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So, I heard that they were making a standalone of Delta Green? Did that go anywhere or was it cancelled or what? I did look around for info but I had no luck. If it's been cancelled are there any alternatives for modern day cthulhu action?

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There's modern day rules in the core book. Why do you need Delta Green?

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What do you mean a standalone? It's been a game on its own for years.

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its been pretty fucking quiet on that front

no idea, I guess progress is going slow

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Have they released anything else after Targets of Opportunity?

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not using the Basic Roleplaying System, which was a preexisting system

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because delta green expands on the setting. The last "modern day" used in Call of Cthulhu was iirc the late eighties or early nineties.
Delta Green had a different play style than a standard call of cthulhu game.

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They talked about a new standalone DG that is fully compatible and really just a work over of detail rules since GenCon 2011. It's been 2 years and all we get is Stolze claiming to have handed in chapters. The thing hangs between several publishers and doesn't get the attention it deserves from above. Why they didn't kickstart it I have no idea. But basically DG is in Limbo and although there is new material and people have been claiming to be beta testing it since 2012 there is no new version as of today.

Not really an alternative, more of a similar thing in a different key: The Laundry. Based on the superb novels by Charles Stross, powered by BRP, published by Cubicle7 (who should REALLY put out some errata after 3 years!). It's about occult secret agents in Her Majesty's vast agency for keeping such things secret and the rest of the population safe. The tone is much lighter, although no less doomsday-y, relying on irony and collision with mundane issues while giving ancient horrors a context of WW2 records and government secrecy.

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>alternatives for modern day cthulhu action?
Generic Horror crunch based on ORE and UA. The better system in every aspect, but not fluffed at all.

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Modern horror for the avarage joe player character and not tied to conspiracies and groups but more so to the characters themselves and ancient truths luring in the world on the other side of the illusion; like silent hill - Kult.

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Someone will inevitably say Trail of Cthulhu.

But I say fuck that shit. Esoterrorists, that's where it's at!

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Sadly The Esoterrorists was the testing grounds for ToC, which adds several really interesting mechanics. Like the pillars of sanity.
The setting is interesting though.

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Disappointing that there's been no news about it. I was hoping they would have said something by now, all I can do is keep my fingers crossed I suppose.

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Tell me more.

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The mechanics might be more refined. But they're in no way suited to Lovecraft material. They work more like a murder mystery.

And Esoterrorists was really good. Of course that had a lot to do with the inspired fluff.

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I am really starving for more DG. The Laundry is cool though.

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Dumping some pics till I go to lunch.

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Nowadays it seems like the norm for RPG games to go all out with marketing and stupid bullshit playtests.

Even if there's little news from them, they're a solid bunch, and the DG website is still updating with the occasional article.

The Sense of the Sleight of Hand Man just came out as well.

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I think these are a better advertisement for the game than pictures of vague spooky monsters

Keeps the feeling of dark hopelessness while sticking the player closer to the smoking back rooms of power

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Ya I totally agree. But I was just picking random junk from my "Fhtagn" folder to dump. Like ths

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I'm pretty sure it's still ongoing.

Honest to god, I recommend this all the time but go check out 'Lover in the Ice'. It's an actual play recording of the Roleplaying Public Radio guys, who do a lot of CoC/DG stuff (including a really neat take on Miami Vice).

It has the best setup I could even imagine for a DG game, and I am amazed there's not a module with the setup that I know of. It's an unboxing - a secure depository in the middle of nowhere has become damaged and the players (the closest available, by no means the best) are given a checklist, have to head to the facility and make sure all those green boxes are as they should be.

The tension in rolling, opening the box, the security procedures your players will doubtless concoct. It's just great.

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>a secure depository in the middle of nowhere has become damaged and the players (the closest available, by no means the best) are given a checklist, have to head to the facility and make sure all those green boxes are as they should be.
That does not yet sound very original, more like a bread-and-butter Warehouse 13 adventure.

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"The Laundry" deserves a mention as a modern day setting. The characters work at a British agency of the same name tasked with keeping at bay the forces of Lovecraftian myth. This would be easier if occult rituals couldn't be reduced to mathematical formulas, which means in the modern world, a smartphone can often do the job in a minute which previously required gigantic summoning circles and weeks of chanting and drawing. What makes it still harder is that, being a Yuropean government agency, The Laundry is chronically under-funded, under-appreciated and overburdened in paperwork.

Not your typical modern 'Thulu setting.

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Oh wait, stupid me, it has already been mentioned. Well, still recommended.

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Green Boxes, dude! Green boxes?

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>The Laundry is chronically under-funded, under-appreciated and overburdened in paperwork.
Pretty much is the same as DG there though.

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>Delta Green
>No triangle
>Barely green

I feel cheated

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DG = organized crime for the sake of humanity
Laundry = disorganized bureaucracy for the sake of avoiding ISO 9001:2008 policy violations that may result in the thaumic demise of citizens.

Yeah, dude! GREEN BOXES. Like on that mildly funny webpage that has been around forever. It's not like they're referencing the SCP Foundation.

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You bunch of disorganized grabastic morons are a fucking waste of good oxygen. You couldn't investigate your way out of a goddamned wet paper bag. It's a fucking disgrace. You're all a bunch of sorry excuses for sorry excuses. The first thing I'd do in the field is shoot you punks in the head so you couldn't get good people killed in action with your gross incompetence. Fairfield's final report was right.


The next project for Pagan Publishing is a collection of WWI stuff tentatively titled GREAT WAR CTHULHU. They hope to release Delta Green: THE NEW MILLENNIUM in 2014, but given their past history with colossal delays and printer related fuckups they are playing their cards very close to the chest for now. NEW MILLENNIUM and it's follow up project OUR DARKEST HOUR (DG in WW2) will very likely be kickstartered when the time comes.

NEW MILLENNIUM makes drastic changes to who's pulling the strings. Agent ADAM was greased by Reinhard Galt thanks to Agent DARREN's fuckup. ALPHONSE is presumed dead and ANDREA is on the run. The Delta Green guys left over managed to pull a coup by recruiting a lot of key people inside the MAJESTIC GROUP. Now there's the greedy corporate fuckwits who want to profit from the Mythos, old school DG Agents maintaining a mini-conspiracy within the smoking ruins of the MAJESTIC bureaucracy, scientists with more theories than wisdom who don't know any better, and all kinds of DEEP STATE bullshit and bureaucracy. Delta Green is now once again a security clearance. The clear and concise organization of the 1995-2001 cell-structure illegal conspiracy era has been replaced with a jumble of enigmas wrapped in riddles inside a mystery. You won't know who you're really working for or who you can trust inside the organization, or what will happen with the results of your investigations.

Everything is different now. You're being cut loose in a Wilderness of Mirrors. Good luck idiots. That's the only way you'll survive.

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Let me just smugly state that Pegasus Press releases quality German-language stuff like a berserker and your troubles of not enough Mythos are unknown to me.

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The German localizations of CoC are better than the originals, those translators do some great work. Is DG with the same publisher in BRD?

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I don't know why I keep wasting my time on you miserable cocksuckers. There's no one here smart enough to use this properly.

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Fucking amateurs.

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Yeah they do DG as well.

I'd actually somewhat wager the WW1 stuff might at least in part be a localisation of German OC that's 5-6 years old. Most of the adventures Pegasus do are somewhat generic, but their research team for their sourcebooks is amazing, they do autism level historic research.

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Oh and I have no idea whether there's a translation but, the old German CoC publisher did a few stunning campaigns, the most legendary IMO being "The Frog Prince Fragments", which interwove Grimms Tales and Mythos-worship.

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That sounds like something i want in on. You wouldn't know where to aquire it by any chance, would you?

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So play Call of Cthulhu like Delta Green. Do you need the book to specifically tell you how to run your own story?

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>But they're in no way suited to Lovecraft material.
Lovecraft isn't about narrative stuff, he's about crunchy damage charts!

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I am afraid I can't offer even a German PDF, even though (or: because) the publisher is not in existence anymore and the book has been long out of print.

I'll try to aquire a PDF and get it on /tg/, for whatever good a German PDF will do here...

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The writters of Delta Green are very good. I'm man enough to admit they are better than me, and they can spend more time working out the details of the setting than I have to spare.
By buying the book I save myself the time and effort to establish a whole lot of background, characters and conspiracies.
You know, the same reason you buy any setting books ever.

The new update was suppose to solve a lot rules problems that persisted from the Basic Rules system, and update the setting to the twenty first century

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Just google the Blue Planet Project pdf: All you need for a world conspiracy built around aliens, secret government, abduction experiments, and the human race destroying itself in an attempt to catch up technologically. It's where MJ-12 comes from.

And you can still have it all just be a front for some Old Ones.

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have you actually read any of the Delta Green sourcebooks?
They're quality work. I have no problem paying for quality work.
Why is this so hard for you to understand?

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