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>Hamburger Hepler gets fired/quits
>gets hired by Activision
>begins to write the quests for Eternal Crusade

Nightmare situations thread?

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The fans start demanding a proper ending to 40k.

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>every book is ward

or, on the topic of eternal crusade

>faction leaders are retarded youtubers

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>faction leaders are retarded youtubers
That'd be fun.
Especially if Assassinations are easier than Planet Side 2.

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Prepare for the gaymarines.

Not to mention that the series ending will come out of fucking nowhere and be tonally dissonant.

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at least we would be free from the Cruddace

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Here's something Jen Hepler would write in

>Ultramarines quest
>the ultramarines retire to start a homosexual relationship
>a chapter of all female space marines

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>A lot of information comes out for Eternal Crusade
>Hype grows and grows
>Games Workshop has second thoughts despite the growing excitement for the MMO
>Pulls out and refuses to allow the team to release the game
>Years of work and hype wasted
I think that would be the worst situation

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I think if Hamburger Hepler works on the game, I'd rather the game be cancelled

I don't think it deserves to a suffer such a fate worse than death, like TORtanic did

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>Eldar: iJustine
>Orks: TotalBiscuit
>Chaos Marines: Tobuscus
>Space Marines: Yogscast

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>giving into any wishes of the fans


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Fans have always wanted some movement of the plot

Those fans are retards, because 40k isn't a story with a plot, it's a setting.

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The horror...

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It's a setting that comes to a screeching and increasingly ridiculous halt in the year 999.M41 due to GW's obsession with 'one minute to midnight' and their failure to realize that it doesn't have to be LITERAL.

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When the fuck did we get this /v/?

Yeah, I know there's /tg/ vidya, but come the fuck on guys.

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i come from /v/.
i'm in love with /tg/ now

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>In Eternal Crusade
Bitch please, they're player made.

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Why are these people popular

I just

I don't understand. Can I become famous by acting like an asshole while playing videogames if I film myself?

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Go ahead.

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Um... this picture is relevant to my interests.

Is there a rest of it?

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I wouldn't be surprised if Eldar and Space Marine players pick Youtube "celebs" to lead them.

I would like to hope Orks wouldn't be so stupid, but you never know

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No, the Orks would pick the one who has the biggest friendly fire precentage

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>Ijustine commands you, take back the factory-thing in the name of the god-king or you shall be demoted from space man to scout!

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Pick them? Orks ARE internet celebs in the making. Just point a webcam at one of them and you've got instant gold.

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Orks should be decided through a battle royale style fight between nobs.

Whoever wins is the greenest an' meanest

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Yes there is.
Enjoy the story time.
I came for the boobs, stayed for the plot.

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Warcraft is a setting. It advances.

Starcraft is a setting. It advances

Yada yada yada.

Settings are made of stories and stories do progress and advance dragging the setting with them.

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>iJustine: Shes a girl, WHO "LIKES" GAMES, also shes randum XD which means she grabs stupid men and women as fans, and theres a lot of those
>TB: His voice, it's pretty much the only draw he has, and then when people are drawn in some like him and keep watching him
>Yogscast: Same thing with TB, only this time they are two British people and not deep voiced. British people playing games is strangely entertaining to some folks, so TWO Brits? Viewergold

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The worst part is that they don't know anything about WH40K, as opposed to others like Bro Team.

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Warcraft's plot is fucked to the point of no return, i really wish they did something else (plot-wise) for WoW.

Starcraft is more of a story about jim raynor or whatsit. A setting could be, for example, Azeroth where the plot is just smaller stories within azeroth. 40k's plot has already happened, per se.

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I wonder if I could get away with this?

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40k has been around before both of them, and it's not a franchise that has multiple games.

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Probably, it would also help if you act like a brain dead retard and make lots of pop culture references.

Also Minecraft. And if you use a face cam you have an even better chance.

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Some fans have always wanted some movement of the plot.

>Those fans are retards


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>Hello I'm TotalBiscuit and I command you all to gather more resources so only I can ride in a tank. The rest of you be my shields and do all the work!

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>Shes a girl, WHO "LIKES" GAMES

Don't get me wrong, I hate the Youtube community in general, but I don't question her interest any more than say, pewdiepie's.

I've had to sit through some of that fucker's videos, and good fucking Christ in a can, that boy ain't right.

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So is /tg/ going for lore adherence, or are we all just rolling Angry Marines?

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I don't understand why they didn't just start the lore out at the beginning of the 41st millennium. It's Warhammer 40,000 after all, not Warhammer 40,999. They could've given themselves plenty of room to advance the narrative while keeping it in M41, but now they've written themselves into a corner, so every update will just be jamming more and more shit into 999.M41 without actually being able to resolve it.

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I agree. Hence why the 13th Black Crusade should be rescheduled to 995.M41 and have the plot end at its start, at an "oh-fuck-everything's-about-to-go-to-hell" moment.
That's probably not what you meant.

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I'd get a webcam, play some Minecraft and shit myself every time it turns to night.
I'll get all the youtube money!

Fail that, just some good and honest gameplay videos, maybe with other fa/tg/uys.

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Every major faction ends up with a "24" scenario.

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Mah nigga.

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iJustine's "career" as a Youtube celeb started because she posted videos of herself dancing outside of Apple stores. She didn't start as a video game player, she got into playing them because her fans wanted to see her do it. Now shes being picked to host video game shit because of her popularity.

If you don't think she isn't actually a video game player, then you should see her Portal 2 plathrough, MY FUCKING GOD

As for PewDiePie, he started out as a game player, a retard pandering player, but a player none the less.

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Fuck dat /tg/ meme shit, I'm going Ork all the way, gonna play Mekboy

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So he'd be a Guard commander, then.

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How does he even move with those pauldrons?

That armor is ridiculous.

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Warcraft is a setting. The video games are a story that takes place within the setting. The story of the games advances the story that the players participate in.

Same with Starcraft.

40k has stories, too. That's what the Black Library is for.

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In a depressing way, you just explained the past five months of /tg/.

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She plays video games. I'm pretty sure that's the only criterium required. Who cares if they did it to begin with? Half of Pew's videos are literally doing whatever his viewers ask, including walking around dressed in drag speaking French. I'm not about to excuse that bullshit because he started out with vidya. And I don't excuse Justine's bullshit either, but who am I to tell her she doesn't like video games, despite actually playing them.

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WW2 is a setting, containing many stories, each with a beginning, middle and an end, but WW2 never spills beyond '45 (unless we're talking alternate history). All WW2 stories are contained within that timeframe, because they wouldn't be WW2 stories if you moved into the 50's and the war was over.

Also, if you did move to M42, it wouldn't be Warhammer 40,000 anymore, it'd be Warhammer 41,000.

Or because they ran out of years and had a whole franchise built around "41st millennium" and shit, moving to 42nd millennium would have been a major game changer.

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Welcome to 40k

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OP pic

>why is my head so tiny

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Oh I won't excuse any of them, ever, I'm just saying at least Pew started out with games, while iJustine's video game career started to pander to people.

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there have been 6 million threads about this.

a) he's not a human, he's like 3x as tall and 8x as heavy or whatever
b) the armor is supor-fyuchuristic and has megastrength, and ridiculously OP motors/pistons etc

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Settings like Shadowrun or Forgotten Realms don't have problems with advancing plot between editions though.

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Automated servos. The pauldrons move around to allow easy movement while still offering protection.

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Also, WW2 is not a setting, it's a time period. Earth is the setting.

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i just wanted to talk about warhammer fantasy and 40k again
too bad it's shit now

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Oh man, I have a heavily british accent.

I'm gonna go act like an asshole and be paid ridiculously well for it.

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Let us live the dream!

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Me too! We should team up!

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Depending on how extensive the vehicle choice is, it could be a nightmare situation or not.

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Sure, but their setting is not tied down around a certain era/event. There's an advancing backstory that's the main focus of the setting, while in 40k the background is made out of fixed elements and merely serve the stories told within that setting. As they said in WD320, the background offers hooks for the players to latch onto and create games, armies and campaigns around them, not to offer an ongoing narrative.

It's WWhammer '39-45, with Poland, Battle of Brittain, Barbarossa, Pearl Harbour, Stalingrad, D-Day and all that, and you just play games and make armies within that timeframe, using available material and create campaigns.

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what if, somehow, ALL vehicles were available.

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The next Youtube sensation, Three British Fucks.

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My dick would flip

>> No.26661870


BroTeam is literally a fat bearded Canadian yelling non-sequiturs mixed with a few references for 10 minutes.

And yet I could watch his stuff for hours but I can hardly stand folks like PewDiePie. To this day I still don't know why I like BroTeam so much

>> No.26661886

People are going to call it
"Three Brits Fuck"
Fund it.

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>a : the time, place, and circumstances in which something occurs or develops
>b : the time and place of the action of a literary, dramatic, or cinematic work

>Examples of SETTING
>The movie changes the play's setting from the late 18th century to the year 2000.
>She uses modern-day Los Angeles as the setting for her book.

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man shit like this is the reason i lurk /u/ every day

>> No.26661995

You'll never use any other boards now.

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>Also, if you did move to M42, it wouldn't be Warhammer 40,000 anymore, it'd be Warhammer 41,000.

And yet all the people arguing the setting shouldn't advance say people should play in all the earlier millennia of the timeline.

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I wish /v/ would leave.

>> No.26662133

What I don't get is WHY do people want the setting to advance?

>> No.26662171

>talking about watching people play videogames
Avid watching-people-play-videogames watcher here.

I watch them because I need someone japering and cavorting in the corner of my screen to occupy myself. It's like a modern day jester.

Why, sometimes, I even laugh and clap my hands like a simpleton.

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Because it was promised long ago.
Although most people arguing weren't around then, like most of the people who say they want squats back.

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It's boring.

Same old stories retold again and again in a cycle of stagnation and drudgery.

>> No.26662251

Remember how GW retconned Ollanius Pius into a Terminator?

>> No.26662257

The past is there to give context to the future and as a player you're free to go there, but GW isn't going to dwell into it too much. The "here and now" of 40k is the last quarter of M41.

Just because GW doesn't advance the plot, doesn't mean you can't make a campaign set in M42 or further. BL has already gone there in some novels and Medusa V happened in 006.M42.

>> No.26662312

>Medusa V happened in 006.M42.


Retconned. Medusa was pushed back into 41K.

>> No.26662378

Remember how GW retconned thousands of Ork players taking an important Imperium planet during a tournament?

Despite that retcon, Moredakka is still recorded in some codexes and such

>> No.26662477

And then they retconned that into a Custodes, and then retconned THAT into an extremely rare starchild-tier Immortal?

>> No.26662536

Which version do you prefer?

>> No.26662553

He'd fit right in with the guard

>> No.26662570


also check out nebezial.deviantart.com

same guy

>> No.26662588

you poor bastard

>> No.26662743


You do know they have at least 10,000 years of history to work with right? They haven't even finished the Horus Heresy/Time of Rebirth and still have rhe Forging, the Nova Terra Interregnum, the Age of Apostasy, and if they really wanted to, the Age of Technology and the Age of Strife.

>> No.26662769

They could also flesh out the Great Crusade. They're 20 books into a 7-year war, imagine how many books they could wring out of a 200-year one.

>> No.26662800

Where did this happen?

>> No.26662820

supposedly she's responsible for the dwarf origin in Dragon Age: The One That Wasn't Shit, so evidently given proper supervision she's actually capable of turning out something good

given David "Twilight Will Be Viewed As Classical Literature" Gaider as supervision, well, um. yeah.

>> No.26662871

Shadowsun BL novel.

The events of Medusa were pushed to a date before 997 41K

>> No.26662887

We won't abide with filler, anon.

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Regular human.

>> No.26662948


I'm pretty sure the current one is a regular human, albeit one able to reincarnate.

>> No.26663074

dude is fully conscious of just how pathetic his audience, himself, and gamer culture at large are.

he has that unique brand of humility that comes from recognizing that jesus christ there is no way a human being should earn respect (let alone any money) for yelling at videogames while dropping dumb nerd culture references.

however, since nerds have nothing in the way of self-esteem, their response to anyone who is capable of both dropping nerd references AND calling them out as shit is to treat any sort of mockery as 'ahaha we're just havin' a giggle m8, lol us gamers, i sure am garbage, seriously you denigrating me is the closest thing to social interaction in my life'

basically the joy of browbeating nerds is that with a minimum of effort you can get them to beat themselves into a bloody pulp in the name of hopefully earning your acceptance. broteam thinks you are subhuman filth, you think that's the joke, and you thinking that's the joke is why doing this shit is still funny to him.

>> No.26663180

This is basically why Hideaki Anno still does Evangelion and why the trolls in Homestuck are a thing in the first place.

The world is full of shit like this, but we are collectively oblivious to it, thinking we're in on the joke.

>> No.26663196


The only winning move is not to play

>> No.26663241


For me, the thing about vanilla Pius is that he was a mortal man, in every aspect, who threw himself in the front of the path of a god in the hopes of saving everything he truely believed in.

And, it was that when someone so truely loyal and faithful was struck down, that the Emperor realized that Horus was beyond saving.

THAT to ME is the importance of regular human Pius.

>> No.26663244

40k is all about stagnation. You want plot advancement? Tough shit. What are they supposed to do, have the imperium collapse? I bet it would go down well if they stopped making space marines, you guys still bitch about the squats. The setting is huge, and it's been pretty consistent for the better part of 10000 years. Not every story has to involve a huge galaxy-altering shift, there's plenty of room for interesting fluff without this 'advance the setting' bullshit.

>> No.26663274

Tau aren't stagnating. Dark Eldar are not stagnating. Tyranids are not stagnating.

Yada Yada

>> No.26663294

And what I can tell, has lived at least since antiquity (being one of the Argonauts), receives information about the end of the Heresy and how he's The Only One(tm) who can save the Emperor and the Imperium for certain destruction, uses Chaos artifacts to cut open reality, etc.

I don't want another superhero with a mysterious past or other Abnett bullshit. He's a soldier, just like everyone else. He finds himself in a bind and on a moment's notice acts, changing the course of history without even realizing it. He died, got eaten by daemons, and the Imperium survived.

That's the Guard way. Nobodies from nowhere destined to die for reasons that they aren't entirely clear on, but at the same time keeping the Imperium alive. Sacrifice for the survival of mankind.

Let Marines and Eldar and shit have their superheroes with plots the length of several novels, but please, keep at least one "even the smallest person in the right time can make a difference" aspect of Pious, because otherwise it's just more 12 year-old superhero power fantasy bullshit.

>> No.26663337

I choose not to choose life.

>> No.26663425

Muh nigga.

>> No.26663671

Listen, everyone, I don't usually share this secret, but events have forced my hand. Beware, for I am about to impart to you dangerous knowledge. We can fix this problem right now, but I fear the grim specter about to be unleashed on the world, and now that you'll have the power, I'm afraid its use won't stop here. No matter; this must be done.

Everyone, look at images of the Hepler and watch her videos. Fill yourselves with hate and channel that hate into her likeness. Pour oceans of wrath out of your eyes and into hers. While doing this, everyone accurately imagine a clot of cholesterol breaking loose in her bloodstream. Visualize her dying in agony of a massive heart attack and stroke. She is already overweight, her physical and psychological health already inclined towards this fate; all that's needed to seal her doom is for our collective will to accellerate inevitable events. Your imagination and your rage must both be pure and perfect, but killing her thusly will only require the majority of we who read this thread to do so. This is a dangerous secret that you must not abuse: you are implored not to use this power out of pettiness or spite, and be especially careful not to use it on more famous or powerful people because the collective weight of their popularity (as well as secret countermeasures employed by the more illuminated of them) can easily negate the effect of less than a million hate-filled souls thusly channelling their willful wraths. You who read this, we are all counting on you to do your part.... BEGIN HER END.

>> No.26663695

We are not orks.

>> No.26663829

>mfw you're a space marine with a battle barge, sent out to save the Imperium and assemble a roster of colourful characters to your side from the grizzled and scarred commissar and distant farseer to an ice queen Sister and spunky earth caste mechanic
>mfw you have to choose between heresy and loyalty options, being true to the Imperium (for better or for worse) or embracing heresy
>mfw you get a pick of the litter to sink your little spiritual liege into
>mfw you can be a gay space marine
>mfw the BBEG is not Abaddon but the little girl and her dog from 4e daemon codex

>> No.26663884

The Orks certainly aren't stagnating.

The only races that are stagnating in 40k are humans and Eldar, and Eldar at least don't have laws against innovation

>> No.26663909

They actually do this? I really can't think of something less hot.

>> No.26663936

No, you listen, you cheeky cunt, I'm going to impart some basic fucking logic. Your government is watching your every virtual move. Russia has passed a law that literally makes it illegal to be gay. Greece is falling into a practical Fourth Reich of fascism. And that's the tip of the shitberg that passes for our world right now.

If you, having this knowledge, still choose to live in your little bubble of "gamer culture" and think some lady you never met writing games that you don't like is a problem worth your rage or anger or indeed any of your general fucking effort over any of these other things that actually affect people in their daily lives, I can only pray that your genes are never fed back into the pool because you and yours will be the end of this world. In fact, the only reason I'm writing this is because somewhere, some other cheeky cunt much like yourself is actually taking this to heart. All the threats and abuse have to come from somewhere.

And I'm calm as a fucking coma writing this. You could learn something from that. Never mind the bollocks. Learn to take it easy.

>> No.26663953

Your favorite youtube is drafted to play a game of 40K using your favorite army. They are taught moderate knowledge of the rules, enough to stop cheaters and do well, but still make mistakes.

Who are they and how do they do?

>> No.26663980

>This is a dangerous secret that you must not abuse: you are implored not to use this power out of pettiness or spite
>Tell us to use it to kill some woman who wrote a bad video game

>> No.26664010

>Tau aren't stagnating

They also aren't moving forwards very fast.

>Dark Eldar are not stagnating.

Um, they're a decadent society left over from the Fall, way more interesting in serving their own needs than anything else and living in the ruins of their once great empire.

>The Orks certainly aren't stagnating.

Other than producing the same crappy guns for millions of years and most of their advances coming from looting shit from others.

>Eldar at least don't have laws against innovation

You mean other than not being worthy of even sweeping the floor with your tongue until you've practiced for a few hundred years along the path of the path of the Dead End Job? And if you got way too crazy ideas, better pack your bags and get the fuck out, become a ranger or an outcast, you crazy elf. Come back when you learn to behave.

>> No.26664015

Well my favorite Youtube would probably me farfromsubtle, the Youtube for Video Games Awesome. Fraser, the host, would probably like playing Orks maybe, since he can send huge numbers of people to beat on the enemy, though the shitty shooting might make him angry. His co-hosts Becky and Ben might have fun watching or giving him tactical help.

>> No.26664105

>Other than producing the same crappy guns for millions of years and most of their advances coming from looting shit from others.
You act like anything made by Orks isn't crappy in quality. As for advancements, it's true a lot of their stuff comes from looting other races, but Meks are always experimenting with new machinery and gadgets, from scratch, the creation of the Gargant was from scratch after a Mekboy witnessed an Imperial Titan, he just thought "Im gonna build that, but bigger and Orkyer" Orks are always innovating, just some of their innovations blow up in their own face.

>> No.26664171

>or, on the topic of eternal crusade
Ends up being as epic, interesting, and well known as Doritos Crash Course 2.

>> No.26664235

Meks also don't share nor spread their knowledge. So when a mek dies, all his knowledge goes with him and orks are back to square one, until another innovative mek comes along.

>You act like anything made by Orks isn't crappy in quality.


If you're saying "orks got nice stuff too" then yes, they do. They got some of the most advanced shield and teleportation technology. They can cover wide areas in protection and use teleports as weapons. But that's part of their genetic knowledge. That's been with them since forever.

>> No.26664293

>Delicious, thank you.

>> No.26664301

I think his point was this:

That while their technology might get more advanced than anyone else's, it is still F ranked in quality control, ergonomics, and general "goodness".

>> No.26664408


To be fair, TB at the least is into Warhammer (see any videos he does about 40k games).

>> No.26664453

Meks do share and spread their ideas, not actively, but Meks will pick up stuff from other Meks and Big Meks as they work with them, and Ghazghkull got the secret to some advanced teleportation tech from a Bad Moons Mekboy

>But that's part of their genetic knowledge. That's been with them since forever.
No it's not, Ork's don't have plans to build advanced stuff in their genetic knowledge, their knowledge gives them the ability to understand basic physics and construction, but they don't have "how to build tellyportas and forcefields" in their genetics.

>> No.26664547

>i was only pretending to be a /v/tard

>> No.26664562

He also dislikes Ultramarines

>> No.26664571


>> No.26664583

She also only likes video games for the cutscenes. I'm sure she can do some sort of miracle in terms of video game writing but so could a monkey if given a computer and an infinite amount of time.

>> No.26664592

Right now an Air Force officer and a CIA Case Manager are looking at a shaking high-resolution black and white image of a crater ringed by bunting and burning human clothing.
They're stressed out because the Al Qaeda operative they were SURE was at that wedding actually wasn't, and they're hoping nobody notices this time.
It gets worse.

>> No.26664633

>She also only likes video games for the cutscenes

Not to play devil's advocate or anything, but she's a writer. Is it really important whether she gives two shits about gameplay or not? Honestly I'd be more worried if she hated cutscenes.

>> No.26664640

Having listened to TB when he was just doing WoWradio, I always got the feeling he was more or less just in it for the video games. I generally like his humor compared to say, Pewdiepie

>> No.26664709

>and why Homestuck is a thing in the first place.

Fixed that for you.

>> No.26664721

Yeah. Dear god, we'd might actually have to suffer actual gameplay in our GAME, instead of doing some generic cover based shooting in between long cutscenes, where the writers get to show off how incredibly smart they are.

Plenty of games manage just fine without any cutscenes and do a smashing job of telling a story through actual gameplay instead of being afraid the player would cramp up their style and not be cool enough.

The world needs more Hideo Kojimas to make games with more hours of cutscenes than your average game has overall length.

>> No.26664728

Yes, I know how Mekboys and their genetic knowledge works, but they don't have blueprints in their brains to build a kustom force field, or a trukk. They know how to put the engine together to get it to work, they know where a barrel goes to make the bullets come out, and they know wires make things go, but they don't instinctively know how to build full things.

>> No.26664730

Yeah, I see what you mean. However, a video game writer should be in line with the fact that a cutscene will end and that the story can advance beyond it e.g item descriptions or side conversations while walking around. A person who thinks the best video games would be ones that have the ability to skip the actual game play to go to another cut scene is missing the point entirely of video games. That person belongs in cinema, not video games development. Case in point; Demon Souls had a better story than Dragon Age 2 yet hardly had any cut scenes of merit aside from boss introductions.

>> No.26664773

I lol'd

>> No.26664827

That's a lotta hyperbole for missing my point.

I'm not saying I agree with her. Like holy shit, not in the least (have you played Gone Home? Bit off topic, but basically the best environmental storytelling in recent history with zero cutscenes). But that's not the point. The point is she filled a writing position in the team, and with the way AAA dev teams work, that means she does writing and only writing.

Whether she thinks games should have gameplay of this kind or that kind or so many cutscenes doesn't matter. She was in no position to influence those design choices. She just had to write the scenarios given to her, and that's it. You can get mad about her not actually wanting to play games, but at the end of the day that was entirely irrelevant to her skill as a writer. You're judging the fish on its ability to climb trees. It doesn't matter if she likes climbing or not, all she gotta do is swim.

>> No.26665011

>with the way AAA dev teams work, that means she does writing and only writing.

How so? Before she took over, the whole team reviewed the writing together, gave feedback and suggestions, and worked to put the story into the game. From what I heard, she just wrote the whole thing without any peer review and the team was left with working around her ideas.

Who the fuck develops a game where the gameplay and story are made by two different teams who have no exchange with each other? That's a terrible game (or a very experimental indie one). The game developers have to know what pieces they are working with and the story writers have to know what they're capable of doing within the game.

>> No.26665079

You don't need blueprints to build engines or guns?

Mekboys don't learn anything by themselves, the knowledge and drive is inside them from birth. The quote clearly says they have no idea how they know what they do, but they know what they do is right and somehow it also is. How is that "not having blueprints in your head"? Just because they're not aware of it, doesn't mean they don't exist. It's like genetic STC, a system that takes available materials and production capabilities, and formulates a way to make supa-killa dakka tank.

>> No.26665185

>From what I heard, she just wrote the whole thing without any peer review and the team was left with working around her ideas.

I'll be honest, this doesn't sound unlikely to me, given that this is exactly how ME3's ending happened. Feels like that's Bioware collectively losing all mental capacity at that point.

>> No.26665193

Sauce pls.

>> No.26665204

Sauce was given, you plonker.


>> No.26665206

>Mekboys don't learn anything by themselves
Well now I know you're wrong. Meks, like Doks, have very basic knowledge built into themselves, as they grow their understanding grows as well, like a new Mekboy won't understand how to make a telyporta, but a Big Mek will. But they also learn by trial and error and tinkering, it's why Dok's and Meks experiment so much, so they can get a better understanding of what they are doing and learn new things. Orks aren't just brainless green monkeys who make tanks because they know how to by blood, they have basic understandings, but they learn and grow and figure out things.

>> No.26665220

>In the same way that a child can learn to alter their breathing, hold their breath or, through exercise, improve the capacity of their lungs and vascular system, so too can an Ork build upon these innate skills through the normal process of learning.

>> No.26665253



There is SOME shit from M42.

>> No.26665435

>Well now I know you're wrong

Big talk for a man with no quotes to back his shit up.

Just because they got the blueprints in their mind doesn't mean they're not into experimenting. They don't know what's in their brains, so tinkering, testing apparatuses and obsessive taking apart and putting back together might just as well be their genetic coding as well as genuine personal interest. Even if you could download into your brain full knowledge of kung-fu, your body won't be able to pull it off. You have to train your muscles, your nerves and your whole body. The knowledge is there, now you have to make it usable. And even if you upload the same programming to a 100 people, they won't pull of identical moves nor styles. They all develop their own thing according to their personal preferences and how they process the knowledge.

Not to forget that their genetic knowledge also has to be very adaptive, since they're very much into looting, so they need to be able to familiarize themselves with variety of machines and devices to better understand them and loot them.

Majority of Imperial tech is STC, yet lasguns and battle tanks from different corners of the galaxy are very different, due to materials, manufacturing capabilities, personal preferences of the manufacturers and the needs of the people who actually use them (steel legion probably isn't going to need long and accurate lasguns, but a folding stock rapid-fire carbine is just right).

>> No.26665639

Gork and Mork pull some bullshit OP orc move and join all orc minds, creating a hive mind of shared knowledge and goals. How fucked is every other race?

>> No.26665652

>Imperial Guard get Retsuprae/Chip and Ironicus

>> No.26665831

and that the fascists are the lesser evil in this matter is even more worrying.

>> No.26665887

Yet GW actually said they'll never go beyond 41st. They'll cover stuff in between, but not further.

It's a shame, but, life goes on. Maybe they'll fucking progress WHFB.

>> No.26665910

Why did I expect anything else from you Foron?

/u/ has changed, there is a lot of "OMG THERE IS NO YURI THERE IS DICKS HUR DHURRRRR GET OUT" people. It's a shame.

>> No.26668405

…right, so, maybe I don't come to /tg/ enough, but isn't hamburger helper something you use to spice up a meal?

>> No.26671914


SMs are now gay and can have sex with each other.
there are female SMs.
tons of Eldar/dark eldar gay/bi/lesbo crap

>> No.26672352


there's an ork that's actually a woman, even though she doesn't look or act like it

>> No.26672381

How is Space Hulk?

>> No.26672964

Ah zuk yo deeeeeek!

>> No.26673004

>read lexicanum articles about soul grinders and other daemon machines
>go to terminators, tyranids and Officio Assassinorum
>end up with Necrons again

And makes me wonder... out of all races I can only see Necrons, Tyranids and Orks capable of conquering everything, in this order.
Well... if they wouldnt sleep, be scattered or fighting each other.

>> No.26673094

Clearly, she was writing with a clear goal in mind from whoever was managing the project. In DAII, she was probably promoted and given more freedom to push her own ideas into the story, and so we got the travesty that was Anders and the stupid romance system that was really easy to get into to. I didn't want to romance anyone, but just by being nice I suddenly had Anders, Isabella, and Meryl all over me.

>> No.26673249

Still not as bad as Alpha Protocol. If you're not viciously raped by a German she-hulk with probably a bigger clit than your fully erect penis, you're emoing it out because the woman you met like 10 minutes ago died, and every woman in the game seems to be under the impression that just because you acknowledge their existence, you're in a relationship with them, and talking to any other woman is as good a sticking your dick into them.

I tried to play the distant, by the books professional agent, but was forced into all this drama. I'm sorry, might we start talking about our feelings after we're not on the most wanted list of the world and not under constant threat of being killed?

>> No.26673358

>thinking outlawing faggotry is a bad thing

>> No.26673598

Sbrebrown... would probably make some kind of fountain pen themed army, with an indepth after review. It would be awesome.

Seriously, fa/tg/uys, do you like fountain pens? Do you like inks? Of course you fucking do. You even like calligraphy. Goddamn, why aren't you watching this guy and the FPGeeks channels?

Get with the most traditional game of all, fancy ass hand writing and pen collecting.

>> No.26673613

It's not illegal to be gay in Russia.

>> No.26673636

Not only that, he hates GW as much as the average /tg/ goer. His latest Space Hulk video he did a mini rant about how GW does not support their settings like Necromunda, Gorkamorka, and Space Hulk. Hell, he even takes the role playing seriously on that Dark Heresy game that some youtubers were playing.

If there were any youtube personality involved with the WH40K IP that I would not mind it would be TB.

>> No.26673658

screw you OP you put this idea in my head and now I'm starting thinking

>adeptus astartes are all really gay
>the emperor and horus were actually lovers
>the inquisition only burns guilty people

make it stop

>> No.26673661


>mfw the BBEG is not Abaddon but the little girl and her dog from 4e daemon codex

I love U.F.O endings.

>> No.26673668

>then you should see her Portal 2 plathrough, MY FUCKING GOD
That's not a playthrough. That's torture in a video format.

>> No.26673674

>(have you played Gone Home? Bit off topic, but basically the best environmental storytelling in recent history with zero cutscenes)
Get the fuck out. It was just an updated point and click adventure that did nothing special. The only reason any one liked it is because it had to do with lesbians, and for the LGBT crowd it is always 1997, just like with the race baiting victim hood crowd it is always 1963.

Your average That Guy can do better writing that that clearly pandering crap.

>> No.26673684

>good roleplay

>> No.26673706

>Wanting 40k to have a definite end

It often amazes me just with what types of people am I browsing this online forum with

Why would you even want such a thing

>> No.26673873

To be fair, she didn't write the end of ME3. That was some bellend who thought they could do a better job than the people who wrote the whole series up to that point.

>> No.26673878

I'm not expecting the "the emprah is fine and all the Xenos die", i'm just a bit tired of every 6 edition codex screaming "its m41 999 and everyone's about to die, not now but soon" which has been the case since the 90s.

>> No.26674103

So how come there are no Black Templars in this?

>> No.26674110

No 2nd founding allowed.

>> No.26674118

From what I've heard the original dark energy ending went to even more retarded places than the circular logic AI ending we ended up getting.

>> No.26674554

as opposed to DJwheat and itmejp, absolutely

>> No.26675163

we are in a thread whose premise is "what if someone who we don't like got given control of an intellectual property we are emotionally attached to"

our ability to bitch about people who demand to be pandered to is prettttty much nil

>> No.26675201

i mean fuck's sakes, you wanna talk about shitty games that only have anything in the way of a fanbase because of the market they pandered to, hi, may I present the pic in OP?

>> No.26675329

Source? I've only seen the "dark energy was suppose to be the reason" stuff, but not an actual ending script.

Thing I love about the ending is how it trolls people into thinking Control or Destroy are "good" endings.

>> No.26675346

control is awesome, you get to reign over all things as an undying cyber-tyrant.

beats the hell out of that boring-ass "GREEN WAVE GIVES YOU ROBOT BITS FOR SOME REASON" ending

>> No.26675347


Synthesis. Control and Synthesis.

>> No.26675383


I'm ok with this.

>> No.26675425

Sure, but it's not a "good" ending.

Destroy is the right choice, because it is the hard choice. Control and Synthesis gives you a feelgood ending, but they're pretty fucking drastic measures and only ones that actually benefit from it, are the Reapers.

With Destroy, sure, people die, things get blown up, but such is war. Out of all the people in the game, who are the ones who think you shouldn't kill the Reapers? TIM, Saren, etc. They both advocate controlling the Reapers or the union of flesh and machine. Everyone else is "destroy the Reapers at all cost." And the Geth? Even they were willing to die, rather than subjugate themselves to the Reapers.

>> No.26675634

Narratively speaking, I agree- it makes for a better story if the choice is presented and Shepard ultimately chooses Destroy.

That said, from the perspective of galactic civilization, Destroy is definitely the option that involves the most Everyone Dies Horribly. Seriously, galactic civilization is going to collapse and burn, 90%+ of the fleet in the final battle is going to die of starvation somewhere in/around Sol, and it will be countless millenia until anything comparable to Council civilization can exist again. It's being so scared of your enemy, so desperate to destroy them, that you blow your own brains out too just for good fuckin' measure.

>> No.26675707

The correct ending is to pretend the series ended with Mass Effect 2, and the Reapers appearing a few centuries in the future after the galaxy has time to prepare.

>> No.26675830

Fuck, yes, it WORKED!

>> No.26675843

>All Orks know where each other are
>All Orks know where all the biggest orks are
>All Warbosses go after eachother to prove who is biggest and baddest

After a couple hundred years they might be a problem since they'd be united under one warboss.

>> No.26675872

PLS post Hamburger Helper sex-tape pics.

>> No.26675880

>someone that gets it

It's a fantasy setting. The lore is meant to be fodder for your imagination, not a canon set in stone story. Hence why "everything is canon". Your head cannon is as valid as any. I like to interpret Ward fluff and BL novels as Imperium propaganda.

>> No.26675882

that last one is funny cause GW already beat her to it with the little sisters of penance i want to say from a rouget raider mission called sunstroke where in a vampire had taken over some jokero and you had to be a group of bad enough lady dudes to stop it, but then again rogue trader was silly. Though i do want to make this chapter for maximum trolling at events.

>> No.26675892

That would very surreal, entertaining and by the emperor TERRIFYING.

I feel giddy yet slightly worried. I'm not sure what to feel.

>> No.26675899


It's worse than that.

Imagine that to beat Al Quaeda, you had to destroy the internal combustion engine AND wipe out all plant life on the planet. That's a diluted version of what Destroy is. You're not just removing the fundamental transport infrastructure for literally the entire galaxy, you're erasing an entire category of life - not a species or even a few species. Every example of a specific kind of life form dies to kill ONE species of that type of life.

It's really not the best option. People only think it is just because it's the one Anderson advocates. What if Anderson, though well-meaning, was just wrong about that? What if the Illusive Man's Control plan - which would have never worked if TIM'd tried it due to his hilarious indoctrination - WOULD have worked if Shepherd did it?

>> No.26675903

>Your head cannon is as valid as any.
I'm glad you agree

>> No.26675958

it is illegal to be openly gay, which is basically like saying it is illegal to be gay because they have even less privacy rights then america does.

>> No.26675976


It is if you want to come in to Russia.

Seriously, they arrest openly gay tourists trying to enter the country.

>> No.26676045


>> No.26676088

this, sadly
fuck WoW

>> No.26676106

>Surprisingly okay with this

>> No.26676383

>tfw dakka face

I like the way you think.

>> No.26676876

It always worked for Battletech, before FASA was deliberately closed and WizKiddies ruined the license.

>> No.26676919

Something about accents. I used to watch this Russian youtube LPer named Hippocat who mostly did mechwarrior stuff. His English was actually really good, but his catchphrases and mispronunciations always made me laugh.

>> No.26676955

>newfags complaining about /v/irgins

>> No.26677066


>> No.26677094

The Jihad, if you believe line devs around in the FASA days, was actually already planned, but was not going to be rolled out nearly so quickly or poorly. Small wonder Catalyst has focused on fixing this in between dodging Coleman embezzling funds from the company and jewing hard-working artists out of their money (I hope someone melts down the old lead minis into 9mm rounds and fills you with them, Coleman).

Personally I'm not sure whether or not to believe this or whether it's just propaganda to make the whole thing go down easier with us groggier grognards. It DOES make some sense - I mean, look at what a paradigm shift the Clan Invasion was.

>> No.26677129

>galactic civilization is going to collapse and burn

Doesn't seem that bad to me:

Of course, there's the low EMS Destroy:
But at that point it's the only option you got.

With Control, you basically have a god with in charge and Shepard even makes it clear, that there's a new sheriff in town. What if you don't like the rule of the God-Shepard? Too bad, you get to eat shit and die. Not to forget that Reaper indoctrination is still possible, so too many start to think otherwise and soon God-Shepard has to put his figurative boot in their mental asses.

With Synthesis you've just converted the galaxy's entire population into cyborgs against their will. How exactly is this NOT going to cause trouble? We don't even know how that's going to affect genetics, resource production or anything? Do people still eat? Do Geth need to eat now? Are ships living things now (seeing that leaves and shit got neon lights) or just "synthetics"? How about EDI, her body is just a remote operated drone, she's still inside the ship. Is her core like a half-synthetic brain how, trapped inside the hull of the ship? What about her body, is it just a zombie she controls from within or did it become a living thing as well. So there's two EDIs? Can you just stick cybernetics into your body now that you're half-machine and can Geth receive organ transplants from former organics?

How exactly did people receive the message that Reapers are cool now? I mean, suddenly they just stopped attacking. You'd think all the people who lost everything because of them would be out for blood. You think anyone is going to at least casually mention that basically the Reapers won, because they got what they wanted? It there going to be a civil war between "fuck the Reapers" and "now now, lets not be too hasty to judge" crowds?

>> No.26677305


If everyone's just happy as a Hindu cow with the situation, then wouldn't that sort of imply some mind altering happened?

What are you talking about? In the (high EMS) Destroy ending it clearly says what was destroyed can be rebuild and shows people who were at Earth during the fight back at their home worlds. The Citadel is rebuild and so forth.

Yes, the Geth probably died (Catalyst also said Shepard would die, but that didn't happen, so who knows), but how is this different from, say, killing them in order to stop them from slaughtering the Quarians?

>it's the one Anderson advocates

And many, many others:

>> No.26677331

>past six months

i don't know, /tg/ had tons of furfags and the entire front page was quest threads six months ago

>> No.26678824

That is retarded.
>Horus lowers his shields inviting the Emperor to challenge him.
>The Emperor brings his elite Custodes, the elite Sanguinary Guard of the Blood Angels, and the Primarchs Sanguinius and Dorn.
>He also brings along some random guys in the Imperial Army for the lulz.

>> No.26678969

others agreeing that faction leaders would be general retards finally some people that know how things work.

>> No.26682373

>Horus lowers his shields inviting the Emperor to challenge him.

So it was a gentleman's wager? Marines at dawn and all that?

>The Emperor brings his elite Custodes, the elite Sanguinary Guard of the Blood Angels, and the Primarchs Sanguinius and Dorn.

Didn't know a desperate last assault on the enemy came with point limit.

If he has the teleportation facilities, why wouldn't he order anyone he can to get in there with as much explosives and guns they can carry and shoot everything in sight? Even if they can't stand a chance against Horus or his daemonic legions, they can at least hope to kill some crew, damage ship systems and draw enemies away from other parts of the ship.

Explain to me this then:
If Pius some some forever living being that was destined to save the Emperor, how exactly would have he helped? Did the Emperor know or did someone tell him that "bring that one dude, he's the key to all of this"? Well if he knew that, then surely he would have also known that Horus was pure evil SOB and he should just smite him straight away, not bring this dude along to die just so he could re-roll his saves.

If the Emperor didn't know, it still begs the question why He brought a random guy with Him. If He knew what Pius was, then He's also know his combat abilities would be equally shit than any man, whether he could resurrect or not.

If Pius used some magical means of getting aboard the ship (like that dagger thing), how did they know who he was and that he wasn't just another traitor? Wouldn't somebody find it odd that a dude they didn't bring with them is aboard the ship and just barges in?

If somebody knew what was going to happen during the raid on Horus' ship, why on earth didn't anyone contact the Emperor or someone more important than a random dude?

>> No.26684082

Only the golden Ward could slay the evil helper

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