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Can we have one?

I'll begin:

>Start playing 4th Edition.
>That Guy rolls a Dragonborn fighter unaligned.
>Starts going around fucking whores, getting into fights, pointless tangents on hating certain NPCS based on their appearance.
>In a Dungeon, I (The Monk), The Rogue and the Druid take another path leaving the Warlock, That Guy Fighter, and the Paladin in another room.
>Both groups get into encounters, My party handle our encounter easily, we stealth in and took them all out
>Slowly, sneak past to the others once we here the sounds of battling.
>The doorway to the others is in a room occupied by monsters, we stealth past.
>"What about those monsters? They should of seen them! Don't come into this room we don't want to share exp."
>DM goes, "What monsters, you're in battle with monsters here, you can't see them. Stop metagaming."
>"No, don't let them in. You just want exp" Paladin who is his sidekick agrees. Druid gets mad and tells them to knock it off because it's not about the EXP, it's about playing for fun.
>Druid leaves early, That Guy goes, "That's why I don't like playing with her. She is too dramatic. What is metagaming?"

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>Playing with That Guy and group again, That Guy tries uses a second wind.
> "I use a healing surge."
> "You already did, Healing Surge is a Second Wind in the encounter, you can't just spam them." I had already explained this.
> "You never said that, just because you didn't know how to play before you didn't explain the rules because you didn't know."
> "I'm explaining them now, so those are the rules." That Guy gets annoyed that he can't heal in an encounter whenever he wants.

I can admit in some aspects in the game he has improved, however, he as a person is just generally shitty.

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Sounds like a shit. He's a teenager, right?

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>Playing with That Guy and group again, That Guy uses his second wind then tries exhausting his healign surge in the same encounter
> "I use a healing surge."
> "You already did, Healing Surge is a Second Wind in the encounter, you can't just spam them." I had already explained this and the process of using healing surge in and out of encounters.
> "You never said that, just because you didn't know how to play before you didn't explain the rules because you didn't know."
> "If that's the case, which it is not, I'm explaining them now, so those are the rules." That Guy gets annoyed that he can't heal in an encounter whenever he wants. Starts being disrespectful and making comments to other players.

>Constantly starts telling people want to do in the battle OOC, "My character is a loner, he works alone."
> "He's not the leader then, nor should order the others around."
> "I just like using tactics and leading."
> "Then why did you make your character a douchebag?"
I can admit in some aspects in the game he has improved, however, he as a person is just generally shitty.

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He's a 21 year old man child. What's even worse is he thinks he's a responsible and serious adult.

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>Constantly starts telling people want to do in the battle OOC, "My character is a loner, he works alone."
> "He's not the leader then, nor should order the others around."
> "I just like using tactics and leading."
> "Then why did you make your character a douchebag?"

I fucking hate when someone plays a loner, keeps to the loner role and then tries giving battle orders. I've seen so many of those I sometimes wonder if "loner" isn't "passive way to beg for reluctant hero/leader" in disguise when anyone I'm not familiar with tries to play one.

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these are the worst of people. That is exactly what my groups That Guy is and he fucking pisses me off

to top it all off he's a 6'3" fat greasy troll

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HeroClix is the worst game in general to play with hat guy.
>Would always put some variant of Superman in his squad
>always insisted that his defensive abilities cancelled out all damage because HURR DURR SUPERMAN CANT GET HURT.
>the ability sheet doesnt lie.
>"oh that ability sheet is out of date"
no, nigga. it isn't.

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You should tell him Superman is a poorly fleshed out character, and his fans only like him because they're the kind of manchild who think power = plot.

Then laugh whenever he fields it. Keep laughing until you pass out or h leaves. Don't get anything else done, him fielding superman casts Tasha's Hideous Laughter on you.

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Another game is That Guy.

>Fighting a Lamia, at this point in the game the party is still fairly new to each other, group tactics are just starting to happen.
>Lamia has an Aura of 1 that does necrotic damage at the start fo its turn to anyone in the Aura, That Guy complains when I move into it, "Don't do that!"
>" I got it, don't worry."
> That guy says on an extremely rude and condescending tone, "Don't do that, stupid, Are you even thinking?"
> I snap, and go. "Shut the fuck up, stop telling me what to do, and how to play, I said I fucking got it. " End up doing like the most damage spending an action point to whittle it down , and pushing the Lamia back enough squares so I'm out of it's aura.
>That Guy stays quiet the entire time, then gets up without a word and leaves like a scolded child.
>Mintoaur Bro says, "Why did he leave?"
>Paladin goes, "'Cause Monk yelled at him."
> Druid: "He was being a douchebag."

I talked to him outside, and told him I refused to be disrespected in my own house, and I wasn't going to take that shit, He stopped being a total asshole after that.

However, once I had to move out and we started playing in his house, we didn't have to deal with That Guy so much as we had to deal with That Guy and his fucking Pitbull that he doesn't seem to give a shit about and it shows.

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God, it just got really bad when we have to play a few games in his house with his fucking dog. He does not take care of that dog at all. It's a Pitbull, and he is the most negligent owner I've ever seen.

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>That guy who can never keep the same character
>literally makes new characters every two sessions
>every single one is a self-righteous mary sue douchebag who acts like a cunt every time you criticize his pointless, reckless and violent acts because it's what the gods told him to do to bring balance to the force
>"why does everyone always hate my characters?"
>we all tell him basically what I just said above
>"OK guys I'm gonna try really hard now and make a good character"
>read his 11 page backstory
>minutaur barbarian was sent from the gods to help our party bring balance to the force
>it's the same fucking character

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luckily I've never had to set foot in That Guy's cave. Once he brought his N64 over and it was flecked in some brown gunky substance, I don't even want to know

I let him use my controller once and when I came back to use it it was so greasy I could barely play super smash bros

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>Friend's older bro is Thay Guy.
>Playing Rogue Trader.
>Switches to me being in charge of the ship after other player goes demon possession.
>That Guy sneaks into my room at night and tries to assassinate me.
>Fumbles his roll and I wake up.
>We fight, he's better at combat, I eventually go down, start burning my 5 fate points to stay alive, hoping the guards arrive and save me.
>He starts complaining about how many fate points I have.
>Down to 1 fate point.
>Guards finally arrive and take him down.
>That Guy says "Well if I knew how may fate points you had, I wouldn't have tried."
>He doesn't show up for a few weeks.

>Months later, That Guy makes a new character.
>Party already has a leader who despises psykers and has taken every thing he could to hurt pyskers and make himself a fortress against them.
>Party has a psychic blank in the party.
>He makes a buffing psyker.
>Can't buff the psychic blank.
>The leader has a talent that lets him resist all psychic abilities.
>Other characters are generally to far away to effect with naything.
>Proceeds to say we're sandbagging him on purpose.
>point out he made the new character.
>Tells us to fuck off.

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Punch him in the fucking head. I don't understand how half of /tg/ actually tolerates people acting like this at all. If someone is ruining you and the groups fun tell him to fuck off and leave. Is playing a game worth dealing with a piece of shit?

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You burn fate, you're out of that one situation. You don't just 'avoid this one wound'. In this case it would have to be played by the gm as "guards show up and two of the Explorator's skitarii buddies with their integral multilasers are in the bunch, fields aflaring, but if you so choose <assassin> due to the burnt fate point by <captain> you can get the hell out before they gun you down", thus ending the entire situation for the moment.

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Welp, it's time for another That Guy Story.

Same guy BTW:

Like I said in game he had improved, he roleplayed more, wasn't as bitch as a douche, gave his character some development. However, I had to move so playing the game at my house was no longer an option. His house was our only choice.

>That Guy had a Pitbull puppy that he got for Christmas.
>He underestimated how fast it grew and it's a real big dog now, yet he still think it's a puppy.
> "It's not even 1 years old yet. He's a puppy."\
>This dog is rude, constantly jumps on people, tries to chew up my tiles, and immediately darts for the door whenever anyone comes in.
> This dog nips me, and I punch it in the snout because I know how to deal with dogs.
> "Don't hit my dog, nipping is how he learns."
> "Well, he better have just learned not to fucking nip me again."
>Dog is a hyperactive beast because the That Guy owner barely takes it out, and barely walks it, it barks when people come in now, and it's big enough to hurt someone.
> Druid and Warlock sit on That Guy's bed. Dog starts growling and barking really aggressively. That guy ignores him because he's playing LoL."
> Warlock locks eyes with Dog
For those who don't know when you lock eyes with a dog it because a battle of dominance, if the dog looks away you're the dominant one, any dog who doesn't do this can be a potential threat. Also, you should never let your dog sleep on your bed until you have shown your dominance in the household, and it knows its place.

>Dog begins growling and getting aggressively, Warlock is very worried because he's the target. Druid and Warlock leave the room. That Guy doesn't even care. Dog takes his seat on the bed.

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Actually the book says the fate point saves you from death for that one thing. It doesn't miraculously end a situation. It only miraculously saves you from that attack.

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been there, done that. i wish there was a kryptonite ability card or some kind of Lex Luthor with a "fuck superman in his bitch ass face" ability. i hate when people play supes in any context, he is so goddamn op, even in the newer sets.

so i field hulk and just start chucking heavy objects around. shit is jokes.

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I like the cut of his jib.

The only thing that bothers me is PvP when it's not planned upfront. Like you do something X doesn't like, so X tries to kill you or at least hurt you.

You will never have that shit happen from "that guy". So stop being hard on "that guy". He's better then 90% of the rest of your pleb players.

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I do not recall DH/RT, but he may be thinking of what happens when you burn infamy in Black Crusade: You do survive this one thing, BUT, it also a little later explains that you can also not be killed by anything else this session.

Given the exact situation, this would require the assassin getting chased out or incapacitated. This is a dangerous cascade not meant to really occur directly as a result of infamy-burn as there's no reason he wouldn't be shot the fuck dead for this and thus need to burn fate if he's cornered by security due to having snuck into a small room, thus the allotment of escape.

Warhammer Fantasy 2nd edition also did the same "survive and you are out of this situation entirely" with fate burn, but did allow further scenes to kill you afterwards once you 'returned'

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>jim profit in image name

hush now trollchild

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>Playing Monsterpocalypse with That Guy.
>I run a destroyer's set, with expkodo-hawks and lots of support for my big Fuck You I Have a Laser monster.
>That guy fields Voltron cause he says he's the best.
>Proceed to drop AoEs like crazy before he forms Voltron.
>Voltorn forms with only 1 hp left in his normal form.
>Kill normal for with a basic unit.
>He goes full retard, starts chimping out telling me I'm cheating/meta-gamed against him and al that bullshit.
>CLaims I'm not shifting dice between pools, no way I could take two monster turns.
>starts claiming hyper voltron has abilitieis it doesn't.
>Pick up voltron, throw it into an explosive building.
>Voltron down to 1 hp.
>Dies to fire damage on his turn.
>Guy grabs his shit and claims I'm a cheater because Voltron is the best guy in the game.

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Read that last paragraph and it should help. I had this problem for the longest time because I had nowhere else to play

>make adventuring party
>that guy makes Mary-sue esk character who is actually a lord of all our characters
>acts like dick and made himself party leader, and says if we do t go with him we're not role playing right because "lol, I'm lord, you have to do what I say"
>adventure 2 he decides he doesn't like his character
>runs his character into a crowd of goblins and doesn't attack. Just dies on purpose.
>DM, a little annoyed, tells him he should make a new character for next week
> "I already have one, he can just join up with them later in the cave"
>DM says no, he can join up next week if we make it back to town
>that guy goes I side, party mechanics change drastically and as Paladin I become new party leader
>fun had by all
>next week, we make it to town and he comes in with his new character
>brother of the previous lord, also wizard, but with different spells. You all have to listen to me now because I'm the new lord, and that means I'm in charge
>I, being the new part face, tell him "why would we listen to your family anymore? Your brother ran head first into a hoard of goblins and just let then kill him"
>A little angry he says "no, he died valiantly, killing half the hoard singlehandedly"
>"I don't know who told you that, he just ran head first into the hoard and stood still"
>that guy flips his shit, and says if we don't want to play by his rules, we can all leave
>finish up rest of encounter at a local Coffee shop
>go back to local coffee shop next week as well

And we've never had to deal with That Guy again. just assholes trying to mock us for playing D&D

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I-I think I'm "That Guy" /tg/, can you tell me how to not be?

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>tfw "Faaaaaaat" has become your groups default curse on enemies.

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To some people it is. And often times it's not that simple. E.g. I have an ex-playgroup that has one of the worst that guys I've ever met. Can't RP for shit, every character is a douchebag, whines and moans and throws temper-tantrums when things don't go his way, power and meta games, etc. Now most of the rest of the group is pretty cool guys and girls. However none of them will leave or kick him out for this one reason: they are all extremely good friends with his girlfriend, who is one of the nicest, sweetest, kindest, and most tolerant people you will ever meet. We tried leaving and starting a new group before, and he made it super awkward for her and us because he would act extremely cold and mean to her if he found out she was hanging out with us. So eventually most of them went back to the group, and I reconciled with him saying that I couldn't game with him anymore if he was going to act like that. So we're still on speaking terms. But I get updates from the other members and he still acts like he did before in games. So yeah, complicated social situations can prevent people from punching That Guys in the head. There's also some that guys who are total shits in game who are some of the coolest people you'll meet out of game.

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Don't have any That Guys in my regular group, but there are the occasions when otherwise good players lapse and do something stupid. This time it came from the GM during a Star Wars Saga Edition game. He ended up having an NPC take control of the ship, then the NPC crashes it into a lake, it sinks, and we lose our ship. All from rolls that he made. We were not able to prevent it in any way.

Later I talked to him about it, and he said he wanted to get rid of that crappy ship (a ship he allowed us to have) so that it would be replaced by a wing of fighters. We're a smuggling crew. We need a freighter.

He also said we would have to pay for these fighters out of our own pocket.

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One guy in our IRC group got <<I'm just being in character>> chaotic neutral'd a couple of times **in a row** a few years back. He's completely paranoid now and packs enough heat to slag the other acoltyes all at once at the first sign of hostility towards him.

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I had a guy walk out of an apocalypse world game lastnight in the most childish kinda way. I mean, I guess it was just that he didn't get what he wanted? He's normally pretty good about being a chill dude, but apparently that doesn't translate into pnp.

>playing the driver, no shits given and no allegiances made
>That Guy wants to strike a deal with me, because he wants my rocket launcher
>He insults my crewmember pretty thoroughly, to the point where the crewmember wants him dead
>I agree to transport That Guy to a secluded location and leave him there if he heals one of my wounds. the crewmember wants to come along to make sure there's no funnybusiness
>On the way, That Guy once again insults the crewmember... and states that he's making a seduction roll. Just off the wall. GM asks what That Guy wants--he replies, "I just really wanna have sex with the guy threatening me"
>I explain to him that if he's looking to make the threatening guy lay off or drop his guard, he should state that and take more a manipulation angle
>"I just really want to have sex with him, honest"
>GM doesn't buy it and states that the crewmember, who That Guy had just spent most of the time calling racially inferior, will have sex with That Guy only if he also gets to kill That Guy beforehand -- it's the apocalypse, after all
>That Guy storms out because he didn't get what he wanted--he felt the 'hard choice' wasn't actually a choice (in fairness, it wasn't. but logic and roleplaying should anyways supercede randomly inserting the rules)
>GM takes a break, makes a compromise: crewmember will agree to bang That Guy if That Guy is tied up in rope the entire time
>there's an agreement, we arrive at the secluded place
>when crewmember asks about what was agreed, That Guy pulls his shotgun on him and tells him to leave
>he got mad at the GM because the GM wanted him to take responsibility for his words and actions

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Read these stories.
Observe how that guy behaves.
Behave the opposite way.

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>Start playing 3.5
>That guy hasn't revealed himself yet.
>Says nothing just narrow eyes shifting around shit eating grin on his face.
>Party gets acquainted
>"I'm a mischievous gnome sorcerer."
>As the game progresses that guy tries his 'mischief'
>"I try to trip the PCNAME into that NPC."
>While speaking with Prince about a quest: "I jump up and down on his throne." I jump off and pretend I didn't do it when he looks my way!"
>"I leap into the dark pit."
>Then GM killed him

I guess just being a weird disruptive asshole means mischievous to him.

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A while back I played a game of Pathfinder with some buddies. My first game, actually.

Anyway, I'd played with two of the people before and I knew the GM pretty well. I played a Human Gunslinger because it sounded cool and I wanted to play something of a pirate.

Anyway, the party was myself, a Razorclaw Monk, a wizard-I forget what race-, a human sorceress, a fighter whose race I forget and the the other character, a half-I'm pretty sure it was half-dhampir Cleric/mage mix.

I don't really get twisted up over races or anything like that in games. I don't care if someone decides they want to play Drizzt-Clone 2013 edition. What annoyed me about this character in particular was that they took a bunch of healing spells from their Cleric side and some useful offensive spells from the mage-I forget which, Wizard or Sorceress-but refused to use them because they didn't want anyone to know that she had magic IC.

For a while, that didn't matter. The encounters weren't too difficult and we could take damage and handle whatever was thrown our way. Then we came to the 'closing' of our first 'act', where the camp we were staying in was suddenly swarmed with demons because of an artifact we were transporting.

Our Dwarf NPC that repaired our equipment and was a reliable shieldwall for those of us that couldn't get up close in combat got ganged up on and basically torn apart in the first round. Now, normally these folks aren't meta at all but when the fighter went down and the monk was on his last legs, all of us were on the cleric/mage mix, telling her to use her healing spells to bring back our frontline fighter and our monk, as well as at least trying to stabilize the NPC. It took a lot of argument and the monk going down before she finally agreed to use her magic for the first time since she joined the game.

Up until that point, she'd just been using stuff like throwing daggers or using a shortbow. Of course, the argument was

>"It's what my character would do"

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Reber it's not your game. Everyone is playing. If you have to sacrifice everyone's fun for your own enjoyment/peace of mind/bad habits, you're doing it wrong.
You're a member in a larger party. You have no more ground or worth than any of your other party members. Everyone is equal at the table. Treat the players as your equal.

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>Play RPGs every week at the same pizza place for the last 10 years.
>The owners know us all by name, owner is a wonderful brazillian woman who treats us like her kids.
>Some 16 year old comes over and starts trying to look cool in front of his girlfriend.
>"Oh man, I love this game! I'm gonna hit that guy with a light saber then ride a horse to the moon!"
>Turn around, look at him dead in the face.
>"Listen you little shit, fuck off back to your table, and stop trying to look cool in front of the girl. You don't look cool, you look like a fucked in the head child."
>Kid sits there and starts trying to form some sort of insult "Well you uh, your fags yeah."
>"Uh-buh-buh-buh fuck off kid!"
>One of the other regulars there ont hat night yells "Go sit down kid, you're out of your league."
>The girl turns red as fuck and just leaves.
>Guy turns around an chases after her saying something along the lines of "Com'on! Don't go!"

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i have a similar tale with star wars minis
>playing with a large group of friends at LGS
>use Yuuzan Vong army
>opponent is that guy
>his army consists of mostly force characters
>hes getting pounded hard
>he keeps spamming force powers
>utterly convinced that they will work
>Yuuzan Vong are immune to force powers
>calling me a cheater
>i showed him the character cards.
havent played swm since.

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Well, it may just be a case of this is just my first time playing a game like this, and I hope it is really.
I think it's just a case of an undeveloped character having an obsession with something.

Ah, well if that's the case it's most probably the first part then.
I'm probably just over thinking this since it's my first time.

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Gnomes/Halflings are always a warning flag
It doesn't always happen, and there's plenty of plenty cool gnomes, but you gotta keep an eye out when that's the selected races...

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>playing Pathfinder, Rise of the Runelords path
>That Girl is playing an elf rogue and insists on wearing a giant pirate hat with a huge-ass feather in it
>"I'm in character, you know, ROLEPLAYING?"
>first fight with goblins
>That Girl stabs goblin to death
>spends the rest of the combat making Craft checks trying to skin the goblin to make a suit from the corpse
>"I wanna make a disguise so I can trick the other goblins and then stab them in the back!"
>in the time it takes her to try and make the suit, the rest of the party kills all the other goblins

...How the fuck was an elf supposed to fit into the goblin suit in the first place? Why?

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Would you let a Shantotto into your game?

>> No.26488978

Short fuse, insulting, quick to include allies in the AoE if it gets the job done faster, thinks she's queen of the goddamn world...

The worry is usually they'll kender it up, but someone playing Shantotto is just plain being that-guy

>> No.26488986

>Then GM killed him
Probably the best way to handle that situation. That Guy was probably unfamiliar with the atmosphere of the game, so he picked a Rumpelstiltzchen-y character, which was probably familiar to him. He may have wised up after this character's death. Hopefully.
Was his next character just as bad?

>> No.26488987

Dear you,

Please stop being a metagaming faglord. If the player has created their character to be secretive about their magical abilities and there is no way in-game for your character(s) to know, don't pull that knowledge into the game. Sure, you may die and have to start over, but you will actually be roleplaying.



>> No.26488991

>playing 4e
>That Guy spends every session playing Flash games on his laptop
>big combat
>That Guy isn't paying attention when his turn comes up
>DM waits for a minute, then skips to next player
>That Guy notices, says "Hey, you skipped me!"
>argues with DM about being unfair / not paying attention
>That Guy looks at map for a minute or two
>"Yeah, I'm not going to do anything this turn"
>sits down, resumes Flash games

>> No.26488996

Now the theme from when they switch on meteor is stuck inside my head.

>> No.26489001

Last story then I'm out.

>Latest game in That guy's house. Dog is just as annoying.
> Dog starts eating pebbles, and paint chips from the shed.
>Clericbro goes "Dude, he's eating paint chips." Druid warns him about the rocks.
> That Guy goes. "Whatever, Jabroni problems."
>Everyone stares at him in awe.

I hope his dog gets a good home, it's obvious he doesn't care about it. It's owners like him that give Pitbulls a bad name

>> No.26489005

What a bunch of insecure neckbeards. The guy could have just been friendly, and perhaps played himself. The lighsaber ride to the moon thing would probably be hilarious if one of you fags said it.

>> No.26489015

>quick to include allies in the AoE if it gets the job done faster,
She isn't *that* evil especially to friends.
"Allies" include peasantry, not people that would adventure with her, but then again I suppose that would only count if those were her friends at the start of the roleplay.

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It sounds like you guys were just dicks and he was trying to show the awesomness of dnd to his girlfriend.

>> No.26489034

There's plenty of ways to say things.
When speaking to your friends for example, your tone is friendly.
I'm sure that guy there isn't conveying with simple text what tone does.

>> No.26489038

Sounds a lot like my That Guy.

Loud, abrasive, always complains OOCly and derails shit by wanting to do his own thing. Has singlehandedly eaten up at least 3 sessions worth of time by going off on his own, after being asked by the DM to knock it off, because he never does anything productive.

Hell, this last session, we're doing a murder mystery plot, and we're -JUST- trying to get alibis for a large number of people, and he's all about asking some crazy series of bullshit questions to the GM about this character he wants to bang. Wasting Time. He also takes forever to make any kind of decision, and kept me up till at LEAST 3 AM this morning helping him roll a character for the D&D campaign I'm DMing next month. Took him four hours to decide between crusader or favored soul

>> No.26489052

>hat guy
Introduce them to TF2.

>> No.26489062

You have to admit, though, that "I'll play the wizard/cleric", particularly if it's a group where folks try not to step on each-other's roles, gets very problematic when the player uselessly insists on never using their fucking abilities.

If you roll a fighter that puts everything into power-attack charging as he levels but refuses to ever do anything other than fire a crossbow once a round in combat, the party's right to take issue with how dead-weight you fucking are.

Our party once met a crippled fighter. The player's entire schtick was that he would use the flaws, we would meet and magically know he's worth having with us, find and expend resources we did not have on regenerating both his arms and the one leg, and then he'd be our leader.

We tossed him a copper, went on our way, and he stormed out of the room. He apparently plays Changeling now with some other very permissive group.

>> No.26489067

2/10 got me to reply

>> No.26489068

We have one borderline case but he dropped out due to scheduling.

On the other hand,
>kid wants to play with us, maybe 12-14
>he seems OK at first so we give him a trial run
>human barbarian, but he does not get feats or use rage
>stays pretty quiet and just attacks mobs for the first session
>that is fine, we can deal with that
>on the second session, he kills an NPC
>claims the NPCs weapon, says "I keep it cause I killed it"
>cleric attacks him, rest of party joins in
>he starts "rolling 20s" and picks up the die before anyone can see
>I am DM, I just sit back and let him get murdered
>rest of party manages to frame him for killing NPC
>I tell him no resses, no new character, you are out
>massive amounts of butthurt, goes on about fairness
>begs to let me play
>suffer not a heretic.jpg
>turns out he is a homeschooled asspie with no social skills and poor education
I feel a little bad for him, but he needs help that I cannot give.

>> No.26489071
File: 44 KB, 291x280, mfw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Little kingdom where the party will be staying for awhile to help out
>"Hello, I'm the King! We welcome you to our castl-"
>"I rape him."
>Explain that with all the citizenry there, it might be unwise to go abo-
>"I rape him."
>Explain that on her own, it will probably be impossible anyway, given the guards and the-
>"I didn't say I wanted a description of the place, I said I rape him."
>Explain at the very least, that certainly the party will not let her get away with this, and that-
>"Hitler never raped anyone. Therefore, if I rape him, it would be better than not raping him which would make me like Hitler."
>Explain that even if-
>"If you try and stop me from raping him, that makes you like Hitler."
>Somehow manages to convince all the other players that raping the King is the moral and just thing to do, and that I am literally a Nazi by trying to stop them, to the point where another player threatens to leave if I continue to fill the game with my hateful propaganda
>"Ok, so your plan is to rape him, with the help of the fighter, while the other four hold off the guards?"
>"Yes. Also the bard can rape him if she wants to as well."
>"Ok... you rape him..."
>"Describe it."
>"Are you denying our rights as players? If you don't describe our actions in detail, then you are limiting our freedoms, which is not the American way. What are you, some sort of Communist?"
>Somehow manages to convince all the other players that if I don't describe in better detail what all is happening, that I am totalitarian Communist dictator, to the point where another different player threatens to leave if I continue to take his freedoms away

I wish the story ended here.

Is there some hidden dark magic or martial art which lets you hate someone to death?

>> No.26489078

That very well may be but this player/character didn't help in the slightest, really. They threw all of their points into Int/Wis so their ranged attacks missed more than half the time and when they didn't miss, it's because the player/character wasn't attacking due to hiding, presumably to cast spells that she never cast.

Not to mention that when everything was said and done and the party had finished killing whatever creatures they needed to kill or did all of the work, she'd come out of hiding, dust herself off and try to take credit for everything and staking a claim to as much of the loot as possible.

Everyone else in the party was helpful towards one another. Hell, even the monk set himself up so he could move around as much as possible in emergencies to get potions he held in a bag with him to people that needed them and to Deflect Arrows or whatnot as needed. This player didn't do anything, gimped her character intentionally, tried to take credit for the deeds the rest of the party fought or thought hard to accomplish while also demanding the majority cut of the loot with whatever outlandish reasons she could levy against us and didn't roleplay at all.

If her character wasn't refusing to talk to anyone or strategize with the rest of us IC, she was busy telling us how to do what we do better and OOC for that matter. During an investigation, everyone would buckle down and roleplay our lines out and whatnot. Out of the entire game, she must have had maybe ten or eleven lines IC that weren't her claiming that she did everything and the loot belonged to her and they added literally less than nothing to the game. When a character like that is in a game, I don't give a shit about being meta. Sure, her magic being a secret can be a great hook or detail to the character -IF THEY PLAY IT OUT IN CHARACTER OR ROLEPLAY AT ALL- but this person did not. Not even in the slightest.

>> No.26489086


>> No.26489096


>> No.26489106

You get it at least. Like I said before in the expansion on that character/player, it could have been a really cool hook or detail about their character but not only were they dead weight in combat or when it came to their spells and abilities but they didn't roleplay at all either.

I'm pretty forgiving. If they would have roleplayed it out well or even half decently, I wouldn't have given a shit. The fact that the player's character demanded that everything be theirs-credit and loot-while adding nothing to the game was fucking infuriating.

>> No.26489112

>Superman is a poorly fleshed out character, and his fans only like him because they're the kind of manchild who think power = plot.
Wow, I know you wrote this as a trolling suggestion, and I'm still mad. Well done.

>> No.26489114

I would have just let him make a grapple check, and then proceed to be murdered by the guards.

>> No.26489124

>go to a intro to RPGs night
>fighter, cleric, rogue stock characters
>start adventuring
>rogue finds this golden egg, keeps it
>instead of caring about its price keeps checking it over the encounter to see if it hatches
>of course our step-in DM doesn't want to make up some stupid bird or whatever so just keeps saying there's no change with the egg
>he keeps fucking checking it
>get into combat
>he keeps trying to dive behind shit, then pop up for sneak attacks
>diving behind rocks and bodies in the middle of combat instead of just flanking and slashing shit
>of course all the enemies can see him diving about and he doesn't get a sneak attack beyond the initial attack he does in the fight
>fighter and I just finish off the others whilst he's fooling around

What is it with rogues?

>> No.26489132
File: 53 KB, 628x480, 1350610963445.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


telling them to leave your house and to stop forcing their rape fantasies onto you

if they continue to press, dial 9-1-1 and show them that it's on the phone

>> No.26489145

While he didn't seem particularly educated in terms of rogue abilities, at least he tried to roleplay with the egg and all.
I'm going to say Not That Guy.

>> No.26489151

Well he's asked me to allow Kender as a race so that he could be "Not-Tasslehoff"

I scrounged up a 3.5 copy of the dragonlance setting so that he wouldn't bring some random bullshit homebrew.
He's been alright since then.
He still does shit without consulting the party, like pushing buttons, pulling levers etc.

I've stayed my hand and not killed him for putting his head into a dark hole. It has haunted my dreams for two weeks. I should have killed him. The rest of my players wanted him to die so bad.

>> No.26489156

I don't play healbot clerics any more. Got tired of the party constantly demanding me to "play my role" and just sit back and heal, so I buffed up and out-damaged the fighter. I see where you're coming from, and the player certainly could have taken a few extra options to make their character more effective, but in the end the character is made and controlled by the player to be played how they want.
Not saying you can't be mad about it, just that everyone has a right to play how they want. If the group doesn't like it, ban 'em.

I take back my defense. The player sounds like a dick who doesn't know how to properly play what they intended. Perhaps you should have a long sit-down with them and explain how they could have rolled the character they think they're playing?
They also sound new to the game. Maybe?

Anywho, I'm out. I hope you guys can find a solution to your woes with this player.

>> No.26489157


With the help of the fighter and his superior strength, the king had no chance to escape such a grapple.


I tried kicking her out once and she threatened reporting assault.

Also she brings the snacks, so it's hard to take offense.

>> No.26489161

Never said he was That Guy, he was just extremely odd. Was just fixated with sneak attacks and that damn egg.

>> No.26489167

>playing a game which, even if it's not ERP, has a few adult themes
>fat, sexually repressed friend joins
>looks at the different classes
>decides he wants to play as a sacred (female) prostitute fighting corruption from within
>don't think too much of it at first
>let him do his sheet
>realize the situation once he's left
We haven't played yet.

I've made a huge mistake.

>> No.26489168

> "I use a healing surge."
I know it isn't the point of the thread but god damn do I hate people who do not understand healing surges.

>> No.26489173

I can't fucking stand players who don't pay at least a modicum of attention during the game. One time, a player was on his laptop looking at Tumblr. He was paying zero attention to the game and when combat occurred, the GM said to roll for initiative. Mr. ADD didn't roll and when the GM asked him directly what his roll was, it went something like this:
>ADD: Wait, we're in combat?
>GM: Yes, now roll initiative.
>ADD: How are we in combat? We weren't supposed to fight anyone until we got to [plot location]
>GM: Well, you're fighting people now, it's a random encounter more or less.
>ADD: We could have resolved it peacefully though.
>GM: The time has passed for that, and these guys are definitely hostile.
>ADD: How come no one told me that we were talking to people who could have been hostile?
>Everyone just stares at him dumbfounded
>GM: You were in the room the whole time. You're sitting six feet away from me. How could you have not heard the last 45 minutes of build-up?
>ADD: I was on Tumblr, duh.
>GM: Why were you on Tumblr?
>ADD: Because I've felt useless this whole game. I never get to do anything.
>GM: That's probably because you're on Tumblr all the time. Try closing it down and just playing the game, okay? You'll get your chance to shine, I promise.
>ADD guy slams his laptop shut, makes a childish pouty face, and does nothing the rest of the game.

He moved to Portland earlier this year, and though he was a friend, I can't really say I'll miss him during game.

>> No.26489188

So what? It takes more than a round to rape someone and there should be a bunch of guards there to stab the fuck out of them.

Let them know like a boss, if you fuck with my campaign too much you die.

>> No.26489190

Eh, you don't need to take it back at all. From what I first posted, I did sound like a giant dickbag. I wanted to type more but I hit the text limit and figured 'Eh, what I've got there is fine'.

In the end, that game ended up falling through due to one of the players being hospitalized, one going off for Basic Training and another needing to move for college.

I haven't played with that player since but I've heard her characters haven't really changed at all. Last I heard, she played an OD in an AdEva game that couldn't into strategy and through her insistence, got a pilot killed, their Eva destroyed utterly and completely and another Eva severely damaged becuz Command.

>> No.26489195
File: 51 KB, 400x555, 538446_488151037903010_1439022368_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>threatening assault
>when she refuses to leave your property
>letting her insert her rape fantasies and turn the group against you like a demagogue

what, do you just let anyone step all over you if they spout the slightest quasi-legal thing?

And no, I think it's pretty easy to take offense. I wouldn't want that shit in my game, and I wouldn't tolerate it. I don't care if she's a walking battle fortress constantly supplied with food, I have the ability to order two pizzas--it's not worth making everyone else uncomfortable and creating a really, really fucking weird environment.

>> No.26489206

>Jabroni problems
What a douche, it's a fuckin' dog.

>> No.26489223

>Bugs GM for familiar for a week.
>Put no effort into any part of it.
>Didn't read how it works, how to get one, just plain never read into it.
>Spell list includes Monster Summoning I x4, Monster Summoning II x3.

>Wanted to control a PC, a Familiar and 7 monsters at all times.

>> No.26489224

aha. i giggled.
it was either that or my horribly ineffective trooper build. at least i had some larger units for my yuuzhan vong, and a couple of nonaligned mandalorians.

>> No.26489248


The other 4 party members were enough to hold off. In hindsight, I should have made the NPCs tougher, the PCs were quite a bit above them.


The environment she creates, all the players all agree to and enjoy. Or at least, she convinces them of that much.

I don't want to lose all my friends! Her aside, I don't like her.

>> No.26489249

I don't even know what that phrase means

>> No.26489271

A Jabroni is someone who can talk the talk but can't walk the walk, so to speak. He's pretty much saying his dog can eat paint because it isn't a pussy.

>> No.26489274

>some more guards come through a side door
Sorry, but when I am DM I am god. I allow plenty of open endedness but when it gets to be something clearly stupid I just summon a dragon and murder everyone.

>> No.26489280

Wow, what a fucking retard.

>> No.26489286

Sounds like he wants to be a Pokemon trainer. Probably not That Guy.

>> No.26489301


>DM is god

I don't like to foster that image or environment, much to my own detriment I realize. Instead, I would rather that their actions have consequences rather than just dropping the hammer then and there.

>> No.26489312
File: 22 KB, 400x300, 1343428553412.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Try explaining that regardless of whether the other players enjoy it, the environment she creates does not make you comfortable. She'll press it and spout freedom and all that, and ask one simple question:

"Do you know anyone who's actually been raped? I don't care if this is a reverse scenario or whatever, but I find what you're doing disrespectful."

You won't lose all your friends because you don't want an element like that in your game. If you somehow would, they seriously aren't friends worth keeping.

captcha: chaefer LAWLESS

don't let your house be lawless

>> No.26489318

Getting raped by guards for attempting to rape the king is an entirely valid consequence.
Assaulting a noble is serious shit, yo

>> No.26489337

Yeah, trying to rape a king in court has the consequence of getting a dozen spears to the face.

>> No.26489345


They're the only friends I have lol, even if they're a shits.

Also she'd probably counter with something about bringing up rape outside the game = me a rapist. Hypocritical I know.


I know that, there were indeed some pretty dire consequences.

>> No.26489351


I don't think this is a "That Guy Story" but more of a "everyone in my party is idiots except that guy, and he just demonstrated how to puppeteer the lesser minds." story. Ask to become his apprentice, since it obviously worked on you too.

>> No.26489370

Plus, they'll have a pretty strong argument by claiming she obviously wants it.

If she's that desperate that she'd try to force herself onto the king, they'll give her ALL the cock she wants.

"Given your cumbucket of a character is going to be spending the next few years chained to a wall and dripping out equal parts sperm and babies, I think we can all safely move right the fuck on to the actual campaign while you roll up a proper character this time."

>> No.26489379
File: 232 KB, 1024x768, Diabolic Tutor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


That actually sounds kind of awesome.

>> No.26489383

I meant rape in a less literal sense, but I suppose your way is valid too.

>> No.26489408
File: 74 KB, 719x405, 1364562667925.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Well, the answer is simple, anon.

End the game, lock your door, blame it all on her, and make new friends.

She's a basket case she is. You don't want to be in the proximity of that landmine.

>> No.26489433

Holy shit, stop being a passive moron and either nut up and deal with the consequences or prepare to be walked over for a good long while. It's your house, show some spine and tell them you won't have that shit.

>> No.26489437

It's either >>26489096, >>26489351 or the group were having a laugh and you didn't get the joke.

>> No.26489441

I would put a cap on it. It is a pain in the ass to keep track of more stuff. Otherwise I don't have a problem

>> No.26489447

That looks like Murdoc from the Gorrilaz

>> No.26489466

He's obviously got a Chosen One complex, I hate players like that

>> No.26489467

Well, way I see it, she wants rape, she gets it, and her next character uses 22 point-buy instead of 24.

>> No.26489476

I agree, but if it's that many, and it's the player's choice to put that many into play, he should be 100% responsible for looking over them. If he can't handle it, either he uses fewer summons per combat or he makes a new character. The GM doesn't need to be responsible for so many monsters at once.

>> No.26489491

I've been told he looks like me IRL.
probably because I'm always making creepy fucking faces for no reason.

>> No.26489497


Well she only did it in order to get a child by the king in order to server her own purposes, which unfortunately she got.

Still though, punishments abound for the other players.

>> No.26489517

That could be an amazing concept for a mutants and masterminds character.

You play "The Chosen One". Your power is reincarnation, quick and dirty.

Every time you die; and it will be often; who needs truly proper defenses when you'll pop right back up anyways, you're a new, different person from the same village.

As you gain experience, your character should slowly get more and more wary and discouraged after every death, as it's become known to be quite the death-sentence on otherwise valuable young adults, as well as, understandably, quite the toll on those not chosen trying to keep the fields tilled and the new chosen ones in full production...

>> No.26489533

if talking to the guy and getting him to stop fails, I give them an in game warning. If that fails, they've been warned, so I break out an inverse reaction to That Guy's antics.

If he's being "I stab the king LOLSORANDUM XD" I treat it completely seriously, the guards treat him like the shit he is and his every inane attempt at "humour" is instantly repelled.
This continues until he gets the fucking point.

If they're "Woe is me! I rape/murder because of muh character! It's roleplaying, even if I completely ignore all consequences!" I give them the silliest consequences I can think of (or steal from /tg/). That's when their target is actually an illusion, his breaking the illusion springs a pie to the face, then a gang of clowns tie him down and forcibly paints his face in silly (unremovable) colours.
If he still doesn't get the point, that's when notorious vigilante Sir Randal the Savage enters the fray.

repeat until he stops acting like an angsty prima donna bitch.

Needless to say, I only do this if his antics are pissing everyone else off and/or actively goes against the setting.

>> No.26489538

>Sharing EXP
>On 4e

Why didn't the DM flat out say to that guy that there isn't any sharing by raw?

>> No.26489539


Too bad she didn't know the kind was possessed by a daemon trying to bring it's anti-christ hell spawn into the world. She now has the full Wrath of the Nine Hells manifesting in her, and it's probably growing a couple of spikes to top it off.

If she complains, tell her jumping to politics with out looking is dangerous. These problems aren't that hard to solve once the initial shock wares off.

>> No.26489542

What movie is that?

>> No.26489544

"That woman steals seed and sires bastards. Even were no other remaining relatives, nothing she sires shall hold any claim to our family nor ever hold title or influence within this kingdom" as a declaration?

Basically total excommunication, but political.

>> No.26489559
File: 127 KB, 257x250, 1362461938919.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>sir randal the savage


>> No.26489570

If you are so much of a doormat that you allow your players to dictate the contents of your own game to you as they play, and your friends are scumbags but you cannot bring yourself to distance yourself from them, then you kind of deserve to sit in the hole you've dug for yourself. complaining about something that is a legitimate problem but being unwilling to do anything about it just makes you a bitch, really.

ending the game is probably for the best. growing a damn spine should be your next priority. finding people who are mature enough to handle a roleplaying game that isn't some kind of non-consentual ERP environment is a good third step. there are a lot of people who actually enjoy tabletop games, and a fair number of them are not asshats. you can find them if you try.

but seriously, you need to address your own weakness before you can even get to those other things. for serious, man.

captcha - ofesteac COURAGE

>> No.26489571


I had a similar problem with a player. I capped it at 2 because my group gets bored of combat very easily.

I've wanted to move on from D&D because you cannot improve D&D combat without just removing a bunch of shit people want to play with.
Unfortunately my players want to keep trudging through combat in hopes it gets better. (it's only gotten worse.)

>> No.26489593

>clowns as a punishment
oh jesus thats too good.

>> No.26489594


It's from an episode of the TV show "Commmunity" I think it's titled advanced dungeons and dragons, and is probably the most accurate depiction of D&D in popular media I've ever seen.

>> No.26489602

thanks. ily :3

>> No.26489608

"Sorry, you don't get DR against internally-generated damage. DR doesn't protect you from your own organs fucking up, and pregnancies in general would be utterly impossible if natural armor or damage res could apply to your own offspring growing in your womb. For one thing implantation wouldn't work."

I guess bleeding the bitch to death could work too, yeah.

>> No.26489650

Better. DO let it apply. Women who're so magic or toughened up that they're immune to spiked fetuses of another extradimensional race just resist this shit with ease.

Then she better hope she has immunity to poison and disease for a few weeks at a time, because the thing will die crushed, having no room to grow, and rot inside her body, probably too large to simply pass her armored cervix.

Bitch wanted her rapefest described? Give it to her violently.

>> No.26489653

if we're talking about pathfinder, the summoner as a class is a cool concept that ends up being a nightmare for both the player (you need pretty much a full deck of summons with all the stats and shit to do much, and your eidolon is another damn character with it's own bookkeeping) and the dm (suddenly there are summoned monsters all over the damn place borking your encounters). there's a good reason you can't play summoners in the official pathfinder stuff, it' a damn mess.

can't really speak for 4th ed, since i've not played it - i'll play WoW if i want an analogous gaming experience. ;p

>> No.26489655

Yep, I'm pretty much with this guy. You're too fucking beta to run your own game.

>> No.26489728

saddling a character with demonspawn for such a thing would actually be a good way of handling it. it would be a protracted punishment in-game and you could unload the full breadth of your accumulated internet-collected horror onto them, such that they become so disgusted and uncomfortable that they would no longer wish to play. the other characters might be similarly repulsed, but you can cheerfully remind them that they all agreed that this was the sort of game they wanted to play, and now they get to enjoy the grimdark tone they've set.

it would completely derail the game, but you could probably make a different, interesting game out of it if the players were into it. given that everyone at the table were complicit accessories to the rape of a monarch, i'd be willing to bet they would be.

>> No.26489729

>hur hur 4e=wow even though i haven't even played it lul
Fucking play a game or at least read the rules before passing judgement, shitstain.

>> No.26489731


I don't know if that is the most horrifying of hilarious way to save the world from the Anti-Christ. And opennings in that game?

>> No.26489739

>young kid, probably new to game but really willing to learn and very cool about it all
>no one helps him build character, so he doesn't get a feat. No one explains to him what rage is
>character kills NPC, tries to role-play and says since he did killed him, the spoils of war are his, typical Conan-esk stuff
>party proceeds to kill him, he keeps looking to DM for advice/support, but the DM just let's it go
>Party kills him, he feels a little hurt, but thinks it's his fault for not role playing enough
>asks what he should do? To to be resed? Make a new character?
>DM looks at him and says "no, you get the fuck out of here. We don't want kids in our games who don't know what they're even doing"
>Corus of laughter from rest of fat neck beards, pointing and laughing at kid.
>kid leaves, on verge of tears, never plays game again, having had his first experience completely ruined by assholes

Oh yeah, this is definitely a "That GM" and "Those Guys" story

>> No.26489748

Pretty much anything ridiculously silly tends to work against the grimderp breed of That Guy.

A gang of trapeze artist assassin midgets tends to work wonders. Not only do they bugger That Guy's fetish up a wall, but the Little fucks are a nightmare to hit and you can guarantee that NOBODY is going to see it coming.

>> No.26489750

>Makes tons of poop jokes
>Joke around about sticking his wand in his teammates anus to heal them
>Useless in combat
>Would hide in the back the entire time and get bored
>Would then yell at his teammates to hurry up
>Temper tantrums every single session
>Demanded the DM act a certain way

>> No.26489760

i did read the rules, that's why i didn't play it. don't get mad because the game was clearly designed using the skeleton of a video game party system and it shows. the game has taunts, cooldowns and all the other hallmarks of the genre.

>> No.26489762
File: 88 KB, 480x640, opnerfnow.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Every time someone tries that, just field this motherfucker.

>> No.26489772

you seem upset.

Have you had a bad experience?
Tell us about it.

>> No.26489776

>"Two doors stand before you, one is black, crumbling and full of cobwebs, the other is white and overgrown with vines. Which door do you take adventurers?" (or something along those ligns)
>That Guy asks "But is there, like, another way we can go?"
>"No, no other way except going behind"
>"Well, can I do like a sight check or whatever? Maybe I'll find another door?"
>"If there was another door, I would have mentioned it at this point"
>"Can't I like, make a door?"
>"Why not?"
>"1: The walls are protected by spells and extremely thick, and 2: you can't use teleportation etc."
>By now the other players are starting to get annoyed, they've already decided on the black door, but That Guy keeps protesting
>"Why the hell would you choose the black door? God knows what the actual hell is in there!"

After 20 more minutes we finally managed to convince him that if we didn't go into danger there would be no adventure to go on.

>> No.26489779

>forgetting that shit has been around since D&D began, it was just worded differently
top lel

>> No.26489786

>no penis


>> No.26489795

the dog eats weird stupff like paint and pebbles because it lacks some mineral ir vitamin or something like that.

Or dont get food and is just hungry like hell

>> No.26489799

>marking is the opposite of a taunt
>concept of tanking has also been around since D&D began

I bet this guy thinks that all of the utility spells were removed too.

>> No.26489821

i wish i could afford something like that, team play scenarios with big guys like him are fucking amazing.

i did one with some friends a while back, it was xenomorphs, superheroes, COG soldiers and Street Fighter characters against C'thulu and his cosmic horrors.

>> No.26489856

most abilities in d&d are limited by the actions and x/day uses, so i guess that's a cooldown? but that's neither here nor there.

the main point is that 4e is a game based entirely on combat, and rolling from one combat to the next. it's for kick-down-the-door play. if that's the kind of games you'd prefer to run, it would be fine, but the game becomes solely about combat without really doing much else. i myself care less for such a system, though i'd imagine it would be fun for pick-up games and other short things where you really just want to aoe down the adds so you can fight the raid boss.

>> No.26489859


It's like he dosen't know anything about the extended star wars universe...

Wtf is he doing playing that game?

>> No.26489871

>Uni starts a gaming society. What could go wrong?
>First session, people seem cool except one girl
>We start a game the next week. DM keeps it simple as alot of the players are playing their first games (which again is all cool with me)
>Pathfinder, I'm playing my CG Halfling Gunslinger called Flint. I like simple names because then people dont keep calling you "halfling"
>Girl reveals her PC
>Elf Ranger, so far ok
>some really long winded name I still can't remember let alone pronounce.
>insists we use her PC's full name
>for the life of me I just couldnt pronounce it. I wrote it down and everything. It had like 9 syllables
>Wont let me use a shortened version of her name
>Comes to combat, I roll high initiative and go first
>That Girl "Why does he get to go first"
>DM "his overall Initiative was the highest"
That Girl "But my PC is faster"
>DM "That may be the case, but..." DM polity explains the purpose of initiative and that there's always a random element
>That Girl "Well I'm going first because my PC is far better"
>DM "er it doesn't work like that"

This went on for 15 mins. She eventually just shuts up and lets me take my turn. We win the encounter

>that girl "Did I do the most damage?"
"DM "errr no the 'fighters name' did but it really doesn't matter"
>"That's not right, my PC is far more powerful than him. Are you doing this because I'm a girl?"

I have many stories of this girl, I never knew the pain of mary sue until she came along. How I hate her.

>> No.26489882

Wait, there's minis that can beat him?
I assumed it was a joke on the part of the publishers.

>> No.26489891



>> No.26489896

i dont even know.
the funny part of this was when he got kicked out. he ran out the door with his fatrolls doing this hilariously almost rythmic bounce to it. as soon as he left we just all started cracking jabba and rancor jokes.

>> No.26489908
File: 325 KB, 566x1273, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We've all had that feel

>> No.26489909

>I have many stories of this girl, I never knew the pain of mary sue until she came along.

welp, time to grab the popcorn.
Fire away, anon.

>> No.26489916
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>> No.26489924

they made all that stuff out of combat rituals and the like, if i remember correctly. i rather like that system, to be frank.

also, the marking system doesn't force things to attack you, which matters. i really think that the complete abstraction of the fantasy rpg into a system that is obviously intended to be heavily gamed bothers me on a thematic level more than an actual gameplay level. it's hard to think of your characters as characters when you're preoccupied with tanking mobs, using your dps cooldowns effectively, and so forth.

pathfinder also has this problem too, where it's very easy to be an archetype with a stat block instead of a character, because any game based on tactical positioning on a game board requires you to game it to succeed.

either way, nothing to do with that guy moments.

>> No.26489933

D&D has always been primarily about combat. Only because you got a detailed ruleset for that doesn't mean that you can't do anything else. Attibutes are still there, skills are still there, checks are still there, you can do as much out-of-combat stuff as the group likes.

>> No.26489937

>help, i am literally autistic and need exhaustive rules to pretend to be someone I'm not
If 4e is so combat-focused (which, again, has been a part of D&D since forever) why are skill challenges a thing?

>> No.26489943
File: 86 KB, 345x635, wow2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.26489945

And shit like this is why leveling should happen at the DM's discretion without tracking minutae. It creates perverse incentives.

>> No.26489951
File: 96 KB, 449x607, wow3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.26489959

yeah dude its mostly through combined attacks and pounding the endless shit out of the Great One. the GoW minis tend to have a lot of ranged abilities so we just kept them at the back while essentially kamikaze-ing with xenomorphs.

>> No.26489963

What does his sheet day?

>> No.26489978

>I pretend to be the dog whisperer and claim to punch aggressive dogs

You're that guy

>> No.26489979

Or you could just have a system where everyone levels up at the same time, like Savage Worlds.

>> No.26489984


>> No.26489989
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Wow man you aren't even a beta

You're a full on omega

>> No.26490008

Otherwise, xp should be awarded for solving encounters, not killing hogs.

>> No.26490017

Nothing much; he had not thought of a backstory yet (I introduced the game at the same time he made his character), but I have the slight feeling he's gonna play the "prostitute" part more than the "holy person fighting corruption" part. I can and will black out, but still.

>> No.26490022

With most level-based systems you're usually better off just dispensing with XP alltogether. Let the whole party level up whenever they managed to achieve a meaningful goal. For minor goals, just throw some bit more material rewards their way, limited-use items are especially good for this.

>> No.26490057


Obviously she didn't think that disguise plan through very well, but I think I could appreciate that level of roleplaying and creativity. It sounds like she was at least into the game and character. She might not be That Girl if given some more experience. Of course I don't know her though....

>> No.26490060


I shall bring the pain shall I?

>Uni room we use is booked this week, I suggest my place as its pretty nice for a student house
>Everyone arrives and we settle in living room
>Hey its tuesday? Dominos? (oh how I miss student loans)
>Everyone makes orders and gets some cash out.
>That Girl "No thankyou I dont like Dominos" fair enough I thought
>Start playing
>Get captured, a guard makes fun of my PCs height
>Diplomacy check "hey big man, you wanna go? I don't need to be your height to kick your teeth in"
>"pass check, "Ok you little shit" guard gets keys out and starts unlocking cage
>Though party is cuffed, we passed a stealth check to come up with a plan to take the guards down
>Just as planned, guard opens door to beat me and fighter tackles him while I make a hard grab for the keys, other PCs had other tasks like checking for more guards and finding any near by weapons"
>we all look at that girl
>"My plan was better"
>She has mentioned no plan
>"Well why didn't you say anything?"
>"I tried" - no she didn't, me and the fighter asked if everyone was ok with the plan, she didn't say anything
>"Well its a little late now, weve already made our move"
>"well my PC stands still and watches, hoping your plan fails as its fucking stupid" - exact words
>suddenly dominos!
>"Wheres mine? which one is mine?"

I'm not allowed to tell her to fuck off as shes a friend of the society leader. She never seems to have any fun. I really don't get her at all.

>> No.26490130

>"well my PC stands still and watches, hoping your plan fails as its fucking stupid" - exact words
>suddenly dominos!
>"Wheres mine? which one is mine?"

bloody hell.
I'm trying to pin down the personality disorder, but, as much as I may want to tear my eyeballs out, I'll need more examples.

>> No.26490139

>Our party once met a crippled fighter. The player's entire schtick was that he would use the flaws, we would meet and magically know he's worth having with us, find and expend resources we did not have on regenerating both his arms and the one leg, and then he'd be our leader.

This is something I despise aswell.

Recently got hammer-smashed on a character and I rolled a new one.
Join up with the group as a "help" from a local mayor to find out why a dam broke. Get up there, tons of ogres.
First action?
I grapple one, win, and then proceed to throw him off of the dam and then clean up the rest of the ogres.

People usually get too hung up on "they have to take me along, it's my new character after all!".

>> No.26490180

Seems like she's some drama girl who's trying to transfer skills/knowledge from freeform RP to Pen and Paper.

>> No.26490240

So you can avoid actually roleplaying and focus on combat.

>> No.26490255
File: 41 KB, 380x420, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"well my PC stands still and watches, hoping your plan fails as its fucking stupid"

And when it succeeded you looked at her and said "welp, our fucking stupid plan worked. Glad we didn't go with your (and you have to do very heavily sarcastic air quotes at this point) 'far superior' plan."

I fucking hate when people act like cunts with the food
>D&D group, generally pretty well
>buy pizza one week, leg everyone d have some
>next week, before game buy a few 2liters, so we all have soda
>one guy suggests we buy pizza
>"who has cash?"
>I'm the only one who doesn't, just have my debt card
>well, I'll get some chips for us then
>go buy some chips, we start eating chips and drinking soda, waiting for pizza
>pizza comes, literally every looks at me when I reach for a piece
>"Anon, what are you doing?"
>"getting some pizza"
>"you didn't pay though, it's not fair since we all payed"
>tell them "ok then, stop eating my chips and drinking my soda"
>"well Jesus Anon, if we knew you were going to act like a baby we would have ordered some soda too. Next time let us know you're going act all 'privileged'"
>next session I order 1 small pizza, and order it with only olives (one guy was allergic to olives) and mushrooms (half the people hated mushrooms) and started the game by opening the box, waited for someone to ask for a piece, then told them "it wouldn't be fair"

Mfw they acted like cunts for the rest of the adventure, and the dude who was allergic to olives complained about having to go hungry the whole night

>> No.26490294

dont game with these people.

>> No.26490306

I think shes just a bitch man. Heres another

>Her Elf is true neutral
>I'm CG, because thats how I fucking roll
>Visit an elven village as its nearby to where we need to be
>That girl "An Elf town? I demand her fealty (am I spelling that right?"
>DM sighs, her back story is elven princess, but from a forest tribe. These are city elves who are far removed from their tree dwelling kin. This was made clear to us at the start and throughout the sessions.
>You try, but the elves look at you as if amused, and carry on with their day"
>"I kill the closest one for this insult"
>"You heard me"
>Whole group protests OOC, she complains that we are not letting her RP. DM explains that its against her alignment, she still doesn't fucking listen
>Fuck this, time for Flint to be awesome
>Me - "DM let her"
>"Ok... roll to hit"
>"Wait DM, that girl... I assume you have drawn your bow?"
>"yes? why? You can't stop me"
>I look the DM in the eye
>"I spend all my grit points to shoot that bow out of her hands"
>Not strictly the rules to the letter, but the DM cracks a smile that one of us could atleast do something
>"Flint shoots the bow out of her hand, Elves scatter from the group"
>That girl stares at me
>I'm not done
>Flint points his gun towards her "You even make a move for that bow, I'll pump you so full of lead you will be using your ears as pencils"
>DM then cuts in "Also im taking a level from you That girl for acting out of alignment, we tried to warn you"
>She went super quiet for the rest of the game, and the second it was over she packed her things and left quickly and quietly.
>She hasn't tried shit like that since

Well, that was only 4 weeks ago...

>> No.26490320


How does a TN person act?

>> No.26490324

>when 3.5e has non-combat rules it's to encourage roleplaying
>when 4e has non-combat rules it's to encourage combat
Fucking grognards.

This argument is hilarious either way. D&D is one of the worst games for roleplaying, regardless of edition.

>> No.26490337

This is why you can't let other players know what you're up to for things like this.

If she'd kept it a secret OOC, then it would have had the potential to be a pretty awesome reveal.

>> No.26490340

Reminds me of a recent character a friend played.

Wizard dies, we're all assholes and only really care about the lack of an arcane caster. Player want to play combat but we already have a fighter.

Player goes: Hey guys, no problem! I'll just roll up a black blade magus! We meet said character, none of us like him. Instead drag wizard's body over to a druid and have him reincarnated.

Druid warns us "Such magic is dangerous and could have unforeseen consequences. He most likely will not come back as an elf again. He could become something even more... monstrous."

Fighter goes "It would amuse me greatly to see that happen."

Player is yelling at us about how we're all asshole as we're taking lots on what he's coming back as.

>> No.26490342


I assign exp after encounters.
Split equally among all involved.
If you play like shit, you get voted out of the game.
So, if you suck at combat, you better be damn entertaining out of it.


>> No.26490353

They were great people, and all kinds of fun to game with, but when it came to maters of money they were the biggest sphincters you've ever met. One of them kept track of all the food he'd shared and made people pay him back (for instance, he shared some chips with you? How many did you take, a normal bag holds this many, so mathematically you owe me $X.XX, down to the fucking change)

>> No.26490360

>I'll pump you so full of lead you will be using your ears as pencils

Fucking marvelous.
Any more stories?

>> No.26490364

>>DM sighs, her back story is elven princess

This could have been prevented at character creation.

>> No.26490378

You can tell that the girl would have thrown a huge bitchfit about it.

It was fairly clever that he made the city in question have a good reason to utterly ignore it.

>> No.26490383

Nice, you set your argument up to seem like 4e actually has real non-combat rules when it really doesn't.

Sure, there are some but it's like a 2 year old claiming he has a car just like daddy, but it's really a hotwheel.

>> No.26490394
File: 196 KB, 872x711, gaddambabby.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's time to stop posting.

>> No.26490405

"Oh you want to be the princess of a forest tribe? Well most of our settings are going to be towns where elves have lived for years without any kind of elven monarchy" He never said that to her face, but he told me that's the reason

Our DM was a cool guy.

>> No.26490412
File: 81 KB, 500x500, fantasy football.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>house we play at has 2 large dogs
>dogs are friendly and well trained
>8 player party
>half of which is LGBT
>most people contribute snacks, pizza, or alcohol
>there has never been a debate over paying for food
>DM tries to layout a plotline
>players completely throw it off
>two players kinda push story a little back to DM's plotline

And there's literally been zero personal drama between players this whole time.
Are you all just playing with 12 year olds, or am I just dodging bullets?

>> No.26490420

Well they don't shoot innocent elves in the face for not getting on their knees just because shes a princess in a far off land for starters.

If anything, thats lawful evil.

>> No.26490421

It's both accentuation of the negative, and the fact that this thread is specifically for stories about terrible people.

>> No.26490429

That babby's face...

>> No.26490437

Not especially concerned about doing the right thing or making the world a better place but not evil either. Would take risks to help friends but probably not strangers. Balanced between following social rules and doing their own thing.

Killing someone for perceived disrespect is pretty far from TN.

>> No.26490452


Probably. If I'm the DM, I'd probably respond with something like, "Ok, you want to be a princess? Well everyone else better be pretty important to be traveling with one. Everyone else in the party, start out at lvl 10. You're all renowned warriors."

>> No.26490456

He's not even mad. Hell, the guy's pauldron looks to be the only one displeased with the situation.

>> No.26490463
File: 92 KB, 750x600, Paladins.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Don't be a dick.

It's really that simple.

Everything else is excusable, just don't be a dick.

>> No.26490465

He could just refuse to come back and waste your money.

>> No.26490481


If we're sharing stories in this thread, we're the ones having bad experiences. Most of my experiences are positive, but that one negative time often stands out more than the 10 pleasant campaigns.

>> No.26490485

>it really doesn't have non-combat rules
>sure, there are some
Grognitive dissonance right here

>> No.26490498


I wish I had a satan.

>> No.26490500

>damnit babby, I'm stabbing you, can you please react?
>does this look like a face that gives a fuck?
>for fucks sake, babby, you've made my pauldron sad. fuck you.

>> No.26490505

>nearly 100% of the stories in this thread about shitty people are about shitty people

>> No.26490509
File: 190 KB, 819x819, 1373650351179.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know that these threads are specifically for the worst that people have to offer and that it's not necessarily representative of the community as a whole, but holy shit do I feel good about my group's flaws.
>anime inspired characters
>everything becomes touhou after a few drinks

Our That-est Guy is bipolar and likes to make CE/CN dragonborn warriors with drinking problems.

>> No.26490525

The funny part is we used his money.

>> No.26490541

>I tried kicking her out once and she threatened reporting assault.
You do know that in reality that sort of shit almost always ends up going nowhere or even results in the false accuser getting charged

>> No.26490546


Halflings aren't bad, but jesus fucking christ gnomes. Gnomes are the worst race ever, and should be banned as a character race in all games.

>> No.26490561

D&D is a game that started out as nothing more than dungeon crawl, and features alignment.

You can absolutely use it for roleplaying-heavy if you want, but other systems are much, much better suited for it. The whole "But 4e is like an MMO!" argument is fucking silly, because if it mattered so much to you you wouldn't be playing D&D in the first place.

>> No.26490585

>fat fuck
>brings in a huge bagful of food to games, eats the entire fucking thing right in front of us and doesn't offer us shit
>steals dice and random items when nobody's looking
>is a needlessly confrontational socially retarded moron with the brains of a dead starfish
Praying this turbofaggot has left the club. He ruins every game he touches unless we get incredibly lucky.

>> No.26490596

Nope. Its really not your problem how their relationship is going. I was in pretty much the same situation, but we told him to fuck off. After like a month of giving-her-the-cold-shoulder she kicked him out and told him to fuck off forever.
Then she complained to us because we didnt tell her what a douchebag that guy was.

>> No.26490607
File: 43 KB, 547x529, 1323826062730.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now it's really time to stop posting.
Nobody cares about your opinions.

>> No.26490613

Taking the time to respond really shows the opposite though.

>> No.26490629

Arguably they way OD&D and AD&D were intended to be played were the actual inspirations for Everquest and WoW based on the distribution of dangerous creates in the world being that more powerful and more dangerous creatures lurk the farther you get away from your home town.

>> No.26490631


Rogues man. They do stuff to you.

>> No.26490635

Im poor and so when it comes to matters of money i am pretty tight. That being said, either i can buy something to share with the group or i can't afford to buy anything for myself.
If its an actual meal, then ill eat it before i go to the session so im not filling the room with "you cant have any" smells.

>Being poor is not an excuse for being a dick

>Being poor is no excuse for being a cunt.

>> No.26490636

I like flint, I designed him to be the short guy who makes a fool of himself acting all big and tough but is dependable when it comes down to it. He ended up just being total badass

But more of That Girl

>She suggests her house for a game
>Fucking shithole student house
>Her bedroom is where we will be playing
>On the fucking floor
>Discarded bra here and there. Do not want.
>"Err you know I live 10mins away guys and there's alot more room and we will be far more comfortable"
>"what are you trying to say?"
>"well there's just not alot of room in here That girl, there's 6 of us and after an hour our butts are gona hurt from sitting on wood floor" I was saying this as light hearted as possible.
>"No there's nothing wrong with my room"
>Look to the others for support, all first years and haven't grown balls yet
>Don't want to be the one that gets pissy
>"Okay but do you have cushions?"
>yeah sure
>omg white stains do not want do not want do not want
>sit on floor and I deal with it
>She sits on her computer on a cozy chair while we play. Plays J-pop
>I.Fucking.hate.jpop. But judge not, I like metal afterall... but I don't make people listen to it.
>DM explaining something for 10 mins, fairly important
>"what was that? I wasn't listening"
>She was watching anime with subs while playing jpop.
>urge to kill: rising
>Combat - GF calls me
>"Oh guys Im really sorry I gota take this, she knows Im busy It must be important" it was, a friend of ours had received some bad news"
>That girl - "oh god why do you always have to slow the game down"
>bite my tongue, take call, people can see from my face that it aint good
>"whats wrong bro"
>"its ok guys just some bad news. I can stay a little while but I'll have to head off in an hour or two, me and gf are gona go see someone and cheer them up".
>That girl "Oh boo hoo, who died?"
>I snap "right I'm done with this shit hole. Can we finish up at mine?" Everyone follows, except her ofcourse

>> No.26490637

>They should of seen them!
God curse you.

>> No.26490639
File: 85 KB, 490x386, 1326042415758.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just like posting silly pictures.

>> No.26490684

(Yes, you spelled that right)

>> No.26490685

Your mad.

>> No.26490695

Hi's mad, yes.

>> No.26490700
File: 10 KB, 221x228, 1354589356284.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I could feel my blood pressure rising with every line

>> No.26490727

Post's like this must make him so angry.

>> No.26490736

>Design Campaign setting based around classic greek myth, fairy tales, and general traditional storybook appeal (knights and princesses and all that).
>Player 1: I wanna use chakrams!
>Player 2: My familiar is gonna be a compsognathus!
>Player 3: I'm gonna use a battle aspergillum and spiked gauntlets! As the rogue!
>Player 4: Can I dual wield shields?
>Player 5: Oh! I'll make a fairy princess!
>Me: Holy shit, finally! Something that actually fits the setting!
>Player 5: And I'll be a Grenadier Alchemist!
>Me: ...

>> No.26490744
File: 4 KB, 108x104, 1268200775408.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Please tell me something horrible happened to this bitch.

>> No.26490761


>> No.26490783

We'll, it could be worst. At leased this is hour native languish.

>> No.26490814

Playing Rise of the Runelords, got a grenadier alchemist and a gunslinger in my group.
Gunslinger tried to argue that he should get advanced firearms but LUCKILY, our GM isn't retarded.

>> No.26490843

Actually they've been playing for over a year, I DMed for them a while ago using Runelords and by and large the party was pretty damn normal compared to what they want to make for my custom setting.

>> No.26490850

>fairy princess tossing Greek Fire everywhere

I'm not seeing the problem.

>> No.26490853

>no one helps him build character, so he doesn't get a feat
Jesus fucking christ, you should be able to read at age 12.

>> No.26490854

this has probably maid him so mad i wish we could here him raging their must be a way we can make him more mad

>> No.26490861

That sounds rad as fuck.

>> No.26490864


Sort of, my GF destroyed her one time at a society meet at the uni

>Gone to the bar to buy me and gf a drink
>hear shouting
>turn around, GF is shouting the shit out of That Girl
>That Girl looks mortified and very self aware that everyone is looking
>One thing I remember very well is "YOU ONLY COME TO THIS SOCIETY BECAUSE ITS THE ONLY PLACE WHERE YOU WILL FIND GUYS THAT CAN TOLERATE YOU LONG ENOUGH TO PUT THEIR DICK IN YOU!" which was true, bitch was being passed around like a bong by the more naive, younger members
>That Girl runs off crying
>"holy shit babe what did she do to you?"
>Apparently the 10 mins I was at the bar, That girl had said I couldn't play Pathfinder or any game to save my life, that I was fat, ugly, disgusting, my accent was 'common' as muck (I'm from the north of England, what can ya do?) and that I probably have a small cock and that I'm shit in bed.
>While my gf stood behind her, listening to the whole thing

My gf had also spent the afternoon destroying her at MTG, which was probably why she was being such a cunt.

>> No.26490894

DMing pathfinder game for roommates plus That Guy. Roommates are bros and we game all the time I don't even like hanging with That Guy but he is friend of Roomie 1 so I'll deal. Roomie 1 and Roomie 2 roll up characters in about 30 minutes. That Guy want to play a cleric of Luck and Chaos (Unluck). Interesting concept I guess, I'll go with it. That guy goes on about how if he has a quarter staff he can deliver his melee touch from 10 feet away. “Uh, what?” Claims that melee touch mean touching them with your melee weapon. I explain that no it is literally touching them with your hands (usually). Adamant that I (the Rule Lawyer DM) don’t know what I'm talking about. Show him in the book the difference, claims it only validates his argument. Roomie 1 and 2, who are now done with their characters, back me up and try to explain. Tell him if he want to deliver spells with a weapon that the Magus' shtick. Quote (and this makes me laugh every time) “Well thats not how it worked in first edition” end quote. “This isnt first edition! This isnt even the same game anymore! That guys throws a temper tantrum and tells me I'm and idiot and that I'm not letting him do what he wants "Ok fine you're not playing then" roomies have been waiting for him to get done with his character so we start the game. That Guy keeps asking where his character is or trying to do things, usually stupid ones at that. “You're not playing, remember?” Eventually he gets the hint and storms out of our apartment in a huff. I wish this was the only time I had to deal with his stupid ass, but that's another story

>> No.26490896


You'd better fucking marry that girl. Right now.

>> No.26490900

Like your average human being IRL. They mostly follow the law, but don't give too much of a crap about the smaller stuff. They'll risk themselves to save a really close friend or family member, but not often a complete stranger. They'll not shoot people in the street, or go on killing sprees.

>> No.26490911
File: 68 KB, 338x506, Patriarchy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Or you know, a system like D&D. You get experience regardless of whether or not you are actually in an encounter.

In fact, the only game that I've ever played that didn't have that was Call of Cthulhu, and that was because that game was literally 100% skills, so your character would level up their individual skills after use. Also, characters only last a couple of adventures usually and all-but cap out pretty early on, so the differences in power aren't that big.

>> No.26490914

DnD is pretty dense rules-wise, especially when you're not familiar with groggames to begin with. Overlooking something like that is fairly understandable.

>> No.26490916
File: 964 KB, 500x200, 1358719558454.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Give her this for me

>> No.26490931

Eh, I think we shed give him a brake. Hes' properly already laughed.

>> No.26490934

Another story, you say?

>> No.26490951
File: 16 KB, 255x255, 1374144570813.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


ooohhh, that one's gunna snap like a twig one day. It'd be so delicious to break it to her, how terrible of a person she is.

>> No.26490980

That's some marriage material bro.

>> No.26490985


Losing levels for acting out of alignment. I've never thought about that option before...

It seems like a good idea, but I'd give the character the option to change their alignment by a step the first few times, just so long as they don't continue to jump around the chart.

>> No.26490991


dude your girlfriend sounds like a keeper.

>> No.26490997


Justice tastes good.

>> No.26490999
File: 818 KB, 300x169, dunshh.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic related had fucking better have been yfw.

>> No.26491008


It's a solid system. It's my philosophy.

>> No.26491018
File: 294 KB, 470x470, g1365090634176871059.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>That Guy has been running a gargantuan clusterfuck campaign for about a year and a half how
>Mechanical clusterfuck attempt to combine D&D 3.5 and GURPS; at one point a single fight (1v1!) took three sessions spread across three weeks because he refused to acquiesce on any front
>Entire thing is tryhard grimdark, poorly executed time travel, perpetual wanking to Stephen King's "The Dark Tower" (he extolls the virtues of such "awesome writing" as shoving a gun up a woman's vagina)
>Believes in ancient aliens, by-the-book Christianity, and no sex before marriage, to say nothing of assorted unacknowledged misogyny and racism
>Game is currently up to 13 players with two co-DMs because nobody else has the space or ability to GM otherwise.
>He also has a girlfriend, now, who's trying to knock some sense into him when he's not optimizing her EDH decks with money cards. Claims he's not a powergamer.

I told you that story so I could tell you this one.

>> No.26491019

Not sure if she's That Guy but....
>Always either late or doesn't show up but sticks around because she's the DM's girlfriends bff
>Rolls Battlecleric and never heals anyone on her own we have to remind her
>Constantly charges right into battle despite having shit damage and better ranged attacks
>Doesn't know her character at all
We're level 15 now and she has been here since we were like level 7 and now she's back and the DM is leaving for six months for the military next week and they all want me to continue the campaign and I really don't want to especially since I'll be forced to deal with her incompetence

>> No.26491026

DND is not fucking rules heavy, you little shit. If you think thats heavy then you probably can't handle big words like the ones in this post.

>> No.26491049


Don't we all?

>> No.26491051

Do continue, he sounds delightfully retarded


5 months and I'm already head over heels for the girl. Every guy in the society hates me because they are all still man children and cant comprehend talking to girls outside of their social circle. We met at a metal gig and were solid friends for a year before all of a sudden I was like "hey, shes single and I'm single, why the fuck not?"

She got me into Persona 4. I got her into Deathwatch

Fair Trade

>> No.26491069

Hey! sometimes Gnomes can be good. they just need the right kind of party! Now, a gnome in a serious party will usually go bad. But a lighthearted party should always welcome Gnome; King of a thousand 1 liners.

>> No.26491072

Calm down, dude. If you've never done PnP before of course it's goddamn confusing.

>> No.26491075


ey groggy, go take'a look at the rulebook for... say, one'a the world games, like apocalypse world. monster hearts, too, maybe. tell me why I need a specific check for climbing a wall and for running real fast when that could be rolled into the same thing

>> No.26491078

Yo, excepting the early D&Ds, it's rules heavy. Just because a game with more rules exists doesn't negate this fact.

>> No.26491087

I'm currently attempting to herd people together for gnome CIA vs cthulus.

What I'm getting at is that you are incorrect.

>> No.26491097


This sounds like a hilarious trainwreck. I'm sorry for you, but please post the story.

>> No.26491099

I'll do it, for a turnip.

>> No.26491101
File: 215 KB, 1280x720, 1374763130353.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I got her into Deathwatch

And your story was going so well, too...

>> No.26491110
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You dun got a good thing, bro

>> No.26491119

You have got to be fucking shitting me, youre only literally talked thorugh step by step in the fucking book, or you could just look at your goddamn list of class features after figuring out that you get a class and a race, and see that you get a fucking feat at level 1, and if youre not fucking retarded youll check up what the everloving fuck feats are.
DnD is very much on the rules light side of things and theres literally no excuse on why your character isnt complete.

Bbeing optimised is another thing, but atleast utilising all your options is basic.

>> No.26491129

So much rekt I can't even begin to hold it all.

Anon, you so lucky.

>> No.26491130

It is. You know, for like, a regular Pathfinder game set in the Pathfinder setting, a party like this would be, in your words "rad as fuck" and I'd have no problem with it.

I have a problem here because the game hasn't even started yet and the players are shitting all over the setting. Chakrams are an Indian weapon and have no place in a classic/medieval styled setting. A compsognathus is a fucking /dinosaur/. Aspergillums are holy weapons meant for cleansing undead in the hands of clerics, and the rogue wants to use it for poison purposes (I think she's misread the "5 hits of holy water" rules and thinks she can get away with it via poison). Dual wielding shields is just stupid to begin with because A: The AC bonuses don't stack. B: And because the bonuses don't stack, what the fuck is wrong with the good old sword and board? And C: Even if you did do it and specced into Bull-rushing, the only viable option with dual-shielding, your damage would be shit because even a heavy spiked shield still does less damage than a fucking longsword, and I expressly said that this campaign is High-Fantasy, Low-Magic, which means your shield won't get the Bashing property probably at all.

And Alchemists are OP as shit. Especially Grenadiers.


>> No.26491139

Jesus christ, you sound like a fun guy to introduce people to the gaming world with.

>> No.26491149
File: 125 KB, 665x354, 1374709140228.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



I like your style

>> No.26491159

Girlfriends/boyfriends expanding your nerd kingdom is the best goddamn thing. Mine got me into DnD and Might and Magic. You got a good thing going bro.

>> No.26491168

Has anyone ever taken her to one side and explained it all to her, or has she ignored all advice?

being an idiot is fine, but workable, but outright ignoring it is unjustifiable if you want to fit in.

>> No.26491171

I think we found a that guy.

>> No.26491178
File: 12 KB, 426x304, 1325779783932.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Please do not argue with the retards.

>> No.26491179
File: 6 KB, 251x246, 1340337075250.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Your anger that others do not share your sperg has poured over into your typing. May I suggest finding the root of all that pent up butthurt and releasing it in a gust of wind and flatulence?

>> No.26491180
File: 60 KB, 500x307, Mech Warfare.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

About a year and a half ago, I ran a military-based mech warfare campaign with this guy, and many of his entourage, as players - and it went well. Primarily because it was fast and fun enough to keep things from getting bogged down in that-guy territory, and the military co-operation theme left little room for Lawful Stupid antics from him.

So while I'm in town visiting my friend for the month, word gets around to That Guy and the associated network, and they're all eager for me to run another game, a one-shot. I agree, eager to test out the next iteration of the homebrew I used to run it. I get there, and we have enough players for a 4 vs. 4 PvP game - a televised robo-gladiator game, perfectly suited for a plot-dry oneshot.

I set my friend, who helped keep That Guy in check for the entire former campaign, as team captain with That Guy, and put That Guy's girlfriend as team captain on the other side. Character creation goes great, and I open things up with 80's NFL music, network announcer NPCs, amusing character introductions and some bits on the system.

That Guy is 7th in the turn order of 8. As soon as his turn comes around, the entire thing goes to shit.

>> No.26491193
File: 46 KB, 776x602, 1353102652902.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's a matter of complexity, it's just the quantity. When you're already familiar with pnp games you already know what to pay attention to and what you can just look up later on when needed. But for a newcomer it's just 300+ pages full of stuff, and it's easy to lose track of some essential stuff since you don't even know what is supposed to be essential.

But do feel free to feel smug about your deep understanding of elfgames.

>> No.26491200

Well, you could introduce little shits who need spoonfeeding and lack basic reading comprehension into the gaming world, or you could leave it to people who have the mental capacity to read the 30 pages necessary for character creation. I know which crowd I prefer.

>> No.26491202
File: 61 KB, 500x560, This is No Longer Podracing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Okay, I'll accept the comedic value, but I've just had sooooo many gnomes in serious games, and it sucks. It sucks so bad. I want to cry everytime one of my players asks to roll up a gnome, because they're so no serious.

>> No.26491208

*not a matter of complexity, I meant.

>> No.26491221


>Believes in ancient aliens
>by the book Christian

Im sorry but what the fuck

>> No.26491223

see >>26491179
and >>26491171

>> No.26491224

Wow, you guys are tools.

The kid's a bit of a tool also, but jesus.

>> No.26491236


Our deathwatch is awesome bro.

"Hey hun, what you doing?"
"designing my Deathwatch char"
"oooo thats the space marine rpg isnt it? Can I have a read?"
"yeah go for it I'm pretty much done anyway"

one hour later

"so let me get this straight, I can duel wield chainswords and fly a jetpack into battle? With armor that is so bloodthristy it growls and scares the enemy (referring to one of the power armor histories?"


"... Can I join you?"

Whats not to fucking love about Deathwatch? its some good old silly fun. We run it alongside a Dark Heresy game. When we need firepower, we call in the Deathwatch. My gf doesn't know WH40K lore well enough to be into the whole intrigue aspect, but cutting up aliens with bolters? All you need to know is that your the king of the badass's, hand picked from the universes badass's and your sole purpose to to fuck shit up.

>> No.26491239

>B: And because the bonuses don't stack, what the fuck is wrong with the good old sword and board?
Remove all races and weapons you don't personally approve of. If anyone says anyone, demand to know whats wrong with Good Ol (nothing like what they want but you think it is). That will put them in their place.

>> No.26491258
File: 95 KB, 600x600, roxyisthisyoU.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Makes sense, but 2 things.

1) What exactly is high-fantasy low-magic?

2) A grenadier makes total sense and is awesome without being a pain in the ass like the summoner.

>> No.26491265
File: 11 KB, 303x303, 1352849716954.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I lived with someone like you for a little while. They never had any friends over, preferred that we never left our rooms, and were generally unpleasant to anyone and everyone. They had some sortof complex about believing that they were 'better' than the rest of us, even though I could see the misery and lonesomeness plastered across their face at every turn.

Anon, it might be time to turn in the faux-superiority (especially if you're gunna use such gigantic run-on sentences) and get some good, ol'-fashioned counseling.

>> No.26491275

My group's That Guy isn't really a That Guy, he just has poor grammar and plays silly things.

>> No.26491277

...go on.

>> No.26491284

you could always have one of those smerfadurf gnomes or whatever (the underground ones), as they are kind of grim and certainly no fun at all. given, they can also become huge guys and beat the fuck out of things, so you'd have do some work to fit them into a game - introducing them in medias res or starting people at higher than lvl 1 would be the only way, probably.

>> No.26491296

Pathfinder Society is a great way to way to get randomly sorted into groups of shitty people that you can't leave if you want to complete the module.

>in group with some awkward dude
>not gonna judge, everyone here is awkward
>PFS is pretty light on roleplay, more about getting goals accomplished
>during breaks or times when other characters are doing something, he will turn to the person closest to him
>"Now, uh, your character, uh, maybe have noticed my character's, uh, cape."
>"It's a long cape, made of, uh, luxurious blue velvet. It has, uh, beautifully crafted, uh, golden clasps. The, uh, symbol of my deity, is, uh, embroidered in detail on the front..."
>he will literally only roleplay to describe his cape
>all of his characters wear the same fucking cape
>he has to describe the cape in excruciating detail every single time he plays

He's not too terrible a player, though he does love his knowledge checks. He REALLY loves his knowledge checks.

>GM describes something, anything, that we don't immediately recognize and are supposed to make a check on
>Can I use my nature check?
>No, it's a book of arcane symbols. Would you like to make an arcana check?
>I don't have that. What about a local check?
>No, none of the locals will know either.
>Okay, but I just rolled a 20 on my dungeoneering. Do I learn anything?

I have several PFS That Guy memories, but I'll write them in separate posts. Now that I've found a decent home group I just can't justify going to deal with all the bullshit anymore, even if there were decent people there too.

>> No.26491318

Anytime anyone says "High (x) low (x)" it means they're upset with how current gaming trends go, and want to return to a (possibly mythical) time when gaming was about fantasy, not magic, as magic is bad, but fantasy is good, and it really doesn't hold together beyond the discussions of "magic shops" and "everyone's a wizard"

Though in all honesty everyone loves 3.5, which is high fantasy higher magic, to the point that decades after its release they refuse to change games because they can mixmax so effortlessly.

>> No.26491321

well..he does have a point

D&D isnt a hard game, and if you cant get D&D then maybe you are in the wrong hobby

>> No.26491356
File: 225 KB, 500x541, tumblr_l1wsx1R94S1qzmowao1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


He starts shredding apart every single tiny rules discrepancy - some necessary, and many I had already laid out - and his turns take about four times as long as anyone else's as he badgers me until the rule goes his way, or else he lets off with a passive-agressive "Fine!" when I put my foot down on a rule. I'm so exhausted trying to parry his every attack in this fashion that fun begins draining out of the game immediately. Background music and NPCs fall apart in short order.

Everyone else does alright - except his girlfriend, who never made a single attack, due to what I am certain is an erosion of her self-confidence on his part based on how I had seen her last - but the game spirals down until the other players start calling him on his bullshit.

He grinds the game to a halt with a tirade about how he shouldn't have to "lower himself to their level" just because he has a "God-given superior intellect". I hang my head and sigh. The game gets packed up shortly after.

I don't intend to see him again while I'm in town, or ever again for that matter, but I feel terribly sorry for all the players I failed.

>> No.26491363
File: 38 KB, 251x241, 1351456951165.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


well... that's not at all what his point is.

So no, he doesn't have it.

>> No.26491368

That's one of the great values of Deathwatch. It's a great "go and kill this thing and everyone it knows and loves" game. I myself am using it as a short hiatus game while I recharge for the nWoD game I'm running.

In typical GM curse fashion, I now have new and interesting ideas for the main villain of said nWoD game.

>> No.26491380

She gets all deprressy and has a history of cutting herself. And since our Paladin who is good at the game has a boner for her despite having no shot in hell he's out. Our Sorcerer is her best friend since elementry school and grill who will in no way confront her. DM doesn't want to piss of his GF since she gets pissy quick because of the pills shes on since she just had some sort of utero surgery. And the Fighter is new and doesn't know her yet. Me and the DM talk about it occasionally since we are all good friends it makes it harder.

>> No.26491382

It's not about not being able to get into it, it's about finding it difficult to begin with. Overlooking a rule or two during chargen is perfectly acceptable to begin with.

>> No.26491386

He was fucking abusing his girlfriend, you should have told someone

>> No.26491399

Nothing quite as bad as that (at least from him). He repeatedly ignores rules that dont let him do what he wants and complains when I remind him of them. and I'm not talking tiny rules that I would gloss over for the sake of story I'm talking things like armor check penalties while wearing mountain plate, or how he doesn't get level 5 spells just because he is level 5. I ran 2 sessions with him before I axed him from the campaign.

>> No.26491407

>> This dog nips me, and I punch it in the snout because I know how to deal with dogs.
This clearly tells me you don't know how to deal with dogs.

>> No.26491409

1) High Fantasy, Low Magic is... exactly that. Basically if you've read any old Grimm Fairy Tale or watched an old Disney Princess flick, you'll get the idea. The world is fantastic, rife with elements from myth and fairy-tale. But magic is rare and awe-inspiring. Yeah, you can be a wizard, sure, but you'll be the only one for miles and even casting something as dull as mage hand will seriously freak out the common folk.

It's kinda straight up Lord of the Rings minus the elves and dwarves, replaced instead with Fey.

>> No.26491421

1) probably refers to the prolific fantasy elements but lacking in the 'magic errwere' flavor that many settings include.

2)knowing you have a grenadier in your game means you have to plan encounters based on the alpha strike potential of the party - if you are fighting a big dude without any other monsters around, it's very likely that with the right feat setup the grenadier will kill that thing in a single round by throwing his whole daily supply of bombs at it. that's OP on face value, but can be solved through target saturation in encounters. still rather annoying as a gamemaster to have a character than can pretty much deck any big nasty monster you send at them first turn.

>> No.26491427

There are potential friends around every corner.

Sometimes it is better to just move on.

>> No.26491431

Both you lucky fucker.

>> No.26491441

Oh jesus christ shut up social justice crusader nobody cares about how you took a feminism class in community college

>> No.26491445

>Whats not to fucking love about Deathwatch?
It's shallow powerfantasy wank game. If I want a powerfantasy game, I'll play Exalted. Because at least there's more to it than "Murderfags Inc."

>> No.26491469

Fuck pitbulls. Shit-tier dogs.
Retards and blacks get them and don't raise them right so they just fuck everything up.

>> No.26491471

Except it's not about that

My sister was in a relationship like that, where her boyfriend would get mean as fuck any time she was with people he didn't like. After about a month he started hitting her. He's arrested now after breaking her arm, but the point stands.

>> No.26491475

So there's magic everywhere but if anyone sees it the peasants shit their mud pants and wish they knew how to spell 911

Its bullshit, the idea that the world can be full of myth and fantasy but the second anyone casts a spell everyone goes full retard.

This is almost as bad as the old Werewolf game where humans literally went into catatonia if they saw a werewolf.

>> No.26491485


That also requires them to run through all of their bombs though, right?

>> No.26491488

>Not playing gnomes as military cut throats of the "i love the smell of charred lizard-folk in the morning" variety

>> No.26491515


So because one situation is slightly like one your familiar with, they are all going to turn out that way?

>> No.26491519


Now, the conclusion of That Girl, for those who wish her pain

>Be at the best local student pub where everybody goes
>hanging with good company and gf, good time is being had
>All of a sudden that girl is stood next to our table
>Starts blabbering jibberish.
>clearly trying to have an argument with my gf but that girl is so drunk we cant tell what shes even trying to say
>knocks friends drink over
>one of that girls friends comes and drags her away, buys friend a new drink. Cool girl
> friend comes back from smoking area, says that girl is outside crying
>find out through the grape vine that she has chlamydia
>Has probably given 5 guys chlamydia
>Thats what she is currently crying about
>goes home with strange man, fucks him too
>gives him Chlamydia too

Last week we had a game with her (a week after said night) and I slow clapped when she came in. She looked at me confused

Clap is a British slang term for Chlamydia. It went over her head.

I'm going to keep doing it until she figures out what I'm doing

And then I'm gona keep doing it anyway.

not /tg/ related but theres a but of justice for those who needed it.

>> No.26491523

Maybe I'm playing it wrong, but I've never really found alchemists to be strong at all. Might be that I'm not doing the whole Mr. Hyde melee thing.

I absolutely love roleplaying a mad scientist, but mechanically I'd rather be almost anything else.

>> No.26491527

It's a pretty damn consistent thing.

>> No.26491529

Stealing and being confrontational are dick moves, but bringing and eating his own food is called being a normal person, you panhandling poorfag.

>> No.26491569

This. It's a huge fucking red flag (and even if shit doesn't escalate it's still bad behavior).

>> No.26491594


>Last week we had a game with her (a week after said night) and I slow clapped when she came in. She looked at me confused

>Clap is a British slang term for Chlamydia. It went over her head.
Thats fucking beautiful.

>> No.26491598

Game of thrones is like that. Martin keeps you guessing on whether magic exists until a bit later. Even though it is confirmed, it's not like wizards are running around blasting fireballs in his book.

I kind of like a setting like that,since I always imagined that civilization would look completely different if magic were commonplace.

>> No.26491600

It's not about social justice or feminism or whatever buzzword is up in your pants, it's about the fact that when shit gets down like that in a relationship, people get either hurt or killed. The solution isn't always "restraining order, he/she goes on register" it's usually a matter of sticking them in couples meetings or something to redress the power balance.

I had a bloke I knew get into a relationship like that. It got to the point where he was literally covered in goddamn bruises because she kept beating the crap out of him, and he didn't see us for weeks because she'd emotionally blackmail him whenever he left the house. And he didn't end up in that situation because he was weak or whatever - he really, really loved her, or thought he did, and didn't want to do anything to hurt her. It's a fucking poisonous situation.

>> No.26491601
File: 102 KB, 304x254, 359243859436.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Find out she has Chlamydia
>Doesn't fucking kick her out of the group.
Burn any chair she sits on.

>> No.26491607
File: 45 KB, 369x537, 1375156084441.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26491611

This is pretty consistently the case, yeah.

>> No.26491615


Because everyone reacts the same way. Especially when the context is conveyed in a couple of phrases on the fourth of all possible chans.

>> No.26491628

>fucking someone when you know you have an STD
>worse than 1000 genophages

nice touch with the clapping, by the way.

>> No.26491630

It's more about the contrasts. Think like... Odin Sphere. In Odin Sphere, there's a human kingdom nestled neatly in a corner of the map you occasionally visit. The King has a personal wizard/advisor, but still freaks the fuck out the moment your character shows up with a magic sword. There's also an enchanted forest where the Fey all live a few leagues that-a-way, but no one from the human kingdown in their right mind ever goes to it. And inside damn near everything is inherently magical on virtue of being a magical creature.

It's the kind of setting where a curse is legitimately a terrible thing instead of a hit to your stats that can be easily removed with the Remove Curse spell.

>> No.26491631

Fucking brilliant.

>> No.26491646

Seriouslly? That's your attempt?

>> No.26491655

>beaten up by a girl
lol, cute. Anyway, REAL people are talking here, so take this fantasy bulls-OHHH I see what you did there. Nice.

>> No.26491662


Holy manchild, Batman.

>> No.26491665

Unless your gaming sessions are way more exciting than mine, there is no way of catching it.

Besides, penicillin is a thing.

>> No.26491671


Also what this guy said.

>> No.26491680

well, yeah, which can be a problem sometimes. still, when you reach the appropriate level where the number of high-damage bombs they can throw (combined, i'd assume, with being a mindchemist) reaches critical levels, it could be assumed that their characters would be well-known enough to the point where serious antagonists would start preparing for potential encounters with them.

if i were a big bad and i knew bomber mcbomberson was on my tail, i would hire some spies, figure out how he fights, and then acquire consumable and such to prevent his potent alpha strike from doing me in. or i'd get my goon squad to soak some it by being threatening and large. or some other things. the point is, when players are powerful, bad dudes are also powerful, and power is not measured solely in hit dice. bomberman is certainly strong, but so is an equally-leveled 2her barbarian (practically a living fireball in terms of damage), or a sorcerer (taste mah lightning, over and over and over) etc etc.

captcha - gooluter school, because that's really funny for some reason

>> No.26491681

How does anyone not know what the clap is?

>> No.26491692

...so everyone is stupid and monocultural, I guess?


>> No.26491695

This thread reminds me of something I have to state at least once a day or it might cause me to get a stomach ulcer.

There are few things that make me more angry than people in your fucking game being distracted all the time by their goddamn phones and checking shit like facebook.

It just feels like a slap in the face and I consider this behavior extremely disrespectful.

Thank you for reading my not entirely on topic rant. I feel better now.

>> No.26491698

I know, but I wouldn't let that filth in my house EVER.
It's like pouring Kool-Aid all over your nice, new, white table.

>> No.26491702
File: 373 KB, 500x375, 1373923905729.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the one guy trying really hard to rustle jimmies since getting refuted

I'm sorry that these threads exist to make fun of people like you. Stop ruining our games.

>> No.26491714


Glorious. We call it clap here in the States too.

Or in Florida at least.

>> No.26491725

Scotfag here: I thought the clap referred to gonorrhea. Guess you learn something every day.

>> No.26491729

Dude, she's got an STD, she's literally a dirty whore.

People with STDs should be on a fucking registry so normal people don't have to interact with them

>> No.26491737

Pretty sure you can't do that.
The Trick Shot lets you blast-move an unattended object, not one that's currently being held.

Instead your shot was technically a sunder.
Now I'm not saying you should retract your action and all, it's been weeks anyways, but next time if she does pull shit, you might wanna check what those probably-adamantine bullets do to little old magic manyshot stick.

It's more hilarious that way.

>> No.26491751

Yes, but at that point the encounter's over and the GM's probably not in the mood to keep the game going. That or he is but the party immediately backs out to a safe zone so the Alchemist can refresh the bomb supply because god forbid an encounter be challenging to the players without their nuke machine.

>> No.26491752

someone has been burned before

>> No.26491769

The only other one I can think of that compares was was a level 5 D&D game. I had set up a mountain cave that contained a beast that would burn any who entered, could destroy whole towns, etc. so the party was prepped for a dragon. When they get into the main chamber why find a fire giant instead resting in a lava jacuzzi. He throws a wad of lava as a warning shot, steps out, grabs his long spear and demands to know what these "intruders" are doing in his home. well That Guy was playing a bard at the time and decided he wanted to try and parley. And by parley apparently he meant threaten if the giant didn't hand over all his treasure. The giant laughed and gave a "over my cold dead body (which would take some doing for a dude who was just bathing in lava).v While he is doing this im asking the other players what if anything they are doing (since im keeping track of initiative) Well, That Guy decides he is going to charge the giant, its 50 feet but he could move and charge except there is a 10 foot rivulet of lava bisecting the room with a couple natural bridges across it. now I would like to state that as a GM I will ask players 2 or 3 times if they are sure on their course of action if I know they are running headlong into death. I wont always do this but for the really glaring things i will ask so they pause and rethink things. This was one of those times. I have done everything I could to dissuade this and he is determined to charge this giant so I fudge it and let him make a jump to try and clear the lava mid charge. And he makes the jump, onto the giants spear, for 2x damage. Since, ya know, braced weapons against a charge. well he takes enough damage to drop him into dying right there and instead of having the giant drop him in the lava he gets flicked off to the side. Pretty fair since the lava is insta-dead and no hope of resurrection.

>> No.26491770

And something tells me the burn still burns when he pees

>> No.26491782


I know you really didn't mean to, but you just created a really interesting campaign setting.

>> No.26491785

Actually yes.

And you'd be surprised at how well it works.

>> No.26491788

Yeah, that sounds about right for the times most fantasy games take place in.

>> No.26491791

Pretty much. Drop a black man into Florida and see what happens.

Actually, there's a video of it on youtube. People start freaking out/going out of their way to shake his hand and say hi

>> No.26491795

To be fair, curses actually are pretty fucking brutal, although also easy to remove.

>> No.26491814

god's truth, it doth verily be thus! many a fantastical and real-world setting hath similar bigotries!

>> No.26491815

So basically "High Fantasy" is "Stupid Racism".

Huh, I think I suddenly just decided I want every game I ever play to be Sci-fi forevermore.

>> No.26491822

Dude, like 30% of all people have some form of STD, most of them unsymptomatic or mostly harmless. That's pretty much just a fact of life if you're sexually active even if you're careful. Not even condoms can't stop everything (like Herpes)

>> No.26491824

>that file name

>> No.26491837

>Stop liking things I don't like!

>> No.26491840

Justify your filth all you want, you're literally a diseased piece of human waste.

>> No.26491848

>killing random dudes and taking their stuff

That's what Video Game Characters do, but Conan... isn't one. Think about it.

>> No.26491852

How is that different from real life exactly?

>> No.26491858
File: 136 KB, 1126x599, spiderman commits harekrishna.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26491875
File: 13 KB, 396x173, 1301101122384.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


god. fucking. damnit

>> No.26491878

I know, right?

"High Fantasy Low Magic" is a bullshit phrase that nobody knows what it means. They basically just want a return to when everything was new and exciting, when they didn't know everything about the industry and were excited about fighting a dragon, not looking at a block of stats and figuring out how to tweak their toon's build for max dps.

>> No.26491882
File: 71 KB, 567x378, 107.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Okay, we're playing in my sci-fi campaign.

Every planet has a dominant species and they all distrust or outright hate each other.

Wanna play modern?

Every country has its own dominant culture and each culture distrusts or outright hates all the others.

There, now you can play no games and have no fun, because it is all bad wrong fun.

>> No.26491885

Well That Guy loses it. He starts going off about how he should had a surprise round and that the giant couldn't brace for a charge against him (except thats what the giant had been doing for each of his turns. I even described his spear and being planted against his foot). So he is demanding that I take back the damage and that he should be fine and blahblahblah. Well Roomie 1 (we weren't roommates yet) explains that I tried to prevent this and i gave him several chances to change his mind and that it was That Guys fault. Well this just made him angrier and he started going on about how if he wasnt allowed to make his charge without getting hit then we could just leave (we were at his house). So I grab my stuff and tell everyone well continue this in the cafeteria at college and leave. 20 minutes later we have a goliath fireborn ( feat that while raging you gain the fire subtype) barbarian wrestling with a fire giant IN a river of lava trying to drown each other and nary a that guy to be seen

>> No.26491889
File: 391 KB, 500x602, Ocelot lights Pliskin's cigarette.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26491891

Conan didn't "Kill people and take their stuff"

Oh he'd kill, sure, but he would do it when people were being hostile.

>> No.26491894
File: 40 KB, 327x297, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Huh, I think I suddenly just decided I want every game I ever play to be Sci-fi forevermore.
>assuming people won't still hate you for having better tech, being too poor to afford good tech, using tech, not using tech, being an alien, being human, hating aliens, liking aliens, believing in aliens, not believing in aliens, not being as smart as them, being too smart, or a million other things
>assuming people don't just distrust anything they don't understand

>> No.26491895

One more reason for you to never leave your house, I guess.

>> No.26491903

stupid racism isn't exactly absent from sci-fi either, broseph.

also, high fantasy does not preclude rampant bigotry, it just means that there's a lot of fantasy in your fantasy setting. if people are well aware of it, they might be inclined to be much more okay with it instead of trying to burn anyone at the stake with pointy ears or who might be mages. people distrust the unfamiliar and distrust can easily turn to hatred - see history. pretty much engrained in human nature genetically, actually. even if people know all about magical creatures and elves and dwarves and stuff, they might not like them that much anyway because they are not like themselves. such conflict is the core of most every setting.

>> No.26491908

>Use papercraft transports for 40k
>Most people I play with are okay with it
>New guy shows up
>Sees my stuff
>Tells me I'm cheating because I'm not using real GW models
>Show him that my stuff is exactly the same size as the real model
>Tells me I'm taking "the spirit" out of the game
>Explain to him that GW actually used to support people using scratches builds and making their own stuff in 1st and 2nd edition
>New guy doesn't care
>Keeps saying I'm a cheater

I'm sorry, but I refuse to pay $30 for a transport when my army requires that they take up half my army (I'm a dark elder player).

>> No.26491910

Not if that rule is feats, which are one fourth of your characters mechanical representation.

>> No.26491920

Racism has been extremely common in every fantasy setting forever. It is even the central plot device in a good chunk of them. This topic is a non-issue

>> No.26491923

Actually an old 2e rule. Switching alignment was harsh; if you were under magical effect you were fine as long as you 'resisted' it, but if you just up and accepted your new way of life the penalties finally hit.

It represented the loss of time involved in re-learning why you do everything you do, and also the 'how' of getting used to your methods in a different way. For example, if you just went from CE to LG, you've probably got a LOT of fireball-practice to go do. That whole not-on-allies bit is really starting to get math-y.

Other systems derived from it such as Hackmaster do the same, with the added penalties for those that assault the party of level loss, honor loss and any alignment shift effects you may take from suddenly deciding your buddies are dagger-bait for treasure.

>> No.26491944

>baseless ad hominems.

>> No.26491950

literally worse than hitler.

>> No.26491972

>They basically just want a return to when everything was new and exciting, when they didn't know everything about the industry and were excited about fighting a dragon, not looking at a block of stats and figuring out how to tweak their toon's build for max dps.

This. This. This. For the love of god. This. The first time I had my party fight a dragon. It was an epic confrontation and a hell of a goddamn boss fight and legitimately fun. Now everyone at the table is cold and calculation, making characters solely for the purpose of MAXIMUM DEEPS so they can smugly declare that they have dealt damages in the hundreds and there should be "no way that monster is still alive after that."

Takes the fun out of it and DMing. I'm not trying to kill you, I'm trying to make you think beyond crunch and numbers, damnit!

>> No.26491974

I hate that. He had so much time to think about it but NOPE and then they moan and moan and moan.

I don't think the DM much cared bro. Also the DM and I agreed that to make grit more intresting I could apply it to certain situtions. However I would have to burn them all and do without them for two days. Now this didn't mean I could just head shot dudes but it meant that in certain moments, If I could do something so badass that it just had to happen, I could burn my points to do it. Disarming someone who is about to kill an innocent for example. I never used it against bosses or combat in general (grit points used normally are just fine), but for the little things like that it was always worth it

>> No.26491979

>OP as fuck

Aren't they low tier 2 or high tier 3?
Grenadier's pretty much the weakest variant too. Now a multi-arm mutagen vivisectionist, that's a nasty build.

>> No.26491999

Me or the guy?

>> No.26492000
File: 218 KB, 697x791, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So what exactly did you get?
The clap that that girl? Maybe it burns when you piss? The big HIV?

>> No.26492004

That stuff? Thats okay. The game being predicated around the idea that everyone is too intolerant to understand anything (and thus magic being gone not because its ACTUALLY FUCKING GONE but because everyone is too intolerant to actually understand it) just shits on my jimmies

>> No.26492009

Unlike, say, the original post he was responding to.

>> No.26492030

So... u mad? Racism is everywhere, racism is realistic.


>> No.26492057

>Cant figure out how to make a character in DnD
Yeah, nah, cunt. You either got a learning disability or youre a lazy cunt.

>> No.26492063

There's no difference between "alchemist alpha strike" and "archer alpha strike" and "zen archer alpha strike" and "smite archer alpha strike" and "flurry of composite longbows alpha strike" and "raging power-attack charger alpha strike" and "pistoleer dual-wielding double-pistol alpha-strike"...

All of the Tier 3-4 stuff in the game can dish out enough to take out appropriate CR in a single round with decent rolls if they're built well.

Really, it's only different with the 'true casters' because instead of HP and Numbers deciding whether or not it'll be over in round one, it's more about which saves are strong or weak on that target.

>> No.26492069

As someone who's still relatively new to this (right now in my third campaign) I hope I never end up like that.

They guys I play with are all relatively new too except our DM.

>> No.26492133


So from what I gather it bugs you that illiterate peasants in a pseudo-medieval world are afraid of people that can bend the rules of reality with a wave of their magic sticks?

>> No.26492146
File: 69 KB, 513x402, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They're not too ignorant to understand it, magic is usually either handles as you need extreme faith to get it (cleric, paladin) a special bond with nature (Druid, ranger) you have to study really fucking hard (Wizard) or it comes natural, but only to a select few (Sorcerer, Bard). The good majority of people in games don't fit any of those categories, and since they don't understand how it works and they see it do some crazy shit, they're afraid of it.

>> No.26492154

Its simple.
The problem is that people are coming from video games and specifically rpg video games where a PC is just a bunch of numbers and stats, and the goal is to make those stats bigger and bigger.

The key difference between vidya and tabletop rpgs is that your are creating a character in the full sense of the world. You are creating a person, someone who has hopes and fears, strengths and flaws.

Remember that key difference and you should do fine. There's nothing wrong with wanting to be powerful, but don't forget the heart behind that big +7 sword.

>> No.26492166

don't bother talking to him, he's so butthurt he can't even talk right, but then again, he's obviously one of the retards who loves magic shops

>> No.26492167

*full sense of the word

>> No.26492171

Why not just let her and play out the consequences of profound public stupidity? The DM could've easily had her arrested and executed. Why even get your characer involved?

>> No.26492181

I was just sayin that without houserules, you just snapped her bloody bow.

Which is even funnier than it being tossed away.

Especially when comes time to replace a weapon of +6 or so value...

>> No.26492197


>but don't forget the heart behind that big +7 sword

Don't mind me quoting you on that next time we play.

>> No.26492236


>I'm CG, because that's how I fucking roll

Flint could never stand by and watch some pompous elven bitch try and kill an innocent person just because her authority wasn't recognized.

>> No.26492239
File: 195 KB, 933x356, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You need to comment on more topics. Your words are moving

>> No.26492257

>If I want a powerfantasy game, I'll play Exalted.
Why would you put your GM through that sort of hell?

>> No.26492271

>but don't forget the heart behind that big +7 sword.

how could I forget? That heart I cut out with it is worth a mint to the right person, and I can use it to get my precious stats up!


>> No.26492272


Oh I'm not saying your wrong brother, the DM just wanted her shut down asap. Your right though, I should of blown that bow to shit. I did specifically say "I shoot the bow out of hand" so we just went with it.

Just spreading the love bro

>> No.26492277

Thats the most retarded thing I've ever heard. It sounds like you're trying to say that "high fantasy low magic" (aside from being a specific placing on a chart created by /tg/ and therefore vetted beyond your feeble ideas) is just wanting the game to be shitty and dumb like when you were a stupid kid who didn't read the book?

>> No.26492284

I thought Duergar geht huge, Deep Gnomes too?

>> No.26492291


As a filthy /v/irgin than mostly just lurks /tg/, I do try to come up with concepts, backstory and a personality for my characters in vidya rpgs. Some games just aren't very good at acknowledging or allowing roleplaying.

>> No.26492319

Please, tell us how awesome your level 20 min/maxed character is.

>> No.26492323

Clap is a thing everywhere. Actually clapping to imply someone has the Clap is a pretty weird way of doing it. People generally don't clap at performances to imply the actors have Chlamydia. The "joke" would go over most people's head.

>> No.26492331

"You feel the baby kick!"
"He's kicking really hard."
"It's starting to hurt a bit"
"You tear a wet tearing sound as abdominal pain fills your head. In quiet disbelief you slowly turn your gaze down to see two black, blood-covered, clawed hands prying your gut open. You stare as a small, imp-like creature leaps from your wound and scurries off into the darkness of the night."

"You take 2d4 Con damage."
"I'm gonna need a Fort save to resist fainting."

>> No.26492333


haha Ive been posting about that girl who got clap too.

Just how I personally see it bro. Its what I always say to friends who are playing it for the first time.

>> No.26492337

Look. It's pretty clear that you are this threads recurring troll. I can list out your posts one by one. But what you have to realize is, you are shit at it. It's obvious who you are. Go to /v/ or /vg/ or somewhere. Also, when trolling, pick a troll and stick to it. Don't jump around from place to place. That just makes you look desperate and retarded.
What I'm saying is, get some practice, and don't try so hard, kid.

Polite sage for off topic.

>> No.26492350

Its a thing where I'm from bro, maybe my uni was just bad for it I guess.

>> No.26492365

I'm confused how his character even knew what she was doing. If she was not a homicidal maniac up to that point, I don't see why his character would think she intended to kill someone the moment she pulls out her bow.

>> No.26492370

What I thought too. Way to subtle.
There's a very small chance she'll make the connection but...


well ok, never heard of this personally.
Still I think it's too subtle.

>> No.26492405

You guys actually clapped at people you thought had STDs? That's a pretty fucking specific behavior. Also, kinda douchebaggy

>> No.26492415

>"Wait DM, that girl... I assume you have drawn your bow?"

she wasn't drawing it, it was drawn, she was aiming a bow at a civilian. Also I didn't hurt her, I simply disarmed her. My character recognized the threat to an innocents life and dealt with it promptly.

Also he knew of her royal past, and disliked her on principal being chaotic, he didn't need much of an excuse to show her up.

Again, just how I roll.

>> No.26492419

She pulls out her weapon.
Someone refused to recognize her authority.
It's not that hard to put 2 and 2 together.

>> No.26492420

that's the point i was trying to make. because the game is full of builds that can kill a half-demon advanced-template elder cryohydra in a single round, you're going to need to put design encounters with that in mind.

>> No.26492424

Don't forget severe, profuse bleeding and the high infection chance of such gaping open wounds.

>> No.26492428

I assume she was lining up her shot after giving the peasant a look of disgust/offense.

>> No.26492432

Calling it the clap is a thing in Texas, too. Clapping to signify someone has it isn't a very common thing, but it happens sometimes.

>> No.26492448


>she likes persona 4

Jesus Christ I wish I was you

>> No.26492454

yeah i honestly don't know, there are new fantasy races and templates erupting all over the damn place!

anyway, with that spiffy new book for creating your own races, it's become a lot more fun to design your own, now that the power balance for racial stats and abilities is clearly spelled out. i'm kind of not a fan of a world with a billion different races in it anyway.

>> No.26492475

You guys are cunts.

>> No.26492491
File: 142 KB, 500x381, 1375240183280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26492492

and becoming infertile. and probably being tainted by demonic essence or something. and level drain because birthing a demon is bad for your soul. and whatever else you wanna add in because seriously fuck her rape fantasy.

>> No.26492526




>> No.26492590

>>Player 4: Can I dual wield shields?
This is a veteran who simply doesn't give a fuck.

>> No.26492612

Alchemists can easily solo entire campaigns.

>> No.26492631


You need to be 18 or older to browse this website. Please leave.

>> No.26492677

what i don't get is the idea that you can cause a whole lot of noise and then retreat to a safe place to rest up. if you doomsplosion a huge monster, things will notice and pounce upon you when you are retreating, especially if they know about your doomsploding predilections.

captcha - infosup about, haha

>> No.26492722

-ridicule other strangers for something they enjoy
-expect no backlash

>> No.26492758

It's possible to be in the right and still look like a self-important asshole at the same time.

>> No.26492762

You fucked a hooker, didn't you?

>> No.26492773

You probably have a bunch of the bacteria that form many venereal diseases resting on your shirt right now./

>> No.26492777

Didn't sound like ridicule to me.

>> No.26492790


Sure, but not in this case.

>> No.26492815

>"High Fantasy" is "Stupid Racism".
No, that's Polish Fantasy.

>> No.26492820

Nah, fuck that.
You can't be the upstanding paladin all the time. It's bad for your stomach.

>> No.26492843

I don't know why but /tg/ seems extremely shit at explaining high-fantasy low-magic.

It's a fictional setting inwhich magic is rare. There might be/are supernatural elements, but they're not common.

That's all it is.

>> No.26492865


So High Fantasy=USA

>> No.26492884

depends on tone entirely, which was not communicated in the story. either the kid deserved it or the story was about the poster's jerk gaming group being jerks to a stranger. given that it was posteded in the first place, i'm going to guess that the kid was being a little snot, because otherwise why would you out yourself as a giant asshat in a thread about asshattery?

>> No.26493123

Asshats tend to think they are not asshats, and that their asshatteries are actually entirely justified responses to imagined asshatteries

>> No.26493361

There's often methods to ensure rest, from dimensional pockets to sanctuaries to ... well actually that's the two big ones right there, but that shit be available bright and early if you know where to look.

If nothing else you at least have alarm spells to ensure you'll never be surprised. Explosions aren't the only loud thing though. That guy in full plate bullrushing, screaming death-throes, or even the loud interparty orders that can go about...

shit resonates, yo

>> No.26493380

Does not answer my question. Plenty of things can do just that. Clerics are pretty much advertized outright as one-man adventuring companies, for one.

>> No.26493445
File: 34 KB, 694x530, 964564.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26493700

Are you me? I've been lurking here for the past few months. It's a breath of fresh air from the vidya.

>> No.26493802

Did you know that 90% of U.S Citizens are estimated to have some form of HPV.

That means if you've had unprotected sex with anybody who had sex with someone else. You are pretty much guaranteed to have it. If cheeseburger.

Irresponsible sex education.

>> No.26493967


New Jersey here. We call it the clap to. I remember a really fucked up time in high school where everyone found out this one girl who slept around caught it and when she walked into the auditorium for this school announcement thing literally almost every other student stopped and clapped at the same time. It was so beyond fucked up/hilarious.

>> No.26493983

You're cool. I think it's becoming more common, actually. I talk to people and instead of them talking about a sweet gun they picked up in Fallout, instead they're talking about that time they played a bounty hunter with nothing but his rifle and revolver.

>> No.26494105

Liberal Lies. Everyone knows condoms don't work, and that the only way to prevent pregnancy is to not have sex until you're married, at which point it should be once a year for the purpose of procreation and successful at that process, lest the woman continue to be unclean.

Only sodomites and those worshipping Aethe, Goddess of the Secular Gay Agenda, catch diseases like Syphilis or Aids.

>> No.26494593

That's a lifetime statistic. Most cases of HPV resolve themselves within a year or two. It's estimated that only 10-15% has it at any given time.

Also it doesn't only spread by intercourse, just contact with the infected area. Which means it spreads through manual and oral sex, which both create an extremely popular infection vector.

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