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Dear Mr. Ward,

I know it it's unfair that Cruddace is doing your favorite army (or is even allowed to still write) but please do not take it out on Orks, Nids, or Sisters players (all four of them). We've done nothing wrong but if you really want to screw with Crudeath, you might want to take up the Imperial Guard codex.

Sincerely yours,

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>I know it it's unfair that Cruddace is doing your favorite army

But Space Marines aren't Necrons.

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I honestly don't see all the hate for Ward. He was pretty much the only reason the Sisters of Battle dex wasn't utterly unplayable and most armies he touches become top-tier.

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It's the people who doesn't play the armies the touches up who are most annoyed by his touching up of other armies. Necron and GK players don't complain as much as the people who play against them.

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>most armies he touches become top tier

I know it isn't 40k, but every time someone says this, I HAVE to mention the shit he gave to WHFB orks. I get wanting to make orcs a little random, but you have to put good random in with the bad, Matt. If you just make it all bad, then nobody will have fun with it.

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Ward writing the Guard Codex? YES PLEASE!

Marbo and Straken will now be roaming the warp, in a constant contest with Draigo over who kicks the most ass.

Creed will use his Tactical genious to infiltrate doomsday missiles into Slanesshes pile of sex toys, and so we got one less chaos god to worry about.

Private Johnson will after having his squad wiped out preceed to kick the entire Tyranid swarm back into deep space, before resurrecting the emperor himself.

Vandettas will get 2 additional twin linked lascannons, get BS 5, AV14 all sides, and be reduced to 100 points.

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Cruddace likes Space Marines though, e has a Howling Griffons army.

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WHFB Orks and 8E Daemons are nowhere near top tier.

On the flipside Ward wrote GK Necrons and High Elves.

So at least he knows how to write army lists that hose Daemons or incredibly overpowered and consistent lists as well.

Also Iyanden wasn't exactly powerful or scary for anyone. Farsight adds wayy more wank to the Tau. Ward didn't even put any Eldar wank into fucking Iyanden supplement.

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He totally redid the fluff for both of those armies

Say what you will about better or worse, but that'll get you a lot of fans or a lot of enemies. Nothing else.

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>Ward didn't even put any Eldar wank into fucking Iyanden supplement
I was seriously disappointed by this.

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How are High Elves as of Ward's codex? I just saw the models and thought they looked ridiculous, but I haven't read the codex.

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He pretty much totally redid the Wood Elf fluff too, and that was fucking awesome.

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Wood Elf hints.

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Like what?

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Ork players: we hate you because you have so much fun kitbashing your own vehicles, that you never buy our shitty ones.

Tyranid players: we hate you because tyranids make everyone think about how cool Space Hulk is, and they won't stop bugging us about it being out of print.

Sisters of Battle players: we hate you because you won't bow down and worship at the temple of the holy Space Marine phallus. They don't call this game "sausagefest 40k" for nothing, but you guys have to have bosoms and flowers everywhere.

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Am I the only one who doesn't want him to do the guard dex?

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Apprently the EverQueen and Ariel meet every few hundred years, and the Wood Elves are pretty much becoming non elves.

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Dear Mr. Ward,

Please don't write Sisters of Battle, write Orks instead, they're shit already so you can't ruin them further.

Sincerely yours,

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Dear Mr. Ward,

This poster is a faggot.

Sincerely, anon

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>He was pretty much the only reason the Sisters of Battle dex wasn't utterly unplayable
No, he wrote the (admittably decent) fluff. Cruddance did the rules.

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So when is guard due for an update?

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>(admittably decent)

Celestine, Praxedes, Jacobus, Kyrinov

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Oh no no no, my dear git. We're far more in need of help than you are.

But it doesn't have to be Ward's help. A Phil Kelly is fine too.

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except mat doesn't make everything he touches awfull and might pull it off, the most people get butthurt about is his changes to the fluff.

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I like Celestine's new fluff, adds more depth to her and makes it feasible to field her past the crusade she originally died in. Kyrinov and Jacobus are just old, hardened badass preachers. Only major slip-up was Praxedes.

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Why? I just want a solid codex, not a hellturkey circus and the fluff making it out intact to boot. Ward can do rules what I've seen of his fluff though varies wildly. I like newcrons but I hate grey knights fluff for example.

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Dear marine players.

After all that bitching and taunting about Kelly writing the Eldar codex look how the tables have turned.

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First i have to admit this: I SUCK at Warhammer. Both fantasy and 40k. I mostly played it to justify why i spent so much money on minis. I love to paint models. I love to build armies. Above all, i love fluff!
I put a lot of time in the fluff and was a loyal GW fanboy. Then shit hit the fan.
I dident actually know the writers names (well, not the codex/army writers) until i encountered wards. The SM codex was low quality and full of errors. I dident understand what happend. It wasent untill i read the gray knight codex that i forsake GW. Its not that the fluff is bad, its that its so bad that 13 year old naruto fanfic writers would laugh at it. This man is insane!
As stated before, i have no right to trash his rules. I suck at wargaming and would lose against most people. But i do know fluff, and that shait was horrid.
To be fair, i dont blame wards for everything GW is doing wrong (and its a lot, even EA would call them assholes), but since he has been the go-to-guy for a lot of shit he becomes the object of hate for many.
I dont hate his rules. I dont hate him as a person. I loath his writing.

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>adds more depth to her

She's a fucking deus ex machina now, just like Legion of the Damned and The Sanguinor. Fuck those characters.

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i want ward to write the sisters codex though

he will make it the most powergamey overpowered thing you can imagine and i can love the tears i see every single time i play my army

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I'm with you on this, I actually had a guy talk down a couple of buddies of mine because they weren't getting into the hobby to play the game but to collect the minis(chaos marines both) and I wanted to punch him for it. That said Read the necron dex's fluff it's batshit insane in a so-so way.

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But it raises so many interesting questions! Why is she like that? Where is she getting her powers from? Does this mean that the faith of the Sisters is really doing something? So many implications.

Such is the temptation of Ward...

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I havent read the necron dex, kinda jumped ship after gray knights :) But i did get the summary (undead space pokemon). I agree that necron needed more units and more options, but why change the fluff? They had cool lore and dedicated fans, now they are just one more unstable faction with internal politics :(

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Eh I like the unstable politics, it also harkens back to earlier over the topness in my opinion.

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Because it lets players make their own faction. The old fluff was kinda restrictive and dull. They largely all justm mindless robots. Now, if a player wants to make their own faction with its own unqiue history and personality, they can.

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>They had cool lore


> dedicated fans

All three of them.

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Fuck you nigger, go back to ghetto

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my buddy who played necrons in fourth(and nids in fifth) complained about the update because it meant he had to paint them a bit better to make the align with a faction. Until that point they had I think been gray primer. He colored his nids in with special markers and made them bright white and purple with no shading.

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Woah fan #2, calm yourself.

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Well the Wood Elves are pretty much more of a force of nature at this point

He didn't change the fluff he added to it (and there was also nothing)

If you notice everything about the oldcrons fluff is told threw outsiders, imperial records, Eldar history, myths ect. All of these not very reliable more so since these events happen 60 million years ago.

The new fluff starts the same as the old one, only now the reason for fighting the Old ones is because their empire needed an common enemy and they were always butthurt over the Old Ones being immortal.

Better that than metal 'nids who hate choas

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That was the point with necrons. They were steril and gray. There are plenty of codex that gives you the choice to make new factions and mod le crazy. Not every team need to be the same. I get that there are people who like the new necrons, but i wonder if its cause of the new fluff or all the new units.

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>i wonder if its cause of the new fluff or all the new units.

New fluff, the new units were widely ridiculed.

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New crunch, make something powerful on the table-top and suddenly everyone likes their new fluff.

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New fluff. Had no interest in them before because even the tyranids had more homebrewing flexibility

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> Grey Knights

>> No.26525773

Well there's your answer.

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To be fair, there were lots of homebrewing possibilities with the Oldcrons. The codex didn't do a very good job of conveying that to players, though.

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> Mr. Ward pls make my waifus strong.
> I picked Space Nun faction become I am a retard

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Nobody's saying Cruddace is bad, just that Mat may feel slighted that a vastly more talented codex writer got to put his grimy hands all over Mat's most favoritest army.

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he's pretty bad dude.

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Compared to Ward? IG and 'nids were great codices.

>> No.26525945

Only none-IG plebs think that.

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Nah, nah. Both were dreadful, Nids were shit and Guard too powerful.

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Nids were internally well balanced and Guard was far from unstoppable. Heck, the only build that was doing any damage in IG's heyday was leafblower.

>> No.26525970

Black Templars btw are now part of the Space Marine codex.

I definitely foresee Sisters of Battle getting rolled into the 6th edition Grey Knight codex now.


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Ig are good unless you happen to want to take elites, want to use a smaller armored fist styled regiment, or want to bother with something akin to tactical gameplay.

>> No.26525999

This is great, for both BT players and for the game itself.

>> No.26526001

>want to use a smaller armored fist styled regiment
Yeah, lemons and melta-vets were completely unplayable.

>> No.26526004

>Nids were internally well balanced

No, they were not.

>and Guard was far from unstoppable

Still the most powerful of 5e, "impressive" seeing as they were the second release, and their internal balance was horrible.

>> No.26526008

Introducing great units like the magnificient pyrovore.

>> No.26526014

Elites were never an IG strong point. Armoured fist is perfectly doable as long as you're not at a tourney. You're asking tactical gameplay of an army that allows you to field around a hundred models in a troops choice, sir

>> No.26526016

I don't think so. BTs were classically part of the Vanilla codex, Sisters and Knights have never gone together.

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This has to be a troll. There is no way this cannot be a troll.

>> No.26526051

One stinker doesn't make the codex bad.

How were nids unbalanced? Most powerful until an ork horde showed up on the table. Hell, Space Wolves were kicking IG butt on and off for a good long while.

>> No.26526062

Did you actually play the game during 5th edition?

>> No.26526076



Tyranids were terrible in 5th.

In 6th, they are mono-build.

>> No.26526101

A codex of stinkers does. Why do you think you dont see tyranids anymore?

>> No.26526102

Just because they weren't auto-win doesn't mean they were a bad codex.

>> No.26526107

>How were nids unbalanced?

Carnifex was awful, Warriors were awful, Lictors were awful, most were besides Tervigons and Tyrants.

>Hell, Space Wolves were kicking IG butt on and off for a good long while.

Woof were number two, and despite this people attack Ward despite his codexes being more central in terms of power.

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They've been placing well in the last handful of tournaments. I don't see Tyranids any more for the same reason I Orks: Horde armies are a major pain to play and paint and expensive to collect.

>> No.26526133

Being auto lose is a pretty good indication though. Since 5e came out, I saw a total of maybe 5 tyranid victories. Its hard to remember though, since its been a while since ice seen any tyranids.
The one guy I know well who plays them says hes just waiting for their next codex before he dusts them off again.

If you think the tyranids aren't a horrid book, you either do not play them, or have deluded yourself to a sad extent

>> No.26526159

It helps that our spiritual liege gave us 6e.
6e has done wonders for the viability of the 5e tyranid codex. Too bad the damage on the playerbase is already done.

>> No.26526162

>They've been placing well in the last handful of tournaments.

Yeah, and it's 6e now, general rule changes helped them more than Crud ever did.

>> No.26526183

Carnifex got nerfed hard, nobody debates that. Warriors were a solid unit, Lictors were a'ight. Termagants were a great unit, Trygons were also good. The codex is built around balance between horde and MCs.

People don't like Ward because of his handling of the fluff. And the fluff isn't THAT awful overall (it sounds like giddy propaganda more than anything), but it's the one turd in the punch bowl that ruins it. SoB bathing, Ultrasmurfing and Necron/BA brofisting, for example.

>> No.26526204

That's 3 turds.

>> No.26526209

For the love of the Emperor, post pictures of those, they sound so hilariously bad.

>> No.26526211


The codex isn't built around any balance at all. It's built around making Tyranids suck. Only 6th redeems it.

There are hardly any playable units in each force org slot. Gargs and Hive Tyrants are the only playable FA and HQ, respectively. Tervigons or bust, with troops. And even the units that ARE playable, there isn't much variety in how you can customize them: any deviation from the "best build" will result in countless auto-lose situations.

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So you're projecting your experience onto the whole of the hobby and calling anyone who disagrees with your assessment deluded?

>> No.26526216

In their respectice punchbowls, I'm sure.

>> No.26526223


The Tyranid punchbowl is more of a chamber-pot, with a couple ripe fruits still floating on the sea of dung.

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his favorite army is ultramarines, not space marines. ill bet my fucking left testicle hes writing the ultramarines supplement.

>> No.26526231

He says, about the Necron tournament player.

>> No.26526238

When we go from 10 egular tyranid players to zero, and the guy I talk to regularly says its because of their current codex,
And when I have yet to see and tyranids in any of the other 5 stores in 5 different towns I've visited since 5e codex hit. I feel very comfortable in my assessment

>> No.26526251

>hes writing the ultramarines supplement.

I hope so.

>> No.26526252

A citation for his favourite army being Ultramarines is a whole 1 post into the thread.

>> No.26526261

One turd per codex punch bowl.

I'm not seeing the dismal light you cast nids in. Tervigons work well as an HQ choice and the Swarmlord is a beast in CC. Hive guard were/are awesome, Genestealers are a good meta-choice and Zoanthropes make good tankbusters/hive mind extenders.

>> No.26526269



I have 4000 points of them, too, but I don't use them. My other army, Tau, has far better internal balance and customization. The only time I see them these days is at lower point levels, where they bring nothing but Tervigons and Hive Tyrants and wipe the floor with everyone else. But that's really the only build that works.

>> No.26526275 [DELETED] 

You realize mat ward was playing the necrkns in that "citation" right?

>> No.26526285

You realize mat ward was playing the necrons in that "citation" right?

>> No.26526297

Is it confirmed that the Ultras are getting a supplement?

>> No.26526309

And you realise that someone might not play their favourite army all the time I hope?

>> No.26526313


I hope you mean Ymgarl Genestealers. Regular Genestealers got nerfed more than just about any other unit in the game, when 6th came around. In 5th, they were the key to victory. In 6th, they're expensive overwatch bait that can't even charge after outflanking. Why not just take more Termagants?

>> No.26526317

My brother fielded the swarmlord when I convinced him to give his nids one more try.
Hasnt played since I tabled his swarmlord on turn 1 with a few krak missiles and plasma hits.

>> No.26526323

Well its a pretty shitty citation if it doesnt supoort your point

>> No.26526335

Wouldn't that be fitting, though?

I'm sorry to hear that. Most of the 'nid player's I've talked to over the years have enjoyed the 5th ed codex and the transition to 6th (they didn't care for the 'fexes getting shelved, but that's a story for another thread). Tyranids have been faring well in competitive environments, especially lately and did okay during 5th.

>> No.26526358

>thinking the Tyranid codex is well balanced
>thinking the Tyranid codex is playable even in casual play, outside of a single build
>not using the Chaos Daemons codex to properly represent the all-consuming power of the Great Devourer

>> No.26526372

I've watched three games where Swarmlord ran roughshod through a Death Company army and more where he slapchopped mech vet IG.

>> No.26526383


Swarmlord needs Biomancy to survive. If he gets to combat, he wins. But he only has a 3+ save(lol Cruddace)

>> No.26526394

What was the player doing allowing it to get close? Its so hilariously easy to kill at range there's no excuse for it to be alive in turn 2.

>> No.26526396


Oh, I forgot to mention. Take a single Tyrant Guard. Majority Toughness rules will mean that the Tyrant Guard will benefit from Iron Arm, essentially giving the Swarmlord a couple extra wounds.

>> No.26526409


>Swarmlord vs Death Company
Melee army vs. Melee army doesn't happen all that often in 6th.

>mech vet IG
Couldn't they just shoot him to death?

>> No.26526418

Dear Mr. Ward,

It seems that Cruddace has tried to out-do your great works by giving Space Marines things that are relevant in 6th edition, which you wrote, such as huegmech suits and anti-air tanks.

Could you please update Grey Knights to have these things and more as well? I feel that they are currently very lackluster by comparison.

With regards,

>> No.26526423

>If he gets to combat, he wins.
>But he only has a 3+ save

It's a close comabat-oriented army. Why do these things surprise you? And why aren't you taking his bodyguard units?

>> No.26526442

> in melee with vet ig
Im calling bullshit. Unless he got a fantastic charge roll, the meltas would have torn the swarmlord apart.

Even less likely if it was plasma vets, since plasma would have torn him apart before he gets into potential charge range.

>> No.26526454

>Melee army vs. Melee army doesn't happen all that often in 6th.

Much to my dismay. I've never been a CC guy myself, but I appreciated it. Alas... My point was that the 'nid codex wasn't nearly as awful as people are giving it shit for.

>Couldn't they just shoot him to death?
That would mean taking fire off of the hive gaurd, termagants, zoanthropes and tervigons.

>> No.26526466

Orbital bombardment's a helluva drug.

Even if yiu dont play spehs mehreens. The swarmlord should still attract more than enough of the anti MC firepower to down him and his guards in one or two turns,

>> No.26526479

Fifth edition. You're also forgetting the other 1700 points worth of chitin on the table top running out in front of a CC unit that won't be a threat until turn 3 or 4.

>> No.26526488

In 6th with Slay, yes, you're absolutely correct. These games happened in 5th.

>> No.26526515

You shouldnt be firing weapons geared for monstrous creatures at hordes anyway. Let your flamers handle the rest

>> No.26526569

>most armies he touches become top-tier.
Congrats, you just released another overpowered army that breaks balance. Apparently that's a good thing?

>> No.26526572

Who said he was firing at hordes? Swarmlord wasn't the only monstrous creature on the table.

>> No.26526589

Why is Sister Stern the way she is? What does her Eldar husbandu jizz tastes like? Is she still hanging around in the library?

Stern was here first so her question are more important.

>> No.26526590

It is for GW's bottom line apparently.

>> No.26526613

I think there's been a statement about how Daemonifuge really isn't canon, but I haven't looked it up.

>> No.26526697

Dark Vengeance confirms that the Damonifuge is canon.

>> No.26526715

where actually?

>> No.26526743

The only thing Dark Vengeance shows is that there's a statue of a saint who has the same name stuck on a random bumfuck planet somewhere in the Imperium.

>> No.26526754

The Dark Angels fought on a Shrine World where a certain chapel has a title and name of a certain woman we know.

Check this out.

>> No.26526777

Which books has Cruddace written?

>> No.26526786

Hopefully not. There are already 5 or so different flavors of Space Marines, vanilla included.

>> No.26526798


The planet was called Stern's remembrance.

Sister's Stern title is thrice born. Her full name is Ephrael Stern.

>> No.26526818

> Why is Sister Stern the way she is?
The Sisters trapped by the Keeper of Secrets empowered her.

> What does her Eldar husbandu jizz tastes like?
She wouldn't know!

> Is she still hanging around in the library?
Probably. We haven't been told that she left.

Celestine, meanwhile, is a bit more ambiguous. And I like that about her.

That's pretty rad.

>> No.26526839

Very interesting that they named a planet and a chapel after her. Last we saw her, she was wanted by the Inquisition.

>> No.26526904




>> No.26526961

/tg/ keeps getting riled whenever Kelly is suggested for the SoB codex. How come? Are people really this mad about Banshees or are there other reasons that he wouldn't be suitable for the Sisters?

By the way, he expressed interest in doing them at Enter the Citadel, so he may just end up doing them.

>> No.26527040

The Imperial Church and the Sisters of Battle do not answer to the Inquisition!

>> No.26527052

I'd rather say "only IG players think that".

>> No.26527177

It's supposed to be mysterious, turd

So make a crap dex just because everyone else is?

>> No.26527188

GW likes money? Very insightful, Cletus

>> No.26527215

Ha! I like the idea of the Ecclesiarchy and Sisters just disregarding the Inquisition and making her a Saint anyway. Hella ballsy of them.

>> No.26527241

Good lord, Ward certainly looks better these days.

>> No.26527244

I didn't say that it wasn't, you derp. The point of her new fluff is that it's open for interpretation. We can ask those questions and different people can come to different conclusions.

>> No.26527261


He gave us fluff for a new Phoenix Lord, that makes me happy.

>> No.26527295

Since when did the WD dex have fluff? I don't remember anything there. Also, Praxedes was 2nd Edition, right?

SoB are dead, son. I think it's time we accepted it. There is just NOTHING to suggest they are alive. No GW Apoc rules, no FW Apoc rules, no mention of the ENTIRE 40K RANGE XMAS POSTER, I mean, fuck, if the FW Apoc book doesn't have something in the fucking Cardinal Crusade for them, I am declaring them dead.

There is NOTHING to suggest SoB will ever be re-done. There is lots of assumption they will be done either alongside IG, will be combined into an Imperial Agent supplement or will get a supplement after initial SM stuff.

It's destroying me inside, but I don't see anything supporting the idea they will get updated. To give you an example, BA got their full codex 18 months after their WD codex. How long as it been since the SoB WD codex?

>> No.26527459

>Since when did the WD dex have fluff? I don't remember anything there. Also, Praxedes was 2nd Edition, right?
Dude, the first part is pretty much all fluff. Every unit gets fluff and there's pages that are literally just about the fluff!

> No GW Apoc rules
They're in the description for divine intervention. The lack of formations is probably due to them being all metal. Plastic Sisters would likely herald an Apoc supplement.

> There is NOTHING to suggest SoB will ever be re-done.
Apart from the devs saying so?

4chan is being retarded and not letting me post the links, but go to Faeit and search "Sisters of Battle". First and second results, both from July.

> BA got their full codex 18 months after their WD codex.
Again, Sisters were likely held back by lack of plastics here.

>> No.26527836

>Orks, Nids, or Sisters players (all four of them). We've done nothing wrong
Ork players in my experience are annoying "I moved my red vehicle an extra inch, better shout 'WAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!!!1111!!!1!'" Sisters players bitch and moan and act like everyone secretly wants to play their army. No, not everyone wants to play your shitty army of boobplate. Tyranid players are okay in my book.

>> No.26527843

That fucking photo. Why is he looking down with his mouth open?

>> No.26527844

I've not actually seen direct dev confirmation they will be done. However, I have already understood that rumours have existed for a long while. It has always been a problem with getting the details on the SoB models. The thing is, I fear that what was once started has been cancelled for one reason or another. I've had 'water-cooler' information, personally, from Nottingham HQ employee who says they've been put on permanent hiatus for now. With GW interested in getting female players into the game, new female players, and think that releasing female IG models will do that. Hence why nothing has happened.

I know they were mentioned in the Imperial Army powers, but they were also mentioned in the 6th Edition rulebook. Yet they are missing from every single major update to 40k in terms of actual rules. As in they might be mentioned along side something, but they never get their own entry. Why not? The next 'update' for those books would be for 7th, so unless SoB are being delayed till 2017, that makes no sense.

Also, the ONLY stuff I've got that they are not dead is the fact that GW replied to an email which asked why they had not put the WD PDF on the website and it was basically "Waiting till development team get back to us" but that was last year. The other bit was GW guys mentioning that they were scouring DeviantArt for artists who could apply to do SoB artwork. Plus the SoB novels.... Which were supposed to be out a long time ago. All I can assume is it's delayed UNTIL SoB are ready.

I could only find one Faeit page of SoB from July.

Furthermore, The Fallen getting a supplement? Awesome. Tau Empire supplement? Awesome.

I love your dedication to the cause Sist---Brother, but I am not one to believe in rumours... Though 40k ones are usually more reliable than WHFB ones. Anyway, if it's true, cool, if not, well nothing changes.

>> No.26527855

If anyone complains about GK they are retarded. Seriously, if you can't kill 30 MEQs or 15 TEQs at 2000 points you suck.

>> No.26527860

>Tyranid players are okay in my book.
Because there aren't any

>> No.26527949

>How were nids unbalanced? Most powerful until an ork horde showed up on the table. Hell, Space Wolves were kicking IG butt on and off for a good long while.
Space wolves never kicked my but on a regular basis. I lost a few times but never had any major issues with them like I did against riptide spam or Necron flying circuses. Regardless IG is probably the best codex right now not only because of its great codex options (tanks, IG vets, blobs, vendettas, orders, manticores, and tons of AP 3 and 2 weapons and blast weapons) but because they can ally with anyone except Tyranids and in many cases as brothers in arms or allies of convenience. Even if Necrons or Tau surpass them alone, Guard can ally with marines to get buffs for their blobs with special characters, they can ally with CSM, they can ally with Tau, they can ally with Eldar, they can ally with Grey Knights.

>> No.26527980

>I love your dedication to the cause Sist---Brother, but I am not one to believe in rumours...
Not rumours, the devs saying that all books are being worked on and will be updated eventually. Kelly even said that he would be interested in doing them in the future. And he wouldn't express interest were they not on the cards for an update!

Sure, it'll be a long time. But that's okay.

>> No.26527991

Pretty much every girl that plays 40k plays Tyranids. I assume they are either masochists or have an insect fetish.

>> No.26528044

Cruddance has a SoB army he uses as Allies. In the GW Example Battle they used SoB as allies.... I don't know man. We shall see.

I am willing to wait, 10 years so far.

I can already taste tears though.

If only I could post the picture I want to post.

>> No.26528045

>Better that than metal eldar hate eldar


>> No.26528118

>Crud has a Sisters army
>Their rules are shit
mfw the Howling Griffons offer no protection for Spehs Mehreens 6e

>> No.26528129

>Not dating an masochistic Tyranid player girl with an insect fetish
Do you even /d/?

>> No.26528181

Three Citadel designers also have Sisters as their main army. We've got people on the inside, so to speak.

Really wish I could link you to those articles, but it's just not letting me do it.

>> No.26528205

Oh, I'm pretty sure you Sisters have a lot of things inside some places.

>> No.26528226

>/tg/ keeps getting riled whenever Kelly is suggested for the SoB codex. How come?

>5 years later, new SoB codex
>Author: Phil Kelly
>Units that were previously staples are now even better
>Units that sucked were either not fixed or are even worse
>SoB codex is basically a copy-paste except with a few new dumb units that nobody wanted or needed
>your face when:

>> No.26528233

You'll have a flamer inside of your behind if you continue to blaspheme, heretic!

>> No.26528268

Honey, you have to be careful with those things or you'll hurt yourself. Let the men do the killing and you can go back to praying and being convenient cannon fodder for other Codices.

>> No.26528291

Who's going to write the Ork codex? Ward?

>> No.26528314

I still can't believe sisters players don't think they've been squatted. It's been a decade you silly bastards, give it up.

>> No.26528317

You were warned, heretic.


>> No.26528326

Jeremy Clarkson.

>> No.26528350

who's that? Sorry I don't really know the writers because I started playing about seven months ago.

>> No.26528373

I totally support the actions taken by this fine female specimen. I'd also like to point out that I'm not here to cause any kind of infighting within the great forces of the Imperium of Man.

>> No.26528374

He's the best codex writer... In the world.

>> No.26528380

Good news, the reason sisters were delayed was because of modeling issues. Hopes for new sculpts!

>> No.26528382

It's his sexy face.

>> No.26528383

Rolling armour save.

>> No.26528386

Goddamn it, I even watch the show...

>> No.26528408

you needed a 1 before the d6, champ.


>> No.26528420

Some say that his first codex came to be known as the Voyinch Manuscript...and he's afraid of tailors.

>> No.26528429

>BA got their full codex 18 months after their WD codex

White Dwarf codex: September-October 2007
Codex Blood Angels: April 2010

>> No.26528459

>Not "xenos scum"

>> No.26528472

All xenos are automatically heretics, heretic.

>> No.26528954


>>read pic's quote from Ward
he at least gives honest commentary...

>> No.26528971



WE in 40k have a sense of tradition!!!!!

>> No.26528986

Then why is Sister Stern making kissy faces with her Eldar husbandu?

>> No.26529143

>i had a terrible dread that Calgar was going to die on my watch and suspect I would never be allowed to forget it by the villainous Mr Ward. Yet, he was probably man of the match, which is just what the greatest living Chapter Master should be.

On this day Ward saw the light and the Swag Lord was born.

>> No.26529231

Necron fluff got murdered. There is a difference between new and oldcron players.

>> No.26531661

No, that doesn't make any sense unless they were at one point affiliated with the Imperial creed.

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