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Post cute :3

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You mean post Techpriests? Okay.

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this looked like a fat nerdgirl with a gasmask in a hoodie from the thumbnail

boy was my dick disappointed.

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my two favorite /tg/-related cute pictures

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c-can't handle all the heresy

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My heart was smelt into a knife of inner warmth that struck every corner of my body.

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This a full manga/comic? If so, need link for cuteness.

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Mein heart

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Don't know if cute or gross.

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>Don't know if cute or gross.
What about this one?
Spoiler warning: Possibly gross.

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No it's just those two images

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Yeah, that was a pretty terrible pic.

Have more cute to make up for it.

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still cute

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Mere cartoons aren't allowed to give me the heartwarmpths as much as this one does.

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Weapons grade cute

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The guy fucked a human-sized spider until it pooped out a kid.

I doubt this would phase him.

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Why do I find these so cute

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needs more cutebold

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Poor dude, I don't know whether to laugh or cry

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Oh god my heart.

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God damn

They just look so fluffy

So fucking fluffy

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Cry, because he chose a pretty shitty type of girlfriend.

>Rough lips
>All those sharp teeth
>too small to safely fuck
>what you CAN fuck is a goddamn cloaca
>Everyone hates her
>Everyone hates you
>Why didn't you get a proper Elven lass
>Mira down the road was a fine girl, why didn't you choose her
>Was it the freckles? Because those went all the way down.

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Please do not take these items.

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Oh wow.

It's like I'm on shockwave.com again.

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This basically sums up the end of Strawberry Shake Sweet.

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>impying spiders are gross

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I miss this manga.

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Isn't it still going? I'm pretty sure it's still going

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I think so, I just haven't kept up with it.

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>Dead Space

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The editing team for the translations has been holding up the last one and the next one is delayed until Sunday because the creator is sick.

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This takes me too far back.

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No, his shirt just has a square with "AD SPACE" on it. Seriously you see it in the other panels quite clearly.

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w..why wasn't the story finished? :_:

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Tachikoma in a Maid Outfit?


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I'd take a Tachikoma even without maid outfit.

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How vile

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Tiki is far too lewd to be cute.

Also this is probably more funny than cute, but the effort this guy's gf went through is pretty adorable.

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do you even moral fibre, Gertie?

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>Not hotglue
Thank goodness

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Posting landscute.

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Fucking brits bringing over their leafwater

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What a nice band of upstanding young ogres, feeding porridge to the poor folk!

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Better than you and your seed water.

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You want to go fucker?

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>ferric lure

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everyone knows that Tea, mixed with milk, gives moral fibre.
Lack of tea drinking lead to the decline of the british empire

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Sure I wanna go fuck 'er.

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Damn, this awakens dark memories....
I regret watching all this rape, possible ntr and more and these things still aren't my fetish.

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Alright then, you bring your leaves, I'll bring my beans, we'll see what's more lethal
Nonsense chap, of you're it's your fetish to see brown elves receive luvin'

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>of you're
That's supposed to be of course. How did that even happen

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>where are your parents?

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Snakes are scary

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yeah, but not like thaaaaaat ;_;.....

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You know your life is getting better when you regained the ability to appreciate cute things.

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Rule Britannia! Germany, rule the isles!
Britons for ever, for ever shall be slaves!

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>Jameson mop bucket

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I never lost it

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>Techpriest preparing to make new cherub.jpg

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Not with that ridiculous moustache.
That's the result of emasculating coffee, mark my words.

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How about this?

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That spider looks like Mr. Torgue in the last frame.

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that's more like it.
pity about the arm

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Might have a cute or two...

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Holy shit this is the most moe~ thing I've ever seen
What is it

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Best girl

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from the very best greentext story.

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That was Wilhelm II.

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It's a one-off little OVA thing. Don't remember what it's called.

It starts off moe as can be and then bad-ends really hard.

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Wasurenagumo, it's only like 20 minutes long, go watch it now.

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Wasurenagumo a 20mins short.

best girl win deal with it.

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I let my girl put a facemask on me so I.chased her around the house going, "Orc orc orc!"

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dude, you okay?

Maybe you should just sit down awhile, maybe have a nap

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It's like watching my players...

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I have a theory: You can distract any party, in ANY system, simply by putting the most adorably fluffy creature in their path.

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What what does he expect the fruit to do

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talking about players I tried to inject a cute element into my campaign with a loli

man, the barbarian is now called the ultra back breaker

evil campaigns always have psychopaths

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What on earth were you expecting?

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Greetings hunams!

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It would be more adorable if he was cradling a fetus in a growth tube.

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You forgot the follow up to that.

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"The huge-glands... No, the hum-bams... Oh, that's right, the hunams!"

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I always wished we would find the Black Spathi Squadron in that game. Shame they were only ever mentioned in name.

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40K OTP!

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You forgot the lolich pics!

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More like shooped girl

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Ma nigga.

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Dragongirls are always pretty cute

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Wish I had that one of a dragongirl and a dragon hatchling comparing their firebreath.

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That one! Okay, somebody's conveniently prescient.

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Well, I don't know, our party is pretty much centered around a loli and it works just fine.

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You're welcome!

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Now time for some generic cute monstergirls unless anyone objects

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That too is adorable.

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go ahead

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My loli IS the psychopath of our evil campaign.

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Their objections will be conveniently ignored anyway!

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Hey look, they're hibernation friends!

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Ah, you beat me to that picture.

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>tfw you will never have a cute, tiny lamia girl
Sad now.

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That is freaking adorable.

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Have another in the same vein

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Goddamn that's adorable

>> No.26623055

Cats are cute, right?

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I actually have two others like it, too. I can post those in a sec.

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The writefag was banned.

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A cat is fine too

>> No.26623083


aren't they fan creation only?
>implying that makes them non-canon

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>Muh little girl...

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Yes, because creativity should always be discouraged on /tg/.

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>Male face

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I never found cutebolds very cute. Just ugly and retarded.

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"Uhmm... rawr?"

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I'm sure they would feel the same about you.

>> No.26623168

aww, c'mon

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>> No.26623177

I'll let you live for now
I'm not falling for that 4 times in a row

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Pic says it all!

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>Drinking coffe
France says hi

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>> No.26623266

Is she apologizing for eating the cat, or saying she's hungry?

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>> No.26623275

America has been all about stealing french shit.

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>all that tsun
Yes, this is cute.

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"Spit it out."
"Nuh uh!"

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more please...

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Vaguely similar

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Never skip leg day.

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>Drinking coffee
Italy says hi

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more like sexy

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>varrus and soraka
what? why?

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fucking psychobitch whore

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Which song is that from?

>> No.26623661

The hell is that?

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Best Touhou.

>> No.26623734

What if I drink both?

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Muromi san.

>> No.26623843

Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san
Episode 3 or 4 I think?

>> No.26623862

Oops forgot to tell you what song, its Broken from the Plastic Beach album.

>> No.26623919

Thanks Anon

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Haku you slut

>> No.26624075

I think its the latter.

I love the anatomically accurate salamandad in that picture, though. Somehow, he is more adorable than the kid and her mom.

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pick one

>> No.26624206

You guys'll like it.

>> No.26624303

The dragon from spirited away.

>> No.26624319


Fuck you anon - fuck you...

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>> No.26624543

He is hunting it.

My dog does the same when he gets a big treat.

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So it's cute with a dose of manly tears, eh?

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I'm still glad I never watched that.

I do wish there was more vanilla with Brown Elves...

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Lamia are the only monstergirl I really tolerate as a player.

I guess I just imagine girls pair well with the lithe, flexible bodies of snakes?

>> No.26625241


That would be incredibly painful for the Mermaid, given the hook would be digging into her cheek by now.

>> No.26625285

She's probably smart enough to take the hook of, but she probably wanted to see where that might go.

>> No.26625286

Judging by the use of a stick instead of a proper pole, the bait may very well have been just tied to a string.

>> No.26625319


He's not a very good fisherman in that case.

>> No.26625331

Its threads like these that restore my faith in /tg/.
Some people just do it for fun, or as an excuse to relax in the warm sun.

>> No.26625361


Fun and relaxation? In the clothes he's wearing? Clearly something's going on in this image.

>> No.26625482


No but seriously, thank you. This made my day.

>> No.26625504

Could be a noble who snuck off from some fancy gathering for a bit of fishing and napping and accidentally caught himself a mermaid. Maybe he lacked bait, so he used the family ring as something shiny to attract fish with, and it worked all too well. He is just trying to get his ring back but she thought it was a marriage proposal so she refuses to spit it out until he promises to come see her parents or do whatever comes next in mermaid marriage rituals.

>> No.26625538

>or do whatever comes next in mermaid marriage rituals.

I believe ritual Blood Duels with her other suitors comes next.

>> No.26625605

"...and that's why you never marry a Siamese Fighting Fish Mermaid, son"
>"Quit coddling the boy! Its time for his stabbing lessons!"
"Yes, dear."

>> No.26625616

my god, there are no picture slots for cute things. I am foiled.

>> No.26625932

I don't know, something about the fishers face screams "girl" to me.

>> No.26626006 [DELETED] 

>Drinking coffee
Turkey says hi and your doing it.

>> No.26626018

Which makes it all the more embarrassing when the mermaid still expects the noblewoman to marry her.

>> No.26626366

eeeeh not necessarily. i can hold a razor blade/fish hook in my mouth (not between the lips) no problem. it would only really hurt if the guy tugged. Or he could be using a small piece of wood sharpened at both ends and tied off center (I cannot remember the name of this but it wedges itself sideways and acts like a hook that way)

>> No.26626454

>censoring yourself on 4chan

>> No.26626570

you. I hate you.

he caught a Mermaid's attention. I think in this case, he is a VERY good fisherman.

>> No.26626590

>drinking turkish coffee
you're smalltime
try sweden

>> No.26626627

>Drinking coffee
Turkey says hi and your doing it wrong.

Sorry I couldn't stand the typo.

>> No.26626737

what the fuck

>> No.26626849

no what no. god damn that was like 15 years ago

>> No.26626918

summer's almost over, we can get back to having good threads without folk shitting them up.

>> No.26627103

That could be why she looks so upset. He is asking her to open up so he can remove the hook and she doesn't trust him since he put it there in the first place.

>> No.26627191

Someone invited /a/ from one of their monster girl threads. Some NEET girl-cartoon enjoying dubs spamming bastard probably did it.

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>> No.26627311

Eh, it wavered between monstergirl shit and /tg/ shit. Hell, a good chunk of the monstergirl images posted were drawn right here on /tg/.

>> No.26627358

I was referring to the soul-crushing youtube videos. Monstergirls are just natural for /tg/

>> No.26627395

Oh okay. I just ignored those.
Have this cute youtube vid to make up for their faggotry, though.

>> No.26627402

I.. I just don't know what to say

>> No.26627517

Shhhhhh. No more tears now.

>> No.26627547

Only spiders.

>> No.26627625

Best girl won. That's all you have to say.

>> No.26627956

Obviously now is the time to talk about proper education of your monstergirls against things like murder. Did you know: A cow is almost as good a sacrifice as a human for your mother, and much more legal and morally sound?

>> No.26628392

Goddamnit why couldn't they have cooler faces it was such a cop ouuuut.

>> No.26629407

That'd be cuter if she hadn't mutated into a giant praying mantis thing and ate her boyfriend.

>> No.26629718

Yes, I love it.

>> No.26629783


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