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Hey /tg/,

How does one play a matriarchal BBEG? A Dark Mother that poisons/dominates most of adults and indoctrinates the children?

How does such a character react to PCs stirring the shit?


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-> Drow culture.

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What game? Looks cool.

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Not op but thats sanitarium, its really good.

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OP here. Old game, Sanitarium.

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Sanitarium. Old-ass adventure game. Great story, too.

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Play KOTOR II. Or read a good LP.

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Since /tg/ seems to be familiar with Sanitarium - how do I play the Mother? Feminists and Drow are just pussies in comparison to her. Its about rot, corruption and power. How does she fight? I guess her minions(adults) would do part of the dealing with strangers, but I want something waaay beyond claw/claw/bite here.

What is a general prper approach here? I am looking at something along Children of the Corn.

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I feel like this would depend a lot on details you haven't given us to work with.
>Does the BBEG actually care about her followers, subjects and children?
>Is there a particular reason why she's doing what she's doing?
>Is there any local social opposition to her; is this okay in their realm, or normal?
>What means does she use to indoctrinate? Coercion? Magic? Simple psychology and bluffs?

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OP here.

BBEG cares only about power and spreading her ways. In turn to do this, she "hollows out" adults and corrupts children. Imagine Hitlerjugend just with addition of strange afflictions, mutilations and diseases.

There is no local opposition, since this is a rather remote village. What opposition there was got devoured by her in broadest sense possible.

Indoctrination in this case is infecting people with one or more diseases and torture them and twisting them with help of hallucinations.

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>she "hollows out" adults and corrupts children
And then she uses the hollow adults as power armour for the kids, right? Right?!

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Go about it the same way Sanitarium did? Don't hold the matriarch BBEG in the spotlight. Either hide her from the PCs completely or make her seem unimportant. For the latter, you can have her as a part of a 'resistance' of sorts (the resistance is under her sway too, sans the twisted appendages). That way, she can even manipulate what the party does and be in on their schemes if they aren't careful.

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Feigning a measure of maternal affection seems like a good first step both to sway the children and to endear herself to some of the adults who're deluded and bemused already. It'll also make for a good subject to touch on in either children's diaries or adult records as they go through the process of indoctrination.

She may only care for her ambitions, but it suits her ambitions Not to act on that directly, as people who like or love you or are reliant on you are less likely to rebel and more keen to be nice to you.

As for reacting to the PC's, this one's also dependent on details. If they charge in guns blazing then I'd advise an immediate martial response, preferably from the constabulary if they're still active, or by some of the young adolescents who're under her sway.

If they're just poking around, try to show them her "caring" side. Offer hospitality, aid, perhaps even ask them for a little help; make busy work for them so that she has more time to decide what to do about them, or to come up with a way to see to it that they fall under her purview soon.

Spent 5 minutes looking for a good youtube clip to refer to, but essentially Futurama's Mom character might be worth looking into. Don't need to copy her exactly, but the idea of an amicable forward face with a select few lieutenants knowing the reality of her persona, but unwilling or unable to act against her.

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