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You're on Holy Terra when this guy slaps your Emperor on the ass. What do you do?

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Is he 6'10" and 150 pounds?

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8 or 9 feet tall and 1000lbs in armor.

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That's not how it goes, dingus.

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Slap all of the chaos gods on their collective asses, two can play at this game.

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Unexpected, but amusing!

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>not expecting it

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I can slap ass pretty damned fast.

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>Worshiping the False Emperor
>Any year

All glory to The Warmaster!

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getting raped by daemonettes/slaughtered by Khorne's followers/ infected by Nurgle's followers/ planned by Tzeentch's followers / and so on.

>>servant in imperial Palace
hiding, helping besieged army, and so on.

>>Marines or warrior
Fighting for mankind

assaulting Horus' warbarge

arriving too late

recovering from butthurt

BlackRaging my arse off.

I'm not here, I don't exist

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Damn you newfags don't know what the gods look like.

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>Implying the chaos gods have a set form.

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>That nurgle symbol

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Stick my Emperor in a Golden Chair and feed him thousands of Pykers for 10 thousand years.

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Hey you! Baldie! If you want to mess with him try Ollanius firts! I am waiting!
...i am so drunk right now.

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>Nurgle's symbol is a penis.

That can't be unintentional.

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Dude, those images upthread are pretty clearly of chaos champions, not the gods themselves.

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>hand sinks into Nugle's ass folds
>he doesn't even notice
>hand rots off and gets stuck in there

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I just like the four generic champions design.

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Is the one of the extreme right Slaanesh?

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No, the center-right one is.
With the fucking boob.

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welp don't know how i missed that

Other than the mutations, what are the actual disadvantages of your soul going to Slaanesh?

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Nurgle is also an old dirty fatguy.

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The bit where s/he eats it.
There's no avoiding it. Eventually it'll get bored of you, and snack on your soul. There is no other option.

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An eternity of torture and...and... wait.

If your soul just gets consumed painfully by daemons when you die, and if you devote your soul to Slaanesh you get a mix of torture and sex and both at once for eternity...

What IS the downside? 0.o

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Oh right.
I didn't realise in 40k, a daemon afterlife would eventually result in your soul being destroyed. I thought it was just forever with your god.

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The bit where all your sensations are drained away, leaving the very core of your being aware but deadened to all of existence, locked in a nihilistic void as all your drives and passions are sucked from you and consumed.

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All your joy is sucked out of you. Then you die, and realize you wasted your life, and then your soul is eaten.

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Slaanesh eats you soul and you suffering is a mixed bag for Slaaneshi cultist

Where as Khorne, Tzeentch and Nurgle won't eat you, they'll just punish you, shatter your sanity, or give you a hug and say you tried your best respectivley

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I love that one.

Especially how The Scream worked its way in on the lowest bridge.

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At first, Nurgle's symbol was some sort of penis.

Just check old Champion's models.

Of course it was changed into a more conventional 3 dots "tryskel of Nurgle"

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My duty.

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Oily shit, looked at it my entire teenage and never saw it ... well done sherlock.

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>Not ascending and becoming a Daemon


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oh wait fuck, his symbol is a styalized skull.

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Who's the idiot in the coat?

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Ollanius Pious, saint of the common man doing his duty though he knows he will fall and his sacrifice go unnoticed and unmourned.

Also a notably distinct entity from the Terminator/Custode on the Archtraitors War Barge.

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