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ITT characters or people who would thrive in the 41st Millennium.

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This badass motherfucker right here.

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>Geist makes planetfall on an important hiveworld.
>Intentionally awakens the Necrons beneath it just to know what it's like to kill Necrons.
>Forces an astropath to send the planet's coordinates to an Ork Wierdboy. The Necrons from below and Orks from above devastate the hiveworld.
>Also Geist rallies the underhivers from all over the planet into revolt. For the lulz.
>The Adeptus Arbites sends their finest agent, Brock Sampson to wrangle the planet back into order and put down Geist.

Can you imagine what their final fight would look like, /tg/? Can you even imagine?

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>almost enough dakka

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Meet ya new War Boss boyz

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100 Orks vs. 1 Titan

Who will win, /tg/?

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Nah, you need Dredd as the Arbites.
Brock is a former Guardsman in service of the Inquisition, now following a broke Rogue Trader around as his bodyguard.

It'd go something like:
> Riots on a prison world where Dredd and his judges have been deployed.
> Geist instigated the riots to awaken the Necrons beneath the surface.
> Brock arrives with the Venture Rogue Traders to pilfer whatever tech they can sell.
> Orks invade because Geist wants more fighting.
> Serious Sam is deployed to purge the Ork menace.

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Orks believe that if you can crump it, you can kill it. Therefore, Titans die without their necks being severed.

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As a rogue trader group.

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>The planetary governor resorts to somewhat heretical means to try and quell the violence. Having his planet thrown into chaos will surely put a damper on his plan to make into the Lords of Terra.

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General Patton.
You fucking know he'd love it.

Also, I'd kinda like to see Snake Plissken show up in the W40k universe. Maybe Last Chancers style penal service, where he ends up fucking everyone's plans all to hell and escaping.

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Not fancy enough. They'd work wonders as an Inquisitor's acolytes, though.
Possibly one gone rogue or in service to a radical Inquisitor who enjoys blowing shit up.

So, considering how we're on a world gone to shit, they'd fit in marvelously.

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Slaanesh buttsex? Slaanesh buttsex.

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I really want to see an absurdly comic character in 40k.

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He would break rule 3, of course.

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Absolutely no question. Jack Churchill.

See the attached picture. He's on the far right. In World War Two, getting off a landing ship.

Leading the charge.

With a fucking claymore.

He's also the only soldier in WWII with a confirmed kill with a longbow. Famously expressed his disappointment with the end of the war with "If it wasn't for those damn Yanks, we could have kept the war going another 10 years."

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41st millennium's best rogue trader.

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Lol Patton is the closest real life has gotten to "DRIVE ME CLOSER I WANT TO HIT IT WITH MY SWORD" that I know of.

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Don't forget that he only signed up for the commandos because "it sounded dangerous."

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He would make a great commissar. He smacked a few soldiers up for being bitches. I bet he'd LOVE to use his guns on cowards, instead. Plus, he was a great general, and a glory hound.
Mad Jack would be fucking brilliant.

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I completely agree. Irresponsible Rogue Trader would be a pretty fantastic campaign.

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Completely agree.

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Someone has to stop the chaos menace!

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Jack Churchill.

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I'm disappointed in all of you.

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40k seems so strongly influenced by 2000AD, Dredd feels like an unfair example.

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What, as a Nurgle worshipper?

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>Not Slaanesh

Man, you should hear the way people talked about Freddie's parties.

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aww yiss

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This guy could be planetary governor of a planet NEXT to the Eye of Terror, and he wouldn't even break a sweat.

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The Chaos gods would have a field day with him as their avatar.

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Didn't Cain fight a guy who was exactly Psker-Hitler?

I assume it's cheating to suggest Harlock since he was the inspiration for the Rogue Traders?

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Yup. Probably also cheating to suggest Marika, who drinks heavily from the Harlock cup.

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champion of Khorne

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I dunno man, no Khornate would have such a shit-eating grin.

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Are you sayng that you cant be both Khornate and enjoy yourself on the battlefield?

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Actually I don't think she'd fare that well, she's closer to an actor who plays Harlock (which makes perfect sense in her setting, but would be no help in 40k)

Kharn is not the only Khorne worshiper, some of them do still have the capacity for conscious thought you know.

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Zekka would love it.

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I wouldn't be so sure about that. Marika's biggest advantages in-setting are that she's quick to adapt to new situations, she's frighteningly competent, and she thinks outside the box with apparent genre awareness.

She's a contender in pretty much any form of "character is transported to X universe" scenario.

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Pick a hive, any hive.

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not a hard pick.

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>all that suffering ripe for harvest

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>He killed the Void Dragon decades ago.

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Rommel would be right at home with Creed. Simo Hayha would be a Vindicare to the Vindicares.

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This motherfucker. Just everything he did. He was born aristocratic, so when the army was changed so that birth didn't dictate rank, he re-enlisted as a private and earned his station back. He then went on to become a general.
Among the massive amounts of badass acts this man accomplished with his massive balls, he captured Stettin with just five hundred Hussars and logs painted black, made to look like cannons.
This guy takes second place. Conan in real life.
He was known for splitting helms and skulls with a one-handed sword. That's pretty boss.
>h-hey anon, there are two Frenchmen on this list!
At this point, I've forgotten more badass French dudes than most people blabber about for the rest of the planet.
For fictional characters, Judge Dredd and Conan the Barbarian.

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Uh, boss?

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These two right here.

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The Earth Caste scientists behind the Ion Rifle would love this guy.

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nuff said

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Make a contract with me and become a Bride of the Emperor!

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>All psykers must hang.

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And now Vandire is, like, 62% more evil.

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>Thereafter he found he could make a good living out of winning tournaments. At that time tournaments were dangerous, often deadly, staged battles, not the jousting contests that would come later, and money and valuable prizes could be won by capturing and ransoming opponents, their horses and armour. His record is legendary: on his deathbed he recalled besting 500 knights during his tourneying career.

>In spite of his advanced age (around 70) he prosecuted the war against Prince Louis and the rebel barons with remarkable energy. In the battle of Lincoln he charged and fought at the head of the young King's army, leading them to victory. He was preparing to besiege Louis in London when the war was terminated by the naval victory of Hubert de Burgh in the straits of Dover.

Holy shit he's real

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I dare you, /tg/, I say I dare you to find a face that resembles a commissar more than this man. Whenever I hear the word commissar, you know whose face pops in my head? Yeah, that's right. It's this guy. It is a face that can make the guardsmen rally around and fight selflessly to the death for the Emprah.

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>Whenever I hear the word commissar, you know whose face pops in my head?

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Putin is a Bond villain made manifest. I could see him as a High Lord of Terra, pulling strings and eradicating his political enemies ruthlessly and subtly.

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If you said a lord of terra, I'd agree.
But putin's chin is way to weak and tiny to be inspiring.

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For crying out loud, he's an ex-KGB man. An inquisitor!

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Agito Makishima.

What do you do when you discover a Chaos conspiracy on your homeplanet?

You set up your own Inquisition of course.

Using funds straight from the cult bank account. Because you make sure you have an important position in the cult.

And when the Imperials mount the counter attack, you awaken your sleeping cells.

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"Chaos was fucked"

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I'd rather say he's more of a Inquisitor or a High Lord of Terra. and fuck the shit out of his to-be-assassins with his dual-wielded fuckin'-autocannon from a thousand miles away (which only he knows how)

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Inquisitor Inverse of the Ordo Maleus, the Heretic Killer, The Xeno Spooker, enemy of all who live! They say demons step past out of sheer revulsion!

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They're already doomed to fight for all eternity for the good of mankind.

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>Implying stupid weaboo shit could survive the grim future

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He'd become a Daemon Prince within half a day

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Red sun over paradise

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>all this weeaboo shit

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welcome to 4chan

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There's work for bounty hunters in the 41st millennium right?

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Yeah but he'd most likely be stuck in one system as tiny Slave One couldn't traverse around the galaxy.

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Did you not notice that half the other boards are dedicated to 'anime' in some regard, and what sort of banners and advertisements we have here?

Look where you are faggot, ect

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4chan is not your secret club anymore, buddy

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Did you notice this board is specifically for Traditional Games and not anime faggotry?

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Then why is the discussion of video games, books, movies, television, music, history, comics, pulp fiction, and warhammer 40k allowed on this board?
None of it is related to /tg/, but we allow it on the grounds that people use it for inspiration for their campaigns.

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Nigger do you know how this board came to be?
It was because of Warhammer. It has more of a right to be here than anything else.

I feel sorry for anyone who uses that weaboo shit for inspiration.

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That half is already lost. Infected. Hopeless. I only regret that it has not been purged.

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But warhammer is /v/ related, everyone knows that. It's babby's first tabletop wargame, and deserves its rightful place in the babby board.

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Everything is /v/ related.

>> No.26561360

Just like anime deserves it's rightful place on the worst of all board, perhaps barring /b/, /a/.

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Goddammit /tg/.

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Then this thread shouldn't exist, because it's about battle bacons fourty millyun.
Neither should half the catalog.
/tg/ would be better for it, truly.
Everything is /tg/ related. Especially bears, fetish smut, and meat bread.

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/mlp/ and /soc/ are easily worse than /a/

/a/ at least has better posting standards than /tg/ these days, even if half the posts amount to "I want to fuck <insert anime character>"

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40 000 years into the future, Lina is still flat.

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This guy, in his tower together with his "daughters". Pop him down on a chaos world.
He wouldn't give a single fuck.

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Dio could broaden his horizons and lead a crusade against everything with his mighty vampire-zombie-fleets.

>> No.26562032

The Imperial Guard is already a thing.

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>Implying punchghosts wouldn't be viewed as latent psychic abilities
>Implying a foul parasitic mutant would not be removed before it could develop a those abilities in the first place

>> No.26562080

>Implying Dios FEL of 250 wouldn't let him sweetalk his way past even the most devoted inquisitor.

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I like the way you guys think. Think he is charismatic enough for him to charm even Eldar? I think he could.

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He would die in the first day. While he spends two hours grunting like an 80 year old constipated man passing a turd the size and shape of a pineapple, the locals throw enough concentrated firepower at him to make him a smoking crater.

>> No.26562186

There's a certain someone who fits that role better.

>> No.26562205

Oh, are you kidding? That's not even a challenge for him. He'd have the Eldar worshipping him as a god in no time.

>> No.26562210

Why is that every face that Sundownder makes is pure gold?

>> No.26562212

What is a hyperdrive?

>> No.26562218

DIO confirmed for being the new pimpmaster general of Commorragh.

Vect is old and busted.
DIO is new hotness.

>> No.26562231

It remains a mystery to man. This guy would also fit in.

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Freddie is revered by Chaos as an avatar of Slaanesh, and by the Space Marines as a time displaced battle brother.

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Won't do shit in the Warp.

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Yes and no.
On the one hand, 40k is a universe with absurdly simplified space-combat, meaning his fleet tactics would still be effective, and he is used to commanding fleets with thousands of ships.

But he's also from a universe where the sentence "Most wars are not between good and evil. Most are between one good and another kind of good" can be uttered in complete sincerity. The nuking of a single farm-colony, with a population of like 2 million, was an unthinkable crime to him.

He's too good for this universe. If only Kircheis were here...

Or Oberstein. If he still has Oberstein, he's good. If he still has Oberstein, Mittermeyer, Reuental, and Kirchies, they might actually save the galaxy.

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Believe it or not, he could. He would easily pass for an abhuman or at the very least find work with the Tau.

>> No.26563238

He's just an average 8ed ultra-smurf

>> No.26563283

The Tartakovsky one? Hell fucking yes.

>> No.26563299

per Red Son, he's basically a space marine.

millenia of evolution, both natural and experimental, have made men stronger and smarter, until the last descendent of the House of L, the ancient peacebringer who united humanity, is sent loose from a dying world

and sent back in time. where he ends up opposed to his ancient ancestor Lex Luthor, eventual founder of the house of L. Good alt-universe

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Thing is that it's so open and full of shit that most characters could fit in somewhere.

>> No.26563397

Rogue Trader extraordinaire.

>> No.26563406

If he was sent in as a kid he would probably be scooped up as a marine candidate, but i think he would be better off fucking up fantasy's universe.

>> No.26563411

We need a story about commissar overseeing Imperial Guard kitchens and resulting shennanigans

>> No.26563460

Requiem and all those denizens of Hell he shared a world with would have considered it the 41st millennium a relaxing and quiet time.

Pic related. Was once the founder of the Spanish Inquisition, now your basic radical Imperial Inquisitor.

>> No.26563518

Holy fuck yes.

I would pay dear to watch a film of Ace Rimmer fucking up the 40k universe.


>> No.26563534

There really should be a Werewolf Theme army in 40k or even fantasy.

>> No.26563596

>Wistfully, Jaq quoted to himself the words of an ancient leader of the middle kingdom on bygone Terra: ‘In the land of a thousand million people, what does the death of one million of these count in the cause of purity?’ - Inquisitor Jaq Draco, Inquisition War
The Imperium Literally consider him a hero.

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>> No.26563625

Space Wolves and Beastmen.

Also there is mention in one of the early editions of fantasy about some Sigmar warrior order up in the north that were were-wolves.

>> No.26563630

I get the feeling that he would get drafted into the Black Templars, or get indoctrinated into a Khorne cult. Probably the later

>> No.26563649

Hell yes. He'd fit in marvelously.
A mercenary on the side of Chaos, favored by Khorne, great pilot, utterly evil and insane.

>> No.26563664

Requiem: Vampire Knight is amazing, but it's basically made with the ethos of 40k, but none of the stops. Make shit as over the top gothic and metal as you can, but 40k has a few internal checks. I fucking love Requiem. I'd storytime it here or over in /co/, but feel like I'm dying of plague or something.

Also I only have up to the 2011 issue. Did anyone get the 2012 one? I don't think 2013 is out yet.

>> No.26563701

>Inquisitorial Stormtrooper

>> No.26563717

What are Space Wolves?

>> No.26563729


Leo could easily show the space marines how to do things.

>On the night of 13 April 1945, Major single-handedly liberated the city of Zwolle in the Netherlands from German army occupation.

>For three days his men held off multiple Chinese counter-assaults until reinforcements arrived. For his actions, Major was awarded the bar to the Distinguished Conduct Medal. Twenty French Canadians successfully resisted the assault of two Chinese Divisions while an entire American division was forced to retreat.

>> No.26563735

>Imperial Guardsmen

>> No.26563736

Space Vikings. Not werewolves.

>> No.26563737


He's the High Lord in command of the assassin temples. Or at least the poison/radiation-based one. Definitely Inquisitorial.

>> No.26563748

I always smirked stupidly every time they fired the Impaler Guns and it sounded like "Tepess"

>> No.26563752

>> No.26563761

this guy would slay the emperor, unite the factions and rule the universe in the name of the squats

>> No.26563762

NO, they're fucking werewolves. Just like how black templars are space crusaders, and how blood angels are space vampires.

>> No.26563778

They used to be.

Now they To busy Wolfing their Wolfy Wolfers in the name of the Great Wolf and his Wolf Lords.

>> No.26563780

>Adeptus Arbites

>> No.26563813

The only space wolves that transform into beasts are the new recruits that fail, or some shit like that.

They are space vikings.

>> No.26563826

You're an idiot.

>> No.26563848

Smells like newfag.

>> No.26563849


>> No.26563866

They have bastardised norse names, live in a snowy place, but otherwise they have nothing really similar to vikings. They're just wulf wulfsson ragnar wulfy wulf and sometimes they turn into wulfmen because wuff wuff.

>> No.26563870

I cannot think of anyone who would thrive more in the 40k universe

>> No.26563872


I'm getting planetary governor vibes from him, although he essentialy did order an Exterminatus with the mirror array.

>> No.26563873

>clearly your average Ogryn Bonehead
>in a drag
yeah, give him proper uniform and he'd fit right in

>> No.26563874

>Or Oberstein. If he still has Oberstein, he's good. If he still has Oberstein, Mittermeyer, Reuental, and Kirchies, they might actually save the galaxy.

The only one he needs for that is Kircheis.

>> No.26563878

>reading bomb queen
Shit taste confirmed.

>> No.26563885

I would hardly call the OSI the equivalent to the Imperial Guard, maybe more like the Inquisition or an Inquisitorial Storm Trooper.

>> No.26563891

I think Nate could pull it off.

>> No.26563906

I'm sure Snikterine could make it pretty well.

>> No.26563909

Could make a decent Chaos Lord.

>> No.26563923

Iron Hands.

Brotherhood of Steel is perfect Ferrus Mannus chapter material.

>> No.26563930

Inquisitorial acolytes.

>> No.26563931

the 40K universe is substantially more fucked. He needs Kircheis to even himself out, but he needs the others because he needs some competent commanders to delegate to.

>> No.26563937

>I'm looking for Net Terminal Genes. Do you understand?

>> No.26563938

Count as Sister of battle Seraphim with massive acts of faith and a love of purging xenos.

>> No.26563953

>Not reading bomb queen

Has his own opinions which I respect

>> No.26563964

The Moon Nazis from Irons sky.

Just one more oh so typical recruitment world.

>> No.26563966


Radical Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor. Hell, he probably has a shitload of experience in summoning and banishing daemons.

>> No.26563990

Get out.

>> No.26564023

On the same token, a Rogue Trader who doesn't fuck around and has something to hide.

>> No.26564027

your anger only fuels my lust.

>> No.26564028

I could see him as an arbite, investigating odd cases.

>> No.26564029

Just a Rogue Trader and his motley crew.

>> No.26564066

No anger. Just pity.

>> No.26564084


Patton spent much of his early career trying to perfect the cavalry sabre, and was gutted to find that the events of the 1930s spelt the death of conventional cavalry.

In the Dark Millennium, he might have came to a different conclusion...

>> No.26564089

Inquisitor of the "Psykers are the next phase of human existance" variety.

Not vindictive, as such, just willing to fuck you up royal if he thinks it will further his great and noble cause.

>> No.26564102

Orks would swarm it, and someone would eventually get to the neck. And if choppas can go through astartes Godplate, they can go through titan flesh

>> No.26564148

Space? Well. It's pretty fuckin' dark in space.

>> No.26564149

What do you want? Ground Tau hooves? Best cure for cancer. Some Ork teeth for a necklace for your gal? We've got everything, from termagant adrenal glands to Eldar spirit stones! How about a bonesword?

>> No.26564164

Orks. Not because "durr reality warpers" but because on their own their weapons are pretty great.

>> No.26564196

It's just one ork


>> No.26564245

"That warp storm that engulfed that entire system and resulted in the death of billions of Imperial citizens? That was because the Emperor is displeased with all the mutants and heretics in the Imperium!"

>> No.26564388

Por qe es las dos?

>> No.26564499

So yea.... pic completely related.

>> No.26564796

How did they get werewolves to work for the vampires later on?

>> No.26564831

But Strike Witches is pretty good, even if you don't like the fanservice.

>> No.26564846

>selling Eldar spirit stones

You fucked up Chau, and I thought you were a smart man!

>> No.26564857

He got killed like a bitch by a blind man. By accident.

Yeah, I don't see him surviving more than a day.

>> No.26564865

The continent of Africa.
..there is only war... fits them pretty well.

>> No.26564873

>Confirmed pedophile and sexual predator.

>> No.26564876

>> No.26564883


Religious nuts turn into Werewolves in that Hell. The Laminas (the spirits of murdered people) implanted them a control device and the Vampires got their hands on that device after they had wiped out the Laminas.

>> No.26564893

Looks like little girls with animals ears with rocket legs and huge guns.
weaboo-loli-furfaggotry... I don't see how that is anything but retarded.

>> No.26564904

Top tier inquisitor or high lord of Terra

>> No.26564906

>thinking 2D and 3DPG are the same
>confirmed for having Akibaranger levels of delusion

>> No.26564928

Just where do you think you are?
Guilty as charged

Stop using that word until you learn what it means.

>> No.26564992

We're on /tg/. A board created from Warhammer Wednesdays, not Weaboo Wednesdays.

Putting cat ears on some little girl is dipping into furfag territory.

>> No.26565000

Looks like buzzword with buzzword with buzzword and buzzword.
buzzword-buzzword-buzzword.. I don't see how that is anything but buzzword.

>> No.26565039

We're also on 4chan, you wouldn't or shouldn't be here if you weren't into anime/manga/whatever japanese hobby or at least willing to tolerate it.

Also learn from pic related, it can save you from heresy.

>> No.26565046

He'd probably be a Daemon Prince in 40k.

>> No.26565060

Honestly, I don't care if you don't like the shit, but you really should know better than to hate on it. 4chan has different boards, but the whole site was built for people that have at least some roots in anime and shit.

Honestly, how did you even come to be here if not through being at least a little bit of a weeaboo? The only other reason to come would be for the epic may-mays, in which case, you need to get the fuck out even more than the weeaboos do.

>> No.26565100

In before he tries to say 4chan is no longer the weeaboo's secret club.

>> No.26565113

Look at all those boards that have nothing to do with anime. Yet faggots vomit pictures of cartoons all over the place anyway, that shit gets old.

>> No.26565125

>He execute the soldiers by shouting at them

>> No.26565130

That was quick.

>> No.26565145

The Emperor wills it!

>> No.26565176


>> No.26565181

4chan weeaboos are better that most weeaboos, since they usually admit that Japan is not a glorious paradise of pocky and busty women that will faun over them.

>> No.26565187

Sometimes, I wish it had something that recorded seconds, simply so we can exactly how fast these things are.

>> No.26565204

You are just too adorable anon.

>> No.26565229

4chan X has seconds.
They were 44 seconds apart.

>> No.26565244

He'll probably join the Blood Pact or something. Oh well, as long as someone is lugging grenades at his head, he'll be fine.

>> No.26565253

Fair enough.

>> No.26565264

She would make a good cultist.

>> No.26565292

>thinking that fapping to lolis doesn't make one a pedophile

Now who is delusional...

>> No.26565296


I don't see him as a Commissar though. More as an officer.


You, squad over there! You are nothing but unorganized grabastic pieces of amphibian shit! GET BACK IN THE FIGHT!

The Emperor has a hard on for the Imperial Guard, because we kill everything we see!

>> No.26565320

>> No.26565339

It's you.

>> No.26565346

Her master dreams of ascension to deamonhood and a world of his own to corrupt.

>> No.26565347

Bomb Queen is too low class even for 40K

>> No.26565358

I don't know buddy, I'm not the one having trouble discerning fiction from reality.

>> No.26565367

At least I don't fantasize about having sex with children, unlike some people.

>> No.26565391

Real children are 3dpg, I don't know why anyone would want them.

>> No.26565400

Yeah, I'm sure people who watch shows about children's underwear are really completely uninterested in that kind of thing. That makes sense.

>> No.26565430

what movie is that?

>> No.26565465

3D pig... gisgusting?
Gotta work on your acronyms, my lolicon brethren.

>> No.26565466

Elite Squad.

>> No.26565498

Nah, she'd totally be a slaaneshi sorcerer/ess.

>> No.26565512

Apologies anon, I'm running on 4 hours of sleep and coffee.

>> No.26566351

>> No.26566373

Lemme see your test scores.

>> No.26567407

Just to watch him die a horribly painful death.

>> No.26567898

Oi, boyz! Dis 'umie is ded orky!

>> No.26568527

>> No.26568574

He falls to Chaos and leads a Black Crusade.

>> No.26568679

>> No.26568762

Roboute Guilliman: great Primarch or GREATEST Primarch?

>> No.26568848

Haev gun. Will travel.


>> No.26568874

Throw this fucker onto a hive world and he'd have a business within a year. Within the decade he's either executed for a thousand crimes or governor.

>> No.26568988

On tonight's program:
>Richard accepts a new Spiritual Liege!
>James busts a Genestealer cult!
>And I get a trip on the Black Ship Express!

>> No.26569197

W-was mentioning Hitler in a thread actually on-topic and constructive?
Also, I'd love to see how Mao Zedong would've dealt with a hive world.

>> No.26569250

Is Bobobo a Slaaneshi champion or does he confuse even (S)He who Thirsts?

>> No.26569550

>Who is secretly been possessed by a daemon of Tzeentch

>> No.26569617

He's more Tzeentch, considering he's constantly transforming and NEVER does the exact same attack twice.

>> No.26569634

That gives a me a good idea fanfic idea I'll never actually do anything with. An Imperial news program that is just blatantly propaganda, hosted by an anchor who seriously believe every lie he is made to tell.

>> No.26569723

That movie could have been way better than what we got.

>> No.26569752

Top Guard, with some random crusader playing the Stig.

>> No.26569770

>Space Marines

>> No.26569777

>thread over 200 replies
>no one has posted the Lost Primarch yet

>> No.26569813

>the Stig
>random crusader
That's not how you spell "Jaghatai Khan".

>> No.26569820


>> No.26569869

Former arbites, manages to kill a corrupted Inquisitor with aims of daemonhood ascension by shooting it in the face.

A lot.

>> No.26569873

inquisitor grossman

>> No.26569886

Chosen of Tzeentch

>> No.26570246

>> No.26570516

>> No.26571291

Well considering his record for starving people, I guess it's better than letting him run an agri-world.
Stalin would make a fantastic hive world ruler.

>> No.26571373

next closest thing to lord solar

only if kircheis were here

>> No.26571429

Flesh smith of the inquistion

>> No.26571536

Lawrence and his abhuman(?) partnert
traveling from world to world trading goods and hiding from ordo xenos

>> No.26571545


>> No.26571673

Genestealers a shit

>> No.26571752

"Mobius One! The Planetkiller is ten minutes away from firing range! The only way to destroy it is it fly inside the main gun and destroy eight power conduits, while dodging point defense fire, hellspawned warpdaemons, and enemy squadrons. Good luck!"

>> No.26571824

Is he working for Chaos or the Imperium of Man?

>> No.26571894


>> No.26571956

No, the SLAN.

>> No.26571981

its where we get the word marshall

>> No.26572081

oh man, fuckin spoiler bait right there...

>> No.26572167

Champion of Nurgle right here.

>> No.26572294

Seems like a highly potent demonhost.

So probably both.

>> No.26572786

FOOLS! He IS Chaos itself, once even called by the name Nyarlathotep! So why does he once again serve the Hellsing bloodline in the 41st millennium?

"Because fuck-you, that's why."

Who am I even looking at?

>> No.26572907

She can control illness, especially infectious diseases.

>> No.26573323

Shit, 40k would be a vacation coming from the Souls universe.

>> No.26573884

This guy's basically a Chosen of Nurgle.

>> No.26576592

the onlt reason i watched it are for the ss costume.

>> No.26576640

Nah, Dark Souls might be a crapshit world, but 40k is a crapshit universe.

>> No.26576670


Mobius One, engaging!

>> No.26576677

I can just imagine an Inquisitor going badshitmad about the Hellsing bloodline using Alucard (and Seras), and the current heir to Hellsing pulls out a 10,000 year old Imperial paper signed by the Emperor himself declaring the vampyres Alucard and Seras agents of the Throne.

>what do you mean, they're not demons?
>what's a vampyre?

>> No.26576719

i am shocked at you all

>> No.26576763

We already decided he would be a general of the Amerigo Secundus but still. him on crusade would be amazing. he burn the worlds of the Tau to the ground and still be able to claim the moral highground.

>> No.26576771

I'm not sure how The Boss would get himself declared emperor, but I would pay to play a game built around that premise.

>> No.26576784

i'm pretty sure that we can just safely assume at this point that the boss and the emperor are the same person

>> No.26576800

stick him in any hive and he'll be running the underworld within the week.

>> No.26576810

he'd be one hell of a Catachan

>> No.26576915

Well how's he supposed to use his longsword from the back? Really, think for a second.

>> No.26576929

So his prodigious psychic powers are just the result of drinking way too much Saint's Flow and the shaman gestalt story is just a hallucination that also resulted from the aforementioned bender?

>> No.26576989


>> No.26577030

He is an ancient Daemon Prince defeated by an Ordo Malleus Inquisitor.

>> No.26577069

Burt Gummer
Sarah Connor
Doctor Loomis

>> No.26577118

Replace with relevant location in 40k. He'd take to virusbombing and cyclonic torpedoes like a duck to water, to say nothing of orbital strikes, sustained artillery barrages (beyond horizon!) and tanks.

>> No.26577203

He'd be at least a sector governor.
Though his place is probably amongst High Lords of Terra.

>> No.26577229

Iron Man.
Fuck, pretty much anyone from Marvel and DC.

>> No.26577249

>unit-01 becomes a fuckhuge daemon prince

>> No.26577281

I'm pretty sure at least one High Lord of the Administratum has been him with a smaller mustache.

>> No.26577298

>> No.26577344

Darksied Is...going to give Chaos a run for it's money

>> No.26577358

>> No.26577397

I can only ever see that macro /co/ made of that pic.


>> No.26577452


And then Darkseid was Malal. And all was lost.

>> No.26577466

Darkseid ain't chaotic in any way, though. His whole thing is soul-crushing order.

>> No.26577500


experimental tech-guard?

>> No.26577572

fucking brilliant. thank you

>> No.26577657


Exactly. Malal is about bringing down the other chaos gods.

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