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Inquisitor Xavier has set up his own training school for mutants and psykers without informing the the rest of the Inquisition.

What is the reaction when others of his kind find out?

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They declare him a radical/gone crazy/corrupted and kill him

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>emprah damn it all... look, get in line... this has got to be the evelenth one in two weeks.

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Look at Eisenhorn for your answer

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That's standard practice for Radical Ordo Hereticus Inquisitiors.

I guess the reaction would depend on the ordo, and if they're radical or puritan.

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also the segmentum, sector, ect ect. And more importantly, how well hidden it is

Its not what we are allowed to do, which is anything, but what we can get away with

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Yeah, and having a retinue consisting of a beastman, a mutant with laser eyes, a cryokinetic and a sanguinary mutant is small fries compared to what other radicals get up to.

Just a pity about the last member being an alpha level psyker who'll end up getting possessed by a greater daemon of tzeentch.

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Wouldn't Cyclops be a navigator? They're practically defined as "mutants with laser eyes".

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Hmm, good point. And given he's from an impressive dynasty, it fits perfectly.

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The Imperium has anything but absolute control over their subjects.In the inner systems, of course their control is near absolute, but the fact of the matter is that they are so big that a truly centralized government at this point is virtually impossible. At this point they can only really draft soldiers and collect tithes, but many planets can get away with doing pretty much whatever they want as long as their leadership does not openly blaspheme the emperor, support chaos, or attempt to secede. The Inquisition is too thin spread to micromanage every planetary government, and so they generally focus on extinguishing acts of heresy so great that they actually pose a threat to the security of the imperium.

I would wager there are many Imperium planets that are rife with lesser heresies, and possibly even some greater ones. They get away with it because the Imperium has bigger problems to deal with.

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Damn, Inquisitor Xavier must have taken some damn impressive juvenat treatments. After all, he was best friends with a psyker who liked wearing red, called Magnus.

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But his eyes are not laser! They are concussive force!
With that out of the way, he is an orphan. Maybe he is a spontaneous (and thus extra-rare) proto-Navigator that sprung from general population - and, if groomed correctly, can give rise to a brand new pocket navigator dynasty?
Imagine how good of a prise this would be

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They get stopped by red filters, seems much like light to me.

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And yet they are concussive force.
That apparently behaves like red light sometimes.
Comic book science, i know...

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navigators have a third eye.

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Sounds like a Navigator to me. Hell, they already have to cover their third eye to stop them from killing people.

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Pic related, followed by a nice little Exterminatus!

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Well, let Cyclops have one eye - that is some form of warp eye navigators have.
as a have said earlier, >>26523741 Cyclops as proto-navigator is a plot hook that can lead to an open sub-sector war, with various factions trying to either kill him or save him. After all, no one likes having to endure monopoly of the Navigators - and navigators do not like concurents etc.

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They are absorbed by ruby quarts, not anything red. It's concussive force that can be reflected off of objects to strike things. At full power, he can rip apart a tank. It's solar powered.

It's comic book science. If you are in a X-Men 40k Crossover thread, it should not be very hard to grasp.

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God damn Inquisitor Trask and his retinue of Space Marines from the Sentinels Chapter.

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Just have him channel concussive blast of warp energy every time he opens his eyes because of a flawed mutation resulting from a navigator and normal human having sex, or just standard chaos mutation.

Hell, just replace radiation with chaos, and you've pretty much recreated 40k.

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He's the motherfucking captain Picard.
What can they do?

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So, the Brotherhood would be a warband of chaos mutants?

Blob and Toad are obviously Nurgle followers.

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They do the same thing as in the X-men movies.

Stormtrooper that shit until its gone

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Full power. Tank? Make that...Sentinel..and then some.

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Other Hereticus Radicals would support him/not give a fuck, depending on their individual preferences. There's even a whole faction that believes that psykers are the future.

Hereticus Puritans would look for any excuse to throw him under the bus.

Ordo Xenos would give no fucks.

Ordo Malleus would be mostly busy, but would keep one eye on him in case of daemonsplosion.

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I am in love with this concept and stealing it.

They purge mutants over all other priorities and are led by Chapter Master Bastion.

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Exterminatus Terra

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>implying this is not just another day in the life of an average Radical-minded -=]|[=-
Srsly, the shit the Inquisitors do in their pasttime (as in sending several regiments of Imperial Guard to their doom for just to please their alien penpal) makes this looks like peanuts in comparison.

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Does this lead to a Master Mold Titan?

Also...Ahab with some Arco-Flagellant hounds.

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If he's lucky he might get a radical inquisition to seize control and allow him to train.

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