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you are now a primarch based on your own personality traits

during the time of the great crusade, the emperor finds you and realizes you are one of his lost sons, albeit perhaps a lazy one

after some ordeal he gives you command of your own legion whose astartes were sired using your genestock

>describe your powers as a primarch
>what is the name of your legion?
>what are its main tactics/characteristics?
>as a primarch, where do you land on the whole council of nikaea issue?
>at the time of the heresy, who do you side with?

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>Love of technology and big guns and finds new ways to get both to work together
>Knights of Malta
>Heavy tanks, heavy artillery, heavy use of terminator armor(especially Pratorian-pattern) and heavy troop drops. Keeps a large Admech presence to maintain everything.
>Psychers are a tool to be utilized, not absconded
>Ave Imperator, death to the warmaster and his traitorous kin
I also admit I would be very much against Gulliman's proposal to split the legions since I'd be too much in love with the titans by that point.

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>Stolid observable personality, values precision, flexibility, and prowess
>Storm Angels
>Masterful use of reconnaissance to coordinate brutal lightning strikes against targets of opportunity, wearing the foe down before finishing them
>Understand the Emperor's concern, feel his decree is an overreaction
>The Emperor, initially, use the conflict to establish fringe empire (like the Ultramarines)

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>All the super-toughness and super-strength of the Primarchs combined with the ability to get really annoyed at the little things in life while not really caring about the big picture
>The Harbingers of Sharks, because we need a cool name
>Identify where the enemy commanders are, nuke them from orbit.
>We don't care one way or the other
>The more popular one

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A great capacity to learn and teach, devotion to properly managing planets under my control to ensure maximum productivity and conditions, greater than average strength


Favoring long range warfare and precision strikes to kill targets and big loud automatic weapons for suppression. Stealth infiltration and sniper / spotter teams are more common than tactical squads, large amounts of devastators and fewer melee oriented squads fewer tanks but more artillery

Psykers are a danger and must be researched so that we can properly utilize them and learn to counter enemy sorcerers powers

The emperor, he and Horus may have been tied in the whole is a bigger dick stakes with Guilliman bringing up third but he is the one I swore to follow and the best hope for humanity

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>Strong learning capacity, patience, adaptability, and speaking ability. Below average physical prowess. Quick to change ideological position if solid proof is brought forth. Outwardly cold.
>Solar Lances
>Surgical insertion, demolition/assassination, and recall based on extensive reconnaissance.
>Psykers would be an added burden in a Legion dedicated to precise military action; should be researched but remain unimplemented.
>Tactful noncommittal, retaining positive relationships on both sides. Use this advantage to chip away at Horus' support while remaining distant enough from the imperium to fade into the annals and act freely when the war is over.

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>incredibly narcissistic, able to make entire countries love Me with a single speech, master of oratory

>The Most Beloved

>drop onto a world, recruit most of the natives through impassioned propaganda, or else throw a fit and burn them with sacred promethium, because they never loved Us anyways

>"That Magus thinks he can steal the spotlight from ME, huh? I'll show him what's what."

>While I hate Horus for hogging all of Daddy's love and praise, and because everyone thinks that HE'S more important than I AM, this Slaanesh sure makes Me feel good, telling Me how special I am..."

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Fulgrim your already a primarch you silly

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>Shirking responsibility until the last minute, then just barely pulling through while receiving far more praise than I feel worthy of
>The Doom Knights
>The Emperor knows best what to do with His subjects
>Death to the traitors

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>Psychic null, gene seed carries a lesser version of this. Personality is cold, anylytical and eminently logical. Calm and collected commander, but unnaproachable.
>Void Wraiths
>Heavy focus on infiltration, sabotage, assassination and reconnaissance
>Psykers represent a useful, albeit dangerous, resource to an embattled Imperium. Control them, dispose of them when they become dangerous to you, as any weapon.

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>Stubbornness, tenacity, coldheartedness.
>Stone Lions
>Heavy weaponry, rapid strategic use of fortifications, intense military discipline, use of terrain
>{sykers; Dirty, but necessary.
>Probably Horus, worshipping Khorne in a regimented, not-bugfuck-insane-berserker sort of way.

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>describe your powers as a primarch
I would be capable of short bursts of terrifying speed even by primarch standards, would be a crack shot, and would have a psychic power that allows me to pass unseen.

>what is the name of your legion?
The Argent Comets.

>what are its main tactics/characteristics?
A one-two punch of heavy ranged bombardment (artillery, thunderfire, etc--big explosions from far off) followed by swarms of close-combat marines (probably assault marines in drop pods, in keeping with the theme). Despite using heavy guns, we don't do siege work--if the enemy is in a fortress we ignore them and conquer the rest of the planet. Let Dorn or Perturabo dig them out.

>as a primarch, where do you land on the whole council of nikaea issue?
We're all psykers to an extent, and I like Magnus' desire to preserve knowledge. I'd support him.

>at the time of the heresy, who do you side with?
That would depend on how the Emperor treated me personally.

Pic is close to what my boys would wear.

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>describe your powers as a primarch
Fantastic navigation, perceptive, knowledgeable. Revered as a moderator of debates.

>what is the name of your legion?
The Gray Owls

>what are its main tactics/characteristics?
Specialising in sneak attacks with a heavy focus on air support. We only put troops on the ground when we see it as absolutely necessary, though it often, unfortunately is. We possess a weak array of terminator armour and tanks, preferring less armoured and bulky means.

>as a primarch, where do you land on the whole council of nikaea issue?
While we don't feel Librarians are innately evil or to be feared, The Gray Owls do not employ them because we consider them unreliable and would rather field another bolter than a psychically-charged brain. That being said, we see no reason for other legions to not use them and therefore quietly disagree with the verdict.

>at the time of the heresy, who do you side with?
Can I go rogue? If not, the emperor just because chaos looks slimy and unappealing. I would prefer to serve humanity before the emperor.

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Wanted to add that I make use of my psykers in both attack phases: diviners to help aim the big guns and the rest into the fire swinging those lovely force swords.

I myself wield a power greataxe and a lascannon.

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>describe your powers as a primarch

Sharp, Quick witted. Able to channel rage for short bursts. Pride, the somewhat blinding kind. Ability to not respond to pain.

>what is the name of your legion?

The Reborn

>what are its main tactics/characteristics?

Extreme pride. Quick wits and a habit for individualism but still group orientated. Make use of small elite squads and massive amounts of long range and orbital strikes.

>as a primarch, where do you land on the whole council of nikaea issue?

The more power, the better. having a devoted psyker makes a team just that much better.

>at the time of the heresy, who do you side with?

Emperor, Horus stands for all that would ruin our lifestyle.

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>Technofaggots. Mainly consist of Mechanicus and Librarians. Psykers too.
>The Iron Gears.
>Invent new ways-
>*AHEM* to fight against xenos, i.e. The Black Shout. Archaeotech that used Spatial/Warp Sound Emissions to deafen the target area. It makes easy pickings for ships or drop troops.
>Employ plenty of Psykers. They help with the archaeo/xeno/novotech development/use.
>The EMPRAH. We were his R&D team. We will continue to be his R&D team.

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We are not one Primarch. Our designation is Legion. For we are all hooked into one brain.

Four Marines, One Computer on Weed and Crack.

#And we all live in a yellow submarine...#

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>Capable of convincing the populous of new worlds of almost anything, and gifted at delivering speeches. Serious retard strength. Able to make almost anything grow, fingers are green as fuck.
>The Unbound Host
>Mechanised assault. Buggerloads of dudes in rhinos and landraiders with axes and shit.
>In favour of psyker binding and control, but not banning
>I'd either just goddamn leave and wander into deep space or side with emps

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>describe your powers as a primarch
Being a grouchy bear of a human being that wears shortsleeves in 40-degree weather. Willing to work hard. Fondness for architecture. A bit like Perturabo I guess
>what is the name of your legion?
The Frostborn (I was born at the bottom of winter in a cold region)
>what are its main tactics/characteristics?
Subtle as a bulldozer, but the stuff we have to flatten we'll get started on building again before we leave.
>as a primarch, where do you land on the whole council of nikaea issue?
That everyone needs to take a damn chill pill. "NO PSYKERS!" "ALL PSYKERS!" Let the individual Legions keep their Librarians or not keep 'em, I like the guys myself. Rein Magnus in a little if he's overdoing it and someone slap Leman if keeps running his damn mouth any more I swear.
>at the time of the heresy, who do you side with?
Imperium. Horus can't even keep it together whenever someone mentions the Emperor went back to Terra, he thinks he's gonna run a whole galaxy c'mon.

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>Hardworking for little praise, disconnection from others, blend in to any situation.

>The Shadow Angels

>Observation, small, convert cells with disproportionate amount of firepower. Traffic with xenos, Eldar and probably worse.

>Nikaea? Sorcery is bad? Fuck you with the fist of an angry xeno, I'm going to play with this tentacled thing.

>Xenophillia for all!

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>I have a very Diplomatic Nature and can talk my way out of sticky situations in real life good with people due to an extensive vocabulary and the fact i'm but due to years as a county level Rugby player (6'3 and Stocky build) and being raised in a rather Militaristic background i'm not afraid to shy away from a good fight, 'Iron Fist in a Velvet Glove' demeanour
>I dont know, can't think of a good one because I havn't had any coffee today
>The ability to end a war without a single casualty before it's even begun, and the ability to level continents when the diplomatic approach fails
>I and my Legion support the regulation and use of psykers as instruments of diplomacy and powerful weapons of war
>It depends on external issues, which Primarchs I became friends wit during the crusade etc, however if it were solely my decision with no outside influence, I would stay loyal, because Fuck Lorgar.
I highly doubt I would be able to stand his bible bashing shit, so fuck siding with him for all eternity

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>Desire for armor AND high mobility
>preference for infantry based
>love of ranged and distance (basically standard gear is bolt pistol and chainsword)
>be buttfuck insane and try to make jetpack terminators
>legion is split in two; most loyal, but enough Chaos to have the Inquisition breathing down our necks

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Fuck, forgot name.
Ehh...Storm Devils?

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>A solid sum of patience, empathy, and ability to remain objective
>The Centurions
>More a second line garrison force than front line combatants, but with specialization for defensive strategies and steady, implacable advance using every dirty trick that can be fielded
>Psykers are essential, but highly volatile. A very careful eye must be kept on the librarius of each legion, preferably with Sisters of Silence in reserve to help keep them in line. Also, Magnus, you dumb. Russ? You're drunk. Go home.
>Loyalist. Being a garrison force, its likely we're bro-tier with the Iron Warriors, so I'd likely get my ass killed trying to talk Petruarbo out of it.

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>mfw you just tricked /tg/ to writing their own Lost Legion fan fluff without neckbeards shitting bricks cause muh fluff rape and "GW never approved it so its WRONG".
I commend you OP, I'm liking what I'm reading so far.

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>i'm pretty calm and collected, usualy the guy to go; "yo calm down man, let's chill." might seem uncarring about stuff. psychic, learn quick, work slow. um... i can draw pretty good? also I used to be pretty athletic before i got sick.
>i want to say "The Sharknados" but my true love lies with dinosaurs so its probably going to be something like "Saurian Knights" or some shit
>Manouverable, fast, balanced range and close combat? dinosaur mounts? maybe a dragon? dragons are cool too.
>pcykers are cool guys with usefull abilities, just be a bit carefull with al this "chaos" bussines.
at the time of the heresy, the emperor probably, after that i'm gonna do my own thing, assuming of course i survive or don't mysteriously dissapear. but with the rest of the imperium going to shit, i want no part in that.
also my homeworld will probably be crawling with dinosaurs.

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>Vengeful,holds ton of grudges,good memory,hates xenos,obsessive,has 0 empathy for anything.
>Star Breakers
>Trench Warfare,heavy artillery,shock troops.
>Suffer not the mutant to live.
>With the Emperor,because we do not consort with non-humans(demons).

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>Apathetic, unphasable, high resistance to pain, patience
>Grey Serpents, Insignia depicts two snakes devouring eachother in a circle
>Absolute focus on main objective or outlast and weaken enemy, inflicting severe injuries rather then fatalities in order to demoralise and disorganize enemy lines. preferred weapons involve explosives and shrapnel.
>He doesn't really care, though he doesn't really see the point of banning the Psychers since he has come in contact with very few.
>Probably sides with Chaos and goes Slaanesh so he can actually start feeling things

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Dammit, OP is Tzeentch.

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>totally relativist, authority problems, pacifist
>went "fuck you Emps" way before the whole chaos thing and used their connections to the Eldar to build a pocket empire somewhere outside the reach of the Astronomican
>only ones to uphold 90% or more of the Imperial Truth with the main difference that Empyrean Studies is a science
>will never contact the IoM since it is considered to be an infecdtious disease

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>named themselves the "Fuck you Daddys" after going traitorlegion since their primarch argued "it'd be a cool band name"

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>Primarch powers: Unrelenting fury, unusual upper body strength, immense capability for remembering uplifting songs of battle (Or the melodies that Sgt. "Peculiar" Alidus Yanchovikus produces regularly)
>Name: Sons of Stars
>Tactics: Due to appreciation of them in such interactive fictions as Cadia of Duty and Dawn of WAAAAAGH, as well as the increased upper body strength passed down through my gene-seed, a high number of users of storm bolters, heavy bolters and other assorted heavy weapons, with two-handed power swords, thunder hammers and other such weapons for melee, but the sword-brethren will also have at minimum a standard bolter to ensure that they can engage at range, just with reduced effectiveness. Each squad will have an equal number of melee-focussed Battle-Brothers and ranged-focused Brothers.
>Tactics include drop-pods of melee brethren onto the flanks while the Gun-Brothers pour their heavy weapons fire onto the central enemy positions. When attacking fortified positions, the Gun-Brothers primary jobs is to suppress fire atop the positions while also creating pock-marks, craters and dents in the curtain walls for the Sword-brethren to use as handholds to climb (In the event that our hallowed jump packs are in the shop)
>In terms of defence, they shall be as suited to field fortifications and trenches as they are great curtain walls and ceramite battlements.
>Favoured enemy: Orks
>Loyalist or Heretic: As if you even need to ask, get on your knees and pray, heretic scum!
>Psykers: To be used to aid battlefield preperation and the selection of squads and units for missions. They are not to be active in the field, but must use their powers to help officers and high command ensure that the best Battle Brother is in the best location at the best time for maximum effect.

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>describe your powers as a primarch
Manic, Paranoid, Open to insult, Loyal to a fault, Strict overriding principles, Delusions of Grandeur. Laughs uncontrollably in near-death situations/fights

>what is the name of your legion?
Ira Legion

>what are its main tactics/characteristics?
-Massive gun lines, extensive utilization of Imperial Guard Conscripts/Artillery.
This is coupled with a highly mobile Space Marine core of (jet)bikes, Landspeeders, and Vindicators (like BA Vindicators, they go FAST)
-Fanatical Belief in the Imperial Truth.

>as a primarch, where do you land on the whole council of nikaea issue?
Follow the Emperor's decision to the letter.

>at the time of the heresy, who do you side with?
Become bitter about the lack of reward/praise from the emperor, become disillusioned at the seemingly unending crusade. Side with Traitors, taking Nurgle as patron Chaos God- Ambitions/Delusions of Grandeur cannot be met if I am to die.

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I am the good-natured, friend-to-all-my-brothers primarch. When two legions feud, when the Wolf and the Lion nearly come to blows, when Perturabo knocks down Dorn's sand castle, it is I who sorts out their shit and gets them to play nice.

My legion is the Brothers of Sol

My legion is all about armour. Fellblades, Predators, Whirlwinds, and Vindicators. Our motorpool is the envy of the other Legions.

Psykers are mutants, but they are a grim necessity. Our librarium is stunted and closely watched, and our astropaths are never unsupervised.

My Legion attempts to make peace between warring brothers, and our numbers are devastated as a result. Horus's men have no interest in peace, and slaughter the Sons of Sol out of hand. My failure to immediately condemn Horus and his cohorts earns me suspicion and ire from the other loyalist factions, and much of my legion is lost to "accidents" and friendly fire. By the end of the Heresy, only a few hundred remain. We travel to the Eye to seek out death or redemption.

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OP here,
I made the thread and thought it was gonna 404, then I wake up and refresh it and SO MANY RESPONSES!

awesome ones too
well done /tg/

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"son? Where did I go wrong, you look like no son at all"

>Fairly cool under pressure, sometimes a bit too focused on rules and lawyering everything to bits. A habit of being flingy and jumping from thing to thing.

>Nova Lance

>Huge focus on a devastating alpha strike, ideally on someone who's expecting it. Would most likely lead to very well developed fleet assets.

>Most likely somewhat opposed to the psychers so most likely with the emperor.

>Initially supportive of night lords, but as the atrocities from the traitors would mount would likely disengage and observe.

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>mfw we should have an alt-40k where we come up with all the legions (not just 20 though)
Hell we could not even have emo-alien-chaplain caused heresy and just go full Great Crusade on EVERYONE in the Universe and beyond.

>> No.26546300

I've been wondering about this for a while now, the issue of going beyond the milky way

do the chaos gods exist outside the milky way? can you even reach the andromeda galaxy with imperium tech?

>> No.26546389

We can try lads. With the magic of Warp drives or DaoT stuff. Fuck people probably ended up there on accident during warp trips anyways.

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you know who probably has the technology good enough to do it that we can (maybe) steal?

the necrons

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>describe your powers as a primarch

I'd be a excellent duellist and sweet talker, witty, crafty and manipulating but honest and honourable to my opponents or comrades. I guess as a more notable primarch ability I'd have quick reflexes and a good shot.

>what is the name of your legion?

Probably call them 'crew' but otherwise default legion number.

>what are its main tactics/characteristics?

People often describe me as a mix between Captain Jack and Barbossa. As a negative/positive (depending on the situation), deranged and a bit loopy but clear headed in the things I know.

Tactics would involve naval warfare, stealth, lightning warfare, sabotage.

>as a primarch, where do you land on the whole council of nikaea issue?

Probably completely disregard them as I need psykers to find wealth and powerful artefacts

>at the time of the heresy, who do you side with?

I would pack up with my crew and raid Chaos ships looking for these new and powerful artefacts they have been digging up, would probably sustain heavy loses against the Warmaster and his combined legions as a result. Afterwards I'd probably end up as a one of the largest pirates in the galaxy with all sorts of crew types, including my original crew marines and somehow being corrupted or cursed in someway.

Would still exist in the 41st raiding worlds and ships looking for things that would aid me, pretty neutral towards the whole chaos and imperial thing and often fight in the warp against all manner of things.

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Hyper logical, psyker, Strong learning capacity, patience, adaptability

Knights Mechanicus

Pre heresy - Heavily tech augmented skitarii style marines, Fleet based, Excess use of archeotech, titans, and Mars class ships. Secret Technopsykers.

Post heresy - Use of AI in marines. More machine than human. Heavy Daemon virus use and Daemon possessed marines/titans/ships in large numbers due to lack of Human parts. AI enchanced technopsykers

Pro psyker

Dark mechanicus

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>Pretty average for Primarch, no unique powers. Unless extremely cautious counts as a super power.

>Harbingers of Law.

>Discover world. Drop human agents onto world. Infiltrate the governments of world. Unite world. Get world to welcome me with open arms. If this fails drop ordnance on military targets from orbit and send in the Legion to secure civilian and capture the world with as much of the infrastructure intact as possible. Then take over world and start fortifying it as heavily as possible so we don't have to come back and save them next time the orks show up. Then move to the nearest unconquered inhabited system and repeat.

>Not giving up my Battle-psykers and Prognosticators. Psykers are people too and as the protectors of the People we have as much a duty to them as they do to us. Saying that they still need mandatory training and watching closely.

>Fuck that noise. You notice that all the worlds I conquered are highly fortified, in one big block on the galactic map and possess governments of my loyal disciples? Fucking idiots forcing me to declare independence. Yes we will accept refugees. Yes we will open negotiations with our neighbor states. No we will not submit to your March of the Stupids.

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OP here

that sounds awesome
but seriously, there needs to be a name to go with a legion that cool. I'm getting a sort of alpha legion vibe from the ambiguity as to whether or not you're secretly loyalists waiting for the emprah to make his comeback--is this correct?

sub question for your legion: what's the color scheme/helm motif?

>> No.26547476

shit, I have to go to work now, but I'll refresh when I get back tonight

I would like to know what your faction's diplomatic status is in regards to the ultramarines

also, what would your response/comments have been to the way Lorgar and his word bearers approached the crusade?

>> No.26547491

(ultramarines in the current era, i.e. post-heresy)

>> No.26547616

knowledgeable, adaptability, diplomatic and a leader of man

Emperor's Crusaders

adaptability, we are ready to handle anything from needing to charge the foe with chainswords to useing heavy weapons on enemy vehicles

psykers are as much citizen of the imperium as anyone and while they must be treated with care are too useful tool of war to disregard

I sided with the emperor and other loyal Primarchs THE FORCES OF CHAOS WILL DIE

>> No.26547645


As regards to the Imperium I'd be apathetic, if they happen to be on a world with something I want on it then they can consider themselves dead or stopped. I'd be traveling throughout the galaxy raiding, exploring and hunting for new and wondrous things. As a result will probably be quite neutral to all things whether Imperial, Xeno or Chaos, just don't get in my way.

Armour colours I'm not sure, I'd be wearing clothes over the armour, probably not even have a uniform or power armour. But if I did (as well as my marines) they'd cover it with jackets and other clothing like marines would put robes on themselves.

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>I would like to know what your faction's diplomatic status is in regards to the ultramarines

We accept trade convoys from the Realm of Ultramar and respect them for their empires self-sufficiency and well guarded borders. We would almost certainly have sent aid during the Hive-Fleet Behemoth Crisis. That is as far as it goes. Our boarders are closed for economic migration or pilgrimage and uschedualed ships entering our system are fired upon and captured as standard.

Never signed up to the Codex. Still broke Legion up. Each world in the Commonwealth has semi-independent Guardian Forces. They never get to serve on worlds they grew up on and are spread around as much as possible. Rotated every 50 - 100 years to prevent too much loyalty to one world forming.

Will not subject my realm to his laws.

>also, what would your response/comments have been to the way Lorgar and his word bearers approached the crusade?

His methods were admirable. He found a world. Beat it down as little as possible, built it back up and gave the people a sense of pride in their new Imperial Citizenship.

Would still have told him to go fuck himself if he tried to tempt me to chaos. But politely, I am a state leader after all and good manners must be maintained.

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(leaving soon for work, refreshed one more time)
wow, so you'd be the only legion who didn't use power armor?

okay, this is definitely going to go somewhere when I get back--please keep the thread open so I can ask you more questions

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>great speaker, merciless, almost fanaticly devoted to the Imperium of Man
>Sons of the north
>aggressive shock tactics and plenty of artillery
>psychers are necessary evil that should be kept on a short leash
>Protecting the good citizens of the Imperium from the Excommunicate Traitoris

>> No.26547749

you too--please stay here

I should be back in ~8 1/2 hours (around 11pm PST)

>> No.26547765


Well I'd use it in the pre and period of the heresy sure, but over time losing equipment or not being able to sustain supplies of power armour or other equipment. Though as far as uniforms go they'd be pretty neutral and have outfits worn on top of them.

>> No.26547775

>describe your powers as a primarch
Concerned above all with the preservation and furtherance of human life.

Devious, analytical, and observant. Unfailingly rational and level headed. Finds most other beings
predictable to a fault.

Poor at planning and strategy in the long term, expert in improvisation and close-quarters tactics.

>what is the name of your legion?

Void Hunters

>what are its main tactics/characteristics?

Traps, ambushes. Lack of fast-moving ground- or air-based weapons platforms, but make frequent
use of armed air transports and drop pods.

Vicious, small scale attacks, spread over a wide area, intended to drive the behaviour of the enemy
towards a weak position. Focus on routing enemy forces towards captured and manned strongpoints,
or traps laid in advance.

Preference for standard boltgun equipped marines. Marksmanship valued more so than close combat

Focus on limiting collateral damage, therefore prefer accurate, high-powered weaponry (melta- and las-
weapons) to inaccurate explosive weapons.

>as a primarch, where do you land on the whole council of nikaea issue?

Psykers are valuable, and useful. Astartes can be trusted with the power of the warp. Skills of foresight
and ability to impact the morale of enemy forces are invaluable.

>at the time of the heresy, who do you side with?

The Emperor. As a primarch, you never fully trusted Horus, Mortarion or (especially) Angron. Fought by the
side of Sanguinius and Rogal Dorn for many years, most trusted friends.

>> No.26547834

>Experiensed Jump solder but likes to personaly command assaults.
>Angelic Hunters
>Air assault, close work with imperial army ground and air assets. AFTER, destroying heavy enemy units from orbit with lance strikes and nuclear weapons.
>Psykers should be routed out and given specalist training.
>Follow the Emperor, to protect the innocent.
Understand gullimans perspective, but keep at legion strength.

>> No.26547935

as for dealing with human worlds, primary goal is to rouse strong sense of patriotism towards the Imperium by the means of typical propaganda while also promoting the importance of the Imperial guard

>> No.26547961


not too bad I don't consider the Codex Astartes to be a good idea and only follow a little of it but any Ultramarine that tries to tell me to follow is told that I know Roboute Guilliman and what he meant to say so they shut up quick

very bad I didn't not take him worshiping the emperor very well and regret much of what was said before he fell to chaos

>> No.26548005


>I don't have anything useful personality traits.
>The Emperor's Incompetent Fools
>Being not very good at what we do.
>Neither, we died out before then.

Feels bad being fail.

>> No.26548072

>Medium psykic potential, enough to power psy-bolts, shoot fire and lightning and power my force sword.
>Tactics depend on situation but focus on individual cunning and individuality. Also ask dreadnought pilots if they want to stay awake or be in a sleep-awake cycle.
>Psykers are deserving of understanding, but if they are a threat then they should be destroyed.
> The Emperor, For my brothers.
Tell gulliman that his Codex is as useful as toilet paper.
Battle cry: OHRAH TO ASHES

>> No.26548154
File: 182 KB, 550x778, renegade___space_pirates_by_mrrumbles-d5mlcny.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Or I'd use something like this.

>> No.26548159

Not that guy, but the legion symbol for this should be an upside-down tortoise, just cuz I'm a sadist.

>> No.26548165

>describe your powers as a primarch
Laziness, not giving a fuck, being easily angered, aggressive, alpha as fuck, based neet life
>what is the name of your legion?
The knights who say NEET
>what are its main tactics/characteristics?
Yeah we dont really do anything, just dont fuck with us because we are shifty lunatics. Also get bitches.
>as a primarch, where do you land on the whole council of nikaea issue?
Dont give a fuck.
>at the time of the heresy, who do you side with?
Nobody, siding with somebody sounds like a lot of work.

>> No.26548238

We need to invent a 40k alternate time-line/universe where the emperor created a lot more primarchs.

Galaxy would be awesome.

>> No.26548356

>Me: Slight racist with swearing built heavily into the vocabulary, loves energy drinks, do my own tactics. Have visions of the future that are accurate as fuck. Support everyones tactics, especaly Alpharus (to spite Rawbut Girlyman) and tell emps that he was being a dick about burning Logar's city and forcing him to kneel.
>Doom bringers
>Bring to complience through artilery strikes but also build shit, support Perturabo in his hobby of fort building.
>Do what the fuck you want.
>Try to persuade Perturabo and try to sooth Logar and bring him back to side with emps, still with emps.

>> No.26548590

Also, I'd probualy make a suprise apperence on the vengeful spirit, Horus is just about to kill the emperor, sudenly I teleport in and drive-by force-thunderhammer him in the face. Jump off and start trying to beat the shit out of him whild dreadnoughts teleport in around me. just adding to the fuck logic bit.

>> No.26548621
File: 73 KB, 900x527, Imperial Griffon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>describe your powers as a primarch
Eschews swords for lolhalberds, great pilot, good jump trooper (but not as good as Corax), likes to force simple solutions onto complex problems

>what about your personality (because we’re doing that now)
Likes fighting for the sake of improvement (like Fulgrim), is actually friendly to normal people so long as they remember their place, doesn’t understand everybody’s goddamn daddy issues, old-fashioned worldview, healthy sense of humor

>what is the name of your legion?
Imperial Griffons, because this majestic animal doesn’t get as much love in 40k as it does in Fantasy

>what are its main tactics/characteristics?
Aerial and air-to-ground warfare, mobility focused more on surrounding the enemy than hit-and-run tactics, lots of vehicles and jump troops, very aggressive, rivalry with the Night Lords, who are seen as not focused enough on straight-up combat.

>as a primarch, where do you land on the whole council of nikaea issue?
Told daddy that mitigating the daemon risk was not worth the loss in combat potential. He said decision was already made. Okay.jpg

>at the time of the heresy, who do you side with?
Sees the whole thing as stupid/tragic rather than outrageous. Sides with daddy, but doesn’t like the detached and hamfisted way he’s handling it.

>> No.26548677

>describe your powers as a primarch
Compromise, mercy, the advancement of intelligent beings, and salvage/re-purposing of technology.
>what is the name of your legion?
The Crow Legion
>what are its main tactics/characteristics?
Allies, all day every day. Also mechs.
>as a primarch, where do you land on the whole council of nikaea issue?
As the God Emperor grows, so does mankind beneath him. The psykers are the elevation of the human condition.
>at the time of the heresy, who do you side with?
Disappear in the opening days. Planets controlled by them are deserted ruins, stripped of everything of value.
It's been said Orks have been seen wielding weapons with the insignia of the Crow Legion against daemons and their kind however.

>> No.26549153

Not OP, but how's about we add a little more depth to your fanfluff?

>Describe any special friendships/rivalries your legion has with any of the others

>Describe some of your legion's most memorable victories/defeats

>Leman Russ has been told that you and your legion are going to Chaos. Now his fleet is in your home planet's orbit. What do?

>> No.26549217

But.. Females can't be primarch.

>> No.26549245

Big daddy could have erred somewhere

>> No.26549266

>Implying II and XI primarchs weren't both women

>> No.26549393

Do it anyway, fluff can change.

>> No.26549404
File: 379 KB, 1000x701, 1374819518733.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>/tg/ writes better fluff than Games Workshop

No seriously, this shit is pretty golden.

>> No.26549411

Fine, I'll give it a try.
A highly focused tactical and mathematical mind.
Freischütze Skorpions
Training local forces to bolster numbers, sniping, high focus on scouts and tactical squads. physical appearance traits, blonde, often with light colored eyes.
Side with the psykers, their time to shine will come, the emperor is just proof of that.
The Emperor.
Friendly with Dark angels, Elysian drop troopers and Armageddon, Friendly rivals with the salamanders, hostile rivals with Marines malevolent
Can't think of any right now.
Not much to do except fight.

>> No.26549414


we get along ok with the Blood Ravens though they steal stuff we would give them and the Knights Inductor we see have made allies with xeno and we wish we knew how they did it. we're pretty good with Space Wolfs when mostly with Bjorn because he's old enough to talk about the old days


we hang out talk about the old days and the battles we have fought while festing and drinking for a month

>> No.26549496

Well, in paintball I always led from the front. Played scout, then ran back with the intel to put the rest of the team into better positions. Would occasionally shield some of the more hesitant players to get them where they were needed. Went for up close "kills" where my high reaction time usually let me get the drop on people. If an enemy spotted me, I'd lay out some covering fire, then run to another position while they were down, shooting to prevent peeking. Most of the time I could bunker tag people while they were shooting at my old position.

I would have stealth or shrouded and would shun terminator armor for something much lighter. Armament would be a plasma pistol and an array of grenades and melta bombs (to simulating tagging out bunkers). I'd give buffs to scouts similar to Telion.
-Emperor's Blades
-Comprised largely of scouts. Focused on fast movement and hit & run tactics. Medium to short ranged weaponry.
-Psykers are useful, but should be kept under close supervision.
-The Emperor. The shift to chaos was slow for the traitor legions, but at some point, they had to know what they were getting into.

>> No.26549525

>Healiing abilities, super strength/speed/defenses, even for a primarch.
>White Knights
>Deliberation, patience, and winning battles without any intentional civilian causalities.
>Psyker powers must used in a careful, refined, scientific, and safe manner.
>Neither. I just can't abide the Emprah's Lawful Evil or Horus's Chaotic Evil. I'd strike out on my own, box myself into a mini-Imperium and tell the rest of the galaxy to GTFO.

>> No.26549553

>Primarch Powers
Well, I'm a chemist by trade, general tech-geek/science dude by nature, so probably a lot of Mechanicus-related things with a heavy focus on pulling SCIENCE out of my ass. I'm also pretty good at bullshitting people, and seem to be unusually lucky even when I don't deserve it, so yeah. Scientist, diplomat of the most selfish kind, with a knack for things just sort of going my way.

>Legion Name:
Binders Alchemic

>Main Tactics/Characteristics
Legion utilizes lots of chemical warfare devices, with a decent smattering of fancy archaeotech weaponry. Lots and lots of the heaviest body armor we can find in order to resist what we unleash on others. Members of the Legion are typically smaller and weaker than other Legions, but are gifted lateral thinkers and are REALLY inclined to be team players, though they don't take the lead willingly.

>Council of Nikaea:
Don't really approve of psykers. They draw strength from an unpredictable realm of betrayal and lies, and I HATE that shit.


For the Emperor.

>> No.26549596

-Bros with Space Wolves, White Scars and Salamanders. Work well with Emperor's Children, Night Lords, Ravenguard and Blood Angels.
-Victory: I dunno, probably killed an avatar of Khaine or some shit.
-Loss: Would more than likely get our shit kicked in by a renegade titan.
-Bring him one of two of the largest flagons of ale we can muster and invite him to a drinking competition amongst friends. You really think Russ could resist that?

>> No.26549613

>Describe any special friendships/rivalries your legion has with any of the others
Fought alongside all but the Sons on multiple occasions, but intentionally maintained a full neutrality.
>Describe some of your legion's most memorable victories/defeats
First legion to encounter Orks, and different legions have different tales of how the encounter went. The official record states that they came into conflict with them and the threat was neutralized, but depictions of Crow Legion marines depict them missing teeth ever after.
>Leman Russ has been told that you and your legion are going to Chaos. Now his fleet is in your home planet's orbit. What do?
The Crow Legion never came into conflict with other Imperium forces during it's existence. It is unknown how they would react if they had survived.
It is possible though that they might have allied with xenos against them.

>> No.26549652

>describe your powers as a primarch
Psychic prescience, pyromancy. Smaller than average among Primarchs, great resilience but relatively low physical strength. Obsessive personality, great fury when roused.

>what is the name of your legion?
Knights of Deliverance

>what are its main tactics/characteristics?
Specialized in brutal charges and fighting in extreme environments. Uses guerilla warfare, and maneuverability combined with strategically placed heavy firepower. Preference for flame weapons.

>as a primarch, where do you land on the whole council of nikaea issue?
Allow psykers, make them subject to special training to ensure no traffic with daemons.

>at the time of the heresy, who do you side with?
Emperor, while privately following the Lectitio Divinitatus: devotion and introspection prevents fall to Chaos. A quarter of legion falls, tempted by Lorgar.

>> No.26549677

Powers: Talented in writing and oral speaking, agile, slightly psychic.

Physical traits: Tallest Primarch, has a mop of brown hair.

Characteristics: Infatuated with the Eldar and their history, has a good sense of humor, loves the Imperial Army, has a deep voice.

He also maintains neutral connections with the other Primarchs, preferring to avoid drama. He follows the Emperor as he believes that it is in the best interests of Humanity.

Legion Name: The Screatching Spectres.

Legion Tactics: The Legion serves as Shock Troops and Reconassiance in Imperial Army Regiments. Known to use psychological warfare. Prefer to use of mixture of melee and ranged weaponry.

Council of Nikaea: Has heavy sympathies for Magnus, but sides with the Emperor for fear of leading humanity astray.

Heresy: Sides with the Emperor. His loyalty to his race comes first. His legion for the most part comes out unscathed.

In the 41st Mellenium: He is currently theorized to be in the Webway, looking for the Black Library. There have been rumors that he had fought with Ahriman.

>> No.26549798


Had almost no relationships with the other legions, preferring to keep his contact with imperial society limited to the Imperial Army.

Most Memorable Victory: Fought off a warhost of Iybraesal after infringing on ancient Eldar ruins. This event for ever cemented his infatuation with Eldar.

Most Memorable Loss: Had his ass handed to him by The Emperor's Children. Had his arms ripped to pieces by heavy shelling.

On Leman Russ: Never actually meeting him and knowing him only by reputation, the Legion invites him for a feast.

>> No.26549927


>Describe any special friendships/rivalries your legion has with any of the others
As I said before, we don’t like the Night Lords. We are friendly with both the Angels as well as the Word Bearers because they recognize themselves as servants as well as warriors. We also have a small reputation of disdain towards the White Scars/Raven Guard; As our primarch always said, “The term ‘hit and run’ implies that somewhere along the line, someone has stopped fighting. Needless to say, that is unacceptable.”

>Describe some of your legion's most memorable victories/defeats
Our most memorable victory would doubtless be the repulsion of a large force of Death Guard from the planet Karnak. In terms of defeats, we have not had many, but the worst was when the locals of an Eldar Exodite world repulsed our battlefleet without even having to call for craftworld support. Losing is a bitch, but losing to Amish elves is even worse.

>Leman Russ has been told that you and your legion are going to Chaos. Now his fleet is in your home planet's orbit. What do?
The Imperial Griffons are not oft to turn down a fight. Luckily, the only places on the planet which house actual marines are high mountain fortresses, so they’re largely gonna have to fight us on our own terms.

>> No.26549943 [DELETED] 


>friendly legions
Imperial Fists, Thousand Sons, Word Bearers

>rival legions
Raven Guard, World Eaters

>hated legions
Ultramarines, Alpha Legion

>memorable victories and defeats
Outmaneuvered in battle with Craftworld Eldar attempting to prevent human seizure of a planet. Lost two chapters to Eldar bike fleets. Returned the favor by nuclear bombardment from orbit against said Eldar. Eldar spent twelve centuries reclaiming soulstones not incinerated in the blasts.

Encountered Daemon world late in the crusade. Purged with flame and purity of soul. Distrust for Thousand Sons developed after such discovery of the Warp's inhabitants.

During Horus Heresy, encountered Eldar raiders from Commoragh attacking civilized human world, taking advantage of the bloodbath. After baiting raiders with the Planetary Defense force, strike squads reposition and block off webway portal. Dark Eldar forced to surrender. All prisoners burnt alive as justice for the enslavement and torture of humans.

>Leman Russ has been told that you and your legion are going to Chaos. Now his fleet is in your home planet's orbit. What do?
Attempt to dissuade him. Meanwhile, assemble a fleet. Attempt to win the battle in space, so as not to repeat the Prospero incident.

Battle Cry: Victory or Death!

Current Primarch location: Believed killed eight hundred years after the heresy, while battling Angron on one and attempting to banish him back to the warp. Other rumors suggest falling to Khorne during said battle, or being lost in the warp praying for a chance to return.

>> No.26549979


hey anons does this stuff I posted above seem abit much?

I'm worried that being competent, loyal and willing to work with others make them too much like the reasonable marines

>> No.26549996

Nah, just good guy greg marines. And that's cool, we need something new.

>> No.26550020

>great understanding of warfare in all formats
>normally stoic, ruled by logic, considerate or even generous to all under their protection
>capable of tactical and political deception, but utterly honest and loyal to those he considers friends
>under great stress or turmoil, prone to either uncontrollable anger or calculating focus (situation determines)

>The Steel Dragons

>precision strikes and ambushes in early war efforts, eventually leading to great shows of force and brutality as war drags on
>space marines are selected for position based on temperament, an example being a vengeful marine going to assault squads, more-or-less even tempered marines going to tactical, etc.

Nikaea Issue:
>"The Emperor's will be done, but thepsyker should be held under the greatest scrutiny, not outright denial."

>"Destroy the traitors! Burn them alive! Skewer them to the skies! Let none who turns his back on humanity survive!"

>> No.26550022


>friendly legions
Imperial Fists, Thousand Sons, Word Bearers

>rival legions
Raven Guard, World Eaters

>hated legions
Ultramarines, Alpha Legion

>memorable victories and defeats
Outmaneuvered in battle with Craftworld Eldar attempting to prevent human seizure of a planet. Lost two chapters to Eldar bike fleets. Returned the favor by nuclear bombardment from orbit against said Eldar. Eldar spent twelve centuries reclaiming soulstones not incinerated in the blasts.

Encountered Daemon world late in the crusade. Purged with flame and purity of soul. Distrust for Thousand Sons developed after such discovery of the Warp's inhabitants.

During Horus Heresy, encountered Eldar raiders from Commoragh attacking civilized human world, taking advantage of the bloodbath. After baiting raiders with the Planetary Defense force, strike squads reposition and block off webway portal. Dark Eldar forced to surrender. All prisoners burnt alive as justice for the enslavement and torture of humans.

>Leman Russ has been told that you and your legion are going to Chaos. Now his fleet is in your home planet's orbit. What do?
Attempt to dissuade him. Meanwhile, assemble a fleet. Attempt to win the battle in space, so as not to repeat the Prospero incident.

Battle Cry: Victory or Death!

Heraldry: Sigil is a gold sword wreathed in orange flame on a black background. Armor is silver, with orange highlights and ornate glyphs colored black, gold and/or white.

Current Primarch location: Believed killed eight hundred years after the heresy, while battling Angron on one of his rampages, attempting to banish him back to the warp. Other rumors suggest falling to Khorne during said battle, or being lost in the warp praying for a chance to return.

>> No.26550126 [DELETED] 


Both these legions specialize in sneaky tactics followed up by savage wholesale slaughter of the enemy. Plus fanatical loyalty to emprah.

In an alternate universe with different founding legions, would these two become bros for life, or would one become a jealous rival of the other?

>> No.26550189

>describe your powers as a primarch
Generally an all-rounder, perfectly average height for a Primarch if somewhat broad. Intelligent, charming, incisive with a ruthless streak. Favours a dichotomy between a fast, striking and powerful assault wing with a sturdy defence support. His followers are utterly devoted to him, nay, blown away but they are outnumbered by his detractors. Quite cruel, though he insists his actions are a kindness.
>what is the name of your legion?
The Thunder Hawks. Ideally, my legion would be the first to popularise the actual Thunderhawk as an attack craft and transport.
>as a primarch, where do you land on the whole council of nikaea issue?
Curious, and defensive of Magnus's actions.
>at the time of the heresy, who do you side with?
Chapter would schism between Chaos and Imperium. The Primarch would disappear in the midst of the fighting, and would be mixed reported dead, fighting for chaos as a disciple of Slaanesh, as a disciple of Tzeentch, fighting ardently for the imperium and trying to stop fighting between the two sides. The badly depleted loyalist would reform as the Knights Recantus in shame for the chapter's division, while millenia later the traitors would go by the Storm Lances.

>> No.26550246


>Describe any special friendships/rivalries your legion has with any of the others
We like Dorn and Mortarion even though we don't always see eye to eye. We'd like Perturabo and his bunch more if they didn't sperg out so much.

>Describe some of your legion's most memorable victories/defeats
Defeated an ork stronghold with hardly a shot fired when I said I'd fight the toughest one there for it. The orks started shooting each other up in an argument over who's was the 'ardest and my Legion rolled in once most of 'em were dead.

Off the other end, I hate the eldar. It's like trying to swat a yellowjacket on meth. I lost a company to those sprightly bastards once.

>Leman Russ has been told that you and your legion are going to Chaos. Now his fleet is in your home planet's orbit. What do?
"Y'know Leman, you'd be a pretty good guy to have around if you'd just listen more and bark less."

>I would like to know what your faction's diplomatic status is in regards to the ultramarines
They're okay. Guilliman's a better planner than I am, and he's a good speaker.

>also, what would your response/comments have been to the way Lorgar and his word bearers approached the crusade?
Holy crap, dude. Most of the primarchs have daddy issues but damn if Lorgar doesn't take it to whole new levels. Kor Phaeron's like one of those dads that didn't quite make cut to become a pro athlete so now he pushes his kid to do all the stuff he couldn't. Guy's creepy as fuck.

>> No.26550286


>Describe any special friendships/rivalries your legion has with any of the others

The Void Hunters have a strong friendly rivalry with the Blood Angels legion, due to their contrasting styles
of utilitarianism vs. opulence. However, their primarchs share an optimism about the future of the Crusade.

>Describe some of your legion's most memorable victories/defeats

Victory: Defeating an 8,000,000 strong Ork Waaagh! on a ruined agri-world, by forcing the Orks to rout into an open plain,
and detonating buried torpedoes under their feet.

Defeat: Failing to counter a xenos invasion of a small Forge World, and being forced to detonate the planet's reactor network, resulting in the deaths of 2,000 Astartes and nearly 3 million civilian workers.

>Leman Russ has been told that you and your legion are going to Chaos. Now his fleet is in your home planet's orbit. What do?

Send immediate communiques to the commanders of the system's garrison forces (stationed in the asteroid belt), and have them prepare to assault Russ' fleet from all directions. Evacuate the civilian population of the home world to it's underground bunker network, and prepare the explosive charges laced throughout the world's hive cities and the fortress monastery. Attempt to contact Russ to get an explanation for his actions.

>> No.26550305


its mostly being able to shut up ultramarines and not having a major flaw that making me worry

>> No.26550318

Further details:

Primarch's name is Haijager ("High-Yay-ger"). Has long, wavy blonde hair, with a shield-like face and a spade beard. Remarked as having piercing eyes, unnerving with either a smile or a frown.
>friendly legions
Alpha Legion, Iron Warriors, White Scars, Dark Angels (respect for age, experience and similar dichotomous tactics), Thousand Sons
>Rival Legions
Night Lords, Blood Angels
>Hated Legions
Death Guard (after a comment disparaging their patient and defensive modus operandi as "fit for servants), Space Wolves
Dark violet with a cerulean trim
>arms and heraldry
A white hawk, with yellow details, swooping down to grasp with its talons. More detailed figures add grey-blue eyes to the hawk and lightning around/behind it and its claws.

>> No.26550384

>Describe any special friendships/rivalries your legion has with any of the others
During the height of the crusade were fairly close to the nightlords as they understood what the nightlords were forced to do.
Relative dislike for the Ultramarines and World Eaters. The one for being pandering, the other for being too brutal with no reason.

>Describe some of your legion's most memorable victories/defeats
The siege of Arathos. A xenos world that was preparing for a long typical imperial ground army. Completely caught out in surprise by well executed massive orbital bombardments followed by largescale devastator deployments.

The dreaming.
One of the notable defeats the legion went trough long past the heresy. Their heavier troops were completely caught out in the open by fast assaulting night lord raptor forces and slaughtered.

>Leman Russ has been told that you and your legion are going to Chaos. Now his fleet is in your home planet's orbit. What do?

Pull out into isolated spaces of the galaxy. They would be fleet based even as a legion.

>> No.26550445

>>describe your powers as a primarch
Laziness to the extreme.
>>what is the name of your legion?
The emperor's sleepers.
>>what are its main tactics/characteristics?
Trench warfare, focus on light infantry and fortification and artillery.
>>as a primarch, where do you land on the whole council of nikaea issue?
The what?
>>at the time of the heresy, who do you side with?
Emperor of course, too lazy to change side.

>> No.26550574

>describe your powers as a primarch
careful planning, kind of a dick

>what is the name of your legion?
[insert name that sounded cool as a twelve year old here]

>what are its main tactics/characteristics?
War of attrition, never picking a full frontal assault unless the enemy has bled for at least ten days.

>as a primarch, where do you land on the whole council of nikaea issue?
All this magic mambo jumbo doesn't interest me.

>at the time of the heresy, who do you side with?
Sided with Chaos because I was mostly socializing with Horus and Alpharius. Neve rliked the Imperial Fists with their honourable straight forward kind of warfare, so my traitors mostly harass the Black Templars and their shitty crusades these days. Chaos Undivided, because if you go full retard, you might as well do it right.

>> No.26550639

. . . sounds exactly like the actual Iron Warriors.

>> No.26550782

>>Describe any special friendships/rivalries your legion has with any of the others

Blood Angels and Ultrasmurfs get less flak from me. Night Lords are viewed with a mix of suspicion and pity. The goals of the Thousand Sons are viewed as important, but viewed with suspicion as to whether they'll use the knowledge for Good. The Space Wolves are hated as jerks.

>Describe some of your legion's most memorable victories/defeats

The time my second in command grabbed a Night Lord commander by the neck and threw him to the ground, telling him that justice =/= vengeance.

The time we got curbstomped for refusing to bend our morals even the slightest, ending in the loss of the planet to Orks.

The time we liberated that same planet with a crusade of righteousness, rescuing 30,000 humans that had managed to survive in our absence.

>>Leman Russ has been told that you and your legion are going to Chaos. Now his fleet is in your home planet's orbit. What do?


>> No.26550838

Am black and I like fire and lizards

>> No.26550929

>Cunning tactician, empathetic, tough as nails, and devoutly loyal to the Emperor.
>Stalwart Thrones(Colors: Grey, Silver, Gray, Teal)
>The heavier the firepower, the better. Despite this, we also have the best in terms of medical aid. On-the-fly unit re-organizations, the heaviest Mechs, the biggest guns, the best medics.
>We can work with Psykers, but we keep close watch and guard ourselves well against Chaos. These Psykers who wish to aid the Imperium were not given a choice in being mutants, but we watch closely to ensure they choose wisely what they intend.
>We stand with our Emperor.

>> No.26550995
File: 101 KB, 300x439, hwee_prefehr_panceeeeykes_by_mr_culexus-d47fmvx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OK, I'm not that much of a fan of the spehss mehreens but I have an Idea for a unique legion...

>I, the primarch, am a omega-minus (the most powerful type) pariah, or psychic blank, having extraordinary anti-psychic powers, so badly in fact I can't even be anywhere near Big E because I would hurt him.

>The name of my legion is The Djinn

>my gene-seed has left many people in my legion to be pariahs just like me (almost like a reverse thousand sons), and we mostly rely on ranged combat (our speciality being poisoned bolters)

> We didn't care much for psykers in the first place cause they would always throw bitchfits whenever we went near them, so we were happy with it, and still continue to have no psykers in our ranks

>During the horus heresy, we were pissed with both sides (Big E for making some stupid, stupid parenting decisions, and the traitor legions for their in fighting and disorginization), so in the end...

We sided with Malal/Malice, and are still with him to this day (I turned into a daemon prince of malal), trolling the crap out of the thousand sons, grey knights, blood ravens, and other psyker-heavy space marines, both chaos and imperial.

>> No.26551085


>describe your powers as a primarch

Unnatural luck and the ability to pull off the obscene.

>what is the name of your legion?

The Brotherhood of the Ark

>what are its main tactics/characteristics?

Assault based focusing on a two tier styled assault using artillery to soften and pods / packs to mop up.

>as a primarch, where do you land on the whole council of nikaea issue?

We just gave up one of our most powerful weapons to take the stars once and for all.

>at the time of the heresy, who do you side with?

Horus; I'm getting too old for this shit.

>> No.26551130
File: 19 KB, 300x357, black-knight-7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>powerful, unmatched in combat with a 2handed sword, master tactician
>Cyanic Guard
>Tactics often frowned upon by other legions as he uses a "sledgehammer to crack a nut" approach. always leads from the front. no mercy shown. cold and ruthless on the battlefield
>librarians need to be used a the weapons they truely are, not hidden away and ignored
>sides with the imperium, but after the heresy breaks away with his legion to a remote part of the gallaxy and takes control of a large solar system and rules with a fair but iron fist

pic kinda related

>> No.26551143
File: 12 KB, 200x200, 200px-Good_monkey.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Powers as a primarch
Intelligence gathering, marksmanship, infiltration. Kind of quiet, but can be well spoken on occasion. Hard on for world building. Probably improvised weapons in there somewhere. Finally all that military training is good for something.
>Name of the Legion
Grey Brothers. It's bland, boring, forgettable. Exactly what we want to be. Symbol should be something equally forgetable.
>Main Tactics
Infiltration, Deception, Long range attacks and explosives. Air assault tactics as well. When they strike it's like a peaceful movie suddenly having the director change from Sophia Coppella to Michael Bay. We would have specialists in infiltration and fighting behind enemy lines. There would be rules for deep striking etc because of this. The Grey Brothers would abscond glorious combat, and strike the enemy in the back or blow their sorry asses up. Shock and Awe tactics especially. Basically xenos and traitors fighting us should experience extreme despair.
>Main Characteristics
We probably would get along well with the White Scars, and maybe the Raven Guard, so I guess a history with those guys. We might be fleet based, and not have a homeworld, though I think that would be more from terraforming worlds as a sort of side thing. Good relatins with the IG and =][= would be encouraged, as would working with the sisters. However, our main speciality will always be similar to Alpha Legion, which would be infiltration and behind enemy lines tactics. So we probably would have been buddies with Alpharius and Omegeon before the Heresy.
> As the primarch where do you stand on the council of nikea issue
Psykers are a useful resource.
>During the time of the Heresy who would you side with.
Personally, I think I would stick with the Emperor. He has been kind enough to give me a legion and some kick ass power armor, that's a qualifier for a pretty damn good dad to me. We would be heartbroken about Alpharius though (or would we?)

>> No.26551176

>describe your powers as a primarch
>what is the name of your legion?
Tempered Swords
>what are its main tactics/characteristics?
Lots of Scouts that request air/orbitalsupport allday everyday.
>as a primarch, where do you land on the whole council of nikaea issue?
I agree with the Librarians, sympathize with Magnus and do as the Emperor says (out of fear).
>at the time of the heresy, who do you side with?
Asumeing that the reasonable guy neither becomes warmaster instead of Horus nor keeps heresy from spreading I will side with the Emperor.

>> No.26551400

> Describe some of your legion's most memorable victories/defeats
The way my legion is run, we won't record that sort of thing. Granted our foes who have fell victim to us, would probably remember us quite possibly.
>Leman Russ has been told that you and your legion are going to Chaos w his fleet is in your home planet's orbit. What Do?
This is exactly why we don't have a home planet. Still, call the wolf fucker out on this bullshit and explain why we are not int chaos and how he and his wolfen would be better use elsewhere.
>Legion relations
Explained mostly last post but
Bro tier with Raven Guard White Scars and Alpha Legion before Heresy
Friendly Rivalry Tier with Ultramarines
Legions disliked
Space Wolfs (Wolfen Casting Wolf of the Wolf Wolf Riding Wolfs From Wolfland: The Yiffing)
Sons of Horus (WHY YOU BETRAY US?!)
Legions to Abhor
Blood Ravens (We like having nice things not us giving our nice shit away)

>> No.26551465

>describe your powers as a primarch
Obsessed with standardization and organization.
>what is the name of your legion?
Doom Knights (because why not?)
>what are its main tactics/characteristics?
Precise attacks using overwhelming force, a general focus on individual combat prowess, probably with a lot of assault marines and terminators.
>as a primarch, where do you land on the whole council of nikaea issue?
Psykers can help the Imperium, use them, abuse them, and watch them closely. Also murder Russ.
>at the time of the heresy, who do you side with?
Horus, because goddamn I hate that fucking wolf guy.

>> No.26551493


well using a space marine name generator and waiting for one I could pronounce I now have a name for my Primarch


>> No.26551494

Major flaw? Simple: They're extremely moderate (no offence). They won't go where the Night Lords are willing to go, they won't weather what the Death Guard are willing to weather, and they won't teamkill like the Wolfensteins are willing to teamkill.

>> No.26551515


>> No.26551563

I'm going to do this accurately.

1. My powers as a primarch would mostly consist of reading fast

2. The name of my legion is Chronic Underacheivers

3. We mostly show up late and blame other people

4. Psykers just tryin to psyk, man

5. Chaos would be tempting what with the instant gratification and the hedonisms but I think we'd stick around the throne, having to learn a bunch of new gods sounds like a pain in the ass.

>> No.26551602

>describe your powers as a primarch
To be able to come up with tactics so outlandish or so moronic that actually works and catches even a tactical genius off guard. All the while being clumsy and well mannered, yet able to sneak in stuff or sneak stuff out without being detected.
>what is the name of your legion?
The Paradox
>what are its main tactics/characteristics?
Extremely unconventional warfare that focuses on ranged combat in places no one even thinks of defending or think anyone would be sane to attack from, whether they be from the air, underwater, under ice, underground, or teleporting in. If that fails, fast and hard hitting air strikes on command structures and anything vital to the enemy.

Should that even fail, mass heavily armored vehicles and infantry to take out the main command post.
>as a primarch, where do you land on the whole council of nikaea issue?
We should make use of Psykers and Sorcery but under strict and harsh guidelines and rules.
>at the time of the heresy, who do you side with?

>> No.26551661

>Prophetic visions
>The Hanged
>Using psychic powers
>On the side of Magnus
>The Changer of Ways

>> No.26551691

Leadership, decisiveness and ruthlessness with a feminine touch.

The Voyagers

Naval experts. The Voyagers prefer to sweep their foes from space followed by orbital bombardment. Ground warfare is for chumps.

All Psykers should be put to death except for the ones under the Voyager's control.

Primarch Janeway is purely loyal to the future God-Empress, herself.

>> No.26551693



>> No.26551719
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>describe your powers as a primarch
Average Primarch physical, above-average mental (battle strategist and tactician), and a personal focus on swordsmanship and heavy cavalry action.
>what is the name of your legion?
Aurum Knights
>what are its main tactics/characteristics?
Tactics focus on heavy assaults (involving armoured speeders and tanks), siege-breaking (especially melee action), and naval combat. The Primarch's specific zeal for swordsmanship and riding means all marines of this legion are capable riders and swordsmen.
>as a primarch, where do you land on the whole council of nikaea issue?
We accept the Lord Father's decision, though our own initial use of the Librarian system proved effective and certainly we were not averse to the concept of instituting an academy of sanctioned Warp-capable marines (under tight security, of course).
>at the time of the heresy, who do you side with?
With Rogal Dorn.

>> No.26552344

That was like rogue trader or some shit, when there were at least 25 legions.

>> No.26552383

>implying they didn't have lesbian wincest all night every night
>mfw the Emprah caught them and was super embarassed he exiled them to straight camp and their lesbian amazon mary sue legions too
That's why their lost, cause women can't drive.

>> No.26552654

well there do seem to be female Primarch on this thread

so female space marines?

>> No.26552662


>> No.26553687

Soooooo.... We've got over 9000 different potential Legions/chapters/primarchs/whatever. What say we pick the 10,20, 30 or however many best and do something with them, eh?

>> No.26554230

Maybe someone would be willing to run a quest like the civ quest people were doing. Each anon could take control of one legion. I just hope mine makes it in :)

>> No.26554273

I vote for ALL of them.
the more mary sue the better

>> No.26554302

there seem to be some really nice ones in all this

>> No.26554345

Got any you like in particular?

>> No.26554405
File: 499 KB, 300x248, tumblr_mg6i40igGV1rlm4mso1_400[1].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26554465

No special powers aside from slight psychic abilities that are undeveloped due to the Emperor outlawing it.
Emperor's Judgement
Orderly and systematic eradication of the enemy through tried and true tactics employed by other more successful legions.
I obey the Emperor's will, it is not my place to question his judgement.
I sided with the Emperor, many a heretic fell before us during the Heresy, though at the cost of many of our battle brothers.

>> No.26554568

Each anon takes a legion? A: they would take their own legion and defend its derp to the death and beyond. B: They would inevitably mary sue it up and turn the thread to shit. C:
what GM in his right mind would try to coordinate the fifty-odd legions we theoretically have available in a single overarching plot?

>> No.26554588
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This thread still around? Well, shit. Here's my better render.

>> No.26554594


I like these one

>> No.26554601
File: 145 KB, 1920x1200, Sun-Universe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Incredibly stubborn in personal code. Will continue until the very end if it is something to believe in. Relatively intelligent and able to either get people to like me or hate me. Very quick thinking in a fight, calm as all hell and precise in where to hit. Also loud.
>Children of Sol
We shall be children of the Sun, unconquered and bringers of justice. Destroyers of world that do not surrender to the Imperium.
>Heavy use of artillery and close association with the Ad Mech for that delicious high quality armor.
>Use of psykers only to be used for strategic purposes not for the battlefield (future sight).
Used as the hammer and anvil to crush the enemy and to keep Imperial power in check. (Most likely be used to conquer and then leave a small detachment to oversee while the rest of the legion moves on)
Death to Horus! Death to the traitor legions!

>> No.26554619

I am Rogal-Dorn. That is all.

>> No.26554660

Late to the party and I don't care:

>Extremely diplomatic and perceptive, generally inspiring to those around him. Almost preternaturally soothing to the agitated, or able to whip his men into wicked righteous rages.
However, despite being strong tactically, he is rather easily fooled, so reliant on strong advisers, intelligence, and generally weak minded opponents. Not a genius in any stretch, but against average foes, he can run circles around them.
> The Telestial Specters
> Primarily focused on recon, much of the 'heavy lifting' is performed by the Imperial Navy, or non-humans led to combat. When actually drawn into combat, a focus on scouts and air support is key. Mobile, low impact combat, generally focused on superior firepower mounted on mobile platforms.
Excessive use of landspeeders prefered to bikes, assault marines to drop pods, and stormravens to landraiders.

>In Nikea he remaind primarily silent. Loyalty to the Emporer was a stable maxim, but the whispers of the warp were strong, and Magnus rather convincing. After the Heresy, Librarians were seen as a great advantage, regrettable resulting in many new fallen. In a time post-Heresy, an internal edict was made to abolish psykers, but the primarchs own strong warp affinity made this difficult, and an uneasy "truce" was made, wherein Chaplains are largely responsible for keeping an eye on the few Librarians.
>Much of the legion was split. Honor bound to help defend Terra and the Emperor, but susceptible to the whispers of the warp, The Telestial Specters found themselves largely on both sides of the war, with the Primarch luckily landing with Loyalists. Most traitors within the legion were slain during combat, tricked into tactically unsound positions simply to hold off loyalists long enough for larger traitor legions to steam roll them.

Profound orators, subtle and swift fighters, but dangerous susceptible to the lure of the warp, they are often put against non-warp threats.

tl;dr; don't bother

>> No.26554889

>Implying we wouldn't limit it to the six or seven legions we like best

>> No.26554911

>Only seven legions
Fuck that shit. They can be the best legions though, and everyone's spiritual liege

>> No.26554920

>describe your powers as a primarch
Enormous feet, impatience, vomiting and nosebleeds at inopportune moments
>what is the name of your legion?
The Emperor's Soles (we stomp shit out son)
>what are its main tactics/characteristics?
Send in the tanks, mop up with infantry. If there are any walls involved, we will bust through them with the largest vehicles we can get our hands on. Any survivors found are placed on the ground and curb-stomped via use of portable curbs we bring along with us in the event that curbs are not available in the warzone
Also, Bolters for infantry are earned in right of passage, and not standard issue: all troops are issued chainswords and bolt pistols, once they prove themselves able, they get a gun that doesn't suck.
>as a primarch, where do you land on the whole council of nikaea issue?
I don't give a shit, big Emps does what he wants. We just stomp shit out and fuck things up with tanks.
>at the time of the heresy, who do you side with?
mostly because I want to show those asshole World Eaters that they aren't worth shit in close combat and that we kick more ass.

>> No.26554958

So..... more useless Angry Marines?

>> No.26555057

There are enough of them for that and we have enough people for civ quests. I will just compile all this stuff in a PDF for you guys and drop a paste bin in a few.

>> No.26555193

yeah, I guess, just a really, really shit joke of a Legion.
I had completely forgotten about Angry Marines though, I haven't been on /tg/ in months, only recently started browsing again.

>> No.26555405

Its okay /tg/ is best enjoyed in moderation.

>> No.26555430

White Stains, we are too busy fapping.

>> No.26555458

Well. This shit is going to be over ten pages. It will take a while, but I won't stop until I am done.

If anyone wants some write faggotry of their legion or a legion that they like on here, that's cool. If it's good enough I will put it in the codex.

>> No.26555462

>>describe your powers as a primarch
well i love animals, so probably using local fauna as ambush troops
>>what is the name of your legion?
fuck if i know
>>what are its main tactics/characteristics?
using animals as ambush troops
>>as a primarch, where do you land on the whole council of nikaea issue?
dunno what that is
>>at the time of the heresy, who do you side with?
shit man i just want to read about dogs, so horus probably

>> No.26555630
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>describe your powers as a primarch

Psychologically manipulative, extremely quick on my feet, intuitive awareness of danger

>what is the name of your legion?

The Thorny Crowns

>what are its main tactics/characteristics?

Against intelligent enemies, psychological warfare. Why kill them when we can get them to kill themselves?

Against unintelligent enemies (or when forced to combat), emphasize hit-and-run tactics above brute force. You can't harm what you can't catch.

>as a primarch, where do you land on the whole council of nikaea issue?

A shame. Why restrict the use of such a valuable tool?

>at the time of the heresy, who do you side with?

We can't side with Horus. The path of Chaos is one of damnation.

We can't stay neutral. The Imperium wouldn't have that for a second.

...to the Imperium's side we go.

>color scheme

Black primary, blue secondary. Our symbol is, as expected, a crown of thorns.


Erattus III, an oft-overlooked near the galactic southern edge of the Tau Empire. No life is apparent on the surface of the planet, though the Thorny Crown's primary facility rests a few miles below its surface. Massive elevators serve to bring equipment and personnel to and from the facility. Great care is taken to ensure that comm traffic is kept to a minimum, hiding them from the Tau for the time being.

>> No.26555687

Here is the paste bin of our primarchs

Gonna use this as the basis for conversion.

>> No.26555706

Eh. Maybe tomorrow.

>> No.26555749

OP here

I'm back from work


>> No.26555826


>describe your powers as a primarch
Probably a psyker, extensive knowledge, innate distrust of most people.
>what is the name of your legion?
Hmm. Just to asspull, Shadow Hunters.
>what are its main tactics/characteristics?
Seeking out lost and hidden knowledge, ideally only enter battle knowing the enemy battle plans, or at least their disposition, and using that against them. Lots of scouting, including use of divination.
>as a primarch, where do you land on the whole council of nikaea issue?
Psychic powers are damned useful. If there are dangers, inform us of them so we can deal with them in an informed manner.
>at the time of the heresy, who do you side with?

>> No.26555967

Incredible physical strength and skill at arms. A dedicated but some what inarticulate man.

The Iron Arms

Deapstrikes supported by overwhelming fire support. Deap integration of air support. Move fast strike quickly and call air or arty in on anything that stands in your way.

Psykers are just tools in a tool box you choose the right one for the job.

Loyalist, bros with Dorn, sanguinius, and Lion.

>> No.26555995
File: 118 KB, 600x800, 1294883812286.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


question for pirate legion:
what do you do after you get a powerful artifact? do you wage war with it or just put it in a box and just look at it occasionally? i.e. why is your legion seeking out all this booty?

question for the Harbingers of Law:
if you would please, describe the emperor finding you on your home planet, whether or not you recognized him for who he was, and how your assent to primarch status went in general.

It's late, so my questions will probably be better tomorrow after I've had some sleep

either way, if someone could archive this thread I'd really appreciate it

>> No.26556296

OK guys, see if we can't keep this thread alive til tomorrow. Then we can do something interesting with all the collected material.

>> No.26556365
File: 112 KB, 677x1000, 8dd2d84e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> preference and indeed more effective during the night. Values flexibility and originality rather then dogmatic views. Uses psychological warfare and deceit to win over brute strength
> Aspects of Portia (http://vnsatakopan.hubpages.com/hub/A-Spider-Which-Is-Intelligent-And-Cunning-And-An-Efficient-Killer)
> single man or small squad ops, stealth and assassination of enemy commanders and morale figures on and off the field. Ambush and 'lure' tactics. When in full force use smaller squads to designate key points in enemy defense before deploying drop pods into those areas. Also large use of trained serfs for recon and infiltration.
> sides with Magus though understands the need for caution
> Officially loyal, though with a deviancy for loyalty to humanity over loyalty to the Emperor or the Imperium. Willing to work with Eldar Tau and necrons against the Tyranids and the threats of the Earp.

>> No.26556392

I mean 'threats of the Warp' fuck.

>> No.26556403
File: 73 KB, 683x684, 1296237948768.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yes, we definitely have a lot to work with here

some anon said it earlier (too lazy to find the post), but I guess this should be an alternate /tg/ timeline where there's like, a whole galaxy of primarchs that got scattered (I'm thinking 42 is a good number)

so if that sounds like a good starting point, we should choose 14 of these primarchs to add to the original 18, and then...

>> No.26556465

>so if that sounds like a good starting point, we should choose 14 of these primarchs to add to the original 18, and then...

I can already hear the collective 'Fuck you' to Guillmans Codex idea.

>> No.26556566

Meh. I think it might be around half and half.

>> No.26556611

Here is a starter, fluff light pdf for you guys as a guide.

>> No.26556632

>Bombastic, hammy, masters of improvisation and dramatic flair. Love of drinking causing a ruckus. Bad raaaaage problems
>Grove Street Families
>All close combat, all the time. Powerfists, hammers, axes, and big swords. Armored headplates for maximum headbutt damage
>Don't give a fuck
>I could see ourselves falling to Khorne pretty easily, but I could also see myself sticking to stay with the Emperor because lolloyality

>> No.26556666

wow 32 is my favorite number

>> No.26556667

I think you listed the Void Hunters twice

>> No.26556721

I don't think so. But the PDF is for anyone to edit.

>> No.26556779
File: 92 KB, 750x600, 1308276957200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OP here, these were ones that I thought were the best submissions

not sure how we'll pick, but there's 19 total here, so 5 will be cut

1. >>26540391
2. >>26539682
3. >>26540525
4. >>26540585
5. >>26540679
6. >>26540702
7. >>26541005
8. >>26541111
9. >>26543638
10. >>26545423
11. >>26545485
12. >>26545939
13. >>26547160
14. >>26547404
15. >>26547364
16. >>26547775
17. >>26548621
18. >>26549411 >female primarch!!!
19. >>26551465

>>26556365 was also pretty good, but there's already too many loyalists
>c'mon, you don't want your flesh to boil and turn into tentacles and horrible mutations?

>> No.26556801
File: 104 KB, 400x500, Tactical Umbral Blades.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>describe your powers as a primarch
Quiet, strategic thinker with a love of world/empire building, though is not the greatest of duelists. Prefers commanding rather than direct combat. Not really a pskyer.
>what is the name of your legion?
The Umbral Blades.
>what are its main tactics/characteristics?
Diplomacy when possible/preferred, though stealth and small-scale engagements would be main mode of combat, with large scale warfare reserved for the most dire of circumstances. Would probably be buddies with Alpharius because of this.
>as a primarch, where do you land on the whole council of nikaea issue?
Somewhat concerned about a blanket ban, but Empy knows best. Try to talk to Magnus and the others to keep cool heads.
>at the time of the heresy, who do you side with?
If he isn't in the middle of nowhere during his many-front conquest, he'd rush home to aid the Emperor and try to speak with the others to diplo the fuck out of it and probably get his Legion's shit kicked in.

>> No.26556818

you sure it isn't 6?

>> No.26556843

wait... my math skillz just failed horribly

I said 42, but 18+14=32...

so I guess besides the 20 I just selected, maybe 10 more from the 74 total? (75)

>> No.26556861

It's not like 42 is a set number. You might even add three more to make it an even 50.

>> No.26556875
File: 11 KB, 222x244, tzeentch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

unless 32 is a better number

I hear it's some anon's favorite or something

>> No.26556879

76 now. Since we have a list, probably the most effective way to do it would be rolling in most threads. Granted, mine isn't popular so I am appealing to random chance.

>> No.26556894

I wrote

Funny cause I actually play Chaos table top. In hind sight the 'eliminate commanders and morale figures' would work better as a strategy for chaos then for the Imperium so fuck it chaos ahoy

>Sided with chaos though did not align with Horus believing he only held the legions together through their hatred of the Emperor and once he was dead in fighting would breed without a common goal. Legion rarely involves a full force preferring to trick other legions and their enemies into combat to achieve there goals.

>> No.26556929


>Cant take anything serious, love for the silly and extreme, unpredictable but good enough at on-the-fly decisions that it rarely(not as often) backfires

>the round about roundabouts

>deploy all around the enemy, attack from all sides and then fortify our positions in the middle of the enemy army, thereby enfuriating them to no end.

>Whatever you say, Emps

>Technically with the Emperor, since we are out and doing fuck all while the Heresy breaks out. No chance to even fall to Chaos when we arent there!

>> No.26557012

>describe your powers as a primarch
as Primarchs go, I'm tiny. I become a jack-of-all-trades, and am also a psyker. a bit OCD. a terrible diplomat.

>what is the name of your legion?
Star Riders

>what are its main tactics/characteristics?
Intelligence ops. Spy, scout, take the time to find the weak point, and then hit into it with overwhelming force.

>as a primarch, where do you land on the whole council of nikaea issue?
Practicality. The warp is not something that can be ignored. We rely on it for travel and communication, and warp-storms already laid low humanity once before. Every facet of it MUST be studied.

>at the time of the heresy, who do you side with?
Imperium, or rather humanity. From talking to my brother Angron alone I how the Emperor can be a dick sometimes, but after seeing what the traitor legions are doing... I'd probably try diplomacy first for those that I think might listen.

>> No.26557029

...Brother? It's >>26556801`

>> No.26557036

Well OP, the thread has been archived for posterity. Writefaggotry can commence later on as well as civ style games.

>> No.26557059

Fuck was I too late to get in on it?

>> No.26557065



Here. I think we might get along nice. Though after copy pasta etc, I am not quite ready to do the write faggotry.

>> No.26557076

OP here

thank you, do you have a link?

>> No.26557099

no, post your shit!

>> No.26557119

I did, it's >>26556801
I agree, we'd get along swimmingly. I can do some writefaggotry in a bit.

>> No.26557277
File: 652 KB, 1300x813, 1328229702551.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OP here,
and last but not least

thank you to all the anons who posted in this thread

you made my day

>> No.26557311

OP here, check out my ddddurbles.
I'm not actually OP

>> No.26557339
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>> No.26557424

>describe your powers as a primarch
Hm... Telekinesis and Telepathy. And probably a really sharp mind for learning stuff.

>what is the name of your legion?
Heirs of Typhon, later renamed Chimera Legion

>what are its main tactics/characteristics?
Chimera marines prefer to use advanced technology to overpower their enemies. The legion also takes time to conduct extensive biological studies of interesting specimens, human or xeno.

>as a primarch, where do you land on the whole council of nikaea issue?
Psykers, man. Haters gonna hate.

>at the time of the heresy, who do you side with?
For Emperor and Imperium.

Iron Hands (We got a bunch of techmarines who love their bionics as much as you do! Manus is a bro!)

Emperor's Children (A friend of Manus is a friend of mine)

Alpha Legion (I appreciate the sneaky. Saved my bacon more than once)

Night Lords (Saw Konrad as a young brother in need of guidance. However, not liking what his legion did on a regular basis. Still, liked his stealthiness)

Thousand Sons (Magnus and I have study sessions together)

Word Bearers (Don't like his preaching. More into AdMech stuff anyways)

World Eaters (Don't like Angron's anger fueled bloodshed)

Ultramarines (Did not get along well with the Head Smurf over organizational issues)

White Scars (Found Khan to be somewhat barbaric)

Got my legion's ass handed to me when I decided to fight a xeno race called the Ygryd. Turns out, those little bastards packed a mean punch despite their size and they got some nifty powered armor. Tried getting my hands on it, but they ended up blowing in my face. I called for a withdrawal to rethink some plans. Thankfully, Alpharius later sent a bunch of his guys to fuck their shit up. We finally got to studying the xeno bastards and their tech!

>Leman Russ is after me.
Have the legion stand down, I'll go talk to the big chihuahua myself. No point spilling Imperial Blood, right?

>> No.26557464

I was gifted with incredible reflexes and coordination and my mind was highly adaptive. I was spirited away by the Warp as well, but I landed not in a war-torn region region of Space, but in the Interex. The world I landed on was peaceful and the people that found me brought me to a doctor to check me out. I was, after all, some alien baby. My strange physiology got detected, and I was monitored by an interested group of Biologists while I moved in with the family that had found me. I was quick to absorb the knowledge around me, particularly the subspace discipline.
This ever-present scientific theory dealt with the what the Empire calls the Immaterium, but more often the Warp. It had in its philosophical discourse replaced a religion and was a topic of research in every scientific discipline. At its core was an imperative of balance which severely limited the psionic strength of the Interex and every agressive use of subspace, slightly similar to doctrines the Mechanicum uses.
While my nature was somewhat tempered by studies of the doctrine, I still sought conflict and excelled at it. I joined the Peacekeepers of the Interex, a largely drone-based force mainly intended to keep enemies at bay with the least possible amount of bloodshed. Expansion was, if at all, reached by diplomacy - a planet that did not adhere to the doctrine could not be part of the Interex. The forces of Chaos were kept at bay by a specialized caste of subspace lawyers whose intricate art of pactmaking had once even famously trapped a Master of Tscheensch (who had enslaved the Kinebrach race) within the traverse-blade Anathame (it was said that the creature was laughing while it entered the blade.

>> No.26557475

When my father came looking for me, the Interex nearly started a conflict. His ships were primitive things that ripped open subspace in a crude manner and he did have a faible for dramatic entries and an almost instinctive psionic manipulation of the human heart that the Interex would recognize and frown upon on first contact. Learning my true heritage, I decided to comew with him.
I did not get along with my father at all. While his psionic power exceeded mine a hundredfold, I recognized him for what he was: the product of ancient shamanist tradition, a sensei at best and a con man at worst. Our paradigms conflicted almost instantly. He told me to speak no more of the Warp, but my whole education had trained me to search for interdependencies. As a result, he largely kept me from my brothers, whose ferocity and bloodlust I found repulsively similar to the Harvesters of Corn. Time and again I tried to reason with my father about the imprint a bloodshed as that planned crusade would leave on the subspace of our galaxy, but he would not discuss his plans with me, since he did not fully trust the Interex, or me.
When the Crusade came, I was given the task of coordinating the Logistics. My brothers assumed that this should be a punishment, in fact my father had read my mind and granted my wish of not partaking in such bloodshed. We had barely talked since our disagreement about the Imperial Truth, when I had told him that he could not hide the truth and at the same time force people to obey it.
I was at work at the other side of the galaxy when the newes of the war against the Interex reached me. This last straw prompted me to take the half of my Legion who was at that time more loyal to me, and leave Imperial Space in search for a new hope for Mankind. Many of my legion however chose to not forsake their responsibilities towards humanity in the galaxy, and stay to do their best to protect and moderate them.

>> No.26557481

>what is the name of your legion?
The Reasonable Marines

>> No.26557652

Uh I was just kidding honest. I didn't mean to get dooobles mang, don't exterinatus me.

>> No.26557658
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>Describe any special friendships/rivalries your legion has with any of the others

Quite like the adherents of the Promethium Cult for their belief in self-sufficiency. We once allowed the Lamentors to rest in our realm until they had scraped themselves back together enough to carry on, which is fucking rare for such isolationists. Deep and abiding hatred between us and the sons of Russ for his attack at Nova Caanan.

>Describe some of your legion's most memorable victories/defeats

Beating the forces of Russ back from our homeworld of Nova Caanan when the Emperor wanted to bring us to heel for not outright choosing his side. Deflected a quite sizable splinter force during the 4th Black Crusade. Got bogged down fighting a small hive-fleet towards the mid point of M41, ultimately victorious but at quite a cost in lives and resources. Lost one world in three days to Enslaver Epidemic, had to nuke from orbit.

>Leman Russ has been told that you and your legion are going to Chaos. Now his fleet is in your home planet's orbit. What do?

Leman Russ is going to try and attack Nova Caanan? The world that we have been fortifying for an off-world attack for ~200 years? Try to dissuade him from attacking my realm on baseless charges. Try to be reasonable but refuse to back down. Russ sees my empire not taking sides as taking the wrong side. War ensues. If Russ was even present at this battle he was part of the retreating forces. Take the bodies of his fallen, harvest their gene-see, plunder their armour, weapons, equipment and ships and bury whats left of their bodies into the earth in unmarked fields.

>> No.26557872

>Harvest their geneseed
>Space Wolves

oh dear

>> No.26558606
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Had a double take as your description fits almost word for word for the chapter my groups using in our Deathwatch campaign.

Umbral Saints

>> No.26558724

This whole thread has made me realise I'd be sort of a less pretty Sanguinius. Like Sanguinius if he was a bear instead of a twink.
>Seems like a really nice guy
>Just wants to help people
>Creative and enjoys the finer things in life
>Loses his shit every now and again and tries to cut you open and play round in your blood
>Apologises afterwards

Gosh, I am so edgy.

>> No.26559389

Nice, though I think you cut some of the descriptions in half or missed out the second posts

>> No.26559559
File: 64 KB, 400x500, Knights Recantus protoype.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Divvied up an image, using the Raven Guard symbol as a standby

>> No.26560192

>describe your powers as a primarch

An aura that causes fear in others, ability to persuade others to do things they usually wouldn't, great stature and size.

>what is the name of your legion?

Howling giants

>what are its main tactics/characteristics?

Affinity with long range weapons and blunt Melee weapons. Quick to act and show no mercy, if the job gets done, doesn't matter how it is completed.

>as a primarch, where do you land on the whole council of nikaea issue?

Psychers are cool, they should be treated as equals.

>at the time of the heresy, who do you side with?

Deemed renegade, refuse to fight for either side, more interested in perusing my own goals.

>> No.26560287

>describe your powers as a primarch
Large portion of legion are psykers
>what is the name of your legion?
Proculs of Dolus Praecisione IX
>what are its main tactics/characteristics?
Sniper rifles, psyker powers, hit and run, deception tactics
>as a primarch, where do you land on the whole council of nikaea issue?
I don't care as long as we live, contain and restrict? go ahead, but try and kill us at your own risk.
>at the time of the heresy, who do you side with?
Whichever will net me the more interesting tale, while still surviving relatively unscathed.

>> No.26560328

>Analytic, Quick to anger, righteous
>Iron Trojans (Mediter/Aegean/Middle Eastern flavors)
>High usage of Predator tanks, power spears, round combat shields, Dreadnoughts, and Heavy bolters.
>Psykers are pusssaaayyyysss
>Emps 4 lyfe

>> No.26560384
File: 35 KB, 318x320, 1375986025574.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>I would be Stoic show an affinity for building. I would sort of be a Cross between Perturabo and Dorn. Minus the glaring Daddy problems. I would be capable of creating new technology at a whim. My legions colors would be Grey with burnished bronze trim, our heraldry would b a set of doors that continuously shifted colors. My weapon would be a massive Thunder hammer and I would have An epic stormshield

>The Gatekeepers

>We would prefer blunt force to finesse, in terms of melee combat boarding shields would be standard issue to even the rank and file SM with Thunder Hammers being the Preferred close combat weapon of the Legion. At Range which is preferable to Melee, we would focus on artillery strikes while constructing an outpost to which we could then tunnel under the enemy and "Close the Gate" so to speak, or essentially place explosives underneath their encampment. My Marines would display an unusual amount of humanity towards those they percieve as having worth, not worth in comparision to sm's, but worth regarding their spiritual capacity.

> I would have whole wholeheartedly sided with Magnus, I would have probably accused the opposition of purposefully trying to weaken the Imperium, maybe would have drawn my

>I would side with the Imperium, however, my focus would be on my own survival for without the Emperor and his ilk, the galaxy would forever be a darker place.

>> No.26560452

>Reanimation Protocol, Loev 'em dakka, Loev 'em cyborgs, Loev 'em mechandrite, Loev 'em choppa
>Stickmarine (Ork: Stikkmuhreenboyz)
>Bomb Drop Pods, Suicide Bombers, Kamikaze, Suicide Rhinos, Fuckin' Respawn Point, Marine Rush, Very very few vehicles (most had been blown up by extensive use of suicide rhinos), EKSBAWKS HUEG number of marines (if they're deployed, their number would par an Imperial Army number)
>Psykers are incompatible with the geneseed.
>Adeptus Mechanicus.

>> No.26560608
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>describe your powers as a primarch
Punching things in the face while wearing a tank. Understanding what space superiority entails.

>what is the name of your legion?
Beakies. I like to keep things simple.

>what are its main tactics/characteristics?
I employ geologists. They survey planets for me, so when I get to fight somewhere I know where to apply my bombardment cannons to do the most/least damage, depending on the situation.
Other than that it's STEHL RHAYN with orbital fire support and heavy Imperial Army/Imperial Guard presence - glass everything for miles around the point of interest, take point of interest with superior numbers of spess marinaras, decapitate the command structure, let Guard handle the rest.

>as a primarch, where do you land on the whole council of nikaea issue?
Empski is a psyker. Psykers navigate our ships. We communicate via psykers.

>at the time of the heresy, who do you side with?
If I know EVERYTHING - I carve a small empire in some remote region that will flourish, then side with emps and criticize the fuck out of the imperial faith and codex astartes. If I have to rely on what I'd know - probably side with the Emperor anyways, but without the contingency plans/actions that'd help the Imperium not become shit in the future.

>> No.26561216

Hmm, as a Primarch I would probably distinguish myself not with intelligence, strength or tactical thinking. Rather, I'd be known for my opportunism and insight, a wise observer. If it doesn't sound too mary sue I would also have Epsilon psyker abilities. My major flaws would likely be my poor self-confidence and control obsession.

I'm not sure about the name, but I'll call them Celestial Sons/Lords for now. Their strength wouldn't be their skill in battle, rather they would be known for propaganda warfare, divide and conquer and later developing infrastructure.

At the council of Nikea I would be in favor of psykers, believing them to be a powerful tool against the enemy.

I would likely turn traitor, not because "lol chaos fuck yeah", but rather because I would probably end up friends with Lorgar, Magnus and Perturabo. So I'd likely take their side in things, becoming convinced that the Emperor is holding the Imperium back and that Horus should rule in his place.

But in the end all the Chaplains in my legion would probably take us in the deep end of megalomaniac crazy and I'd try to carve out some demonic empire before being pushed back into the Eye of Terror.

>> No.26561288

Dear OP, I can answer all your questions in two words.

>Space Hitler.

>> No.26562685

Just lurking here, waiting for the inevitable civ thread.

>> No.26562741
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Rolled 109, 98, 22 = 229

>describe your powers as a primarch

Unusually tall and tough. A good leader and strong in melee while crappy in shooting. Good tactician, not so good strategist.

>what is the name of your legion?

Furious Fists

>what are its main tactics/characteristics?

Pummel the enemy with orbital strikes/long range guns and then drop right into the middle of what remains to engage in CC.

>as a primarch, where do you land on the whole council of nikaea issue?

Psykers are organised into Death Company-style special units and killed when they become dangerous.

>at the time of the heresy, who do you side with?

Death to traitors.

>> No.26563054

I like how virtually none of us are siding with Chaos. We have a lot of halfassed faggots who are too cool to pick a side, but basically everyone else goes for the Emprah.

>> No.26563855

>All the primarchs had some aspect of the Emp, so I'd take his scientific ability. I'd have a brilliant mind by primarch standards and a perfect memory. It'd also leave me with an extreme ability to innovate with both tech and tactics.
>The Reclaimers
>Surgical strikes and a heavy integration with conventional imperial forces. Focus on taking world's with as little damage as possible, and do best to actually improve life under the Big E's banner. Also take missions of tech recovery and work to get hi-tech factories in operation on my ships and on the worlds I conquer. Modus Operandi is that we will reclaim humanity's previous golden age, for mankind and Emperor (in that order).
>I'd side with Magnus, in the logic that humanity will become exposed to the warp regardless, but if we safely study it and work to avoid the absolute worst, it will be a boon for mankind. Also request of Emps his knowledge of the warp be presented, debates don't work with uninformed candidates. Not to mention Magnus got screwed over because Emps didn't warn him about the chaos gods.
>Side the Emperor. Imperium is fucked up but without it mankind even more fucked up.

>> No.26563921


No worries. All it takes is a soul open to corruption to be swayed. Chaos has a way of turning even the most noble heroes into savage mockeries of their former personalities.

>> No.26563948
File: 177 KB, 800x585, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>punching things really hard
>the guiding stars
>1.chaerg 2.apply fists
> the what
>whichever ones punch the hardest

>> No.26563981

>Describe any special friendships/rivalries your legion has with any of the others
We'd probably get along with the Salamanders and Thousand Sons best, due to our humanity-over-emperor policy and intellectual sides respectively.

>Describe some of your legion's most memorable victories/defeats
Taking the scientific capital of one of the many small empires taken during the crusade, bringing much new tech into the Imperial knowledge reservoir.

>Leman Russ has been told that you and your legion are going to Chaos. Now his fleet is in your home planet's orbit. What do?
Say we believe there has been some kind of misunderstanding and wish to discuss this peacefully, but if so much as a single assault pod leaves one of his ships we're using our technologically superior navy to blow their asses out of the stars.

>> No.26564110

>describe your powers as a primarch

Being the son of the Emperor, paragon of the human race etc.

>what is the name of your legion?

The Triarii.

>what are its main tactics/characteristics?

The primarch was always a lazy faggot with an eye for systems analysis and design and came to the conclusion that dealing with logistics is extremely effort and cost-efficent and safe. Surprising no one, this didnt bode well with the other space marines so the primarch attempted to broaden the portfolio by being a dedicated support element, some units who can always be called in and depended upon as the rested, well trained last line of defense. Other legions still called him a coward and a useless cur because people tend to reserve heroic last stands and brave charges to the death lifting the eagle more than no one dying in hunger, most tanks not breaking down before reaching the frontline, proper medivac and enemy counerassaults not breaking through in defense in depth so despite being present at lot of campaigns and earning a lot of battle honors no one has rememberd the champer being particularly brave or valiant. Its colors were red-white with green markings for ground troops, maroon for armor and navy blue for... uh navy.

We dont give too much fucks about that. Psykers are essential to navigation but exceeding dangerous. We leave it there.

In the heresy the legion got completely decimated when thrust into sudden action and most of their garrison/supply elements sided with the legion they were originally attached too, giving them a reputation of callous mercenaries. Despite the primarch was trying to side with the Emperor but the other imperial commanders distrusted him enough to position his units far from any action. The primarch and the bulk of the remants of the legion were destroyed on a hive world, being caught between a huge ork waaagh and a dark eldar slave raid, both seeking to prey on the weakness of the Imperum. Chaos later arrived and purged the planet.

>> No.26564207


contd. The remaining units who sided with chaos realized their error after this, and seeing what Horus became and got cold feet, but they were simply slaughtered before they had a significant impact on the invastion of terra, only managing to delay it with 4 hours.

The remants who have sided with the Imperium was later assimilated into understrength chapters, most notably to the Ultramarines and Imperial Fists, the former seeing them as valuable reservists the latter cowards needing to be punished.

The only chapter relic surviving is the Last Line, an incomplete terminator armor with battle honors for nothing else but defensive actions.

>> No.26564252

>describe your powers as a primarch
Probably one of the less civilized primarchs, terminator armour and a giant two handed power axe. Overall I would be one of the big guys good at close combat and leading assaults.
>what is the name of your legion?
Solar Knights
>what are its main tactics/characteristics?
It is a legion that tends to prefer siege warfare and long range bombardments, with the final offensive being carried out by assault troops supported by recon squads.

The legion prefers heavier close combat weapons like relic blades, thunder hammers, and power fists, and tends to fight dirty in close combat, including spitting acid. The chapter tends to have a culture promoting brute strength over subtlety, idealizing civilization as a luxury for when the galaxy is finally united under the Imperium.
>as a primarch, where do you land on the whole council of nikaea issue?
Use psykers, it is a resource humanity has available, we should use it and abuse it.
>at the time of the heresy, who do you side with?
Unless my only friend is Horus or something I would probably be a loyalist.

>> No.26564271
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It was more for the insult than to actually use it.

Possible blackmail potential if get into real shit and have to call on their help.

>> No.26564304

Codex: Boring Marines, also known as the Adeptus Siestas.

>> No.26564575

I would collect it, then threaten to sell it to Thousand Sons. Boy oh boy would the space yiffs send me free wargear every year.

>> No.26564957
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>describe your powers as a primarch
Whether by radiation, warp poisoning, vacuum exposure in the early stages of development or just plain old defective gene-strain this Primarch did not end up in the best of shape. He grew up as his brother primarchs but at age 50 he started to wither. Barely stronger than an average space marines, looks emaciated and ill with dry parchment skin and no hair. Intellect of a Primarch still intact. Not as bright as Magnus but not as thick as Russ or Angron. Gene-seed derived from his flesh too unstable to found conventional legion. In constant pain to a greater or lesser degree. Gets along better with regular poeple.

>what is the name of your legion?
The Forgettables.

>what are its main tactics/characteristics?
With no astartes of his own he had to improvise. His homeworld was quite technologically advanced. Those who volunteered to join his army were given extensive but discreet cybernetic work. Plasteel reinforced skeleton, carbon-fiber ligaments and tendons, artificial extra-spetrum eyes with low light vision and zoom capabilities, fiber-bundle taken from power armour and threaded through muscles, neural blocks in the brain to switch off pain and a high tensile micro-weave under the skin. Extremely good infiltrators as they still look 100% human.

>as a primarch, where do you land on the whole council of nikaea issue?
Psykers have no place on the battle-field and need to be monitored with extreme caution. But at the end of the day they are humans born with a door to Hell stuck in their heads and so it can't be fun for them either.

>at the time of the heresy, who do you side with?
The People of the Imperium. Sadly that meant the asshole Emperor and his asshole children.

>I would like to know what your faction's diplomatic status is in regards to the ultramarines
Only Primarch not to have a fucking Legion. Codex Astertes and Gulliman's reforms can kiss my ass.

>> No.26564979
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>also, what would your response/comments have been to the way Lorgar and his word bearers approached the crusade?
Better than most. At least he was trying to build something. Would have refuted his temptations of chaos and it being the cure for my suffering. This suffering is all that is keeping me human, the other primarchs never learned to feel weak and it shows.

>Describe any special friendships/rivalries your legion has with any of the others
Got on well with Nigh Lords and their Primarch before they started to go off the deep end mid-Crusade. Always got on well with Dorn and Vulkan. Liked Gulliman befor he tried to impose his reforms. Hated Russ, Angron and Khan. Pretty neutral on all the others, probably never met them.

>Describe some of your legion's most memorable victories/defeats
They stop wars before they start and fuck peoples shit up behind the scenes. Can't really build a statue to that. Chances are if you never heard about the great successes or crippling losses then they are doing their job right.

>Leman Russ has been told that you and your legion are going to Chaos. Now his fleet is in your home planet's orbit. What do?
Inform him that all of my agents are out at the moment trying to stabilise a realm thats collapsing and suggest he go do the same rather than acting like a rabid dog. Also inform him that I will be coming aboard so we can talk face to face. Truth be told there wouldn't be anything I could do to stop him if he was going to drag me back to Terra and at least this way hes not going to tear half the planet down clumsily looking for me.

This Primarch dropped off the records a few hundred years after the end of the Horus Heresy. Either he quit the political stage and went into hiding or he finally died. His agents seem to still be active, Inquisition runs into them time to time with mixed results.

>> No.26566128

Are all of these being archived anywhere?

>> No.26566587
File: 552 KB, 1014x665, Primarchs_as_teen_girls.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do all these lost Primarchs get girl versions?

>> No.26566619

Those are technically their daughters.

>> No.26566654


Fine. Do we get to see daughter versions of these lost primarchs?

>> No.26566681

Would be nice but there would be hundreds of them.

Too many for them to have any meaningful character distinctions.

>> No.26567019

>describe your powers as a primarch
Extreme durability and stamina
>what is the name of your legion?
>what are its main tactics/characteristics?
Anti non-sentient Xenos, lots of crowd control and anti infantry,flamers, Frag missiles, poison etc. very brash and not fond of tactics. Gene seed defect requires large Amounts of alcohol to be ingested for full functionality of organs.
>as a primarch, where do you land on the whole council of nikaea issue?
Hates psykers immensely agrees wholeheartedly.
>at the time of the heresy, who do you side with?
The emperor, got to keep a sense of mateship goin'... mate.

>> No.26567232

>describe your powers as a primarch

Excellent marksman, logical and calculating, good at researching enemies and drawing on existing knowledge in order to predict and react to their movements as efficiently and effectively as possible. Like to soften enemy at range and then hit hard up close to end it quickly.

>what is the name of your legion?

Silver Eagles.

>what are its main tactics/characteristics?

Reconnaissance and marksmanship. Preference for mobile, long range heavy weapons. Fond of artillery and Librarians.

>as a primarch, where do you land on the whole council of nikaea issue?

Psykers are a powerful tool, to be exploited for the good of mankind.

>at the time of the heresy, who do you side with?

Chaos. Horus is Warmaster and we are devoted to the continuing crusade.

>Describe any special friendships/rivalries your legion has with any of the others

Good bros with Iron Warriors and Alpha Legion. Dislike Word Bearers. Devotion to efficiency creates a friendly rivalry with Emperor's Children and Ultramarines.

>Describe some of your legion's most memorable victories/defeats

Memorable victory - Outmaneuvering a sizable force of Ultramarines, drawing them into a stalemate conflict pre-siege of terra to prevent them from joining the battle.
Memorable defeat - lost a large amount of marines in a disastrous conflict with a sizeable greenskin horde during the great crusade. The horde were not hurt as hard as we expected by our long-range bombardments, and assaulted us up-close with a strength we were woefully unprepared for.

>Leman Russ has been told that you and your legion are going to Chaos. Now his fleet is in your home planet's orbit. What do?

As we are in fact in league with Chaos, I invite him to do his worst.

>> No.26567378


>describe your powers as a primarch

Not a physical powerhouse (by primarch standards anyway) but the absolute best when it comes to lateral thinking, dirty tricks, unconventional tactics, and grand strategy. Would probably get ground down in a straight up fight against other primarchs. Which is why I'd never let it come to a straight fight.

Intelligent, resourceful, adaptable, silver tongued. I'd cultivate these virtues in my commanders and men.

If there's one primarch who can take a bad hand and turn it into a winner, it's this one.

>what is the name of your legion?

The Ragged Legion

>what are its main tactics/characteristics?

Mobility, trickery, unpredictability. We don't really have 'standard' tactics because our modus operandi is doing things other armies wouldn't think to do.

Common themes are not being where the enemy expects us to be, hit and run tactics, ambushes, and real out of the box shit.

Think abandoning a fortress to be stormed by orcs and then detonating demolition charges placed on the foundations. Think burying drop pods underground facing upwards which erupt when the more vulnerable rearguard is passing by. Think bluffing the use of exterminatus on a planet to force an enemy to flee their fortifications.

We're generalists at heart, since our tactics demand more flexibility than other legions.

The other legions tend not to like us because we draw strength from free thought and initiative, not just discipline and overwhelming firepower. They tend to see us as dishonourable and potentially heretical.

Grey colour scheme trimmed with azure.

>as a primarch, where do you land on the whole council of nikaea issue?

Psykers might be a tad unpredictable. But that's kind of what we do in the Ragged Legion, so we're inclined to be tolerant up to a point.

What the Emprah says goes, though.

>at the time of the heresy, who do you side with?

Emprah. We might be lying, deceitful bastards, but we're HIS lying, deceitful bastards.

>> No.26567677


>Describe any special friendships/rivalries your legion has with any of the others

Orthodox legions hate our guts, but tolerate us because we're effective. Some of the less rigid types appreciate that even if we're unconventional we're still loyal servants of mankind and the Emprah. But, none of them fully trust us.

>Describe some of your legion's most memorable victories/defeats

I remember this one time when some of our scouts took potshots at a massive band of Khornate berserkers and then melted away into the forest. The dumb fucks were so enraged they charged right into the main body of their forces and started cutting them to bits. They thought they had been the ones taking shots.

Fucking chaos man.

Of course, they did overrun that planet eventually. Being clever can even the odds, but there's no real replacement for having a bigger army and bigger guns.

>Leman Russ has been told that you and your legion are going to Chaos. Now his fleet is in your home planet's orbit. What do?

Challenge him to single combat on 'neutral ground' to settle the matter. He'll accept because, in a fair fight, he would slaughter me.

Turns out the ground isn't so neutral after all: it's a minefield. I know the layout, he doesn't.

When I have him at my mercy, let him go and throw down my arms to prove we aren't tainted by chaos.

>> No.26567698

Need more Chaos Primarchs here.

>> No.26567839

no one in their right mind would to work for Abaddon

>> No.26568530

No Primarch works for Abbadon.

>> No.26568566


Then don't work for Abbadon.

A few of these Primarchs should fall to chaos and become Daemon Princes and shit.

>> No.26568910

Hey man, my guy >>26567232 is all about the chaos.

>> No.26568952


How much Chaos? Does the Primarch become a Daemon Prince? What god?

>> No.26568995

Enough chaos to employ it as a weapon and a way to strengthen themselves without becoming balls-out corrupted. I'm thinking the primarch will become a Daemon Prince after dicking over some loyalists in a wonderfully convoluted scheme and sacrificing a bunch of dead astartes to the dark gods. Then he and Perturabo brofist because he can dig that shit.
If I had to pick a specific god for them it would be Tzeentch, because knowledge and shceming and whatnot.

>> No.26569223

>describe your powers as a primarch
Intense laziness. Master Crafted half truths used to prevent immediate (if at all any) action of self and legion.
>what is the name of your legion?
>what are its main tactics/characteristics?
Insert strike force as far as possible from the target to draw out campaign as long as possible to spend time on planet just dicking around. Otherwise, Masters of Artillery.
>as a primarch, where do you land on the whole council of nikaea issue?
Do I have to go there? I'm busy over on this planet campaigning and stuff.
>at the time of the heresy, who do you side with?
Already dead. Caught in a quagmire caused by an extensive web of half truths Legion is accidentally destroyed when fleeing from both Ultras and Alpha Legion.

>"Sir, The Ultramarines and Word Bearers Legions are nearby"
>"Oh shit Dudeus, I think they're going to ask me about the crates of shit I borrowed! Time to Warp jump"
>"Didn't we hold back on fixing the warp engines, or something?"
>"...No Dudeus, I swear that was groceries"

>Entire Legion and Legion fleet is immediately obliterated in simultaneous array of exploding and imploding ships

>> No.26569339

>Cynical, callous and offer no pity or redemption to those cultures outside of the accepted. Uncaring of losses and distant from my astartes.
>Heralds Of Wrath
>Total indiscriminate orbital bombing, chemical, biological and nuclear scorching entire cultures from the surface of worlds. If invasion is unavoidable massive saturation bombardments and carpet bombing before wave assaults with heavy armour.
>Psykers are a danger to mankind but useful for scorched earth campaigns
>Chaos because c'mon he is not exactly stable to begin with.

>> No.26569455

Out of the box thinking, and a somewhat sick sense of humor
Can't think of a name
Bomb the piss out of them from range. Develop bunker-buster like bombs. If they have turrets or something to keep me from bombing them, send in a stealth team to take it out. Once my assault is over, send in the ground forces to clean up.
Pro psyker. Claim its humanity's next evolutionary step. Also call out Russ on his bullshit.
I myself am a Chaosbro, but Im not sure if Id go chaos unless someone pills a magnus on me.

Also: If someone could give me some ideas on legion names, Id appriciate it.

>> No.26569480

>Describe any special friendships/rivalries your legion has with any of the others
Friendly rivals with salamanders, white scars, BA and SOH. On good terms with iron warriors and Imperial fists. Appalled by the world eaters and night lord tactics of brutality. Good friends with alpha legion. Pissed off gulliman by calling his tactics "Stiffer than his rod over his ego", earned praise from everyone for that.
>Describe some of your legion's most memorable victories/defeats
Victoies: Took an entire star system in less than a year with a single grand company (use of shock and awe tactics)
Defeats: Constantly fucked by enemy fortifications after massive fiasco where the iron warriors had to bail our asses out of the fire. We now nuke it from orbit.
>Leman Russ has been told that you and your legion are going to Chaos. Now his fleet is in your home planet's orbit. What do?
Tell him to explain it over a large, hearty feast (Strong mead included)

>> No.26569497

>Describe any special friendships/rivalries your legion has with any of the others

The legion gets on well with the space wolves, drinking buddies and the like, sandstorms still agree with the ideals of mateship, but those emperors children blokes are prissy bastards in our opinion.
>Describe some of your legion's most memorable victories/defeats

well this one time there was a bunch of those Tyranid blighters causing some trouble on the planet, we'd originally detached a small assault force, believing the reports of genestealer activity to be complete bogus, but by the time we realized our mistake, rippers were flooding through the walls, our assault blokes made us proud though, holding their position with naught but hand flamers and chainswords, some even say that Captain Rudd took on a carnifex with nothing but lightning claws. we lost the planet, but a bloody lot more people were evacuated than we would've estimated. we bought a free round of drinks back home, in memory of the mates we lost.

>Leman Russ has been told that you and your legion are going to Chaos. Now his fleet is in your home planet's orbit. What do?

well first i tell the bastards they can shove their faulty noses up their asses, because if they're smellin Chaos on Ayers IIIX then they need a serious beating, then if they still bloody insist, we defend our planet till our dying breath, i heard those buggers cant deal well with heat anyway, they can keep to the mountains, they wont even see the bloody giant poision birds coming hah!.

>> No.26569619

>No friendships or rivalries distant and cold, heavily criticised and censured on many occasions for tactics
>Memorable Victories: None really most are brutal and with little to show but ruins
>Memorable defeat Misjudging the effect of a chemical bombardment of a human world resistant to compliance 3rd chapter assault resulted in 98% losses
>Planet is already blasted wasteland due to years of brutal meatgrinder war ont he surface extensively fortified below ground and proof against orbital attack, orbital lanes strewn with debris and mines. whether the storm and strike back with overwhelming fire

>> No.26570182

>describe your powers as a primarch
Tall, broad and loves twin linked weapons
>what is the name of your legion?
The rifles
>what are its main tactics/characteristics?
Rolling gunlineing with IA
>as a primarch, where do you land on the whole council of nikaea issue?
Tis a shame, Psykers are exelent range finders
>at the time of the heresy, who do you side with?
Emps, someone has to man those forts with TL goodies
>Describe any special friendships/rivalries your legion has with any of the others
Friendly with everyone, mostly with salamanders and iron warrions
>Describe some of your legion's most memorable victories/defeats
Victories, took a world in a few months by steam rolling their shit in
Defeats, got fucked up by elder, over run by orks
>Leman Russ has been told that you and your legion are going to Chaos. Now his fleet is in your home planet's orbit. What do?
Tell him that he came to the wrong neabour hood before lasoring him.
Warhammer high daughter:

>> No.26570289

Warhammer high daughter:
Chelsea, tall, gaunt brunette with a love of rifles. Her faverouite birthday gift is a tie between a hot-shot long las and a relic bolter

>> No.26570696

how does your legion feel about shrimps and barbies

>> No.26570816

They're prawns mate and the small crustaceans are the only thing on Ayers VII that aren't poisonous, and that's only if you fry em on heated plasteel sheets anyway.

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