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So it's been a while since I browsed GW's website or lurked on /tg/ and decided to take a quick glance at the new Eldar selection.... what the fuck. I don't play Eldar but have always been curious to start an army, too bad that won't ever happen when they cut the Dire Avengers in half and keep the $35 box price and somehow try to justify turning Storm Guardians into an "upgrade" pack just to add another $18 on top of the $36 you already payed for just 6 fucking units. Now I know that GW is sleazy and money-grubbing at the least but this shit flat out disgusts me. So my question to all of you secret masterminds of the internet and tabletop alike is, What price hikes and changes since 6th released have made you feel as physically ill as this shit makes me?

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None of them, since they don't affect me. I don't buy Citadel supplies, the paint price I am still willing to pay for certain colors and for the ones I'm not I'm even thankful that they've finally forced me to try dropper bottle brands like Vallejo and AP. Vehicle prices don't phase me because I buy from Forge World.

But if they pull that Dire Avenger bullshit on the upcoming tactical squad update and plastic veterans I will be pretty pissed since I'd like to have a few of those. But at those prices may as well keep buying resin FW marines.

None of the cheapest bootleggers stock power armor either so it's either FW or getting ripped off on eBay legit sellers or paying nearly full price for HK/RU bootleggers.

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I live in a small town with no game club, so I play 40k only through Vassal. So i don't give a fuck about GW price policy, and only thing that disgust me is their tendency to blow up ballance with more and more bullshit lolrandom with each eddition.

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People giving money to GW disgust me.

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The thought that I kowtow to these creatures disgusts me. They took no pause before betraying us, the fans, and it's hideous. Nothing in particular comes to mind, unfortunately.

OP is a faggot. Dispose of this idiot

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In 1987 30 space marines cost £9.99 which is the equivalent of £23.82 today.

Anyone that says prices haven't increased when you take inflation into account is an idiot.

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Don't forget that almost all aspect warriors are still finecast

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The Dire Avenger change prevented me from starting an army. I was really excited for the release and that just crushed my spirit. They lost a customer on that one. What can you do?

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>In 1987 30 space marines cost £9.99 which is the equivalent of £23.82 today.
>In 1987 30 space marines cost...the equivalent of £23.82
>30 Space marines...£23.82

In 1998 ten multi part plastic marines cost £9.99 which is £15.40 when adjusted for inflation.

Anyone that says prices are increasing in step with inflation is an idiot.

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>Not playing their superior counter parts

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I'm not going to lie OP, this also really got to me.

The Dark Eldar got a complete overhaul of there range that I liked so much it drew me in even deeper to the game. I always liked the Eldar aesthetic and when I heard about the new codex I was super excited thinking about plastic aspect warriors.

And then I saw the website. Finecast, finecast as far as the eye can see.

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How long until 3d printers become afordable?

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if some of you would convert Guardians, it would make your life a hell of a lot easier. Honetly, Go on ebay, search guardians, buy like 16 for 30 dollars, GET GREENSTUFF AND PLASTICARD And convert away. It's not that hard. If you don't/can't convert, why the fuck are you playing40k anyways?

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Until just after you die, or lose the use of your hands.

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DE aren't expensive if you paper craft.
Pro tip: Use cardstock

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I love this new argument that's been cropping up lately (least it's new to my eyes) in response to people complaining about the price hikes and terribad 40k rules. About how it's totally just a modeling and painting hobby u guise, the tabletop game is just a tiny niche of the franchise!!!!!!!one. Riiiight.

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r u poor or sumthin?

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This isn't a new argument. But seriously, if you don't want to spend the money, just convert the guardians since they're the same damn thing minus the head plume. I don't buy resin Sternguard every time i want sternguard, you buy a tactical squad and put bitz on em. It's simple. i'm not defending the price hike, just getting annoyed that people wont go around it.

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>not knowing the rich stay rich by not paying for shit that's hideously overpriced

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I have an imperial guard army right now, I bought one box of cadians and used the rest of the arms and bitz to turn my chaos cultists into guardsmen.
I used heroclix, cut them off their bases and cut out cardboard bases for my heavy weapons teams, glued Gi joe missile launchers on em along with terrain. I converted a snowspeeder into a vendetta with lascannons and heavy bolters. I never buy special characters, I use bitz to turn regular dudes into them. The hobby is only expensive for those who choose it to be.

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along with my chaos army. 2.5k chaos and about 500pts of imperial guard, totally converted.

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Might as well sculpt my own eldar then

I'm already converting my guardians into kamen riders

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Speaking of Elfdar, how are they now? I've only just got my hands on the new codex after not playing for a long while. The way it looks like they didn't really change all that much aside from tweaking the numbers and consolidating things a bit. On the whole they've been buffed a lot, but I don't know how they hold up against other new codices. Are they finally good again or just alright?

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Pretty good, they have about the same percentage of good choices as other books but because they have twice the amount of units that other books have, they have a lot of really strong units.

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good,but far from 2nd ED-good

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That's great to hear. I always liked the way how you could build a reasonably good list with a wide array of different units.

Hell, I might actually use Swooping fucking Hawks now.

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They already are, but the ones you can afford would print blob marines.

A LOT, of 3d printing patents are expiring next year. Expect <$1000 dollar printers late 2014 or early 2015.

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That is, < $1000 dollar 3d resin based 3d printers that can print fine detail.

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