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So I want to get some of my friends into 40k.

The problem is, I haven't plaaaayed 40k since 5th Ed, so in a way I'm educating myself. My tactical way of thought doesn't include allies, or flyers, or fortifications, or, really, many of the new rules.

So this is a twofold question:

1. How should I go about teaching them to play (Using vassal, so money isn't the problem for now)?
2. What should I know so I can help them play the game better overall?

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Err bro?

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Was... That the picture you meant to post?

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Wat. That is not the file I uploaded.

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I bet someone over at >>>/hc/ is now wondering that are these nerd toys.

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Normal bug. Happens if two images are uploaded almost instantly.

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This thread made me giggle like a little school girl. Thank you.

Sage for irrelevant post.

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>So I want to get some of my friends into 40k.

You monster

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Should I just delete this thread and start over?

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What was the picture?

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Some chick with huge titties getting titfucked.

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What was the image?

I want to see if OP's intended image is still up on /hc/ and how they are reacting.

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Now I REALLY want to see the image.

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Checked and didn't find anything...

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It was just a thumbnail. You weren't missing much.

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I don't want to see the image. I want to see which thread his image ended up in.

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