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How would the MtG playerbase react to a futuristic setting? Would it harm the game?

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shameless self bump

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Nope nope and nope - once a thread derails, always a thread derail.

Your question was obviously shit the first time around and it is still shit now.

Bondburger 2, the Superspy who Angus'd me.

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Last night I Casino royale with cheese your sister?

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Something tells me OP is trying to tell us something about the Bondburger with those two images.

Perhaps he is a traveller, here to warn us of the impending doom that hovers over our civilisation, which we are unaware of; and that our only hope is...THE BONDBURGER

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There is already a "what if" that then spyraled into loads of MtG cards refluffed into a futuristic setting, but hell if I can remember the name right now.

I wish there were an actual sci-fi setting in MtG, I prefer that to generic fantasy.

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How would you fit the scifi elements together with the five colours of magic?

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Well, I think an increase in British Spies would be balanced out by American fast food thus allowing for interesting senarios such as 'I [Actor] [Object] your sister'.

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The best I can think of right now is magitek, hopefully distinct enough to not be "Izzet Guild: the plane"

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err Izzet League

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it's mirrodin.

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Mirrodin a thousand years later?

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>New Phyrexia a thousand years later?

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I think Ravnica did a pretty good job of "Magic in the future" overall. The whole plane was a city, and you even had the angle of the druids trying to reclaim the urban environment in Selesnya and Simic.
I love you /tg/. Never change.

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The mechanics don't fit a future setting with tanks, bombers etc. Space the Convergence made that obvious imho.
Bring back Battletech. That was a fun game with cool mechanics.

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oh yeah, forgot about the phyrexians

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What if we stuck more to stuff like mechanical armour suits, guns (probably energy) Orbital drops and that sort of stuff.

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No. Mirrodin right now. Is a sci-fi setting. Mirrodin when it was released.

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Pretty sure mirrodin right now is a horror setting.

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Mirrodin is vaguely scifi....in a way.

Ravnica is essentially Ank-Morporkian.

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Last night I bondburgered your sister

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Pretty much the only thing that didn't get translated well that I remember right now is Flying.
Orbital makes sense mechanics wise, but I would add an itnermediate one in between, both for fluff and games reason.
So, we would have ground units (no keyword), atmospheric flight units (flying) and stuff that stays out the planet/battlefield (orbital)
Plus additional keywords for the different kind of Reach we can get now.

I think I might have complicated things a bit too much.

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At best, a sci-fi setting would be like DnD's Blackmoor. At worst, it would be a lazy fantasy reskin of sci-fi stuff.

I'm personally more interested in the Victorian Plane.

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also her ther horror.

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I'm actually looking forward to Zendikar 2: Eldrazi Boogaloo

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victorian plane was already done. it was called innistrad

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We JUST had this thread and it turned out better than whatever discussion could come from it.

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Here let me end this proper discussion in favor of the better thread



Now back to trying to solve this most masterful of riddles.

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>See Broken Base

pretty much all that would happen. Half would embrace it half would hate it. Hatred and flamewars would ensue. FNM's turned to bloodbaths.

I'd personally love it but many would complain that it would be the thing that ruined Magic forever. LIke slivers, eldrazi, allies, jund, rdw's, jace, Rancor, Casual players, banned lists, weenie decks, change in gamepace, anything after 7th edition, and anything else people choose to blame for the death of magic.

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Rosewater's said the Mirrodin and Ravnica are as futuristic as we're ever getting.

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I fucking hate Jace with all my heart. And not just his broken-as-fuck cards.

>Love the Ravnica cycle books as a kid
>Hey maybe I'll read Return to Ravnica

Fuck you, Wizards.

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>last night i double-o burgered your sister

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>Urza's saga

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Someone mentioning Space: The Convergence always summons me. Anyone wants a card done up in space opera style?

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>actually believing in anything Rosewater says.

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Magic: the Jacening.

Jace is gonna be in Theros, yo.

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