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>unknown lifeform detected

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>Same shit, different day

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That time of the day again, huh?

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If an artist goes out of his way to sexualize a xenomorph he better be prepared to complete the assomble with chitinous high heels and painted carapace claws.

She is so improperly prepared for intercourse lacerations it hurts my delicate sense.

1/10 would not do.

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You are aware that it's specifically designed to be sexual from the very beginning, right?

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>Tail ends in a penis that shoots small xenomorphs
>Lactates acid
>Penis in it's mouth, with teeth. Can orally tentacle rape with it and leave a chestburster.
Yep, Gieger is a horrifying genius.

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I was trying to be ironic, it didn't work.

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Irony doesn't work on the internet. When you can't hear voices or see body language, it's indistinguishable from stupidity.

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Not to mention that it's entire freaking head is a huge dick. With smaller dicks on it's back.

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But the internet is filled with stupidity.

And that is ironic.

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So are we continuing from the thread yesterday?

It kind of came to an unceremonious 404.

Should I begin writing again?

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If you'd kindly.

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Okay and with what premise will I be writefagging today?

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I would suggest the slow and steady journey, but I'm not every fag out there. Just my 2 cents.

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You can't bare to look Ryan in the eye. You can feel his judgment bearing down on you. The Xeno sits perched on your coffee table, timidly "looking" back and forth between the two of you.

"So," Ryan finally speaks up, "how long have you had this thing?"

"She's been here a few months."

"And you've just been keeping it as some sort of pet?"

This question strikes a chord. She looks up at you in anticipation. She's not a pet, she is much more, but does Ryan really need to know that? Does Ryan need to know how close the two of you have become? How much the two of you have bonded? No. He can't know, revealing your feelings for her would only make things worse.

"Yes, she's just a pet."

She looks down in disappointment. He gives you a concerned look, "Just a pet?"

You could have worded that better. Ryan looks back to her, you can see a hint of disgust in his face.

"What does it eat?" He asks gravely.

Now that you think about it, you have never actually seen her eat. She leaves the house for a few hours every day, at about the same time. You always assumed she just caught some of the local wildlife to feed on.

"What ever she can catch," you say.

He glares at you with the look of a man worried for his. You definitely could have worded that better.

You try to save yourself by adding, "Like wildlife."

You don't know if he bought that. He concludes the meeting by saying he wont be calling in the marines, but that he will be keeping in touch with you about the thing. You say that's fine. You thank him, and show him to the door.

Once he's gone you turn to Her. "Well, that didn't go too terribly." She ignores you, slinks off the table, and sulks off. Her slick black body glistens in the light of the window before she disappears into the next room.

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I was just hankering for more cute xenomorphs doing cute things

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I approve.

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I have other matters to attend to, I'll be on later with the followup.

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OP's pic reminds me of Xenomorph: The Infestation so I'm writing some fluff for it. Gonna be a bit.

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good man.

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I...I require the last thread now.

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The one thing I can't stand, when people claim that there are male xenomorphs.

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I had a dream about Xenomorphs last night, but instead of being sexy, it was fucking terrifying. It ended with me getting speared in the head by a xeno's razor tail.

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That's a metaphor for oral sex.

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Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, Freud.

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A razor tail going through my forehead is my subconscious telling me I need to suck more dicks? Neat. What did me crawling through xenos infested vent systems mean?

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>What did me crawling through xenos infested vent systems mean?
Were you crawling on your hands and knees? All bent over and stuff?

Probably means you should be taking it up the ass too.

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I think, it is a metaphor for depression which ultimately will lead to him taking a gun and shooting himself in the head.

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Zat you secretly desire to be back in your mothers vomb.

Why don't you tell me about your mother, da?

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We can go deeper.

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I must touch him. But I can not!

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Not phallic enough

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What, the shoulder-erections and forehead-skull aren't good enough?

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I can already tell where this is going.
>InB4 Transformation Fap fics where average joe gets turned into a xeno queen and gets orgasmal off laying eggs

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can u not

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Thank you, anon. It's so hard to find good images to fluff my xenomorph folder.

Have one in return

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obviously he thinks he's on a blue board that ISN'T /tg/

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You could at least post the source, you swine

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You're in luck, I'm a TF writefag and I've written about space bugs before. You're in even greater luck because I don't like xenos in specific and I'm too tired to write anything right now!

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I think you got the wrong meaning of tg

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Seriously though, is there no archive of the last thread?

I-I want to read what started this.

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I don't understand how I am in luck and in greater luck to things that are contradictory. DOES NOT COMPUTE!!!

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Here you go

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A porn thread got ARCHIVED? HILARIOUS!

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There wasn't that much porn.

There was writefagging and werewolves being shaved though. And isn't that what /tg/ is all about? Minus the werewolves being shaved that is.

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>guy who made up NPCs for the original Xeno: The Infestation threads here

"If we keep meeting like this, people will notice, and there will be rumors."

"People can speculate about what I do with a beautiful woman in my own home all they like. I don't know how often you get out of the hive or the precinct HQ, but the revelation that I'm seeing you regularly would last perhaps a week in the news, and then forgotten. It would not impact my electability," said Ellen Bishop, councilwoman of the Sixth Ward and adopted daughter of one of several escaped Weyland test subjects, "nor, therefore, the security of our hives."

"That's not what I meant," protested Maria Call, detective and first-hand expert on the city's occasionally chitinous population. "I mean that if this keeps up, people will start to wonder about what we are. I had thought that Mark was the only one who knew about me, but four of my last five cases were xeno-related, and they were all given to me personally by the precinct chief. There's a traffic cop in Fifth Ward from Ribbon Hive, and rumor has it that 'Aunt Beast' is starting to work beyond the Smokestacks. We're not going to be able to keep a lid on this for too much longer."

"And with Weyland being the number-four political donor and number-one contractor for city services," Ellen murmured.

"Exactly. It would be the end of us."

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Ellen frowned. "Well, it will be good to have Ribbon more solidly engaged in civic affairs; I hear that there's a sub-queen of theirs who thinks that mass conversion and predation is the answer." Maria shuddered at the thought; she was happy with the enhanced senses and stamina that came with being a xenomorph, but conversion was excruciatingly painful, and chancy enough when the subject was willing; a hive attempting to convert as many as possible without consent would butcher thousands and seed hundreds of wild, savage half-monsters within the space of a few days, inviting military retribution. Weyland, Yutani, Umbrella, and their private security firms were trouble enough, but all-out war with humanity would lead only to extinction. "Thanks for telling me. Reach out to this traffic cop -- figure out what she's like, and get her on our side if you can."

"He, actually, and yes. I think he knows about me, or that someone in Sixth Ward is part of a hive. I'll get on it."

Having concluded business, Ellen decided to do something about the pheromones that had slowly been building in her living room. "So, these rumors about us," she purred, "it would be a shame for the gossip rags to be fussing about over nothing, wouldn't it?"

Maria leaned in, threading an arm around Ellen's shoulders, settling her hand in the small of Ellen's back. "I'm all for keeping the press honest."

>the end

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Would you a Xenomilf?

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I don't see why not.

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It is simple. You post had a certain ambiguity to it's intention. As in, I don't know if you DON'T WANT that to happen, or if you're TRYING TO MAKE that happen. Either way, you're in luck, but also out of luck.

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Who wouldn't on this board? And bondage gear that covers everything is TOTALLY clothing.

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Goddamn my dick, why are these things so sexual

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Because HR Geiger made them.

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This isn't even tenuously /tg/.

Why don't you go to /d/?

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cuz /d/ is kinda shit?

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Hey, I made up the NPCs in >>26537236 >>26537250 for a WoD splat...I don't think the splat ever came to much (heh), but that counts, right?

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Wait wait.
>Why don't you go to /d/?

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Then make /d/ not shit instead of making /tg/ shit.

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Hahaha! /d/. What a joke of a board these days.

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Speaking of that, why don't we work on that a bit? I could help. I'm good at fluff, but I'm bad at crunch. Anyone here good at mechanics?

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It's more /tg/ than the retarded prom thing soon to be a quest and THEN it will be /tg/ related

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Remember Strike Witches Quest? Or Shonen Quest? Or Blatant Fetish Quest? Or Succubus Lord Quest? If this thread were Xenofucker Quest, we'd have literally NO PROBLEMS.

But that way lies MADNESS.

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I hate you.

But you have a good point.

Which I also hate.

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Your hatred only makes me stronger. And I was wondering if there were any system that would let me play as a Mesklinite?

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Now comes the tricky part. Are you able to just ignore this thread instead of making a pointless fuss? Won't judge you if you're not, because far too many people are like that.

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some Xeno: The Infestation crunch

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Does anybody else see cat ears and whiskers on that woman?

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I approve of your taste in hard science fiction.

Sadly, the only thing that comes to mind is GURPS. (Then again, hard sci-fi is one of those things that GURPS is actually pretty good at, so hey!)

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We need more writefaggotry on this thread. At least enough to justify archiving it.

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Why would you send anyone to /d/?

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>you'll never know what it's like to be assimilated into a galaxy-spanning hive mind and feel nothing but orgasms for all of eternity

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Honestly you are a bit afraid to confront her, but you know things could only get worse the longer she thought you meant what you said.

You go to the bedroom the two of you now shared to find her laying in the 'nest' she had before you allowed her in your bed. It was a pile of your old clothes, bed sheets, and blankets.

"You know I didn't meant what I said right? About you being just a pet."

She doesn't respond. She remains curled up in a ball, her tail tapping on the floor. You walk over to her and sit on the floor beside her. She buries her face in the sheets.

"I didn't want him to know, I'm sure that if he knew about us, well, it would have made things a lot worse."

At this she reaches to the desk nearby and grabs your word pad. She types something out and hands it too you, then sinks back down into the sheets. Your heart sinks when you read it.

It reads simply "You are embarrassed of me."

"Oh sweetie, I was only thinking of your safety. You saw the way he reacted to you, and if he had called the marines, I don't know what I would have done if they-" You are cut short as she tosses her self onto you. You now lay on the floor with her wrapped around you, your lips locked together.

Her inner mouth, which you had only seen on a few rare occasions, now enters yours. it gently explores you mouth. A viscous fluid now covers the lower part of your face, but it has no taste nor smell. After what feels like an eternity she moves away from your face. Strings of what you assume is her saliva are suspended between her mouth and yours. She then continues to cuddle you.

"Well, I'm glad we got this sorted out."

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>Primary weapon systems online
>Searching for targets
>Target locked
>Firing main cannon

>> No.26538378

Hmm it looks like I was late with the second part.

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becuase /d/ is actually pretty civil and good surprisingly?

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>> No.26538484

>Not just annoying futa-obsessives who viciously attack everyone else.


>> No.26538486

Nowadays /d/ is just a bunch of queers in a glass closet.

>> No.26538509

/d/ went to shit long ago, futa has assimilated everything of worth.

>> No.26538520

well, thanks to these two threads I now have a thing for Xenomorphs, Thanks, /tg/. As if my Xenos fetish wasn't bad enough already.

>> No.26538561

Rolled 1

Yeeaah, honestly, I'm rolling for fetish, but purposely failing.

Do we have enough writefaggotry to justify archiving this thread, yet?

>> No.26538584

Nope. You need more. MUCH more.

>> No.26538684

Are Xenomorph-guy and Predator-guy next door neighbors?

>> No.26538698

>archiving a thread for /d/ writefaggotry

I'll have it deleted inside a week

>> No.26538726

I'm writing the Xeno-guy, I don't who did the Pred-guy.

>> No.26538741

>Implying Lord Licorice gives a shit about what goes in his archive.

I'll have it upvoted to 20+ inside of two days.

>> No.26538747

>nothing sexual about it
try again next time.

>> No.26538769

>Implying LL gives a shit about votes
We purge your quest threads on a regular basis~

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File: 1.83 MB, 250x140, Anor LondNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Deleting /tg/'s /d/ writefaggotry

You'll be crucified within a week. The deviants that inhabit this board are strange and violent beings.

>> No.26538781

Try to purge the beloved ones, watch as the archive goes down in flames.
I'll give you fifty bucks if you erase all of Strike Witches Quest.

>> No.26538783

What's this 'we' business, faggot? An upvoted thread would never be deleted.

>> No.26538788

You're certainly new.
>gleefully purging threads back in 2010 that had dozens of upvotes

>> No.26538803

>I don't who
>I don't know who
Maybe I should just go to sleep.

>> No.26538824

>was in the xeno thread yesterday
>get on /tg/
>find this
>find writefaggotry again
I've just started, and I want to thank you if I don't get the chance before 404

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Ah, right, the Reign of the Nazi Mods. As I recall they abandoned their posts and left this board to the porn posters. I acquired this image in those days. I keep it as a warm and fuzzy reminder of their gross negligence. That and as a reminder of how funny that futa-superheroine comic's dialogue was.

>> No.26538849

Who ARE you?

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Obviously he's Zuul.

>> No.26538882


I thought /d/eviants were all nice folk. Like your dear aunt, only not quite as gross.

>> No.26538913

/d/eviants these days are all prudish jerks. I was referring to the more normal Deviants, those outside the norm. They dwell on /tg/ ever since the Purges of /d/.

>> No.26538923

My dear aunt is a strong violent women who has nearly killed a man, he survived because my aunts husband stopped her. The other aunts are varying shades of strong and/or violent.utom who

>> No.26538928


Never thought I'd hear the word /d/eviant and prudish in the same sentence.

>> No.26538936

wait are you still writing? pls dont go

>> No.26538944

well, they are prudes to everything but futa.

>> No.26538950

Sad but true. Only Futa allowed now. Because girls r icky.

>> No.26538954

Go take your own board back, don't shit ours up!

>> No.26538977

Can't, the admins are all prudes as well. Also, I'm just waiting on the writers.

And I haven't received a satisfactory answer to my question about Mesklinites... Anything but GURPS.

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Newfag here, only been on for a month or two.
Honestly first time I've heard about archive mass-purges. Yes, I can understand it, but it does make me very sad. Especially when I enjoy quests and find out that people evidently loathe them.

>> No.26539038

We loathe them because there's so fucking many, most of them shitty. THey need their own boards.

>> No.26539052
File: 1.75 MB, 1280x1045, It had to be done.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Had to be done

>> No.26539100

I need sleep! Sorry, I hope to have the chance to continue tomorrow.

>> No.26539131

>>26539015 here
Now that I actually have read through see: briefly skimmed I can see why they'd be deleted.
It now only makes me fear of the prospect of quests I enjoy being deleted. However, if they are one-shots, two-shots, or up to 8 shots, then yeah, I can see that.
Really, my fear is that someday, when I want to re-read a quest I liked, it will be gone, deleted in the purges.

>> No.26539140

i hope so, man.

>> No.26539272

I read Lamia Daughter Quest. I started around Thread 54. It's at 85 now. If that quest was purged, a genuinely good story would be lost.

>> No.26539311

>genuinely good story

Good grief. /tg/'s standards have seriously god damn slipped.

>> No.26539316

I know and share your fear.
I first discovered HLQ via the archives and I fear for the day when others will be deprived of the chance to discover the joys of Bear Leaves, hilarious dice rolls and Hue.
That said, I also feel that we would be diminished if we were to lose record of the Mosquito star, the Great Clean One, Slash Gordon and the notorious DC80 Escape Artist Check.
Truly the Internet is a place of great wonders and greater terrors.

>> No.26539322

Agreed, fellow Lamia reader. I just started at around 74.

I also enjoy Bioweapon Quest, it satisfies my thirst for a decent quest that is mostly silly and lolrandumb


>> No.26539339

Oh go fuck yerself, it's enjoyable, has fun characters and a followable plot, and isn't another goddamned Strike Witches Quest.

>> No.26539444

In my mind there is only one true SWQ.
And if I cry enough tears for him to drink Planefag will return and finish it.

>> No.26539631

Where can I find the rest.

>> No.26539671

>mods delete the xenomorph thread on /d/ before I could save the writefaggotry
I am STILL fucking pissed.

>polite sage for noncontributing post

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>this thread

>> No.26539863

I stopped the blood sacrifices a while ago, they weren't working.

>> No.26539937

Maybe we weren't trying hard enough.
We need orphan tears, preferably from crippled orphans who've just been told that Santa isn't real and that they only have two weeks left to live. for best results the Orphans should all be named Timmy.
Then we need to sacrifice a white bull, mix the Orphan Tears with it's blood, paint our faces with the blood/tear mixture and dance around a fire made from burning hopes and dreams while arguing about who is the best Waifu.

If that isn't enough then we may just have to resort to going around pepper spraying everyone we see. Eventually we'll get enough tears.

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pic related.

And yeah, /d/ is shit.

>> No.26540405

what are you standards for a quest?

>> No.26540567

They're deleting fucking XENO threads now too?

This is bullshit, these damn anti-furfaggots have become worse then ACTUAL furfaggots!

What do we have to do, raise a damn army to fight for our right to post non-human porn?

>> No.26541101

I started writing this last night but then I fell asleep. Here's what I have so far.

"So, is everyone here..."

She laughed; a harsh sound devoid of happiness, just a wry sort of contempt, although I couldn't be sure if it was for me, personally, or just my question. "No," she replied, "they're mostly human. Prey or playthings, depending on your mood."

The suggestion caused me to squirm uncomfortably in my seat as I cast a sidelong glance at my company. Like her laugh, her features were hard-edged and cruel. Some might have found that attractive but I couldn't stand her. A classic ice queen.

Not actually a Queen, thankfully.

"There," she purred, her gaze drawing mine to a pair of dark silhouettes at the end of the bar. "Our sisters."

I had gorged - the phrase turned my stomach - less than a week ago and hadn't even undergone my first molt. Unbidden, the horrific memory of that night played out behind my eyes, arms and legs pulled back, resinous strands like the web of a spider pinning me in place and the sickly-sweet taste of the Queen's jelly on my tongue.

"Mind yourself, nymph," she chastised, snapping me out of the nightmare reverie.

>> No.26541187
File: 2.02 MB, 964x1530, 597e1e064a87e182cb704df61ef5bb72.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shit, seriously? I know /d/'s been going downhill a bit, but that's just ridiculous.

>> No.26541221

I know, right? It used to be you could go to /d/ and find legitimately deviant porn, now it's all dickgirls. If you're not posting futas, you're getting banned.

>> No.26541244
File: 72 KB, 650x471, 1308077006458.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wasn't there a bit of a fiasco a while back where a slew of perfectly appropriate threads were deleted because people were talking about their kinks, and "/d/ is not for discussions"?

>> No.26541268

That sounds like exactly the sort of thing that would happen on /d/. I've been banned a couple of times for failure to contribute to a thread.

>> No.26541275

>come to /tg/
>post exactly what you would on /d/ minus the pictures

>> No.26541278
File: 745 KB, 1600x1143, Alien__s_Embrace_by_Sammi_chan71914.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wow, that sucks. Are they still really anal about western art? It's been a while since I've done more than given the Index the odd skim through.

>> No.26541351

foolz archives everything. You may be thinking of suptg, which is the archive you need to vote on.

>> No.26541411

>/d/ mods being faggots

I remember such a glorious mimic story that was deleted... thank Slaanesh for /tg/.

>> No.26541499

Ok trolls, you had your fun bad mouthing /d/. Some of you asshats might even be the futa spammers.

Everyone, /d/ is still a good place for Xeon threads, and for discussion.

>> No.26541505

That is a patent falsehood.

>> No.26541558

No it isn't.

>> No.26541564

Which one? I know about the one posted on /tg/.....

>> No.26542077
File: 27 KB, 300x300, 1363774901779.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't want to go as far as saying I've developed a new fetish but my curiosity is peaked.

I need recommendations on related writefaggotry if possible

>> No.26542235

You sir get an award. I think thats one of the best replys iv ever seen to someone attempting irony.
10/10 will be useing agianst people.

cant lie OP, iv got some fetishs but im not brave enough for this one.
>weird fucked up exoskeleton body
>slimey skin
>probably acidic puss
im not Hercules.

>> No.26542276

I've seen men fall before lesser things.

And the only fluid of theirs that burns is blood.

>> No.26542338

Burns so good.

>> No.26542350
File: 82 KB, 373x395, 1370211544532.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Wake up
>Go onto the internet
>See thread
Just a normal day on /tg/.

>> No.26542397

If its for the good of the people, perhaps i must slay this beast.
>can only be killed with hot dick
By the gods..i face a task.

>> No.26542490

...are you going to write more?

>> No.26542551

I think anon went to sleep. Maybe if the thread doesnt die he will write something up when he wakes up.

>> No.26542681

Bumping for my Xeno fix when he comes back.

>> No.26542734

Says he's going to sleep here

>> No.26542829

On a matter of aliens, any love for Sil?

>> No.26543061

Is this like a new homebrew or something?

>> No.26543140
File: 440 KB, 400x720, deathwatch-art5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I-I'll be right back. I just have to take off this shoulder pad.

>> No.26543258
File: 222 KB, 900x1273, sexual tyrannosaurus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>start clicking around for sauce
>don't find what I'm looking for
>find this instead
>I don't know how I feel about this

>> No.26543268

>dat filename

>> No.26543381
File: 18 KB, 225x225, download (3).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You guys are weird.

>> No.26543393
File: 48 KB, 876x1743, NO.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.26543404

I visit /mlp/ fairly often so I think I know a thing or two about weird.

>> No.26543442

I just love how everything that people are saying in this thread is pretty much confirmed by a trip to /d/'s frontpage.

I got futa, futa, girls with strange penises, more futa, bondage that if I look inside ill probs have futa in it, misty futa and a giantess thread.

And a single xeno thread that i think is dead is further down the board, I remember them turning a vore thread to shit there about 4 days ago - a week ago.

>> No.26543455 [SPOILER] 
File: 959 KB, 839x1296, what oh god no (-4 LWD modifier).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.26543510
File: 50 KB, 169x195, allegory_zps52b12dbe[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

O god what is this and why is my penis so hard

>> No.26543525


>never having seen Species
>never having seen Giger do rule 34 of his own characters (Sil fucking an Alien, which I am not posting here because Janitors)

>> No.26543550

"I don't see what's so weird about a jes-"
>It's a trap
"I'm okay with this."

>> No.26543565

It alright anon. I found it. My god, Giger is a fa/tg/uy at heart.

>> No.26543579
File: 59 KB, 354x500, hello, I'm the Doctor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


it's not a trap.

it's a man with child-bearing hips.


Giger is /tg/'s Spiritual Liege.

>> No.26543580

Shamans, jesters and greek actors: transcending silly genders since long ago.

>> No.26543619


you know you've spent too much time on /tg/ when the thing you find most Wrong about Naughty Jester's artwork is the lack of lanterns.

>> No.26543639

It's the little things that matter.

>> No.26543658

I don't remember dudes with child-bearing hips in KD artwork.

>> No.26543663

His official website has a xeno-erotica section.

>> No.26543670

and it's ruining futa for a lot of people, without being able to mix it with shit they get burned out

>> No.26543675

You mean the xeno thread that was deleted a few days ago for no reason what so ever?

>> No.26543689

>it's a man with child-bearing hips.
dressed and acting like a girl.

>> No.26543707


>see giant hips
>automatically think of KD
>then notice the penis

>> No.26543724
File: 344 KB, 754x1280, what.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


(The Destroyer is 8.1")

>> No.26543797

Whats that, some fantasy fucktoy? With a dick of 8,1 plus being only 3,8, an erection will put so much blood in his groin, so much to even provocate complications.
Also the hips and ass. Jesus christ,if orcs exist in his same universe...

>> No.26543885


I think it's somebody's player character, which means all of that and worse.

>> No.26543917

giger's phallo-centric xenomorphs are at once terrifying and intensely arousing to me

I'm terrified of getting pregnant but the idea of being forcibly impregnated by these creatures definitely gets my juices flowing for whatever reason

>> No.26543948

It's part of the female psique I think.
Tentacles and forced pregnacy its some kind of uh... Buried desire? To be pregnant. Probably.

Females have such weird fantasies, at least you aren't thinking of yourself like a mother-earth equivalent being "seeded".

>> No.26543958
File: 187 KB, 988x1525, whyboner.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


is it more or less arousing to be The Little Girl in this scenario?

>> No.26543998
File: 16 KB, 230x300, le sweating meme.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>I'm terrified of getting pregnant

wait your a grill

>> No.26544114

Why does this matter?
it doesn't, don't bring it up

>> No.26544166
File: 11 KB, 95x114, innkeeper.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


see >>26543958

>is it more or less arousing to be The Little Girl in this scenario?

consider the implications.
the implications of there being an option, one of which is female.

>> No.26544177

Not necessarily
Just playing the role of the female

>> No.26544212

That's even worse.
Waaaay worse.

>> No.26544226

/d/ isn't actually so bad lately
Its mostly futa, but not nearly as much as it was around a year ago. Considering how popular futa is, it makes sense. Its like complaining about warhammer on /tg/. I'm not really a fan, but so many people are that its going to end up everywhere.

There's almost always a few interesting threads on /d/ depending on your tastes. If you just want to go find a thread full of your fetish, there's a decent chance you will assuming it isn't mistakable for furry. /d/ is really paranoid about allowing anything remotely furry.

However, they are really terrible at the sort of deviant things that /tg/ really likes. /tg/ likes to take a fairly original, specific idea and develop it, with lots of input. The story story is just as important as the porn, and there's almost always content created rather than just collected from other places. /d/ is supposed to be about sharing porn, not chilling around discussing things and waiting for writers to finish.
At least, that was was I heard a while ago when they were deleting those CYoA monster girl island things

>> No.26544244

I'm up, I'm just out. I'll continue when I get back. I have some ideas for the succubae subculture I want to elaborate on.

>> No.26544617

No that was me, different guy. I'm up but it will be a while before I can continue writing.

>> No.26544631

Wait, are there predator stories?

>> No.26544641

Predator 2, best in the series. I heard Predators was average at best, and Predator 1 isn't my kind of film. The Officer in Predator 2 is one of the most hardcore protagonists in any film ever.

>> No.26544672

Last thread had a loli pred story. The foolz link is up thread.

>> No.26546850

The rape train is coming and it has no brakes. Next stop is you.

>> No.26546875
File: 84 KB, 1250x1250, Sapathetic.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh dear some one should contact the engineer and inform him or her or it of this unfortunate predicament.

>> No.26547009

>I enjoy quests

You are the lowest, filthiest form of scum.

>> No.26547117

Why am I instantly thinking the Alien is here to save the girl being experimented on by the evil humans?

>"Do not threat! I am here to save you! These malicius scientists shall not have their way with you!"

>> No.26547190

This entire thread...

>hit that shit from orbit, it's the only way to be sure.jpg

>> No.26547228

I want to write something about this, but I can't figure out if I want it from the girls prospective, or the queens...

>> No.26547231

Aren't you the guy who wants pot to be legalized?

>> No.26547250
File: 195 KB, 1250x1250, Salreadyate.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Perhaps you're into vore good sir, and would prefer to see the little girl swallowed whole, slithering down a moist throat worming her way down haplessly into the stomach, being steadily dissolved by xenomorphic gastric juices into nutrients?

>> No.26547270
File: 31 KB, 350x350, Scutlery.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why yes I was good sir.

Care to humor me with counter arguments?

>> No.26547275


>> No.26547278

That is an avatarfag from the days of yore, or possibly someone abusing his image for trolling purposes.
At any rate, ignore him.

>> No.26547587

You have lived in this facility for your entire life. Your earliest memories involve Armed guards pointing guns at you, lots of shouting, lots of poking and prodding from shock sticks.

Things did change. They started to realize you had no intention of hurting them. You don't even know where they got that idea. They were still afraid of you, they still never left you alone outside of your cell, but instead of yelling at you, they started teaching you.

You learned how to speak a number of languages, unfortunately you can't speak the way humans do, they have things called tongues that help them, but at least you can understand what they are saying now. You also learned about human culture, about how they came from apes and ascended to the stars. This only made you more curious of where you came from.

>> No.26547634

please continue

>> No.26547746

Actually, IS there a good Aliens PnP? Or at least,a good system for running in one?

I know that apparently in pathfinder there's stuff for it..but fuck pathfinder

>> No.26547768

You've got a typing fetish.

You're in bad, son. There's not much hope.

>> No.26547948

I can't go much further without things getting extremely lewd.

>> No.26547964

Back, gonna continue from >>26541101. If there's anything in particular people want to see, say so, although it's probably not going to get especially lewd.

>> No.26547984
File: 17 KB, 167x201, 1370821940809.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Where did you find this?

>> No.26547986


If you really think it would be "toolewdforteegee" material, there's always the pastebin.com option.

>> No.26548013


>> No.26548123

>Acquire new fetish save failed

>> No.26548597

Well /tg/ you've given me more of a boner then /h/ or /d/, well done.

>> No.26548631

So whereabouts can I find this Xenomorph: The Infestation?

At most, I only managed to find one of the later threads when I went looking.

>> No.26548712

First Ryan now Marisa. At this rate the whole colony is going to know about her by the end of the month.

You slightly regret getting her a vocalizer, she has been extremely talkative ever since she got it and it is for that exact reason that you now have to explain to another friend why you are harboring an alien. She just couldn't keep quiet until after Marisa left.

And of course she's quiet now. She left to the other room after she was confident Marisa wasn't going to call in the military.

You went through the same motions you did with Ryan. No she's not dangerous, yes she learned English, No I don't know where she came from. It was what you expected, and she seemed to be taking it quite well, but then a question you didn't expect comes and punches you in the stomach.

"So have you had sex with it yet?"

You glare at her. Your brain is a complete mess right now trying to figure out why the hell this was asked, and better yet how you should respond. It was a yes or no question, and the honest answer is no, but that 'yet' makes that no still sound bad. Finally you think you've found a fool proof response.

"Why do you ask?"

You're not exactly a master of debate, but you figure turning the question back on her can't hurt.

"I thought that was every man's dream, and she is rather adorable."

Again you find your self at a loss for words. You realize your mouth has been hanging open for a while now so you swallow and continue with counter questions.

"You find it attractive?"

"You don't?"

You can't tell if that's a trap or not. You begin weighing the consequences of answering one way or another in your mind. Suddenly your brain comes up with a clever solution.

"You do know it's a girl right?"


Dammit brain! That was stupid and juvenile! You have already refereed to her as 'she' at lest a dozen times now. Fuck it.

"No, we haven't had sex yet."

"Well when that happens don't forget to tell me all about it."

"Um, sure."

With that she leaves.

>> No.26548720

You are not very quick-witted either.

>> No.26549401

I'm >>26542551
I went to work and now I'm back. I need status report

>> No.26549480

I think there's something wrong with his hips.

They should not be twice as wide as his fucking shoulders.

>> No.26549541
File: 108 KB, 231x240, 1376105695543.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thank you, anon. it was worth the weight

>> No.26549633

Marisa is a weirdo
Not that I'm patiently waiting for Anon to get to the good part but still. Weirdo.

>> No.26549675

>Implying anon isn't the protagonist and we are all Marisa

>> No.26549685

That is a very good point.

>> No.26549690

shit getting to real

>> No.26549945

Going for a full 2,000 characters on the next post. Also, I need to go back and improve some descriptions. Otherwise, working steadily.

>> No.26549981
File: 193 KB, 1003x796, 1375014912699.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26549990
File: 2.21 MB, 3600x3600, LEVEL_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I guess this is a good place to dump my full map of Hadley's Hope...

Feel free to use. It was scaled to the 3d model that one guy did, which is accurately based off the fly-around view of the colony (which is smaller than the movie permits it to be, those halls were to long in the movie)

>> No.26550016
File: 2.12 MB, 3600x3600, LEVEL_2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26550030
File: 1.64 MB, 3600x3600, SUB_LEVEL_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh and those names at the bottom aren't mine. Just sources I pulled. They deserve more credit than I ever did.

>> No.26550037
File: 1.63 MB, 3600x3600, SUB_LEVEL_2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26550052
File: 1.61 MB, 3600x3600, SUB_LEVEL_3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

done, sewers beneath here can be extrapolated or follow the same halls... this is where Ripley tries to rescue Newt at the end.

>> No.26550133

But what is a King?

>> No.26550169

about 90-99% of Xenomorphs are female.

>> No.26550291



>> No.26550329

Have you seen that movie what's called pray dater?

>> No.26550342

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_T5T0PPY94 Seriously though, you're my brother of African decent.

>> No.26550539


I keep refreshing every now and then and keep being disappointed when there is no new posts...this is really depressing actually.

>> No.26550583

shhh, he's working on it

>> No.26550703

Giger described them as 'ambisextrous'.

>> No.26550755
File: 623 KB, 236x158, 1365071523994.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We believe in you, sir. Don't you stop.

>> No.26551547

This artist is literally worse than hitler.
I hate this person so much and I don't even know who they are.

>> No.26551703

worse than Hitler? really? have you seen the shit he painted to try and get into art school?

>> No.26551724

I actually liked Hitler's artwork okay.

>> No.26551735

Yes. I prefer his artwork over that male goblin with birthing hips.

>> No.26551845


What's the artist for these? I need to know for reasons.

>> No.26551958

They killed the shorrstack thread, anon. They burned it down.

>> No.26552065

Someone answer this for me

>> No.26552168


>> No.26552200


>> No.26552352


You say that because you haven't seen Hitler's Hitlerjugends shota traps drawings.

>> No.26552423

Why not just answer muh question?

>> No.26552435

Continuing from >>26541101

The club was called the Hive and I had no doubt that it was intended sardonically. According to my matron, we were here to meet the family. As I peered down the bar at our alleged sisters, I couldn't help but feel a certain revulsion at our kinship.

Again, her voice cut through my contemplation, another lecturing reminder of some unconscious signal or another. This time, it was my scent.

"You stink of fear," she observed dryly, only half paying attention as she plucked a glass of something alcoholic off of a passing hostess' tray.

"Apprehension," I shot back, glancing back to her as she took a long sip from her drink. "I don't like it here."

Truthfully, I'd have been on edge even without the knowledge that this place was a nest of creatures like us... it was still hard to think of myself as a creature but that was one of the first things my matron had driven into me; I was no longer human, not anymore and not ever again. The notion should have been horrifying and I suppose that on some level it was but, if I'm really honest, it didn't bother me as much as I knew it should have.

"What's not to like?" she smiled that harsh smile, teeth gleaming under the black light. I wondered, would I have noticed how predatory it looked, before? "Don't be so territorial, it's unbecoming."

"Unbecoming," I murmured, my gaze returning to the pair of succubae at the end of the bar. Like my matron, they exuded a sort of cold confidence, seemingly aware of and in control of their entire surrounding. They seemed to have found their prey.

"He's not one of us," I asked, nodding towards the man with whom they were ostensibly flirting, "is he?" He was handsome enough, no doubt a ladies' man but, judging by his hungry expression, clearly had no idea who he was dealing with, tonight.

"No," she replied, her smile widening, the silver-sheen unmistakable. She was hungry, too. "Just another stag strayed too far from his herd."

>> No.26552612
File: 9 KB, 215x215, i can't remove this from premises.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i... i don't think i would.

>> No.26552775


>> No.26552878

So, basically, it's your Vampire campaign with xenomorphs?

>> No.26552955

keep writting...

>> No.26552963

You go to the bedroom to find her laying on your bed. You sit beside her and rest your hand on her thigh, feeling the sleek muscles punctuated by her exoskeleton. The slightly synthetic yet gentle feminine voice of her vocalizer breaks the silence.

"What did you end up talking about?"

"Oh, nothing important."

She turns to look at you. She wants to ask you something.

"What's on your mind?" You say preemptively.

"I... I want to know more about human sex."

What a fool you are. How could you not have been prepared for this? You should have known this was the day you have to give "the talk" to your alien lover. Is this even necessary? You know she can read, she can "see" as a well as a dog at least.

"Do you really need me to tell you about it? I mean you gained command of the English language in less than a month. I know you could look this up if you were really curious."

"I have looked it up, but I have only watched it and read about it. I can't understand it until I have... felt it."

Her body shifts around so that her chest is facing you, her legs slightly open.


Your heart is about beat out of your chest! You really don't think you are ready for this.

Hell, up until now you weren't even sure if she had genitalia, and now you have so many questions about that. Why does she have genitalia? How do her people reproduce? Why is she sexually compatible with humans? What are her people even like? Why have you not seen any of them?

You feel light headed.

>> No.26553022

inb5 we faint and get mouthraped

>> No.26553055
File: 18 KB, 244x252, tfw alien gf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

and that's the story of how acid vagina melted my did.

>> No.26553081


This will either end well or really, really, REALLY bad...

You have my attention.

>> No.26553405

The eyes of the world are upon you, brave anon.

>> No.26553432


No pressure or anything.

>> No.26554157


>> No.26554430

I'm still here by the way.
That story was the very first request I ever took.
If you want it I can go through THE DEPTHS OF HELL to recover it. Otherwise I'll save myself the trouble.

>> No.26554469
File: 28 KB, 400x267, 1364607460528.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Go for it.


>It's dangerous to go alone! Take this.

>> No.26554725

You take a deep breath. That was supposed to help. It didn't.

When you open your eyes you are still looking at an alien in heat.

The more you think about it, the more you realized that it isn't the strangeness of it all that scares you. In fact, you have come to find it endearing. What scares you is the thought that you might screw this up.

You are indeed going where no one has gone before, at least as far as you knew, but you just don't feel it's time to go all the way.

You tell this to her and she responds with, "How far do you want to go?"

You pull yourself completely onto the bed and adjust your self to face her. You then reach your hand out and make first contact. You blush, not because you are embarrassed, but because you can't stop thinking up these dumb puns.

Puns aside, you are pleased to find the area feels like soft leather, much the skin on her face. You can work with this, and her initial gasp and subsequent moans assure it is indeed working.

It's starting to feel more natural, which concerns you. The patterns seem so, human. You're no scientist, but you're pretty sure that aliens were supposed to be completely different having evolved on a different planet, they were supposed to be beyond human comprehension. But again, you're no scientist, it doesn't bother you too much, and you're starting to get into it.

You have begun inserting your middle two fingers and your hand is now covered in a slimy fluid, not unlike the fluid that comes from her mouth. Is it the same liquid? It definitely isn't saliva. You don't have time to wonder about xeno biology right now though, for she has thrown herself on top of you and is now making out with you.

With your free hand you grab a hold of her breast plate, but you're not entirely sure what to do with that, so you continue to focus on your other hand. Her inner mouth is nibbling on your tongue and you really hope she doesn't bit down too hard.


>> No.26554741

After a while, sooner than you expected, she throws her head back and lets out a gargled moan. Her body is shacking and you can see slime is dripping onto your sheets. You let go but before you can move your hand back she collapses on you leaving your arm pinned in an awkward position.

She pulls herself in until she is comfortably wrapped around you. You are able to adjust your arm in the meantime.

Well, that went perfectly!

Do you taste blood?

Yeah, your tongue hurts pretty badly.

Okay, almost perfect.

>> No.26554746

celebrate, anons
we have content!

>> No.26554747

Here it is.


>> No.26554751
File: 97 KB, 196x269, better than sex.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You then reach your hand out and make first contact. You blush, not because you are embarrassed, but because you can't stop thinking up these dumb puns.

>> No.26554890
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I really really shouldn't feel aroused by this.

>> No.26555197

My connection went kaboom for a moment but I got a friend to post it for me (>>26554747).
Danke schön, anonymous friend.

>> No.26555814

I know that feel, bro. I know that feel all too well.

>> No.26556024

are you still here?
i only ask because you seem to post hourly

>> No.26556127

I'm still here, but I think I'm done writing for tonight.

>> No.26556147

hows it lookin' for tomorrow?

>> No.26556148
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You're a gentleman and a scholar.

I offer you this tribute.

>> No.26556328

I don't know, I really enjoy writing this, and my friend expects me to continue, but if this thread isn't still here I don't think I should start my own thread to post it. Especially considering I might have to pastebin the rest to post it at all.

Or you know, I could take it in a different direction away from the sex, if you guys would be okay with that.

TD for life! jk I appreciate it.

>> No.26556346


There's also the option of 1d4chan, but put it wherever works really. As for the direction you take it, don't worry about what everyone else wants. It's your story, take it wherever you want it. The rest of us are just along for the ride.

>> No.26556386

take whatever direction you'd like, brother. however, if you do post it elsewhere, linking to the location would be greatly appreciated

>> No.26556391

Sex is great, but I like some romance/plot with my smut. Do what you feel is best, brudda.

>> No.26556623


1d4chan is a pretty good option.
Starting your own thread just for this, I would support too.

Hell, anywhere where I can read your stuff I support.

>> No.26556674

Just do whatever, man. Cool new content is always nice.

Others might get butthurt about someone making a thread for this.

>> No.26556699

People get asschapped over the smallest shit, so that much should be expected.

>> No.26556752

Sorry to barge in anon, but I've been reading your story and I have to say I've been enjoying it. I'd be eager to read more, though I've also got selfish motives. I dunno if anyone here was in the thread but I tried my hand at some Promotions filled writefaggotry about five/six hours ago and I'm eager to continue. The story was about a Paladin called Dave. If you want to start a general writefaggotry thread I'd be happy to join you, try to offer constructive criticism, trade stories and such.

This is a good idea as well. (I dunno if mine is good enough)

>Others might get butthurt about someone making a thread for this.
I was a bit worried about that as well.

>> No.26556880

I'd like to add that 7chan has a erotic literature board. It's pretty slow, so bumps aren't as needed.
It's a good place to post stuff, very like 4chan.
1d4chan works too.

>> No.26556890

Wow I'm actually kind of surprised at all this positive feedback. I'm glad you guys enjoy it.

A general writefaggorty thread might be interesting but if it gets out of hand I'll just post it on 1d4chan.

>> No.26556902

>Wow I'm actually kind of surprised at all this positive feedback.
I was similar though my story wasn't as good. Flattery is strange, isn't it?

Anyway if you start a general writefag thread then post us a link here please and we'll join you.

>> No.26556907

you are the best writefag ive ever encountered. and i love you.

>> No.26556924

Best writefag i've encountered outside of 7chan.

>> No.26556959
File: 208 KB, 769x600, 1366263793972.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're very good at keeping things light-hearted while maintaining the narrative, and you're descriptive enough that we get a clear picture without getting bogged down in purple prose. I very much enjoy reading your writefaggotry, and I'd love to see more--as soon as possible, no less.

>> No.26557031

Oh, wow. Um... should I- should I start using a name?

>> No.26557043

you could

>> No.26557090

It's a good way to be recognized if you produce content, though obviously try not to use it too much or when it's not needed (like this).

>> No.26557092


>> No.26557111

If you start to namefag I will follow you like the next messiah.
Like I do with Blackjack and GuPQ.

>> No.26557115

Damn... I'm terrible at names. Every time a video game asks me to name my character I end up spending hours trying to think of something appropriate. If my group does a one shot, I always use the same name just so we can move on.

>> No.26557134


>> No.26557144

Even something like 'Xeno Anon' would work. It's more for recognition and convenience.

>> No.26557145


Could always go with something simple - XenoWriter, for example. failing that, just use the same character name you use for RPGs, it's what I did.

>> No.26557147


>> No.26557163

Fukken xenos.

>> No.26557170

This works.

I want to read the entire thing from start to finish in one thread as well, if you don't mind posting links to where you end up posting it.

>> No.26557172


>> No.26557182

fuck yes

>> No.26557185
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Slight problem with that one.

>> No.26557189
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>> No.26557192


B-but that's MY name! I deserve recognition and attention as well for my mediocre drunken smut that I wrote for like three anons! I'm intelligent and unique too!

Fuck it go for it. Dave is a nice mundane name anyway.

>> No.26557194

Use a name that makes sense for what you're using the name for. Like, if you're writing Xenomorph waifu smutfic, then something like "Xenoslut" or whatever.

(FWIW I think you're doing pretty okay if you're the one doing the Xenowaifu thing; could use some editing, some parts are kind of janky and break flow e.g "you gained command of the English language" is too stiff/formal for the rest of the dialogue, but overall good work.)

>> No.26557217


Most of the flow problems will fix themselves in time. Just gotta keep him writing.

>> No.26557262

I mentioned in the last thread that I'm dyslexic. As for the "you gained command of the English language"... I don't know, sounded better in my head.

So, um this is my generic character name. What do you guys think?

>> No.26557264

Constructive criticism is always useful. At least that's what I've gathered. I'm not near on par with this anon but I've enjoyed my own foray into smut and I'd like to try and get better.

So are we going for that general writefag thread? I've been redrafting my own tale a bit.

>> No.26557279

>What do you guys think?

I think you should write more

>> No.26557282


Works fine! Now you just have to establish a new thread for people to follow before this one sages off entirely. Or you could simply wait and resume whenever you feel like writing again, though some will miss the name connection.

Either way, welcome to the league of writefaggots. We have donuts in the back, and the coffee's always fresh

>> No.26557320

Adding to this, don't forget to save it all.

>> No.26557328

> Now you just have to establish a new thread for people to follow before this one sages off entirely.

no need, this one is at 330 posts and sitting on page 4, its got plenty of life left in it

also, Varia, I demand more humieXDEldar adorableness

>> No.26557365

I wasn't in the last thread.

I'm too lazy to bother trying to write smut (also: never attempted it), but I'm an okayish writer (according to people who aren't me, because I fucking hate everything I write, it's all trash); I much prefer to read and point out flaws. If you guys need an editor or proofreader, let me know and I guess I can toss up a spare email account or something?

>> No.26557393


I have been toying with a slice of life epilogue like I had originally planned, but the new Mutant x Tech Priest story has been taking up my creativeness. I'll try to knock something out later today.

I've also considered actually writing out that scene past the kiss, but I worry the lewd would ruin the adorableness

>> No.26557395

>What do you guys think?


>> No.26557425

Can I join the League of Writefaggots too?

I appreciate the offer but I think I'll just stick to posting it in threads for now. I'm currently redrafting what I wrote earlier and trying to make it better but feel free to comb over it and offer advice. I could dump it here if people were interested but I don't want to steal Xeno's thunder, especially since his is better.

The anons in the last thread seemed perfectly happy with it so they were either being too nice or it was genuinely good - probably the former. Like you I think a lot of what I write is shit and I rely on validation from others.

>> No.26557437

Alright guys, I really need some sleep. Hopefully this thread will still be here when I wake up.

>> No.26557449


Sure, the more the merrier.

Also, >>26557365, every one shares that same feeling at some point. The only way you'll get over it is to force yourself to write, then post it up for criticism. That was the only reason Fallen from Grace saw the light of day.

>> No.26557498

I know from an objective point of view my writing is not-shit, it's just that it has a billion little flaws (or big ones e.g. length, plot flow, scene construction) that prevent me from being proud of what it is.

E.g. this shit (and I'm going to regret posting this, but w/e) has horrible pacing issues at about the 3/4 mark.

>> No.26557499

Yay! I'll finish editing what I've got so far then dump it. Please tear it apart - any advice or criticism is welcome.

>> No.26557558


S'alright, only way to get better is to write and learn from mistakes. Keep in mind this is all positive criticism, and I'm not trying to make you feel like shit.

Offhand, the one thing that sticks out to me is how similarly your sentences begin and flow. I do the same thing sometimes. Really, you just have to be cognizant of your word choice and what your sentence structure is like. The other thing I noticed was a few tense problems, you need to pick one and stick with it throughout the entire piece.

>> No.26557647

>I'm not trying to make you feel like shit.
No worries bro, I haven't met anything on the Internet that can make me feel like shit more than myself.

>a few tense problems
Motherfucking damnit, I thought I had caught all instances of non-present tense narrative. Balls.

>> No.26557726

[Alright, here it is. As I said it's Promotions! with a bondage theme. I don't usually write lewd things but I had quite a bit of alcohol in me at the time and had managed to accidentally derail the thread I was in:]

The Interrogation of an Elf (or something)

As he took a last draw from his pipe, Tordek let out a sigh. Standing up from the tree stump he made his way across the camp towards Dave's tent. Behind his beard he wore a grave expression: he hated doing this. It was perhaps the most unpleasant aspect of working with the Paladin. Reluctantly he opened up the tent flap to where Dave was working.

It was dimly lit. A bedroll lay in the corner next to a pile of blankets upon which a woman sat. Dave was pacing back and forth past a small table, as if contemplating something trivial. He was tall and slim, with short fair hair and harsh features. Tordek walked in. He could just about make out a faint buzzing sound.

Dave's methods made him uncomfortable but he knew from experience that the Paladin would get results, even if it took a while.

“Dave,” he began, “have you made any progress with that Elf?”

Dave's attention was drawn away from his thoughts to the Dwarf who had just entered his tent, “My progress has been slow. This prisoner is very good at resisting interrogation.” He continued, genuine surprise in his voice, “she has said nothing for almost three hours.”

Tordek sighed. Dave's prisoners were seldom talkative, even if they wanted to be, “Well try to hurry up. I can feel the others getting anxious and we cannot afford to stay here for too long.”

“Fear not,” Dave replied with pride, “this harlot will tell me the location of the assassin.”

Tordek gave a forced smile, “I'm sure she will. I'll leave you to it then.” He walked out.

>> No.26557733

Dave's attention turned to the Elf woman sitting on the floor next to his bedroll. She was slim and shapely, with sun-tanned brown skin and shoulder length black hair. Her hands were tied together behind her back, bound at the wrists and elbows. Her upper arms were pinned to her back by several ropes, criss-crossing over her chest and shoulders and causing her breasts to bulge out. Her legs were spread apart, each ankle tied to each thigh as she sat in a a frogtie. A single rope went around her waist, curving down tightly between her legs. Drool dripped from a red ball-gag in her mouth, held in place with a leather strap, and her green eyes were covered by a blindfold. She was nude save for a black fabric thong, her chocolate skin drenched in sweat. A green glass orb about three inches across bulged out between the crotch and the thong, the source of the buzzing noise.

She let out a moan, a mixture of fear and pleasure, struggling playfully at her bonds as Dave walked over to her. He crouched down in front of her, lifting her chin and taking off her blindfold. Their eyes met. She blushed, letting out a playful, “Mmph~.”

“You have endured another hour with the orb,” he said coldly, “will you tell me where your employer is?”

Her eyes pleaded with him, “Mmmph~...” she nodded. Shifting weight, she pushed the orb closer to her wet, swollen crotch.

“Then tell me.”

Her eyes turned to a look of confusion, “Hhpfh mmnmpfh mnmm~.” Droplets of drool fell from her gag, landing on her breasts.

Dave tutted impatiently, rolling his eyes, “Are you going to tell me or not?”

She moved her jaw around in an attempt to push out the gag, “Mmmhpfh mhmh mnmpfh mhm~.” Her attempt was in vain and simply caused a large strain of drool to fall out, hanging by a thread of saliva from her blood red lips before landing on her thigh. She looked at the gag, trying to show her captor her willingness to speak.

>> No.26557742

“Do not toy with me, harlot. If you say you are willing to speak I expect you to do so, not to mock me.” His mouth twisted into a smile, “this warrants...further punishment.”

At mention of the world, the Elf's eyes opened in excitement. Her attempts to reason with this human had been in vain and she had expected only death after her capture. To her surprise (and relief) his definition of 'punishment' differed greatly from hers. The past three hours had been...interesting to say the least.

He rolled up the sleeves on his tunic and sat down behind her, pulling her closer to him. She could feel his hot breath on her neck. Leaning back eagerly she let him place his hands on her stomach. He began to massage her, tentatively running his fingers along her abdominal muscles and, slowly, worked his way up..

She let out a loud moan as his hands cupped her breasts. The ropes sat neatly around them, pushing them out, exposing them. Dave took full advantage of this as he squeezed and groped her breasts playfully. She closed her eyes, moaning as more drool trickled down onto her breasts and Dave's hands. After a few minutes he moved to her nipples, rubbing and pinching them. Tingles of pleasure coursed through her as she let out a loud moan, sinking further onto the orb in her crotch. The sheer ecstasy was driving her closer and closer to orgasm and her eyes rolled back in her head as she bit down on the rubber ball in her mouth.

Dave eventually stopped pinching her breasts, standing up as he walked over to a small bag that lay in the corner of the tent. The Elf moaned in complaint. He began rummaging around in the bag.

“I shall have to find something suitable for you. Mocking an interrogator is an insult,” he explained, “the orb alone is not a sufficient punishment.”

She let out a confused, “mhnmfh~,” tilting her head slightly.

>> No.26557753

He produced two small clamps and a short chain. Sauntering back over to the Elf he crouched in front of her, lightly slapping her breasts with his free hand as she giggled. He placed a clamp on each of her nipples before attaching the two of them with the chain, which pulled them together. Her breasts bulged against each other as she let out a short moan of pain. He gave the chain a short tug.

She screamed out behind the gag, “Mhhmfh fhhnmfh mnfh muumpfh~!” A mixture of ecstasy and pain burst through her nipples. Her eyes began to tear up.

“Now then, let us see how long you last like this.” Dave made a gesture towards the orb and the buzzing grew louder and more intense. The Elf's screams became a rapid whimper as she began to rock around on her haunches, the juices from her crotch soaking the blanket she sat on. Tears of joy streamed down her face, bleeding her mascara and mixing with the sweat and drool.

She was in heaven.

Beneath the fabric though she could feel her orgasm building, her cheeks turning scarlet as she blushed. Her ears began to twitch. Dave grinned, pulling a small leather collar from the bag. He walked around his trembling prisoner and stood behind her, fastening the collar around her supple neck and tightening it. She didn't seem to take much notice. He sat down behind her again. With the clamps already attending to her nipples and the orb in her crotch he began to run his hands through her hair, kissing her heck and licking her cheeks. Her skin was soft and warm; the chocolatey taste of her sweat danced on his tongue. He could feel her shuddering with delight as he moved up, kissing her neck and face as he went. His mouth eventually made its way to her long, pointed ears.

>> No.26557761

This was the tipping point for her. She felt a release in her crotch as the orgasm shot thorough her. Biting down she screamed through her gag as Dave and the bonds held her shuddering in place; hot juices began to leak around the orb and drench her thong. After several long seconds of ecstasy she slumped down exhausted into Dave's embrace, resting her head on his chest.

“I'm not done with you yet, harlot,” Dave whispered, “but if you tell me what I want to know I will end your torment.”

His words barely registered with the Elf who was far too engrossed in her afterglow to listen. Even if she had, however, her response would have been the same.

“Very well then,” Dave continued tersely, “it seems that you continue to resist. Few last as long as you do.” He stood up and began pacing back and forth, deep in thought.

As her senses returned and she calmed down, the Elf sat up straight in her position and looked around. Much of her time had been spend blindfolded and – although her hearing was sharp – she could make out very little of what had been going on outside her tent. Her best estimate placed it at roughly twelve hours since her group had been defeated and she had been captured. As far as she was aware she was the only survivor, which meant that she would at least be kept alive until she divulged the location of her employer. Despite her initial fears, she was beginning to doubt whether she'd actually die at all. The human Paladin seemed strangely eager to look after her, making sure she was fed. If this was supposed to be a torturous interrogation then she would make a point to get captured more often.

After a few minutes Dave stopped pacing, having apparently decided on a course of action. He picked up the blindfold and tied it over the Elf's eyes. He left the tent.

>> No.26557766

The Elf waited a few minutes for Dave to clear the tent then began to test her bonds. Dave had done a good job with his rope work, pinning her limbs firmly in place. He had even accounted for her magic: while the Silence potion she had been fed upon capture had long since worn off, the Elf found that the collar had a similar effect. Escape seemed more and more unlikely.

She began shuffling around on her knees towards the exit. Her progress was slow, hardly aided by the orb, but after a few minutes she could hear the noises of the outside growing louder. Her nose brushed against the tent flap and she began searching along the fabric for the end.

To her surprise the tent flap fluttered aside as Dave strode back in. She moaned in alarm as he did so; he noticed she had moved from her spot on the blankets and towards the exit.

“Trying to escape, are you?” he snarled. “Even now you show such insolence and defiance.” He grabbed the ropes around her breasts and crotch and hoisted her up, carrying her back over to her spot and placing her down on her back “You know this escape attempt must be punished.”

Behind the drool soaked ball-gag, the Elf smiled.

>> No.26557771

He began to untie the ropes pinning her legs together, pulling her ankles and straightening her legs out. He rested them on the ground before standing up to get something from the bag. The Elf contemplated escape, but decided against it. He returned a moment later and lifted up one of her legs. The Elf felt a silky fabric brush against her leg as Dave pulled a thigh high stocking along it. She pushed her leg forward cooperatively in response. He did the same to the other leg and the Elf lay before him now clad in shimmering black stockings. Picking up several lengths of rope he began tying her legs together: first at the ankles then just above the knees.

He took a moment to admire his handiwork, then reached over to the bag, pulling out a matching set of arm length gloves. Briefly loosening the ropes on the Elf's wrists and arms, he pulled the gloves up each of her arms, keeping them pinned behind her back as he did so. She did not resist. With them in place he retied the bindings on her arms and laid her down on her back. Dave smiled. Soon his prisoner would spill her secrets. With a gesture of his hand the orb started up again and the Elf began to rock back and forth moaning. She squirmed, testing her new bonds and wiggled her feet, enjoying the feeling of the silky garments against her skin and a vibrating orb against her crotch. Her moans were slower this time, quieter and more measured. Dave decided to leave her like that – another hour would soften her up enough. A break was in order.

[And that's all I've got so far]

>> No.26557974

Offhand, you want to watch how often you use certain descriptors. Yes, it's smut, and there's only so many ways you can describe tits, but it does become noticeable after a time. Also, you want to look at how your dialogue flows, for example:

> “Dave,” he began, “have you made any progress with that Elf?”

Would be better shortened to:

> "Have you made any progress with that Elf?," he inquired.

Also, consider giving the Elf a name. Though it adds to the sense she's merely a fucktoy for lack of one, it does become awkward and tedious to hear "the elf" for the 50th time.

S'all I got for now. I don't really write smut so take that as you will.

>> No.26558041

>Offhand, you want to watch how often you use certain descriptors
I do tend to overuse a lot of phrases, I'll try to keep that in mind. I just don't want it to turn into a Thesaurus exercise.

>> “Dave,” he began, “have you made any progress with that Elf?”
>Would be better shortened to:
>> "Have you made any progress with that Elf?," he inquired.
I think you're right there. I do need to tweak the syntax some more and keep ironing out the kinks. I don't know whether to progress with some more or keep trying to improve what I have.

>Also, consider giving the Elf a name.
I was actually going to pretty soon, when Dave gets back. I had an idea in mind about what could happen next but I don't know whether to try to develop it as 'porn with a story' or just keep it as 'elf fucktoy fun'.

>S'all I got for now. I don't really write smut so take that as you will.
I still appreciate your input from a technical standpoint. This is my first attempt at smut and I'm not the best writer but I had a lot of fun with it. The three or so anons reading it in the last thread seemed to like it though none offered any criticism.

Technical points aside, did you or anyone else reading enjoy it?

>> No.26558063

who says you can't have
>'elf fucktoy fun'
>'porn with a story'

>> No.26558069

what if... story with porn?

>> No.26558092

>Technical points aside, did you or anyone else reading enjoy it?

I sure did!

>> No.26558098

Sorry I'll clarify: by 'porn with a story' I meant continue along the same lines but actually have a story to it with the rest of the party and the Paladin and the Elf chick. 'Elf fucktoy fun' just meant write more sex without any real background. Don't worry - the plot would focus largely on the elf fucktoy and Dave's Goddess

>> No.26558115

That's good to know and I appreciate your comment. I just like feedback and need validation, otherwise I think what I've produced is shit. Was there anything in particular you liked? Or disliked?

>> No.26558119

in that case, my vote is totally for 'porn with a story', more background ambience is always more enjoyable than "And then they fucked. Hard."

>> No.26558150

I think that's the best way to go. Perhaps I might even manage to make the non-lewd bits entertaining.

Anyone have any requests or suggestions for things they'd like to see?

>> No.26558162

not the anon you replied to, but all I can say is I'm enjoying it so far, and I can only imagine enjoying it more once things are fleshed out (lololol) more than 'bondage pally X random elf'

>> No.26558227

The original idea was for Dave to be a Paladin to some sort of Bondage Goddess - the idea came from a strange mixture of



and a bunch of joke scenarios an anon and I made up in a thread I derailed. Things like him criticizing the Dragon's/evil Wizard's ropework when his party goes to rescue the princess or using a part member's familiar as an 'interrogation device'. I think I got a bit carried away with the smut though, but it was a lot of fun writing it. Perhaps Dave could introduce the Elf as an acolyte and the two could get up to wacky adventures.

>> No.26558253
File: 40 KB, 429x404, 1352945992457.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26558269

>Perhaps Dave could introduce the Elf as an acolyte and the two could get up to wacky adventures.
you are getting me excited, don't let us down now

>> No.26558271


If you go this route, make sure to give the elf a personality outside of the submissive one you've presented. Also, I really do wonder what the hell Tordek is doing during all this, and why he puts up with Dave in the first place.

>> No.26558298

>not putting up with Dave the bondage paladin
It's like you don't even want interesting adventures.

>> No.26558311

Maybe turn that orb thing up to 11.
Break her mentally and physically, and make her a slave.

Then introduce her as an acolyte once she's nice and obedient.

Over time have her personality surface.

>> No.26558343

Sigh...I came for the xeno and got some bondage crap...

>> No.26558349


It's shit? Oui, je sais.

>> No.26558359

I'll keep at this. I have a lot of free time on my hands and this project will keep me occupied. I'll maybe set up a pastebin or a 1d4 page if there's enough interest.

>If you go this route, make sure to give the elf a personality outside of the submissive one you've presented
I was thinking about trying to develop the Elf as a villain turned ally sort of thing. I imagined her being cunning and greedy - a mercenary or something.

>Also, I really do wonder what the hell Tordek is doing during all this, and why he puts up with Dave in the first place.
Dave was supposed to be a member of a party originally so Tordek was the party leader. I might either write/edit him out and just have Dave on a solo crusade or find a way to make the other party members work. He does seem like a superfluous character in retrospect though.

So I should stick with a party idea for now?

The thing is I'd always imagined Dave being quite caring, interested in his sub's pleasure rather than pain. I doubt he'd break her as much as she'd willingly go. Still though she shouldn't give in too quickly.

The idea was either to have him relatively oblivious to certain things (like thinking he is really interrogating the Elf) or have him play the part of the fool as an excuse for his antics. I reckon I'll make him fairly zealous to his God but never evil or unfair - Lawful Neutral or Good.

>> No.26558368

>I'll maybe set up a pastebin or a 1d4 page if there's enough interest.

there is, please do

>> No.26558369

Sorry anon. The Xeno anon will likely continue later. I think he'll start using a name so I'm sure you'll be able to find him easily enough.

>> No.26558380

>Technical points aside, did you or anyone else reading enjoy it?
>>26558349 here. I ain't got anything to say that hasn't already been said (also it's stupid late where I am, so my cognition engine is winding down), other than that what you've got so far is good for the format (i.e. 2k character posts on an imageboard). Take care with regards to descriptions - while a lot of smut is in actually getting the reader to visualize the scene, you don't want to get too bogged down with detail (which can be bad in a number of ways; aside from fucking with pacing, if your writing isn't up to par, it'll confuse the reader. I have this problem with RA Salvatore's fight descriptions).

Not saying you've done this (you haven't for me, so far), just that you need to keep this in mind, considering where (I think) you're taking this fic.

>> No.26558404

I'll get around to that later, though I'm considering trying to write some more. Still getting ideas right now though. If I don't get a chance to post it I'll try to keep the name related to 'Paladin Dave' or something.

I see what you mean about descriptions - that's actually a really good point. I had quite a vivid image in my mind's eye but I'll try and leave a little more to the reader's imagination. Less is more and all that.

Where do you think I'm taking it? Just out of interest.

>> No.26558420


Well, there are a couple of sentences that makes me go "Huh?", but it's probably more because english is not my mother tongue rather than you writing badly.

>> No.26558427

What were they? It could be one of my mistakes.

>> No.26558475
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>Where do you think I'm taking it?
More elaborate ties and/or promotions. See also: Murakami Suigun.

>> No.26558511

That's a fairly good idea actually. I'm not normally one for shibari or really intricate ropework but considering the setting and character it would make sense.

>> No.26558536

What, you mean "interesting enough to be worth reading even without the smut"?

Do those even exist?

>> No.26558567

I put up a pastebin for anyone who is interested. I'll add to it slowly but I'll likely post stuff here first to get feedback.


Ohh I feel so dirty, writing smut like this...

If anyone has any problems accessing it tell me. I might have fucked the settings.

>> No.26558629

Maybe have him stick with the party, but eventually they just get a bit sick of his bondage shit.

Try writing in a female cleric that's a prude that objects silently that convinces the party to leave him during the night.

I see what you mean by interested in their pleasure rather than pain, but i think my idea is still valid, maybe for a different character; Dave's teacher maybe.

>> No.26558678

>Maybe have him stick with the party, but eventually they just get a bit sick of his bondage shit.
I was thinking of having them part ways at some point.

>Try writing in a female cleric that's a prude...
I might just have them part on good terms, maybe Dave decides to stay and preach in a city or something.

>I see what you mean by interested in their pleasure rather than pain, but i think my idea is still valid, maybe for a different character; Dave's teacher maybe.
I was thinking about shamelessly ripping off Aeric Dalia and having him encounter some sort of succubus or demon or whatever. Either that or the sex could just vary wildly. His teacher is a good idea though.

>> No.26558699

The master/student relationship could let you write either really funny shit or nice fapfic material.

>> No.26558745

That's a good idea - perhaps for a later chapter if it lasts that long. The idea of some old dom scolding him for getting his knots wrong or something could be pretty funny.

Honestly I've got a lot of good ideas at the moment thanks to you guys. I just hope I can deliver something that's actually good and not just something I wrote one handed. I feel kinda bad for hijacking the thread though.

>> No.26558807

Just checking - are you guys able to access the pastebin? I haven't fucked anything up, have I?

>> No.26558830

Works for me.

>> No.26558841

Looks good, formatting has come through.

Try making up something about different knots and ties being magic to these bondage paladins. Maybe it's how they do it, maybe they can invest magic in it, something like that.

If you're a goddamn paladin, whatever you do better be magic.

>> No.26558898


>Try making up something about different knots and ties being magic to these bondage paladins.
The idea of combining ropes, gags and sex toys with Paladin magic has a ton of potential and I'll be sure to try and think of interesting ways it can be used. I mean we had that green orb thing and the Silence collar, so I'll see what I can think of.

Strange as it sounds for someone writing smut about this sort of thing I want things to make sense and work within the fiction, if you get me. Obviously the premise is pretty ridiculous in the first place but I'm a perfectionist and I want this to be good.

Another question while the thread is still here: my personal tastes are obviously gonna differ from those of others and they really influence the specifics of what I write (hence armgloves and stockings etc). Should I write this as something for myself, and just share, or try to think of what would appeal to others?

>> No.26559000

>Strange as it sounds for someone writing smut about this sort of thing I want things to make sense and work within the fiction, if you get me.
You're on /tg/.

>Another question while the thread is still here: my personal tastes are obviously gonna differ from those of others and they really influence the specifics of what I write (hence armgloves and stockings etc). Should I write this as something for myself, and just share, or try to think of what would appeal to others?
Fuck everyone else, write for yourself.

That's why i do in my stories. However it's on the backburner.

>> No.26559041

>You're on /tg/.
Good point. I meant that I would find myself saying, "No this type of magic vibrator nipple clamp is fucking stupid - that type is better" and then wondering how I ended up here.

>Fuck everyone else, write for yourself.
>That's why i do in my stories. However it's on the backburner.
I was thinking of that, since I would hopefully write it a bit better. Though I sometimes feel a bit embarrassed sharing some of my stranger fantasies. Once again I'm on /tg/. But still.

Well I hope you guys like the stuff I like.

>> No.26559086
File: 62 KB, 400x734, 1348726736608.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hope you understand what i'm saying here.

>> No.26559099

What exactly are you saying anon?

>> No.26559127

I like that shit. Keep doing that.

>> No.26559140

What shit? Vibrating nipple clamps? Or the stuff I like? (Tight clothing, stockings, arm gloves etc)

>> No.26559160

All of that. Whatever you like, include it. Make it appropriate to the setting, and it's gold.

>> No.26559175
File: 23 KB, 315x310, [REVVING INTENSIFIES].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So as long as I can justify it, anything goes?

This will be interesting...

>> No.26559177

That is the best made up word I've read in a long time

>> No.26559182


>Though I sometimes feel a bit embarrassed sharing some of my stranger fantasies.

Welcome to why I have never shared any of my lewder writings. Yay for feeling awkward about what random people on the interwebs think of you.

>> No.26559209

It's not as bad doing it with anonymity or a fake name. I mean here I'm just some text and a post number. Still though it does feel a bit odd at times. I mean my fetishes are pretty tame really, at least compared to some of the shit I've seen here. It's just not really something I'd share.

>> No.26559324

Idea: Dave builds a harem of slaves who become his new adventuring party. Story focuses on him building his party then wacky adventures with promotions every so often. Yay or nay?

>> No.26559362
File: 50 KB, 544x400, 1348712838425.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I look forward to it.

>> No.26559467

I'm off to do some work, but I'll keep this thread up in case anyone has anything they want to add. Thanks for all the ideas and suggestions. I will try to deliver something good.

>> No.26559813

You've inspired me to continue on my CYOA. Once i feel page 1 is finished enough i'll post it.

>> No.26559848

Glad I could help I guess. This begs the question though: does it have anything to do at all with Paladins, Elves or Bondage? Or was it just a general inspiration thing?

>> No.26560310

>TinEye and Reverse GIS provide no results
Link source, pretty please?

>> No.26561189

Reverse image search points back to an archived thread on Foolz where the artist is identified as Astrozerk04. It took me about ten seconds. I'm sure you can work out the rest from there.

>> No.26561200

Soon all of /t/g will overflow with the dark creatures of the Warp.. and with that I mean the weird fetishes folk have

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