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Kickstarter General, people.

Pic related, this is one that i think is an excellent idea, and if i had the spare change, i'd back in a heartbeat.

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Did I forget anything?

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yeah, your actual sage

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Why would I sage? That would be stupid.

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i find myself with some buyers regret over the bones kickstarter

i spent over $500 on that, and now i have all these minis and i have no idea what to do with them. the thought of painting them seems so droll and exhausting. and im starting to shy away from rpgs that rely on miniatures for combat

anyone else know these feels?

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Why did you get them then?

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Agema, where the fuck is your KS

>April 4 Do you want to see Agema box a lot sooner? We'll need your help on Kickstarter! But what offers would tempt you to invest. Your opinion is very important to us!

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i guess for the same reason others did too. it was just too good a deal to pass up, and it really is.

i think i may have just been happier if i stuck with a vampire, and that's it. but goddamn having all those minis at once made me gitty with excitement for a couple days. then it quickly left

That and i was in a painting mood when i backed the project, and was actually DMing a college 3.5 game

By the time they delivered, the painting mood was long gone, and our dnd group broke up. cruel world

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Sell them. Is it legitimate to think that you could paint all of them and by the time your done, be good enough to win your money back with painting skills?
Of course, you would have to feel like painting

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I'd buy the vampire level kickstarter box off of you for 100 dollars.

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not him, but problem with selling is that I bet those bones are going for a shit ton cheaper than MSRP on ebay channels and the like

cant see making back those $500 without painting them into pro quality.

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Yes, you should sell them, sell me your Vampire level miniature case set.

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>there are people that kicked the Relic Knights kickstarter that DIDN'T choose the awesome space Oni.

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Kicked 200 or so into Relic Knights, 325 or so into Kingdom Death. 135 into Warmachine: Tactics. 120 or so into Robotech. And I also put the min into Anima's video game to get the game, because why not?
I'm getting about 90 minis from KD. 48 from Relic Knights. 51 from Robotech. I'm pretty excited for them all.

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srr has been pretty fun

i dont get why there was so much hate surrounding its release

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Retribution niggers! I just hope we get to play as Ravyn.

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is that from the warzone ks? what's the word on that? where are they on the product?

im genuinely interested, but not enough to sift through their updates.

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This is why I didn't participate in that Kickstarter.
There was no point in getting that random jumble of minis. Much better to just wait till it hits the storefront and then get the stuff you actually need.

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It is warmachine

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so... anyone got any updates on the warzone thing?

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I've gotten the first stage of my Dreamforge Eisenkern stuff which is 60 stormtroopers, 3 free stormtrooper accessory set (bits) and 2 leviathans (pic related, a 40k conversion. Missile lawnchair and mini-asscannons not included). I got another 171 models incoming plus an APC. I've also backed Bones (still waiting) which is another 495 minis, and Kingdom Death which is another 50-90 minis (haven't counted those).

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Empire of the Dead is going along pretty well and it will be shipped next month, shelled 90GBP and it was the biggest gambled on this crowdfunding shtick

Right now I'm having a dilemma on what to support next:
- http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/611224377/fangs-and-crosses-carnevale-winter-sourcebook
- http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/dies-irae
- upcoming nickstarter with Celtic/Norse/Greek/Egyptian/whatever skirmish wargame

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Dark Angles make me happy, I always feel that they are underrepresented.

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I don't regret backing Cartoon Action Hour: Season 3, I just wish they'd hurry up and release the damn book already.

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>Not wanting to be Ossyan

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You forgot tentacle bento

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My brother and I did the RK kickstarter, got multiples of some factions, and STILL didn't pick the space oni.

I couldn't afford them and he didn't like them.

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Starting casters are Ravyn, pVyros, and Elara. Possibly Kaelyssa as well.

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Damn all the painted and unpainted versions of this not-titan look like shit but this matte mecha black paintjob looks ace as FUCK. Sorta edgy with the black and red though but whatever.

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Probably because it doesn't have that goofy sword.

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Not shown are Relic Knights (Went halfsies with my brother), Lost Valley(Had my brother pledge for it before I created my KS account), Star Citizen (Pledged through their website)

I think currently the Elmore artbook is the only one on track to be delivered on-time. Relic Knights got delays from hitting all the stretch goals, same with Kingdom Death, and the rest are too early to tell.

Only one that's been massively delayed is Lost Valley. Fuckhead had the temerity to put development on hold when the game was already three months late so he could finish up his pitch for another Kickstarter.

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>standard mechanicus colour scheme for 30 years

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AdMech is edgy as fuck. The Imperium is not known for its curved architecture.

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Sorry I meant fun. Or buzzword. One of those.

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I've pledged for Xia too, waiting is hell...

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This guy.

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Seriously what the fuck?

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yeah you forgot
but hey, 4 out of 5 ain't that bad.

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>mice knight cancelled
why thankfully?

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>13,000 for some playing card redesign
KD has yet to be delayed. It has been expected in November since funding ended.

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I wonder if Poots (hehe, 'Poots') can keep the schedule.

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I doubt it, but I hope he will.

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You bet. I ordered the Cybertronic starter myself, not to actually use for Warzone but to use as conversion bitz. Ran into some pretty big problems but still sheduled to start shipping shit out late September apparently.

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Because it was a really stupid kickstarter, and i backed $1 just so i could contribute with the feedback. A lot of people were in agreement with me.

Basically it was a video game, and one of the extremely expensive stretch goals was bringing in a few mage-knight minis. It turns out everyone wanted just the minis and didnt give a shit about the video game (which was looking really dull).

So they cancelled it and announced that wizkids neca would be brining back mage-knight. At first it was a yay.

Then the official announcement came around and they are releasing them, but this time in mage-knight 2.0 rules with swappable bases for heroclix.




this is a reboot i will be overlooking.

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Man, I think I may have a problem.....


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with buying too many decks of playing cards, yes.

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Fuck those are small.

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>he doesnt have a bookshelf full of novelty playing cards

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Well, I'm thankful for Roll20 at least. I was getting sick of Maptool and it's inability to connect.

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Damn son, now I wanna play go fish.

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What are small?

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You fucked up

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>Still no fucking Ossyan!

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God damnit, I just want to know what the status is of mai waifu! How many international orders have they processed and how many do they have left? It was 2000 left a month ago.

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Whatever happened to that Dicerings kickstarter anyway? I thought that was a neat idea.

Not neat enough to spring for international shipping, but I'd still consider it if I saw a couple for a fair price at say Salute next year.

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You know, those base stampers might come in handy considering I bought three feet of greenstuff recently. Though I think I'll wait till they got their webstore up, there's just a few of those that I want.

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Puh-lease! I ordered Space Pirates and Racer Chicks. I may need to up my pledge and get the Knights and Spec-Ops too.

I would have loved to have gone in for robotech and KD but just didn't have the money at the time.

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>space pirates
The other good choice. I got Space Oni and Pirates. The Pirates models look fairly high quality, even though they're grunts. The old character models are mediocre, like Squall and Moboffet, but the Grunts make up for it. I wanna see what the Blowhards look like. They changed the art and I really liked the old one.

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Yeah the new blowhards don't look very pirate-y at all.

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Yeah, the new appearance doesn't quite jive with me.

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I'm splitting Robotech with a friend and I'm getting the Zentradi, and I'm adding a pack of Female Power Armor.
He is also getting another battlecry, or two, I can't remember. He is dumping money into it.
Kingdom Death seemed too good to pass up for me. The game sounds very fun and a lot of the minis are pretty cool. I'm no pin-up master race, pledging only for pieces that have gameplay rules.

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>Whatever happened to that Dicerings kickstarter anyway? I thought that was a neat idea.
They were successful. My friend has a bunch.

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>Racer Chicks
Got any pictures?

I might need them for... reasons.

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I Pledge $100 to planetary annihilation and apparently I getting 3 limited edition commander 3” miniatures from Reaper Miniatures. I play 40k and Infinity what should I use them for?

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It is anime Sci-fi racers.
I didn't pledge for them, but I love the big yellow lug

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I wish I'd been able to back the By Night Studios new Vampire LARP book. I REALLY like what they've done to streamline the LARP setup for OWoD, but I couldn't afford the dosh. :/

I'm glad that they're going to be releasing the books very quickly after the backer copies for general sale via DTRPG though.

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What do they look like?

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Glad I didn't get this guy. Pretty ugly.

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Those seem kind of cool... but I'm not sure the price of green stuff would be worth it.

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There are alternatives to green stuff. Just check hobby/craft stores and ask for 2 part epoxy putty. I will guarantee you they will have stuff that comes out to less than half the price GW sells their green stuff. GW didn't invent the stuff, they just repackage it and market it at their prices.

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The actual green stuff comes in a huge tube for least but yeah two part epoxy will be even cheaper

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Thanks for leading me to these, I think I've found some more storm trooper models for my DKoK allies list.

>> No.26629997

And I thought I backed too many playing card decks. Good job on the Empires and Indian ones.

I kind of regret not backing Shadows of Esteren, and I definitely am sad I missed Fate of the Norns Ragnarok.

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The model. I knew it wasn't warhound sized, but I thought the gun mounts on the chest were way bigger, not assault cannon sized. And that not-whirlwind launcher is quite big on its back.

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Looks big to me

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I only pledged the 60$ for beta, are we all in agreement that alpha looks pretty good so far and that uberent will most likely deliver?

>tfw i paid enough money for a AAA for beta acess for a game that wasnt even in alpha

this shall be what determines if I like kikestarter or not.

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The Leviathan is actually just one or two cm shorter than the Warhound. And the gun mounts are 40k asscannons, part of the conversion, see?

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Do you play tau?

>> No.26634060

>mfw I only find out about kickstarters that I want to back after they've ended

At least I managed to pledge to TGG

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Do you consider six feet worth of green stuff for £11 pounds expensive?

>> No.26637481


I warned you this would happen.

Every Kickstarter thread was dominated by people blowing hundreds of dollars on minis that they would never use.

>"B-but anon, it's such a good deal!"

Buying something you wouldn't otherwise buy because it's cheap is fucking retarded and not a good deal.

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That's only because /tg/ backs kickstarters like a drunk buys alcohol.

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I was going to pledge and then opened my cupboard to find three 40k armies, a fantasy army, ACTA Babylon 5 mini's and even Warmachines half-built and unpainted.

Now my friend has like 500+ miniatures, has never painted before and can't understand why he's not motivated to do them up.

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Knights, Mercs, and Oni master race reporting in.

It feels good to be gangsta and so on.

I know that Soda Pop said November but since IIRC the molds are finished and on their way to china now doesn't that make it pretty likely that stuff will turn up sooner?

>They originally said it'd arrive in May

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Pledged for Bones. I don't care about having another bunch of unpainted minis. When I need one for an RPG, I'll dig it up and paint it. Whatever.

>> No.26637773

$400+ on Makitainer terrain
$200+ on Mantic Deadzone terrain

To add to my 4 Necromunda starters' worth of bulkheads and 2 GW Imperial Cities. My cityfight board will be so epic.

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>Didn't support flying assault butts.
>Not wanting to surprise your PCs with an invasion of butt themed miniatures.
>Not wanting to make toot toot sounds when you move the Captain Buttbeard, the Legendary Buttpirate.
>Not wanting to use a fart machine every time the Rampaging Rumpagon attacks.
>Not wanting to play the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous theme whenever Sir Reginald Buttleson scuttles onto the field.
>Not wanting to quote blazing saddles when the vampire butts attack.
>Not wanting to hook a microphone to your armpit as you melodically squeeze trebled tunes of armpit enriched farts as Ol' Ironbutt wafts unto the battlefield.
>Dare you enter my magical realm.

I'm fairly unimpressed with your list sir.

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I doubt they'll come early, but we'll see.
Gameboard. I'll be giving this to the local game store. They can even play Infinity with it. Unless it didnt' come with Savior to the Universe. It has been like a year so I don't remember. In which case, oh well. Not that exciting.

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My contributions. Can't wait for Kingdom death, it's almost there.

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What's this? Search showed up nothing for me.

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>supporting Doublefine

>> No.26639347


It was an add on. I didn't get one because you had to pay additional shipping, I' was already paying $50 so fuck that.

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Considering that the alternative is buying resin bases or basing material, yes, yes it's worth it. Green stuff is cheap compared to resin and insanely cheap compared to bitz.

Of course, it will still be more expensive than shitty speed "basing" (i.e. putting some static grass and calling it a base) but hey, nice bases are 75% of a nice army.

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I believed in them.

>> No.26639457

People think that a small indie development company could do more with a 1.8 million budget.

>> No.26639495

I've only contributed to warzone. Some delays but the company is very transparent and updates often so I don't begrudge them. Can't wait til my stuff arrives though..

>> No.26639534

Am I a bad person for having helped to fund this?

>> No.26639554

I dunno, I'm really tempted to back it even though I generally get along fine with just stuff I find at the craft store and sticks and rocks outside.
But I only play lip base games, and they seem more suited for 40K. They'll probably work fine with lip bases, but no 50MM stamp is sad, even the 40MM are limited in design. If I decided to make an army with using them as the basing, it'd be trouble because not all will have the same design.

>> No.26639762

15 mm scaled Leviathan...

>> No.26639771

...28 mm scaled Leviathan Mortis

>> No.26639846

Bad campaign. You could replace all dialog choices with a forward button.

>> No.26639884

Aetherianica, a flexible open ended TTRPG that can emulate a variety of play styles and is as easy or complex as you want it to be!


What is it?

Aetherianica is a table top pencil and paper role playing game. A table top pencil and paper role playing game is like a board game that has a referee (Game Master) that describes situations and the players (PCs) describe what their imaginary characters do to overcome or work through the obstacles that are placed in front of them. The rules give them chances to do things successfully and describe their chances. Random chances are determined by rolling various sided dice (4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20, %100). Pretty much anything can be tried by the players and adjudicated by the GM.

>> No.26639899

Why do we need another Table Top RPG?

The main reason is that the big companies have such a small staff and are constantly run ragged by the corporate mentality. Thus they produce inferior games. They produce halfway decent games, but easy to spot game breaking errors are found almost immediately on release by people who frequent their own forums. Aetherianica is going to be different. We are going to produce a well tested game that will be expanded and voted on by the fans. Changes and updates will be voted on at the website and anyone will be able to find errors and problems long before the rules go to print. We will use open source like methods to improve and streamline the game. Licensing is also an issue with the big companies. They have strict licenses that discourage others from making derivative works and don't allow the use of their logo. With Aetherianica we plan on having a simple approval process where the rules (crunch) are immutable by 3rd party products, but they will be allowed to work within the rules to create new and interesting species, enemies, items, equipment, weapons, armor, materials, spells, attacks, etc...etc... basically everything in the game can be customized as long as they calculate out within a predefined limit. Also third parties will be able to make their own products based on Aetherianica and use the official Aetherianica logo after the material is reviewed to make sure it complies with our guidelines. Anyone can use the 'Compatible with Aetherianica' logo without going through the approval process.

>> No.26639910

What kind of time frame are we talking about?

We are looking at around 1-2 years to complete the project. We plan on taking advice and looking at what players want out of an RPG. We will create a website that will allow players to suggest ideas and then vote on them to be included in the game. We will give out rewards (not tied to kickstarter) to players that point out flaws or problems with an implementation. These rewards will probably be free copies of the PDF version of one of our products. These systems will be available early on in the project.

What kind of problems will you solve that plague traditional TTRPGs?

Traditional RPGs have problems such as "linear fighters and quadratic wizards". Which just means at early levels fighter type characters and wizard type characters are equal but as they level up and progress fighters have much fewer options than wizards. Other problems include "The dumb fighter complex". Where due to non-combat skills being tied to the class (i.e. fighter/wizard) fighters couldn't be good at skills that were not physically based. We will unlink the out of combat game from the combat game, which will allow for endless variety in character creation.

>> No.26639927

What is the basic design?

The basic design will include the choices of a species, career, lifestyle, items, and equipment. The species determines what physical traits each character gets as well as what natural affinities they will have. The Career is like what career they are pursuing (i.e. some games use fighter, rogue, wizard, cleric as classes). Lifestyle will the culture they belong to. Items will determine their possessions. Equipment will determine what weapons and armor they use.

There will be three levels of complexity for play:

Simple - Just pick a Species, Career, Lifestyle, and equipment package and play.
Medium - Pick a Species some traits from the Species, Career and some features from that Career, LIfestyle and some memories from that Lifestyle, pick items and equipment.
Complex -Create a Species from lists and charts, create a Career from lists and charts, create a Lifestyle from lists and charts, create items and equipment from lists and charts.

>> No.26639951

How will you deal with some of the more broken aspects of current RPGs?

We will examine them and fix them using the ideas and input from the fan base and the players. One example is complex rigid subsystems for everything.

An example would be entering a building and retrieving some papers. In a some systems you would be forced to roll to see if you could sneak in or overpower the guards and then roll to see if you can find the papers, then rolling to sneak/overpower the guards to get out.

In Aetherianica you will choose whether to use a skill to get past the guards or if your wizard wants to cast a spell that will teleport you in or make everyone invisible, or whether you dig under the wall or bribe the guards. This will allow for outside the box thinking and role playing opportunities as well as generally more fun. It will be based on abstracted design. We tell you how hard it is to have an in game effect happen and you determine how it happens and why. For instance there is a disoriented condition. It causes a decrease to certain abilities when used. Now the player and GM determine what causes disorientation, was it the character tripping the giant, flipping the ooze, etc...etc... but there is a specific difficulty to achieve it.

>> No.26639972

What will you do with the kickstarter money?

We will use the money to hire people to help create the rules, design the artwork, publish the books, and set up and run the website.

What will you do with the profits/extra donations?

We will create online/offline software tools to assist people in preparing for the game and creating characters, visuals, maps, adventure modules, virtual tables, and other helpful software, that the big companies have not been able or are unwilling to create for their customers. Imagine using your iPhone/Android device to pull up your character sheet tap a skill/ability and see a description of what it does as well as the ability to roll the dice involved with it to determine success. Then you click on the dice button and some artistic 3D dice appear on the screen and roll when you shake the device. Then the result shows up on all the other players screens (if its a public roll) or just on the Game Masters screen (if its a private roll). Imagine the game master doing the same with monsters attacks and having the attacks results automatically applied to the targeted PCs character sheets on their screens. Imagine a tablet/laptop replacing the expensive miniatures that were used in the past. Imagine moving your character and blasting a fireball at an enemy in hi-def 3D on a cool looking 3D map. Imagine a full 3D rendering of the characters entering the kings chamber and the guards rushing up to stop them. That's what we are talking about. When we say 'tools'.

>> No.26639989

How will you fix the licensing issues that big companies face?

We will limit the license to not altering or bypassing the core rules. Other than that players can publish their own adventures, Species, Careers, Lifestyles, etc..etc... pretty much anything they want. They will also be free to create their own software as long as it follows specific guidelines like using specific APIs to access the games data from the game website (which may require a small monthly fee for players or proof of purchase of rule and expansion books). There will be two licenses. The first is open to everyone and they can put a special logo on their product that says "Compatible with Aetherianica". The second requires that the Aetherianica crew review the supplement and that it follow the same quality guidelines that Aetherianica follow. This license will allow them to put the official "Aetherianica" logo on their product and market it as an official product. All products will be able to be sold on the Aetherianica website for a small royalty (probably not more than 5% or $5 whichever is lower).

Who can get involved?

After we get the funding we will look into hiring big names from the RPG industry to try to create a great game for everyone, but will likely go with anyone that shows talent (such as those found on the Wizards of the Coast character optimization forum). If you want to get involved contact *********@*****mail.com with your ideas.

>> No.26639991

This is too viral.

>> No.26640004

What will make this RPG different than others?

We plan on taking off the limits of what players can do with their characters. Why limit fighters to be strong brutes that are dumb? Why not have a fighter that instead of using brute force uses their mind to overcome opponents through planning and strategy. How about a fighter that makes witty comments that throw their enemies off balance and allow them to win. What about a wizard that can use their physical strength to produce spell like effects (dragon ball z anyone?)? The combinations are limitless and allow the players to make the character concept they want without sacrificing mechanical viability.

>> No.26640030

Risks and challenges

The risks involve

Entering a saturated market, but through profitability from non-product means (website advertising, and other company sources) this product will be successful regardless of profitability.

The open nature and inability to patent properly game mechanics could make this a risky venture. The upside is no one will be able to copy the mechanics without a lot of fans pointing it out and it will inevitably cause those that copy the mechanics to lose favor with their own customers. Also because of the semi-free nature of the product (open source like) it will be difficult to compete by stealing mechanics because the core product will be free.

There are very few downsides to a project like this. We already have our publisher for print on demand and PDFs. We have our website http://www.kelandlokgames.com we have a Virtual Table Top in development. As well as a play test of the rules already out.

I scorned it in life, I shall scorn it in death.

>> No.26640167

Haha, at first i was getting ready to shoot you down for your obvious pitch of your shitty game, but then i realized you are only pointing it out to make fun of it.

7 Backers
$31.00 pledged of $10,000 goal.
Funding Unsuccessful

Ten thousand fucking dollars?! This game is almost more pretentious than that shitty cis privilege RPG. Pic related, look it up and lose faith in humanity once more.

>> No.26640234

I thought you were talking about the Farewell to Fear, so I looked it up:

>pledged of $4,000 goal


>> No.26640423

Don't forget how well this one went

>> No.26640443

actually the figures did look pretty sweet
What went wrong?

>> No.26640461

Nothing, it wanted $12,000
It got $698,548

>> No.26640508


I think it went right.

> $698,548 pledged of $12,000 goal

>> No.26640509

I bought those Reaper Bones too - I like em.

Also Kingdom Death, Dice Rings, and Incredibrawl.

And ending soon is The Agents and Zero Hour

>> No.26640525

Am I the only one that thinks it would have sounded better as "The Toughest Girls IN the Galaxy?"

>> No.26640535

No, I thought the same thing. 'Of the galaxy works', but does not roll off the tongue as well.

>> No.26640554

i'ts a collection I dropped long time ago. but every time I go on kickstarter. those fucking playing cards makes me so jelly

>> No.26640563


Eh. You buy it for the models, not the catchphrase.

>> No.26640646


Maybe it was trademarked already?

>> No.26640647

You want to see a stupid Kickstarter?

Look at what this idiot is trying to sell - what freakin idiot in their right minds would buy those!!!!!!!!

>> No.26640675

I somewhat doubt it, but it's possible.

>> No.26641209 [DELETED] 


I was just wondering what everyone has done with their AT-43 minis since Rackham folded.
I wonder if Cyanide Studios is ever going to resurrect the game - they bought all the rights..

>> No.26641229

i've backed barkley and wasteland 2

>> No.26641249

Still better than most of the artwork in 4th and 5th Ed Shadowrun.

>> No.26641307

Look pretty sweet to me.

>> No.26641344

definitely less represented than right angles.

>> No.26641424


>> No.26641591

H.. Ho... How am I doing so far /tg/?

>> No.26641955

horrible idea ordering custom resin or plastic bases would be cheaper than the green stuff involved which would cost a lot... very silly idea.

>> No.26642086

What is up with Soda pop anyway? They're site has been down for years it seems like.

>> No.26642175

> $698,548 pledged of $12,000 goal

>> No.26642283

I think green stuff is reasonably priced.

>> No.26642372

Warzone Resurrection got delayed due to a flood wiping out the factory they'd contracted (or the books, or something like that) so they had to switch to another producer. They should be shipping no later than the second week of September, but hopefully will be shipping by the end of August.

I was lucky enough to see some of the Capitol miniatures IRL a couple of weeks ago. They're goddamn beautiful. I am hyped as fuck.

>> No.26642435

>green stuff costs a lot
What are you, space australian?

>> No.26643002


I really, really want this one to get funded, so I can get a castle to go with the town bits I got from the guy's last project.

>> No.26643079

Is there still a way to donate and get some boss minis or rules for this game?

>> No.26643154

For Relic Knights? I heard that you might be able to still donate... but I'm not sure.

>> No.26644224

'Droll' actually means the exact opposite to how you think it should be used.
If haven't the intelligence to use the English language properly, it's no surprise you can't think of some fun uses of a big pile of miniatures.

>> No.26644365

It depends. Droll in a basic meaning means "comical", but the way it is often used is a "that is so funny, it is sad", which can apply to that post accurately.

>> No.26644465

Not precisely Kickstarter, but


For the Song of Swords and Riddle of Steel fans among us, as well as the HEMA junkies, Guy Windsor's decided to make a card game based on stabbing people with sharp pieces of stick.

Also, free fechtbuch for anybody who pays for a deck, so that may or may not be right up some folks' alleys as well.

>> No.26644525

>Cltvt Gfdpt
That misuse of greek letters.
Makes me want to vomit

>> No.26644621

I really like the idea, but if I was going to invest, I'd rather see steel die faces or at the very least plastic. With resin faces I'm a bit worried for the longevity of the stamps.

>> No.26644629

I'm still waiting for my Bones stuff to come in. My gaming group pitched in for Vampire level, so we should have gotten it by now, but we've yet to receive them due to problems we're not entirely sure of.

At least Engine Heart should be coming my way soon.

>> No.26644910

Still waiting on my W20 book, hurry up damnit

>> No.26645115


Better than me, I haven't backed anything. At least, I think that's better. I'm not sure.

>> No.26645147

What's going on with Wasteland 2 right now? I didn't fund it at the time because I was strapped for cash. How's the progress going?

>> No.26645169


>Atomic Robo
Anon is doing good

>> No.26645182

Here's hoping that they corrected the fomori powers that listed the dice pool as "Presence + Intimidate".

>> No.26645476


Here, look at this Reaver compared to the warhound. Notice that the apocalypse missile launcher (the size of a rhino) would even fit on the back of the warhound. Sure, it's quite big, but it doesn't come much over the sides of the carapace.

Now, when you look at >>26615653 The whirlwind launcher (I know it's a bit wider than the original one, but in general the same size) fits nicely on there, but the whirlwind launcher is quite small compared to the Rhino it's mounted on.

I'm not expecting to mount a reaver titan launcher on it, but even if it's almost as tall as a warhound, it's way, way smaller in mass.

>the gun mounts are 40k asscannons

Did I typo or was "assault cannons" not a clear enough indication of what I was saying? I was hoping for the chest mounts to take punisher cannons or something equal in size, not assault cannons. That's why I said it was "small" because the mounts were way smaller than I had hoped for, which makes the whole model smaller. Not in height, but in mass.

Simply giving the height and some shots of the model next to 40k shit doesn't convey the full story, but that pick did give quite a good indication of its true scale.

>> No.26645488

I've received the OMFG figures, TBONTB, most of my Dreadball stuff, some of my Dreamforge stuff (still waiting on two APCs and a bunch of heavy troopers) and just this week my Engine Heart books.

>> No.26645548

I just want my Kingdom Death.
Pls don't delay, Poots.

>> No.26645911 [DELETED] 

Not to have backed Kingdom Feath was probably one of the greatest mistakes in my life*

But i couldn't have done different: I was in Japan at the time and i couldn't charge my card to bae it.
I'm still filled with regret, i hope the final non-KS price will not be too high...

I also backed Reaper (i like to paint random minis just for exposistion or to have fun sometimes, so it was MY KD) and Relic Knight. And that was stupid

>> No.26645931

Not to have backed Kingdom Death was probably one of the greatest mistakes in my life*

But i couldn't have done different: I was in Japan at the time and i couldn't charge my card to bae it.
I'm still filled with regret, i hope the final non-KS price will not be too high...

I also backed Reaper (i like to paint random minis just for exposistion or to have fun sometimes, so it was MY KD) and Relic Knight. And that was stupid
*not really

>> No.26645964

All the MSRPs are listed. It is quite expensive, but the minis are beautiful looking.

>> No.26645974

Maybe you can buy a Survivor set from ebay when they're delivered.

>> No.26646170

Do you have a link? I tried to look in KD site but found nothing

>> No.26646219

Order of the Stick TPBs - rcvd. and just got a new story today!

Reaper double vampire + all add-ons - rcvd. And I dont need to use all 500 of them for it to be a good deal.

Dungeon Roll - rcvd. Its not the most awesome game but I never expected it to be. Totally worth $15

Realm Works - just got my early access 2 days ago and havent played around with it as much as I should yet. At the very least it won't be a total loss.

Still waiting:

Auto-magic Tiles - this guy is fucking around and worrying me.

Itar's Workshop (dungeon accessories only) - to go with the Reaper minis! I expect these close to on time.

Euphoria - this was another "good deal" that may or may not live up its price, but the kickstarter version is pretty. Definitely going to ship.

Guardians Chronicles & Xia - have no idea if these games will be good, but the minis suckered me in and hopefully I won't regret it. At the very least, Guardians Chronicles will definitely ship and should be a profitable resell. And the Xia guy seems genuinely nice.
Fairytale Games - Battle Royale - kinda backed blindly on day 1 on the minis stretch goal and they actually got there on the last day. This project will wind up being VERY LATE I'm sure - but hopefully it wont be vaporware and the minis will be well sculpted.

>> No.26646246

They're on the images! Like the one you posted - MSRP : 35$.
Lantern Festival is 65
Dragon King is 65
Lion God is 35
Flower Knight is 30
Man Hunter is 30
Lion Knight is 35
Pinups are 18
Grom is 60

As for the base game...I'm not sure. I think it'll be 100-150.

>> No.26646528

I feel so stupid now

>> No.26646796

Why, if you get everything, at most you'll save... 200$ or so from MSRP.

>> No.26647039

I feel stupid because I asked for the MSRP when i even POSTED the image with the MSRP WROTE ON IT

Also missed the Golden sky stories KS
I like narrative rpg, but to find someone who just don't play only D&D is almost impossible...

>> No.26647403

English isn't my first language. Should this be "written" or is my understanding of tenses worse than I thought?

>> No.26647502

It is okay Anonymous. You were just looking at the Sexy Dung Beetle Knight. I understand.

>> No.26647518

It should be 'written', yes.

>> No.26647542

It should be by formal English rules, but that kind of thing is different in a lot of rural dialects, an ebonics simplifies tons of tense stuff.

>> No.26647578

>an ebonics simplifies tons of tense stuff
It really doesn't, it just shifts it from the tense placeholder to the intransitive verb.

>> No.26647726

This is way beyond my understanding of English now. What are those?

>> No.26648109

>tfw going to be playing KD:M alone

>> No.26648689

Mazaki no Fantaji
very nice, thematic, qualitative game. Qucikstart guide, characters, and monsters are available for free on the website (anthroposgame) and drivethrurpg.
Kickstarter just started yesterday.

>> No.26649823

Right is my pledge.

>> No.26650936

>This is way beyond my understanding of English now. What are those?
I'm a little rusty, but the most common example used by white college professors to illustrate one of the fundamental differences between Ebonics (or AAV, African-American Vernacular) and SAE (Standard American English):

>The coffee cold
>The coffee be cold

In the first example, the meaning is that this particular cup of coffee is cold, but that may come as a surprise to listeners. In the second example, the speaker is indicating that the coffee served at this particular location is always cold.

It's a mistake to claim that Ebonics is just a simplified version of mainstream English. It has its own rules for syntax, which aren't always apparent to non-native speakers, and tend to follow the syntactic style of West African and Cajun French more than mainstream American English.

Source: Liberal bullshit speech communication degree

>> No.26651008

Anyway, in this case, the intransitive verb is "is" (or in AAV, "be"), which indicates that the condition is ongoing and to be expected.

>> No.26651073

I'm not the person who was asking, but what about when it just doesn't conjugate words out? As far as I can tell there's no distinction between present and past a lot of times.

>> No.26651949

Did I shit in your breakfast or something? All I really said was that it is a few cm shy of being as tall as a Warhound. How was I supposed to know you meant 'smaller' as in 'mass'?

Still, the Leviathan costs $120 if you buy it directly from Wargames Factory, less than that if you buy from other online retailers, in comparison to $400-$500 for a Warhound with two weapons.

>> No.26654321

I think this was my pledge.

>> No.26655494

>Moar sucy plz

>> No.26655911

Everyone knows the "be" stuff. But verb tense is often outright lost.

>> No.26655995

It's funny to me--I can't quite follow the academic spiel you're spinning, but I can understand the tongue.
I speak Jive, I guess.

>> No.26656002

>Everyone knows the "be" stuff. But verb tense is often outright lost.

When the verb is dropped, it's present tense. That's how you know what tense you're in: by whether or not there's a verb.

>> No.26656015

Jive is a regular complex language that just happens to sound a lot like English.

>> No.26656023

I get it, I get it. I was just being a smartass.
I really do speak and understand both old Jive and east coast ebonics though. I grew up with the latter, even though I've always made it a point to speak 'proper' english on an average day.

>> No.26656026

>don't mind us, just talking about the linguistic patterns of Ebonics in a Kickstarter General thread

>> No.26656029

Not when the verb itself is dropped, when it defaults to present tense even though it's past. This would be a verb other than be. Example: "I feelin dumb as fuck 'cause I assed for da MSRP when i e'en POSTED da piktcha dey awready _write_ da MSRP on!

What's the deal with that "write"?

>> No.26656040

ECE is a lot harder for me to understand than WCJ, probably because I've only been to the East Coast once, and that was Florida.

>> No.26656043

big baller

>> No.26656044

Wikipedia tells me Jive is considered to be Ebonics.

>> No.26656045

Are you new?

>> No.26656067

>What's the deal with that "write"?

The way you wrote it doesn't really sound like AAV. If it was past tense it would be "dey awready done wrote da MSRP on", wouldn't it? We should get >>26656023 in on it.

I was just making a joke, sheesh.

>> No.26656071

It is. 'Ebonics' is a category of dialect.
Jive is a bit more 'oldschool.' It's where you get phrases like 'cool cat' and shit like that. It's a little hard to follow at first, but if you can mentally process language quickly you can learn to dig through the symbolism pretty quickly and understand it.

The ebonics we're talking about when we use the generic term tends to not have a specific, specialized name. It varies depending on where you pick it up--the east coast ebonics is very different from west coast, though there's a little overlap.

For instance, out here you can say "I wena ba'sha an' she on my weav' ebonic?"
Which, in English, is "I went to the barber shop and got my hair done. How about that, huh?"
I'm no expert on West Coast, but as I understand it you don't get the same half-sentences and they have a different way of shortening words entirely.

>> No.26656108

Maybe I'm used to a different sub-dialect than you. I'm from Solano, in California. The only majority-black county outside the south, so it makes sense if the version of ebonics isn't what people are expecting I guess. Feel free to disregard the question if that's a purely local way of speaking. But your version seems more like a rural white person's way of talking, although the "done" is something that would get dropped like a perfect have or a subjunctive that.

>> No.26656138

Well based on this:
>"I wena ba'sha
This is how you'd pronounce it in the west, although nobody says "barber shop" here. It would be more like "Ah wen' git mah hair did" and that would be it.
>an' she on my weav'
So "and she's on my weave" would be the direct translation from your spelling? Nobody says that shit here either.
Nor is that a word except for how we've already used it in this thread. Seems to me like east coast ebonics is stranger but maybe it sounds more normal to the way you yankees talk anyway.

>> No.26656173


I understand that they fucked up somehow. Could you tell me what happened, or link me to an explanation?

>> No.26656182

Well, here repeated sounds like BarBer tend to be dropped, so you're just saying "I went to the ba' "
People sometimes day things like "Got my shit done" as well, but that's less ebonics and more of an accented inner-city english, which isn't quite the same... they mix.

Also, the way the legends here have it, the word "ebonics" came from something like "he bought it?" or "you buyin' it?" and it's still used in that way. Not sure if it's true--I kinda doubt it--but that's how it's used.

>> No.26656201

Oh, well there would be a "e'bo"iʔ" as a shortening of "he bought it"

>> No.26656237

That's more or less how 'ebonics' is pronounced here. I understand that the accent is different more to the south of here, but the legend is that the word 'ebonics' is from that, and comes from here.

So yeah.

>> No.26656267

The funny/stupid thing was that I was still a student then. It was a lean month...

>> No.26656277

In the end it is a good purchase, as you can sell it for more if you end up not liking it.

>> No.26656301

They ran out of monies because the project lead cannot into economics. Apparantly he has a history of it (which shows that people will have to do their own research before supporting a kickstarter).
Source is swedish PC Gamer, paper format

>> No.26656317

>3.3 million
>to make a point and click adventure for which they needed 400k
>still run out of money

>> No.26656327

>rifftrax live
>doug tennapel sketchbook
>atomic robo

>> No.26656629

Shit nigger, get that badass away from the edge of the desk. Shit's making me uneasy

>> No.26656634

You're awfully defensive for a person who DIDN'T eat shit for breakfast...

I guess I was expecting volume to be generally included as an attribute of size. So an object can be "smaller" even if it's not "shorter" than the the object you're comparing it to. You can have two drinks, one in a big fat mug and another in a tall glass, and the one in the tall glass can still be a "smaller" drink, because it has less to drink.

Personally I wouldn't start fielding one as a Warhound just like that. I've thought about it, but it's just not big enough. It's not just simply having the correct height. The Eldar wraithknight is even closer to the warhound in height, but can you really see it as a 9HP titan with turbo-lasers and shit? I seriously considered it, making some nifty Slaaneshi Subjugator conversion out of it with pincer claws, etc.

>> No.26656667

I like living on the edge, do you know what I am saying?

>> No.26656681


>> No.26656710

I don't know what your beef is with me or how I insulted you in any way, so I guess I should congratulate your for winning whatever the argument is.

>> No.26656724


Holy crap, that is a blowout and a half. So what now, is the game still in development or is all now lost for the project and its backers?

>> No.26656817


Hey now, how about you just put that back on the table... nice and slowly...

>> No.26656871

Nice paint job.

I'd have used an xacto to add some cuts and shrapnel holes to the armor before painting it though, because I'm one of those mod-happy types.

>> No.26656879

Something like so?

>> No.26656909

Awww yeah!
Now THAT is a weapon of war!

>> No.26656914

Also removable weapon slots.

>> No.26656951


>> No.26656955

I have the most wonderful boner right now

>> No.26657163

It is posable too. Legs, arms etc. Once you have decided on a pose you glue it in place. It has several small screws that keep the thing together while you try something out. And the barrels are rollable..

>> No.26657727

So it turns out that all along there was a good reason why publishers don't like Tim Schafer?

>> No.26658367

Well, probably that and a low chance of getting a return on their investment. Another COD clone is more likely to get them a profit compared to a point-and-click game who's star went out a decade or two ago.

>> No.26658431

>glue it in place
>not using putty so you can re-pose him regularly.

>> No.26658774

That's a pretty good idea brother!

>> No.26658866

Really close to those final stretch goals on The Agents and Zero Hour

>> No.26660819

>someone knocks it slightly
>putty gives out and arm falls off

>> No.26662607

>hello kitty

>> No.26663238


>> No.26664016

What ever happened to the Kingdom Death dudes that wanted to do a /tg/ survivor camp? They still around?

>> No.26664622


Well wasn't better to do that for me.

I put $125 on and got kaladrax, Nethyrmaul, PF Red Dragon and Clockwork dragon extras.

So the retail price of the Kaladrax, Nethyrmaul and Clockwork ALONE is $140.

So I got the Pathfinder red dragon and $350 worth of random minis (240ish?) for free...

>> No.26665407

Yeah I got all the dragons too - good deal.

>> No.26665853

>Ava's Demon
... well, that was a few hours well lost. Wish I'd heard about it in time to back it.

>> No.26666212

>billions of playing cards and dice

>> No.26667426

How many decks of standard french suite playing cards do you own?

>> No.26667721

Holy fuck, all those cards, are you possessed by my grandmother?

>> No.26669924

I just moved everything over to my new apartment, so I'm not 100% certain, but they took up about 3/4ths of a medium sized box.

Since I try to get at least 3 of each Kickstartered deck I get, and I've done 50+ playing card projects (of which less than 40 have actually reached my door at this point, or have been successful), and I've picked up quite a few other playing cards over the years.....

Give or take 15.
And this is all my playing cards, including the goatskin tarot, or the various Asian decks (Koi-Koi, Muushig, and the like).

>> No.26669987

ebonics comes from the word ebony, as in black.

>> No.26671003

Woo, new pic of the Mortis.

>> No.26671019


>> No.26671389

fuck that, where are my goddamn heavy troopers?

>> No.26671963

that is dope as fuck, despite it's grey knight helm.

>> No.26672151

Those are stage 3, m8. Stage 2 hasn't been shipped yet. That said, I also want muh heavies. I ordered 60 Valkir, 50 assault and 50 heavy weapons guy.

>> No.26672236

>implying you'll ever get any actually interesting characters when the developers could just stuff bimbo fap material into the game and be done with it.
>implying they can't just do this because the vast majority of the nerds that are gamers and fans of the setting just want masturbation material for their horrifically suppressed and socially maladjusted selves.

>> No.26672741

>Implying Matt Wilson's and Jason Soles' metaplot DMPCs are worth a shit when they could have given you generic customizable warcasters you'd grow emotionally attached to.

Epic Warcasters are the single dumbest thing Warmachine ever did. "This is what happens to Stryker. It is canon" is bullshit when he's supposed to be something you paint and take in skirmishes and campaigns against your friends.

>> No.26672772

How are those "Native Art" playing cards? Are they specifically Pacific Northwest tribal art or does it mix and match?

>> No.26672809

We were getting the "six faction sets" deal, and getting the oni meant one of us would have to give up Black Diamond. And that wasn't happening..

We could have dropped Shining Sword for the Oni, but our other brother only ever plays paladins, so getting him to play a "weeaboo" game mandates that we have Shining Sword.

>> No.26672839

Yeah, that dude and the not-Dementors were pretty obviously gonna suck.

I feel like they dropped the ball with the Academy faction. The character models are decent, but for the grunts they went with "Harry Potter extras" when they should have gone anime light novel style. I want my Peterhausen dangit.

>> No.26673567

Northwest coastal primarily.

>> No.26674123

Did you get the blue backed Emperor deck? I was not happy that I was late and had to get the red one. I normally prefer red decks but the blue is so snazzy for this one.

>> No.26674224

I'm surprised nobody is talking about Deadzone in this thread. It seemed like the Strike Team $150 dollar deal was pretty good, tons of minis, terrain, other stuff.

I'm excited about it for getting terrain for infinity, but the minis are pretty good, I'm hoping they will make good generic sci-fi dudes for eclipse phase and other things.

>> No.26675173

Yeah, the grunts are really awful looking. I like Kita, and I like the Librarian, but eh on everything else.
Epics are fine - the game features a moving storyline and thus Epics make sense. If you want to make custom warcasters, make them through the IKRPG, give them experience each game, and play that way.
Actually, that'd be a real neat Warmachine campaign. Start at a lower level Warcaster/whatever subclass you want at 15 points and slowly work your way up to epic levels.
That'd be really cool. I think I'll discuss that with my group.

>> No.26675256

>Also, the way the legends here have it, the word "ebonics" came from something like "he bought it?" or "you buyin' it?"

>> No.26675747

Or for 250$ you can get a full-warhound from Taobao and Based Chinaman.

>> No.26675869

Still twice as much as a Leviathan though. I don't know about you but I'm not rich enough to spend $130 more on a model when the cheaper, plastic, alternative is better than 'good enough' as a stand-in.

>> No.26675894

Yeah, I wouldn't buy a warhound and consider it a model - just the cleaning and sanding and building would easily count as a couple of boxes of infantry or multiple tanks.

To give it a good, coherent paintjob would cost even more.

Treat it like you would an "Allies" contingent - not a full army, but, definitely a time and cash investment

>> No.26676463

Damn, I wish I had gotten in on that Cthulhu Wars board game - that looks good

>> No.26676634

Yep, three packs.
It's looking really nice.

>> No.26679419

>tfw you will have to wait at least to november before you get fetish fu-, dark civ/survival gaem

>> No.26680569

those designs are god awful

>> No.26680653

Yeah, it's pretty inane. Besides faces, dard designs are already as minimal as they can be without losing information, and making them "simpler" will only reduce usability.

>> No.26683764

>he pledged for pin-ups

>> No.26683853

I can appreciate trying to do a minimalist take on the cards, especially when the information is already well known enough that you can really afford to play with it, but the use of negative space is just sloppy, and the balance of shapes just seems like they weren't even trying. The weight of the crowns outweights the pips, and the counting pips would have been better placed down the length of the card rather than the width. It's all just really awkward as is.

>> No.26683909

>he didn't pledge for everything

>> No.26683926

I pledge for all the gameplay stuff, except Nico ($20 for 1 card is just too much in my opinion)

>> No.26683966

I didn't pledge for Nico either. I didn't get Gorm, Spindicles, the Tree... I think that is it? Been so long I can't remember. Oh I didn't get Slender either.

>> No.26684010

I know Scanner is going to upload them all when the come out, and then we'll get that TG intra-inter-settlement thing going on.

>> No.26684023

I also pledged for pin ups.

>> No.26684036

Oh, that's how I read it. I had to go back and see that wasn't what it was.

>> No.26685316

Based scanner guy

>> No.26685564

Not me, but Scanner has shown up in most of the KD:M threads, and will pop up in the next one I'm sure.

>> No.26687490

The KD:M community here actually seems pretty decent; as long as you ignore the pin-up posting for le troll fags.

>> No.26687537

Yeah, I think we'll have enough for 2-3 settlements, assuming some people who didn't buy it join up. (which also means we can have an original flavor, Dragon, and Sunstalker settlement and I hope we can homebrew a Gorm-based settlement[/spoiler[).

>> No.26687579

I'd join in but I'd want to experience the game for myself before playing it with online peeps.

>> No.26687589

True 'nuff; I'll be playing by myself too before crying myself to sleep, forever alone ;_;

>> No.26689807

We can be alone, together. Pic related.

>> No.26691323

I'm saying a moving storyline is hyper-mega-turbo-dumb. That shit was the worst part of RPGs in the 90s.

The only story that should matter to a tabletop game is "His squad got killed down to one guy on the second turn and that one guy rallied and won combat FOUR TURNS IN A ROW."

The kind of shit that led my brother to convert Necromunda figures based on game results.

Having a moving storyline just makes it feel like the L5R cardgame and reinforces that the miniatures are just gamepieces. GW fucks up on a lot of things, but "your dudes" is a huge factor in enjoying their games over Warmachine and Malifaux. I think this is a big reason Malifaux's moving to the upgrades system in 2nd edition.

>> No.26692059

>implying I did
>implying pin-ups are wrong
It's still fetish fuel though, I give you that. Pic related, debased creatures doing unspeakable things.

>> No.26692106

Just look at the heresy.

>> No.26692121

So is anyone kickstarting Wrath of Kings? The union guys look pretty interesting, but I have too much on my plate already.

>> No.26692195

Anyone played some of that "Busty Barbarian Bimbos"?

>> No.26692208



Now that I think about it, I hope I am wrong.

I believe the original source of this image is from an artbook for Black Lagoon. It depicts the forger on the run from one of the arcs.

I probably haven't seen that picture in ages.

>> No.26692223

Maybe, I think In the full image, she has a spear and a phone.

>> No.26692248

Speaking of BBB, has anyone gotten their books?

>> No.26693592

Woot getting close

Tiny Zombies looks good too

>> No.26694673

My friend wants me to, but I've decided against it as I've got too many things I've kicked and too many games to play. I really like the look of the Ocean dudes.

>> No.26694933

You mean Greenback Jane?

>> No.26695048

Got into it with a bunch of friends, some who were after the fem models, others who were old MC fans. So we got a Brotherhood pledge level and got a Capitol, Bauhaus and Brotherhood, while I grabbed Cybertronic and a couple of Mishima.

... I fully expect my stuff to turn up pretty late.

Still waiting on my Bones too. Sad to be in the middle with line items and in Sweden.

>> No.26695055

Gencon pics taken by Lost Hemisphere.

>> No.26695071

Rather unimpressed with the way these guys look. Harken especially.

>> No.26695080


>> No.26695086


>> No.26695097


>> No.26695107


>> No.26695115


>> No.26695123

Big fricken monster.

>> No.26695133


>> No.26695139

>Sad to be in the middle with line items and in Sweden.
I'm in the exact same situation. I watched the countdown thingy and could sometimes see 500-800 packages being sent every day. Then over a month ago or so it stopped at 2000 packages and was taken down, as the more complex orders was left for last.

It may be complex orders but god damn! They have had 6-8 weeks to process those orders now, when they previously went at above-mentioned speed. I'm getting really damn antsy.

>> No.26695153


>> No.26695157

Oh and some Robotech

>> No.26695170


Picking Black Diamond is suffering
Though I guess I'd have paid as much for Long Shot when she was metal, not I get A Bunch of Stupid Shit for free with my Stupid Pin Up Model.

>> No.26695241

Eh, at least you get Master Chief and giant robo

>> No.26695270

>Then the official announcement came around and they are releasing them, but this time in mage-knight 2.0 rules with swappable bases for heroclix.

Why is this bad? I've been looking at MK for a while now (I don't play wargames, but they seem fun, and I'm terrible at handicrafts, so no painting for me).

>> No.26695301

I wonder how many of these threads are started by the same people behind the kickstarters, shameful promoting.

>if i had the spare change, i'd back in a heartbeat.
Minimum pledge 1£..... you cant afford that op?

And this is a shitty idea, but i only think so because i make my stuff with resin and moulds, so dont listen to me

>> No.26695353

>so dont listen to me
>I wonder how many of these threads are started by the same people behind the kickstarters, shameful promoting.
>assuming there is no interest from the denizens of /tg/ when /tg/ related kickstarters show up
>so dont listen to me
Sure wont.

>> No.26695373

Actually, I believe it was the RoW items that were left. I have 17 about line items, myself (19 total - 1 extra Deep Ones and 1 extra vamp box).

It sucks bad, because then they switched over to most complicated and going towards less, apparently.

If I'd stuck to a box or two I would've had my pledge waaay back.

>> No.26695483

>that little tank
>put in carapace Veteran squad as autocannon HW team
>mount into a valkyrie
>mfw: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOdRt_c8nfY

>> No.26695546

I was thinking about using magnets on my Noh's basing to be able to switch them for square bases and proxy them as Ogre Kingdom dudes.

>> No.26695917

Ahhh, I don't have the artbook, but Second Barrage has been in scanlation for years now.

>> No.26695987

Mage-Knight 2.0 was a terrible overcomplicated ruleset that killed mage-knight the first time around.

And im not a fan of heroclix. The fact that every single figure needs a special abilities card sort of defeats the purpose of why the game was invented, to alleviate that.

Mage-Knight 1.0 was beautifully simple and yet still open to a lot of tactics and varied army creation. You had all you needed on the figure itself, and one universal abilities card, which was easily memorized.

I figured they learned their lesson when the game dies when they introduced the 2.0 ruleset, but i guess they didnt. Now they will be going back to it, but it's a moot point because everyone plays heroclix, and they will be using that instead.

It's alright. I still have a ton of 1.0 figures, and it would be a great tool for introducing my kids to wargames when they come of age.

>> No.26696044

I can assure you im not affiliated with any of the projects i back or bring here.

Kickstarter is partially friendly on /tg/ as long as it's kept in check. And containing all the excitement and discussion about projects on one General thread is the best way to do that. So when i see something I like, i will either find a Kickstarter General thread to tell about it, or make my own.

I think the stamps are a great idea because you can get green stuff or miliput for cheap, not the expensive GW stuff, and it would make very easy and quick basing. You can resincast everything yourself if you want, but that amount of effort is not for everyone, that's why these guys are making the stamps.

>> No.26696316


You don't get any Chiefs or Giant Robos with the starter...

They did throw in time triplet ninjas tho. Cannot wait to see those.

Solid Snake Chef is also cool looking, he's the only extra I bought.

>> No.26696320

New thread.

>> No.26696360

I've been accused of being a game maker advertizing here before.
Sucks when you just would like to bring things to people's attention because you're honestly just an avid gamer with no connection to any company

>> No.26696380

>he doesn't like the 2.0 rules
Why the fuck not, cunt?

>> No.26696743

The proportions on that miniature are terrible

>> No.26696747


>> No.26697005

Actually that piece is an original by one of the kind folks at Medical Whiskey commissioned out of my own pocket so I could get the kickstarter going.

There should be an update on the project page later today, family drama permitting. There are three more art pieces left to come in total, one cover piece for the Engine Hearts / Busty Barbarian Bimbos crossover and two of the alternate covers for the core book, all of which have been paid for and are in-progress.

The core book is in layout right now with all the interior art in-hand. Once I'm satisfied with the interior layout, it's off for one last proof read (text can change to keep page breaks reasonable). During the process we should get the cover art in, at which point I'll put together the final cover layouts and get this little minx off to the printers.

>> No.26697547

PLEASE DO NOT USE THAT FONT for the tag-line at the top. It's fine for the book title, but it's retardedly hard to read there at the top.

I'm not sure I'm digging the cover altogether, thought. I hope you have other options.

>> No.26697645

Those are some remarkably normal-sized tits for the cover of a game called Busty Barbarian Bimbos.

>> No.26698619

That layout is anything but finalized. I take it you wouldn't want the body text of the whole book to be in novelty car-decal text either? I tell you, some people are just so risk-averse...

The other cover we've got in has significantly larger decolletage for your viewing pleasure. The ladies pictured above wouldn't meet most folks' definition of "flat chested." I suppose folks are just used to that size being the result of padding and other chicanery in real life.

>> No.26698650

They're like Cs, just boosted up by what looks like silicone implants.

>> No.26698733

Kind of wishing the Robotech were slightly bigger. Was going to use battloids to proxy for Crisis Suits and they're stealth suit sized.

>> No.26698785

opinions will vary, but C-cups are pretty nice-sized titties.

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