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What's the best codex to go with if I want to make a marine army with heavy assault and devastator use, often usage of Drop Pods if thats even possible/viable on the table top, and any way to outfit at least a few devastators with assault cannons?

Im not sure if I should be using Vanilla, Black Templars or Blood Angels, maybe even Space Wolves[?] to get this effect, I'd like to make an army that fits a custom chapter a friend and I made up, but if its possible to also be competitive at the same time that would be cool.

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Black templars dont use devastators, the closes thing BT have is terminator squads with two heavy weapons, same ammount of missiles as a dev squad but relentless, with a PFist and a bette save

Space wolves are closer to you description

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Current Space wolves is pretty much what you described.

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They're supposedly a new vanilla SM codex coming out in September. Might want to wait for it to come out.

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So are Space Wolves good without using the units that are specifically Space Wolf-y, giant ride-able wolf and werewolf bullshit?

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You can always use a custom chapter; just have a chapter that counts-as the codex you are using. If you have created a chapter already, you'll have a richer experience for it. Sadly there are no assault cannon Devastators in any of the codices, but you could always model them and just say they count as heavy bolters.

Anyway, all the armies have pros and cons for what you want, I play SW personally but will give you my thoughts;

Space Wolves;
-Great Devastators (Long Fangs)
-Great troops for drop pod assaults (Grey Hunters)
-Can attach Assault Cannon terminators to Devastator squads if you want
-Assault marines are kind of cool, but also kind of wack, +2A on the charge but BS/WS3 (Skyclaws)

Blood Angels;
-Assault Marines as troops, discounted drop-pods for Assault Marines
-Awesome specialist Assault troops (Death Company, Sang. Guard)
-Lots of cool dreadnoughts to put in pods
-Sanguinary Priests give your squads Feel no Pain
-Devastators are a wee bit cheaper than vanilla

Black Templars;
-Some unique options seeing as codex is old
-Some inferior options seeing as codex is old

Vanilla Marines;
-Due for an update soon which will probably bring new toys
-Ironclad dreads are cool and Master of the Forge means you can take 6 dreads in a list
-Sternguard combi-bombs are pretty cool

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Would it be best to settle with one chapter only or possibly make an alliance of Blood Angels and Space Wolves (That shouldn't have any incompatibility problems or difficulties with allying, they're both marine flavors right?) and have different units be "counts as"s for the two different chapters?

Also how exactly do the drop pods work in table top? Can I crash them into people for damage?

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There is a thing called Longfang spam. You might have heard of it. It's the 5th ed equivalent of Necron flying circus or CSM heldrake spam.

Longfangs are Devastators. Space Wolves are assault marines supported by devastator veterans - the wolf-wolf wolves are a bonus that don't need to be used.

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Really depends on your gaming group, you could make some homebrew stuff.
Or just ally one army with the other.

>Also how exactly do the drop pods work in table top? Can I crash them into people for damage?

I wish you could, but drop pods work kinda like as an almost* safe deepstrike.
moving 1" from an enemy if you land on them.

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Absolutely, thanks to the ally rules in 6th edition you can get away with all kinds of stuff. For example, I don't like Skyclaws (the Space Wolf assault marines), so I have a squad--painted in the same colour as my chapter--that I run as an allied Blood Angels detachment. As long as you are clear with your opponent as to what everything is before a game, you shouldn't have any problems.

Sadly while drop pods hitting and killing your enemies would make a lot of sense, if your drop pods do hit an enemy it's only bad times for you... It can kill the pod and everyone in it outright.

Pic is the ally matrix, that shows who can ally with who. All Marine chapters can ally, except for Dark Angels and Space Wolves, who have a rivalrly.

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> Present on the grid at all

U wot?

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and when I say "can ally" I mean as battle brothers; so psykers can target you with blessings, characters can join each others squads etc. SW and DA can technically ally but they can't join each others squads and shit

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What, you expected me to crop it or some shit? ur a rite cheeky cunt m8

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I'd say just wait a few weeks until the new SM codex is released, there are supposed to be rules for making different chapters, new weapons, SM who use heavy weapons known as Centurions, and possibly new Rhino/Razorback options.

Not to mention that Tacticals, Sternguard, and Vanguard are all getting new plastic models in addition to a plastic Captain, Librarian, and Chaplain.

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So like, putting Sanguinary Priests in a Long Fang squad and giving them Feel No Pain would work? Could I put another chapter specific dread in a Blood Angel pod? Have SW assault cannon termies attach to Blood Angel devastators?

with Battle Brothers would I still need an HQ from each army, both a Blood Angel and a Space Wolf HQ for the army. And only two armies can ally right? Like I couldn't also include Sternguard or Vanguard from Vanilla marines and also have the mix of BA and SW?

Also hows the color scheme look? I was thinking all the units painted somewhat like that or the Assaults primarily orange and the devastators primarily blue with the rest painted normally.

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Nope, you have to check the FAQs. All of those kind of buffs now work "on all friendly units from this codex."
Even Logan's +1 attack ability, which back in the day was DESIGNED to work on ALL friendly units (even as far back as the 3e supplement codex).

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Bisected colours are a bitch to paint, anon. Having to alternate colors for different parts, like in that scheme, slows you down a lot as well.
Be very careful to avoid touching colors when you're painting different pieces (it WILL happen, a lot).

Lastly, no offense, your color pattern looks like an Ultramarine is rusting in a few places. You need more orange, or less blue. Going full half-in-half would probably look better (though I still don't think blue goes well with orange).

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Could I make the terminators SW can attach to Dev squads just be regular Devastators modeled to look like heavily armored veterans, and of course have the etiquette to explain what they are to my opponent which I'd do anyway considering the army is an oddly painted combination of BA and SW to begin with, and they should understand what they're going against.

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I was also considering using red instead of orange or a different color instead of blue, though I'm not sure what.

I've only been playing around with deciding color scheme for a bit, though the Ultramarines were the progenitor chapter, the chapter was made using Deathwatch rules, but it was divergent from the codex by a large degree leading to stuff like the lack of scouts. It's also a fleet based chapter specializing in drop pod assault.

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orange and blue can work well together, but it takes a very specific pairing, if either is to dull or vibrant it will make it look like ass, but it can look good

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So in America, should I expect any other SM or CSM to be teenagers, or is that a more UK thing, because I swear I was the only kid who even knew what W40k was in high school.

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Don't get me wrong, color schemes like that can look fantastic, but it can be a major pain in the ass to get it to come out the way you want. Getting a single color to work well is hard enough, but getting to starkly different colors to match up (not to mention getting shading that works well on each color, but looks good next to another color and ITS shading) takes a lot of patience.

I've been working off and on with this squad for a long time now. I'm just about ready to start with the basing.

I've found that gluing the bolter on AFTER the rest is painted (and sometimes the should pads, as well) can make all the difference. As for this guy (wip), I did the body, pauldrons, bolter, and backpack all separately.

Is it perfect? Feth no! But by my standards its turning out great.

(the shading on the aquila looks better in person, my lighting sucks too much to see the whites)

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Do only tacticals get grenades or could I be able to give some to say, my assaults, to chuck while they fly around and fuck shit up?

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Im in canada and I rarely see teenagers play or buy something in my local GWS

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You're playing 6e space marines, everything except Terminators come with both frag and krak grenades as standard. As per the Big Rule Book, only one guy can actually chuck the fucker as a ranged weapon, but they give you some good combat buffs in the first round of Assault.

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What's the best way to practice painting until I get the colors and such right?

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Painting 3-5 figures and then stripping them and doing it again.

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Should I try to like pick up an Assault on Black Reach kit, or buy a standard Tactical squad, or get some off ebay, or wait until the tacticals are going to get new models (?) in September?

I'm just getting into the hobby, I honestly don't know if anyone plays it here, but I'm really interested in the fluff and modeling aspects. I've been trying to play some of the 40K RPGs online when I can.

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Remember these are throw away models so you can either buy the cheapest ones possible (snapfit AoBR or just plain snapfit tacticals off eBay) or you can buy the best ones (tactical box, or the upcoming plastic tactical box update) and just strip them super thoroughly when you're ready to give them their "final paintjob".

If you're willing to go through the trouble of stripping and such, just buy the model you want to have forever and practice on it. Paint and primer are perfectly possible to strip safely and completely, though good primers take a bit more soaking, so you may be worried about practicing on a "for keeps" model but you really shouldn't.

Frankly tacticals are cheap enough for me that I have about 30 of them primed and unpainted that I can use for paint testing and 10 of them painted in Ultramarine colors that I don't even play anymore.

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Found pic related on ebay for $20, 19 tactical marines, so thats a bit more than a buck per marine, pretty shitty paint though. How much would it take to strip paints? and whats the cost, then what am I looking at for paints, brushes and paint thinner?

You've stressed enough the importance of thinning paint.

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>that flamer on the bottom left

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The missile launchers are missing the front bits...

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Only 2 out of three launchers.

Also theres so many fucking chainswords in that squad. I thinks its less of a squad and just an assorted mob.

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Was the fucker going to play BT but then thought "Lets paint them blue!" or something? Goddamn...

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Probably not. Some of them have both bolter and chainsword and one of them has the commander's backpack and cape on a normal marine's body with a sergeant's helmet.

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