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So does anyone know what changes were made to the forgeworld eldar stuff in the new Imperial Armour Apoc book?

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Wraithseer is practically unchanged.
Still doesn't roll for powers because FW cannot into BRB testing, it keeps the 18" Pinning power but rolls to hit, or can give wraith units Fleet or FnP 5+ as before.

Warp Hunter got the nerf bat broken over it's D-Cannon (which is now a "D-Flail", because that makes sense) and is now 36" S7 Ap3, Heavy 3, Blast Distort or S7 Ap3 Template (not Torrent) with Distort.
Have fun shooting at vehicles with it now

>itexwi aspects
Oh yeah and Shadow Spectres still suck. Time to proxy them as Warp Spiders or Swooping Hawks.

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I didn't know /tg/ stood for Traditional Games & ANTS.

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