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40k, fantasy, Warmahordes, post yer lists. I'll be droppin my daemons in the next post as I realized this evening that (A) deepstriking is still a bad idea for my army, and (B) the masque is not a herald.


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Well give me a moment to rewrite my list whoever was complaining about formatting the other day and saying battlescribe does it for you was obviously talking out their ass.

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All Slaanesh daemons list, need to find somthing for 21 points, recommendations?
Herald #1- Exalted reward (grimoire), Exalted locus-105
Herald #2- Greater reward (G.etherblade), Exalted locus-95
Herald #3- Greater reward (G.etherblade), Exalted locus-95
Herald #4- Greater reward (G.etherblade), Exalted locus-95
Herald #5- Greater reward (G.etherblade), Exalted locus, steed-110
Herald #6- Exalted (portal glyph), Lesser locus, steed-100
Keeper of secrets- 2x greater -210
Keeper of secrets- 2x greater -210
#1 Daemonettes- 20x, alluress, greater reward-205
#2 Daemonettes- 20x, alluress, greater reward-205
#3 Daemonettes- 20x, alluress, greater reward-205
#4 Daemonettes- 20x, alluress, greater reward-205
Fast attack
#1 Seekers of slaanesh – 12x, Heartseeker, Greater reward -169
Heavy support
Daemon prince #1- Flight, exalted reward (the eternal blade), Greater reward -245
Daemon prince #2- flight, 2x greater reward -235

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This image is perhaps one of the funnier things I've ever seen.

Or I'm tired. Or both.

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honestly I wish he had done more.

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not feeling in a list mood tonight /tg/?

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This is a 1000pt list with an alpha strike potential of 13 lance &112 poison shots. I'll probably be using tihs against tau and eldar. Thoughts?

[125pts] Archon
*Blaster, Agonizer, Shadow Field

[156pts] Trueborn x3
*Blaster x3, Venom w/ Night Shields & Splinter Cannon

[180pts] Kabalite Warriors x10
*Splinter Cannon, Raider w/ Night Shields & Splinter Racks

[180pts] Kabalite Warriors x10
*Splinter Cannon, Raider w/ Night Shields & Splinter Racks

[135pts] Kabalite Warriors x5
*Blaster, Venom w/ Night Shields & Splinter Cannon

[115pts] Ravager
*Night Shields

[115pts] Ravager
*Night Shields

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Drop just 2 or 3 Daemonettes.

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looking to add 21 points not take away

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pertty much half of what I take in my 2000 pt DE list, should do pretty well.

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Looks good. Very typical DE

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Give armor to one of your daemon princes?

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I just received a wood elf army and they look pretty awesome heres what I got:
4 Treekin
20 Glade Guard
11 Glade Riders
24 Dryads
5 Wild Riders
16 really really OOP wild animals on cavalry bases with wood elves running along side them. Theres a couple of cool bear models in there too.

I also have a spell singer.

Anyway I havent played since 6th ed really and I hear wood elves are very hard to use in 8th so I was wondering if there was any way to make an effective list out of what I have right now?

My friend I usually play against has Beastmen, Ogres and now my old Empire. I hear magic is crazy in 8th so I would ask him not completely crush me with it if its a problem im going to be having with this army. We play for fun mainly but there is a competitive edge to it at times.

Any ideas at all guys?

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I had great success with this list recently but I think it could be made even better:

1498/1500 Chaos Marines/Demons


Chaos Lord, Terminator Armour, Sigil of Corruption, MoT, Burning Brand (175)


5 Terminators, MoT, 2x Combi Plasma/LC, 2x Combi Melta/PF, 1x Autocannon/PF (258)


10 Marines, Combi Melta, 2x Melta, Rhino (205)

10 Marines, Combi Plasma, 2x Plasma (180)

Fast Attack

Helldrake, Flamer (170)

Heavy Support

5 Havocs, 4 Autocannon, Combi Bolter (118)

Vindicator (120)


Quad Gun, Aegis Line (100)


Herald of Slaanesh, Etherblade (55)

13 Daemonettes (117)

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huh, thought it was 30 pts for some reason, I guess that will do.

have him play you beastmen most times, otherwise he's going to rofl-stomp your ass most games, I'm not sure what /tg/ will tell you but you probably want more dryads. they can be quite effective when used in large groups.

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Convert the Glade Riders into more Wild Riders if you can.

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My untested, not fully thought-out and dangerously cheesy 1850 Mad Scientist list. Bile has been busy...

Fabius Bile - 165

9x Chaos Space Marines (Enhanced)- ccw & Bolters, 2x Flamers, Powerfist (Champion), 9x MoK, Icon of Wrath - 216
Chaos Rhino- Dirge Caster, Havoc Launcher - 52
20x Cultists- 20x Autoguns- 110

Giant Chaos Spawn- 80
Giant Chaos Spawn- 80
Giant Chaos Spawn- 80

Fast Attack
5x Chaos Spawn- 5x MoN- 180
5x Chaos Spawn- 5x MoN- 180
5x Chaos Spawn- 5x MoN- 180

Heavy Support
Maulerfiend- 125
Forgefiend- Ectoplasma Cannons- 175
3x Obliterators- 3x MoN- 228

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+ Lords + (180pts)

* Master Necromancer (180pts)
(Undead (AB-26))
Lore of the Vampires, Wizard Level 3
* Magic Items (15pts)
BRB - Talisman of Protection (15pts)

+ Heroes + (194pts)

* Vampire (194pts)
Heavy Armour (4pts), Lore of Death, Quickblood (30pts) (Quickblood), Wizard Level 2 (35pts)
* Magic Items (20pts)
BRB - Enchanted Shield (5pts), BRB - Sword of Might (15pts)

+ Core + (360pts)

* Crypt Ghouls (300pts)
30x Crypt Ghoul (300pts)

* Zombies (60pts)
20x Zombie (60pts)

+ Special + (45pts)

* Spirit Host (45pts)
+ Rare + (225pts)

* Terrorgheist (225pts)

MN in zombie bunker, Vamp in ghouls in horde formation, spirit host ties down shit and gheist flies around screaming.

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I like it; I can't see what to cut, but I would recommend you find space for a small Cultist squad to hang with the Havocs and hold rear objectives/tarpit.

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Dropping the Autocannon terminator is 68 points saved which is quite conveniently enough for 15 melee cultists.

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I have a question. If a meltagun wounds one of my Plague Marines, can he take his Feel No Pain?

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yes only instant death ignores FNP now

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>>dangerously cheesy
Running CSM and NOT running 3 Hedrakes, now THAT'S pic related.

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Lord of Change: Lvl 3, Lesser Reward (Staff of Change), 2 Greater Rewards - 305 pts
Herald of Tzeentch: Lvl 2, Exalted Locus of Conjuration - 95 pts
Herald of Tzeentch: Lvl 2, Exalted Locus of Conjuration - 95 pts

16 Pink Horrors of Tzeentch: Iridescent Horror, Blasted Standard - 169 pts
16 Pink Horrors of Tzeentch: Iridescent Horror, Blasted Standard - 169 pts

Fast Attack
6 Screamers of Tzeentch - 150 pts

Heavy Support
Soul Grinder: Daemon of Tzeentch, Phlegm Bombardment - 170 pts
Daemon Prince: Daemon of Tzeentch, Lvl 3, Warp-forged Armour, Daemonic Flight, 2 Greater Rewards - 345 pts

Total - 1498

Posting again because more feedback before I buy stuff is never a bad thing. It was originally Slaanesh/Tzeentch (Seekers instead of Screamers and Slaanesh Grinder instead of DP), but now I'm actually really liking the idea of doing mono Tzeentch.

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Does anyone name their characters? I was really bored the other day so I named all the characters, NCOs, etc. in my Imperial Guard army, in addition to naming every squad and unit.

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You can only have one Heavy/Special weapon per 5 models in a squad of CSM, so you'll have to drop one of the Flamers. I'm not sure I'd bother with a Powerfist on the Champion, either - he'll be waxed before getting to swing if he gets into a challenge. A Power Sword or Maul will give him a bit of extra bite without leaving him vulnerable.

The Forgefiend, I feel, would be better off with the Hades Autocannons. It gives the list some more long-range anti-tank fire, and the volume of shots means it can have a go at fliers as well.

The Cultists might be better off split into two squads of 10, and used to camp on objectives. You could give them Heavy Stubbers with the points saved by switching out the Champion's Powerfist. Putting a Dozer Blade on the Rhino is a near-mandatory upgrade as well, IMO.

It's a really cool, characterful list, though, the sort of thing I'd love to actually see used on the tabletop.

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I name a couple of my things, One of my keepers is Babylon, my daemon prince with a guitar is "The daemon formerly known a "Prince", I nicknamed my converted Lilith Alabaster, because she's the only white skinned daemonette I have.

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>The Daemon formerly known as "Prince"

Oh, I like that. Is he Slaaneshi?

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I do.

As a joke I named a Warpsmith Vogler, he proved to do pretty damned well, so now for a campaign ending Apocalypse game he will be present alongside the Panopticon of Vogler, a giant flying demon engine in the form of a huge eye.

This may have gone a bit far because the other chaos lords ended up being called Albero the Crushing Blow and Ivan of the Great Fire.

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Daemon Prince-145 (340)
Mastery 3-75
Power Armor-20
Black Mace-45
Chaos Lord-65 (160)
Chaos Bike-20
Blight Grenade-5
Chaos Bikers-70 (211)
+3 -60
Melta x2-20
Baledrake-170 x2
Obliterator-70 (237) x2
+2 140
Plague Marines-120 (200) x 2
Melta x2 -20
Plague Marines-120 (210) x2
Plasma x2-30
Vindicator-120 (145)
Daemonic Possession-15

Is my list for an upcoming 2500 tournament, I shall also post my for fun list.

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Guess I should of added some spaces to that my bad.

Now for my Fun list.


Cultists-50 x6


+5 Plasma-75

>> No.26639881


why am I so bad at proof reading

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Have you seen the new rules for the Giant Chaos Spawn? 80 points for a monstrous creature, thats about as cheesy as it can get.
Thanks for the advice, forgot about the whole special weapons restrictions. I had thought about giving the champion a power fist because it would make him strength 10 and he could crack open vehicles no problem, but you're probably right about the sword or maul.

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I run an all slaanesh list. So yes.

also addendum to my all slaanesh list above, need to spend 11 points not 21, thats what I get for trying to do math at 3 in the morning. recommendations for the last 10 points?

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Put a lesser reward on something? Its better than nothing.

>> No.26642213

like I guess, but the lesser rewards are just so freaking worthless. AP2 is great, but when you already give everyone AP2 &+1 str that you can, seems like kinda a waste.

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Why are you giving the Eternal Blade to a Daemon Prince anyway? 30 points for D3 attacks? Get rid of the exalted reward and use the extra 40 points you have to give both princes armor.

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Me and some friends decided to stop playing by proxy and order some models from coolcastornot.

I have the image, but I can not seem to find the email that i need to send my order to.

any help would be appreciated.
also, how much is shipping on a $200 order? (man, I sure hope it is free)

>> No.26642795

Your shipping will indeed be free. Check foolz for the info.

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it also makes him a WS10, +1 str, so it's fairly nice for armor busting and on a charge rolling well 9 attacks is nothing to sneeze at.

>> No.26642899

Hes already WS 9. You don't need to be higher than that. And if you want to kill tanks you should be smashing anyway. You could also roll poorly and get only 1 attack. This costs you 30 points. No I think giving both Princes 3+ armor saves is a much better investment than +D3 attacks on one Prince

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Play counts as High Elves, or perhaps Dark Elves.


Unless you're ok with losing.

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I wouldn't take the Terrorgheist. Even though it's Toughness 6 it has no saves worth mentioning. All your opponent needs is a few 6s and your 225 point monster is basically dead.

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Havent played 40k in 5+ years and im starting an ork army. I love the idea of running a green tide army. Is footslogging viable in 6th? Are things like BW's and Trukks must haves?

Here's a list idea I have, any help really appreciated.


Ghaz - 225pts
Big Mek w/KFF - 85pts
Warboss w/PK, 'eavy armour, bosspole - 100pts


3 units of x5 Lootas w/deffguns - 225pts


30 boyz unit w/bosspole, 'ard boy nob, PK, x2 big shootas. - 235pts
30 boyz unit w/bosspole, 'ard boy nob, PK, x2 big shootas. - 235pts
30 boyz unit w/bosspole, 'ard boy nob, PK, x2 big shootas. - 235pts
30 boyz unit w/bosspole, 'ard boy nob, PK, x2 big shootas. - 235pts
30 boyz unit w/bosspole, 'ard boy nob, PK, x2 big shootas. - 235pts

Heavy Support:

3 units of x3 kannons

Total Points: 1990

Not sure if this list is any good. Its just my interpretation of what i'd like + shit i read on 1d4chan + what I think would be a good list based on my first read through of the codex and the BRB

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Okay, here's a Blood Angels Blitzkrieg list for 1750 points.

Librarian, Epistolary- 150

Assault Squad, melta, power maul, las/plas razorback w/dozer- 180

Assault Squad, melta, power maul, las/plas razorback w/dozer- 180

Assault Squad, melta, power maul, las/plas razorback w/dozer- 180

Assault Squad, melta, power maul, las/plas razorback w/dozer- 180

Fast Attack
Ball Predator, Heavy Bolters, dozer- 150

Ball Predator, Heavy Bolters, dozer- 150

Ball Predator, Heavy Bolters, dozer- 150

Heavy Support
Predator, lascannon sponsons, dozer- 140

Predator, lascannon sponsons, dozer- 140

Predator, lascannon sponsons, dozer- 140

And a searchlight for all.

This list allows very high force concentration. What you do is you set your razorbacks up like a box in the back, with your wedge of regular predators in front of them, giving them cover. Your Baals scout forwards into position to cover your flanks or achieve more penetration. One problem this list has is limited infantry killing potential when in cover. Solutions include switching to assault cannons or heavy flamers on the razorbacks, flamestorm cannons on the baals.

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so I know I asked this question the other day but what is the better option for the Daemonette alluress An etherblade or a greater etherblade? With both you get AP2 and master crafted, but the greater gives you +1 str, so an Alluress goes to Str 4.

>> No.26643859

They are not a must, but they do bring a lot of survivability, even if just as mobile cover.

I'd skip a boy squad, get an extra big shoota in the other boy squads, add some ablative grots/ammo runts on the kannons.

Also, in my experience, lootas WILL eat bullets, so having a panic test after just 2 hits seems silly, better to have 10 man sqads, or even a 15 manner in a battlewaggon with the mek (his kff extends from the hull and he gets to repair it instead of being useless)
15d3 s7 dakka-shots + 4+3 big shoota shots do a LOT of damage, and with Ork accuracy... overkill is unlikely.

As for Ghaaz, just make me sad to see him without a fat load of Nobs/megas to stomp around with.

>> No.26643962


Thanks, good tips. Yeah I feel that ghaz needs nobs too. I'll probably make these remedies. Thanks anon

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similar scenario to this Guy, I set up a PayPal to buy from coolcastornot.
I have never used PayPal before, after I send the email, do I send him money or does he send me a money request?

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I have the option to get like 70 really cheap Hormagaunts. I always wanted to play just a pure mass nid list... is that still viable in 6th edition? If so, how would a 1.500 point list look like?

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Not sure if the appropriate thread but, but can I make a passable army from this motley collection of pre-owned guardsmen?
NOT asking for a list, just a Yes/No/Buy or Kitbash X

1 Creed/Color Sergeant set

4-5 Platoon cmd squads (medic, banner, vox, swag-stick)

6-7 Infantry platoons w. grenade launcers & vox
3*3 flamer/plasma/sniper troops
6 autocannon HWT
3 missile-launcher HWT
3 chimera

Fast Attack
3 sentinels (spare Multi/Laser/autocannons lying around for swapping)
1 valkyrie
1 melta-dog

3 vanilla russes
1 executioner
1 demolisher
1 vanquisher (turret only, for swappin’)
1 manticore missile launcher
1 deathstrike missile launcher

Local meta is growing increasingly diverse, we’ve got… everything but Eldar and Orks really, token Tau cheeselord included

>> No.26644073

Three trashbags full of Hormagaunts with poison glands.

A rake to move them across the table

A token HQ
A couple of Zoanthropes to crack armor.

A tervigon to spawn more gaunts if you feel like it

>> No.26644087

Oh and a shiteating grin.

>> No.26644120

Always a personal favorite.

>> No.26644142

The mental image of some guy just emptying three bags full of nids on the table makes me smile.

>> No.26644160

Can any warmahordes players help me on a potential legion of everblight heavy warbeast list? I'm thinking of..


>> No.26644175

42 shredders

>> No.26644180

I don't want just shredderspam though.

>> No.26644789

I honestly couldn't tell you mate, I wish we had an everblight player who wasn't always getting divorced or wouldn't get butt mad when he got beat but sadly it isn't so around here.

>> No.26644861

Sounds like sad men or mad fags. I just wanna play cool looking monsters and have fun.

>> No.26645037

first dude just can't pick women, he's stuck in that frat boy mindset, so he goes after these women and gets them pregnant and then they want nothing to do with him except get a child support check.

The other dude just gets buttmad when people beat him so no one plays him because he'll throw a hissyfit.

So unfortunately I can't help much.

>> No.26645109

Both need to grow up. As far as im concerned this is just a hobby to have fun with, no real need to get pissy when someone whoops your ass in a friendly match.

>> No.26645185

Yeah basically what I've said.

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