my opinion. Blackblade refused to demonstrate his credentials, I have no such qualms. When discussing Magic, The better Magic player's opinion carries more weight. That should be obvious.

>> No.26728497

Saying "a spike will cheat when he can get away with it", lacking any kind of qualifier like "some" or "occasionally" or "a few" or "the worst" makes it seem like he's saying ALL spikes are cheaters of opportunity, that they want to win so badly that ANY of them will cheat given the chance.

>> No.26728518

look at how i responded to his claim HERE >>26724792
, I broke it down line my lane and refuted each part. I did not only call him a moron.
So why are you trying to tell me to do things that I already am doing?

>> No.26728522


That depends on the level of "Spike"ness; hell, it depends on the base personality player in question. Of course, it pays to remember that being anonymous on an imageboard like this makes it a good place to vent; so while the Spike in question may be trying to push himself forwards, that does not mean he will gnore complaints.

>> No.26728523

And placing that post in the context of his storie and this thread will allow you to see that that was not at all what was meant.

You are a stupid faggot for shitting up a thread that was about stories, not neessarily about a display of magic skills and/or the textbook use of MtG terminollogy. You've been an asshole, true to your name. You've messed up the fun a lot of people were getting from this thread. Thanks a lot.

>> No.26728529

No, he's got a point, he's just bad at expressing his opinions in a way that actually explains why he has them; he would much rather prefer to be combative and be asked "well, why do you think that?" after calling someone an asshole instead of just saying "he's an asshole because..."

Of course, the discussion goes like this:
>you're an asshole
>no i'm not
>yes you are

instead of
>you're an asshole because...

>you're an asshole

AASK prefers a certain mode of communication, and it falls on the rest of the group participating in the discussion not to have it devolve into shit-slinging. AASK is more than willing to do so, but you don't have to enable that behavior. You can either report trolling to attempt to involve outside moderation, or raise your own post quality. I think the latter is more preferable, because it raises board quality instead of just making it less bad.

>> No.26728535

Not moron, but redneck retard. how is that better?

>> No.26728541
File: 78 KB, 417x305, corpse connoisseur.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Agreed. The problem is that nobody bothers to correct this mis-use of the term Spike. I do, because this mis-use colors the perception of the competitive community poorly to more casual players. In turn, that makes both the casual and competitive communities worse because potential competitive players are turned off by the idea and casual players simply accept jerks instead of being intolerant of their poor attitudes. Community is everything to a game like this.
You seem like you're aware of the disparity between Spike's use and its meaning; you should do something about it.

>> No.26728546

It took you six posts to get to the part where you explain your reasoning. A ratio of six-bad-posts to one-good-post is not a good quality ratio.

>> No.26728552

fair enough. I'll just filter him then.

>> No.26728569

Or you know, he could have just ignored the "invitation" post.

You do realize the competitive community in just about ANY game has highly negative connotations by default right, mostly because the casual players by default treat it like a fucking game, not some sacred cow.

>> No.26728575

>You are a stupid faggot for shitting up a thread that was about stories, not neessarily about a display of magic skills and/or the textbook use of MtG terminollogy.
next time maybe he will learn to use the correct terminology. Mission accomplished.

>Not moron, but redneck retard. how is that better?
Its more precise then just "moron". Clearer communication is better communication!

>> No.26728602

wow, I bet you're one of those people who thinks shooting up civilians to get at terrorists is a good thing too. ends justify the means and all that.

Also, you have no right to tell anyone what constitutes good communication. Except if you yourself function as a perfect example of bad communication.

>> No.26728627

In fact, let me point them out:
>>26724792 (This is a reasonable post. Not very NICE, but actually has some content to it.)
>>26724550 (greentext and insult)
>>26723493 (insult and unclear claim)
>>26723405 (greentext and reaction face)
>>26723080 (insult, unclear claim)
>>26722962 (admission of ignorance, insult)
>>26722901 (insult)

Nice posts, man. Very nice posts. (No, that was sarcasm.)

In fact, any one of those latter six could earn you a ban. You're allowed to argue, you're not allowed to troll.

>> No.26728632


My problem isn't necessarily with the acknowledgement of the misuse, but the way that AASK handled it. After seeing what he has posted later here in the thread, it seems >>26728529 has hit the nail on the head; rather than being a troll, AASK was just too confrontational without explaining why.

>> No.26728659

The problem is that casual players get mad at anyone whose definition of fun is different from theirs.

>> No.26728667
File: 96 KB, 634x475, 1363579920714.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> You can either report trolling
Trolling is when you intentionally post false or misleading information to illicit a response. Since the things I post are either factually correct or my sincere opinion, I can't possibly be trolling.
While some of my posts may superficially resemble trolling(because I say thinks like rekt, or post reaction images). They in fact are sincere attempts at communication.

>> No.26728692

Trolling is when you intentionally post to illicit a response.

Misleading or false information does not figure in the definition. You have, if not trolled, shitposted. Which is just as bad.

>> No.26728715


Those attempts weren't that great, however; instead of getting your point across, the only thing a majority of your messages did was make you look like a dick.

>> No.26728732

Im not willing to retype my arguments to address the same points 3 and 4 times in one thread. That is reasonable as far as Im concerned, In those cases I was responding curtly to a post the content of which i had already addressed(should I really have to explain what a spike is for the 3rd or 4th time in 1 thread because a misinformed tool like blackblade keeps spouting nonsense?).

>> No.26728737

Same with most Tourneyfags. Seriously go watch what happend when a tourneyfag FG player accidentally meets up with a casual.

Holy crap was I actually right about the autism comments? Because that would be the only explanation for
>While some of my posts may superficially resemble trolling(because I say thinks like rekt, or post reaction images). They in fact are sincere attempts at communication.

>> No.26728754

cntl c, cntlv

>> No.26728780

>Trolling is when you intentionally post to illicit a response.
no it isn't. Nearly every post on 4chan is trolling by that definition.
If i ask GA a question in the AAJ thread is that trolling? After all I'm intentionally trying to illicit a response?
Hell yea I want people to respond to my posts, otherwise how could I have an interesting discussion?

>> No.26728781

>Trolling is when you intentionally post false or misleading information to illicit a response.
Well, you were certainly trying to elicit a response with all those insults! Global 3 is kind of finicky, since there's usually no context associated with a reported post, the post itself has to stand out as a rule violation. Those six posts, devoid of context, speak for themselves quite clearly. You get banned for posts that violate 4chan rules, no matter how many good posts you make otherwise.

Idiotic reaction faces and greentexting are covered by global 6: The quality of posts is extremely important to the community. Contributors are encouraged to provide high-quality images and informative comments.

People usually don't get banned for it because these terrible posts go unreported. That's how you get away with making /tg/ a terrible board.

Arguing and having different opinions are OK! You don't have to agree! Just make good posts and learn to communicate your point across so that other people understand. It's not enough just to say "this is how I communicate" because communication is a two-way road. If the other side doesn't understand you, it is possible that you are at fault, not them.

>> No.26728800

Also, sorry for turning this thread into meta, but it didn't look like you were having a constructive discussion and the thread is at bump limit anyway.

>> No.26728811

posting some greentext/images is a more sincere form of expression, and doesn't get you banned for spamming.

>> No.26728814

forgot to add something liek "angry". Otherwise this shit stands. As you've said, you came to be argumentative. Hence, you've been a troll.

>> No.26728836
File: 862 KB, 300x192, 1375734464386.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

...this guy

>> No.26728847

What is FG?

>> No.26728877

Not spamming, that's global 10. That's when you make a lot of posts in succession, something like sagebombing.

Greentext and posts devoid of context can, in fact, get you banned for global 6. They usually don't because they don't get reported, and janitors/moderators don't see them. Most of the time they are left up because whatever, it's not like you're going to go ban half of 4chan. However, six posts from a single user in the same vein of not having content and just being vitriol? I think that's justified.

>> No.26728912

posts devoid of content*

>> No.26728918

>You get banned for posts that violate 4chan rules, no matter how many good posts you make otherwise.
Im very familiar with the 4chan rules I have been using this website for the entirety of my adult life. I was janitor soft banned 3 times already today. I don't want to say more since some vengeful idiot who lost an argument will report me for complaining about moderation(which im not doing).

> The quality of posts is extremely important to the community.
If that was the case, should I be reporting Blackblade for making low quality posts that harm the competitive community by perpetuating negative stereotypes about competitive players?

My interpretation of a quality post is one where the INFORMATION IN THE POST IS FACTUALLY CORRECT, The tone should not matter.

>> No.26728981

I should add: I generally don't report people, because I think it is a bitch move. It is silencing the opposition, I don't want to silence the opposition, I want to lay bare their ignorance for all the world to see. Im 100% happy to listen to however many anons in here call me a faggot or whatever(because who cares what people call me it is the internet, and they dont even know me), I never report them.

>> No.26729007

Fighting Games. You know Street Figther, Mortal Combat, Blazgear 4: Arena, etc.

>> No.26729057
File: 58 KB, 385x314, Thoughtlace.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

To be fair the competitive fighting game community actually is super venomous, though, right? Hopefully I'm not a victim of the same mindset I'm trying to combat.

eyclaic eye

>> No.26729096

If you're the one who's been being more towards the middle, then yeah, you're doing a better job than the tripfaggot.

>> No.26729121

They mean the goddamn site you jackass, and you know >greentext with reaction image. is pretty much a 0 content post.

>> No.26729136

except a formal content ofcourse. but that's iconogrtaphy.

>> No.26729179

Yea, and the competitive community ON THIS SITE is harmed by his bullshit. Seems pretty clear to me. If you Post inaccurate information, stupid opinions, weak arguments etc, you should be Banned according to rule#6. A high quality post is one where the information regarding the topic is of HIGH QUALITY, that means that it comes from people who are qualified to speak on the subject.

>> No.26729208

.YOU harmed some other part of the community on this site with your shitposts in this thread. Wtf man, double standard much.

>> No.26729216

You really don't know what shitposting is do you? You muh community is not what rule fucking 6 is talking about. What it's talking about is don't go into a fucking 40k thread and type Hurresy when someone mentions anything other than the IoM, not you specific subset of the board being upset because somebody used a word wrong.

>> No.26729219

>If that was the case, should I be reporting Blackblade for making low quality posts that harm the competitive community by perpetuating negative stereotypes about competitive players?
I haven't read through the entire thread, but if he was making shitty posts, then yes.

>My interpretation of a quality post is one where the INFORMATION IN THE POST IS FACTUALLY CORRECT, The tone should not matter.
Basically, think about it this way: "does this post contribute to the discussion in a positive way?" If the answer to that is yes, then it stays. If the answer to that is no, then it's not necessarily worth reporting or getting rid of. If the post is detracting from the discussion, then it probably shouldn't have been posted in the first place. That's what moderators and janitors do: they clean the shit posts from the site when they are made.

If a janitor or mod sees that post, there's a judgement call. Is this post violating rules? If yes, then it's either deleted or the user is pegged for a ban. Global 3 ("trolling"), Global 6 ("quality") and /tg/ 1 ("off-topic") are all up to interpretation. You say it's not a troll, and the person reviewing the post does not necessarily agree. No, it's not always fair or consistent. At the end of the day, everyone who reviews reports is a human being. Neither your nor my "interpretation of a quality post" really matters in this situation.

I don't think people actually enjoy banning other people. Maybe some mods or janitors stick around because they are on a power trip, but reviewing reported posts (most of which are probably terrible) takes time and effort, and since they are all volunteers, they probably do it because they want to see 4chan not be a terrible place for discussion. Next time you make a post, perhaps ask yourself "is this REALLY worth posting?" If you don't know what you're talking about, why are you posting? If you're just going to yell at someone and call them a faggot, why are you posting?

>> No.26729234
File: 83 KB, 390x313, archivist.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been posting with cropped MTG art.
I actually agree with most of what AASK has said; he just presents his message with a tongue-in-cheek aggression that lends itself to misinterpretation.

>> No.26729278

>cropped MTG art.
QUALITY of posts, man, QUALITY! You've been holding out on the non-cropped art, haven't you! Shame and eternal misfortune shall befall you!

>> No.26729288
File: 79 KB, 312x445, tavernswindler.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You have been swindled 8^)

>> No.26729294

wait, is she holding Magic cards?

>> No.26729311

Heck if this was originally a discussion on meta (I was the anon advocating they go make a meta and tournament play thread) I'd be on ASSK's side, but it was a fucking sotrytiem thread, not a discussion on what Spike means until that one anon came along and ASSK came in to shit all over it because said anon probably got mad that the whole spike thing wasn't the fucking point.

>> No.26729338

All of my "mean" posts were directed at specific people, I never made a generalized attack on ANY part of the community like blackblade did.

>Basically, think about it this way: "does this post contribute to the discussion in a positive way?"
Thats what I am doing.
My standard for that is "is the content of the post right or wrong?" Factually correct posts are good for the community because they make everyone a better magic player. Factually Incorrect posts are bad for the community because they spread misinformation, Causing confusion, and preventing the truth from emerging. I Don't believe I'm the final arbiter of right or wrong, but people on here(and the janitors/mods also) should consider the source: If im supposedly bad for the community- Why is it that im making lucid arguements, while my opponents are repeating themselves, intentionally misinterpreting my posts, and refuse to provide evidence to back their claims? What difference does it make that my posts are couched in some insulting language? This is fucking 4chan, cry about cyberbulling somewhere else please.

>> No.26729369

Your standard may be that.

The standard for a storytime thread is shut up and listen, ask relevant questions, pick what story if the teller has time.

>> No.26729398
File: 64 KB, 720x643, cartamundi magic back deck.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pic related most likely

>> No.26729420

Yes you duid, by implying that this thread was badwrongfun. by derailing it and zeroing in on one fucking word. you did damage to the part of the community that enjoys storytime, furthermore you damaged competetive magic community by ating like an autist retard and,a su such, perpetuatiing some of the spije stereotypes (which are wrong yes yes), and then you damaged your own image./

>> No.26729430

>The standard for a storytime thread is shut up and listen
where in the rules does it say that?
oh right nowhere.
If someone is posting bad information in ANY kind of thread, I am going to call them out on it. I don't see how posting bullshit stereotypes in a story thread is any different from posting them anywhere else.
to elaborate: I think it is quite reasonable for example to temp ban people for answering a rules question incorrectly: it creates confusion and harms the community.

>> No.26729447

>If im supposedly bad for the community
No, you don't get it. Individual users don't matter. That's why most of us are anonymous. Take one out, slap another one in that place. Even if you use a trip, you still don't matter. There are hundreds of others like you. Hell, aG and that guy with the strange symbol for a name could take your place.

No, what's bad for the community are your terrible posts. Posts like >>26723405

Nobody gives a fuck about your credentials here. Nobody cares about who YOU are, unless you can actually provide some real identity. Even then, they probably still won't care! There are hundreds of other tourney players. There's no way to consider the "source." Janitors can't see IPs, and mods need to do press a few buttons to do it. The only way anyone can tell who YOU are is because you're using a name and trip. But those don't matter either.

You can be Jesus Christ himself and posting with a secure trip that you emblazoned in the fucking sky. You don't get banned for being you, you get banned for terrible posts like >>26724550.

>> No.26729448

>Yes you duid, by implying that this thread was badwrongfun
I never implied anything about the thread itself, just the OP. Also I didn't imply it, I said straight up that he is a fucking retard.

>> No.26729453

You talk about things should be in rlesand then you don't and shit and you are so very incosistent and incessent about how right you are that ashbjafsdkgvbksdnv;svbj;s imma stop. you're not worth it.

sorry for the shit post

>> No.26729463

Stating that OP is badwrongfun is implying rest (who enjoyed his story) is badwrongfun.

>> No.26729474

And expect to get your posts janitored out. Or you know lurk more in non magic storytime threads before coming into one.

Once again, it's not muh community, but what's the community around these tyopes of threads. And storytime is just fucking that, not I have an axe to grind because someone used a word wrong.

>> No.26729482

you constantly miss the point that you are not to derail/hijack a fucking thread. You say that you call out people on posting bad information, but you refuse to be called out on your own bullshit. Which may, in fact, be correct information, but that does not vidicate it from being shit.

>> No.26729513

>Nobody gives a fuck about your credentials here.
hmm do you think this is possibly related to the fact that this board has a reputation for being god-awful at magic? That's what happens when you value people who are civil and wrong over those who are rude and correct.

>unless you can actually provide some real identity.
Im perfectly happy to post screens from my
rating page, and whatever other credentials that are necessary to certify that i know what the fuck im talking about.

>There's no way to consider the "source."
even though i just told you an easy way it can be done, by taking a fucking screenshot?

>The only way anyone can tell who YOU are is because you're using a name and trip.
Hmm seems like a pretty good system for identifying who is who in a thread. I wish more people would use trips, It makes reading threads and keeping track of multiple ducussions much much easier.

>> No.26729522

You miss my point.

Who you are doesn't matter.

What you post does matter.

>> No.26729524

>Which may, in fact, be correct information, but that does not vidicate it from being shit.
actually It does in fact vindicate it from being shit. How can it be shit if it is correct?
Are you seriously this illogical?

>> No.26729545

Wow, do you seriously not get that form influences content?

Example: A story might be true, factually corret, but it may still be a shit story. This is when people post soething like "cool story bro" because it is, in fat, a shit story.when

>> No.26729563

It's shit because once again, this isn't a Magic: the Gathering meta discussion thread, it's a fucking That Guy thread.

>> No.26729564

>/tg/ has reputation for being bad a magic
>wish mroe people would use trips

Dude, I seriosuly think you are in the wrong place on the internet. You might try the wizards forum of romsehintg. But, for omeone claiming to use this site his entire adult life, you don't seem to grasp its essentials.

>> No.26729576

Ok, while that is slightly different from what I think It is a reasonable position to hold. That said, My posts contain accurate information, informed opinions, and insults. Blackblade's posts contain Inaccurate information, uniformed opinions, and insults. Remind me again why I'm the bad guy?

>> No.26729603

because, fuck bag, you treat a That Guy/Storytime thread as if it's a thread on the correct use of one fucking word and you hijack the entire thread for it. The only reason why Blackblade posted inaccurate infprmation, uninformed opinions and insulsts, was becasue you started shitting on the thread. You instigated this. (Or, really, the guy who asked you to come here)

>> No.26729618
File: 958 KB, 270x180, eva you only had to report them.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because of this:

I have already explained why those posts are terrible.

Good night to you, sir.

>> No.26729633

firstly, I never discussed the metagame at all in here, so I don't see how that has anything to so with it.
secondly facts are facts no matter where they are posted.
no I grasp its essentials. /mu/ manages to have great discussions about good music, and when people unironically post terrible music(no matter how nice they are) they are rightly mocked incessently by the community- why shouldn't tg's mtg threads be the same way? why are you defending people with stupid opinions?

>> No.26729641

not a mtg thread, jackass. once more: reading comprehension. this is a storytime thread. it was a good story, regardless of some incorrect word uses.

>> No.26729651

>because, fuck bag, you treat a That Guy/Storytime thread as if it's a thread on the correct use of one fucking word and you hijack the entire thread for it. The only reason why Blackblade posted inaccurate infprmation, uninformed opinions and insulsts, was becasue you started shitting on the thread. You instigated this. (Or, really, the guy who asked you to come here)
Hopefully he learned his lesson and wont give me a reason to correct his mistakes again.
After I called him out, he could have simply admitted he was wrong, and I would have gone my merry way.

>> No.26729661

I retconn my comment about you not being on-topic. Considering this as a That Guy thread, you are exemplary of That Guy. Injoy your life.

>> No.26729665

Or you know you could have not fucking come in. SOmething tells me your whole adult life has been since May.

>> No.26729669

Again, it makes zero difference to me what "kind" of thread it is. If I see someone posting wrong information, I AM GOING TO CORRECT THEM. Always, no exceptions.

>> No.26729675

And then you are shitposting, because you are hijacking, and, as such, you break rules.

>> No.26729684

Im 25 years Old and have been using 4chan since 2005. I have posted that several times already in this thread, along with screenshots of me playing tournaments in 2000. Please pay attention to the thread instead of posting the same debunked accusations over and over.

>> No.26729687

Why do you keep responding to him? There's nothing worth talking about anymore. Just leave him be.

>> No.26729695

That isn't highjacking. I am happy to leave as soon as the person corrects their mistake.

>> No.26729703

and this post is trolling, as per your own definition

>> No.26729710

stopping now. you are right

>> No.26729719

>Didn't get that I basically called him a summerfag.
>Didn't get that he needs to fucking lurk more.

And I'll leave it at that since he seems to be like 99% of tripfags who aren't using it in the way it's supposed to be used here on /tg/.

>> No.26729726

No it isnt. That is 100% sincere. Granted it does not happen very often, But sometimes when I correct someone they either stop posting or admit the mistake, and I move on.

>> No.26729734

false informatino

>> No.26729739

no "i got it"
It is just incorrect.
Ask GA or any other old school M/tg/ poster I have been here for years.

>> No.26729757

Personally I don't care, if you were you would know a storytime/that guy thread is not a place to do this sort of thing.

You might be a source of inspiration in your M;tG threads, but you seriously need to lurk moar on the rest of /tg/,

>> No.26729799

ever hear the quote "injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere"?
I don't stand for people spreading lies about the MTG competitive community no matter where it takes place. The only thing that "ruined" this thread was an idiot named blackblade who insisted he was right despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

>> No.26729850

Yeah great, keep justifying your shitposting derail, because that's exactly what it is, you're in the same boat as hurresy faggots in a thread about aliens.

>> No.26729887

i don't know what a hurrsey faggot is but ok.

>> No.26729924

Is The Boss no longer back? What happened to The Boss?

>> No.26729935

>Doesn't know what hurresy is.

I really doubt you've been to any thread that isn't related to Magic.

>> No.26729954

correct, I have little/no interest in rpgs or minis games.

posting from my laptop.

>> No.26729992

So you pretty much admit you came into a thread you had no clue about, and shit it up by being the equivalent of a newfag, then got defensive when people who have been in these threads are telling you off.

So yeah, take the standard advice, lurk more.

>> No.26730041

I don't need to know anything about the thread to know what he is posting is wrong. You haven't made an argument you are merely repeatedly accusing me of being a newfag.(laughable).

>> No.26730069

Which you just admitted you are to anything that's not a strict M;tG thread.

Face it you don't know the etiquette of a fucking storytime thread, and don't know a goddamn thin about anything but your own specific threads, so some helpful advice, stay in those threads, or lurk.

>> No.26730087

Why do I need to know anything about the thread to correct someone for posting bad information?
Oh right I dont.

>> No.26730131

Mostly because this isn't the place for it. Want to do that, keep posting in your M;tG threads.

You're the guy who hears a person say irregardless to someone else, then interrupts their conversation with a 5 minute rant on irregardless.

Justify all you want, but at least fucking know what the thread type is before commenting.

>> No.26730156

>Mostly because this isn't the place for it.
anywhere somebody posts bad information is the place for it.

>> No.26730171

This is where this thread turned to shit. Thanks for derailing a story time thread

>> No.26730185

And you keep justifying your shitposting. It's not and never has been in storytime threads, you'd know this if you lurked outside you M;tG threads.

>Inb4 muh copetitive community, muh need to correct, muh autism.

>> No.26730243

>Inb4 muh copetitive community, muh need to correct, muh autism.
convenient of you to post what i was going to say already.
too bad you haven't made any argument to convince me why I shouldn't correct injustice anywhere. Then you might actually accomplish something

Why should I care about your storytime thread? I have zero interest in it. Make a new one and don't post bullshit lies in it, and I will gladly stay away.

>> No.26730286

Seems like you really have this problem everywhere. Nice to admit you actually have autism, from what I can see it's true.

No seriously go look at the post that called him here, and the thread there.

As for why, because you have no fucking clue outside your small amount of threads. and shit up a fucking thread of a differing type, and from the looks of it you did it twice.

>> No.26730312

>Nice to admit you actually have autism
>these baseless accusations.
please post a scan of your med school diploma Ill be waiting.

>> No.26730333

And I think you know what /tg/ generally means by Autism.
Think Rain Man not an actual autism sufferer.

>> No.26730374

yea i know what /tg/ generally means by autism: it means they lost the argument and have resorted to baseless accusations.

>> No.26730388

Yeah, you pretty much did when you came in to shit up a thread.

>> No.26730406

nope. Please read the thread, this is the 2nd Time I have warned you.
how can you be so colossally stupid and lazy?

>> No.26730541

And once again you've proven that you have no clue what a storytime thread is and refuse to admit the general fact that you derailed it. Of course if you admitted that, you'd probably get more than a soft ban.

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