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Ancient Space is an RPG game set in the dystopian alternative reality future where major ancient civilizations never fell and continued to thrive unchanged through the centuries, ruling the world and reshaping the history as we know it.

The year is 2973 AUC. It is the information era, the time of space conquest, interstellar intrigues, robotization and human enhancements. Nine great civilizations: the Astro Roman Empire, the Greek Planet-State Conglomerate, Holy Aztec Alliance, Great Mayan Technocracy, [...] and the Egyptian Galactic Kingdom, have long left the desolated planet Earth, thus ending the holy Pax Terrestris. Now, scattered across the galaxy they lead advanced wars over territories, resources and beliefs while facing unknown cosmic threats and those long-forgotten.

Join the world of galactic empires ruled by living techno-gods.. Face the powerful ancient cults and their web of intergalactic conspiracy. Enter the ranks of heroic space legions and explore the universe unveiling all its riches and mysteries.

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The great civilizations:

Astro Roman Empire

For time immemorial have Romans gazed into the starry skies, seeing their beloved gods in planetary bodies of the solar system. With the advancement of technology day by day they counted the time to finally be able - be worthy - of inhabiting them, thus becoming one with the gods. The greater was their disappointment once the same science disproved the colonization to be possible and planets being simply empty spheres of poisonous gas and dead rock. The Romans didn’t give up though and although they left the earth as one of the last, for many years did they prepare to the great journey or the pilgrimage as one could call it. They feared the uncharted blackness of space as their ancestors feared blackness of oceans, that’s why they sent a prototypical self-cloning mechanism to ‘pave’ a pathway to their new home, a terrestrial earth-like world - the New Rome. From then on, new pathways were created, connecting distant worlds to the capital planet and giving a new meaning to an old saying that all the roads lead to Rome.

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Although the Empire isn’t renowned for its navy or deep space operations, the imperial legions lives up to their ancient name and are without equal in the whole known universe. The fully developed technology of quantum leaping allows Romans to deploy their deadly troops with extreme speed and precision, therefore when they claim a planet to be part of their space pantheon and want to connect it to the quantum network, hardly anyone has the courage to say no.

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Greek Planet-State Conglomerate

For centuries was the Greek nation divided and dependent upon the great Roman Empire and although the chains were silken, the chains they remained. It was the divine technology and the arrival of space conquest era that gave this once powerful and proud nation a glimpse of hope - to break free, to leave this almost sucked dry out of resources, overcrowded planet once and for all. In the collective effort of reunited nation the Odysseus program came to live and soon after arc like generation ships left earth in the search of new home and new beginning. The flights guided by cybernetically engineered oracles leaded Greeks to a habitable star system where first planet-states were founded.

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Unlike Romans, the Greeks ceased to seek their gods. During the times of Roman domination, many believed that gods have simply forsaken them for their sins, but soon after the colonization, a new belief appeared that by reaching the godlike technological levels of human enhancement, terraformation and space engineering they have become gods themselves, mantling the older gods. And so did they build humongous city structures floating above the planet surfaces where enslaved labourers, miners and farmers worked hard to please their masters. Meanwhile the Greeks, sitting in their artificial Olympuses, blinded with their vision of godhood and body perfection enabled by the Prometheus program were enhancing themselves to the state where it was no longer possible to tell that they were once human.

patience, they're coming

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Holy Aztec Alliance

The Aztecs were the first ones to develop space travel as they sought the ways to escape earth and avoid the foretold return and wrath of their god creator Quetzalcoatl. Convinced that the deity won’t be able to find them among the sea of stars, for years have they asked the neighbouring vassal states (mostly the technologically advanced Mayans) for tribute to the empire in the form of their scientific elite. Those imprisoned researchers, engineers and technicians were working for decades to ensure that the last Aztec vessel leaves the earth by the year 2013, which by many civilizations and ancient oracles was seen as the time of an end. This giant technological leap threw humanity into the space era, allowing the extraterrestrial colonization to begin and reigniting the dormant desire of conquest and dominance coursing through Aztecs’ veins.

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Their vast cosmic Holy Alliance with the capital water world of Texcoco, expands every day under the rule of the great emperor Montezuma XIV, with new puppet leaders enthroned on subjugated planets and multitudes of captivated enemy warriors and scientists condemned for sacrificial slaughter in the name of their ever bloodthirsty gods. Thanks to the Mayan genius, wealthy and resourceful Aztecs became technological leaders of the known universe, mostly in categories of robotization, advanced weaponry and spacecraft production. The infallible Az-Tech is reputable among all the other nations and often used instead of native products.

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Great Mayan Technocracy

In distinct from their war hungry southern neighbours of the olden days, the Maya civilization thrived peacefully spending their on cultural and scientific development. It was the Mayans who first unveiled the fact that with the current population growth rate, resource consumption, mass production and international technological race, all of the earth’s most vital resources will be consumed by the year of 2013, which will lead to the earthwide economical breakdown, food crisis and as a result the end of Pax Terrestris - the global holy peace agreement. After their conquest by the Aztec empire, who misunderstood their ominous calculations as a mystical sign of the upcoming gehenna, Mayans were presented with major scientific fundings. In exchange they were forced to work in favour of the Aztec space program. Many great mayan minds died in the aztec research facilities, for once they have served their purpose in life, were they sacrificed in the name of progress. However, little did the Aztecs know that not all the fundings were spent on their great cause. In secrecy, the undercover scientific mayan underground was working on a program of their own, which would allow them - just like later the Greeks fled from the Romans - to break the chains once and for all and rebuild their once great kingdom.

(I don't really have mayan pics)

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During the later events known as the divide, the Maya left the earth and started colonizing farmost planets, beyond reach of any other civilization at this point, rich with natural resources and fertile grounds, to peacefully grow and prosper once again. The great technocracy emerged as an opposition to the rulership of the strongest, where the greatest minds decided about the further fate of the Maya people. But the serenity of their minds was only temporary, as with the scientific advancement that would soon outreach even that of the Aztecs themselves, their thoughts were tainted with lust for revenge.

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Egypt, Babylon, Carthage, India and China are a work in progress, so if you guys have any more glorious ideas - post them.

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The threats:

Space Mongol Horde

Since their first appearance in the XII century the Mongol empire was growing strong and fast under the lead of the great Genghis Khan. All the powerful neighbouring civilizations trembled in awe seeing the unstoppable nomadic horde devouring the lands of Eurasia, bite by bite. Although they lacked the technological advancement themselves, they learned to use the equipment of their fallen enemies, turning every victory into a technological leap. The powerful oracles of the western world foresaw that the Mongol invasion will bring down all the civilizations to their knees and if it wasn’t for the strategic genius of the Chinese generals that prophecy might have been fulfilled. The Mongol empire fell, the armies were massacred and all the barbaric remnants enslaved into Chinese work camps, mines and factories. What once was a threatful nation, turned into a petty, broken and underestimated pet. And maybe it was this underestimation mixed with Chinese impudence, so contrary to the sacred rules of the Art of War, which granted them their decisive victory in the first place, that put them off their guard.

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No Norse kingdom?

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Is there an advanced Han empire?

An advanced technocratic Persian Empire would be pretty cool too.

Neat stuff, OP.

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It was the dawn of the space era when the Mongol revolt began and ended in a matter of few hours. After that event the Mongols simply vanished and with them in a blink of an eye vanished all the Chinese orbital shipyards, never to be seen again. Few centuries later the Horde came back out of nowhere - bigger, stronger, more advanced and more savage than ever. Dwelling somewhere in the uncharted outer rims of the galaxy they spent all their time to master the stolen technology, develop it to their dire needs and build armies that would soon to bring the destruction foretold in the past. It wasn’t even the desire to conquer the planets what inspired their twisted minds anymore.

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The Horde appears out of nowhere using the technology similar to that developed by the Romans, yet cruder and less precise. They massacre everyone and anything and disappear in an instant, not leaving any body nor piece of debris behind. Using drill like drop pods to pierce through the hardest comic armours they infiltrate the ships and with the help of an unknown nanomachine based technology take direct control of the them entirely. The crews suffer the same fate if not worse, for the Mongolian nano-plague infects machines and humans alike. When they appear on land it is usually the slashing bots and the necro soldiers they’ve captured before, who are sent via drop pods into the direct battle to arouse fear in their enemies. The Mongols themselves, wearing hi-tech power armours equipped with jetpacks or quantum jumppacks, fly around the battlefield commanding the units or using the hit-and-run tactics, never to engage into a direct fight. No civilization has ever found any Mongolian planet nor space station. There are only some rumors of a giant fleet moving across the galaxy and striking when and where nobody expects them.

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how would they differ from China? As for persians I'm not sure if they could both thrive with romans out there, but I'm pretty opened for ideas

they're not ancient and have no jetpacks so no

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This has potential.

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This is all on a 1d4chan page right? Tell me this is on 1d4chan, because this stuff is actually kinda awesome.

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It isn't. Contribute, go make one.

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I'm not familiar with the 1d4chan yet, all I have is a google doc right now and some notes from the last thread

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>pagan Rome

You done goofed, son.

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The Persian Empire should be one of the good guys.



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>space Christianity

yeah no

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Here's some art guys, someone take it.

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I think it would be better if christianity was never thrown into the mix.

And this is coming from a christian. I think it would be refreshing to have this setting without.

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Yeah, persians were awesome

>> No.26656898

>not wishing you lived in the alternate history where the dying Vatican used it's infinite monies to send 5000 modern day mercenaries back in time to vanguard Rome in the days of Constantine


>> No.26656908


>spehss christianity

absolutely disgusting

let's keep any iteration or attempt to include not-christianity out of it.

>> No.26656923


Sure, it's not like we'd be lucky to reach the moon by 2020 with a Church stranglehold on scientific innovation or anything.

>> No.26656946

I beg you, don't start this discussion.
It will bump the thread like crazy, but damn it's annoying.

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Do you honestly think that dark ages were caused by Christianity?

You have a very poor understanding of history if that is the case.

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Forgot the image.

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>le fedora meme xd XDDD :DDD le spurdo so euphoric xddddd

Go back to /v/, seriously, you goddamn faggot.

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OP here
that's not the case, I just wanted a setting with literally ancient civs in space. No aesthetic, political nor cultural changes other than those cause by technology. And I'm catholic myself, so using Christianity seems kind of boring and it's overused so much in fiction

>> No.26657018

You started this argument with some factless bullshit, m8.

I just thought the idea of a space exploring Holy Roman Empire was cool as balls. That's the whole point of 40k, after all.

That's cool dude, I was talking to that other tard.

>> No.26657046

>>not wishing you lived in the alternate history where the dying Vatican used IT IS infinite monies to send 5000 modern day mercenaries back in time to vanguard Rome in the days of Constantine

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I'm sorry OP, but we need Space India. We cannot have a decent setting without Space India.

>> No.26657210

As I said, space India is on its way. I just need to gather some more data to brew anything that's not utterly retarded. It the last thread somebody mentioned that they should try to mimic their gods and do the multi-arm thing. Depending on the way you manage to do it (not at all, exoskeleton, biotech, cybernetics) puts you in a caste, where biotech is top-tier. That's not enough of an idea though.

They also need some conflicts with China because of their past proximity

>> No.26657231

What about the Umayyad Caliphate?

>> No.26657244

>no space Babylon

Do you even fertile valley?

I know it'll be tough picking your Middle Eastern civ, seeing as there have been a fuck ton of the. Make the right choice, OP.

>> No.26657248

not ancient no jetpacks

>> No.26657275

Who do you think does all the techsupport.
Who do you think builds all the tech


>> No.26657279

Tower of Babel confirmed
not sure as what but you'd better get hyped

>> No.26657280

Well India were exceptionally good at smithing, with the whole Wootz/Damascus steel thing, so you could probably do some stuff with that.

>> No.26657316

The Tower of Babel could be a galaxy spanning super project that will turn the Babylonian leaders into energy beings like the the Q at the expense of all other sentient life in the galaxy.

>> No.26657355

Also, Space Incas might be cool.

They wouldn't conflict territory wise. You could have them worshipping an ancient, long dead alien civilization and using their warp gates and wormhole networks to get around the galaxy quickly.

>> No.26657365

conflict with the aztecs*

>> No.26657416

They are older than the Mongols and Aztecs aren't they? Actually, the Aztecs are fairly recent.

>> No.26657423

Nigger, I didnt say shit. My only reply was responding to your fedora meme.

>> No.26657809

Guys, c'mon. Space Jews. You know you need them.

>> No.26657823

>Tower of Babel
Massive arcologies so tall they reach into low orbit. The upper levels contain shipyards and docking bays for the Babylonian fleets, the ground levels are industrial facilities processing minerals from the planet. Basically a city, military base, and space elevator combined.

>> No.26657834

Nah, they were never a significant power, even in ancient times.

>> No.26657896

Nobody wants Ferengi.

Although they had been enslaved by many different powers in the area, which could lead to a Magical Realm type of ERPG in which orbital harems are populated by busty jewess sex slaves.

brb, /pol/-boner

>> No.26658338

should there be only one tower or is it their thing? Maybe each planet under Babylonian occupation has one built. They could also be used as giant antennas - fastest transmission in the known universe

>> No.26658414

that's actually something I will use, their ships won't be the fastest but not even mongols will be able to drill through that hull

and boy you'd better run if you meet someone with neodamascus arm enhancements

>> No.26658454

those could actually have hive city structure

>> No.26658530

I'd say one per Babylonian planet.

>> No.26658694

But Aztecs aren't ancient...

>> No.26658759

Yeah, it should be the Mayans instead. Besides, they already had a spaceship, so they fit perfectly.

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>> No.26658859

It's a cool idea but it kind of ignores what the purpose of the Tower of Babel was. Especially if consider the fact that they're functional enough to be mass produced.

Remember, the story of the tower of Babel was a society so bent on the acquisition of power that they wanted to build a tower tall enough to allow them to sit with the Gods. For their folly they were destroyed and scattered to the four winds.

It kind of seems like you're missing an opportunity for some sick ass metaphysics shit to make xbox hueg mega structures. The kind there are already plenty of.

>> No.26658946

This guy.

>> No.26659066

more like Olmec's, also no Persia? no Indians? no China? no Asia at all? Rome somehow existing in conjunction with independent Egypt and Greece? no middle eastern civs at all? independent Ancient Greece being united? no Phoenicia!?


>> No.26659095

>Space Babylon

>> No.26659138

Christianity should be akin to Al-Qaeda for both Romans and Greeks. Sabotaging and bombing places till they recognize the one true God.

Also Turbans. Lots of Turbans. Space Turbans!

>> No.26659151

>walking in snow barefoot
>wearing a skinned face on the hip
Everybody back up we got a badass ova' here.

>> No.26659196

wut, the Church has always been a vanguard of Science, they never doubted Galileo, in fact they embraced Copernicus. its just that Galileo was a bit of a dick and they wanted him to further expand upon his theories before.

even during the "dark ages" (which didn't really exist in Europe or anywhere) the Chruch was the main center for learning and scientific advancement. the first universities were church institutions

even today the Vaticans stance is that science is a tool for us to understand god and creation

its only backwater Prodestants in the US who go nutty for the anti science stuff

>> No.26659197

lurk some more

>> No.26659216

Christianity never did anything of the sort

this ain't Islam, it spread peacefully

>> No.26659234

we were brutal with the religion enforcement, just not cowardly brutal Islam style

>> No.26659242

I'd say just have it be a failed sect of Judiasm (which might not be that big anyway). They don't have to be terrorists or anything, just be some small group of religious fanatics that all the polytheistic empires watch in amusement. Even the other Jews consider them to be a little on the crazy side.

>> No.26659262

>space Egyptians


>> No.26659268

OP you mentioned a google doc file, could you convert it to pdf or post link here. This is a very interesting idea and would be fun to roleplay especially if they maintained the battle structure of ancient empires and only minimally used guns as support weapons.
(P.S. Stargate has alot of interesting Egyptian source material)

>> No.26659311

that was after becoming the imperial religion of Rome

it was enforced the same way the Imperial cult of the Emperor was (as the Emperor was seen as akin to Jesus after the Nicaean council)

prior to it becoming Imperial, the Gnostic beginnings spread across the Empire in peace through word of mouth, not at the sword

>> No.26659352

there are enough powerful religions in the setting at this point and Christianity just.. doesn't fit.

it obviously does, but I'm not interested in xenu bullshit and don't want to make egyptians this evil. More of a cyberpunk style thing but with the cults instead of corporations

As to the google doc - I started writing it yesterday so all I have at this point was pasted in this thread. Once I'm done with brief civ overview I'll get to the mechanics and details of how everything works.

>> No.26659354

But this setting already exists.


>> No.26659445

where the fuck are muh space babylonians?

>> No.26659458


>> No.26659465

Okay thanks,

Also as far as stargate goes, i was referring less to the BBEG factor and more of how they adapted an Egyptian feel to the space age such as the staff weapon, pyramid ships, and gliders along with the obviously shown armor copying their gods.

>> No.26659473

A few posts further up in the thread.

>> No.26659516


Ok. Except it ISN'T d20?

>> No.26659575

>there are enough powerful religions in the setting at this point
I'm not saying make Christianity something big. Have it be a tiny little sect that's hardly ever mentioned. It's viewed as some weird Judaic cult that even the other Jews view as out-there. It isn't some big religion that spans the empires, but is still found here or there across them.

I don't mean to make it seem like a big deal, just a little side note that maybe can be used for an interesting plot point. It's recognizing the history of that the setting is drawing from, but changing it up for it's own purposes.

>> No.26659598

Well yeah, this is a great inspiration to me. I love the stargate aesthetics. Flying pyramids, although awesome, won't be a thing sadly because if the religion is going to survive unchanged they should stay in the role of tombs. I was actually thinking of some kind of twist that the mummification process connects the dead to some kind of network turning them into supercomputer with the ability to ask them for advices even after the death. Appropriate cult would be responsible for contacting the spirit world.

As for everything I will write in the future I will try to keep you guys updated and probably make a 1d4chan entry for that.

>> No.26659600

How about we have the Carthaginians be more like the Phoenicians that proceeded them?

The Phoenicians were traders who had a trading network spanning from the Levant to North England and Senegal (where they got all their gold and silver).

So in this instance they would be a vast network of merchants and traders. Think Ferengi with less Semitism.

If you want to delve into the mythology and stuff, there are theories they the Phoenicians are the true Atlanteans. So perhaps they could have some sort of "Lost Planet" or something.

>> No.26659630

You did convince me. I will mention it if I ever get to describe the cults and religions closer.

>> No.26659758


>> No.26659773


>To play this game, you need the Hellas book, some paper, something to write with,
some twenty-sided dice,
>twenty-sided dice

>> No.26659790

not Phoenicia but the Minoans of Crete are seen as being the "real" Atlantis

they had extensive trade routes as well however

>> No.26659819

Ubergay. Aesthetics suck and its focused too much on Roman / Greek-esque shit.

>> No.26659829

It's disputed. Some believe that the Phoenicians established an Atlantis near Gibraltar.

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>> No.26660377

>> No.26660529

>> No.26660867

>> No.26661266

>> No.26661603

Did you even fucking TRY to read the thread?

>> No.26662341

Tower of Babel = base of a space elevator.

As for Greeks and Romans: why not combine for great Byzantine justice? Power-armour cataphracts and Varangian raiders.

>> No.26663041

>orbital harems are populated by busty jewess sex slaves.
.......C-can we have this be a thing? P-please?

I dunno, would it be plausible for them to be a minor member of the Space Greek conglomerate? Space Jews of one sort or another is basically mandatory for a sci-fi setting.

>> No.26663275

No matter. Planet-Worshipping-Romans/Mesoamerican-Info Anon here to make you remember that all space-civs created must be based on civilizations who where around BEFORE the fall of the Western Roman Empire, that there are no sentient aliens in the setting, and that Cromagnon-Neanderthal BBEAlliance is a silly idea.

>> No.26663353

Because that would make the Romans on the top and I didn't like that and nor would the Greeks like that. Also more versatile fluff can be made by dividing those two even though they have much in common.

The Indians have the reincarnators - something like the vita chambers from Bioshock or ATan from Sergei Lukyanenko's 'Line of Delirium'. You will either be able to buy a 'next life' or you will collect debt by dying - it might be even commercial at some point so that other civs can buy it.

Also you roll for a caste when creating a character, which will have some minor consequences in choosing your skillset or enhancements. If you die, but you have lived according to your caste, you will be granted a promotion - proably enabling you to choose other caste and all the bonuses of that caste will become available to you.

Yes, I'm the OP. Thanks for all the ideas mate. With people like you on board this might become a real thing. If you feel that anything I've written seems silly, I'd love to hear some feedback

>> No.26663386

if this guys is the creator I wouldn't want to meet those gods who demand sacrifices

>> No.26663492

Cool, thanks. Will be back in 4 hours. Busy right now.

If we are gonna have recurrent threads, we could create a Steam Group to simplify communication.

He was actually one of the most benevolent gods, and even he received sacrifices.

>> No.26663718

There should be a Sumer/Mesopotamia/Babylon equivalent, methinks.

>> No.26664222

For the love of gods..

There will be space Babylon with a pinch of Assyrian culture. Something along the lines that they assimilated during the wars (and Babylon was not conquered by the Kassites) or with the space era they suddenly reminded themselves of the idea that 'you have to conquer or the world will end'. Which is the coolest religious premises I can think of

>> No.26664654

If you cut out Carthage and combine the Phoenicians with Babylonia, you could make the civilization evolve into a center of trade and culture drawing from both civilizations mastery of navigation and astronomy and the creation of extravagant wonders.

>> No.26665381

But if there's no Carthage, we'd lose an epic plot point between them and the Romans.

Carthago delenda est!

>> No.26665430

not to mention clone and meat-puppet armies

>> No.26665464

>thrive unchanged by technological developments

That's a hell of a handwave but I don't suppose this setting is meant to be taken seriously...

>> No.26665547

obviously the changes would occur but for the settings' sake and the 'ancient civs in space feel' it's assumed that they are very conservative in their beliefs, cultural and political domains - tradition over everything. Even if not, some key informations and facts connected with those civilization should be used in their future fluff - like the concept of the Babel tower.

less realism, more rule of cool

>> No.26665567

Most of the major social, religious, and aesthetic changes in history have happened when a civilization fell. Art and architecture tend to remain fairly stable within a given civilization.

If the ancient empires had never fallen, the general aesthetic of things would likely remain largely unchanged.

>> No.26666091

I like this.
In fact, what if there was only one Tower, but it connects to multiple worlds?
Or perhaps the Babylonians are colonizing less earth-like planets, using these mysterious Towers to allow them to live wherever?

>> No.26666130

>only one Tower, but it connects to multiple worlds
How would that even work?

Like some sort of quantum entanglement madness where the same tower is in more than one place at once?

>> No.26666164

>quantum entanglement madness
I'm buying that.

What if they ALL lived in that tower, but thanks to the minor towers they are able to manifest their avatar in the material world?

>> No.26666183

Or space-bending wibblyness, odd theoretical dimesions stretched into usable forms.
A willingness to fuck with things that probably shouldn't be tampered with.
Or perhaps they simply digitised their minds and live in a supercomputer, as >>26666164 suggested.

>> No.26666244

How about space gladiators, space arenas etc? Is that a thing?

>> No.26666358

Space yes.

>> No.26666430

Of course there are, on Roman worlds.

>> No.26666617

>orbital harems are populated by busty jewess sex slaves.


>> No.26666667

After 4 hours, I'm back. Not that anybody cares.>>26656640
Actually, standing nordic civilization goes well before the Viking Invasions on England, or the Germanic Iron Age, dating from 1700 BC (Bronze Age) to, so we can actually have a Scandinavian based Civ.

From what I have read, we could portray them as vasalls so the Astro-Roman Empire, varied Independant Kingdoms, or Both, as some of the Scandinavian territory furthest to the north was never conquered by Rome.
They used their famous ships for almost everything, specially the 3 things they are most famous for: Fishing, Trading, and RAPING, RAIDING, AND PILLAGING (The trading aspect was especially good during the Roman occupation).
We can also add with them the Gauls, Celts, and Saxons (so more info coming). Try investigating about each civ, you want to help out with.

>> No.26666777

Fuck yeah.

>> No.26666815

you almost made this thread very popular with your post number

Although space (and techno) vikings sounds great I'd stick to the ones 'decided' in the previous thread, so the power 9: rome, greece, aztecs, maya, carthage, babylon, india, china and egypt. I know that we're creating some holes on the map but keep in mind that if those civs never fell means that not only did they overcome the problems that made them fall but they also had few more centuries to take care of anything else, so I'd really see all those nation as slaves to the empire if not already non existent.

However somebody did mention pirates in the last thread (it was about japan irrc). So how about actually making some of them quasi civilizations. Either freed under some unusual circumstances or they were simply left on the Earth once every other civ left and had to make it on their own.

>> No.26666823 [DELETED] 

Testing to see who got it:

>> No.26666846

I am psyched up to see what Babylonia becomes in this, really hoping for the tower of babel and things like Gilgamesh, Tiamat, and Marduk to play interesting roles.

>> No.26666864

So I'm getting an "Ancient Civs meet Spelljammer."

You have my Space Attention

>> No.26666912

True, Aztec civilization only made it's big move on 1425, from which it would turn into the Empire Cortez saw. before that, the Aztecs worked as a tributary State to Azcapotzalco, and worked as hired mercenaries to any other state in 1376, and the first Mexica (Aztec ancestors) settlers didn't arrived to their "promised land" until 1325 AD, from where they would go and create the most powerful mesoamerican civilization in merely 200 years.


So, neither their aztecs nor thier two allies would be eligible as being quite recen civs, but we still have the Mayans and other Mesoamerican civs.

>> No.26666927

btw Greek Conglomerate just got themselves a new giant mecha unit type

>> No.26666934

>that feel when you will never get to see the Colossus before it was destroyed

>> No.26666951

that is all correct, but just like with the Mongols somebody made some solid point in the previous thread which convinced me (and some other folks) that they should be included

I mean, sacrificing captives to the warp gods to make your fleet travel faster. How awesome is that

>> No.26667092

True, but this setting already rapes history with a rusty machete, so who cares?

The Aztec aesthetic looks ancient, even if they were from the renaissance era.

>> No.26667225

Still, I think we should stick to a temporal (maybe technological) limit and work with that, before it's too much of a mess to keep track on. Besides there are alot of warlike mesoamerican civs which also practiced ceremonial warfare and human sacrifice.

We could stick to a 1200 historical limit and make some adjustments from there, like using the Byzantine Empire instead of the Western Roman Empire, and make it keep a politeistic religion plus other cultural aspects.
it just doesn't seem right to pair 1500 AC Aztecs with 1900 BC Babilonians

>> No.26667264

The ancient Babylonians still out-teched the Aztecs, despite being thousands of years older.

>> No.26667505

Please no warp gods..

Also how about some pseudo alignment chart to see were the civs stand morality wise?

>> No.26667522

how about we don't drag alignment into a game about ancient civilizations becoming space faring empires?

>> No.26667535

They all the the Space Ancient alignment

mfw alignments

>> No.26667567

Pretty much every ancient civilization was neutral evil.

>> No.26667615

Nah, the Aztecs were CE.

>> No.26667767

You have eaten my night, and probably a good chunk of my weekend with this.
I don't know if I approve or not.

>> No.26668088

Yes but the Romans are already battling their previous slaves the Greeks. Plus it would give Babylonia a different feel then the many empires we already have that are militaristic.

>> No.26668089

>Implying any civilization isn't LN
Mesoamerican cultures viewed life and it's sacrifice as the only method of preservating the order in the world, as well as continuing it's existance. They saw it as a way to atone their sins and repay their debt to the gods, and the sacrifice of objects and animals wasn't uncommon, and some cults specifically required specific sacrifices (The cult of Quetzalcoatl required the sacrifice of butterflies and hummingbirds [don't fool yourself, butterflies and hummingbirds where specifically used to portray warriors, and were the most baddass of animals within their myths]).
Not even the Gods were over doing their own sacrifices to maintain the universe, so the religion had more mortal-immortal reciprocity than many believe.
Self-sacrifice wasn't uncommon either, with the use of thorns to cause minor bleeding for the offerings of blood.

Also, human sacrifice was the highest of honours, and only recerved to the warriors captured in battle, while slaves where made from civilians and others outside the warrior caste.

The Aztecs were the Imperium of Mesoamerica, sacrificing psykers (warriors) to feed the Golden Throne (World), and help the Emperor in sustaining it (Quetzalcoatl and other Divinities).

Fine, the aztecs are too good to pass out, I admit.

>> No.26668149

Soundtrack for spess egyptians.

>> No.26668189


>> No.26668205


>> No.26668220

My nigga.

>> No.26668369

Space Vikings or no dice, OP/

>> No.26668437

Spess Maorines

>> No.26668512

Well if this is to be a viable setting then people should know what civs are playable. The Space Mongols seem kinda evil for example. This has nothing to do with D&D alignments, just a rough overview.

>> No.26668520

>> No.26668534

Where the African jungle-kings at?

Imagine, mighty citadel-cities covered by verocious gen-engineered forests teeming with the most deadly animals from ages past, dotted across formerly declared uninhabitable planets.

What the Africans lack in space technology, they make up with terraforming technology, bacterial 'living' computers, genetic enhancement, enhanced food, bio-factories, bio-weapons, bio-gear and of course the providing the entertainment industries in the galaxy with the most brutal beasts that walked the Earth... in real life, or from myth... even completely synthetic lifeforms.

They wouldn't be too focused on war and conquest, more about seeking out dead worlds, and transforming them into death worlds always looking for a better way to create an artificial ecosystem, and of course trading that technology for technology they lack.

Basically, imagine the Zoalords from Guyver running Pandora.

>> No.26668581

Not to mention buildings carved out of single massive pieces of stone. In a space setting, perhaps entire asteroids carved like pic related.

>> No.26668692

Well, an asteroid would make an excellent ship if you enjoy using biological technology.

Simply buy a ship engine from all that money you got for selling the Space Romans beasts for the arenas, carve out an asteroid, grow an ecosystem inside, attach the engine, install whatever the ship needs, and you're done.

>> No.26668720

What about the ancient Khmer civilization?

Would they just be a sub-faction of the Indians, or a distinct empire themselves.

>> No.26668776

Do we even know enough about them to make a faction?

I mean, the last time I checked, the story about them was basically "mysterious mega-city in the jungle."

>> No.26669140

And why do civilizations fall? Generally because their institutions cannot keep pace with rates of change - both external and internal. I'm thinking less of superficial things like aesthetic - even later kingdoms copied the Romans - but in terms of the actual institutions that characterized these ancient empires.

>> No.26669618

I'm not gonna lie.


>> No.26670131

>A Canticle for Leibowitz

Muh nigga.

>> No.26671163

Holy shit.

>> No.26674228

the power 9 is playable

slaves are unplayable, because you are to play heroes

mongols are to be feared, not played

>> No.26674307

This sounds great, I really like this idea. Do you have any particular african civilization in mind or should those be just arfricans left on the earth in general?

>> No.26674363

>> No.26674902

Well, since it looks like we're lumping the Central American civilizations together, we should probably do the same for the Africans. I'd say we use the general look of ancient Ethiopia/Aksum for the ruling class, and the Bantu peoples for the warrior class.

>> No.26674908

>> No.26674924

how would they survive slave-hungry egyptian conquest? If they were lower tech, there would have to be some kind of agreement between the two. And Egypt doesn't need like the kind of civ that needs terraforming or food genetic engineering

>> No.26674953


>> No.26674964

i guess you aren't american, brother
good job

>> No.26675011

At this very moment this thread contains the majority of informations as it is collective work in progress. Every day I try to write a little piece of fluff to share it with you guys. Sadly I'm pretty occupied with my masters degree project so it's not as much as I'd want to write. I don't want to put it on 1d4chan without every playable civ being described in at least few paragraphs, but that will be done sooner or later.
The mechanics are going to use modified d6 system, which I'm also working on in my freetime.

As for now, those threads are the best way to get informations unless you guys will come up with some kind of simple solution

>> No.26675058

Me too. I've been watching a lot of them since he posted that one.

>> No.26675153

I like this idea as well.

>> No.26675996

Those turrets made me think of the aztec sw-like destroyers but with their own aesthetics. Pyramid instead of the bridge etc

>> No.26676019

Is that Rise of Legend?

>> No.26676024


>> No.26676060

but are there future hebrews?

>> No.26676082

see >>26659758

you need someone to take care of space credits

>> No.26676121

Good taste

>> No.26677263

Obviously, they backdoor into the space conquest era through uncovering ancient technology from a bygone era and possibly alien/divine.
See also: Indian myth and legends that sound a lot like a sci-fi war.
Time travel perhaps?

>> No.26677497

Sorry but no magic, no real divinity and no aliens. The setting is crazy on its own, no need to overkill it.

I have an adventure idea though, where someone fabricates some ruins on a distant planet in order to gain dosh out of it and all the religious organizations go nuts about it.
It's pretty much a space fake miracle scenario.

>> No.26677541

Zeno Clash II has some cool destroyed pyramid type structures that remind me of OP pic

>> No.26677570

hell, the whole game is pretty ancient futuristic stuff

>> No.26677651

The Tower Of Babel is obviously a space elevator-cum-cell tower/satellite.

>> No.26677667

>Tower of Babel
patiarchy/10 would not play

>> No.26677684

What if there's an Atlantan race that got trapped in an alternate dimension and has super-high tech stuff

>> No.26677685

??? the B-Tower has been mentioned before in this thread, what's so wrong with it being used as a cell tower.

>> No.26677713

What's wrong with that?
Atlanteans are amphibian-type aliens.

>> No.26677727

I'd rather have many races to conquer over the title of 'Atlant descendant'.
You know, like the Nazis wanted to be Aryans and Polish nobility Sarmatians

>> No.26677738

it's a phallic symbol you CIS scum

>> No.26677783

So...you're saying we should have an Amazon nation that uses biotech to reproduce via parthenogenesis and controlled gene splicing?
I like the cut of your jib anon.

>> No.26677811

We don't really have Protestants, at least not in the European sense. Catholicism is just lumped in with the rest as 'type of Christianity', not a defining division.
As for anti-science, we get that across the board in the US from all of them; Catholics, Baptists, etc.
Personally, I tie it back to the Cold War making Capitalists and Christians leap into each others arms in fear of 'commies'. Been in bed with each other ever since, with big businesses pushing anti-science ideas fight regulation, and somehow reaching the point of politicians claiming to be godly out of one side of the mouth while calling to let the poor die out the other.

So, if I'm gathering implications correctly, did Europe manage to avoid that particular affliction to its politics/religion?

>> No.26677846

>no magic, no real divinity and no aliens
So time travel it is then! Awesome.

>> No.26677888

Or, or, alternate realities.

>> No.26677905

because that's what rpgs need

>> No.26678015

Started out nice, but the fluff so far is a bit too cheesy for my taste. I don't get over the fact, that egypt or babylon not falling already would have led to a timeline, where rome as it was, probably never existed. Also Aztecs, don't fit the time period. The same goes for Mongols.

>> No.26678041

Ah, but you're thinking about this wrong, don't think of Aztecs et al existing in the time of the Babylonians and other older civs, think about Babylon etc continuing to exist up to (and beyond) the point in time when the Aztecs, Mongols et al came into power; and that these nations moved forward beyond our current technological level into the spacefaring age.

>> No.26678073

Yeah, it is cheesy. It's not meant to be skulls on pants on head grimdark. It's like those old scifi comics mixed with a bit of cyberpunk. And nobody really even tried to explain how did they survive to this state together (other than the holy peace agreement which is just a lazy plot armour). It's about sphinx shaped spaceships mind you.

this guy gets it

>> No.26678094

Also, in line with alt realities- I think Sliders/Fringe/the Golden Compass/the Pendragon adventures would make for a good way to have different combinations of 'Golden Age' civs in each universe (so we could have Aztecs, and Mayas in different ones, without them overlapping/oversharing too much land/inspiration, etc)

>> No.26678135

Sounds cringe makingly rubbish

>> No.26678167


>> No.26678216

c'mon man, Holy Roman Empire for the win!

>> No.26678229

You mean the Byzantine empire, Shirley.

>> No.26678244

Those civs shaped the world at their time. If they didn't fall, there wouldn't have been a space for other civs [in the region] to rise to power or at least to rise to power as we know it in our timeline.


I get what it's about. And I really want to like it, because of Romans in spaaace and pyramid spaceships and whatnot, but I can't. I need explanations. I need some sort of consistency. ;_;

Also where are my Space Hethites?

>> No.26678259

not when the Roman Empire got involved. It spread peacefully until Rome decided it like the religion, then it was convert or die. Cuz Rome is badass like that

>> No.26678273

Hmm, I had not considered that. But perhaps some alternate realities could be a viable option, if more than enough really good ideas, especially those that conflict, are brewed up on here.

>> No.26678356


I'd say something like a Songhai/Great Zimbabwe/Ethiopia - inspired culture.

>> No.26678375

What about some kind of Nubian nation as a go-between for Egypt and Southern African states?

>> No.26678388


Like, say, Kush?

>> No.26678414

Sounds perfect, and also reminds me how loose my grasp of ancient geography/history is.

>> No.26678429

What about the ancient Chinese? The grand civilization that existed before the conquest by Mongolia and without the trepidation of the Communist era, I'm thinking.

>> No.26678452

Warring states as a confederacy seems like an interesting idea, and would make for more political variety.

>> No.26678465


I dig your project. I did something similar years ago, but I never took it too far.

As far as the established ideas go, we would have to keep in mind that none of these civs exist in a vacuum, and the minor "support cast" of nations should be considered to flesh it out.

>> No.26678559

Oh, this isn't my idea, I just popped in here because I like ancient era stuff; perhaps we should start a history/storyline so we can build up the nations in an 'organic' way, as well as setting up important historic milemarkers, etc

>> No.26678816

I can see how for some people it might be hard to digest the fact that the status quo somehow happened, but a historically correct setting was not what I was aiming for. Even if we were to come up with a more realistic history, politics, conflicts, etc, the point to start doing so would be the point when every civilization is already in space, as everything else is ancient history As for those smaller countries - nobody denies they did exist, but from this point of view, nobody cares. They are either dead, enslaved or assimilated by this point, because only the big guys can into space.

I too would love to actually see what happened after those ancient civilizations survived, but I'm not an eloquent enough person nor a historian, to do so and to satisfy those of you who like history a lot. I'm just a guy who came up with this whole idea while playing Civ V so feel free to come up with things yourselves. We could even collaborate and create a whole series of modules each one set in a different era.

>> No.26679187

>mfw this kills the thread
I-I'm sorry guys

>> No.26679340

>watching the Ancient Aliens marathon on the History channel
>mfw I see this thread

>> No.26679356

Maybe someone should make an infographic/chart of the accumulated ideas so far?

>> No.26679378

Wow this thread is still alive? Must be a lot of cocksucking power keeping it going.

Also I just thought that your Space-Mongols would most likely end up like the Kazon from Voyager, so maybe not as awesome as you all thought.

>> No.26679402

Nobody on /tg/ can into history because their love of fantasy gets in the way, every single fucking time.

>> No.26679417

Psh, as if.

>> No.26679444

>Do you have any particular african civilization in mind or should those be just arfricans left on the earth in general?
They won't be saying on Earth for sure. The main point about it would be basically a weak connection between various "gene tribes" or "gene pools" that all have their own planets forgoing tribal warfare, and instead hone their skills in artificial death jungles created on former uninhabitable worlds.
>Well, since it looks like we're lumping the Central American civilizations together, we should probably do the same for the Africans. I'd say we use the general look of ancient Ethiopia/Aksum for the ruling class, and the Bantu peoples for the warrior class.
Aksum sounds good. Since they lack somewhat in the area of space technology but are far beyond everyone else in terms of biotechnology, they already have a merchant-vibe. Using the Aksum as inspiration can really drive that point home.
Easy. You set up a green wall of impassable jungle swamp, filled with diseases that mutate everyday, and add in the dragons of old!

Of course, why not add something to the dragon of old? Perhaps give it the genetic facilities to create carbon-nanosheet bone...

Or perhaps you just use your ally, great Rome. An attack on the African jungle-kings would surely displease Rome, for they'll run out of beasts for the Arena as long as the war rages on.

>> No.26679446

Oh yeah cause those alternate history threads are always so insightful. There could be threads about how to incorporate realistic history into settings, but that never happens. It's always shit like this.

>> No.26679495

>come into a thread with pyramid spaceships as an OP
>complain about lack of realism

just do yer own bloody setting then

>> No.26679523

I actually meant the times BEFORE space era. Mind you, the civilizations don't start with hi-tech out of their asses in 3000BC so there's no stopping of egyptians if they wanted to conquest whole africa for themselves.

>> No.26679609

Well, in that case...

The castles of Kush. Nubians kicked Egypt's ass so hard on a defensive war, that the Nubians conquered the whole of Egypt.

Wiki it mate.

>> No.26679772

You're all just recreating the samurai jack universe.

This is all fucking awesome, but I just thought it should be pointed out.

>> No.26679845

What stopped them in real life?

Egypt never had much power in Africa itself.

>> No.26679850


>> No.26679888


>> No.26680547


>> No.26680765

Less Samurai Jack silliness. More ANCIENT SPACE.

>> No.26680813

>not sure if space India or space Ottoman Empire

>> No.26680870

Ok, riddle me this guys:

How would wars look like.. in space? Planets are not just territories adjacent to other territories. Realistically the planets civilizations would be interested in would scattered across the galaxy, so the only reason to conquest them is either because of resources or because it's on some kind of a space trade route or because of religious reasons. Attacking on all the planets of one civ just because they're at war with us is unprofitable.
Therefore if let's say Romans would like to add planet X to their pantheon, the actual warzone would only contain that planet and the rest of the empires would be unaffected. Otherwise it would be very hard to allow players to be from different civilizations. I have no idea if this makes sense or not. I'm sleepy.

they could be the entertainers of the space era, terraforming and 'populating' hunting ground planets (predator style) for space olympics, providing animals for arenas or even running space arenas of their own. This way a space gladiator is a viable career.

>> No.26680884

But there would be no Ottoman empire, because there would be SPACE MESOPOTAMIANS!

>space kings who pull out their railgun bows to hunt African genetic engineered lions the size of blue whales

>> No.26680964

The stepped pyramid design of the top one looks more like a Hindu temple to me, so space India.

>> No.26680970

Yeah, that's what I thought.

But your mention of space olympics is pretty good. I'm sure the Greeks wouldn't object to seeing their finest warriors best mythological monsters like the cyclops or the hydra though the genetic marvels of the African tribes.

>> No.26681462

thanks deviantart

>> No.26681499

Hey guys, i propose space nusantara as an auxilary empire to space indians. Ancient khmer, siam, viet, malay and indonesian will be folded into single entity. Specialized in brutal guirella warfare and reknown space farer. They will live in orbital colony shaped like angkorwat or borobudur across ibdian territory. They cook the best curry in space, beaten mongolians by tricking them into drunkery (read raden wijaya exploits) but very heavy infighting tendency and generally lack the advanced tech other civ had.

>> No.26681554

So what's the list of nations up too?
Just for reference

>> No.26681742

• Astro Roman Empire
• Greek Planet-State Conglomerate
• Holy Aztec Alliance
• Great Mayan Technocracy
• Egyptian Galactic Kingdom
• *spacename* Babylonia
• *spacename* Chartage
• *spacename* China
• *spacename* India

• Space Mongol Horde
• African Federation

first pdf soon

>> No.26681979

Old ones:
>Astro Roman Empire
>Greek Planet-State Conglomerate
>Holy Aztec Alliance
>Great Mayan Technocracy
>Space Mongol Horde

In the works:
>Space Egypt (Stargate? Religious Cyberpunk? Cults instead of corporations?)
>Space Babylon (Tower of Babylon space elevator? Quantum-entangled Tower that exists in multiple places?)
>Space Carthage (Phoenicians? Traders of War? the_smiling_merchant.jpg?)
>Space India (Technocratic caste system? Leaders in mass production? Extend lives through karmic technology?)
>Space China
>European tribes (part of the Astro Roman Empire)

Proposed in this thread:
>Space Persians
>Space Incas (portals? wormholes?)
>Space Africans (terraforming? genetic engineering? synthetic lifeforms?)

BTW, I dunno much about Meso-American culture, but it might be wise to change their name, Aztecs aren't an ancient civ.

>> No.26682016

How about a Polynesian civ that lives on small settlements located on asteroids and primarily travel in large, sustainable fleets that may of may not look like giant easter island heads

>> No.26682028

Hard to say what India should be called, since it was a complete clusterfuck with dozens of little fedual states during antiquity.

>> No.26682046


>> No.26682072

The tower of Babylon seems like it would just be a massive structure in space
Maybe have a few tethers connecting to nearby planets

>> No.26682092

That's retarded man, you don't attach multiple planets to each other.

Maybe plutoids, but not planets...

>> No.26682099

maybe something religion related, they were supposed to have that cast system

>> No.26682109

They were much better at traveling by sea than most other ancient civilizations

>> No.26682119

egyptians could build monuments out of planets

>> No.26682127

>African Federation


>> No.26682160

I'm talking about the fact that you pretty much ruin the entire gravitational structure of a star system.

Planets not used in the structure might turn into rogue planets, with gravitational effects that could ripple through your entire mega-structure.

Disturbed asteroid belts could reignite in collossal clashes...

>> No.26682185

Well of its supposed to reach up into heaven, what if its a sort of inter dimensional warp device that is massive and acts as a giant hub.
There could have been a massive event where unknown creatures came through the portal, causing them to abandon it as a sort of "god's wrath"

>> No.26682230

That works better.

Just not the part about unknown creatures.

Remember, there's no Jew God here to fuck shit up for the Babylonians.

>> No.26682241

How about the Sultanate of Hindustan.

>> No.26682284

>no Jew god
>implying a Hebrew nation isn't inevitable
Their multi-dimensional alien 'god' is coming to fuck your shit up

>> No.26682300

Sultanate of The Endless River of Souls

>> No.26682324

OP here. If you guys want to help me with some fluff, write a paragraph about futuristic versions of ancient wonders, known buildings, units, weapons or even tactics for different civs. Like space version of the great wall, roman gladius or phalanx formation. The more cool flavour we have the better

Xenu, I...

>> No.26682335

But sultan is an Islamic title. There weren't sultans in India until well after the time period this setting is based on.

To be authentic to the ancient era, you'd have to have some unpronounceable Cthulhu-tier sanskrit name.

>> No.26682344

No aliens allowed.

>> No.26682353

Actually, i would see them as excellent traders, navigators and individual fighters, but not quite the huge civilization. If i could have developed them the way i would have liked, i would have them as a neutral trading fleet with a wide reach, few but elite soldiers and a fickle sense of diplomacy.

>> No.26682439

So pretty much small barbarian tribes that aren't really civs, but still have unique cultures

>> No.26682511

Here's some non-Egyptian space Africa stuff.

>welcome to New Kilimanjaro... we hope you will return home satisfied after your hunt on the Megalosaurus Mk. 12, or won't return home at all. Fortune shines brightly upon you foreigner, as your coins shines upon my tribe.

>> No.26682640

>legend tells of a civilization that inhabited the stars before any other
>They flourished in space, and lived upon its starry seas
>one day, that sea engulfed them, causing them to disappear from this universe entirely
>some deny their existence entirely, but others believe that somewhere, Atlantis still lives on

>> No.26682651

Yeah, but not really barbarian either. One of the more famous viking swords were the Ulfserk+ which is suspected to have come from trading with the middle east and being Wootz/Damascus steel. And the Vikings were supposed to have been more clean than for example the british, bathing at least once a week.

But yeah small individual mini-civs seems cool. Sort of like city-states in Civ5.

>> No.26682695

Atlantis would just be a Greek city-state that got blasted by vulcanoes and seaquakes, so their descendants build their city underwater, to honour their lost ones and rebuild their glorious palaces and streets.

It'd be like a Greek Sealab.

>> No.26682705

javadipa-svarnabhumi cobfederation

nysantara at first was just a cluster of small kingdoms, eternally infights amongst themselves. They were divided ibto two categories, the javadipa islands chain and svarnabhumi (indochina). During the great khan reign, a splinter fleet of 20.000 men were expedited to this region and subjugate one nation after another.

then raden wijaya came to reign majapahit, allied himself with the khanate just to destroy every single one of the soldier during the victory banquet. Thus starts the reign of majapahit, which later assimilated into Indian empire as confederacy with some degree of autonomy. They worship the sane gods as indians at that time.

During initial space age, javadipa-svarnabhumi cpnfederacy will provide labor ang engineers to build orbital colonies called candi or wat, depends pn dialects.

These colonies will be used by both indians and confed to house the brahmana caste, while the lower castes will house planetside slums.

During space war, confed is known for their special guirella units, the bugis and dayak warrriors, which later known to be used as myth to scare children by the chinese and romans known as boogeyman, from bugis word. Another known warriors from confed are the muay fighters, lightly armored, augmented barehanded fighters capable to bring down mechanized vehicle with their fist.

Their flaw will be lack of tech due to their engineers tithe to indian empire and constant infighting.

>> No.26682722

Maybe use Mahajanapadas then and have a great counsil ior something like that
>Mahajanapadas literally means "Great kingdoms". The word has taken from Sanskrit Maha = great, Janapada = foothold of tribe = country. By 500 BC, sixteen monarchies and 'republics' known as the Mahajanapadas stretched across the Indo-Gangetic plains from modern-day Afghanistan to Bangladesh.The Buddhist and other texts only incidentally refer to sixteen great nations (Solasa Mahajanapadas) which were in existence before the time of Buddha. They do not give any connected history except in the case of Magadha. The Buddhist Anguttara Nikaya, at several places, gives a list of sixteen nations:
>Vajji (or Vriji)
>Vatsa (or Vamsa)
>Machcha (or Matsya)

>> No.26682753

Kingdom on the Banks of the Endless River of Souls.

Kingdom of Ganges

>> No.26682781


Holy fuck the typo, i hate typing in smartphone. As addendum, players can play a confedborn if they want to be space southeast martial artist with exotic weaponry and brutal fighting style.

>> No.26683078

>Alexander the supremely magnificently greatness conquering half the sector, only to be stopped by the space Hindus riding giant armored space elephantwhalebeasts

>> No.26683358

Seeing as the other faction names are all anglicized, I don't think we need to go full Sanskrit with the Indian faction.

How about the Confederacy of Greater Hindustan? Describe it by geographical region and you can throw all the little south-asian civs into one faction without the name being inconsistent.

>> No.26683409

What would space India's ships look like? They don't really have a nautical tradition to extrapolate designs from.

>> No.26683439

>Kingdom on the Banks of the Endless River of Souls
That sounds like a pretentious title for a metal album, anon.

>> No.26683454

Flying temples of course.

>> No.26683482

More specifically the various vehicles of the Gods, with giant Murtis on top acting as the command bridge.

>> No.26683525

Just go with a variation on the designs of the ancient flying machines their gods supposedly trolled them with. Big ornate towers held aloft by ducted turbofans in shafts running through the structure.

Obviously a few changes would need to be made for space travel (like rockets instead of propellers), but you get the general idea.

>> No.26683544

>a giant temple pulled by armored space elephants

>> No.26683567

Go watch a lets play of Asura's wrath, use their ships.

>> No.26683584

Oh, that sounds good too, I know Indra had a sun chariot.

>> No.26683602

>drawing from 1923
I love how instead of explaining what the power source was supposed to be, the artist just labeled it "electromagnets."

Oh to have lived in a time when that was sufficient explanation for the function of a machine. I would have gotten much better grades in my engineering courses.

>> No.26683773

Maybe an african NATION should not be playable. Imagine the amount of resources needed to get to the space age. If all these empires survived someone would eventually conquer africa. That does not mean that the tribal culture died only that it became subservient to one or many of the empires. This would allow for basically what everyone has written to exist as well as make it more plausible and to limit the growing number of empires. This could also be the answer to other smaller civilizations such as the vikings. It would allow these societies to exist and have their own flavor but not overcrowd the established universe with ever more expansive bloatware empires. Think of them more as a side quest to the main story line, important to flush out the universe but sometimes unnecessary.

>> No.26683783

OP here again

Since it's going to actually be a game and not just a setting, what should be the benefits of picking one civilization over another. I'm probably going to do the India idea with rolling a caste and gaining some bonuses from that, but what about other factions? Should it be just skill bonuses or some kind of perks, gear or powers for each civ?

>> No.26683806

Languages should definitely be important (both for people and computer systems), as well as different levels of competency with tech from other nations, that kind of stuff.

>> No.26683823

what system are you using as a base so we know what can be buffed

>> No.26683839

> no space Persia
> not being able to play as a space paladin of Zoroastrianism

>> No.26683863

this guy gets it

vikings and japan confirmed for space pirates

>> No.26683910

Modified d6 system. There are four attributes: GUN (combat, will, etc), HAX (computers, machines, vehicles, etc), WIT (social and intellectual stuff), FIT (body, stamina, speed, etc). Each attribute has a list of skills. There will be some augumentations and transhumanism for sure, so that's an option as well. Also probably perks of some sort.
It's an open source system, it's on the net.

>> No.26683932

Considering that several of the civs seem to have genetic engineering and other such transhuman tech, your character's faction could have a really dramatic effect on their physical appearance and potential for development.

I mean, an Indian character of the Brahmin caste would probably be augmented to the point of being barely recognizable as human, their bodies rebuilt into the image of their ancient four-armed idols.

>> No.26683962

>four armed 4 headed cyborg Indian monk general leading a fleet of space temples pulled by giant flying elephants
Muh dick

>> No.26684021

I'm very okay with that.

One question: How do the arms work? You only ever see those Hindu deities from the front, what do the shoulders look like from behind where that many arms come together?

>> No.26684027

I dunno, I imagine you could look at a murti for that though.

>> No.26684055

Three sets of shoulder blades?

>> No.26684121

Greeks: FIT due to body mutations
Aztecs: GUN due to military culture
Mayans: HAX stemming from technological superiority
Rome: I feel should be jack of all trades or bonuses to group combat
India: WIT due to the caste system and rebirth idea

as for everything else i haven't a clue

>> No.26684127

I'd imagine they have something like a double-pelvis as their torso's skeletal structure, replacing the shoulder blades and the upper few ribs.

>> No.26684161

I'd say that the idea of gen merchants doesn't interfere with that concept.

They might end up as the face of the unplayable factions maybe... gen technology sounds like a highly priced commodity.

>> No.26684173

This is the first result I've got, though it's drastically different from the Dharmic setup.

>> No.26684288


Seriously, I didn't expect a .gif

>> No.26684399

that could fit in with Carthage as we have yet to create a trade empire. Or it could be African tribes since they are masters of biology and as an extension the genome.

>> No.26684402

Heh, I think it would make for an interesting race, though not for this setting.

>> No.26684595

Well, the African tribes would be trading something very specific, unlike the Carthagians who would just trade for trades sake.

Like the Carthagians are the Guild, while the African tribes represent Bene Tleilax.

>> No.26684654

Like this, anon.

The bones in the upper chest are fused into a solid pelvis-like plate supporting the second set of arms set slightly below and behind the normal arms.

>> No.26684670

well we could sort through all the important african states, but then we might have to do that for other places

>> No.26684693

forgot link

>> No.26684725

That's rather nightmarish. Fucking skeletons, man.

I think I prefer them with the skin on.

>> No.26684824

Well that is easily solved. The Bene Tleilax from Dune are very isolationist... you could have the Space Africans paying little mind to the politics and war around them, caring only for SCIENCE and finding the PERFECT LIFEFORM and such maniacal scientist-hunter-warrior behavior.

>> No.26684904


>Well, since it looks like we're lumping the Central American civilizations together, we should probably do the same for the Africans. I'd say we use the general look of ancient Ethiopia/Aksum for the ruling class, and the Bantu peoples for the warrior class.

>> No.26684938

I don't like the idea of lumping personally, I'd rather just have them make alliances/unions/confederacies, etc.

>> No.26684990

Perhaps not in the fluff, but from the perspective of actually making a setting, there's a limit to how many factions we can practically have. With insignificant groups like the old African civilizations, they've basically all got to be a part of the same faction. The individual tribes/empires/kingdoms can be specializations within the faction like classes or something.

>> No.26685021

Ah, I see what you mean now. That is a fair point. Maybe have the more homogenous states work on national laws, and the African/New World ones work more like the EU/US with varying laws/customs/etc across their geography?

>> No.26685044

i think we should have 5 african civs:

>> No.26685228

Egypt and Carthage hardly count as African civs, since they weren't black people.

>> No.26685231

Technology is advanced enough that it can do just about anything magic would be able to do.

>> No.26685294

well you get the idea
ethiopia zimbabwe and mali were the important african civs

>> No.26685364

Africa =/= black people/
Africa= the continent connected to Europe via Egypt.

>> No.26685428

So what? The majority of Africans don't live in Egypt, nor lived in Egypt.

>> No.26685490

I'm tempted to link this to /pol/ and get a 500+ post debate about the whiteness of the Pharaohs.

>> No.26685558


>> No.26685577

egypt isnt connected to europe, ya dingus

>> No.26685586

Africa is bigger than Egypt.

Egypt never fought much in Africa itself. They interacted more with the Mediterranean.

>> No.26685690

Ok guys. Early pre-alpha of the core rulebook. It pretty much has everything you've already seen but it's good to have all that stuff in one place. Will add more civs and mention the minor civs tomorrow.


Also: we need to collaborate with some drawfags to make this even cooler.

>> No.26685823

also I'm going to sleep now.
Since the thread won't probably last till I wake up, expect a new one in about 6-7 hours

>> No.26687043

So, lemme get this straight:
Babylon gets quantum entanglement/Tachyon communication
Egypt gets mind transfer technology so their Pharaohs can keep on ruling from machine bodies (just advanced cyborging?)
India gets some biotech of the body modification/genemod variety, and plenty of WMD designs (seriously, read up on astras and shit)
China gets advanced cloning (so many people)
Rome gets jumpgates, which act as 'roads'
Aztec gets best space vessels + some military tech
Africa gets biotech of the terraforming kind, with some genemods
Mongols get stolen Chinese spacedocks converted into habitat-ships, and probably have adapted so they can survive the vacuum of space for a while.

is that what we have so far?

>> No.26687172

we need to elaborate on;

>> No.26687262

If memory serves me right the Mayans were the ones who did ayahuasca; which could mean mind-altering drugs ala Flowers for Algernon, Fringe, the Lawnmower Man, etc.

>> No.26687294

Maybe that's why they got so many geniuses. Mentats, FOR EVERYONE!

>> No.26687372

Indeed; and I think it'd be good to have a neutral banking/security country, like how our Switzerland is. Ethiopia would have coffee and weed (from the Rastafaris; unless the lesser influence of Christianity would change that?)

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