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you get to create your own FLGS

what's it like?

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Shit, because I have extremely poor planning skills.

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Like GW but not full of paper/plastic crack dealers.

Also smells nicer too, mostly due to the in-store showers which are highly recommended to the more...fragrant members of the public.

There would be a cafe are for parents or folk just passing by as well as private rooms for roleplayers.

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so you play... traditional games that typically require... planning skills

I see

or you're just quest thread scum

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have after school magic tournaments and booster drafts on weekdays only and sell miniatures at ramped up prices for main source of income

weeknights and weekends dedicated soley to hosting pen and paper campaigns

40k and magic can go fuck itself

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>an entire wall of shelves of lima beans
>the lima beans are not for sale
>if you ask about or touch the lima bean, you're banned permanently
>no explanation

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>weeknights and weekends dedicated soley to hosting pen and paper campaigns

>40k and magic can go fuck itself

I like you. Unfortunately, this way you can't rope in the autistic community with fat wallets.

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You dive into the red and go out of business within months.

Congratulations, you accomplished nothing. GOOD JOB!

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*holds up fork*
SOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo raondum xD

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>Unfortunately, this way you can't rope in the autistic community with fat wallets.

did you read

>have after school magic tournaments and booster drafts

that shit would make so much money if I got a deal with school libraries or something

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>require planning skills
You've clearly never played traditional games with the people I play traditional games with

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most fat autistic nerds with fat wallets are no longer in school

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No thank you, that's not my cup of tea. I don't know enough about the broader spectrum of traditional games to feel confident in doing this. I'd rather just support the one here in Juneau that actually has people who play the wider variety of games than just me who only does roleplaying games. I don't do wargames and I don't play card games.

Just not my thing.

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>fat autistic nerds with fat wallets

you're underestimating high school populations and that 40k makes most of its money off 12 year olds

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it's a spork you assbutt

I should know, I invented that meme

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I will staff an elite cadre of alpha-nerd Fabreeze Ninja to freshen any grognards who enter the store, and also to answer any questions customers may have.

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Does it have to be in the black economically? Or can I just go crazy?

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It's a store with a sign outside that says 'Noguns keep out.' It's a gunstore / game store. This ensures that any THAT GUYS and Neckbeards ultimately fucks off. As no person with any self preservation instinct pulls any whacky antics around armed people. Plus, Hasguns people are usually nicer and all military personnel are queers / nerds.

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1) Counter near the front, so that employees can greet newcomers.

2) Open tables on the floor for wargaming, board games, CCGs, PnP, whatevs. Can be seen and monitored from employee area and is in clear view of the outside.

3) Racks of products do not block line of sight to said tables. Racks have everything from board games to CCGs to RPGs to tabletop games to snackery.

4) Space in the back for closed-room RPGS.

5) Events; obviously your FNM, Warmahordes / Warhammer nights, Pathfinder Society, board game nights, all that jazz. Could even go so far as doing community outreaches; invite youth groups over to board game night, for instance, or sponsor fundraisers. Get people beyond your standard neckbeards in there.

6) Staff is to be chill, but firm. Let people play and enjoy themselves without breathing down their necks, but if shit happens, be willing and capable of kicking people out of the store.

7) Accepting of all kinds. The staff accepts the casual player and the ultra-hardcore player just as equally. Goes double for events.

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Games and comics, with a big selection of modeling supplies. Basically, it would be like the shops that I already go to, except I would offer more brands of paint besides Citadel.

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Twelve stories tall and made of steel-reinforced concrete. Snipers will be stationed on the roof and at battlements every three stories, preventing anyone from exiting.
The floor will be a massive grid and people will be equipped with all manner of brutal gladiatorial weaponry. They must fight their way up all twelve floors with large, angry, well-trained employees and monsters brought to life through the miracle of animatronics purchased surplus from the Hall of Presidents. Boys will enter. Men will exit... if not men, corpses.
There will also be a snack bar. It'll serve that delicious strawberry-banana fusion stuff V8 makes.

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I will sell tasty buns and cakes and there will be tables for people to converse while enjoying their treats.

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So what has your experience been like in regards to the cultural stigma surrounding tabletop games? I didn't have any RPGs when I was a kid, although I remember that when I was into model railroads, some family friends told us to stop shopping there because they sold Dungeons & Dragons there. Pretty much everyone I knew thought that D&D players were blood drinking devil worshippers (and this was in Connecticut, of all places).

My parents eventually learned that all the rumors were absurd fabrications, and they have no problem with me and my brother's gaming hobbies. However, my grandfather blamed Harry Potter when he got into a car accident, so I figure it's best not to mention D&D when the grandparents are around (although that's one of the nice things about being a Pathfinder player).

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So... it's a coffee shop.

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Switch the shelves and the game space. If people can't see merchandise from the door, you won't get walk-in customers. My FLGS learned that the hard way.

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My local comic shop has a bunch of game merch on display right in the front window. They know what's up.

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Main games are M:TG, Warmahordes, and some random GW products.

Probably around 6-8 wargaming tables, with one long chain of foldout tables for M:TG. Some board games from Fantasy Flight.


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It'd be a combination Game Shop & Pub, complete with a staff bringing drinks out to thirsty gamers.

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mana bar?

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Basically a library-cum-coffee shop, with a basement decked out with tables and such for gamers.

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A bakery actually but I'll sell coffee too.

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I was with you right up to V8. That shit is shit.

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Why the fuck would I ever want to work 80+ hours a week for next to no money?

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I'd probably do it just like my FLGS in my area, but with a more optimized layout. make money off of magic tournaments and whatnot, charge money to host and advertise events at the store. sell drinks and snacks along with gaming stuff like rulebooks, booster packs, and minatures.

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>40k and magic can go fuck itself

You realize that these two products are where gaming stores make nearly all their money? Especially magic.

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If you guys want to make money, I have something you can stock.

It is a mysterious building material called lego.

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All of you have good ideas for a FLGS, just tack these on for me

A pool table, a waiting area, private rooms, and drinks after 10pm

Imagine a LGS where non gamers aren't repulsed by the idea of setting foot in there and can chill out and have a good time, while buying some drinks of course, and hang with their gamer friends.

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My flgs? Fat nerds with BO will drive away people I'd like to get to know. Chauvinism will run rampant, causing the female population to become almost non-existent, except for the one ca/tg/irl that drives away even more business because her low self esteem can't handle any other girls there. It will smell, there will be holes in the walls from mini-freakouts (the most notable being when David threw his warham so hard it deflected off a chair and got stuck in the ceiling, where it's still stuck.) Parents will think it's a free after school service and drop off all their snot nosed autistic ankle biters to play yugimons and make a mess. The trashcan will overflow, the recycling will be a sticky fly ridden temple of crush soda cans. No one will respect those in charge, everyone will argue, drama will run rampant and I will laugh. I will laugh at all of you who so eagerly debase yourselves in this abhorrent waste of time. Drop your land fat man, exploding dice fat man. Fuck you all.

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Let me further explain my offer.

The FLGS that I frequent draws most of its income through lego.
There is this magical time of the year called christmas, when every mother and father (or relative) wracks their heads to find out what they want to give their kids for christmas.

Lego is the perfect gift. Every little boy plays with lego, and you can find lego in all price ranges (its all expensive but you can buy something small)). If he already has a similar lego set? He is happy for more blocks. It CAN'T go wrong.

And thus, my FLGS makes $500k a day on lego ALONE during the christmas rush, enough to be in the green for the rest of the year.

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something like this

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but if you put the bathroom right there everyone in the RPG rooms will hear all the strained neckbeard shits

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Pretty much like a regular FLGS, but with a snack stand.
People always underestimate the power of a snack stand.

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also of note, cheap soundproofing on the rpg rooms so those fuckers can be just about as loud as they want.

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my local store survives off their snacks im pretty sure.

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Like a normal game store, but with blackjack and hookers.

Actually, forget the game store.

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Something like this? idunno
My area is absolutely saturated with comic book & card shops, so I think a wargaming and boadgame store would thrive a bit better due to less competition. I would certainly carry pnp games, but I'm not sure about having tables for people to play them on, as all the groups i've ever joined just hosted their sessions at someone's house.

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But my flgs is already awesome, I wouldn't need one. If anyone ever comes to Virginia, go to Game Vault. It's the bomb diggity

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You. I like you. Cathy's store is the store by which I judge all other stores. So far all have been found wanting.

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no nerds

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THIS, I always wanted to start a novelty bar styled after a roleplay tavern.

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Yeah, it's pretty much the best place to go for wargaming in Virginia. I used to visit the Games Workshop until it closed years ago. It's only a 5 minute drive or a 10 minute walk from my house so it's awesome.

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Shitty, but knowing me I'd probably have the store in sections.

TCGs in one area, wargames in one area, RPGs in another, and hobby stuff near the center.

Of course I'd also sell food and probably try to get more areas set up so I can hire cooks so I can have healthy and fresh foods and drinks in addition to junk food.

Second floor would have tables and what not.

I'll most likely have employees walk around, be friendly while keeping an eye out for trouble.

Weekends would have tournaments and for wargames and RPGs, campaigns. Not to mention competitions like who can paint the best, who can teach the best newbies, etc.

You know, stuff to introduce more people into the hobby and then create more customers.

Maybe bring a relative day.

Anything to introduce more people and what not.

Not to mention sales and what not.

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Please, stop saying WHAT NOT. It's a terrible maneirism and English is not my native language.

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stop being so autistic and what not

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It'd look like a standard pub. In the back there'd be a heavy oaken door with "No Dwarves Allowed"

Opening the door reveals to sets of stairs, one leading to a basement full of war-gaming tables. The other leads up to a shop where you can buy your nerd supplies.

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>FLGS that also sells Legos

Christ, it's like the money would just fly out of my wallet of its own volition.

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Your fridge and toilet are in the same room. Not sure if that was deliberate but it creates a pretty great mental image.

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I used to go to Tower of Games in Virginia Beach when I was in school-- to buy paints for my non-gaming models. I did not get into tabletop games until after I came home. :(

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My ideal gaming store would sell snacks, cold sodas, energy drinks and coffee. Just have a coffee robot and sell the cartridges for like a dollar. Surprisingly few of the ones I have been to sell that stuff.

It really does make sense though. People do not have to leave the store during a gaming session because they're sleepy, hungry or thirsty, and you get to make some cash in the process. It's also an easy way to makemoney from people who are just there to play and wouldn't be buying anything otherwise, and still keep the tables available for free.

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I'd stock twice as many core rule sets as splatbooks, keep every volume of each core set in stock, and make goddam sure I *NEVER* ran out of core rules sets.

There is nothing more annoying than seeing that one game you always wanted to try, and not being able to, because they had the player's book, but not the GM guide.

Also, I'd get a cat for the store.

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A store pet would be awesome, although allergies could be a problem for some customers.

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It's basically a huge round room with a table at the centre made of dice.

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Here's my fantasy shop. Named possibly the Alchemists Guild

>"Library" Shelves of RPG books for casual viewing and such
>"Private study" - Rooms for groups to gather and play in, comes with a fridge, dimmable lights, candelabra maybe. Soundproof walls.
>"Name Pending" - Main point of the store, a soda bar for mixing drinks and such, purchasable by people in the shop. Also sells food. Might serve the drinks in a flask type cup.

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I generally go out of my way to not support my LGS since I consider LGS' to be jews of the highest order. But I only play card games.

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A 3-floor design. Main floor would have product, displays, and 6 public tables for every day matches and FNM tournaments and ect.

Basement would have rooms with large tables, and big sturdy but comfy chairs. These rooms would be rentable for the RPG'ers and others who want some privacy for their games.

Top floor would be a in-store gamer styled cafe (maybe even a few arcade machines if I could find them)

Elevator and stairs to all 3. Outside food would be allowed in the rented rooms (I aint gonna be a dick and make you buy food when you just paid me for the room)

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Three stories, each with its own register, ground floor is spacious, with cards stocked behind and in counters, the room has tables set up similar to how a church has pews, but tables are distant enough from each other that people can walk between two tables while people are playing cards. second floor has RPG/board game stock lining the walls, with rulebooks and stuff on the walls arranged like a library, with three copies of each book on shelf. Third floor is war games, like 40k with one corner having display models, there are terrain tables around the room set up so people can play, with stock and codex's on the walls and behind the counter. All three floors are well lit, and well ventilated, with tasteful brown carpeting and biege walls. I would hold a no-food/drink policy, but have the store next to a food joint.

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Basically a pub/bar where you can play magic/boardgames/skirmish'shy games.
Good beer, some cocktails and not overpriced sandwich & toasts.
A small lounge where you can sit and have a coffee and read books/comics/mangos.
Smooth jazz/big band & rockabilly for the main soundtrack

then after a couple of months I file for bankruptcy

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I like it

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It's a webstore that offers a 45% discount because fuck everybody else and I sure as fuck don't want to babbysit a bunch of autists.

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2 floors and an expansive basement.

Ground floor has plastic crack but no tables and the tills.

Top floor has comics, card games and collectibles.

Basement has 7 rooms, 6 of which are gaming tables, for either tabletop or rpg and last is for painting and has a ventilated spray cupboard.

Done. Perfect.

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It's going to have a snack machine near the tables. It doesn't stock snacks. It stocks boosters (with lots of padding at the bottom).

>> No.26467289

Might as well just make the whole store vending machines. Booster vending machine, blistered mini vending machine, have a turnstile entrance to the area with the tables that you have to pay for it to let you through

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Good Games, Melbourne


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Shit I was just there about an hour ago

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That's a damn good idea.

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simple stuff, you enter there is a counter, maybe some anime figures and dvds for sale so i can broaden my public. Then there's the book section, divided by system, and a very comprehensive list of homebrews for the public to see. I'd want to sell and host tournaments of every japanese toy ever(b-daman, beyblade, those digimon digivices, miniyonko...). Shelves and shelves of card games and minis, some tables near a nice window so people could play whatever they wanted with sunlight, and many many tables in teh back because i know most players are vampires or whatever kids are nowaday. I'd also want to host weekly campaigns, maybe one using a traditional system on weekday nights(d&d, pathfinder, shadowrun, runequest) and homebrews and unknown titles on weekends. I think i'd sell food, but you're not allowed to browse the store before you finished it and washed your hands. also, No shirt, no bath, no service.

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Decent sized place with gaming space a good selection of magic, 40k and rpg stuff. A couple table in the back for open play and I sell GW stuff for 25-30% below MSRP so people buy from me and not online. Try to use tourney to get the community alive. I'll also have a both at cons to raise peoples awareness

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21+ BYOB EDH every Saturday night

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Honestly some people have mentioned similar things, I think I'd really rather open up a cafe with a board game library and that is friendly to people using it as a BYOG gaming space. Running a FLGS doesn't sound like nearly as much fun as running a cafe.

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First floor is a gamestore that deals in PnP stuff and general nerd esoterica. Second floor is a tavern modeled to resembled a 19th-century british colonial hunters' lodge.

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500k or 50k? and repeatedly?
My Super Target does 600-700k on Black Friday, with 300-400k a day on the busiest days before Christmas
It seems near impossible that a local game store could do 500k selling mostly lego sets.

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>not having a coffee shop in your FLGS already
Where do you live, Siberia?

>> No.26474914

>only three wargaming tables
>only two card tables
Shit shop, wouldn't visit.

>> No.26474988


>TFW I live in Siberia

Mostly because my FLGS is in a tiny-ass house from the 1920s that got remodeled into a store. That's a thing in my area, for some reason.

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One thing is to make a shitty sorcerer on DnD, the other is to make a functional niche products store.

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this guy actually has it right. I'm 20 and I know fine well that the only reason I don't have LEGO anymore is the pitying looks I get from people when I walk into their stores.

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You're buying it for your nephew, anon.
You're buying it for your nephew. It's his birthday.

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I see I got some replies to my lego post.

500k was not a typo, but admittedly it was the "peak" amount of sales in one day. I'd imagine the rest of the week brought in anywhere between 200k-400k, but I don't know the specifics.

It is the countries largest lego store and they make damn sure to market it, they hire teens to stand with large signs saying "Countries largest lego outlet!" out in the main street pointing towards the store.

They also stock a huge assortment of manga and fantasy books, which I guess is where they draw most of their income from during non-lego seasons.

They have two stores in the city, although I heard one of them might have to close shop as they couldn't afford to pay the absurd rents due to their location (this one does not stock lego).
In the meantime, the lgs that stocks lego is now opening up an ARCADE in their basement. They were planning to do it a year earlier, but they weren't allowed due to "no support for wheelchair users" (aka no elevator), complete fucking bullshit if you ask me. Although thanks to the lego sales, they can now afford to install an elevator.

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MTG and tabletop games only.

No yu-gi-oh players stinking of shit. No one stinking of shit, in fact. You get booted out if you smell like shit.

0 tolerance for "that guy"

I will not play polite with a retard just because he's a retard, if he's ruining the game experience for people around him he's out on his ass.

This is why I'd never run a successful shop. Too many patrons are shitty human beings so I'd end up banning 90% of my customers from my store.

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I would lease a closed down White Castle, name it "the game fortress" and then put archers on the roof to fend off haters.

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