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What are the most powerful Xenos races in the 40K universe that don't have a codex? By most powerful I mean biggest threat to the Imperium.

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Hrud migrations are a major threat

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United Necrons, United Orks, Tyranids, Orks, Necrons in that order.

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They count as warp beasts AND xenos, but enslavers.
"The history of the Enslavers is traced to the War in Heaven that was fought millions of years ago between the C'tan-led Necrons and the Old Ones, along with their successor races. In this era, the Old Ones had engineered a number of species with a strong connection to the Warp to serve as warrior races of Psykers against their enemy. The growing pains of these Young Races disturbed the peaceful Empyrean, turning it into a hellish environment filled with now-deadly Warp predators. Eventually, they broke the boundaries between dimensions and amongst the most proficient of these Warp-spawned creatures were the Enslavers. Using their mental powers, they dominated the minds of the Young Races and used the transmutated bodies of Psykers as portals to bring more of their kin to the material universe. The arrival of these Warp entities brought the final downfall of the Old Ones' reign as their own creations fell victim to the command of the Enslavers. Breaching the Immaterium in epidemic numbers, the Enslavers would take what was left of the galaxy whilst the C'tan retreated to ride out the storm. Thus, the galaxy became a wasteland until the psyker swarm died off and allowed the galaxy to emerge with new life."

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The Slaugth are pretty damn dangerous, as they can shapeshift and read minds (by eating brains) in addition to having superior technology. The only thing that seems to hold them back is the fact that there's few of them (low reproductive rate?) and that they prefer to keep hidden and feed on humans rather than do full on invasions.

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>that don't have a codex

Great reading comprehension

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Reading the 40k wikia page apparently the enslavers still exist in the current setting but are extremely rare when they do break out.

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Weren't there those things the Imperium lost 3 chapters to, and then had the entire records of that war expunged?
They pretty much encountered Lovecraftian horrors during that crusade.

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Barghesi are bad enough dudes to make the Inquistion declare entire constellations off limits just because they've been sighted in the area. That said, they don't seem like the expansive types, more content to shred anything that gets too close, and fight amongst themselves.

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segmetum obscurus i think, and the halo stars are pretty much the "Here be dragons" part of the galaxy, Lovecraftian Horrors dwell there
whatever the Tyranids are running from

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You mean nothing? Because they aren't running from anything.

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C'tan don't have a codex for themselves, would be pretty bad if the necrons lost control of them
Void Whales can ruin your day if you don't happen to have a navy fleet or proper orbital defenses to keep them off your sun

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>tfw the ringwraiths were /fa/ as all hell

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is not known really, several theories exist as to why they decided to move into the 40k galaxy, the most used ones are that they really cannot adapt to anything other than locust migration and have depletd their place of origin, but there are also citations that they could either be stocking their reserves of biomass here to get a stronger hold in their galaxy or that they are fleeing from it for some reason

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ONE vague hypothetical rambling

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considering the volatility of the fluff, shit be rock solid, also

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maybe they moved just because there was nothing left to eat.

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that i already mention, is the main theory about why they are coming to the 40k galaxy
as it was commented, there is the vague rumor of the nids running from something in their galaxy, granted it could simply be starvation, but which one is more interesting?
they ate everything or there is something so atrociously powerful the whole swarm cannot do anything about it (the nid swarm fully arriving to the galacy is their end game "I win, no questions asked" scenario, the same as the Emperor waking up and gathering the good Primarchs for a new Crusade is the end game "I win" scenario for mankind)

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it's not fun, it cheapens the nids.

If you want to introduce an elusive, vague new menace, suggest its existence through clues and let the reader figure it out, that way he can't dismiss it as easily as if you outright tell him "hey, maybe there's an even bigger thing!"

That's basic horror writing.

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>The Tyranids are not native to our galaxy. They have travelled through the bleak intergalactic space between galaxies for countless millennia. Whether the Tyranids made this perilous journey because they had already consumed everything of worth in their home galaxy or in flight of another, even more fearsome race, is unknown. It is possible that the Tyranids have been preying on galaxies since time immemorial and ours is but the latest to feel its predations.
- Currdex Tuhrundids

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it's fun enough for me, if you disagree that's quite alright

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that is literally the only thing about it.

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Harrowing maybe?

Whatever that shit was.

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yeah but it's hardly something that could be made into an army.

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OP did not specify he wanted to make an army, just asked which xenos are out there that could be dangerous

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What was that one /tg/ homebrew race that come back every hundred years or so, and a just an ounce stronger than last time?

I remember that always show up at the ()-year mark, like clockwork.

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Do tell.

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Jokaero are the hidden threat. if they wanted to destroy the Imperium they could build something to do it.

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The Fra'al, they have a huge empire but pretty much nothing is written about them.

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the Enslavers.

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Maybe the Slaan when they were written out as withdrawing from the galactic scene

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That's the thing. In the Lizardmen 8th Rulebook they mention the Old Ones Empire spanned space and TIME. So, I believe, now, that lots of races in 40k are actually made or nutured/protected by the Old Ones. The Old Ones, realising that Chaos Gods come to Ascendancy, decide to travel Space and Time creating forces to fight them, throughout time and space. So, the WHFB World is not Terra itself, but another world out of many in 40k. Many worlds are in Iron Age technology and so on, even though they were founded with STC's.

So, imagine if the Old Ones went back throughout time and created races. Which explains how they suddenly go "Lol, bye" as they leave before the invasion happens in WHFB and leave 40k to go elsewhere in time to make more races to fight Chaos.

I mean, isn't it a bit TOO lucky that the Tau get protected AND isolated during their Warp Storm? Remember, the Warp Storm is supposed to signify Kamikaze which destroyed the Mongol invasion... Just like it protected the Tau. The Japanese thought that God was protecting them... So perhaps the Tau were protected by the Old Ones, so they'd develop into a race to fight Chaos.

I believe, somewhere in 40k lore, the Old Ones created 'Golden Leaders' or something, which were basically powerful leaders for each of their races. The Eldar got the Phoneix Lords. The Orcs got Brain Boyz. The Tau got the Ethereals. I remember there is a link between the Ethereals and Old Ones, somewhere.

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If you're referring to the men of gold, it has nothing to do with the old ones and it's almost certain that the eldars created the ethereals. As for the weirdboyz and orks in general, don't forget that the old ones didn't create orks but krorks and that the otks were made by the brainboyz who weren't slanns but clever snotlings.

So, basically, you're spouting bullshit.

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The harrowing. It's a bunch of things that appeared near a giant space artifact or something, messed up an entire imperial fleet and then disappeared when the artifact was destroyed.

Allegedly even more destructive and fucked up than daemons.

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I somehow don't think GW really put as much thought as the fans do about the setting, instead shrouding it all in enough ambiguity to let everyone just speculate to their hearts' content.

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But it's cool bullshit.

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Not that much.

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To be fair to him, United Orks and United Necrons don't have a codex. Its a technicality, but eh.

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i though the brainboyz got retconned and the krokz are the orkz in current fluff, the lack of guidance from their masters turned the race of expendable troopers into space hooligans looking for a fight

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Old Ones, maybe. They created orks, eldar, AND jokaero, after all.

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I never claimed it was canon.

>So, I believe, now......

It's an opinion. A personal observation based on the little information I have about it. It doesn't stop the Krorks and Eldar being made by the Old Ones. I was trying to combine 40k and WHFB as everything that happened during the Cataclysm in WHFB seemed to have been "expected" by the Old Ones. The fact they left nothing but Plaques telling Lizardmen what to do shows they were planning to go anyway.

So, off they go, to another point in time, to create another race to fight Chaos. In WHFB at least, they seemed to have been forced to create Humans, Ogres and Halfings in a rush.

I know it's probably just them re-using creation stuff for 40k, but it'd be fun if they were connected. It's also mentioned in one of the books there is a globe of blackness in the College of Magic in Altdorf which has lots of specs of light on it, if you press one, it goes away. It's been theorised it's destroying a star in the 40k timeline/Universe and the globe is actually part of the Necron Celestial Orrery, which allows the Necrons to cause a star to go Super-Nova IIRC just by touching one. Could just be fun by 40k. Also, when you say "spouting bullshit" I need not remind you that GW themselves have said there is no real offical canon and you make up whatever you like really. It's all both right and wrong at the same time.

Yup. It's kind of nice, but also being frustrating.

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the old ones died en masse during the enlsaver plague, the warp changed so much and the plague got to the point the fluff mentions they likely all died or just a few managed to either isolate themselves or exit the galaxy
as for the Tau, it is generally believed the were guided by a greater race, but whether that race was the Demiurgh or the Eldar is yet to be fully disclosed

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Ah. Thank you. I didn't know about the plague. Well, maybe the 40k Universe/Time Line was their last act or attempt to stop Chaos?

Also, I forgot about the Demiurg! I remember they were rumoured to have new models for Tau update. Would of been cool to have a race that saw the Eldar rise from the 'oceans', into galaxy controlling race to their downfall.

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Barring one-off mentions like the Barghesi and non-GW inventions, like the Harrowing, I'd have to say the enslavers.

The psyker tax exists for 3 reasons: 1) power the Golden Throne, 2) prevent daemonic incursions, 3) prevent enslaver infestations. When an infestation breaks out, Exterminatus is often required, as Psyrens will completely subjugate the populace of a planet in a horrifyingly short amount of time.

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What about the Cacodominus?

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Easy the Matt wardians, they're capable of changing the fabric of reality and thus bringing ruin to the imperium

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Eeeyup. Based on Dark Heresy, finding evidence of a single Enslaver is cause for Exterminatus.

One of the times where that's NOT an overreaction.

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a single individual, not a xenos race

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>since time immemorial
For who? I don't think I'll ever stop cringing at modern 40K writing.

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"But eh" what?

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Eh, its not worth arguing ever.

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The Yu'Vath could be the biggest threat.

Even though they were supposesly rendered extinct in the Angevin Crusade nobody is quite sure whether or not they even met a Yu'vath or just battled against one of their slave races. I heard on /tg/ that they were around for the War in Heaven, but don't know the source for that.

If the worst fears of the Yu'vath are true, they would be insanely dangerous immortal puppet masters whose "loss" during the Angevin Crusade was nothing more than a long term play to see a heavily populated sector within convenient feeding / enslaving distance.

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I guess "biggest threat" is a bit of an overreaction when you have sector-killing cyborgs in this setting.

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tell me more.

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United Orks riding Space Whales.

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I think someone made a hombrewed rulebook on them. Psychic puppet people or something?

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Why would they even fight if they didn't want to kill their food? Saying "Let's wait until there's more to eat" doesn't make anyone a puppet master, it makes them a glutton of lower than average intelligence.

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The Harrowing xenos or Hrud, probably. Enslavers might also count.

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SO /tg/ lets invent a new race of xenos for 40k, that IS the biggest threat to mankind.

Like Selfish Shelfish gods wthcra slaves or someother carzy stuff.

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to Test the Limits of our imagination anon.

How to make something grimdarker and OP then most 40k is without making himm able to conquer universe tomorrow morning.

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I feel there are already enough "doomsday" xenos races. How about a race that is a sector wide threat, not necessarily one that's dangerous to humanity at large?

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You have the Tau.

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void whales

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Refer to "Radical's Handbook" for Dark Heresy, the section about Hyades Locks, and possibly the Novamarines battle honours section in FW Badab War (although the details differ a bit it's explainable by the events being mostly unknown. Besides the FW book shared writers with the DH team, so they might slip in a reference to the other book, just like they did with Slaugth). Any summary might the fun of drawing your own conclusions as to what the Harrowing really was.

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