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Hello /tg/.

I am an online roleplayer. Not new to it, but I never played without many rules. Free roleplaying with rolls determining the outcome of combat action or something that we all agree requires a successful roll. I never expanded my roleplaying team beyond three people and usually did it with just two.

So now, I have a large thirst for some rogue trader wh40k roleplay and I am looking for someone, who also has a thirst for one. I already have the idea for a character and more or less what the end point of the story should be.
I am willing to try new roleplays, which are not solely based on how we develop it ourselves. I can try this GM stuff.

Is anyone willing to recruit, be recruited?

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No one at all?

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Last bump.

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I'm in only if it's an ERP

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You mean containing sex elements or based around sex?

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I'm interested OP, what do you use to play? And have you got much experience with Rogue trader?

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I think it might be late trying to ressurect the thread but I had to go. In fact, I am surprised the thread is still alive. If you are still around, somehow...

I thought that I would not be roleplaying rogue trader himself. I've got very little experience roleplaying wh40k, but I am interested to learn. I read up a lot on lore, but there are still holes.

I used to play various settings I and my friends would think of. Mostly futuristic.

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>that feel when

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