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Okay so im RPing with some friends a fantasy WH campaign (or whatever its called, im new to this).

I really wanna get into character and so im here to ask about the Nature of a Sorcerer specifically aligned to Nurgle.

How do they act? Are they more timid then their other god counterparts? I mean Nurgle is the most patient god, im guessing it would reflect upon his followers too.

The sorcs in general seem to be overly ambitious and power hungry to the point its not worth sharing your toys with.
Would you say Nurgle sorcs are the same?

I mean since legions tend to dislike and distrust sorcs cause they are cunts, would this also be true of Nurgles sorcs?
I mean Nurgle warps the individuals to happy go lucky family types, which doesent really fit the sorc.

Also how to they view Khorne, how does Nurgle view Khorne in general? Im partying with Khorne followers so thats also good to know if i wanna get into it.

Feel free to drop any interaction or behaviour that comes to mind, its greatly appreciated.
Walls of text are also more than welcome.

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Anything would be speculation, as theres really not any official fluff (that I know of) that delves into the personality of a nurgle sorcerer. However, nurgle is a loving and generous god, a sorcerer commanding plague magic would probably be very relaxed, patient and generally very generous with his infections and virulent gifts. Nurgle is also a god that opposes major changes, which puts him at odds with Tzeentch. All the chaos gods are rivals, but are still brothers in arms in the end, a follower of Khorne however is by nature tirelessly violent, to the point where they shed their own blood outside of combat.

tl:dr, chaos is chaos, almost anything can be justified with context.

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I dont mind speculations, speculate away.
Ive been trying to "create" this perosonality for a while now, so in still in the development phase if you will.

For instance how to they deal with authority?
We know regular sorcs arent to fond of it (even if they mask it so well) so what about Nurgleites?

Do they jerk off to plots and schemes all day like the regulars do, or a they like more chill and dont give a shit, going where the winds of death take them.

Also i do believe they are more caring of their gods favour than other counterparts since i belive they arent that power hungry and just want to help out the great Papa.
Correct me on this.

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>jerk off to plots and schemes all day
>chill and don't give a shit,

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I think it comes down to how you want to act. The Gods don't really dictate how their followers act, as there are some followers who don't really follow their god and simply use the god's power for their own goals (which usually ends bad for them) while some do follow to what their god is like.

I'd imagine a Nurgle Sorc who follows Nurgle closely would be like a kindly old wizard from fantasy stories, only covered in boils and festering wounds.

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Jovial. Genial. Relentlessly determined. High-spirited even when he's losing.

If it helps, try to think of the opposite of a Tzeentch sorcerer. They plan and scheme and can't help layering more and more onto an already-perfect plan well past the point that they've spoiled it with needless complexity. They're paranoid and secretive.

Nurgle sorcerers barely plan at all and they tirelessly, relentlessly pursue their goals without despair over setbacks, nor concern for who helps or stands against them. They're mirthful and proud.

Nurgle and Khorne have great synergy, but they're as different as any two gods. They just don't insult each other just by existing the way it is with the more magnanimous combinations. But they'd quickly piss each other right off if they were forced to co-operate. Although, to be fair, Khorne guys are pissed off all the time with everything, including other Khorne guys, so that's not a big deal; and Nurgle guys are the most easy-going of all, so it's probably the most stable partnership that can exist.

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This guys got it. A Tzeentch Sorcerer would spend his days locked in a room, plotting and planning and crafting great, intricate magics for hours without rest

A Nurgle Sorcerer would sit in a rocking chair with Nurglings piled up on his lap, laughing and telling the story about the time he coughed on some guy and the whole kingdom died from a pox.

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I was going for something like that, a man that is kind in a fucked up sort of way, caring for the ones that are under his banner.

This raised another question for me.
Since Nurgle sorcs would be careless happy warriors whos only desire is to make the world share in the joy of pestilence how do they act in combat.

To clarify, what is their temper, what would make them angry, how would they act in battle.

Also very important, how do they view defeat, and their view of fleeing?
Im aware that people turn to Nurgle to escape the uncertainty of death and end their miseries.

Does that in turn make them cowards?
They became what they are to escape death, wouldnt they be the first ones to make sure they dont face it themselves?

So do they flee without a second thought at impossible odds? Or would Nurgle scorn them for this?

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Now we are heading somewhere, this is helping allot.

i lol'd

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>what would make them angry

Fucking nothing. They don't give a shit man.

>do they flee

They don't flee. They aren't cowards. They simply stop giving a shit about anything since they're near-invincible anyways. They press on, and dont take things like battle, death or wounds seriously.

They always feel good, no matter what state they're in or what they are doing. They dont hold grudges. They're mellow guys.

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Nurgle lays claim to a bunch of different themes. I believe the strongest theme, or at least the one most people are familiar with is the theme of coming to term with one's own mortality and insignificance and laughing.

Nurgle is a jovial god because fuck it, if nothing else matters I might as well laugh. Laugh as the disease consumes me, laugh as my eyes boil, laugh even as my vocal cords rot.

Nurgle is about a joyful embrace of nihilism. He's the opposite of Tzeentch because he doesn't try to change, to scheme, to manipulate his way out of a position. Instead he accepts and snorts and chuckles.

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Once you turn Nurgle you don't fear death and you don't feel pain.

Being gutted means a hell of a lot less when you guts are made of puss and your arm is more necrosis than tissue.

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I wouldn't say that they're relentless or determined, since Sloth is one of Nurgle's aspects too. He's the patron of decay, corruption and stagnation. A 500 pound fatso who never leaves his room but just festers in his filth and posts on 4chan is exemplifying Nurgle's virtues. Improving yourself is change too, and therefore antithetical to Nurgle.

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A Nurgle sorc in battle would probably be more happy than before, as he's actively spreading the gifts of Nurgle, even when they rip into his bubbling flesh with their weapons, he would welcome them, maybe even try and hug them while casting his ill sorceries. To anger them would probably take quite a deed, maybe rejecting Nurgle's gifts or insulting Nurgle, or maybe harming those the sorc cares for?

As for defeat and fleeing, Nurgle followers aren't cowards, they just accept what can't be changed, or they accept the inevitable. If they are against impossible odds and losing they will go "Oh well, lets try and get away and we can give it another go next time friends!" Also Papa Nurgle would never scorn his children, even if they run from battle, Nurlge loves his children unconditionally

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Nurgle also strongly represents love. Love for yourself and others, regardless of who or what they are or look like, even better if they are all diseased, then Nurgles love is being shown directly.

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>insulting Nurgle,
"That's, like, just your opinion man" You can't make nurglites angry, basically.
>If they are against impossible odds and losing
They might flee, they might to fight to the end anyway. Dying doesn't phase them at all, so self-preservation isn't very high on their list of priorities. Ultimately they're very, very fatalistic.

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>how do they act in combat.
>what is their temper, what would make them angry, how would they act in battle.

Well, sometimes they're depicted as being confused, maybe upset, and sometimes even indignant that people are so ungrateful of Grandfather Nurgle's princely gifts.

Mostly, they just view battles like being performers in a circus, they're having fun! It's all part of Papa Nurgle's grand performance, futility and pointlessness raised to the level of an ironic artform.

>Also very important, how do they view defeat, and their view of fleeing?

There are no defeats. There are no setbacks. They just channel their energies elsewhere. In time, everything will crumble, the strongest opponents today will be lying on their deathbeds a day, a month, a year from now, whenever. Then they'll see the futility of it all. In the mean time, more grateful recipients are missing out...

>Does that in turn make them cowards?
No, you've got it all wrong. They finally realize that their resistance was futile! And it's their sacred mission to make everyone else realize it too. One way or another, everything is destined to decay...

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Yeah but once momentum is started they steadfastly refuse to stop their forward charge.

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Oh, well I would think they would get angry if someone insulted Father Nurgle.

As for the fleeing, I'd imagine OP would prefer to flee from a losing fight in an RP than staying behind and dying while the rest of his friends run off

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"It can't be helped"

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Probably wouldn't see it as fleeing, more finding some one else more receptive of Nurgles good word.

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How could you possibly insult Papa Nurgle though? He's really mellow, he'll let it slide.

> I'd imagine OP would prefer to flee
That depends entirely on the situation, doesn't it? I'd have my character die in a glorious last stand if it made for a cool story. Character survival isn't end-all be-all of gaming, really.

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Temper? Mellow. Combat behaviour? Slow, methodical, steady - wearing down their opponent, or just enduring long enough for them to drop dead from pox.

I can't see anything that would make them go really angry - some things may ruffle their feathers, like overcomplicated plans for sake of complexity, or inconsistent, changing orders, but not enough to break through their composure.

Defeat doesn't matter to them, nor does fleeing - life is good, ergo living is good, but ultimately, all things die and decay. What does it matter if they fall to rot now or in a thousand years? Nugle is patience incarnate, and so they seek to emulate him.

Death isn't something to be feared, at all. Ignorant mortals may seek to escape death, blindly terrified of it, but a Nuglite *knows* that Grandpa's warm embrace awaits them. Sorcerers have likely already visited Nurgle's Garden, and so have firsthand knowledge of their afterlife.

Paradise awaits you, what cause do you have to fear?

It's better to be alive, since you can spread life in the material world, but if your death serves Nurgle's cause, it's to be regarded kindly, as something to look forward to, rather than avoided.

And Nurgle loves you regardless of what you do or are. Universal love is one of his selling points. He cares just as much for the lowliest bacteria or the most craven cultist as he does for his exalted champions, and showers them all with his love freely.

He may be disappointed, maybe even chide you or discipline you if you misbehave severely, but ultimately, all living things are his children, and he acts out of love - and his servant all know this.

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>I wouldn't say that they're relentless or determined, since Sloth is one of Nurgle's aspects too.
No, sloth isn't really a Nurgle thing. Their bulk comes from bloating and swelling, not from laziness, they're never inactive.

>Nurgle also strongly represents love.
More of a parasitic, crippling dependency imitating love. In Liber Chaotica it goes into this in great detail, true love is technically part of Nurgle's portfolio (just as hope is part of Tzeentch's, Honor is part of Khorne's, etc.) but is a very small part of his portfolio.

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Congratulations anons, you all must made the god of disease and decay seem like a nice guy.

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Well, Nurgle is against getting better at something, so sloth is definitely an aspect of his. You shouldn't bother to improve yourself, because papa Nurgle loves you just as you are already. Trying to excel yourself is actively turning away from his love. It's about stagnation and end of change, ultimately.

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But he IS a nice guy. He is the only chaos god that genuinely loves you, and that's canon.

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Of all Ruinous Powers he really is the nicest - and that has nothing to do with /tg/, it's all official fluff.

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He's a pretty cool guy, he loves us and stuff

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Yeah Nurgle is evil Buddhism with an attachment to the past and a dose of loving schadenfreude.

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Nurgle is the canon nice guy in 40k, not even joking, he is the nicest and most caring entity in the whole setting. Where every other Chaos god will turn you into a monstrosity for kicks, Nurgle will never do something bad to you, he will only shower you with love. The side effect is usually his love DOES turn you into a monstrosity, but by that point you will see it as his love.

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OP here, you gents really opened up some new horizons towards making my chars nature.
And i must say im very very pleased with everything ive read, its just the perfect fit for what i was going for.

My mind is blank for questions that i know i probably have more of, do please continue to spill this knowledge.

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Okay, so OP wants a justification for fleeing, and for getting angry.

Well, some Nurgle guys are sour, morbid folks. They view their work as very serious and important, and really don't take it well when anyone dares to interfere in their critically important business (Epidemius).

Also, some of them (in fact, most of them at one time or another) are literally delirious. They can have visions or impulses to flee into a rage over nothing, though they'd just as likely huddle in a corner and giggle to themselves for hours.

Very occasionally, you get zealots that aren't happy or easy-going, they have the personality of a firebrand preacher, and they literally crusade for Nurgle's cause. They're generally considered (by other nurglites) to be "immature", like a child who's pretending to be grown-up but consequently behaving even more childish. It's generally assumed they'll grow out of it, but some don't (Typhus The Traveler).

Sometimes, you even get almost completely emotionless folks, who don't have enough grey matter left to even have a personality at all, they might as well be automatons (Valnir the Reaper).

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Find the Liber chaotica and read the nurgle stuff.

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Well consider me a Nurgle cultist from now on.
On a related note, isn't Mortarion still around?

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Nurgle? Nice? He's like the abusive husband or mother who hurts her kids so she can nurse them.

>gives you aids
>"Oh, it's ok, honey, let me kiss it and make it all better."
>gives you super aids

It's actually disturbing, that Nurgle, Nurglings and Great Unclean Ones are jolly, but Plaguebearers are somber drones that exist, which is appropriate as Plaguebearers are born from mortals that fall to Nurgle's Rot. So while true daemons of Nurgle are like him, jolly sacks of shit, his mortal followers and his daemonic legions made up of former mortals, are sad and tragic figures who just emo it out.

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Wasn't Mortorian petulant broody child who was abused by his adopted xenos father and once he got chaos power recreated his old home world to live forever as the abuser? And Typhus is just a jolly, cruel and sadistic dick.

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I did, it was fun, i loved it.
Still too much stories, not enough clarifications imo.

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He turned into a daemon prince, then somehow draigo carved the name of the previous Grey Knight grandmaster Morty murdered into his heart, this mildly annoyed Mort and he's still a bit butthurt about it, nurgle keeps telling him its alright, but he won't listen.

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The moody attitude isn't just reserved for mortal servants either. Ku'gath is a somber and serious Great Unclean One, which is a huge change from the normal ones, who are basically copies of Nurgle.

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Then again, Draigo really doesn't make sense. I'm not saying that Warhammer as a whole makes sense, but Draigo is a special level of wrong.

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Whatever you may think of Tzeentch, at least his followers smell better.

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Yeah, he's still around. The last official story had some Gay Knight graffiti'ing on his heart as he banished him.
Na Typhus isn't jolly, he's a grump. He thinks Mortarion's too sentimental because of they way he changed the Plague Planet to recreate his old homeworld, even though sentimentality is about as Nurgle as you can get.

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Yeah Draigo fluff is a bit silly, even by 40k standards
I remember reading that the plaguebearers are quite playful and kind

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That's because all the stories, even the contradictory ones, are true. There's no single way how a nurglite character should be played, you're free to make your own interpretation.

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Can anyone read up more on Typhus anywhere aside from the Lexic/Wiki?

>> No.26619539

He is a character in the horus heresy series.

>> No.26619540

He's got a codex entry, thats about it, he was one of the first to take on the destroyer hive (now a zombie inducing plague) and become a chosen herald of nurgle, so he's pretty dope.

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Which book specifically?

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Draigo is not special considering that a small lizard with a blowpipe in fantasy managed to survive the Realm of Chaos and fight his way back to reality.

>> No.26619557

He is also half human half alien overlord psyker and probably a huge factor in Morts fall.

>> No.26619570

I think it was that one.

>> No.26619613

Cool, tell me more?

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Better read it for yourself.

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I think pretty much the only thing that can make followers of nurgle angry is that another nurgle worshipper refuses to spread the gifts nurgle had bestowed upon him.

For example if a follower of nurgle thinks that some folk are unworthy of the pestilence he has been blessed, thus refusing to spread the taint, other nurgle followers would probably consider this as sacriledge.

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Nurgle is like that overbearing parent who keeps giving unwanted gifts to their children and lovingly guilt them in living the way the parent feels they should, you know to make them happier.

A Nurgle Sorcerer would then be like that sibling who always sides with the parent and tries to get you to accept the family way:
>Once you've lived with it for a while you learn to like it, and I know I'm much happier this way. You should just get Nurgle's Rot
>I don't want Nurgle's Rot.
>Nurgle is just trying to make you happy.
>I'm quite happy without a virulent plague slowly killing me
>Fine, don't get Nurgle's Rot, you're going to die eventually anyway.
>When I die, it'll be with a weapon in my hand and an axe to face.
> When are you going to stop all this Khorne nonsense and settle down with a nice Nurglish girl, and poop out some Nurglings
>I ... that's disgusting
>Oh, everyone says that at first. Then after the first few they can't imagine their lives without the little guys.

>> No.26619751

>be a skink
>survive the realm of chaos armed with just your trusty blowpipe
>take down a greater demon of tzeentch with darts
Bit of a mary sue, isn't he?

>> No.26619754

Nurgle is funny and jolly in the same way the Pyro is funny and jolly. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about in Team Fortress 2 everyone treats the Pyro with fear and suspicion because they believe him to be a soulless psychopath. The Pyro suffers from some crazy mental disorder where he doesn't think he's doing anything wrong. He think's he lives in a magical fantasy world where everyone gets along and when he sets people on fire he thinks he's shooting a rainbow gun and tickling people.

>> No.26619790

More like plucky underdog from an 80s music

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Now make a Slaanesh version and a Tzeentch one

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>The sorcs in general seem to be overly ambitious and power hungry to the point its not worth sharing your toys with.

Maybe he doesn't share his spells for your own good

>No, don't take that dangerous spell take this one instead, it's useless but it won't kill you

>> No.26619819


Reminds me of the story of Tuska the Daemon-Killa, who loved fighting demons so much he flew through Cadia's defenses and into the Eye of Terror. He came up against the Blood Prince and his hordes, and killed the Demon Prince by ramming his power klaw up his crotch, but died in the end. Khorne liked the Ork and his Boys so much he raises him every day to fight again and again against the Blood Prince and his forces, forever.

>> No.26619852

Ork heaven

>> No.26619871


>You want to fuck me with WHAT?
>cmon baby, dont be a prude
>There's no way that'll fit
>everything will be better once your ass and vagina fuse together

>> No.26619913

There been an update.

Khorne took them from the Eye of Terror into his domain in the realm of Chaos. Now Tuska and his boys fight by the feet of Khorne's fortress under the gaze of the Blood God.

>> No.26619935

Tuska's gotta be the happiest Ork ever.

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Where Nurgle is like a parent, Slaanesh is your bro. The greatest bro of all time. He wants you to be the best at whatever you want to do. You want to party, Slaanesh will hook you up with the party that will be remembered as legendary! You want to be strong He will juice you up. Whatever you want to do She will have your back and never ever let you quit. EVER! Because you can always do better.

Slaanesh sorcerers are doers (in every sense of the word). They're the private trainer, the inspirational speaker, the team coach. They're there to help everyone be the best they can be, whether they want to or not.
>Remember it doesn't matter if you burn, rape or pillage first, so long as you give 110%! NOW LET'S RAID THAT VILLAGE!

>> No.26620087

That sounds more like Tzeentch than Slaanesh. Slaanesh would be that bro who, when you say you think you've had enough beers, or that last slice of pizza was really the last, will throw down a fresh box and another cold one and say "What, you gonna be a bitch? Eat and chug, come on man! "

Hes also that guy who blasts music so loud it becomes incomprehensible.

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Picture a fat, friendly older fellow.

Now picture that there's something not quite right about his friendliness. It's sort of a pedo vibe, but not quite.

The Nurgle sorcerer is the one who volunteered at the Disabled Veterans Bake Sale, and you only rememebered he was there when people started getting sick.

He's the one that you're hesitant to trust with your kids, but you do, and everything's fine every time until one day it's not.

He is the cancer.

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>I remember reading that the plaguebearers are quite playful and kind

F-f-f-f-f-fluff mode: Engage.
*transformers sounds*

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