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Got something you wanna Viral? Got something you're excited to get?
Post here!
Yup. That's us.

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Really? Well, that's a bummer then. Well, you have the Potential to get Master Chiefs and Giant Robos.

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I should take some cheese with my whine. I think I'm just still butthurt the mini-tanks don't look as Bonaparte as the concept art.

It'd kill for a nice 28mm scale mini-tank.

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Yeah...I think the tank is okay, but a Bonaparte mini would be awesome.
There are so many things I'd love to have minis of - I wish I could sculpt, but I've tried to learn and I just have no talent for it.

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I'm currently backing Tiny Zombies board game, Cthulhu's Chaos Dice Tower, Zero Hour board game, and The Agents card game.
Also Gothingham 2 & 3.'

Got my Bones & my Dice Rings
Kingdom Death & Incredibrawl are funded but yet to be delivered.
And Privateer & Shuriken were cancelled

There that's all of 'em

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>the Dragonking doesn't breath fire, but controls radiation and microwaves survivors near it.

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what ks link

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Too bad radiation sickness has no immediate effect and can take weeks to kill, so it's not really an effective weapon if the target is a knight tring to off him.

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Ooo nice - not sure I got the Dragon King - I ordered so long ago lol

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phwoosh radiation all over a village, fly away back to your hidey hole for a few months

bam, free village. same with a knight, radiation that nigga and fly away. ezpz

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There is a difference between simply irradiating people and microwaving them.
It is Kingdom Death. Long over.
I wasn't going to get it at first, but the pledge manager came and I had the extra money.

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A lot of nice artwork in those - that's why I got them. I know I got the Lion one. Not sure about the rest lol.

Still have to figure out the best way to assemble them - I'm thinking magnets so I can rearrange pieces for variety

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I'm going to try to get someone to do a little bit of casting. For the stoneface bases for sure, hopefully for the survivors as well.

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Oh yeah, I bought a bunch of those - they look awesome - and creepy

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Wish I had gotten in on Cthulhu Wars - but I ordered it on their web site - thankfully they're still going to sell it there

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Here's a project that deserved more attention than it received. It had such potential, and we need more games of this genre.


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>ponies in disguise

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I'd fuck those characters. Cute art too.

A pity it won't be fudned, I like Princess Maker games.

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I can't wait till my Battletech Unseens...err Robotech Tactics comes.

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Want. Four awesome-looking models, and likely a fifth awesome-looking model, plus extended campaign. So much want.

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lol "censored will include optional shirt"

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For some reason some tumblr femenists thought the game the game is sexist.

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Yeah, I really wonder why.

On the other hand, tumblr get pissed over everything, so it's not like people should care.

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They just can't stand how liberated she is
>Hmmnnnhmmn You go girl. Slash tjem monsters like it ain't no thang. You don't need no man to fight them for ya

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Wouldn't his armor be a bit problematic in that situation?

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I really hoped Kingdom Death would turn out to be shit because all it had going for it was tits and monster designs that, while some were really cool, were only about "look how off the wall and creepy this looks".

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B-But the gameplay sounds really c-cool.
I got in on it, but I'm not sure if I'll play the game. I kinda just wanted them because I love Macross.

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Personally I found that an rpg.net thread lambasting Busty Barbarian Bimbos for being unfunny sexist rape-culture dreck was quite helpful for elevating the project's visibility early on.

According to Kickstarter's dashboard a couple hundred dollars worth of pledges were from folks that had just landed on the project page after following a link from an anti-BBB flamewar.

The lion's share of early pledges were from /tg/ or unspecified direct links (which I internally attribute to /tg/), but every little bit helps when you're trying to crest that "credibly likely to get funded" threshhold. It wasn't till it looked like full funding would be achieved that any significant number of pledges from within Kickstarter's "discover" section started to come in. Until you're at the 15-30% mark, people looking through that site don't seem to pay attention to you.

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Kingdom Death looks like a cool game, but I can't imagine the number of creepy "that guys" I would be stuck playing with because of the models.

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>I really hoped Kingdom Death would turn out to be shit
We'll hopefully find out in november.

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So glad I got this beauty.. But I'll probably turn his peen into another arm.

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How cruel of you. How would you like it if someone did that to your penis?

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Hey! I resemble that remark ;-D

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From what I've seen, Kingdom Death looks like Corruption of Champions: Tabletop Edition. With less furries.

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It pretty much looked like D&D 3.5 with cards and oversized figures to me

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You have giant tit-demons and pregnancy monsters in your D&D games?

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with Call of Cthulhu monsters - those used to scare the willies out of me

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>willies out of me
Don't you mean into you?

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As a backer, I'm glad you got as much success as you did.

So now for that same old question: how far along are you? When can i expect to get my book?

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willies bajeebers whatever lol

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I'm not sure I want to know what a bajeeber is...is that some kind of technical term for a hyena's pseudophallus?

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Depends on the maturity of your local playerbase, and who you count as friends to play it with.
>tfw being a caretaker of a sunstalker infant fucking sucks

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The real question you should have asked was "how many willies do you have?"

Your next question should have been "why is everyone putting their willies into you while you Call of Cthulhu?"

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Here's what I've backed thus far. Already got my Endless Fantasy Tactics and By Fire and Sword stuff. Warzone should be shipping out by the end of the month, CoC 7th edition I should have in October, Mekton Zero in November, All Quiet and Robotech in October and then Wargods sometime next summer.

I was really tempted to get "The Agents" because it looks awesome, but I just can't be throwing money around right now. New house is making that difficult. Word is that September will have the Mutant Chronicles 3rd edition RPG which I will be backing, and then I'll certainly be backed Mechafront when that goes live early next year.

I really wish I had gotten a chance to back Wild West Exodus, but I just didn't have the money at the time(I already had two ending that same week which ate my funds really fast).

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Oh god that picture is everything that is wrong with American.

Tits must be censored because they are offensive, but using a babies corpse as a foot stool is fine.

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...really? I must have been playing D&D wrong then cause it never seemed to be about using monster ball sacks to make armor and building a settlement and learning to talk and dance.

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Actually the word is that it does suck.

He won't let anyone play or review the game. This is very bad to the development to the game and lead many to believing that the actual game play isn't that great.

For it to really be a good game it would have to be fun to play with nickels and dimes as representation as it is with cool
Minis. They have failed to show and refuse to try to show that they have much more than cool minis.

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>He won't let anyone play or review the game
Until release, presumably. I mean he's probably not going to let some random get their hands on the rules before the backers.

>> No.26697880

Well, the guy seems to like keeping things a secret, but I do agree that keeping a complete lid on things rather than letting some media review parts of it isn't a great idea. Maybe he is waiting until further along?
He does need to build hype and advertise.

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The word according to who?

>> No.26697932

He's having people playtest it. He's made changes to layouts reflecting this because according to him the people playtesting it forgot to keep track of time which is an important game factor. I don't know how common it is to have games tested by journalists when they aren't even finished yet.

>> No.26697938

Well some random, no, but a respected outlet that will say it is a good game can only be good for it. If it is a good game why not?

The thing is how much further along can it get? He is making "expansions" before the game is even done.

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According to the most reliable source on the Internet, of course.


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Not at all common.

>> No.26697983

It is very common. It is called beta testing in some fields.

We aren't just talking journalists too. We are talking game design experts.

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You seem to think the PnP industry is a lot bigger and more professional than it actually is.

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But Monster isn't PnP, it's a board game, and those have much more concrete rules to them, see Catan, etc

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He does have beta testers, but it isn't a very open thing.
I'm not sure if he has any pros. on the design team, but with as much money as he got (maybe) he hired one.

>> No.26698159

Nope. The "design team" is he DnD group.

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As somebody that's already running late by two months, I'm reluctant to make more empty promises, but we're really damned close. Optimistically I'll have a proofs in three weeks, at which point a real decision to ship can happen.

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He is "beta testing". Beta testing is not writing conclusive articles about the game quality. Beta testing can happen and you don't even know about it. You are asking for information too early. The game isn't even close to release for regular sale, there's no need for reviews and judgement now. You wouldn't have critics watch a half-finished movie.

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One of the first major victims of radiation poisoning died within a few minutes.

During the Manhattan Project, two carts carrying uranium smacked into each other. He pulled the uranium apart with his bare hands.

>> No.26698879

Well, you would die too if sandwich-smashed by two carts full of superheavy metal.

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Goddammit /tg/

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But that's not how you sandwich things.

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Jesus Christ you're all so stupid.


>> No.26699064

WWWII Tunnel Fighting underneath Gibraltar? Don't mind if I do.

Also, none of this 'development time' shenanigins delaying other projects. Since it's a re-issue of an existing game, with plastic minis to replace the old paper cutouts/metal minis (which means most of the sculpting is already done as well).

(I'd link, but I clearly haven't lurked long enough to learn how to get links past the ERMAGERD SPAM' filter...)

>> No.26699080

What do you consider close than dipshit?

>> No.26699102

Red Aegis looks alright, they have some big names attached (Ed Greenwood). It's about playing successive descendents of your party.

>> No.26699116

After shipment for donators dipshit.

>> No.26699119

Oh, and you can get a hardcover of the rules for backing, which is essential for me.

>> No.26699122

Yeah, but $40 for a pdf, seems a bit much too be.

>> No.26699165

So like 90 days dipshit.
Plus if it isn't done yet, why is he making "expansions" already?

Because his game is shit and all he really has is a good mini making connection.

>> No.26699189

Don't worry, the PDF will be free, they're at 200% and there's definitely a fa/tg/it in there.

>> No.26699255

>Because his game is shit
>all he really has is a good mini making connection.

>> No.26699264

His source is the educated guess you just saw him make. Look up "conjecture" in the dictionary sometime.

>> No.26699281

Ah, bueno. I for one would be interested in generation-spanning campaigns.

>> No.26699293

What are you calling me a dipshit for, dipshit?
The expansions were done as pledge rewards and they are actually just extra monsters/quests, they don't change or add to the core functions of the game like expansions rarely do unless you are playing Civ 5.

>> No.26699366

Some do add extra beginning/ending scenarios, but they're optional ones (even when using the rest of the expansion).

>> No.26699384

>educated guess
I get the 'guess' part, but I don't understand the 'educated' part in this context.

>> No.26699420

Would you settle for 'plausible'?

>> No.26699476

Well that's not changing how the game works. It's not like he's releasing a military warfare expansion you can use when reaching a population of 1000 before having finished the actual game.

>> No.26699529

Ah, OK; you mean adding extra mechanics. Yeah the expansions are just extra gear, monsters etc that are already parts of the game.

>> No.26699605

Yes exactly. The adding mechanics bit seems to be what the Anon implied when he complained about expansions when the game wasn't actually finished yet.
Which was a misunderstanding of the word expansion. It's not any different from that Arena Rex game adding fighters.

>> No.26700179

I honestly doubt Mekton Zero will be November. November for the pdf maybe but they'd have to be shipping the proofs NOW for the hardcover to come out then.

>> No.26700308


>Also, none of this 'development time' shenanigins delaying other projects. Since it's a re-issue of an existing game, with plastic minis to replace the old paper cutouts/metal minis (which means most of the sculpting is already done as well).

That's what I thought with Lost Valley. Then Pandasaurus decided to A: Completely ignore working on the game for four months because another Kickstarter ran into delays. B: Completely ignore working on the the game for three months because they were getting ready to pitch another Kickstarter. C: Decide to rewrite the rules of a six year old euro people were perfectly happy with. D: Sperg out over Comic Sans and decide to redo art.

>> No.26701788


*shrug* it's actually the first KS I've bothered with - since I always liked the game's vibe, but found the cost of all the metal minis prohibitive. So I'm not going to comment one way or another on that.

I mean they sound pretty legit in the 'comments community' they have going on. But then... who is going to go to their backers 'HEY! WE'RE EASILY DISTRACTED AND CAN'T BE ARSED TO ACTUALLY FINISH THIS!'...

>> No.26701859


...how the fuck did that FoW thread link get in there...?

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Its funny that they thought their KS will be the next Zombiecide/Sedition Wars so they had stretch goals ALL THE WAY to 1 million

they arent going to hit anywhere near that, but thank goodness they pulled the image of their old stretchies

>> No.26704090

Wow, I can't believe I haven't looked into the game until now. I'm super stoked for this game now and a little crushed I didn't get into the Kickstarter for it.

>> No.26704148

How many of the models that are all out of stock now on the KDM site are actually usable in game? I saw somewhere that he said the pinup girls aren't, but I don't know about any of the others.

>> No.26704170

Welcome to KS mentality 101

Theres 2 categories of people

>Aww I missed it!

>Aww damn it I have no use for all the shit I bought!

>> No.26704412

In the shop:
Twilight Knight
The Scribe
King's Hand
Whitespeaker Nico
Great Game Hunters Male and Female
Lion Knight 2nd
Flower Knight
I believe both the Male and Female survivor
Sunstalker Infant I think
Butcher, Kingsman
Man Hunter

>> No.26704581

Thanks bby

>> No.26705991

Missing out on the Kickstarter only costs you about 150 dollars in the long run if you get all the gameplay stuff. Although some of the stuff like the Messengers are going to be Con exclusives.

>> No.26706166

>Although some of the stuff like the Messengers are going to be Con exclusives.
Yeah, exclusive to people who got conned into Kickstarter.

>> No.26706176

That was actually funny.

>> No.26709065

I actually really liked the models for the 2 kickstarter exclusive Adam and Anna I think and I imagine they'll be super expensive on ebay now.

>> No.26709143


>> No.26709756

A 15 mm scale Leviathan next to a 28 mm scale stormtrooper.

>> No.26710159

Rolled 1

this is messing with me, your image. I dont. HOW

>> No.26710208

It's simple math.

>> No.26710245

You're missing the "so do you" part. Person A puts 20 into the box, and sells it for $30. Person B put $20 into the $40 box and buys it for thirty, meaning he contributed a total of $50 and only received $40. Ten dollars, net, are transferred to person A.

>> No.26710307

Hey, I might sell my stuff. Simply because I can't paint and haven't actually started to learn it like I intended to when I pledged and I really don't have the time or interest now. I'm sure other people will do the same. Some got copies of everything too.

>> No.26710348

I donated to the grim dawn kickstarter and I am really worried I will never get the game. They sent an e-mail saying that it has been delayed again due to costs??? Come on the term they used was budgeting too conservativly. Anyone else backed them?

>> No.26710714

tl;dr the kickstarter so correct me if I'm wrong with this assumption. They decided to make a computer game the size and scope of Titan Quest on a $537k budget? And the original goal was $280k? Yeah, no.

>> No.26710961

Has anyone in Australia received their Reaper Minis yet? I'm still waiting on a shipping confirmation.

>> No.26712348


My house mate has received his, but I haven't...

>> No.26713012

>and can take weeks to kill

Depends on the dose. With high enough blasts, you can be a shaking, ass bleeding wreck in minutes. Take Cecil Kelley, for example. He was mixing dissolved plutonium compounds in a tank, when they fissioned (the concentration was too high), causing a burst of radiation. The container kept most out, but Kelley was looking in through a small slit.

He fell to the ground and was disorientated. He ran out and was found in a state of ataxia and only able to say to them, "I'm burning up! I'm burning up!" Within minutes he was unconscious and his skin was turning red. Tests show he was exposed to 36 Gy of radiation. 5 is considered enough to kill. Within 6 hours his white blood cells were all but gone and 24 bone marrow biopsy performed after 24 hours indicated no red blood cells. Despite countless transfusions and treatment, within 36 hours of the incident, he died of heart failure.

>> No.26713946


Yeah, that was a teensy bit optimistic. But to be fair to them, they have been listening to feedback and rehashing the thing constantly ever since. Everyone is allowed to be new at something and fuck up once...

>> No.26715412

September needs to get here faster

>> No.26715978

woo hoo! With 4 days to go Zero Hour is looking pretty good to unlock the next to last stretch goal at least.

>> No.26716260

Ooo nice print of The White Lady in Zero Hour!

>> No.26716466

That's not how you spell 'november'

>> No.26719442

Ha! The game maker just made a couple new pledge levels with a PnP version of the game for people who wanted to play test before everything is finalized and sent out.

I just switched to it because I still get the same stuff + the PnP + I save $3.

Hey, three bucks is three bucks! ;-P

>> No.26722673


>> No.26722772

All Is see when I look at that model's face is an owl face. It makes me like it even more.

>> No.26723061

Hoot hoot, motherfucker!

>> No.26725477

Painting this guy will be a blast

>> No.26726097

don't see anyone talking about Deadzone, I am thinking of upping my pledge to add the strikezone pack instead of just terrain. I've heard differing opinions about the quality of mantic's minis. So far most look pretty good, and I'd love to make the Marauders part of an ork army.


>> No.26726124

One problem I foresee is mold lines

I hear Mantics Plastic Resin (the things all the deadzone stuff is made of) is a bitch when you're trying to get rid of mold lines

>> No.26726208

Just browse these threads and look at all the mouthbreathers who bought pin-ups. It's kinda gross.

>> No.26726350

God the KD minis are beautiful. I cannot wait til November. Also how hard do you guys think it will be the magnetize the PCs to make some things interchangeable?

>> No.26726648

TINY ZOMBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.26728875

Very, as the limbs will be more or less truescale and thus very slim compared to the proportions of your avarage muhreen.

>> No.26729639

Resin - plastic - manchild

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>> No.26731195

Godamn I love kingdom of death
shame I doubt I'll ever be able to play it

>> No.26731203

Same here.

>> No.26731216

That's alright, the game is for 1-6 players. We can all play alone, together.

>> No.26731230

>dat chub

>> No.26731233

This looks like a Demon's souls game made tabletop game

>> No.26731249

With monster hunter elements like killing bosses for scraps to make armour.

>> No.26731264

Chub is the best kind of cheesecake.

>> No.26732013

What do you guys think of Wrath of Kings? (Couldn't find any mention of it in this thread)

>> No.26732191

Only thing I know is coming in August/September is the second Darklands Kickstarter, What are you waiting for?

>> No.26732215

A new darklands?


I loved that game as a kid. It's arguably the reason I work in IT now. Though... that says more about the Packard Bell we had and some odd memory requirements than anything.

>> No.26732343

It really is.

>> No.26732363

I want to proxy the red dudes as daemons or warriors of chaos

thanks to the strechy, I can get 18 Ashmen per pack

>> No.26732481

Sorry, this Darklands is a darkage inspired miniature game featuring a lot of monsters

>> No.26733971


>> No.26733995

I really like the way the underwater dudes look. I mean, they've got a giant crab!
I won't be kicking it, however.

>> No.26734033

That looks goofy and not very interesting, basically. Like 40k but more: is this a joke? Is it actually supposed to be dark?
Same as Kingdom Death or this other thing.

Why are all these kickstarters doing that?

>> No.26734034

>Depends on the maturity of your local playerbase,
>and who you count as friends to play it with.

I need new friends.

>> No.26734054

I really like those daemonettes...

>> No.26734077

>it is a style I don't like so it is a joke

>> No.26734088

Caretakers just need to clean and get barfed on. That's a fully grown one and the woman wearing the lion armor (?) was probably trying to loot it.

>> No.26734158

It's a style that isn't serious and I don't know if it's a joke.

>> No.26734175

Them thick titty oni! Do want!

>> No.26734180

How isn't it serious? KD, Wrath of Kings, and Darklands all look serious to me.

>> No.26734241

Ulric the Defiler is gonna be the name and look of my dungeon boss for my next DnD game.

>> No.26734367

I bump what this anon wrote, plus I add in the pic that was discussed in the thread. Question is, will No 2 top No 1?

>> No.26734377

>Caretakers just need to clean and get barfed on.
And avoid getting eaten.

>> No.26734405

W-what is a serious style for toys?

>> No.26734419

Spiky bits, scowling faces and bulging muscles.

>> No.26734422

If it isn't historical it is a joke apparently

>> No.26734507

I'll be pledging at the "best" level (like Vampire for the first one) day one. The faster they make the stretch goals, the more people will pledge, the faster they will make more stretch goals.

>> No.26734607

I wonder how it will be "bigger" and "better" considering how it went last year.

>> No.26734729

I think the monstrous stuff looks pretty sweet

Incoming images...

>> No.26734781


>> No.26734796


>> No.26734820


>> No.26734827

Holy shit CMON is run by a con artist; from Dakka
"New Wave Mail Order was run by David Doust. From 2000-2004 New Wave would offer things for sale that weren't in stock, overcharge credit cards, never ship product, and constantly lie about it (to the tune of having lied about someone dying three times in a year to delay shipping product). The business had literally hundreds of BBB complaints against them. Eventually Doust was investigated by the Georgia State Attorney, and eventually some customers got some money back. It was incredibly bad during the litigation as Doust would actually misquote or edit people's emails and posts on forums to sound like threats; the Editor of The Miniatures Page had to basically provide original unedited entries during litigation. In the end, hundreds of gamers lost money to New Wave and Doust. While this was going on, Doust funnelled the money into creating CMON. Any mention of New Wave or moneys owed were summarily deleted from CMON forums and for a period links to The Miniatures Page's several threads on New Wave were automatically blocked and users attempting to post about it were banned. CMON was founded on Doust scamming wargamers. Now that it's 8 years after that, many have forgotten or don't know about it, but many still refuse to do any business with CMON because they lost money to New Wave. Many also believe New Wave helped to destroy I-Kore (which became Urban Mammoth) as they were also the distributor for their products, making it nearly impossible for Void to purchases in some areas. Most of this is in the public record and there's overwhelming evidence still available on TMP, warseer, rpg.net, and many other forums. I don't believe Doust has ever apologized or tried to rectify in any way for the hundreds if not thousands of people that were scammed by him. PM me and I can send several links containing bunches of info that I sent to RITides when he asked me. "

>> No.26734840


>> No.26734850

Those Troll models are nice

>> No.26734903


>> No.26734935


>> No.26734953


>> No.26734961


>> No.26734979

Bigass goofy axes and people exploding with muscles, just speaking of Darklands. The designs are cartoony as hell but the actual sculpting style is... not realistic, but you know, detailed and careful. The result is kind of incongruous.

>> No.26735004

It is an art style choice. Not everything has to be "realism".

>> No.26735017

And they got a new kickstarter in september, so hopefully they will have some new interesting stuff to show.

>> No.26735023

I know that, and I like plenty of things that aren't realistic, but it's stupid to suggest art style has nothing to do with tone.

>> No.26735030

Is that KS going now? Name?

>> No.26735040

So they want the tone to be grimdark. It isn't my cup of tea, but I certainly wouldn't call them a joke because of that.

>> No.26735049

Finally! I just got confirmation that my stuff has been shipped!

>> No.26735088

Sorry, it's not live any more. But they got a new KS coming up in september

>> No.26735352

I thought Abstract Dungeons was a cool idea, at least the system definitely has potential. I feel like it would work great for a Gamma World type game.

>> No.26735531

So how are you Relic Knight bros going to paint your stuff?
I'm going with Storm Oni blue and White for the Noh, and for the Pirates I think I'll go with traditional Red and black.

>> No.26735542

The bigger could refer to the minis themselves... Vampire level was mostly medium creatures.

>> No.26735661

My Cerci Speed Circuit will be Candy Apple Red with NASCAR decal stickers all over the place.

>> No.26735681

Might be focusing on CAV, their giant robot minis line.

>> No.26735703

I like the sticker idea. Details like that make me really enjoy models. Like tattoos and stuff.

>> No.26735910

That's pretty screwed up, is CMON still run by that guy?

>> No.26735988

Believe so; it's the reason they brought it up in the Kickstarter thread on DakkaDakka

>> No.26736581

Is CMON running a kickstarter?

>> No.26736609

Yes Cool Mini or Not is making Wrath of Kings

>> No.26736737

Ah, better stay clear of that one then.

>> No.26736788

no no support titty models! I need them! Can't hold it against the man forever.

>> No.26737041

Well, I said to another anon in a previous thread the value of doing your own research on a company/person before backing a particular KS, to get an idea of their credibility. And considering if it is true what they say about the CMON founder then it is a point of extreme concern.

>> No.26737072

I don't know anything about a scam artist, but CMON seems to be a big thing lately - they've been very successful and have brought out many quality products such as Super Dungeon Explore, and Zombicide.

>> No.26737081


that is really unfortunate because I am liking Wrath of Kings a lot. It gives me a serious, serious Confrontation vibe...such to the extent that I'd be willing to bet someone who used to be with Rackham is working on it. and that alone is enough to make me interested in a game.

I hope everything works out.

>> No.26737119

I believe Confrontation artists/scuplters are working on this

>> No.26737126

Eh, I wouldn't backed it anyway, even if I didn't know about their credibility issues. Don't have the munies for it.

>> No.26737230

person giving 30 dollars is losing 10$ each time.

>> No.26737278

>ctrl f "toughest girls in the galaxy"
>ctrl f "raging heroes"

so what happened with that toughest girls in the galaxy kickstarter? Wasn't there a bunch of controversy surrounding it? It looked pretty neat to me, but i don't pledge.

Can someone give me the run down on it?

>> No.26737289

I wrote a few question to Mark Mondragon (Dreamforge founder, the one who had the Eisenkern kickstarter) on facebook. Maybe someone is interested in them and the reply:

Anon: I don't know if you are able to answer this, but where there more stretch goals after the Schwarze Witwen squad? And will you launch your game with the next kickstarter (and which I assume will be the second faction you mentioned)?

Mark: The game and the Shadokesh as well as a few more Eisenkern units to fill out that faction are on the drawing board...as well as a few other small suprises. I am not 100% if I will KS the next batch or not. If I do they will need to be 99% complete, i.e. on a boat heading to the USA, I do not want the delays we have now. The problem with waiting to have everything done is that, in this industry you are only as good as your last release, and if it ends up being another 7-9 month wait, that kills excitement and hurts sales.... so I am still punting around what to do.

>> No.26737334

It's been funded with almost 700k

>> No.26737344

stick your head in a microwave and see if it takes weeks for you to die.

>> No.26737352

I think kickstarter is one of the worst things to ever happen to traditional gaming. Does anyone else feel this way?

>> No.26737386

I realize it was funded past its goal and did pretty well. What I was wondering was why was there so much drama surrounding it? I read of a lot of people pulling support near the end and heard a lot of whispers of vaporware. I didn't pay close enough attention to it though to really pick up on what was going on though. Does anyone at least have any info on release or where it will go from here?

>> No.26737387

It is just a giant pre-order platform.

>> No.26737430

Nope people knew Raging Heroes was cheesecake so the usual bitching didn't go anywhere. Questions of vapor ware probably comes from how many projects Raging Heroes has started (they canned their chaos gods project) The release is about a year out (that's 1 year 6 months in Raging Heroes time)

>> No.26737454


>> No.26737518

wut it's the best thing; it's allowed project that couldn't be done because of the high risk into reality.

>> No.26737560

Huh. Cool.

I guess press is better than no press. (I don't agree that there's no such thing as bad press, but people raging over stupid bullshit, like this or the Tropes vs Women thing kind of is in line with the thought that if you really hate a kickstarter/project, you should shut up about it. And that won't happen.)

Good to hear BBB got funded, anyway. I wasn't really interested in the game, so I gave the kickstarter a pass. Good to hear it still made it.

>> No.26737653

they seem to have lost the goodwill of all international backers, even including those close to the states in Canada. I don't know how much that will hurt them but I think it will have an impact with Bones 2

>> No.26737658

Quite the opposite, I think it has created a marvelous platform for small/medium sized companies to find a playerbase and growth.

>> No.26737746

>Reaper: "It's KS time!"
>My Wallet: "No Reaper, no!"

>> No.26737818

Eh, I just got the confirmation e-mail today, and so did another guy in Sweden.

So at least it's on its way. I might not be able to afford a new Bones KS though, or at least not the same level as last time. Maaaybe a vampire. Depends.

>> No.26737865

I tihnk most these games die before they have hit the shelves. The ADD gamer populace is only backing all these products to sate their "new shiny" appetite. What the rest of us have been left with is a totally saturated kickstarter market and game market.

>> No.26737903

Very few games are 'alive' even before KS. Gaming will always be niche and the best you can do is enjoy it with your circle

>> No.26737921

>People bitch at CMON

>no one bats an eye at Mierce Miniatures


>> No.26737948

>Mierce Miniatures
Aren't they slav shit or polocks or something? No one expects an honest project out of them but their sculpts are good

>> No.26738057

>they seem to have lost the goodwill of all international backers
Ehuhheeeeuhm, yes and no. For me it was fine up until the countdown page was taken down. I got antsy after that. I did recieve confirmation mail today so it is finally on its way. That said, if Bones 2 becomes as good a deal as Bones 1 then I will still pledge for it.

>> No.26738084

Provide info so that we may bitch. I haven't heard about that company and have no clue what kickstarter they might be running.

>> No.26738117

Mierce Minis (the maker of Darklands) are the people who ran Maelstrom


And yet people gave money to both CMON and Mierce Minis

AND they have been delivering

Isnt that funny

>> No.26738164

Well Mierce miniatures delivered nicely on their latest kickstarter without any hiccups so not much to bitch about as of now.

>> No.26738207

I don't think it's the worst thing to happen to traditional gaming, but I think it's rather interesting reflection of the human condition to to see the sorts of projects that tend to get funded or overfunded - and the picture can be pretty dark.

>> No.26738993

I'll take it. It's better than nothing in my opinion.

>> No.26740391

Apparently according to a friend, the female power armor are about as big as a Light Warjack from Warmachine.

>> No.26740728

Sounds about right. Can't wait to get my minis. Still wish they had given us the option to buy the rule book separate, but oh well.

>> No.26740777


Hahaha I can't believe that shit funded
I guess no press is bad press unless they spell your name wrong
See also Crystal Dynamics

>> No.26743294

It isn't in the pledge manager?

>> No.26744679


Also, Part Times Gods KS is coming out sometime in September, which is wicked exciting for me.

>> No.26746043

IIRC CMon is run by some asian guy these days.

>> No.26748983

>> No.26751071


>> No.26751413

I wish I could paint nice looking gray/white like that.

>> No.26751617

Whats the best KS app for android phones anyways?

Sorry if this is more of a /g/ question

>> No.26754534

I have no idea.

>> No.26754683

Do you have a microwave that can be activated with an opened door or is cutting off your head part of the trial?

>> No.26754946


>> No.26755041

>tfw it's still not November yet
My body needs Kingdom Death

>> No.26755063

wake me up when november comes

>> No.26755160

shiiit, I'm going to be getting a lot of minis in November. I only put about 150 into KD, but I'm supposed to get my first Rivet Wars shipment plus Relic Knights and Arena Rex that month. And maybe also more Dreamforge and shit.

>> No.26755450

My body will be so fucking ready

>> No.26755535

Ugh... there's this really cool board game I played a month ago - we played with the designer, and he swore he'd be ready to kickstart it by this point.

It's a game about robots on a manned spaceship who've had a bad software update, so they decide to test a few things, like what'd happen if somebody opened all the doors on the spaceship. Anybody know what I'm talking about?

>> No.26756047

whats the ETA on Trollforge

or is it "whenever"

>> No.26756705

could these be used for IG?

>> No.26756756

What is the deal with Dreamforge games. I always hear them touted as some GW rival that can produce better minis for cheaper, but whenever I look up their site they have like 1 product and some vaporware. DO they actually produce anything? Have they in the past?

>> No.26756995

gee I wonder

> DO they actually produce anything?

I dunno, ask these vendors


>> No.26757054

They're only just moving into plastics now. I have a few boxes of the stormtroopers and they're definitely on par with GW quality; maybe not so much into the fine detail but that's less a matter of quality and more of style/design. I really regret not pledging for one of the big robots, but from what I hear it's quite a bit better than what you get from GW at the same price.

>> No.26757219

thanks. they certainly are a lot cheaper! They should make more HQ type units and vehicles.

>> No.26761009

Everything is cheaper than GW

>> No.26761118


I can't, i just can't. My wallet can't handle it...

Ok, if it has more non-fantasy stuff, and hopefully a lot of CAV stuff, then im on board. But if it's all more 90% pathfinder/fantasy/warlord etc, then most likely no.

>> No.26765285

They are 28 mm scale, so yes. However, GW use heroic scale and the Eisenkern are truescale so if you mix IG and EK it will look a bit wonky.

>> No.26765400

Dreamforge is still producing and delivering from the success of its kickstarter. Everything was broken down in three stages and currently only stage one has shipped (Stormtroopers, Stormtroopers accessory set, Eisenkern support weapon squads and the Leviathan (essentially a plastic titan with swappable weapons)), stage two (The Mortis (close combat titan, both 15 mm and 28 mm scale versions), six new weapons for the titans and 15 mm scale Leviathan) is nearing completion and will likely ship within a month or two. The third stage has Eisenkern Command Squad, Valkir Heavy Troopers (not-space marines), Heavy Trooper Support Weapon squad (not-devestators), Heavy Trooper Assault squad, the APC, a few upgrades for the APC, and female tank hunter squad.

>> No.26765417

Kind of funny/sad that it's not being met with as much enthusiasm as other Kickstarters.

I guess people are tuckered out.

Also, I don't think anyone besides CMON is involved in its production, so there's no way to avoid the "I will be giving money to the people responsible for New Wave Entertainment" feeling.

>> No.26766497


Right? I want to give every nerd that backed that Tentacle Bento game a righteous swirlie.

>> No.26767535

What would you do to the people that backed Schoolgirls Love Tentacles?

>> No.26768008

Is this an ERP hookup thread?

>> No.26768431


Looks pretty cool. seems kind of like Warmachine except killing the leader while a good idea isn't the be all and end all of the entire game. I also like that the turn limit is fluid.

Seriously think I might back this.


I was thinking blue and white for the Oni too, black for the Black Diamond obviously, not to sure about the Knights though. Pondering whether or not to do something different, and if so what or to just stick with knightly metalics.

>> No.26768462


>I think GW is one of the worst things to ever happen to traditional gaming. Does anyone else feel this way?


>> No.26768561

>there's no way to avoid the "I will be giving money to the people responsible for New Wave Entertainment" feeling

Not giving a shit about internet neckbeard drama over how their hobby is a business like any other and not a giant hug box is a start.

The only difference between a con man and a business man is that one of them got caught.

>> No.26768626

The difference between a con man and a business man is the latter actually delivers the product you paid too much for and the other doesn't.

>> No.26770095

Well, good thing everyone got Zombicide and Super Dungeon Explore just fine.

>> No.26770686

super dungeon explore never went through kickstarter. WTF r u talking about?

Tentacle bento tried KS, but was removed for promoting rape.

Relic knights did a succesful KS, but is late, but this is perfectly normal for soda pop miniatures.

>> No.26770702

>Super Dungeon Explore

Was this actually on KS? i thought the whole reason Relic Knights ended up on KS was because Soda Pop had spent all their dollars on SDE.

>> No.26770950

I want muh stage 3 items

>> No.26771008


>> No.26771013


>> No.26771089

>a transport that actually has room for the ten-or-so occupants it's supposed to
That thing must be HUGE.

>> No.26771181

I got some measurments in pic related

>> No.26771186


>> No.26771193


>> No.26771202


>> No.26771307

Holy fuck guys, does no one know that microwaves are a non-ionizing form of radiation? Shit, listening to you guys, turning on a lamp would give you cancer. This dragon will just boil you from the inside and make all your metal spark.

>> No.26771471

>promoting rape

Tentacle bento finished thru their own KS front and Indiegogo (making even more money lol censorship = viewers)
Same with Girls love tentacles.

>> No.26771478

See you in 2015. They barely finish shipping stage 1

>> No.26771674

Stage 1 shipped a few months ago and stage 2 will be shipped in another month or two.

>> No.26771712

Yes but it was on kickstarter first, but got removed because feminists cried. They then went and took it to indiegogo because that place has absolutely no standards beyond obvious nonos

>> No.26771765

>T.Bento got killed
>Kingdom Death stayed

>> No.26771859

Apparently t bento promoted rape culture, but kingdom death didn't.

I know right

>> No.26771952

However, there's now a consentacle game, so it all works out.

>> No.26771966

So that kit comes with 9 dudes, 3 bases and 3 HW per type, right? Don't know about the quad guns, but those autocannons and mortars would have a good place in my Guard. The rest I could probably sell easily enough.

>> No.26771986

I haven't read up on t bento so correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't tentaclesex/rape part of the game mechanics? Not that I care one bit if it is, I'm just saying that if my question is true then the femenists at least had a point this time around.

Again, I don't really care at all and I think they have bigger issues to deal with.

>> No.26772002

>not wanting the quad guns
Heretic, you just went full traitor.

>> No.26772046

Why mantic

why you take my money to make terribad things

>> No.26772079

Wow those are bad.

>> No.26772118

The HW kit, that is.

>> No.26772153

For what would I use them for? They're way too small as aegis quad autocannons (and I already got 2 of them), and a quad sabre...

>> No.26772181

I would use them as count-as heavy golter

>> No.26772188

Heavy Bolter

>> No.26772199


mantic has some design issues

>> No.26772213


I like those...im sorry :(

I like their Skeletons and their Basilians, think those are pretty darned good models.

Hate the zombies, indifferent on the orcs, and wish the twilight elves were not just a conversion kit.

>> No.26772220

And I thought the first run Hordes werewolves were bad.

>> No.26772303

The only sexual gameplay element I can think of in KD is consensual sex for the purpose of reproduction. Showing naked ladies doesn't promote rape culture. The monsters with dicks and vaginas all over them don't actually rape anyone. The only mention of rape in the universe (not the actual game on kickstarter) is a female who will rip of your penis.
I don't know what tentacle bento wanted to be but bringing up KD is retarded.

>> No.26772311

I already got heavy bolters. I've been looking for an alternative for the autocannon. Those fit the bill perfectly. The shield also makes them visually similar to my quad guns, which I also fitted with shields like that.

Mortars are fine too, since I've wanted a more techy looking ones over the same old IG ones.

>> No.26772313

Did anyone here kickstart the Toughest Girls in the Galaxy?

I'm waiting on that and Project Eternity.

>> No.26772350

Where's the fur?

>> No.26772366

I'm afraid not. I wanted to but I just didn't have any money when it ran.

>> No.26773543

it's a card game, apparently akin to rummy.

there is no rape mechanic, you just have to "collect" schoolgirls
the player is supposed to represent a viscous tentacle space alien.
It is never said what you actually do to the captured schoolgirls.

>> No.26773580

You get what you pay for.
Mantic sells premium models at premium price.
that translates as:
We sell shit models on the cheap.

Why did you ever expect any better?

>> No.26773623

but they have proven they can do decent to good stuff

much like gw

>> No.26773921

I see you never had to deal with New Wave before they shut down.

There's a difference between "This company makes business decisions I disagree with" and "This company lists preorders as in stock and then doesn't ship your items until months after it's already shown up in other places."

>> No.26774804

Zero Hour: Survival Horror Card Game is in the last 29 hours!!!!

>> No.26777343

What about it?

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