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How are the guys inside the dreadnoughts manage to keep mental sanity?

I mean, as long as you are in battle or there are major military operations going they have something to distract themselves with, but when there are no fights?

Dont they lose their minds by remaining entombed inside those things on life support?

Do they keep them on sedatives or some sort of stasis when they are idle for long times?

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They sleep when they're not needed

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Marines aren't all that sane anyway.

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>Do they keep them on sedatives or some sort of stasis when they are idle for long times?
which is why chaos dreadnoughts are insane.

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They are kept in slumber, and only called upon when there is need of them in war. "Slumber" very well could mean a drug induced stasis. Plenty of Dreads go insane, especially Chaos variants.

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Yeah but, being enclosed in there without even being able to move your body, no sensitivity of any of your real body, hell most of them dont even have anything left of their body apart head and torso.

Sooner or later you will either go insane berserk or just end up vegetative.

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They stasis them, and when they're needed, they're awoken, let loose, and sleep again.

I remember that Tankred comic too

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>chaos dreadnoughts

Don't you mean HELBROOTS.

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Best bit was trying to wake Tankred up and he's all; "I don't wanna wake up. Go away."

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Don't remind me.

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Is it the same deal with Contemptors? I heard they're more advanced and everything so I'm not certain.

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Still dreads dude, they just happen to be old school.

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that's what happens iwth chaos'ers

regular marines just sleep

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> Such relics are sometimes recovered as archeotech by the Imperium in the 41st Millennium and then used to supplement the forces of the present-day Space Marine Chapters

Image the state of mental sanity of the pilot inside after 10K years in those conditions locked in there without the ability to kill yourself.
You would go beyond insane.
Unless the pilots have the ability in case of emergency to release sleep inducing drugs on their own life support system when there is nobody else doing maintenance to them.

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yes, because every dread nought shell has to have a live occupant.


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They probably mean damaged ones, or ones that were never occupied.

Or just ones that were asleep in the fortress monastery for 10k years and everyone forgot about.

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So if I were to buy this bitchin 'nought for my new Word Bearers army hed have to be count as a helbrute?

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>but when there are no fights?
That's not really a thing that happens in 40k.

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>Plenty of Dreads go insane, especially Chaos variants.

>"Dark have been my dreams, crimson dim and whispering souls I have taken. My eternity wakes again and again to kill, to reave bloody across the stars. This is my reward, my slavery, my sustenance, a chalice of flesh, burned in offering to the Dark Gods."

I think they do it on purpose.
To leave them conscious to the point they reach insanity to make them even more angry in combat.

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>Image the state of mental sanity of the pilot inside after 10K years in those conditions locked in there

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what you talking about? It IS a hellbrute

hellbrutes are just the chaosian word for their own dreadnoughts

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What if they have a fusion reactor or something similar for backup to keep the electronic and life support systems functional even when the normal engines fail?

You dont know it for sure so you shouldnt start calling people idiots left and right when they are just trying to have a concersation.

Fucking raging imbecile.

And learn to capitalize your sentences, illiterate dickhead.

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>Assemble a group of Primarchs with Attitude.

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fucking idiot faggot piece of shit cunt.

Bjorn is the only dreadnought from 10k years ago.

Fuck your fanfic shit.

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Right. Can I still switch around the arms on it?

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Speaking of illiteracy, YOU CANNOT START A SENTENCE WITH AND. Douche. Don't correct other's grammar when you suck yourself....

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>Something, something Machine spirit, bound for eternity, something, not one but two in one.. Something..


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Edgy as it gets.

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>Get's on other people's shit

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Still miles better than his.
Considering english isnt even my main language.
I see /tg/ was not free of the summer cancer.

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Just checked my dex, thats a nope

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You're kind of a bitch pulling a literacy and summer card

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Yours is a grammatical error. That makes it worse.

Also cancer calling someone else cancer.

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How is that edgy? Do you know what edgy means?

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Lets call people idiots for no reason, that sure is mature and summer-free.
Go kill yourself.
Wont even bother waste any more of time with you imbeciles.

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See now this is edgy

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If I need to I will post Homestuck, just to give you guys a common enemy.

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Okay sounds good quit posting we dont want your shit here see you around at /v/

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What, no they aren't, hellbrutes are a specific type of chaos dreadnaught.

From lexicanium:
>Helbrutes are a variant of Chaos Dreadnoughts. These hulking monstrosities are Dreadnoughts whose suits have been hideously corrupted by the powers of Chaos and are now consumed by maddening rage. It is considered a great misfortune to be emtombed within a Hellbrute, and over time the flesh of the injured body will meld with the metal of the machine it inhabits. This only fuels the maddening rage that Helbrutes display in battle, occasionally attacking their allies as much as the enemy.[1][3]

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Fuck you you heathen bitch.

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Try the codex.

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who are those guys?
yhe red ones resemble Ciaphas cain due to his facial hairs (anf he is holding a bolter instead of a lasgun as usual)

the yellow is and angry marine guy.
the other 3?

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Far right is Yarrik

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Try the codex not saying that hellbrutes are the only type of chaos dreadnaught and forgeworld selling chaos dreadnaughts that are most definitely not hellbrutes.

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ty reading about him now

that leaves the green with poiwer sword a blue with a laspistol.

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COMMISSAR Holt, Fuklaw, Cain, Gaunt and Yarrick.

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they are actually as old as the 'normal' dreads but are more advanced

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from left to right: Holt, Fuklaw, Cain, Gaunt and Yarrik. Pink Commissar (not shown) would be Raege

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They replace Chaos Dreadnoughts in the codex and their background is largely copy+pasted from the old Chaos Dreadnought entry with no mention of them being a specific variant. Even the word 'Dreadnought' itself is only used in reference to loyalists.


4th edition:

>While it is considered an honour amongst the Loyalist Space Marines to be interred for eternity into a Dreadnought, the Chaos Space Marines consider being consigned to a Dreadnought as a living death – a torturous, mocking punishment from the Dark Gods.

6th edition:

>However, while loyalist members of the Adeptus Astartes consider it an honour to serve their Chapter for eternity as a Dreadnought, Chaos Space Marines consider such a fate to be little more than a living death – a torturous, mocking punishment from the Dark Gods.

4th edition:

>As a result, most Chaos Space Marine Dreadnoughts are completely psychotic. A creeping insanity mixed of fear and fury has riddled their brains over the long millennia. Between battles, the sarcophagus containing the trapped body of the Dreadnought pilot is disconnected and dragged clear of the Dreadnought’s armoured shell. Even so, the Dreadnought itself is kept chained like a beast when it is not actually fighting, for fear that some residual spark of the pilot’s soul may remain within it and send it into a berserk rampage of death and mutilation.

6th edition:

>As a result, most Helbrutes are completely psychotic, even before the Warp melds the metal of their prison with the flesh inside. A creeping insanity, mingled with desperation and fury, eats away at them over the long millennia. Between battles, the sarcophagus containing the pilot is disconnected and dragged clear of its armoured shell to lie inert and seething in the darkness. The Helbrute is chained like a beast when it is not actually fighting, for fear that some residue of the pilot’s soul may send it into a berserk rampage.

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4th edition:

>As the raiding ships of a Chaos Space Marine fleet approach their prey, the Dreadnought’s weapons are prepared and loaded, and its sarcophagus is installed. The madness of the interred Chaos Space Marine grows as he rises from his dormancy. It is at this point that the lunatic beast of flesh and metal is unleashed once more upon the enemy.

6th edition:

>As the ships of a Chaos Space Marine fleet approach their prey, the Helbrute’s heavy weapons are prepared and loaded, its power scourges and hammer-like fists are daubed in fresh blood, and its sarcophagus is installed. The madness of the Chaos Space Marine within burns ever fiercer as he rises from his dormancy. Once the fleet’s warriors have landed, the Helbrute is unleashed, a lunatic beast of flesh and metal intent upon venting its rage on everything in its path.

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i always liked the story in the 2nd ed book (Codex Imperialis i think) of Captain Karlson of the Thousand Sons; they partake in a ritual where they enter a trance, pick out the best memories of the century and envision it as a crystal in a library.
then they go back and pick out memories of their past to remember who they are and what they've done.
It mentioned that when they missed this ritual they descended into madness; becoming frenzied loonies...

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In the new Ultramarine HH book (Know no fear?), one of the sub characters is a new dread. The other more venerable dreads tell him how he can now feel fear and anxiety but over time it'll just grey out and he'll become more autonomous or something. And yeah, they're all in stasis until they're needed.

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Wow, I could've written the 6ed Codex. All you need is the 4ed Codex and a 'Find and Replace' function on your word processor.

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Don't forget to add in the references to all the new options! (or old options that were taken out but are back now)

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It does not need to mention them as specific variant, it needs to mention that all chaos dreadnaughts are hellbrutes, otherwise the few thousand other references to chaos dreadnaughts and the forgeworld sold chaos dreadnaughts kits show that there are other types of dreadnaught than the hellbrute.

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Chaos dreadnoughts: insane.

Bitch please. Try the death company dreads.

Imagine if a furioso librarian dread went full retard.

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So what exactly is the difference of a hellbrute and a chaos dreadnought, when both are twisted Space Marine dreadnoughts trapping inside them a former Marine? How exactly does a hellbrute differe from the depiction of Chaos dreadnoughts in the past, when they were insane monsters that had to be chained down to stop them from fucking shit up and even the sane ones were twisted monsters that weren't thinking straight?

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>melds the metal of their prison with the flesh inside.

This part, hence hellbrutes having the fleshy abdomen and face in the middle and other chaos dreadnaughts just being dreadnaughts with more spikes and skulls.

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Rolled 15


The neuro-receptors that link the marine and dreadnought allow him to feel as if the Dreadnought WAS his body.

You know? Now that I think about it, that would make him even more insane.

He's effectively running around naked in a battlefield.

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>complains of cancer
>no hint of irony

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In Daemon World there's a dreadnought, a post-Heresy dreadnought, in which the pilot has fused with the inside of the machine and its CCW is a cluster of fleshy tentacles. Plenty of Marines have become part of their armour.

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He can move as if it was his body, but metal has no feeling. In Daemon World a Chaos Dreadnought pilot's nerves had grown out of his body to feel anything. And 4e codex says they cannot see with their own eyes, feel the guns in their hands, etc. They're experiencing the world through a camera lens, trapped in a small box.

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Death company dreads just sound so dope.
"The Blood Angels' fiercest warriors are entombed in a Dreadnought when mortally wounded and their bodies can fight no more. But even the Blood Angel buried deep within the sarcophagus cannot escape the maddening Black Rage that affects all the Sons of Sanguinius. A Dreadnought can wreak havoc on any battlefield and with a Blood Angel who has fallen to the Black Rage they become unstoppable.
Even when the battle has been won, the maddened Dreadnought cannot be subdued and will often rampage for days afterwards until a Techmarine is able to shut down the war machine. Only then can the decision be made to either allow the occupant who has succumbed to the Black Rage to continue into the next battle or be replaced with one who has yet to fall into madness."

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>Plenty of Marines have become part of their armour.

inb4 'Chaos Space Marines' are replaced by Helwarriors.

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That sounds pretty metal.

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>inside the dreadnoughts manage to keep mental sanity?


They are the holy warriors of the god emperor.

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Maybe they link up and play tabletop games.

>Dammit, Brother Aurelius, we're tired of Pathfinder.

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