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Is trolling Omeglres with Role Play a Traditional Game?

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Just had a hilarious one

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Whenever these threads pop up I try and find /tg/ peeps on omegle and all I get is the typical bots and 15 year old guys trying to pick up chicks.

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I don't think it's gonna happen.

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I don't even know what was going on.

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The ending, holy fuck

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Put "tg" in your interests.

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oh holy shit forgot about this thread.

OP here. keywords are:

tg, grognard, rp, roleplay

I'll dump the rest i have, then do some RPan

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Challenge is on to make the other person d/c in one sentence. no waiting!

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"You come to inside a log"

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Is this still happening?

I want to happen upon a /tg/ person.

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I'm going at it. Using the keywords OP provided.

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I got another one for you guys.

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fucking glorious.

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Goddamit i can't stop laughing.

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Rolled 4

I'm the opposite, I just find /tg/ peeps, It's kind of fun at times admittedly but I prefer your situation haha

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Hey man, in the grim darkness of the 41st millennium, stripper clips are back in style.

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I want to be your paddlewan. Teach me, master!

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He said it's an assault rifle. I don't know of any 'salt raifu that doesn't use a detachable magazine.

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come on people, we need more tg's

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I don't know if this counts, but just to keep the thread alive.

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i apologize for not making proper fun adventure for one person on omegle

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Dumping my collection of adventures.

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Someone post the orc slayer who's name escapes me's various adventures.

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This one is a little longer, three parts.

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It begins.

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Here is the quite long but awesome adventure of Owlman. Newly baked.

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And so ends the first adventures of Owlman.

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It felt really good being a part of that. half the time I didn't know what the fuck was going on.

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I just tried to tie it all together, man. I have no idea either.

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I'm just glad I didn't leave that first time

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You fucker.

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go on...

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They DC'd after I met with EVA
No sense of pacing with kids these days, I swear.

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I just got a paladin to go to battle with some drunken bears.

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Owl Knight is going to be an NPC in my next game, no exceptions.

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damn, and I was looking forward to that too

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>If you don't like that, I don't care

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oh fucking lord

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This was surprisingly polite.

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>If you don't like that
>Not if you can't bear it
Step it up, man.

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Did someone ask for...


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Best. Omegle. Ever.

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The puns at the end are causing my sides much pain.

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Such is the majesty of Brogan. This one is easily my favorite.

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And it is with a heavy heart I must conclude my Brogan dump, for to my knowledge, his tales end here. But we can still hope he may yet return someday.

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Dammit /tg/ i can't find any of you.

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>tfw was RPing with someone and my internet cut out briefly and I lost him
>tfw I had so much in store

Sorry bro D:

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I assume you're reading this? Why?

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Internet cut out for a solid two minutes bro :(

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Is this still going on?

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i am still participating

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Why will no one smite evil with me?

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> You: You strike him in the jaw. He begs for his life in his final seconds, yet you strike away. His chin seems to displace from the rest of his face and his body flings to the side. You can hear bones cracking under the force and blood fly from his mouth.
> Stranger: i ask him if he has any ammo on him

God damnit /tg/, you're so practical.

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I can't find you bro!

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I enjoyed making this one.

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This one too.

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I'll never forget you bread wizard.

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I sincerely hope one of you find the Wizard Ranier Howell, and learn of the fate of Princess Macguffin, as i was too tired to carry on the story, with it being 5 AM for me

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Thanks, Rothlar the Paladin.
The bread will forever live in your heart - helping fight against heart disease with it's healthy benefits and whole grainy goodness.


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