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>Crimson hunter
>not in crimson

or other aspect warriors in totally different color than that of their shrine

This annoys me more than it should

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Tau using Earth animals to name their vehicles and crap should be more annoying

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As with most 40k xenos terminology, the names aren't what the race calls them. They're what the imperium calls them. Hence, the earth animal names.

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It's a really nice model, though.

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You know, Aspect Warriors are probably the only units in 40k that have a specific fluff color scheme across all of the subfactions. I always thought it was weird and stifles creativity.

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Well, the Eldar ones are often from their mythological creatures.

Faolchu the Falcon.
Shaimash the Cobra.

Some, however, were named based on what the Eldar term sounded like, so the Finnadan became known as the "Phantom" Titan.

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Um. The Imperium name them that.....

>Howling Banshee's
>Can be male

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I painted my Shadowsun in Farsight Enclave colours, but that's because I run her as part of an Enclave list.

Is that okay?

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And the fire dragons arn't giant reptiles, suprisingly.

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No. GW has been notified.

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Maybe it hunts crimson things? Like how a firetruck fights fire instead of being on fire.

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The Eldar have not thought this through, have they?

Then again, the Dragon to them is a mythical beast, not necessarily a reptile I believe.

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It's 40K...

How do humans remember the names of species that was extinct thousands of years ago.

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Well true, still, the point of the Aspects is to study the art of fighting embodied by that entity.

Khaine and Morai-Heg's daughters fight brutally, mercilessly, and with lots of shrieking, running about and being more like Maenads than Banshees.

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Each shrine can do whatever they want. The reason they're usually not Craftworld colors is because while they're fighting they want to separate themselves from the mentality of being a regular citizen.

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Paint Aun'va in Enclave colors too, why Doncha?

Anyways, Farsight got his hands on a lot of plans and designs of newer Tau suits. Fluffwise, she wouldn't be Shadowsun herself but a random Enclave gal with a replica of Shadowsun's suit. She's count as shadowsun though, gamewise.

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they arent extinct. There are earth animals exported to many planets of the Imperium

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it hunts crimson colored fighters

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I'm using the vanilla codex.

But I ship them.

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I have green/turqouise painted bloodletters that I used as generic lesser daemons in the old csm codex. Never understood why people would get mad at it, guess I'm not autistic enough.

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What are orks and Space Marines?

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>I'm using the vanilla codex
"Oh, my army is Grey Knights, but I use the Tyranid codex"

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You have no problem with techmarines, librarians, and apothecaries?

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I'm running an eldar army insiper by zoe 2 palettes, so while the craftword palette is the one of the Jehuty, i use the color of every orbital frame for each different asect warrior type.
Dire Avenger is based on Anubis, Banshee based on the Ardjet, fire dragon probably will be based on nephtis, and crismon hunter... maybe on the vic viper.
If someone will stase: "HURR DURR IT'S NOT RIGHT" I'll probably don't care a shit
Making a personal army was one of the appeal of 40k, so...

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What annoys me is that it is being used as a garbage Crimson Hunter and not being proxied as the vastly superior Nightwing

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So wait, using the units in the codex together, rather than using a specific varient... is the same as running one codex as a completely different one?

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I use the Tau codex, which has Farsight in it, to run a list lead by Farsight, representing Farsight's army.

Is that wrong?

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explain. I thought a crimon was a good anti-air unit, since the eldar have no other viable options

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There used to be this IRL fighter ace that was known as the Red Baron. Red, as in crimson. Also, he described himself in air combat as a "hunter". The design team could not come up with any in-universe excuse for the name, so they left it as is, thinking it would sound cool enough to pass.

That said, the model very much resembles me of the fictional F-19, which is only A Good Thing and another proof that the GW aesthetics is firmly based on the 80's style, which explains why youngsters find it hard to accept.

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din't they use the red baron gimnick for some ork fighter too?

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At current Imperium Estimations, fully 50% of Ork Flyboy veterans (having completed at least one combat sortie without dying) have adopted some form of Red + Rank combination name.

These include "Da Red Baron", and "Krimzun Boss" as common ones, and simply "Gornob", an orkish name which has the basic meaning, and many of these Low Gothic names may simply be translations of.

Most Imperial investigations have found that a large proportion of flyboyz are from the Evil Suns and Blood Axe clans. The Evil Suns are infamous for their love of the colour red, and the Blood Axes are similarly fond of human titles and ranks (without regard to their actual role. Occasionally a "Sargunt" has been seen leading a "Genrul."), presumably flyboyz possess both a keen military drive, and a love of speed which are common in both these clans.

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Eldar players don't know their own fluff half the time especially with the bandwagon

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>eldar bandwagon

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Eldar is a top army in tournaments atm

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The Eldar falcon that the Falcon tank draws its name from is an actual falcon, as evidence by the decals showing a bird.

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And the next newest army will then beat them. Have you not been in the hobby for very long?

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Well, sort of, it's a divine entity.

It's like calling Thor "a guy with a hammer".

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The Crimson Hunter has decent anti-armor shooting, particularly if you upgrade it. But has no defenses other than keeping it out of range. AV10 and no defensive upgrades means you are going to be dying a lot. Watch out for bolt pistols!

On the other hand, the Nightwing is Shrouded, so 5+ save all the time and 3+ if you are evading. Add that to the fact that it has 10 shots vs 4 so better anti-infantry. The only thing you lose out on is the Nightwing doesn't have Lance weapons.

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How the heck is this a thing? What units do they have that are good? Wave Serpents maybe, but that's it. Nothing they have is in the Necron or Tau's league, and I personally don't think they are as good as even Chaos or Daemons

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Newest army doesn't always beat the last. Nids and DE sucked.

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Yeah. But the point is, it looks like an actual Earth falcon, so it cannot be just the Imperials comparing alien animals to random Earth animals.

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That's like shipping Sonya Blade with Kano.


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Oh true enough.

Of course, there's a lot of creatures out there which are ridiculously similar. The various kinds of razorwing for example. Dinosaurs. Jokaero and Orangutans.

Might be Old One intervention.

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>Night Scythe
>Night Shroud

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I dunno, it's got a certain appeal. They care for each other, but are on opposite sides, but when they can fight together, they're the happiest they've ever been.

Can't you just imagine Shaserra's face when told that Shovah's turned against the Tau empire, abandoned the greater good, and abandoned her.

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>I dunno, it's got a certain appeal. They care for each other, but are on opposite sides, but when they can fight together, they're the happiest they've ever been.

I was under the impression that their relationship was cold and full of mutual resentment (mostly from Shadowsun).

>Can't you just imagine Shaserra's face when told that Shovah's turned against the Tau empire, abandoned the greater good, and abandoned her.

Unfortunately, yes.

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What should really annoy you is the fact that flyers are a fucking normal thing in 40k now.

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So if Red Ones Go Fasta, Crimson Hunters are the brakes?

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Eh whatevs, there is nothing that says you can't just slap the shit out of someone who won't take them out of his list for a normal game. Cuz really, who the heck needs tournaments anyways?

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>Death banana
>Croissant of doom

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Had. For the first time, the current Eldar codex acknowledges the possibility of aspect warriors with alternate color schemes; prior to the current one, *all* aspect warriors of the same aspect were painted the same way.

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Well, with the same base colours, or similar ones. While Dire Avengers used blue, there was a lot of variation in which blue, and secondary colours.

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Doing it wrong.

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Not at all,

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Wait wait wait, hold up.

Someone actually built one and took the Starcannons instead of the Brightlances?

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Nature tend to repeat formes and shapes that are functional.
having aliens animal similar to iurs (in similar enviroments) shouldn't be a big surprise

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Aren't the guns real easy to magnetize and switch? But yeah, wasting all that effort for some starcannons...

I don't even see why people use the crimson hunter model. The DE fighter is way cheaper and Eldar players are bound to have extra lances around to mount on the wings and nose of it.

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Do you paint all the guns on Aspect Warriors in Shrine colours too? Though this one has painted the dude inside non-aspect colours, technically only the pilot would be in crimson in his Aspect Armour. The Nightshade is just whatever the Craftworld comes in, though GW have it painted in Aspect Colours too.

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...this makes me want Ken Marinaris themed Banshees.

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But that breaks down when you consider that the forms and structures seen in Earth's various organisms are all derived from pre-existing mechanisms. If a completely distinct biosphere were found on another planet, you could reasonably expect to see the same basic functions (moving, taking in energy and nutrients, sensing and reacting to internal and external stimuli, etc.) but the underlying structures would probably differ wildly.
For example, it is a universal constant that an overlapping actin/myosin grid is the only way to form a muscular system?

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Actually there's some alt colour suggestions in the codex, which not only mentions craftworld related colour schemes for aspects, but differing colours depending on which shrine. Their are apparently different shrines, for example Scorpions have The Shrine of The Stinging Shade and The Shrine of The Obsidian Claw. Wish they explored this a bit more.

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Depends. There are a lot of forms that have evolved very similarly in completely different forms. Wings have arisen in at least three different lineages (insects, mammals, birds) that don't share wing-bearing ancestry. While they're formed differently (insects have a different body plan; while birds and mammals are both tetrapods, bird wings are adapted arms while bat wings are adapted hands), they are all at least somewhat similar mechanically. The eye has evolved separately as well.

And there are more general forms that are just physiologically inevitable, like heads (very few things can move equally in all directions; this gives you a forward. Once you have a forward, it works better to put sensory organs up front, and that's why heads are pretty common).

So, really, if you think about what a sentient life form from another planet would look like, it's most likely going to have a head with eyes (and other sensory organs), and may well have limbs adapted for manipulation instead of locomotion -- and may have those secondary to evolving an upright stance.

So all in all, I don't think seeing alien races that have recognizable physiologies is that unbelievable; the thing that most sci-fi gets wrong, to me at least, is that I don't think there's any good reason to expect any similarities of *digestion*, as that's a matter of the particular chemistry of each environment...

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I need a word for OP. I don't want to use 'autist' because that's seriously overused- although it might actually fit this situation better than others. But the only other words that come to mind are 'anal' (which is annoying because it comes from Freud) and 'pedantic' (which is more about the use of words). What to call it, /tg/?

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OCD or Mild ASD

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Ooooh, OCD might do nicely.

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