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Who would win in a beauty contest?
Fulgrim, Sliscus or Sanguinius?

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Not Fulgrim, that's for sure.

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Sanguinus, Fulgrims got a mess up nose, and sliscus can't compare to his gold locks .

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Sanguinius, no contest
and if there were a contest, he would choke the judges, and win that way

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Because he would just murder all other competitors.
And jury. And audience. To hell, free murder to everyone!

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Fulgrim has bishonen hawtness going for him, but according to the novels he has a tacky sense in ornaments.

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Typhus. He has to seriously practice poor hygeine less he be swamped by fauning Sisters of Battle, which would be a needless distraction from hte whole plague spreading thing.

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If we go by their canonical descriptions:

Sanguinius looks like he comes from a Raphael painting (he's very manly and very boyish at the same time)

Sliscus looks like he comes from an Amano Yoshitaka painting (since he's basically David Bowie's characters merged into one)

Fulgrim looks like he comes from Hellsing (he's a bishounen but a really freaky one).

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Trazyn steals the judges' hearts in the personality segment and stuns everyone in the talents segment, winning the contest after mediocre results in the swim suit contest.

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What about if we go by the Model Aesthetics?

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Only Fulgrim has a model, so I guess he wins.

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Despite looking like this >>26454042

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then we don't go by the model aesthetics because only one has a model.

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Other contestants can't win if they don't show up.

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which is why we're not going by models

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