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Sup guys , im back as promised.
So work on it is going pretty good.
Just have one problem , im not good at finding loli pics.
So heres where you get to help me, i'll need some pics , dump em here, they should be:
>Nothing Nude
>Anything you wish to see in the loli cyoa
>Pics should be as similar to each other as possible ( per dump)

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Post what you have so far

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Im actually almost done , just wait and il post it .
Untill then :
>New CYOA thread
>OC thread

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Lolis aside what about a zombie island cyoa similar to this

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Well, heres a couple

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Hm non nude loli
Can't help with that

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Sounds interesting might do one later or tomorrow .
First come first served ya know bro.

>Btw guys give me some loli names
Im not the anime type so i cant really name them , and giving them normal names such as Rachel or Ana , sounds unfitting.

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>Sexualizing little girls
Disgusting. Lolis are pure.

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>Nude automatically means impure

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It has 99.9999999% to be porn, and no one wants to be the little porn grill.

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Try to go on Gelbooru and try to search in there, making sure that you write as well "rating:safe" to avoid any horrible image.

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You could check out "tinker bell" on gelbooru
Heavy on frilly dresses but a lot of non-nude content

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>MFW these threads are why the FBI thinks 4chan is a child pornography trafficking site
>I am now on their list
>I hear a van stopping outside
Thanks a lot.

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It was nice knowing you

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Ok ok , wrap it up guys.
This is neither the time , nor place to discuss / debate lolis.
Lets keep this thing as clean as possible.

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Officer I have been provoked!

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>Getting raped in prison CYOA

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This needs to be done

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>Posting on 4chan without getting v& CYOA

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That's awefully hypothetical

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>Posting in the CYOA thread on /tg/ CYOA

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Ok guys , i will leave you ALONE for a while.
Gonna go back to work.
Do you think you can all play nicely while i am gone?

Heres something to keep you all busy till im back dudes:


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More please

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Yes Dad
I'll be a good son today

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Nobody has anymore?

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Basicly you have every bbeg that relates to your choices.

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Just so long as the mystery box doesn't remain a mystery, go forth and be awesome.

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>>Paper talismans

These things have always driven me insane, not knowing what to call them, ever since I learned about them in the Pokemon cartoon as a kid. (They're called ofuda, it turns out.)

Now if only I can remember what the paper-wavy-stick-thing Shinto shrine maidens wave around is called.

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Hey just dropping in to say im still working on it , didnt take a break since i started , mostly handling the graphical part now.

Mystery box contents will be revealed after 5 or more people have chose it.

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Give me the damn mystery box and better not be that mystery box series

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Hahaha , ok so two people so far.
Three more to go until the opening of the mystery box

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Damn you curiosity.... Mystery box for me too.

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Fuck it except that mystery box series I've never actually seen what was in one
Mystery box for this fellow here

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You better have counted me then.

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Mysterybox it is then.


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I don't have time to satisfy those needs when I'm trying to be awesome with the new abilities

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(Btw , there are several things that can pop up in the box , this was one of several , it was chosen at random)

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Ha! Jokes on you, I only sleep about 4 hours a day anyway.

And now I can eat junk food without gaining weight. Having to breath twice as much will be a tad annoying still...

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Twice as much sleep? That's some straight up bullshit, seriously. That's recommending 16 hours a day, hell no. I'd be tolerant of 1.5 times but even then it's toleration.

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>sleep twice as much
I'd only be awake for like 6 hours a day then

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I have an array of medical conditions that make this sleep schedule not actually too far away from my present one. Does the item correct my sleep schedule to 8 hours and THEN multiply it, or is it my normal schedule that's multiplied? If the latter, I'm only going to be spending 2 to 4 hours a day awake.

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Thats actually kinda a shit deal. It is actually worse than cutting your lifespan in half. The physical power would be rather lackluster frankly as well.

Doubling your intelligence and raw brainpower is nice, but doubtful you would manage to double your productivity to match your shortened waking life.

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Either way your IQ will be doubled so if your somewhat s,art now you'll figure out some thing.

Worse comes to worse take a few 5 hour energies

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Wont be that easy or else sleep would have been solved by the tens of thousands of doctorates that have worked on it over the years. Probably not something you can achieve in a lifetime unless you get some literal divine inspiration

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Unless we're talking about Limitless-style imposed genius.

Limitless is basically this, the movie. Except it's a highly addictive drug with heroin-like downsides that the protagonist ends up tricked into taking. Pretty good. Would recommend.

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Ive seen the movie. That drug did a fair bit more than a simple doubling for some aspects of the brain.

This would still be harder than anything he ever did in that movie though. He had to lie about fixing the side effects even because he never did.

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Actual spoilers, for anyone potentially interested in the movie.

Yeah he did. That was the finale. He revealed that with the small reserve of the drug he had left, he'd thrown himself into research to not only remove the side effects, but make it permanent. The movie ends with him going off to more or less dominate at whatever he decides to pursue as the smartest man in the world.

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So what about that cyoa?

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sorry been talking to someone for the past 30 mins , still working on it.

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Shit i already sleep about twelve hours a day.

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I know, Im pretty sure that was a bluff. Otherwise why would they film it with him not bringing that up immediately?
Instead he was acting all defeated after he was confronted and had to chase the guy out to the car with a story that sounded made up at the last minute.

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How close are you?

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More than halfway done.
Just finished editing every pic , and compiling them in a rough order.
Have a small rough draft of what the thing is about , just have to write something for each choice.

Its getting there dont worry dude.

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Guys give me some names for the girls

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Good , keep em coming

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I'll just start listing random anime ones then:

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Ok im 100% with the design , im at the writing part now.
I may postpone this for later since its 5AM haha

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I managed to complete 25% of the written part , i will go to bed now since i stood up all night and its 6 AM hah.

I will post this when its done in this thread .
Hopefully it wont 404 till tomorrow / today , in case it does , i will make another one with the same name and post it there.

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Can i go back and choose paper talismans. It just doubles my abilities by halves my active productive hours. At least with magic it isn't even an ability or effect achievable natty.

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There's a really popular one with that premise. The prison is in space.

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this one?

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Ok so , a bunch of you guys mentioned these "loli archtypes" now im not really familiar with this stuff so mind telling me what those could be ?

Also how many of you guys want this CYOA?

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So guys , you wanna help me out with something on the part of that CYOA thing ?

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Why not just forget about the japanese bullshit and us girl archetypes?

yeah some anons go on and on about lolis but if lack of knowledge about japanese culture is a stumbling block forget that and go with western archetypes like popular girl, smart girl, strong girl etc...

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Mainly because im not a little girl fanatic and barely know stuff about them.
To me they all seem more or less the same.
But i found a way to diversify them.

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>no one wants to be the little porn grill
You're joking, right?

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Heres something to keep you guys busy untill its done.
(75% complete)

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Anyone have that one with Brownie points and classes? It was like four pages long and had an over abundance of batman and adventure time pictures to describe things? In the mean time I suppose I'll take a big dump here.

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You know i do haha.


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A gohei?

>> No.26581105

Wow thanks!

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No problem.
I have about all CYOAS out there with some exceptions.

>WHO wants to see the new little girl CYOA?!

>> No.26581172

Is there a choice that includes not becoming a little girl?

>> No.26581197

You will have to see haha.

I will post it when more people seem interested in it. Having worked on it for two days now i would feel bad posting it with only one person wanting to see it.

>> No.26581242

>implying no lurkers

>> No.26581249

Well I sure as hell hope that I have the option not to become a girl
Not my cup of tea

>> No.26581338


Well HERE it is.

Tell me what you thing you guys ?

>> No.26581345

Like all CYOAs it will be posted infinity times. Just post it now.

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>> No.26581365

As you can see i did.
This is my masterpiece ...what do you think ?
Is it all you wanted and more ?

>> No.26581372

Quality product.

>> No.26581408

Hahaha god damnit
Don't see the no girl option

>> No.26581425

If you try to bel-air someone make sure you do not spend more effort on it (say 9000 posts in a day and a half) than the trollee. Apply yourself.

>> No.26581442

Hey quick question. On the four pager, what exactly dictates how many skills you have for a class? I'm looking it over but there's no solid rule it seems. I would guess Education and Arcane Knowledge dictate how many you know but I'm not positive...

>> No.26581445


Ok joking aside HAHAHAH holy shit hahahahah XD
Ok so i just tried to post the real one.

>MFW ERROR: Image resolution too big.

Ok so any ideas what i can do ?

its 2024x5016 and has 2.23MB

>What do ?

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>> No.26581490

Max res is 5000x5000, so try to make it a bit smaller

>> No.26581505

...that was a slipper on my part.
It shant happen again.

But damn , this is a bummer. I mean i made this just for you guys and now what ?


>> No.26581510

Take away 8 pixels from either side.

>> No.26581566

Lets hope it works.

Cut a little bit , but oh well.

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>> No.26581590

Move your little girls closer together, holy shit. It doesn't need to be even close to that big.

>> No.26581600

Thankfully it worked.

So yeah , this is my biggest CYOA so far , only second one .
Hope you guys will enjoy it.

>Tell me what you think

>> No.26581613

Well the first thing I think is that you waste a ton of space. Make it narrower by moving elements closer together so that it fits on a normal monitor, and make it less tall while you're at it by removing the extraneous vertical space between each blurb.

>> No.26581619

How can i move them closer together if they didnt finish their meat ?!

>Well ,i didnt want it to feel crowded.

>> No.26581668

The 4chan experiment has produced the desired product. The site can now be shut down.

>> No.26581684

>Can't become the little girl
You do not yet understand the way of Moot. Return when you achieve satori.

>> No.26581714

Well the biggest thing you should have done is proofread it first. I'll help I guess but this is shit you should have done yourself.

"giggeling" should be "giggling".
"cant" should be "can't".

"homes" should be "home's"
"wont" should be "won't".
"looses" should be "loses".
"controll" should be "control".

Saki & Yuno:
Should be "a lot".
>Saki & Yuno can read eachothers mind at any time, you too.
should be "each other's", and "you too" is way too vague. Rephrase so it's clear what's actually going on.

"apointements" should be "appointments".
"gamecharacters" is missing a space.
The final sentence should end in a period.

Black on dark purple is hard to read.

Fuck it I'm done. Do the rest yourself.

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Options I would be fine with
Nami, Sakura, Kamiko, Sora, Kobato
Final choice Kobato
Seems like she takes the least work to take care of

>> No.26581767

I like you.

>> No.26581861

It's pretty bad. Awful spelling, grammar, and layout aside, it's not so much a Choose Your Own Adventure as "pick ur loli waifu". Half the fun of CYOAs is picking out a cohesive combination of choices and coming up with a strategy for them, and just saying "pick one of these things to fight an unspecified bad guy" doesn't leave much to the imagination.

Also, you might want to put more effort into their powers than their personalities. They're pretty unbalanced and you can sum up the personalities in just a couple words (athlete, ojou-san, kuudere, etc.)

>> No.26581896

You could also do some re-mixing so it's more of a magical loli builder and less of a pick-one.

>> No.26582124

Well , keep one thing in mind.
Im no anime fag ..so i have next to 0 experience with making something like this "little girl CYOA"

I prefere doing fantasy ones, or superpowers.
The reason i did this was:

>Someone complained that no one made one , so to please you fa/tg/uys i said "heck i will do it"

Im super that if done by a proper anime "enthusiast" , it would have come out much better , with all the little things perfect.

That said. Hope you still like it
And hey ... at least now there IS a loli CYOA.

This made me smile..

Goooooood , goooood!

pic not related , just another OC for some laughs

>> No.26582132

>Im no anime fag ..so i have next to 0 experience with making something like this "little girl CYOA"
Little girls exist outside of anime, you know.

>> No.26582148

Ok , sorry .

>Im no anime fag/molester..so i have next to 0 experience with making something like this " little girl CYOA"

>> No.26582238

I don't give half a shit how true to anime it is, I don't even like loli.

I give a shit that you did it badly. If you're going to do something and hype it up like the second coming of christ, a little proofreading is the least I can ask for, let alone making it an interesting read.

>> No.26582279

Lets not let this thread go to waste.

>> No.26582291

I like it, it's not overtly sexual but if you want to be a perv it totally can be. Some proof-reading needs to be done and a part two should be here; either giving details on the BBEG or explaining choices with the strays, perhaps ignoring them grants you a second from the main batch? It's a good start.

>> No.26582292


>> No.26582320

>you can only interact with children in a sexual context
You're fucking repulsive.

>> No.26582357

Well as i said in the first thread people should expect lost of typos becaus ei wont be taking it through the spellcheck.

Its mostly a thing i made fast ( not as fast as i wished haha) , a little something on whcih you guys can build upon.
Love your idea, why not continue the work ?
Also happy you like it.

Do you maybe have some OC you would like to share ?

>> No.26582425

Pokeball with Gyrados. Mr. Fish and I will take on the world.

>> No.26582435

Do me a favor, put the images you used into zip and upload it somewhere. I'll do a fixed up version of this.

>> No.26582538

You could probably just use these for a more consistent quality:

>> No.26582563

True, except that the chibi style isn't exactly to my liking. I'll leave it to a vote, this is for the greater good rather than just my good. First to five.

Go with the chibi thread there, or get some other art source?

>> No.26582621

I would like to , but im sorry to say i dont have them anymore.
I tend to delete anything i use.
Also it wouldnt be much of a diference ( just that they would be separated and not in one big image)

>But heres the place where i took most of the images from:


this is where i found them

>> No.26582713

Eh, I just threw it in because the mass of similar pictures in one spot would save time. Just browse /c/ for a bit if you want something else.

>> No.26582774

Hm. Guess I can trash this since someone already made one with this theme.

Torn between Midori and Kamiko. Entering cool book worlds or entering cool game worlds? I can't decide.

>> No.26582782

Yours looks better.

>> No.26582796

Dont trash it man.

>> No.26582807

Yours looks better , and why trash it just because someone made something similar.

Continue work on it dude.

>> No.26582844

I'll make it so it turns the reader into the little girl, different variations. Should work. No sense treading the same ground.

>> No.26582845

Besides, there's already a thousand generic fantasy/island/jail CYOAs out there, you don't need to worry about having the same basic theme.

>> No.26584392

This is the one fellow who was attempting to fix this up, that will have to wait since my image editor crashed midway through and it's getting close to bedtime for me. Have to work tonight so I won't be able to keep up and redo the whole thing. Sorry folks.

Here are the additions I had in mind. 4 of the choices were dropped; Saya, Kobato, Miku, Aiko & Mako. Reason being that they didn't really mesh so well in my opinion. Especially Kobato, seeing as she's not even in the group to pick from but you magically choose her.

There were three game modes to be had. The first being the standard of choosing 1, living safely. Second would be taking up 2 girls, having to battle some minions of the BBEG, third and final option would be to step away but later one of the girls (randomly chosen) finds you and tells you the rest have been captured. Are you a bad enough dude to save all the girls? You'll have to mow down an army and the BBEG himself, while rescuing the girls from having been made evil.

>> No.26584418

I'm in a 4-way tie. Misuzu for the immortality, Kamiko because the writing magic sounds fun, Sakura because euphoria is pleasant, and Miya because of that pokemon fun.

>> No.26584586

Aya & Rin/Saki & Yuno were merged into one, bringing the choices to 15 rather than 20. Giving Aya telepathy, Rin telekinesis, they can share thoughts with eachother. Their strengths are mixed when together, allowing the two to perform both skills rather than each doing just one. Visually it was designed as three rows of five choices.

>> No.26584760

Gonna go with Saiyinjection.

>> No.26586121

>im no anime fag/molester

could have fooled me

>> No.26586395

Says right up in the wall of text explaining how many points you get for atributes, 1 skill per point in the attribute

>> No.26586501


>> No.26586848

This feeling right here

>> No.26587158

>Im no anime fag/molester
10/10 would believe your lies again

>> No.26587215

flight 7
$1,000 6
time slow 50% 1
50N 1

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