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>no erp thread

Erp thread.

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Would you rather ERP the lady, the negro, or the panther? Why?

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>no option to rp as the column

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The panther

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Leopard: "I'm fat."

Also, the Leopard. Because the lady has weird embossed tits, and I think that guy's a eunuch.

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She was. Xiombarg's Storyteller said so.

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Needs more butts.

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Fucking mimics.

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>that marbled surface
>smooth and shiny

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I'm gonna need a source on this right now oh please oh please

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for the dex mod

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Flesh does not move that way unless you are a leper

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>Implying Midna wouldn't go full fucking Fused Shadow on your ass for that.

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> No option to play as the air itself, pervasively entering their lungs and caressing their skin

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This horrifies me. There is something grievously wrong with her ass-flesh and she needs to see a doctor immediately.

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>no option to play as physics, constantly in complete control over all characters

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How do you guys get comfortable doing ERP? Do you just implement it into the adventure? Make it focus on the sex or just have it be just something that's there? I'd never be able to do this with strangers, but at the same time I'd also never do it with close friends. Just seems kinda... weird.

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Some guy called Zealk on Deviantart

Midna must be a leper then.

Surely you jest.

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>no option to play as the reflected light, teasing the border between light and darkness

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She's kinda chubby

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I never found it difficult to do to be honest, especially when you consider it's just words on the Internet with perfect strangers.

Personally I run my ERP games so that you could snap a picture any time and it would be perfect for a Boris Vallejo drawing.

> dongoon thousand

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On the other hand, has a great rack.

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That's good, right?

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I still want my chainmail bikinis+blood and guts game.

I have used a bunch of f-list and it usually starts as either a discussion of kinks and then moves to either some kind of mutually agreeable planning or a "nope, not interested."

It's Frank Frazetta. Of course she's gonna be kinda chubby.

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>not option to play as the quarks, creating matter with their eternal dance

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Where do you draw the line with it? How much does it affect the world?

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Fat prostitute-priestess.

Would not rescue.

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Yes you are right, INFACT I think I'm starting to consider the chubiness adorable

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I think so.

I find like with regular RPGs it's best to discuss this with your players. Some players like a casually smutty world where day-to-day activities and foreplay are one and the same. Others prefer a more traditional game where you simply don't to the fade to black. I generally call this the difference between a XXX-rated and a R-rated game.

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I think kink/fetish content translates best to text. I don't find it fun going
>then they fucked
>and fucked
>and fucked more
to be fun.

Other people disagree, which is why talking happens.

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> making an erp thread just because
No, go fuck yourself. As someone who actually enjoys these threads, you're a fucking blight.

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>you're a blight

You forgot your batarian image bru.

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Ehhhhh...I have been kinda bored lately, I guess I could try a game out soon. Though I can never get my schedule to work with other players so I feel like I'm a third wheel.

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No, he doesn't even deserve it. He's not a blight in a funny, image macro sort of way. He's a blight in the 'you have actively made this a worse place to be' sort of way.

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What is your schedule?

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Sorry, I don't think I quite understand what you are getting at here. Are you saying that ERP over text is best (which I agree with) or that non-vanilla ERP is better than vanilla ERP?

If it's the latter I definitely disagree because the majority of my ERP constitutes that, and my steady partners continue to return for more.

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>no option to play the abstract concept of beauty

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Well the best time for me to play is late night Fridays/Saturdays. Though most people like to play in the middle of the day which doesn't work for me.

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You don't really do it in person or with people you know, idiot...

...unless you are. Then, copious amounts of alcohol is recommended. Alcohol, or MDMA.

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Now I'm suspicious, I almost think I know who you are.

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..Fuck, I'm out of town at both of those times.

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Heh, I highly doubt that. No one I know browses 4chan to my knowledge.

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You go out of town every week?

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It's not that non-vanilla is better, it's that foreplay is more interesting to write about than naughty bit interactions.

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That's how Frazetta like 'em.

He also had good taste in men.

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Oh I see, there's one gal in one of my groups who often has trouble showing up because of her schedule.

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>not playing ERP sessions in person with alcohol

>not losing your wizardly powers before age 30

It's like you WANT to be a master of the arcane!

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Yes, I live in Oklahoma City, we are literally right next door to several other cities, and I go two cities over (Oklahoma>Del>Midwest City) over to hang out with my friends on Friday, and Saturday I'm in Moore.

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Goddamn, do I love Frazetta.

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Roleplaying with my SO got a lot more fun when I convinced him to act like an Orc.

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Bitch, I'm a sorceress. I only gain magical prowess through these things, and I enjoy teasing people around me but not going through so they basically sit there, hard, stewing.

It's fun, you should try it some time.

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OK bros, unite!

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Frazetta, man, he has the best taste in women. Beautifully thick, with those lips and eyes and breasts and oh god my dick. It's moving on its own.

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Only thing on my laptop that I could find that kinda fit.

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Considering how small the gaming community is here, certainly how few stores there are here, I probably know you.

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It's always awkward when your gay friend is playing a hot female character who develops love interest in you, seduces you while you're drunk, and has violent sex with you all night, vividly describing every ass-grabbing, dick-wrangling detail.

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>playing hot female

You sure they're gay and not a transwoman working through their issues?

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Which is why I refuse to do this in real life, unless it's with a chick I'm interested in, which will probably never happen.

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He did it ironically, that's his kind of humor.

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post it.

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What's wrong with her ass-flesh?

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One of the many reasons 'erotic' role-play is a terrible idea.

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Flesh isn't that flexible, unless there's something horribly wrong with her.

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She's an imp, what the fuck do you think is RIGHT about her?

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Maybe that Twili race has very flexible ass-flesh.

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Well first of all Professor, you're too young to get into ERP. Go help Nano with the laundry.

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But Bigby's Shocker feels AMAZING.

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Can it also be a game of pretend?

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Try being a sorceress?

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Yes. See >>26590292

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No, we all know how those end up.

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But this sounds hilarious. A++ would do.

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I thought they were the same thing, really.

Anyone up for a game of pretend then?

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What are we pretending?

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Errybody needs to list their pretend preferences, I think.

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Can you be a kawaii grill????

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Me being a kawaii girl and getting boned. Nothing fancy here~

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Long answer I want to be pic related, hack and slash my way through a dungeon of pic related, and be rewarded in loot in the form of pic related.

Short answer yes.

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Can I also be a kawaii grill?

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I suppose. Are you looking for a party member role, a monster role, or a loot role?

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All 3

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So, your plan is to meet me in a tavern, go to the dungeon with me, help me until the end of the dungeon, betray me, fail, and get looted?

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Just so everyone knows, we have a chat room on F-List called /tg/ chat. Come on in, say hello, laugh about bad fetishes, and get hooked up with whatever your kink is. We're just like /tg/, only slightly kinkier.

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I fucking love you people. Never change, /tg/.

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archived for you based anon

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I never ERPed before. Is there anyone on /tg/ that's in a online game like a D&D or Pathfinder game with some ERP in it? Like ERP light?

I've played some Pathfinder and am curious about ERP, but don't think I can jump into anything to crazy right off the back. I'm available on Thurs and Fri nights.

Pic related, I would totally want to be the blonde girl.

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I'm in a fairly erpy pathfinder game. Unfortunately it's a solo. >>

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I'm puzzled by the fact that many people ERP online using roll-heavy systems like Pathfinder. Hell, I'm puzzled by the fact that many people play regular RPGs online with such systems, but it goes double for ERP. I've been wanting to run an ERP game for a while now, but I don't want to do that until I can come up with a rule system that I feel like is conducive to getting a lot done with only a few rolls. I don't want to go freeform, but I'd like to, for instance, combine attack and damage into a single roll. I might even want to have a single roll cover a number of different, not-necessarily-related actions, so that you only have to roll once in a while (I have an idea of how this might work, but I have yet to iron out the kinks).

So I guess I'd like to ask other people their perspective on this issue. Don't you find systems like Pathfinder to be cumbersome for the task of online ERP? Do you do anything to streamline or change system mechanics to make them more conducive to ERPing?

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I think the advantage to rules heavy things is that seeing your build do what it's supposed to feels like a bigger victory in comparison to abstract combat, which is satisfying in a crush enemies/see them driven/bang the loot kind of way, if you're dominant inclined at least. Also, familiarity.

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Why would you roll for ERP? That's silly. We just roleplay it semi-freeform.

Then again, the way we play for social stuff is rather different from the norm. We don't roll diplomacy/bluff/intimidate if the attempt would realistically be believed anyway.

For example, you're lying about your identity to a gate guard who has never met or heard about you before. Assuming you're an intelligent person who has no trouble with lies, you should be able to come up with something believable.

Then again, if you wanted to represent it mechanically, you could just say we 'take 10' on anything that's plausible.

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Also, >>26592327 has a point. And there's nothing preventing you from roleplaying in a rules-heavy system.

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>Why would you roll for ERP?
I'd like there to be an actual game to it, with at least a modicum of structure to the game. In terms of television / movies I generally prefer dramedies to comedies because there's more of a backbone to them. Situations in dramedies can be funnier because the reality has more integrity (because of the drama element). So the E part of ERP is sort of like the comedy aspect, which has a greater impact if there is something to build it on. Does that make any sense?

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I often find rules heavy systems a bit encumbering when playing non-ERP games in meatspace. Waiting for each player to make like three different attack rolls (followed by damage rolls) at three different BABs threatens to make the focus of the game on doing a bunch of calculations and math. And this goes doubly for me. I'm not a particularly fast typer (never having even used a word processor until I was in college), and would prefer to have the dice rolling and calculation part of the game be relatively easy and quickly resolved so I can focus on other things.

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I don't necessarily want combat to be abstract, but I'd like it to be simple. And I too would like people to feel a sense of achievement.

>> No.26592587

I think you're doing it right. I was more trying to come up with an answer to your question than actually argue that rules heavy games are best for erps.

>> No.26592625

>I don't necessarily want combat to be abstract, but I'd like it to be simple.
Actually, more than that, I'd like a lot to be accomplished with a single roll. If there is a bit of math and calculation that goes into that, it's fine, as long as the players can easily do that on their own. That way, if every player takes 20 or 30 seconds, the whole process still only takes 20 or 30 seconds (rather than stacking up and taking several minutes).

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So I sort of want to try Pathfinder out, but my usual gaming group is pretty set on not-it (and I can totally understand) and I don't really want to run it. Any enterprising sorts feel like DMing an R-Rated (smut happens, just not the main focus) round of heroic Pathfinder shennanigans (maybe Kingmaker or the like?) for a female PC? Playing over IM evenings PST.

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Also, is pic related to your game, because if so, I'm down.

>> No.26592706


inspirational image for my eventual PC attached. :D

>> No.26592707

I only erp with my spouse and it's always deeply romantic episodes where we proclaim our love to each other in the most poetic manners possible.

You guys go way to far

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Pathfinder is okay because it's friendly to theatre of the mind combat. I like running lighter stuff like Traveler (which is hyper light in comparison) but also like, L5R, which is just slightly less crunchy than 3.5esque stuff.

I like 4e, but it's always been terrible for running online.

>> No.26592778


An L5R ERP could be pretty interesting.

>> No.26592821

>Also, is pic related to your game, because if so, I'm down.
In spirit? Yes. At present though, I'm leaning towards doing a futuristic setting (subject to change as inspiration guides me). That's if I ever actually get things done. I've got a lot of work to do to get both the fluff and crunch to where I want them, and real life keeps getting in the way.

>> No.26592843


I posted >>26591824

I think we are looking for about the same thing. I'm very inexperienced and rather shy, so I'm kind of afraid to DM. I like to play female PCs and I'm also a femanon Doesn't /tg/ have a forum or chat channel for ERP discussion? Is that a good place to start or find games?

>> No.26592874

>friendly to theatre of the mind combat

About the only system less friendly to "theatre of the mind" combat would be GURPS, and that's because it tracks character facings.

>> No.26592919

Well, in the off chance you finish, be sure to post about it.

>> No.26592965

Sure thing. Hell, if I even start to get close, I'll probably post what I've got to get feedback and light a fire under my feet.

>> No.26593061

That's really cute.

>> No.26593259

>>26592227 here
One idea I am playing around with is letting players do a lot of their own rolls in secret, and then report the results. In addition to occasional outright PvP slaughter, the game would contain a fair amount of D/s power relationships, and though everybody would be expected to be somewhat of a switch, most people are going to at least lean one way or the other, particularly in a given situation. By letting players report their own rolls, it gives them the opportunity to fudge things a little and give them their desired outcome. At the same time, they'd be expected to keep the fudging in the realm of the plausible (or they'd be penalized in some way, maybe getting less fate-type points useful in shaping the game), and stat advantages in many match-ups would be strong enough to make it impossible to always cheat your way to "victory". Also, some rolls would automatically be rolled in the open, as they would if either player in a PvP situation demanded it.


>> No.26593362

> implying ERPing with a system is at all better than freeform

Have fun tracking your initiative, faggots. I'll be over here having fun one-on-one with my partner's attention on me the whole time. No stops to look up rules, no 'the dice say the scene doesn't go that way', just me and a partner doing what we want.

>> No.26593392

Ends in everything being on fire and multiple attempts to intimidate Time to cause timestops.

>> No.26593406


I'd keep it pretty subtle on the ERP front. L5R has a lot of sexy people in it, but on the boning front they're pretty conservative. R-rated would be A+.

>> No.26593418


Only if you turn on every option. Vanilla GURPS doesn't give a fuck about facing unless you bring in the advanced combat rules.

And maybe it's not that friendly, but thats how I always played it when it was 3.5.

>> No.26593420

>tfw you were going to be in a very promising ERP game with some fellows but the GM bailed and the group petered out.

I just wanted to go on an adventure with some sexy elements. That's all.
I'd settle for just a plain game at this point.

>> No.26593454

Are you me

>> No.26593541 [DELETED] 


In fact, after thinking about it, I'd be willing to run an L5R game, solo, via AIM, probably in the evening western time, either scheduled or as we like it.

I'd like a female or trap (bordering on trans) character. Probably something set before the Scorpion Clan Coup and focusing on magistrates, but I'm open to other era suggestions too. The campaign will be on the R spectrum rather than the XX X spectrum - sex is all well and good, but only when it shows up at the right time and place. Reply to this with an email address or an AIM SN and I'll be in touch.

4e rules, btw.

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In fact, after thinking about it, I'd be willing to run an L5R game, solo, via AIM, probably in the evening western time, either scheduled or as we like it.

I'd like a female or trap (bordering on trans) character. Probably something set before the Scorpion Clan Coup and focusing on magistrates, but I'm open to other era suggestions too. The campaign will be on the R spectrum rather than the XX X spectrum - sex is all well and good, but only when it shows up at the right time and place. Reply to this with an email address or an AIM SN and I'll be in touch.

L4r Fourth Edition rules, btw. You can almost certainly find them floating around somewhere on demonoid or something.

>> No.26593563


I'd be completely down with that, to be honest. Not in the least because I really like L5R.

>> No.26593589

Because players can fudge their own rolls, they'll try to intimidate Time? I'm pretty sure Time's DC would be slightly out of their range, no matter the amount of fudging.

>> No.26593661


See: >>26593560

>> No.26593693

I'm always scared that if I join an ERP group, people will be too creeped out or vice versa. I'd want to be a trap or the little girl or something. And I don't want to cross the line.

>> No.26593718


As cool as that sounds, I don't have AIM and never have been a fan of it in the first place, especially for RPing (especially after getting my start on IRC, I just find IRC to be a much better method of online RP, though I'll freely admit such an opinion is subjective). Perhaps someone else will take your baited hook?

>> No.26593737

Is that Hideo Kojima?

>> No.26593812

Yes, yes it is.

>> No.26593839

His tweets are the best.

>> No.26593857

He's the best.

>> No.26593858

>I don't want to cross the line.
That's why you discuss shit with the GM beforehand. Every player lays out what they want to do and what they aren't comfortable with, and the GM can coordinate dealing with fetish conflicts and working out kinks (pardon the pun) in the narrative and character concepts.

>> No.26593894

He really is. Polite sage for offtopic. Just wanted to make sure this gem didn't go unshared.

>> No.26594111


Well hey, no worries. I like AIM because it's quick and easy and I'm familiar with it. If you have an alternative that I can leave running and check without setting aside time specfically to do so, give me a holler.

>> No.26594182


I'm the person posting about L5R. My preferred flavor of PC for me to GM for are the two sorts you mention. :D

>> No.26594320

What time do you guys play? Do you even have an opening?

>> No.26594353


It isn't anything yet, just me trawling around for a player for a solo game. Not even got my heart set on L5R. See: >>26593560

I'd run a bunch of other systems too, but with the same gig - probably some romance or at least character development before the girl/trap gets boned. :D

>> No.26594373

I've never done L5R, it looks cool though. Would there be actual adventuring/combat or would you just turn the setting into basically a dating sim?

>> No.26594398


It'd be adventuring - L5R combat varies from almost none to around D&D levels, depending on what sort of character and campaign you're playing. I prefer plot (i.e, "adventure") with the romance and boning as an element rather than center stage.

>> No.26594399

>romance and character development

>> No.26594409


Right? I want Avatar the Last Airbender tier chardev and adventure with some boning when appropriate.

>> No.26594415

Sounds fun...When are you gonna do it? Any ETA?

>> No.26594460

I'd be interested in playing this as well. Never tried out L5R, heard a lot of good things, and the prospect of tasteful romance is a good one.

>> No.26594468


Whenever I get a player ready to play a girl or a trap who can tolerate my sometimes shitty schedule, has AIM, and can make PST hours.

Drop me an email with your AIM SN or just bitch at me if you don't have one.

>> No.26594483

>tfw I think I just got that game, if it'll just hold together past session three

>> No.26594492

So are y'all talking about ERP in an actual game, or sexual RP?

>> No.26594500

Actual game, E on the side.

>> No.26594514

Sent you an email. I'm really sleepy though so I'll probably go to bed in a minute.

>> No.26594515


An actual game with sporadic ERP - basically the usual boning that happens in an RPG, just minus the fade to black.

>> No.26594538

I'm currently GMing an ERP game for two players, and we're looking for another 2-3 players to join in. It's very rules-lite (d10 either to oppose someone else's roll, or against a target number), fantasy-based, and geared towards transformation, corruption, angels versus demons, and other such fun stuff.

The catch is, it's play-by-post as opposed to a live, scheduled game. This does has the benefit of being less likely to have people missing whole sessions, since you can drop in whenever you have time and make a post. On the other hand, it's not exactly conducive to a quick fap when you're in the mood.

Right now, two angelic survivors of a failed raid on a succubus's keep are fleeing with the help of one of her other prisoners, a human mage cursed to fit the desires of anyone who speaks a command word. The angels are suffering from their own curses, which are causing incredible sensitivity in certain spots thanks to injuries the succubus inflicted on them during their battle. They've already come across a horse breeder who, herself, has the lower body and legs of a draft horse, and they're currently behind held captive by a cold-blooded bandit queen who is pretty mad, since they turned the mage into a thirty-foot-tall giantess to escape a viny trap, and that's got the demons there all alarmed.

>> No.26594541


S'all good. Similar situation here.

>> No.26594576

>tfw unexpected romance and genuine character development in a one shot that has turned into a full campaign

>> No.26594584

[generic rage about F-list being full of elitist cockbags and "dom-breaker doms" with noone who'll actually do interesting scenes or even read your profile beyond looking at the pictures goes here]

>> No.26594614

>That person you had a oneshot with who just won't leave you the fuck alone and keeps pushing for another session

>> No.26594640

Well this was a normal game with a group. We're all just silently accepting of the fact we're massive awful perverts, but don't want ERP as much as we want an actual game. ...we just let the ERP elements silently and safely leak in, and find genuine human moments of love and compassion arising amongst shit like interspecies and size difference and all that.

>> No.26594643


Ugh, yeah, f-list kinda sucks. The number of 2edgy sorts with a mile-long list of diaper and snuff kinks always chases me off. /tg/ chat is nice though.

>> No.26594649

Good luck!

I am jealous as fuck right now goddamn. All I want is genuine character interaction leading to romantic development and reciprocated love whilst adventuring. Is that too much?

>> No.26594661

Oh christ, the ones who already have "ideal scenario" lists so detailed you don't even know what they expect another person to add.

>> No.26594687

>All I want is genuine character interaction leading to romantic development and reciprocated love whilst adventuring. Is that too much?

It was kind of unexpected to be honest. But it was a horror game and everyone bonded much stronger than I expected, with love AND hate. It was endearing.

>> No.26594710


;-; yeah.

All I want is to reenact po-ju OVA's and all I ever find are people into skullfucking.

>> No.26594735

The worst are the people who demand OCD-levels of writing "detail" for every single post, and call it "literacy".
Tried playing with one once... the time between their posts was so long, I thought they'd left on me several times.

>> No.26594743

I KIND of want to try f-list since I'm into a handful of weird and nasty things, but I feel like it'd be a fruitless and boring waste of time trying.

>> No.26594758

From my experience so far on there (~3 months now), it seems that unless you fit a very narrow band of fetishes, AND have the same writing style as the "popular" people on there, you'll have no luck.

>> No.26594765

List weird and nasty things.

>> No.26594767

I just want to play a pan-gender intelligent tentacle monster who's into consensual sex with adult women played by people who are able to spell all their words properly and end sentences in commas.
BUT NOOOOOOOO, I put down pansexual because 'straight' and 'bi' don't define the character well enough, and every gayfur who can't spell comes to me and asks for a fuck.

>> No.26594782

The community is amusing enough to waste time watching, even if your LFRP ads get ignored.

>> No.26594787

I've been running an experiment the past few weeks. I made a profile of an obviously female character and listed them as such, uploaded some nude but non-pornographic pictures, filled out about 1/3 of the Kink Checklist, and then wrote in the profile "only interested in futa".

Thus far, I'm at about 75% of messages recieved being from male characters saying "but im not like other guys rly".

>> No.26594820

But... some of us really just like words, man. I won't begrudge people who enjoy shorter posts - it's not a bad thing - but personally I just like a whole lot to chew on.

The people who suck are the assholes who think one or the other style is better and refuse to think that, hey, maybe this is one of those cases where there's no single right answer, maybe it is just preference.

>> No.26594826

No thanks then. Rather take fic requests and dig around place I already know for partners when the mood strikes. I write well enough but have no time for elitism and tired picky bullshit. I got SHIT to do.

Huh. Lesse. I enjoy Futa-on-female, cervical penetration, straight shota, cum inflation, monster-on-woman, pissing INSIDE of women (but not much else with piss really), crossdressing, impregnation, breeding frenzy, choking, knotting, horses, reluctance-into-consent, happy ends.

And a bunch more inconsequential shit I can't recall at the moment. I don't even want or need many of those at once, even one at a time is enough for me.

>> No.26594835

I accept that you can like it, just like I accept that people somehow enjoy being "a dom who only fucks other doms". I just can't stand it myself, and F-list does nothing but make me feel unwelcome for wanting to write nowhere near that much.

>> No.26594852


F-list for 2-3 years now, can't be bothered to check.

The important part is finding your tribe on there. I've found a few that I bounce around in, and usually have plenty of fun. If your specific fetish doesn't have a big tribe, this can be a problem, but I don't have the most common of kinks (not really into BDSM in any real form) and I find plenty of peeps to have fun with.

I usually initiate, generally by just greeting them kindly and chatting for a little bit before asking what they like in a scene. This opens the floor up for putting a scene together, and if they're interested and have the time, we usually jump into it. If not, just bank the idea, approach them later, and if they're not up for it, keep the idea banked until you can bring it out for someone else.

Don't be afraid to do general searches on the front page (from the characters pull-down, click "Search Characters") with fetishes you like as either Fave or Yes, and then bookmark or note peeps who show up.

>> No.26594864

Yeah, you should be good. Play as a horse-dicked herm with a knot. There's an annoying amount of femboys available, so there's that. Try to come off as a dominant, but not one of the 'super-doms' or 'bitch breakers.' There's already a few characters like that, and you won't get noticed.

>> No.26594879

I don't have a problem finding people whose kinks mostly match mine (though I'm sick to fucking death of "you're female and sub so your No list actually means DO ALL THESE THINGS IMMEDIATELY WITHOUT ASKING"), it's finding people who'll play with someone who doesn't want to write 500 word essays for every message but still knows how to spell.

I made a game of it one night, I took a shot for every advertisement in the main "sex driven LFRP" channel that demanded "literacy" but mixed up you're/your and their/there/they're.
I don't remember anything after a couple of hours.

>> No.26594889

If it makes you feel any better, I'm ... in the sameish boat. There are very, very few people who happily do more than a paragraph in a post.

>> No.26594902

Oh. Not into femboys actually. I guess I'm obnoxiously 'straight' in that I most enjoy dick in vagoo and not all this "sissy" stuff which strikes a raw and mean chord with me. I get all warm and fuzzy over the idea of some femboy being with a woman, though. I guess that's too common and disliked, though?

But yeah, I usually like being a (working) sub, but have recently come to enjoy being a dom, too. But being a horse-dicked knotted woman with massive testicles is plenty fine by me.

>> No.26594905

Speaking as a mostly vanilla person on flist

Do you like fucking furries?

Do you like fucking underage people?

Do you like more extreme fetishes?

Do you like playing horsecock futas?

if the answer is no to 1 of those, be cautious. 2 or more, be wary. I'm a pretty vanilla dude who likes long term RP so I don't get much luck.

I'm also really shy.

>> No.26594920

>played by people who are able to spell all their words properly and end sentences in commas.

>> No.26594929

>Do you like fucking furries?
Maybe? I like, say, a minotaur or werewolf molesting a human woman. Not much into Krystal being fucked really.

>Do you like fucking underage people?
I like straight shota plenty. Otherwise, no.

>Do you like more extreme fetishes?
This is way too loose a definition.

>Do you like playing horsecock futas?
Yes, if I am forcibly impregnating some poor farm girl.

>> No.26594953

That's perfectly alright, but it'll be hard to actually find non-girly young males.
Not really
I do play as one
I like vanilla stuff, too. Anal's my favorite kink.

>> No.26594995

>have only two players for D&D
>ask them to make two characters each
>The thespian's characters are close despite glaring personality differences, and protective of each other in a fight
I'm pretty sure his characters were lovers.

>> No.26594997


Sex and sexuality is definitely the focus of the game, but we're also exploring the gentle slide into depravity these poor angels are going through as they wander around. The game takes place on the home plane of the succubi, which has also been settled (or 'stocked' if you prefer) with mortal races they can use as food, playthings, servants or cannon fodder. We're trying to flesh out the cosmology and mechanics of the setting to make everything consistent, as well as exploring the characters so it doesn't devolve into just mindless boning every post.

So if that sounds interesting, the game is at http://rpol.net/gameinfo.php?action=cast&gi=56481&date=1376373932 and we're looking for a few people to join. Because of the way RPoL works, you need to submit an application to join, and since it's a mature game, you need to give a statement of your age and that it's legal to view adult content where you live.

>> No.26595032

I'm fine with girly young males, playing them and seeing them played, I'm just tired and uncomfortable with the whole "you're girly so now you must be demeaned and raped in the ass"

I've become much more fond of "You're beautiful and I want you inside of me now"

Makes sense. My PCs all got with NPCs, which I didn't expect, and have forged a very strange bond with one another that isn't romantic so much as soul-bonded through chaos and trauma, while their NPC lovers and friends have to care for them.

>> No.26595064

Is that the lady saying that?
Personally, I prefer masculine men in the 'male' spectrum, especially since I can't find any likeable, non-girly underage male.

>> No.26595078

... Christ, that's a thing there? If I'd heard that earlier today, I'd have missed out on this really incredible go in the prostitution bar. The biggest issue I've had so far is people jumping ship just as it was getting good.

>> No.26595094

Makes sense. The sacred band strengthened their warrior bond through gay sex.
The sacred band was also destroyed.

>> No.26595103

Yes, presumably. I like masculine men too, just usually as huge awful monsters. I'm also fine with shotas who are dominant or a little tough too. Just when it comes to the whole very-feminine guy thing, younger or older, I like them more with women than with big crude mean guys. But some 12-year old adventurer kid who's addicted to blowing his gold on whores is cool with me too.

>> No.26595116


I have two female characters on there, and it's never happened to me. Then again, neither of them have are subs (I list everything as switch, since, again, don't really go for BDSM stuff), and I rarely play them as shrinking violets.

>> No.26595123

That's a great character, I hope you make that one and get all the fictional adult pussy you can.

>> No.26595124

Yes, I haven't played a 'scene' yet that someone didn't spring at least one of my No list on me once we were already going.

>> No.26595144

To give you an idea of how awesome it was, I was physically shaking and panting as a result of this.
That sucks.

>> No.26595153

How the hell does that happen? Do you just have simple stuff like anal in your 'no' list, or do they spring shit like diapers and cutting?

>> No.26595166

Dom-Dommers are terrible about that bullshit.

>> No.26595169

Man, reading this thread has made me realize being vanilla is suffering. Everyone likes stuff thats far too extreme for me.

>> No.26595170

It's invariably been torture or high-tier mind control/mindbreak stuff. Although one I played with a few times was quite insistent on including impregnation in the 'story' we were building, to the point of continuously referencing how many times we'd done it and how likely it was I was pregnant by then. Same person also threw in some "Branding".

>> No.26595174

Seems like it'd be fun. Play the young sweet hero boy who just got into puberty, but he finds that he really really likes all the gold he gets and is addicted to fucking older women whenever he wants with enough gold and convincing of their unsure selves ("I got the money! I kill monsters! I'm totally an adult, look at how big I am!" as he yanks his pants down and stares with desperate expectation.)

I mean I'm all over the shota who is all soft and reluctant and taken by his older loving adventurer partner, but this seems like a fun inversion, with some whore all "He's fucked me SIX TIMES already and will probably be back in half an hour to do it again, oh God"

>> No.26595180

On a lot of sites thats not at all a twist. A lot of ss lovers on say flist just wanna play with dom shotas who are as hung as a horse and just fuck all day.

>> No.26595187

Put it in your profile that "Hey, the moment you break out one of my 'No's, I'm gone like the fucking wind."

>> No.26595189

That is hilarious and erotic.

>> No.26595197

I have. Doesn't stop them.
Usually results in a flood of messages in Chat that just say:

>> No.26595219

Huh... I don't know what to say then.

>> No.26595224

It's f-list. Some people are just obnoxious cunts.

>> No.26595227


I'll be in the /tg/ chat if you guys want to play that kind of game.

Futurisma. It's a new character, so I'll be filling out the sheet in the meanwhile.

>> No.26595228

people on fchat can be really fucking awful at RP and social interaction.

>> No.26595233

Really? Good to know. Guess I've never seen it. I just like the idea of some chosen hero who is as eager to defeat bad guys so he can go fuck even MORE as he is to do it because it's the right thing to do.

Especially if all his co-adventurers end up women who just nervously press their legs together while he proudly runs out to go fuck prostitutes for the next 8 hours.

>> No.26595237

Just be blunt and tell them what's what if they're confused for whatever reason. Tell them that it's a turn-off, it's unappealing, and completely puts you out of the mood to do anything with them and that they should apologize or try something else.

>> No.26595250

That's the way it is everywhere.
Yeah, I noticed. One guy completely lost interest in what we were doing, because I mentioned my character had been having a shitty day.

>> No.26595255

>I just want to play a stupid under-equipped Blue Mage chick ;_;

To be fair, that's all a few weeks back now. That character hasn't been messaged at all in a good few weeks.

You -seen- how uppity the self proclaimed "doms" on there get if you do that?

>> No.26595256 [SPOILER] 

>> No.26595262 [SPOILER] 


>> No.26595265

Thats lame.

>YFW when straight & vanilla
>YFW when the one room you interact with on fchat is full of mostly cuntboys, gays, and male bi-male leaning people and you're bros with them.

Shits nice.

>> No.26595273 [SPOILER] 


>> No.26595276

>Blue Mage lady
>She keeps running into monsters whose only spells she can learn end up being sexual and obscene in nature
>Ends up saddled with all these gross spells that work well but always end up with her having to do or witness something of a sexually horrific nature

>> No.26595283

Some super-dom came to me IC for what I thought was going to be casual anal, and she just started cunting up, saying my ass was tight when it's described as being loose, and I had no idea what I was supposed to do. So I just told her to stop, she got pissy, and ignored me.

>> No.26595288


Oh, and I meant the /tg/ chat on f-list.

I'll be GMing.

>> No.26595301

Was she described as having an unnaturally large dick?

>> No.26595302

We have one of those? Is it a group, or a room?

>> No.26595312

That's basically the plan, my profile for that character includes saying pretty much that, and that she'll grow more powerful as time goes on. I thought that was a fucking awesome idea for a character on there, with how "mixed universes" it is. But... no. I just get "hay u wna fuk bb?"

>> No.26595321

I can't be arsed to remember, but I'm pretty sure she did. Frankly, I don't see how that'd help. I think I'm burnt out on F-List, but it might just because I'm not interested in any of my friends any more.

>> No.26595335

Well that sucks. Are people really so banal and unfun that they just do that? They don't even try an on-the-fly scenario? No Whore Witch of Babylon who's all "see how you like your clit force-grown to massive sizes and then enslaved by my cunt an- FUCK YOU ABSORBED THE SPELL HOW uh oh"

Or just


>> No.26595341

Every bitch breaker dom on flist has a super huge dick.

Most futas do honestly.

>> No.26595348


Well, there's the IRC rooms, but on f-list, here's what you need to do.

It's a room, so if you already have a character on f-list.. join the chat, click find channel, search the private channels for /tg/ chat, and you'll find me in there waiting. Yes, this game will actually happen.

>> No.26595350

Well, for example.
I got messaged one night by a guy whose character was listed as being an arms dealer. I was immediately like "shit, that'd work, we could do a BUT MISTER I NEED THIS SHINY NEW ENCHANTED SWORD, BUT I CANT AFFORD IT, HOWEVER CAN I REPAY YOU type thing, that fits the character backstory I shat out", but no. He directly asked for an OOC screw.

>> No.26595355

Well, from her perspective, it probably was.
My character's a shapeshifter, she has what you like, and I still can't please some people.

>> No.26595366

I like big but there is really a limit there. It takes away from monstrous stuff as well if it's all huge, all the time. Dicks have way too many fun states to be in to just always max the sliders. What about average length, but grotesquely thick? Or just an average cock that's a dog dick? Or a normal dick with massive testicles and cum output? Or cut vs uncut? Or a horrific beetle cock? Or even a fucking weird suction thing that likes to latch onto your clit or cervix and suckpump the fucking life out of it?

ALL just made up off the top of my head.

>> No.26595368

The secret to f-list is talking to a million people and clinging to the good ones (once you confirm that they also like you, of course).

>> No.26595379

Horribly dull. There could be so much fun there with a little RP, especially to help get the nipples popped and juices flowing. If there's no prelude it isn't nearly as enjoyable. I'd totally want the arms dealer to engage in normal arms dealing and then get the blue mage into some compromised situation, even if it's "ok fine I got a guard beast that's been going stir crazy, you let it breed you and half off on the gun"

>> No.26595390

There is an option for having most of those things available, but that doesn't mean anyone uses them.

>> No.26595391

I'd have quite happily gone with that idea.
But no, apparently listing myself as wanting under 4 lines of writing per post means I don't get even that level of quality.

>> No.26595397

Shit son, don't look at me. I just play humans with reasonably girthy and long cocks without going into horsedong territory,

>> No.26595417

God that's frustrating. It's such an obvious and fun idea too. Her spells could be backfiring or mixed up all the time. She could reach a point where she's corrupted with so much sex magic that when she DOES finally manage to learn Fireshits, the spell warps and becomes Make Target Uncomfortably Hot instead to her dismay.

And there's so much room for an arms dealer to just unscrupulously spend paragraphs casually fondling her and speaking to her like she's a half-rate product, judging her worth for a discount.

If f-list takes that much effort to find anything good, then I really am keeping away.

>> No.26595423

I don't even bother letting people know how many I want, I'd prefer to keep it out of text-wall territory.

>> No.26595427

No I know. It's just frustrating that the default is "hey look at my 16 inch homewrecker cock" when you could qualify it with so much more.

>> No.26595450

Exactly! That's why I settled on a Blue Mage type character for one to actually do RP other than "hurr im hawt stik it in me nao pls", and you've got exactly why I'm finding it disappointing in there.

>> No.26595467

>Master/Pet play

>Dom wants you to post your Master/Pet status on your profile

>Dom wants to be your master outside of RP

>> No.26595490

I'm sorry to hear it. I hope you can find someone with a little restraint and sexual ingenuity someday.

>> No.26595492

I actually got a gal I was RPing with to do lots of stuff outside of the RP. As far as I know, she was telling the truth.
I would never expect anyone to give their dog a rimjob because someone they don't know told them to, and I wouldn't actually mind too much if she lied.
Point being, if you can get a gal to walk up and down the street with vibrators in her ass and pussy, someone's having fun.

>> No.26595497

So do I.
>for reference, I've just added that "i'll give you a discount if you let my guard-dog hump you" idea to my "generic scene ideas" section on my profile, too

>> No.26595505

Link to your character profile, por favor?

>> No.26595518

Qiryn the Blue
I'm about to go through and do another tidy-up of it, the amount of STOP MESSAGING ME ASKING FOR SHIT I DONT WANT TO DO bits I'd put on there was getting a bit over-obnoxious.

>> No.26595542

>when too aroused, some of her sex magic starts to randomly activate out of reflex for fun results
>for the most RPG fun, make a table, and roll on it randomly to see what goes off!
>uh oh, you rolled a 6, 12, and a 14. That means the dog's knot triples in size in you, you start to lactate uncontrollably when you orgasm, AND you can only cum if your partner cums inside of you, unprotected. What a shame. Mighty stupid of you to try to farm spells from the Demon Fissure only to find out it was a popular succubus whore house spot, you stupid slut.
>Now roll to see if you get pregnant with puppies. Again.

>> No.26595554

... I do not have a suitable HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG reaction image for this. Thanks.

>> No.26595605

On a related note, my ERP-associated email account is dead on account of Lavabit shutting down to avoid having to comply with government eavesdropping. I really wish the political choices here in America weren't between "heavy-handed" and "theocratic, intolerant, scientifically-challenged, greedy, AND heavy-handed".

>> No.26595618

Well, I dunno if I'll ever do f-list, but I bookmarked you in case I ever do.

>> No.26595666

my bf and i are playing in a canned 4e campaign, and at first i was gonna make my char have an unrequited crush on his for laughs, but now they're gonna be in a (slightly messed up) relationship and i feel like this is toeing the line between what's acceptable and unacceptable in normal games.
we do a lot of brainstorming to think of how they'd react to different things in and out of the bedroom, and i'm having a lot of fun with it, but it feels a little like a waste if it's just me and my boyfriend (out of 5 players total) roleplaying like this.
has anyone else had similar experiences?? i think i'd do very well in campaigns where sex isn't a huge part of the setting, but doesn't shy away from it when it occurs...

>> No.26595703

Are you kidding? That's perfectly acceptable in a game and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

I make a pretty big point of keeping my love life separated from my gaming life, due to the fact that I don't want to expose my girlfriends to such wanton faggotry, as some of those manchildren are wont to demonstrate.

>> No.26595725

Alright, thanks.

>> No.26595778

one of the other players seemed uncomfortable with the prospect, so i was wondering if this was normal or not. thanks
both my bf and i are pretty new to gaming, but we like it so far (me a little more than him i think, tho). i really want to get into some other campaigns, and maybe even dm myself sometime, but i think i'd have trouble finding players for anything remotely sexual.

>> No.26595779

I'm going to be running a campaign similar to what >>26591104 basically described.

It'll pretty much be scantly clad female warriors fighting and wrecking other scantly clad female warriors, and finding/earning scantly clad females who may or may not be warriors as loot along with maybe some gold. Find me on rizon.net in #Wargasm to discuss the system, and schedule.

>> No.26595854


Well, is your boyfriend fine with other people being involved? Shitstorms of relationship drama aren't fun for anybody.

>> No.26595882 [SPOILER] 

I once ERPed on-line.
My character was a NG gnoll barbarian.

>> No.26595897

i'm kind of hilariously open about my sexuality, and he's aware of this. since he has difficulties discussing his kinks sometimes, i was going to see if he was alright if i played without him, because i don't want to make him uncomfortable.
i'd probably sperg the fuck out and tell him all about it if it does happen, though, haha
if he's not cool with it, that's fine too. i'll be a little bummed, but no huge loss.

>> No.26595969

Yeesh, this "Qiryn" profile of mine really does need a fairly major re-working. Don't know if I can be bothered right now though. :/

>> No.26596094

> Just want to go on adventures with qt3.14s
> Like regular adventures around the table
> Except their characters and mine fuck at the end
> Want to explore deeper sexual/romantic themes
> Questions like "What would you do for love?", "Can one person truly 'own' another?", "Can righteous love be used as a weapon?" and "What's the line between affection and obsession?"
> Try to join an ERP
> mfw "The bear tears open your anus with its cock and coats your insides white with its bear-spooge. The barbarians around you howl in delight, heralding the coming of fox fuck goddess. Roll a Fortitude save to see if you get ass-pregnant."
> Every ERP is either scantily clad ditzes running around fighting monsters or girls getting fucked with giant floppy doggy dicks

Do I even want to ERP? Am I just setting myself up for disappointment?

>> No.26596131

see, this is the kind of game i'd be interested in playing. something relatively normal, but with a bit more focus on love and sexuality. why do so many people shy away from this?

>> No.26596148

It's just like me and pornographic video games. One day, we vanillas will have our day, one day!

Who the fuck am I kidding, no we won't.

>> No.26596174

Your idea sounds adorable and I'd love something like that.

>> No.26596219

Play a normal game and just see if it happens. It happened in the game I GM, and now the characters are faced with some really unhappy choices.

One NPC who fell in love with one of the PCs for their heroics now has watched them sacrifice some of their self and soul to seal away a horrible thing. Now the NPC has to care for the PC, who is on the best of days confused and kindly worried, and on the worst doesn't even RECOGNIZE their loving girlfriend.

And sure, they're both different species and kind of odd (one is a hermaphrodite) and do funny sweet and sexual things but it's all sort of shadowed over with a more human relationship of what is basically a troubled wife and her mentally ruined husband, and said wife finding every reason to pour her devotion into said ruined husband, even if it's ruining her.

Plus she also hateloves another PC who is a rogueish asshole and functions way better than the others.

>> No.26596608

Are there any femdom games running, or anyone willing to start one up?

>> No.26596628


>> No.26596665


We could try something text-based on Skype. It's not like I'm doing anything.

>> No.26596747

A game where femdom is the central fetish. Preferably a game where it's still a functional campaign with a plot instead of *just* eRPing. I'd be open to most systems.

>> No.26596776

sure ok

>> No.26596779

What about Maid RPG?

>> No.26596790

I never played it, but I'd be okay with that as the system.

>> No.26596804

I'm not really a huge fan of ERP, but I really love when people draw porn of their characters.

It's a shame how hard it is to find, and even when you do there's a good chance the art will be awful.

>> No.26596817

i draw porn of my character all the time, it just happens to be on my nsfw blog which has all sorts of horribly socially unacceptable shit on it

>> No.26596824

I just want to get with an innocent barmaid. Not get involved in some kind of dragon orgy.

Fuck you Orson. Fuck you for ruining things for me mid fap.

>> No.26596851

You call that wretched whore "innocent"? Look at how she bathes herself in make up and leaves her shoulders naked and exposed.

>> No.26596858

Look man, I don't have many barmaid pictures.

Actually, these are the only two (worksafe) ones I have.

>> No.26596866


> Shiniez

Oh gawd.

Anyone else for tasteful potential ERP?

>> No.26596873

Because only beta faggots want roleplay vanilla sex. Every else can just have it.

>> No.26596888

you mean you don't have the /tg/ barmaid of the year all years?

>> No.26596892

Love guy's art. I'm glad he draws now some actual content beside shitty s&m comics.

>> No.26596902

Those eyes just killed my boner. Forever.

>> No.26596918

>shitty s&m comics

I hope you trip and fall face first on a marble dildo.

>> No.26596926

>this thread

>> No.26596938

Yeah, I dunno what's with the eyes either. This is hand me down smut from some kind of shitty mind control game that my brother had. All the pictures are in the root folder though, so I could flick through them.

>> No.26596980

>marble dildo
If that's your fetish.
But comic is still shitty. Shiniez wastes his talent on that crap.

>> No.26597105

I'm one of those clingy, desperate Forever Alone types, so as much as I'd like to try ERP I don't allow myself to because it'd just end up with me crying and jerking it.

>> No.26597107

That reminds me, actually.
Those of you who go to "public" "hookup" sites like F-List, have you ever had bad experiences with doing more 'group' oriented ERPs, and one particular player's specific Prime Fetish derailing the game and/or scaring others out of playing? Or the opposite, someone being so opposed to a specific fetish they sperg-rage out?

>> No.26597131

TFW in all these threads you never find someone with a transformation/genderbender fetish

>> No.26597134

There was this one chick who was so against my scat fetish that she went all autism when i tried to smear her pretty elven face with my brown sauce. No fun at all.

>> No.26597139

Don't stress yourself about that, Anon. I'm sure that you crying and jerking off is someone's fetish.

>> No.26597159

But only if someone at least fuckable does it.

>> No.26597205

I've been wanting to play a TF-themed group game for ages. No luck, though.

>> No.26597209


But I have that, just not as prominent as some of my other fetishes

>> No.26597218


Yeah, I only ever had one person into it and "she" turned out to be an enormous ego who had no interest in making it a fun experience for both of us. And then (thankfully) vanished forever without explanation.

>> No.26597235

If killing people and taking their stuff is my fetish is regular a rpg an erp for me?

>> No.26597237



>> No.26597253


Start one and post the contact information here?

>> No.26597254

>enormous ego
Sadly it's really common.

>> No.26597290

Someone ran a femdom game a while ago but it collapsed

>> No.26597391


I realize that, it just made me sad at the time.

>> No.26597440

Hooray, ERP thread!

I hope everybody is having fun getting their rocks off in sexy adventure time.

>> No.26597484

Not really. But thank you anyway.

>> No.26597524

Where do you think you are bitch?

>> No.26597535

thanks for the wishes, we're tryin'

>> No.26597619

Only if I can manage to force myself to find poorly written messages that don't match any of my fetishes arousing.
Not quite there yet.

>> No.26597632

>The amount of murder porn in this thread

>> No.26597641

Fuck off beta virgin. There is nothing wrong with that. Better go suck some nigger dick faggot.

>> No.26597669

Goodness, it doesn't sound like things are going too well. I'm looking forward to having some free time to get back into ERPing myself, but is the thread just not having much luck or is there a lack of good partners or what?

>> No.26597714

Where? I didn't notice any.

>> No.26597716


>> No.26597721

Apparently I'm looking in the wrong places, or being too picky, or something.

>> No.26597757

that's the joke

>> No.26597788

yeah lack of available people with literacy/imaginations

>> No.26597804

People want monsters. I ain't a monster. Or they want to eat me. Or stick it up my butt.

>> No.26597810

And even though fa/tg/uys are semiliterate, they just want to play the little girl so that's not good either.

>> No.26597819

Am I the only one who doesn't mind being a guy and also playing one?

>> No.26597894

You might fall being that much on the edge

>> No.26597953

That's what the Internet is FOR.

>> No.26598018

There is a girl in my IRL gaming group who insists that we ERP together with her playing as a male lunar being dominated by my male solar. I don't really get it, but to each their own.

>> No.26598095

This seems to be something of a running theme across my groups; every girl I've played Exalted with has invariably introduced some form of perversion involving one or more dicks at a time.

Sometimes it's awesome. Sometimes it's mildly disturbing.

>> No.26598454

I'm going to play my F-List Drinking Game again tonight, I think.

>sit in "Sex-driven LFRP"
>watch the ads scroll past
>one shot for each ad that demands "literacy" but has basic spelling/grammar mistakes

>> No.26598509

Christ man, do you WANT to die of alcohol poisoning?

>> No.26598512

I'd like to play an F-List drinking game.

But one significantly dirtier than that.

>> No.26598523

Her character actually has twin faced hero and is female normally, but each time they get it on it's with her being a submissive man. I don't mind either way, to be honest. I just really hope none of the other IRL players ever find out because it might make things really awkward.

>> No.26598581


>post earlier in the read asking about getting into ERPing

>come back next day

>no ones responded

>read posts complaining about femanons bring perversion and dicks into games


>> No.26598590


*earlier in the thread

>> No.26598616

Maybe you're just plain unattractive?

>> No.26598636


Because I totally posted pics of myself in the thread for everyone to look at, right?

>> No.26598648

And therein lies the problem of admitting you're a femanon. Just say you're a guy who likes to RP as the little girl instead.

>> No.26598654

I'm assuming it was a joke.

>> No.26598679

Real shame.

What about...WoD, Rogue Trader or sometihng else?

>> No.26598685

No, I meant your personality.

>> No.26598711


>> No.26598830


I played PF with voice chat on Skype. I only mentioned gender so no one would be surprised if that's how a ERP games was played. And there;s lots of guys who want to play girls or girly-boys, so I thought I might stand out a little as a girl who wants to play a girl PC. If people get so worked up about it them I guess text based is best.


I guess I didn't get it....

>> No.26598942

From one girl player to another: don't reveal your gender. You end up getting a lot of the wrong sort of attention. Keep it text, don't outright mention you're female or all the creepy guys will go insane over you and drama will happen.

>> No.26598996


If you're a guy though, pretend you're a girl as much as possible.

>> No.26599063

Which setting best lends itself to ERP?

Might sound like an awkward question but it has to be asked. There's many fictional races out there which satisfy a lot of urges for a lot of people (most obviously draenei) and a lot of little cultural things that make for great erotic scenes, but which setting has the most of them?

I'll go first and say that my suggestion almost definitely has to be the Guild Wars setting. That small group of five races covers so many bases and allows for such much crazy stuff when it comes to ERP.

>> No.26599103

Personal preference. I prefer Supers, and think your fantasy settings are silly.

>> No.26599119

That's just lazy.

>> No.26599127

I'm seeing a lot of people fond of moderately-far-into-the-future Scifi stuff lately. Especially the ones that tack TOTALLY NOT MAGIC REALLY in there somehow, and have a half dozen plus alien races.

>> No.26599147


Ok, I'll keep that in mind. In a normal non ERP game on Skype, a guy's PC always came on to mine, but it was always IC. For the most part it wasn't a problem, but it might have gotten into creepy territory once or twice. Anyway, thanks for the advice!

>> No.26599148

Fantasy setting, of course. With magic you don't have to explain shit.

>> No.26599256

By this I meant Mass Effect, obviously. It has a race in there for just about every fetish type.

>> No.26599284

GW2 covers the 'race for every fetish' front better. Between the Sylvari and Norn, the the Asura and Charr, it's difficult to think of what else you could possibly need.

Main problem with Mass Effect is that all of the species are all vaguely the same size. That eliminates a lot of fun.

>> No.26599559


Guild Wars would be the perfect universe for RP. Being a human female that gets dominated by a female Norn is like my ultimate fantasy. Since the Norn chick is not a huge giantess like on /d/, but is big and strong enough to easily hold me down and have much bigger boobs than me without them being weirdly disproportional to her body. Amazing.

I could totally go for an ERP as a female human being dominated by several male charr as long as it stayed in the realm of rough sex/gangbang type stuff and didn't go into gore/real violence.

>> No.26599574


GW perfect for *ERP

>> No.26599668

Tarnished Coast, unofficial roleplaying server.

Seriously, these female Norn domination fantasies? Only a night in Divinity's Reach away.

>> No.26599698

Except futa norn are about twice as common

>> No.26599739

As bad as trying to find a draenei 'female' who doesn't have a cock that would make a horse feel small in WoW?

>> No.26599824

Norn are the worst race anyway. Whoever designed them as 8 foot tall barbies should be shot.

>> No.26599837

Not that bad, but still quite bad. Two thirds domme futa giantess with max height and revealing plate armour or heavy fur robes, one third vanilla domme usually in leather armour.

For some reason, futa norn avoid the medium armour classes.

>> No.26599844

Sounds like some of you are having similar problems that I've had in the past - finding good men to play with.

>> No.26599847

They hardly look fragile enough to be barbies.

If you said "eight foot Angelina Jolie" then you'd be more accurate.

>> No.26599896

In comparison to what they SHOULD be, they're barbies.

>> No.26599898

>men or male impostors

>> No.26599934

What SHOULD they be?

>> No.26600007

Male imposters are good too! I have a soft spot for girls who like to ERP as men.

Though there is nothing like knowing my writing skills have made a guy pop one out.

>> No.26600009

Something that actually looks capable of crushing whole Charr warbands single handed.

>> No.26600021


At least twice as wide.

>look at this giant race built for surviving in the harsh northern winter
>well, the men are at least

Their arms are fucking sticks.

>> No.26600027

*between her thighs

>> No.26600036

That's strange, because human proportions look even more stick-like.

>> No.26600043


>> No.26600044

Hm, I'm curious if you'd feel the same way about turning a female on? Or is it the seduction aspect that feels gratifying?

>> No.26600056


So? We're talking about Norn.

>> No.26600071

I probably would, honestly, it's just that I've only once got to ERP with a player who I knew was a girl behind the screen, so usually if I get any out of character feedback it's male-centric.

I'd be more than happy to turn on another girl, as long as she's playing a male, since that's what I'm into.

>> No.26600237

Leave the field blank. Put women into faves, males into nopes. done.

>> No.26600439


i warned u

>> No.26600511

Sorry about the late reply, had to go to sleep.
Hit me up if you're interested.

>> No.26600526

>see interesting username
>open profile
>immediately greeted with pics of furry porn

>female canon roleplayer
>overly elaborate profile with pretentious quotes and Youtube links to shitty music
>character info is a huge tl;dr wall of text copypasted from some wiki
>OOC section:

Remember when RPC and RPH were good?

>> No.26600572


Could your character try smiling once in a while?
I can't fap to this.

>> No.26600573

Considering that using kinks from NO list likely falls under
> Not respecting clearly marked OOC expressions of non-consent.
from site rules, you probably can get mods on their asses, FYI

Potentially some other things, too
>Continued harassment, including mocking someone's character, roleplaying style, or fetishes; repeatedly interacting with someone who has asked you to leave them alone; or repeatedly insulting a large number of different people.
>Insulting entire kinks, tastes, or other broad categories of people, or deliberately saying anything else likely to spark major arguments.

>> No.26600585

sure i'll try drawing her having happy sex today

>> No.26600602


Fujoshi pls

>> No.26600605

Not that girl(?)/anon you are talking to, but what's your fetishes?

>> No.26600647

I have a lot. Short version would be, um, men, cocks, cock worship, exotic cocks, oral, semen, impregnation, rough sex/being dominated, impregnation, dressing up/clothing porn, fantasy settings, school settings, monsterboys ... can't think of anything else right off the top of my head but I guess maybe that gives you a rough idea.

>> No.26600725

Sounds like a lot of fun.

>> No.26600818

From F-List, but kind of related.

>> No.26600881

>cis scum
Does this just mean straight men in general, or insensitive ones?

>> No.26600911


>bio (wip)
>1 year old

That's our flist!

>> No.26600913

I thought that I'd never say this, but your pokemon are pretty hot.

I'm not sure how I should feel about this.

>> No.26600921

All I can think is that they're trolling if they use that phrase.

>> No.26601048

I just want to share my ideas with someone of an adult Adventure Time/Urth (New Sun) universe. Is there some way to RP/ERP with someone just wandering around creating new races with me and rolling a few fun PCs for story lines?

I like DnD, but I first played with a guy on the bus to and from school, and we didn't use dice- he just dm'd stories for me and it worked out pretty well; it was certainly pretty awesome for passing time on the bus, and it might just be nostalgia, but it's still my favorite style of two-person (DM/Player) group adventure...

So ERP thread: Where do I find people that would just want to kind of play with/in a world like that? Like going into a world blind- they tell me what they like/dislike and I make sure not to start them near races/things that might turn them off. Then explore and fuck around, literally or figuratively, whatevs.

Certainly the main reason I made my strange world was just because it seemed like a great setting for any kind of interaction (sex, romance, or even when I wanted to try at srs writing).

Also, on a slightly questioning note: I had a gf once who moved away and we sexed on AIM and that was a blast, I'm thinking ERP is like that right?

I've got an ideal scenario in my head, but I'm really open to giving anything a try. I just don't want to worry about rolling dice and such when I can use my own judgement perfectly well- and to better effect, and especially when the main mover of the story is exploration and the lewt is babes of whatever flavor you want (or dudes, I guess, I might not be the best DM for that, but I'd give it a shot).

PS: Finding a picture where a certain torturer is not wearing a shirt under his cloak was harder than I imagined (come on drawers; pay some attention to the author!).

>> No.26601052

>>Dom wants to be your master outside of RP
If it's on f-list, that's against the rules. Hit dat report button!

>> No.26601085

>cis scum
>Confederacy of Independent Systems
She is talking about Separatists, how fucking hard is that to understand? I wouldn't want to ERP with a B2 super battle droid either.

>> No.26601135

Well, not a SUPER battle droid, but one of the ones that for some reason feel fear and pain would probably be better-suited for RP.

>> No.26601153

Anybody who identifies as gender binary. Meaning the idea that you're one or the other, rather than a magical and arbitrary gradient between male and female.

>> No.26601367


>> No.26601381

The thread does seem a little less active than previous editions.

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