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You are Mirror Blade, a clone of Cure Blade (also known as Momoko, though you don't know her last name yet). You taken the name Masako Ishikuno for now as your cover story to live in the human world, and your day went from good to terrible when you got a message from one of your father's generals who seems to have a a tendency to vomit words into letters.

Before you try calling any of the two precures you have a thought, if he is able to turn invisible he might be hiding in this room right now, waiting to see what you do and lively how as well. You will not tolerate this threat to your privacy and decide to make absolutely sure his isn't withing hearing distance.


Despite your efforts you don't find him anywhere, invisible or not there is no way he would have moved fast enough to dodge your quick movements across the room without you noticing, and the bathroom is especially safe, there's not as much room to maneuver in there than in your room. You however, are able to detect the faint smell of cologne long gone. You're not sure why you know but you're certain that its a cheap brand. You lock the windows and doors lay down on your bed before taking out your cellphone, Call Misa or the the bitch Momoko.

[]On second thought...(Writein)

Theres also this thing I got on twitter if you want to discuss for some sort of plan, pastebin.com/P6qgu8EQ

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The most exciting time of week has arrived!

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god I don't know WHO to call.

[]Misa, ask to speak to Lubu. Tell him about it.

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I-If they kill each other then I'll be a win-win situation

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Diarrhea of the fountain pen, stealth, and cheap cologne that interferes with his stealth. That tears it. Calligraphy-kun is dead on sight.

>[x] Misa
I have to admit that I like Ragegun's plan. But between Misa and Momoko, I have to lean towards the one who is more likely to be useful to us and less likely to piss us off. Plus we can pretend to be following orders if any of Dad's goons catch us.

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Now is not the time to be arguing with Momoko.

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Hell with it, call Misa.

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[X]Before we call anyone, open the second letter and learn about extracting memory fragments

We want there to be a Mirror Axe eventually, with how perfect we are, the world clearly needs more evil clones. Regardless of what we intend to do, more knowledge can only help us.

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Misa won, writing.

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Weve got a letter with info to read

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Open the second letter, learn how 2 memory clone

Calling them can wait a bit longer

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Alright, you gotta focus on this so calling Momoko is out of the question, and besides from what you gather Lubu is staying at with Misa. You call and the phone rings four times before she answers. "Yes hello? Whats going on Masako?" She goes straight to business with you because...well you haven't called her in the week you've had the phone, even after giving her your number, mostly because you haven't had anything to talk about besides enjoying your newfound liberty. "We need to talk, I got a letter from one of my dad's lackeys. They have some plans in the near future and I'm included, Don't let your guard down." You manage avoid the direct message though you might sound a bit crazy and paranoid right about now, "I need to talk to Lubu, I'm sure he'll tell you the details later." Besides you don't want to get on her bad side by telling her directly, the cute little bear is most likely more tactful than you are.

You hear some shuffling and Lubu gets on the line, "Hello? Whats going on?"

[] Tell him the truth, about you orders, the memory crystal, everything.
[]Lie to him, Lure Misa into a trap, you're not sure if what you're planning will work out with someone invisible around.
[]Tell him part of the truth (Which parts?)

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>[x] Tell him the truth, about you orders, the memory crystal, everything.

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>[x] Tell him the truth, about you orders, the memory crystal, everything.

Good Precure quest go!

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Tell the full truth.
Even if it's a REALLY REALLY Bad Idea.

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[]Tell him part of the truth (Which parts?)

Tell him someone's trying to get a memory crystal from Misa, don't tell him it's us. Ask if it's possible to painlessly remove one.

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>[] Tell him the truth, about you orders, the memory crystal, everything.

they have to trust you before you can backstab them anyway.

>stealth mission
>wears cologne

we do not suffer fools, let alone ally with them

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If you guys keep this up I will eventually have to change the name of this quest to something else.

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>[x]Tell him part of the truth (Which parts?)
Let's remember that the good Cures did almost purify us. He needs to know about our orders, for planning purposes. The rest can wait.

But then the archives would be messed up...

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neutral evil precure quest?

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>implying that we aren't the real cure blade, kidnapped and brainwashed by our "father"
Ok, yeah, I have no excuse for failing at being evil...

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>[X] Tell him the truth, about you orders, the memory crystal, everything.
If our stalker ask we can say this is part of the plan. Plus this gives him the chance to give as a defective crystal which should help us out in the long run.

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I'm going with this

She doesn't have to know that it's our orders. In fact it's best if she doesn't. She doesn't trust us as it is and her knowing that I'm still technically on daddy's command chain isn't going to help

Just tell Lubu about the order to get Misa's crystal for a clone. The rest we'll work out later.

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We're more lawful evil at this point.

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>[x]Tell him part of the truth (Which parts?)
We should tell them to be on guard and parts of our orders, not full since that is a VERY BAD idea

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I've been saying that since thread, like 4.

There is still time for us try to take over the local Yakuza nad become queen bitch of the underworld people

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I change my mind, let's do this.

Ask if it's possible to get a decoy of some kind

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name one evil action we've taken

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Could probably give a better answer if we knew what the second envelope said, but for now
this is probably our best bet.

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I might go with Redeemed Evil Precure Quest depending if you go that route. Also part truth won, Writing.

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we robbed a convenience store

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Betraying our father

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in thread one. it is now thread 12. there is something of a gap.

since when is betraying the evil overlord an evil act in any series?

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We're a factious hivemind in the body of a little girl. If that isn't Chaotic Neutral, I don't know what is.

One is obliged to wonder whether doing bad things to awful people actually counts.

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Trying on a fedora

Our actions really haven't been very evil, but at least the motivation behind them has been self-preservation, rather than friendship. Right?

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No that's a bad name. Just leave it as it is.

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>We're a factious hivemind in the body of a little girl. If that isn't Chaotic Neutral, I don't know what is.
Given how /tg/ generally acts, we're probably closer to chaotic good

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we've been coasting on it I admit.

I just want that alternate power source before get back the evil stuff.

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I think that is entirely the motive here

We really could care less about the cures (although, I suspect those among us are going for an incest/threesome end, which is why we're acting nice to them)

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Talking shit about the funny hats. You're going to make the fairies cry.

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>Implying an energy source with 'good' alignment won't have an effecct on you

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well maybe but that makes us more neutral really.

What we need is a good solid plan on what we're going to do after we get ourselves an alternate power source that isn't daddy dearest.

Actually, is there like a third party we could contact? Being a Magical Girl of Yog-Sothoth or Azatoth might be fun

>> No.26647293

fuck....is there a neutral power source?

>> No.26647303

But. But.

It's not like we're going to get a device and become a Precure.


>> No.26647323

>Being a Magical Girl of Yog-Sothoth or Azatoth might be fun
Magical Girl of Hastur, bringing Leng to the world, wether it likes it or not

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I honestly thought "Evil Precure" referred to our title/origin. And had nothing to do with how we acted.

We're our own person, it just so happens we were born an evil precure.

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Maybe we should place an ad in the classified section?

"Evil magical girl unhappy with current employer seeks new source of magic. room for individual initiative and strategic planning preferred"

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Who says we aren't real? At any rate, our nose doesn't grow when we lie.

I dunno. I think becoming Cure Hastur Hastur Hastur would end the game pretty fast.

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Nyarlahotep would be a better choice

fucker likes playing games with people. would totally draw stuff out

>> No.26647385

Ah, but once Hastur gets a magical girl, you just KNOW Nyalarhotep will want some, which drags in Nodens and sooner or later we have a nice Melee a trois with the poor humans caught in the middle whilst we weild UNLIMITED COSMIC POWERRRRRR

Then we can start conquering other dimensions and getting 60m statues of ourselves cast in chocolate and stuff

>> No.26647407

We should actually do that.

>> No.26647409

I suppose, but there's already a magical girl Nyarlahotep show. I don't think Mirror Blade would willingly do something that someone else is already doing.

Delicious chocolate us-es?

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We're not redeemed yet

We could still do something really mean/stupid

I like the pace it's going at, though. It has a nice tone.

>> No.26647428

Wait, I thought it was just precures in this 'verse?

cause if this is a conglomeration of EVERY MG show then we have to go full Magical Girls Sans Frontiers

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Then we need to gather all the evil magical girl clones and create outer heaven.

>> No.26647457

Yog Sothoth perhaps?

Y'Golonac is too /d/ for me

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>go full Magical Girls Sans Frontiers
>Then we need to gather all the evil magical girl clones and create outer heaven.
I believe that is what I said, yes.

Plus, with all those evil overlords kicking around we could have a pretty comfy life as mercenary queen. maybe even go multidimensional

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You briskly walk down the mansion hallway. As you step down, one of the wooden planks decides to make a screechy sound, but you don't really care, as you recover, instinctively putting your hand against the wall. Forgetting to pull it back like a proper lady, you keep your fingers gliding across the surface. Feeling its texture while humming in anticipation: Of course, as the planets seem to have aligned in your favour for once!
Your thoughts are interrupted by your thumb lighting up by as a sharp pain pricks through the pad of your thumb. Seems you've finally come to your destination. A white double winged door, that just decided to extract its entry toll in blood. Promising a pay back in hard wood, (Quiet out though, lest the vindictive bastard takes note!) you stylishly put the leatherly sole of your boot to work, half opening, half footing through the door.
Inside, two figures hoodle, their heads together, whispering away in a corner. As you enter, their heads snap towards the cracking sound, and you take a moment to enjoy the deadpanned stare of surprise, before bursting: ``So, you've finally gave in, hypocrite.'' Even without lipsight, a blind person would've identified the replier by the angry twitch:
``As you've already been, with great clarity mind, instructed during the phone conference. This is not. the. fucking. same.'' The other, sighing: ``She's right, Masako. The angry madman club decided to crystallize my counsciousness, then melting it into a pink blues brothers fetishizing murderous extremist. Your plan, while cute, has a fatal flaw: Extracting HER shard and implanting it into the plushy implement here'', waving your brown teddy friend through the air, ``is not the just payback for your slight. It just fucks her - us over in addition!''
You've had it now. There's just no way these cunts would understand how a little suffering at a critical moment is what makes all the difference.

>> No.26647535

While I'm not strictly opposed for reasons of I wanna homuhomu the Homuhomu, just having canon Cures to start showing up would probably be more than my body can handle.

>> No.26647545

A man does, a loser asks ``Where's my share'' or something. Share which you're about to forcefeed to the obstacling meddler. ``I told you. Read the fucking instructions would of require a demon king with enough foresight to bother implementing a capability to read. You're going to take this.. thing, and you're going to take it now!!!''
Your throat is still trembling from its owner's commendable attempt at a `Wolf and three little pigs'' straw cottage scene reenaction, as both figures simultaneously lunge forward. You feel your cheeks burning in anger. It's not sure what resolution were you hoping for there, anyway. You feel your panties dematerializing between your thighs, and you make it just in time to put a blade in front of the heavy ask blow, about to split you in two momentarily. Saved by sliding backwards, deflecting the crushing force to the side, you find time to axe: ``So you finally decided to drop all the pretense?'' Apparently you weren't fated to know the answer, as your brains suddenly splatter into the side of your skull, then twirl around like maccaroni in a soup bowl. The person who just floored you: Momoko must've sneaked up the side while you were busy, that bitch! Taking full advantage of the opportunity, Misa gives up on wasting time recovering her weapon from offbalancing from the glancing clash with your flamberge, and just drops it. You can observe the rounded shape of the axe's massive head dropping together in sync with your eye level, until you bump flat onto the floor. While Misa after the body slam starts regaining her balance on top of you. You begin to struggle for leeway, but she manages to pin your hands down, with the help of her accomplice grabbing from behind. You hear the words spat out next to your ear: ``Misa, we're going to start the procedure.''

>> No.26647553

To which: ``What!? Right here? Not you wait a minute!'' Now, further away, and circling around: ``We re NOT arguing this. Or you could let go of the little maniac here and enjoy getting skewered on the spot.'' In midst of some rustling, you see Misa's body dye towards a reddish hue. It must be the light casted by Blade's sword, you think you can see a part of the pinkish tip in the corner of your vision. Misa actually grunts, and so do you, when you receive a gruesome thrust, stirring the insides of your abdominal region. ``N-no I'm going to die'', you attempt saying as the tissue is effotrlessly pierced and you can feel blood drizzling out, but you only manage a gurgle. The ordeal continues, with you just not having the strength to resist, and you slip into a complete blankout, losing consciousness.

You wake in your room, drenched and haging off the bed by a single leg, with the blanked twirled around you. As you recover, you begin reviving the horrible experience. Your crotch in incredibly sore. But on the other hand you're surprised to find mental images of Momoka invoking next to none of the usual hate reaction. Instead, they make you feel almost giddy~! And surprisingly, no body parts seem to be missing at your touch. You're probably just losing it.

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[x]Part truth
"Someone might be gunning to get a memory crystal out of Misa, I'm not sure who but I feel whoever left me the letter is able to go invisible, and wears cheap cologne." You tell the bear a part truth. They don't need to be on their guard against you and you still need to seem mischievous enough so that invisible bastard doesn't report you to father and then decide its time to fix you or worse, remake you. You shudder, no need to think about that right now. "Is there any way to extract a memory crystal painlessly? I mean its not like pigface Momoko didn't deserve passing out from that but I think I could trick them into taking a fake one if I deliver it to them."

"Hmmm, it might work but there is no way to do it painlessly on humans as far as I know, You could get one from me but it would look very different from one a human would make." He hmmms, "In any case I think it would be for the best if Misa stayed with Momoko for now." He says before you haer the girl on the other end of the line protest loudly, "Wait why should I do that? Whats going on?" She takes the phone back, "Alright black-pink Whats going on?" She asks and you curtly tell her "Lubu will tell you in a bit." before hanging up and turning off your cellphone.

You sigh and pick up the sealed envelope you can almost feel the paper burning your fingers, are you really going to do this? Take the memory crystal from Misa or another innocent girl? You sigh and let it drop to your bed again.

[]Open it?
[]You don't need to know that to get out of this trouble

[]Try and get a crystal from Lubu anyways
[]Force it out of Misa
[]Force it out of a random person

>> No.26647590

>[]Open it?

maybe there's candy!

>[]Try and get a crystal from Lubu anyways

the new guy is probably a fucking idiot too.

>> No.26647602

>[]Open it?
[]get it from misa

>> No.26647633

>[]Open it?

I'm abstaining from the second vote because we should learn how it works first before we start trying to take it from people. Ask us on the next post who we should take it from.

I also think whoever we take it from, we should wear a disguise.

>> No.26647640

Nice timing, Mr. Fake OP.

>[x]Open it?
>[x]Try and get a crystal from Lubu anyways
Calligraphy-kun is a retard. We know this because he wears cheap cologne when he's sneaking around in people's houses. It won't fool Dad, but it'll probably be Stinky getting executed instead of us.

>> No.26647644

>[]Open it?
>[]Force it out of Misa

Get a Misa-clone in our posse

>> No.26647645

[X]Open it?

We don't know if Lubu will be willing to give us one either way.

[X]Try and get a crystal from Lubu anyways

We need to get on dad's good side even if we screw him over in the process.

>> No.26647662

Yeah I think we should think a bit more on who we're getting it from

Hey, what would happen if we tried to take one from ourselves?

>> No.26647664

Not a chance. That would mean momo is the clone. Youve met her. Theres ni evil lab would admit to making thst

>> No.26647669

>Get an evil clone twice as evil as we are


>> No.26647670

So, if they use these memory crytals to make mirror cures, why not convince any new ones made to help us out as opposed to daddy dearest, then coup de tat the bastard?

>> No.26647683

can we get a memory thingy from a random stranger off the street? or do they have to be magic people?

>> No.26647690

There's no reason to think that Daddy won't program her to be 100% loyal and stupid.

If he corrects that problem, we're screwed.

>> No.26647693

[x]Open it?
[x]Force it out of a random person
New Evil Precure soon

>> No.26647712

The option is there. But the question is: If it's a random person off the street, there's no telling what kind of attitude/stats the clone is going to have.

We could end up summoning Gilgamesh experimenting like that. Like a really evil Gilgamesh. It's not worth the risk.

>> No.26647729

>Our little sister is retarded like Kuma.
>We're screwed.
We've killed retards before, y'know.

>> No.26647732

Worth the risk to me

[x]open it
[x]Get A GOOD disguise

>> No.26647738

>There's no reason to think that Daddy won't program her to be 100% loyal and stupid.

can he even do that? if he could why didn't he do it with us?

>> No.26647744

She's at 100% power, we're at 30%.

>> No.26647750

I abstain from opening it or not, but we can't take a shard from any of these people. It'd end badly almost certainly.

>> No.26647752

He may not have thought that our first action was to run away.

>> No.26647768


I vote to Open and read, and THEN vote on who we take it from. Method is important

Basically this

>> No.26647778

Has a good point second choice votes are now cancelled. Vote again fow who you want to fuck over after my next post

>> No.26647779

but how retarded is she?

>> No.26647783

[x]Open it
[x]Get a shard from Lubu

>> No.26647826

Okay, my opinion is we can take it from any of these people

[x]Either of the maids
[x]Judo Captain
[x]Person who helped us through the school
[x]Track and field star student

The maids might be interesting. Dark Kohaku soon?

>> No.26647849

>Dark Kohaku soon?

No no no no no no no no no no

No way in hell are we trying that

>> No.26647852

>Dark Kohaku
I can't be the only one who thinks that making an evil clone of a dangerous sociopath is a bad idea.

>> No.26647860

it should be somebody the cures don't know.

how familiar are they with the maids?

>> No.26647867

No it's totally good! The evil clone would be nice and sweet!

What could possibly go wrong?!

>> No.26647875

just find a hobo

>> No.26647882

I propose another option

[x]Take it from ourselves

>> No.26647884

Let's do it then, we need more risk and thrill here, heck, maybe we could kill her after in a great battle full of dark rainbows and tears

>> No.26647896

>Dark Kohaku
Despite what my Boner is lobbying for, that is a BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD IDEA.

Like putting Zhuge liang and Sima Yi in the same room to plot against Wu bad

>> No.26647906

That is a bad idea specifically because of

It's a "devil you know" problem.

>> No.26647925

Guys, hear me out

We don't have to get a memory crystal TODAY, we could tell him we're 'working on it'

Maybe if we put him off enough, he'll get impatient and just try it himself.

>> No.26647951

And then kick both, the precure and the chameleon's asses?

>> No.26647960

The option is on the table

>> No.26647963

hmmm... we have to look at the differences between us and Momoko

>> No.26647969

>And then kick both, the precure and the chameleon's asses?
Why do that when Let's You and Him Fight is a time honored tradition?

>> No.26647972

The biggest thing I worry about, is if we lose good graces with Misa, Akari will probably kick us out.

She's their friend too. And only kinda knows us in passing.

>> No.26648033

My thought:

If we're going to get a memory crystal from anyone, it should either be a fake-out from Lubu or a real one from Misa

I think storyline wise, we might be better off with a real one from Misa because then we'd have an evil little sister to get in trouble with and that's always fun.

>> No.26648059

[x] don't open is trap

[x] take memory crytsal from random person [possibly persons if one isn't enough)

>> No.26648063

[x]Open it

Despite your desire to not know whats inside the stupid envelope, partly dreading more words vomited into the paper put you only find a single piece of paper and tube of hand cream, really? The paper has simple step by step instructions.

1. Put cream on hands.
2.Target person must be preferably asleep or unconcious, its more difficult if she is awake.
3.Put hand on forehead, push.
4.Hold target firmly in order to avoid movement
5.Grab crystal, pull out carefully to avoid breaking
6.After it leaves the body hold close, it is fragile.

You look at the instructions befuddled and back at the tube, it looks like there is enough cream for one use and not much more, "This sucks" You say as you pocket the cream as you ponder what you're going to do. You keep going throug all sorts of different plans and people to use it on, but its hard to focus on just one person or plan, you keep thinking until you hear a knock on your door, "Masako? Are you feeling alright? You're late for work" YOu hear Konomi say, by that time you had already decided what you were going to do.

[]Get it from someone (Who?)
[]Don't get it, let invisiv-O screw up on his own.

>> No.26648078

You're looking at it the wrong way, We are the mentor, she is our disciple.

Remember how we woke up and Kuma didn't even give us food? We can change that. She breaks out, we give her food, a place to stay, a cover identity, an anti-father crystal.

And bam, she's ours. She is our follower for life. What we need now is more allies, not less.

>> No.26648087

Plus if we get a real one from Misa then it gives us a reason to side with the villains if we get attached to her evil clone.

>> No.26648125

I actually kind of like the idea of becoming a mentor.

Are we sure it's going to work that way though?

>> No.26648133

[]Don't get it, let invisiv-O screw up on his own.

We can save ours for later

>> No.26648143


you're banking too much on the clone being a bro ...sis whatever.

Dad might have some brainwashing up his sleeve

also who doesn't want to see Mirror Lubu. we could have our own lubu and not have to share

>> No.26648152

>also who doesn't want to see Mirror Lubu. we could have our own lubu and not have to share


[x]Get a crystal from Lubu

>> No.26648153

>[x]Get it from someone (Who?)
Refusing to support Calligraphy-kun is all well and good, but he's annoyed us sufficiently to deserve active sabotage. Let's get him a Lu Bu.

>> No.26648155

[X]Get it from someone (Who?)

Let's get it from either Lubu or Misa. Whichever one provides more benefit to the story.

With Misa we potentially have a reason to stick with the bad guys.

With Lubu we are screwing over our spy which opens up a world of possibilities.

>> No.26648158

No reason to throw all that shit away. Keep it and save it for later.

>> No.26648173

Leave it up to Kinto?

I'm changing my vote >>26648133 to this. I like that.

>> No.26648176

[x] Get it from Misa
[x] Deliver it to father personally and let him know that invisible asshole is useless and spent all his time spying on us before making us do his job for him

>> No.26648178


Well I'm thinking in terms of the clone giving us a reason to side with the baddies. We won't know if it works or not until we try.

>> No.26648179

[x]Get it from someone (Who?)
Lubu, and then we say he tricked us by transforming in Axe or something like that

>> No.26648194

new idea
why don't we just take both misa and lubu

try to fake out with lubu
give Misa if he doesn't buy it

>> No.26648203

We have to get a shard from Misa.

Remember, _everything_ belongs only to the person strong enough to claim it as theirs.

And if we wind up learning something about ourselves, thats fine. We can take it.

>> No.26648214

We just have enough for one try

>> No.26648236

I'm going to say that they both progress the story in their own unique way.

>> No.26648280

That's almost as bad as rolling dice and not saying why.

>> No.26648282

Counting votes, then writing

>> No.26648290

>[X]Get it from someone (Misa)

>> No.26648314

Get it from Misa

>> No.26648315

Kinto, I don't care what we do, but if we go out PLEASE give us the option of wearing a disguise when we're meeting with Lubu/Stealing from misa. Make us roll for it to determine how good our disguise is if you must.

>> No.26648350

late vote for lubu!

>> No.26648358

Well then. Put me down for whichever one you think has the most potential of the two.

>> No.26648392

Goddamnit its a draw as of my count, 4 misa, 4 lubu.

And both have about the same amount of potential, only different, you'll see. I'll tell you after stuff happens

>> No.26648412

I vote for the yellow dude that is your avatar.
I don't watch the series so i don't know if he is available.

>> No.26648414

Flip a coin. Let's not have another extended contest like the fedora incident.

>> No.26648430

Rolled 1

fine, 1 is lubu, 2 is misa

>> No.26648445

Mirror Lubu here we come!

>> No.26648447

oh my, I guess your little sister is going to come later than expected...

>> No.26648450

Let's all look forward to what happens next.

>> No.26648475

So now how to disguise the very different looking crystal? Duct tape?

>> No.26648488

Rolled 1

I've found that two sided dice here lands on 1 much more than it should.

Also nice job thread, we could have had mirror axe completely under our control instead of leaving it to the idiot lackies to get her.

>> No.26648503

Maybe we can snitch more cream from idiot lackeys?

>> No.26648533

This, don't use 2 sided die. I've never had them work fairly.

>Also nice job thread, we could have had mirror axe completely under our control instead of leaving it to the idiot lackies to get her.

And I sort of agree with this, too. What is going to end up happening is now one of the idiots will get the memory fragment and Mirror Axe will be out of our control. We won't be there when she wakes up to give her food/clothing/indoctrination

Maybe another time.

>> No.26648555

Maybe we can POV switch to mirror axe and THEN be the evil precure of evilness?

>> No.26648559

Well... I was thinking we'd just pass it off to that idiot general and let him take the heat, but if we have to go the extra mile on our sabotage, how about paint?

We're still going to get our little sisters eventually. We'll deal with them as they come.

>> No.26648568

I don't think people would appreciate a POV switch.

>> No.26648593


>> No.26648595

>We're still going to get our little sisters eventually. We'll deal with them as they come.

I worry that, like us, when they're born they are going to be kicked out into the real world to wander around and we won't be able to indoctrinate them to our side. Or worse, they'll get jaded by the generals who really don't care about them.

If we're going to mentor someone, the first step is to be there in their time of need.

>> No.26648615

Cut scenes and Rival character POVs have their uses and can be fun. The important thing is not to give us control of some retarded Mary Sue like pic related.

>> No.26648637

>Or worse, they'll get jaded by the generals who really don't care about them.

So we'll just care about them

It's not like one-in-a-million encounters with the right people at the right time don't happen in Precure.

>> No.26648643

>Mirror Lubu
And what will we get from her?

>> No.26648663

>So we'll just care about them
That worked great with Regina. Until it didn't.

>> No.26648683

[x]Get it from Lubu

You're getting it from Lubu, it won't hurt him if you take the crystal even if its forcefully, you hope at least. "Oh sorry, I just had a really long day and I was...thinking." You say, somehow managing to sound melancholic, "Well, I'm sure you'll get over it if you help me with the garden before dinner, we got enough ingredients to last the rest of the week so you don't have to worry about going shopping again. You sit up on the side of your bed and she slams her hands on your shoulders, "So? What is it? You found a boy you liked and that's why you're feeling impossibly lovestruck? Oh how the flowers of spring bloom in summer still." She quickly says sounding excited as she drags you off to work.
Your body hurts all over after you're done with her gardening training, if you're going to do this thing you might as well do it tonight since that invisible idiot might be watching you or Misa so if you're going to at least pretend to be on your father's side you might as well do it now. You get ready to disguise yourself, the least amount of power you use for this the better. As you get ready to jump out the window and out into the night you...
[]start having second thoughts about this course of action
[]Don't look back after jumping, this is the best way.
[]Decide to target Misa after all.

>> No.26648688

Failure or a new teddy bear.

Maybe the memory shard will be all about the war and it'll spawn a grizzled and scarred Lubu.

>> No.26648693

Eh, we could just as easily be the one getting pumped full of evil and needing to be saved.

>> No.26648702

>[X]Decide to target Misa after all.
Second chances get!

>> No.26648703

>[]Don't look back after jumping, this is the best way.

>> No.26648710

You're right though, it worked WONDERFULLY with Regina

The brainwashing thing is something he can do to us too, since it hasn't happened yet, it's pretty safe to assume that it probably won't with Axe either.

[]Decide to target Misa after all.

Sticking with my guns

>> No.26648728

>[x]Decide to target Misa after all.
But tell her what we're going to do. Don't want her mistrusting us. Not this soon, at least.
And we'll be there for Mirror Axe. That'll earn us an ally.

>> No.26648738

[X]Decide to target Misa after all.

Mascots are great and all, but little sisters are even better.

>> No.26648753

[X]Decide to target Misa after all.
[X] Explain about impending sisterhood to Misa

>> No.26648763

>[x]start having second thoughts about this course of action
Indecision and self-doubt are weaknesses that every hero must eventually face. Let us do this thing, but let us vacillate and torture ourselves first.


>> No.26648765

>And what will we get from her?

>> No.26648774

Oh I like this idea. Self-torture over things we have to do

In fact, why not both? Why not torture ourselves mentally a bit and then go forward with it?

>> No.26648791

This is a bad idea guys. In fact if we do go through with this, I suggest we disguise ourselves with an outfit + cheap cologne

Misa isn't going to want to do this and she won't trust making a mirror axe, she doesn't trust us as it is. Wanting to let her in on the plan is bad.

>> No.26648795

[X]Decide to target Misa after all.
Pretend to be at the end of our ropes and that we will be executed if we fail. Then pray she is willing to loan us a crystal.

>> No.26648796

>[x]start having second thoughts about this course of action

>> No.26648797

If we hurt Misa, we will probably lose their trust. If we don't hurt her, we will probably lose our sister.

>> No.26648809


Yes, and then we can't move on, become emo, and be the villian we are meant to be.

>> No.26648812

But also


>> No.26648814

[x]start having second thoughts about this course of action
Is this really what we want to do?

>> No.26648831

honestly we're in a corner. We'll never come to a consensus about the matter because it involves betraying the cures.

I REALLY don't want to do this myself, I voted for Lubu and I'm amazed with all the turnfaces.

[x]Lubu still, no change for me.

>> No.26648865

>people second guessing
If we don't do it, the cologne bastard or some other general will, and they won't be nearly as kind with either Misa or Mirror Axe.
We at least have the option (I hope) of explaining Misa what will happen to her, and of being a good sister and mentor to her clone.

>> No.26648875

>If we don't do it, the cologne bastard or some other general will, and they won't be nearly as kind with either Misa or Mirror Axe.


>> No.26648892

What makes you say that?

[X]Don't look back after jumping, this is the best way.

Mirror Lubu seems like it could be fun.

>> No.26648896

Damn it, I know you're right but I don't want Misa to not trust us.

>> No.26648916

Rolled 96

Misa wins overwhelmingly and surprisignly, rolling for disguise check.

>> No.26648921

This is a hard decision for us to make, because there's a very good chance it will set the cures against us, undoing a lot of our work this far. But the creation of another being like us is something worth risking everything for, I think.

We really shouldn't explain it to Misa, though, she won't like it and it won't change what we're going to do. We need to do this while she's asleep, anyway, so if we're smart we shouldn't even need a disguise.

>> No.26648932

Lucky bastards, all of you

>> No.26648942

Rolled 21

Well we're just fucked. On the bright side: more story potential.

>> No.26648949

Oh. Were we not supposed to roll?

>> No.26648952

It's time for some Glorious Solar Rape.

>> No.26648954

Please tell me we didn't want a low roll...

>> No.26648969

High numbers are good.

>> No.26648974

I rolled for you guys, unless you don't want to be amazingly disguised, remember HIGH is good

>> No.26649003

Holy shit, we are fucking Solid Snake.

We're pretty good!

>> No.26649008

Nah I just misread your post. Go ahead my storyteller.

>> No.26649009

Mirror Blade confirmed for being awesome at disguises, then.

>> No.26649027

We just told them someone was after Misa and now we are going after her? Seems like a bad plan to me

>> No.26649031

I'm telling you!

We are the magical girl incarnation of Big Boss!

We need to do this more often!

I say we give ourself a cool name to go along with our alter identity

>> No.26649041

> mirror LuBu is plush Kuma

>> No.26649046

Why? we didn't say WE were going after her.

And she knows the person going after them is invisible now.

>> No.26649056

oh god I wanted this to happen so much.

>> No.26649063

So bad that the Cures would never suspect us of actually doing it. It's flawless!

>> No.26649084

we can take Lubu's memory thingy too right?

if there's any cream left over right?

>> No.26649088

Because they are fucking prepared? I mean, she's even going to sleep with Momoko.
>pic related

>> No.26649096

first link was supposed to go to >>26649046

>> No.26649107

>I mean, she's even going to sleep with Momoko.

If you know what I mean.

>> No.26649122

Wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more, say no more.

>> No.26649124

More like

>Mirror Lubu is a smarter Kuma

>> No.26649130

To be fair, our disguise roll is so high that even if we're caught, I doubt they'd recognize us.

But then again, this IS in a series where growing longer hair makes even your best friends not know you anymore.

>> No.26649132

So you are saying that we just disguised ourself indistinguishably as Momoko? Damn we're good at disguises.

>> No.26649139

[x] Go after Misa after all
[x]Disguise check:96

You idly wonder when you got so many black clothes, you manage to improvise a makeshift mask with two pairs of shirts and you hide your easily recognizable long pink hair with a very long T-shirt, you look goofy but still you managed to hide your most easily identifiable features. You change into a black turtleneck sweater...its going to get hot with this and some black pants...really when did you get so many black clothes, is that bitch Momoko going around and putting stuff in your room?

In either case, when you look in the mirror all you manage to see a girl wearing black and not you. You jump out the window...maybe getting Lubu won't be such a good idea, what if they find out? What if they learn what he knows? You jump between rooftops easily covering the distance between Akira's house and Misa's house in a matter of minutes. Surprisingly, Misa is fast asleep when you peek into her window, looks like she didn't have time to be able to set up a sleepover, especially during a school night. Her window is locked and all the lights in her house are off but you think you manage to see glow of changing colors coming from one of the other rooms.
[]Check other windows
[]Break the lock with magic (1d100)
[]Force the window open
[]Smash through
[]Check out the light, its suspicious.

>> No.26649184

Alright, let's play it like a thief
>[]Check other windows
But don't enter, Then
>[]Check out the light, its suspicious.

Thief rule #1: Scouting > Acting

>> No.26649191

[X]Check out the light, its suspicious.

>> No.26649195

>[x]Force the window open
Due to our perfect disguise, we don't look suspicious at all!

>> No.26649205

This in reverse order.

>> No.26649211

>[x]Check out the light, its suspicious.

>> No.26649215

[X]Check out the light, its suspicious.

That light could be Lubu. If it is that gives us a way into her room.

>> No.26649231

I'm worried the light may illuminate us or be them transforming. In which case checking out the light may reveal us. Best to check our options first.

But either way is fine with me. We just need more info on the entrances and exits.

Maybe check under the floormat of the front door for a key as well.

>> No.26649256


How would it?

>"Hey Lubu, can you let me in?"

I mean, I guess it's a valid tactic but it makes disguising pointless

>> No.26649269

Fluff for brains already counts as an upgrade

>> No.26649271

The light could also just be a television being watched by her family, or that was left on. Since we've already told them that someone is after her, a trap or magical alarm isn't impossible. More information can never hurt.

[x]Check out the light, its suspicious.

>> No.26649277

>[x]Check out the light, its suspicious.
I want to get my Shadowruns on and think that any lurking about will make us miss when the actual cologne bastard smashes the window, but that would be ridiculous, right?

>> No.26649283

It ensures that her room isn't protected so sneaking in is easier.

>> No.26649311


>> No.26649316

Light it is, writing

>> No.26649339

Shit that's a good point.

I'm just thinking of all the damn spycraft games I've played where a group bashes every damn door down and breaks every window and never bothered checking for that one unlocked window or secret entrance that would have kept them out of all those gunfights.

Oh why don't players check every possible entrance anymore?

>> No.26649363

I think he's saying that having Fluff like Lubu > Having nothing

>> No.26649405

Kuma is very dumb

>> No.26649413

Ah alright then.

>> No.26649473

[x]Check out the light.

You make your way over to where you see the light, as you approach, you notice that the window is not only unlocked but open! You can vaguely make out the shape of someone sitting in front of the light and figure out its a human, at least it isn't Lubu waiting in ambush with magic or something. His back is facing you and you manage to see what is on his screen. You blush as you'd rather not think about it now, your mission is important, to keep your father from thinking that you are actively working against him. After you checking out the light you go around the house, checking if there are any windows open, none of them are and the glass is cold to the touch. Air conditioning, nice.

[] Break in with Magic(1d100)
[]Sneak bast Misa's Brother(?) (!d100 stealth)
[]Force open the window

>> No.26649498

Rolled 8

>[]Sneak bast Misa's Brother(?) (!d100 stealth)
hope he has tunnel vision

>> No.26649530

>[x]Force open the window
We came here to do something bad, so punishing the pervert should even out our karma.

>> No.26649537

Hark, a NEET

[]Force open the window

Stealth is too risky around the bro, even if he has tunnel vision

A window making a popping sound in the middle of the night won't be too uncanny.

>> No.26649556

by force do you mean smash or something else?

>> No.26649586

Rolled 4

[]Sneak bast Misa's Brother(?) (!d100 stealth)

I call upon the great dice deities to bring a shadow where I walk, and temporary stupidity to those who I find in my path.

>> No.26649599


Forget this

[x]Force open the window

>> No.26649600

Rolled 16

[x] Break in with magic
I don't trust this guy. Let's not get anywhere near him.

>> No.26649614

Breaking the lock, or trying to, failing that just forcing it open with your cure strength.

>> No.26649621

Rolled 93

We need to do this quietly, because she needs to be asleep. The brother is too risky, if he sees us and screams she'll wake up. Forcing the window may be loud. We want to conserve our magic, but using it is the best option here.

[X] Break in with Magic(1d100)

>> No.26649624

>[X]Force open the window
and Impersonate Momoko
Say you forgot something
and then skedaddle

>> No.26649635

I'm changing my vote to this because that is a damn good roll

[X] Break in with Magic(1d100)

>> No.26649646

Guys we're doing it wrong,

We need to force open the window of ANOTHER ROOM and then sneak to Misa's room.

>> No.26649653

>[X]Force open the window

Trying to sneak past the brother is too risky as is breaking in with magic. Forcing open the window is our best option.

>> No.26649661


>> No.26649673

It usually is the first 3 rolls~

But I'll allow it this time, I'll just take that 4 and apply it to one roll of my choosing? Deal?

>> No.26649677

Vote for it because trying to sneak in and nearly crit fail with a 4 is winning in votes right now

>> No.26649679

Rolled 47

Oh! That's noisy. Changing my vote to breaking in with magic.

>> No.26649684


Okay, sure.

>> No.26649700

I'd prefer to fail now rather than have an epic fail hanging over our head later.

>> No.26649729

Well shit, I didn't think about that, either.

>> No.26649731

Might as well. And hope that 4 isn't used on something that will ruin the relationship with the girls.

>> No.26649736

Rolled 85

Misa Awareness check

>> No.26649758

If we fail now though, we leave empty handed

If we fail later, we can at least make a bolt for it.

>> No.26649760

So whats it going to be? Fail now or fail later?

>> No.26649763

Well this is going to fail.

>> No.26649768

Damn Misa.

>> No.26649778


>> No.26649781

We got a 93 on our side.

we'll succeed now, the question is, what is that 4 is going to be used on?

>> No.26649782

Better the devil we know. Fail now, try again some other time.

>> No.26649788


>> No.26649817

Fail now.

>> No.26649820

Later, this is our best chance to get her memory crystal. Lu Bu said she's going to start staying with Momoko.

>> No.26649832

>[x]Fail now

At least that give us an excuse for dad and our stalker when they ask why we didn't get what they wanted.

>> No.26649836

Kinto won't kill us

he might fuck us over but he won't kill us

succeed now

>> No.26649837

There goes our amazing disguise roll.

>> No.26649859

Run away.

>> No.26649860

>what is that 4 going to be used on?
Assume it will be something critical.

We are awesome at disguising. We can sneak past her, too.

>> No.26649862

Being seen does not equate to being recognized. If anything, being STEALTH SNAKE is a bigger waste of it.

>> No.26649868

Failing now wins, be grateful you didnt get a 1

>> No.26649983

>[x]Sneak bast Misa's Brother(?)
When we fail we can pretend to be the sex ninja and then get close to him and hit him over the head and then he will be unconscious.

>> No.26649994

[x]Break with magic

You try to open the lock with some magic just enough to break this lock...everything seems to be going fine until you lose focuse for a moment and the hiccup in power makes you shoot right through the lock and into the room, leaving a burnt patch on the floor. That power hiccup might have only be minor if it didn't create so much light, it was like a pink sun was there for a moment. Misa sits straight up on her bed, Lubu doesn't seem to be around here and you don't have much time before Misa sees you. You ...
[] Go for it, put on the hand cream first
[]Run away, she might see you but she won't recognize you.
[]Reveal yourself, tell her everything.

>> No.26650033

I'm getting real tired so the next post will most likely be the last.

>> No.26650050

>[X]Run away, she might see you but she won't recognize you.
It's not like she is going to follow us, right?

>> No.26650057

>[x] Go for it, put on the hand cream first

>> No.26650061


Count the rolls you had before again

The 93 DID fall within three rolls within that category. Look



The 4 wasn't even a part of the same option

>> No.26650063

Try and knock her out before she can transform. Then go for it.

>> No.26650066

Dammit. Got too excited and forgot to image.

>> No.26650071

Fuck it. Sorry Misa, this is going to hurt! Your clone will be better than you anyway!

[X] Go for it, put on the hand cream first

>> No.26650078

No it didn't. We had an 8, a 4, and a 13.

>> No.26650081

[x] Reveal yourself, tell her everything
In the kindest words possible, and hope the fallout isn't horrible...
And if we don't tell her, she will most likely hear it when another general spills the beans.

>> No.26650090

Rolls are independent of votes. Otherwise people would just vote for whatever got the high roll and that would be silly.

>> No.26650091

16, blargh.

>> No.26650101

>[X]Reveal yourself, tell her everything.

She might not be willing to give us hers but maybe she'll let us get one from Lubu.

>> No.26650104

I count rolls in general, I don't go by category. I will consider uppping the limit since I seem to have more people than when I made that rule

>> No.26650109

we're faster than her. KO punch and then apply the cream

>> No.26650142

[x]Run away

fission mailed

>> No.26650171

>[]Run away
ALERT 99.99

>> No.26650173


>> No.26650191

>[X]Reveal yourself, tell her everything.
We done goofed, may as well fall on her mercy. Besides it has a certain pathos to it. This will be a good trust building moment (to cash in on when we betray them later).

>> No.26650194

This. We're poised for action and shes flat footed

>> No.26650216

DO NOT hurt Misa

We're like a million times stronger than her, don't hurt or hit her.


[x]Run away

>> No.26650221

Indeed. Even if she's awake, I'll bet we can overpower her before she transforms.

>> No.26650222

Also I'm counting on LuBu to have been a magnificent bastard

>> No.26650231

For future reference you guys, please use the [x] format when voting, it makes it much less likely I'll miss votes like that and it makes it so much easier to count

>> No.26650244

[x] Reveal Yourself, tell her everything

The last thing we need is more enemies and let's face it, the cures are our best bet for breaking free of Dad's stupid influence

>> No.26650250

We are in the process of betraying her and only stopped because we were seen. We won't get any sympathy from revealing ourselves, we'll just get the worst of both worlds. No memory shard AND exposed.

>> No.26650256

roger roger

>> No.26650259

Also run and go are tied, get me a tiebreaker

>> No.26650261

>we don't want to ruin our relationship with Misa. Let's KO her and force her to spit the crystal!

>> No.26650264

This is true, we need to consolidate, try again another day.

Besides, we've already told them that he's invisible. no harm in making them even more paranoid.

>> No.26650268

roll 1d6

odds are run
evens are go for it

>> No.26650276

Well no, we can make the legitimate claim that were are being threatened/blackmail by our Dad's lackey and didn't see what other choice we had.

Misa's bound to at least understand.

>> No.26650279

I already voted, but here's Cure Happy having her way with Wolfrun.

>> No.26650280

Seriously, what the heck are you guys thinking

>> No.26650293

No she is not!

She trusts us the least!

You're confusing her with Momoko who we could practically murder and she'd still forgive us.

>> No.26650297

[x] Run

>> No.26650322

Well it's better than ending up alone, with no support from anyone and at our asshole father's mercy!

>> No.26650323

>[x] Go

This is just breaking that tie and determining the final outcome right? Telling everything is still an option once that is done right?

>> No.26650339

i agree with this, we're just not thinking straight right now because the BBEG is putting the screws to us.

>> No.26650345

running it is!

>> No.26650363

Rolled 5

Agh! Fuckit, I'm rolling, odd run, even go

>> No.26650366


>> No.26650372

double phew

>> No.26650379

double phew!

>> No.26650383

And this happens every time, which is why you should just roll it off in the case of ties.

>> No.26650387

Moogie pinch!

>> No.26650445

Would Misa have remembered us attacking her?
If yes, running was the best option. We can go back later and tell her about the crystal and why we need it.

>> No.26650448

Stop being so cowardly, dice.

>> No.26650454

is there any problem a D6 can't solve?

>> No.26650457

I am so glad we're running because I was so worried we would end up hurting Misa with our powerfists.

There's always another day.

>> No.26650465

>Would Misa have remembered us attacking her?

If Misa didn't, Momoko would notice us ripping something from her head.

>> No.26650475

Misa's health is an acceptable sacrifice for us to get an actual ally.

>> No.26650489

Who cares? Getting the crystal will hurt her anyway.

Momoko's not here.

>> No.26650496

Momoko isn't there.

>> No.26650515

>Who cares? Getting the crystal will hurt her anyway.

Not like punching her in the fucking head

Momo got better, besides this is magic shit. Giving someone a concussion isn't magic shit

>> No.26650529

>Mirror Axe
>Actual Ally

What in anybody's current relationships convinces you that this will be the case?

>> No.26650531

Point still stands, do you think ripping something from her head would go unnoticed? It's probably really fucking loud

>> No.26650535

It's still better to tell her 'it's gonna hurt, so please bear with it' than just force it out, which will both hurt her and our rep with her.

She will still notice something odd with her friend. Momoko was weird after the crystal thing, if I recall.

>> No.26650557

Clearly, a lot of people are thinking that we are an entirely different Pink.

>> No.26650562

She'll get better from a punch a lot quicker than she'll get better from the crystal.
>EVIL precure quest
>abandon everything, we might hurt somebody!

>> No.26650565

As in. Not at the house.

That's only if Misa is still acting odd hours later when they meet up.

>> No.26650589

We're not abandoning anything though, we were spotted, it's time to try again another night

We're still getting that crystal from her head. But the odds dont' favor us and neither were the dice.

>> No.26650590

If we get to her first and do what >>26648078 says, we will.
If she gets indoctrinated by Father and the other idiots, as will happen if someone else gets to her, we'll lose her for good. We aren't nearly Mana enough to make her pull a Regina.

>> No.26650603

>just force it out, which will hurt our rep with her
But we're in an amazing disguise and she won't know it was us. In fact she probably won't even suspect it because we warned her it was coming.

>She will still notice something odd with her friend. Momoko was weird after the crystal thing, if I recall.
Why does it matter if they realise it's been done the next day? It's too late.

>> No.26650612

The odds will be worse on another night because she will be with Momoko and they will be more on guard after this failed attempt.

>> No.26650621

Thank god we aren't anything like Mana. I'd rather be like Nozomi. Only smarter.

>> No.26650644

It changes the playing field.

Who's to say Momoko isn't MORE of a security hole? We were failing pretty hard at misa's house, maybe Momoko's house will give us the break we needed.

>> No.26650655

You won't get another chance like this again, but...she's spotted you and you can't bring yourself to fighting her or knocking her out like that. You jump backwards and head out in a random direction, not caring where you end up with as long as if she's chasing after you she isn't able to follow. You have a head start since she can't comfortably transform in her house, especially with her brother awake. You end up jumping from building to building, most of them have their lights off and you see some 24/7 convenience stores here and there open. You make your way to the alley between two buildings and sigh in relief as you're sure you left her behind. However she is going to be on guard for a while, at least until this problem settles, since she saw what happened to Momoko and most likely doesn't want another clone running around.

You relax for a moment and then you catch a whiff of a very familiar, cheap cologne. You look around until a chameleon man in suit appears out of nowhere, sporting a fedora not unlike the one you considered buying, the resemblance is uncanny. Its eyes are already focused on you. I am extremely dissapointed in your performance m'lady, you could have easily gotten her memory crystal. This has just made things harder for myself" He looks off in the distance while adjusting the ring with an eerily shining ruby on it. "Let us hope your incompetence didn't cost us Cure Axe's Memory Crystal"

Your reaction?
And thats it for me folks, someone update the archive before this thread dies please.

>> No.26650662


Calm your tits

We don't even know if we were spotted. She may look at the window, see nothing there, and go back to sleep

Stop assuming the worst, /tg/. I think hitting her would have resulted in things being worse for us later on.

>> No.26650673

She's still a copy of Misa, with same dynamic the latter has with Momoko. Might not be so easy to control her.

>> No.26650680

[x] Mug him, steal ring

>> No.26650687

>This has just made things harder for myself" He looks off in the distance while adjusting the ring with an eerily shining ruby on it. "Let us hope your incompetence didn't cost us Cure Axe's Memory Crystal"

yeah he can piss right off

I'm glad we were spotted now. If anyone's getting her memory crystal, it's us, not this loser.

>> No.26650693

I say we shank him here and now. Well, in the figurative sense. Naturally we can't do that until we reconvene on Sunday.

>> No.26650699

Haven't watched those previous seasons. Too many Brians, and I hear those actually stick around.

"Just a temporary setback. I will do it, you can be sure of that. Just not today. Now piss off."

>> No.26650718

>[x]Tell him that he needs to learn his place because he's as incompetent as Kuma.

>> No.26650720

"Just a temporary setback. I will do it, you can be sure of that. Just not today. Now piss off."


I feel bad about chickening out now, but the dice landed the way they did. And they did not favor us tonight.

>> No.26650721

" don't underestimate them. and Who the fuck is 'us'? "

>> No.26650724

See you Sunday as usual?

>> No.26650734

Thanks again for the thread, Kinto

I like this.

>> No.26650754

He'll go "OK, then I'll just go get it from her now."

>> No.26650771

>Your reaction?
"Shut up, this was just a test, now she'll be in guard, and then... when she relax... bam! I stole her memory crystal, so don't get in my way eyesore... get it? EYEsore?"

>> No.26650806

>Your reaction?
Kill him.

>> No.26650823

That's when we tell him that he wouldn't need us if he were more competent.

>> No.26650835

"Just a temporary setback. I will do it, you can be sure of that. Just not today. Now piss off."

I like this, but we have to keep an eye on Misa now, because he'll try it himself and we gotta fuck it up/kill him off if he's even as remotely successful.

>> No.26650852

I feel like we should beat this guy up and steal his memories

>> No.26650854

Next thread, we absolutely need to get a fake from Lubu

No doubt about it.

>> No.26650872

Guys, reading this thread

We really fucked up

How did it go so wrong? What choices should we have made?

>> No.26650882

"I couldn't risk your shitty cologne's stench lingering on me. You fucking amateur. Not even Kuma was that dumb.


>> No.26650884

It's not so much that we made the wrong choices. It's that we chickened out and changed our mind every time we were given the chance.

>> No.26650927

[x] Sneak past the brother
or break any other window that wouldn't have resulted in her immediate waking when we fucked up.

[x] Go for it
Because the insufferable invisible faggot is right, it would have been easy.

>> No.26650942

>Because the insufferable invisible faggot is right, it would have been easy.

I think hitting her was much though

We could have just overpowered her, she wasn't transformed.

>> No.26650944

should have just went for the low hanging fruit with Lubu

or talked to Momoko

>> No.26650972


>> No.26650976

Sneaking past brother wouldn't have helped, he'd have noticed with the shit rolls we were getting

Really this is the fault of the dice. The dice fucked us over tonight. There's always Sunday as long as we can kick the shit out of that invisible faggot.

>> No.26650993

This is a fucking magical girl show. The chances of seriously injuring Misa, even if we coldcocked her with full enhanced strength, are basically zero. Even if it took a deus ex machina to keep her from getting hurt, such a thing would have happened.

>> No.26651023

The brother would have noticed, but he's not Misa. He's just a human. He would have been easy as hell to deal with.

>> No.26651061

it's not like she's invincible. Come on now

You're advocating just punching her right in the face.

>> No.26651094

we should have just KO'd everyone

Its the dice. they scared us man.


this is sums every time we try to make a decision

Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.

we gotta make a decision and stick with it

and deep down inside we are all moral fags

>> No.26651223

Guys I confess

I rolled the 4 and I voted to run away

i'm sorry

>> No.26651269

I think we should vote and decide on our course of action

then roll for effectiveness

I've seen people back a terrible idea only because it was a crit. It got us killed and a shit storm ensued.

fucking rap battle...

>> No.26651290

I just wanted a little sister, /tg/

Why did you have to take that away? It was one punch away from success

>> No.26651291

You monster. I bet you costed us the Pretty Blues outfit too!

>> No.26651339

We really should have.

we had an excellent disguise, she would have never known it was us.

>> No.26651386

I really wish I could take it all back
At least the option to run, I wish we just took our chances

But Sunday is another Evil Precure day. I have terrible roll luck, so I just won't post

>> No.26651388

Look, I had as much invested in that as anybody, but pointing fingers isn't going to get us anywhere. The question isn't "where did we go wrong?", but rather "Where do we go now?"

There are probably as many answers to that as there are players here, which is why we try to persuade each other while we vote it out.

Also, I'm pretty sure the new guy is wearing our blues suit. It's one more reason we have to kill him.

>> No.26651395

Yeah, running away was a big blunder. I think the problem is that we don't all have a unified idea of our goals, so each time we have a vote it's a struggle because we can't decide how best to betray them if half the people don't want to betray them at all.

>> No.26651432

We need reach a consensus before we act.

we are our own worst enemy at the moment.

>> No.26651433

Okay, so

how do we proceed now? Wait until she's sleeping in class? I'm pretty sure if we don't get it within the next few days, he's going to get it.

>> No.26651442

This, but I don't think killing him is gonna be easy, I'm pretty sure the chameleon has more tricks under his sleeve, since, for now, it seen way more smart than the bear, the best we can do, for now, is to buy time

>> No.26651519

Try guilt tripping her with Momoko's help? Also drop the hint that we could really use power source that doesn't consider us expendable

>> No.26651520

Doing it in public would fuck everything we've worked so hard to attain. Our best shot would probably be to get her alone or wait until just after a fight and then drug her.

It doesn't much matter if Momoko sees us do it. We could probably set fire to a bus full of baby puppy fairies and she'd find it in her heart to forgive us.

>> No.26651567

What if we just wait until she's at Momoko's house

It might be way easier to do it there

>> No.26651574

What if we take Momoko's Memory Crystal again?

>> No.26651575

I agree with your assessment of the chameleon.

he fucking watched our botch and we didn't notice he was there.

the cologne might be a red herring to throw us off!

I suggest we propose a long term plan of him stealth-fully harass/menace the cures. a little B&E, maybe move stuff around. do so until they decide to keep us all together in one place. then remove the memory shard while their guard is down. He distracts Momoko and Lubu while we slip out. Rendezvous and meet back with dad.

then we ween baby sister away from dear father

>> No.26651594

I think she only had the one...

>> No.26651620

What if we make a plan with both Cures? The plan would be something like a fight we won and then we take the memory crystal from Axe, BUT, Sword kick our ass and take the crystal with her, of course chameleon is going to interfere, and there is where he die

>> No.26651646

and then's there's always the low hanging fruit of taking Lubu's and hoping chameleon doesn't notice

>> No.26651650

Can't we just do it ourselves another night? We don't need them!

>> No.26651663

Yeah, we should do that and then lost fair and square, after chameleon die we could say: Just as keikaku!

>> No.26651687

We don't have a plan

There's nothing more to discuss. Just wait until kinto makes a new thread.

Actually, if we weren't planning on taking Misa's memory crystal, making it harder was EXACTLY what we should have done so he didn't get it. So consider today not a failure, but a success in a direction we hadn't anticipated.

>> No.26651703

You make a good point about us not noticing him. If he's that stealthy why didn't he do it himself? Perhaps Father has suspected us this whole time and chameleon is waiting for us to make irreversible slip up?

>> No.26651739

>If he's that stealthy why didn't he do it himself?

There's a reason, a limit, a weakness he has

He would have wasted no time doing it himself if general logic is to be believed. He's probably extremely vulnerable in some dumb way.

>> No.26651784

> He's probably extremely vulnerable in some dumb way.

I bet his weakness is getting dirty.

It's like that Kirby chameleon boss. If he gets dirty, he's no longer invisible. Plus he seems like enough of a hipster to hate getting filthy and scuffed up.

>> No.26651878

We will paint him in our own colors. This will neutralize his power and tell him who is going to shred his ass at the same time.

>> No.26651894

Oh god I voted to Run Away and then come back to see this

What have I done

>> No.26651923

As long as you understand that what you did was wrong, Anon.

>> No.26651931

What if this general is some sort of bait? What if father wants us to kill him with the Precure's help? and What if the Chamaleon is super strong or something like that? We don't know any of his powers besides being a Chameleon

>> No.26651978

Well no it's not

Now we have no memory crystal, we have a seemingly competent general who can probably get it anytime he wants, and Misa is going to move somewhere safe for the time being.
I fucked it up.

>What if father wants us to kill him with the Precure's help?

There's no way this is possible. Why would he want that?

If anything, he was just told to test us.

>> No.26652052

I like the idea of carrying a small paint-pack to color him with if we need to mark him

Maybe invest in a paintball gun

We really need to use gadgets more, guys.

>> No.26652069

now now let's not get too paranoid

So far the generals have played to their animal traits
I think he's just really fucking stealthy.

Father is totally testing our loyalty. This stealthy bastard could have done it with nobody noticing.

>> No.26652134

Kinto, when you see this, please just tweet what would have happened if we punched Misa. I'm curious if you would have let us do that.

>> No.26652170

"I'm pretty sure that it couldn't have been that easy, or you'd have just done it yourself. Great strategy there, by the way, invisible man."

>> No.26652237

How many "Run" votes were there? I'm counting more "Go" votes than "Runs".

I'm only noticing this because most of the people who voted "Go" didn't actually say they were voting go, they just talked about how good of an idea it was.

>> No.26652259

It all went to shit because you all ignored our core competencies.

Still not sure how we got from a glorious contest of strength to a botched panty raid.

>> No.26652287

Just recounted again


These are all "go" votes.


These are all "run" votes.

6v5, with "Go" being the victor.

The moral of this thread isn't "don't chicken out" it's "Make your damn votes legible enough to where the GM can see them while he's scanning the thread". I had to scan twice to find all of the "Go" votes, the "Run" votes I found on the first pass.

We'd have that memory crystal right now if a few more people were clear and concise.

>> No.26652305

Well fuck

Is it possible for an upset like that to result in Kinto re-writing the last post? Like maybe a "What would have happened" scenario?

Or should we just deal with it?

>> No.26652325

I say Deal with it, we already accepted that we fucked up

I'm kind of glad we fucked up in a way because it wouldn't be as fun if we were just given everything we wanted. The work is the best part of the payoff.

>> No.26652335

Mourn/cringe worthy lost opportunities are an integral part of the quest format

>> No.26652382

Wow, as someone who voted "go", that really sucks

I'm totally guilty of it though, I feel really bad now

>> No.26652533

I'm guessing you can normally make as many memory crystals as you want.

The problem is that we're made from a memory shard. A shard is basically what happens when you try and forcibly extact a memory instead of voluntarily sharing it.

Momokos memories are now kind of broken, meaning shes no longer able to have memories extracted, and we're still too young: without her shard to give us form, we'd probably collapse back into a pile of protoplasm.

>> No.26652627

we're pathetic, selfish, cowardly, and conniving.

we really are the mirror opposite of a Precure....

>> No.26652736

On the plus side, right about now we should also be bloody furious. at both ourselves and invisiboy.

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