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>Otha boiz Uz more dakka den choppa
>Even da Snakebitez who is supposed to be tradishunal
>"Goffs ain't da best boyz"
>WAAAGH! 41k

Get wid da program
Goffs iz da best orks

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Pfft Evil Suns be the best. Look what our mekaniks just made just no...

Da zog? Itz gone!

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>Matt Ward finally goes off the deep end
>He announces a new Ork codex
>With new Grots
>They look like this

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I say, gentlemen. Might I be so bold as to suggest that Dapper Orks are in fact the superior variety.

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U ain't proppa git

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>Matt Ward finally goes off the deep end

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Da dok 'as been using 'is own experiment on 'imself

Mork, we'z am playing godz

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Ya stoopid goffs.

Da blud axes is both choppy and shooty. We'z got choppy in our bluddy name! (Well, we'z don't, but we'z got it on our bannaz)

We'z got proppa tactics. Wot wiff shoutin' really quietly so'z we'z can sneak up on da hummies before duffin' 'em.

We'z got snazzy cammo, and our toughest drill bosses wear fancy black jackets, with more black den an entire goff mob.

Plus, you'z famed for all da unorky stormboyz, we's famed for kommandoz, who'z like stormboyz, but smart.

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I beg to differ, old boy.

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U work wiff da hummies
Uz da leaz orky
Uz a discraz to uz snottlings

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So what is more important to an Ork
Choppa or Dakka?

I'm partial to choppa
'cuz orks iz made for hitting

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Think of ummies as like more stoopid grots, and you see why we do it.

It's fun to watch da ummies try and get us ta work for 'em, den forget dat, and try and shoot us. We get paid and two fights, coz dat'z best.

Plus, you ever seen a snakebite pretend to be a goff? You know how zoggin 'larious it is? Imagine all da imperials pretending ta not be imperialz. "For da, um, not for da Emperor, we'z not Imperialz, really"

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>Blood Axes
lol no

Other orkz won't even work with you
You do have a lot of bosses though

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Your best boss, Ghatzskull is getting pwned by Yarrick, a human


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Do ya not see dat nob with 'is flashy black coat?

We'z just also like flashy bitz.

And yeah, da uvva boyz got stupid and decided to get rid of us, so 'ad a big party.

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You have to play the humies to fight for YOU and then they fuck with you

Remember those "mercenaries" holding the sign "Not IG spies"

I have some bad news...

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Dakka, Cuz only poor boyz can't get the good stuff

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get squat'd

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Yeah, dat was ded funny.

Da way they went "foul zeenos, we are actually imperialz", and den how we all WAAAGH!ed 'em.

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Not sure how to feel here...

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So what is the most common Ork army?

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Freebootaz, ah s'poze.

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>No love for the Snakebites...

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>Be me, da 'ardest bad moon der iz
>OP Postin' da wurst boyz
>me gob when
Yer hilarious OP, Oi'll krump ya last 200 yards away wif' me Kustom Killy Blaster.

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>Won't work wiff 'em
Now, dat'z inkorrekt. Oi frew a sack of teef at Rotzguk, he was a Bludd Flag boss, an' he krumpt a buncha Tau gits real good. Was ded kunnin', and got me a ton o' dat flashy dakka outta it too.

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Yea, hud enougf of dem yellow sunz and da flash gitz, to much dakkaz dem senz

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>Too much dakkaz

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Yar, if you anit goof youz lowa den grotz

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Ya gitz! Orkz aint meantz da chewz dakka or choppy. Wez da Orkz and we made for fighting and winning, next timez I seez you grotz talkz aboutz the most Orky weaponz iz gonna clobba ya likz an Ork shuld.

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>Stoopid Goff
>Not a bad moon
Oi'z Warboss WAAAAGHulous, black is so last year. Get wif it, yeller is da best new color.

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Is there an English to Ork translator?

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I take dump here now

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Keep talkin' ya gitz, cuz no matta which one of ye's is da "best", da Kult o' Speed will always be da first.

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Snakebitez are da best. 'Cause we got da Squiggoths and nottin' is better den a Squiggoth.

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I wish.

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Close enough.

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Where'd you get that? Scans where?

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Dis git

Dats like choosin' Gork or Mork, dere ain't no ansah. Iz phi-lo-soft-icles debat.

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One fing I never undastood was, who's the one who makes all them pretty banners and uniforms and fings.

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>Grot on the treads

Now dat's proppa Orky.

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Gretchen paint the banners spider-sqigs crap out
I couldn't make that up if I tried

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Dey made o' squigs. If it ain't made o' boyz or metal, it'z squigs.

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I hear DrivethruRPG has some great ones.

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Wait a while, the current printing's full of shitty typos. Every instance of the Deldar Shardcarbine is missing its fucking Penetration stat.

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Fuck, it's been a whole month.

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>that feel when marine jump troops haven't changed since that fucking picture was made

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Best thing about Enemies of the Imperium is the Deff Dread quote:

>“Dis isn’t some puny Killa Kan, so get ready ta get krumped, all ya Grots! Dis is no Killa Kan!”
>–Ramtusk Wraahr, Deff Dread pilot

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posting all the big clans (Goffz is da best)

Anyone got freebootaz?

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Ahahaha wow.

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>That feel when yes they fucking have, I've got some of those kind in a little ziploc baggie next to me and they're made of metal with plastic arms.
And also
>That feel when building an army out of late RT and second edition marines
>To play second edition
>Painting brightly

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>no goblin green rim
foolish display

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That is a goblin green rim, although it's not one of mine and I'm using black rims for mine because snow bases.

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Could have sworn that shit was bright green

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Nah, Goblin's the brightest of the natural greens in GW's old range IIRC. Scorpion was the neon stuff.

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Isn't it Moot Green now?

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No idea. I think the only new one I have is Lamenters Yellow. For my Lamenters, y'know.
>Orks for the Ork thread

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Found these in an old White Dwarf when I was doing my internet archaeology to collect second edition material. These are Blanche's 3rd edition Ork illustrations. Not often seen in color. I'm a fan.

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But the quality isn't so great.
>This one was by the Warboss entry in the old Feral Orks list, IIRC. Best army list ever.

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The old illustration for Zagstrukk and da Vulcha Boyz, I think?

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Last of them.
Anyways, I always liked them in the 3rd edition book but some of them (the first one especially, I think) are really great in color.

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Ill pick it up for a few, and personally goffs are overrated death skulls are where its at.

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Okay, I don't know squat about 40K, but that first ability doesn't specify any limit, so does that mean he just keeps rerolling till he actually hurts them, or is there some kind of general rule that makes it not work that way?

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You can only get one reroll per ability that gives it im pretty sure, its late and my rule book is packed up.

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As in one reroll per to wound roll that would warrant it.

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the experimental Beer Squig implants seem to have fucked up the hormon balance

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And thats all ive got /tg/ hope someone got a few good pics

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Fanks, bruva! Dey waz sum nice pics. Put a bunch on me computeybox I did.

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>With a monocle

Holy fuck I need this so bad and I didn't even know

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>Good 'ol Killboy

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That one is always beautiful
So much dakka

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Killboy may be the orkiest ork.

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So beautiful...

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