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Fluff wise, who wins in a one-on-one fight - a Crisis Suit or a Space marine?

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It depends

Case 1:
>C.S. Goto: the Mureen does 3 backflips and multilasers the Crisis suit to death, then lifts it over his head and shoots with his ultra-secret Cyclone Missile Launcher he had kept over his shoulders the whole time

Case 2:
>Dan Abnett: The Muhreen dies horribly and the Crisis suit is murdered by some Tanith dudes

Case 3:
>Matt Ward: The Marine converts the whole planet to the Imperium showing pictures of his Primarch

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Is the one-on-one fight melee, or is the crisis suit kiting?

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You forgot William King.

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Case 4:
>Sandy Mitchell: The Crisis suit was actualy genestealers

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Is that the SW writer? I haven't read anything of him, luckily

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>And Cain saves the day by escaping towards the enemy accidentally, while describing Jurgen's aura and odour for the 9.001th time

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>Jurgen kills it

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Fluffwise, it depends on which one the story is about.

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Case /tg/:
The Crisis Suit is piolted by a cute blueberry. Her and the marine fall in love and run off to live a heresy filled life together.

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Yeah, the Space Wolf writer. He also did the Gotrek & Felix series.

His novels are meh. Entertaining, but kind of awful.

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>Steve Parker: Space Marine accidently detonates Fortress Monastery with missile aimed at Crisis Suit wiping out a 1/3rd of his chapter and the Crisis Suit.
>Goes on to fight an Ork Waaaagh with 5 other marines and the local PDF.

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The blueberry then leaves the marine high and dry, causing him to enter a deep depression and defect to chaos.

During his first battle, he encounters a cute cultist with a strange speech impediment, and is reminded of his past love, only cementing his anger and rage. The relationship between the chaos space marine and the cheerful cultist becomes one endless abuse, with the cultist always returning un-phased.

Until one day, while on the battlefield, a Tau squadron drops in, and he recognizes a familiar Crisis Suit...

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Where is that from?

>Then proceeds to bone Amberley Vail for a month while they arrive at the next inquisitorial horror scene

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Rynn's World.

One of the Space Marine Battle Novels. Actually a decent read, especially if you're interested in Crimson Fists/Pedro Kantor's fluff.

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Yeah, I've actually managed to trudge my way two-thirds of the way through Bill King's Space Wolf Omnibus. I picked it up through Amazon because (a) I like the concept of the Space Wolves and (b) I'd read that his writing is comparably favorable to that of the other published Black Library authors. Reading his drek, that second point indicates that Black Library writers are almost universally abysmal, as Bill King is a shit writer himself; for one, it's like he just copy-pastes entire paragraphs of Ragnar's inner monologue. I've gotten tired of rolling my eyes and groaning every time I read the SAME DAMN PARAGRAPH -- "Ragnar considers X," "Ragnar's chainsword chainswords straight through something's head, spilling buckets of ichor and gore," "Ragnar considers X." This guy fucking sucks. It's like he's either got no soul, or is hiding it behind walls of pointless text.

Seriously, fuck the Black Library and their shitty writers. I know it's escapism, but holy shit, how the fuck do these assholes get paid?

Paid? Shit, that's a good idea. I'm now writing a Black Library book. Hey, guys, which Chapter or Faction should I represent?

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I would imagine it's about an equal distance between the two. The Crisis Suit can kite, but the Space Marine can also close the distance to melee if need be.

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in all "seriousness" assuming they are about 5 meters in between each other, a regular Crisis suit would win against a regular space marine

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The Fisters of Girlyman, clad in their penis-like 16th century style armour
I wish I hadn't lost the picture... it was a full armour with engraved penises

I avoid 40k novels like the plague now, I only want the Tanith ones because I have all of them in paper, and are half good

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>The marine knows he's gonna die and parries a blow from the Crisis Suit, then knees it in the groin and thrusts his chainsword into the Crisis Suit's chest. There are no rules when your life's at stake.

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Yeah, there's a lot of really mediocre stuff flowing out of the Black Library. I will freely admit though that I'm an Abnett fan boy - I loved Eisenhorn and Ravenor, and want the next Pariah book now, please.

And you should totally write about a regiment of guard with distinctly Irish accents rebelling against the Imperium and having to fight loyalist forces that, strangely, look and sound like the British. That'll earn you some points with GW.

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Rynn's world is a decent read. I like SM Battles because they're one-shots. So they go from really good to crap. Just depends.

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With his melta.

And that one crisis suit was the key to stopping the whole tau invasion of this planet.

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>I only want the Tanith ones because I have all of them in paper, and are half good

I like them, and enjoy the characters, but I kinda want it to end - been going on now for quite some time. Need some closure.

>They will never get a new Tanith

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Is the Shadowsun book worth reading at all?

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>Black library books
>worth reading


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Ladies & gentlemen, I've started a thread; please come chime in with your ideas here:


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Dorden and Caffran. Fuck Abnett. I shed more tears at Dorden's death than I should have

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Suit wins unless the marine has some crazy plot armor and somehow manages to leap through the air and latch onto the suit.

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I now have an image of a Space Marine clinging to the face of a Crisis Suit like a teddy bear.

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I miss Bragg. That was such bullshit. As was Caffran's death. Some serious shit there. Not much actual Tanith left, it seems.

Also, Only in Death was a mindfuck nightmare, and a great read. He needs to go more in that direction, IMO. Salvations Reach was okay, but felt kinda unfocused.

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Thats anime levels of retarded.

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welcome to /tg/, you will get used to it after your first week here

Abnett's top 3 dickest moves:
>Hey Dorden, have some cancer
>Hey Gaunt, have some son
>Hey Caffran, get killed by a hobo kid

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Those orks did warp right by the planet though. That probably lost them millions.
And after reading it didnt feel like it was a Waagh!!! that invaded. It seemed more like the Warboss was hoping to get more orks to rally after his success on Rynns World so it could become a Waagh!!!

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Don't patronize me, Ive been here long enough to know how terrible /tg/ can be at plotlines, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to point out to them their own idiocy. A dog doesn't stop pissing the rug unless you rub his nose in it, anon.

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Trying to point that is useless, I'm just politely telling you that.
Dogs can be educated, fa/tg/uys can't

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>Dogs can be educated, fa/tg/uys can't
Then you should know by now that my stubbornness will match their own. I know it will do nothing, but at least I can say I didn't sit idly by and watch it happen.

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Hey, that's Imperial Guard for you. They die, even the heroes.

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