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How the fuck could humans, such a pathetically weak creature, come to dominance? No real physical traits, no hyper agility or predatory senses, nothing. How could this happen?

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Breeding like rats.

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Imagine that you're a big scary jungle cat. You weight a couple hundred pounds; you've got razor sharp claws, long fangs, lightning fast reflexes. You're a perfect killing machine and human babies are just delicious.

But here's the thing. You work alone. Almost all predators do; even ones that don't -- lions and wolves and whatnot -- while scary, still hunt and kill in a predictable way.

And there's the word that makes humans so terribly dangerous. Our babies are helpless but our adults are the most terrifying predator on the planet, bar none. We lack long pointy claws so we hurl rocks to keep those claws at bay. We lack raw brute strength so we sharpen sticks, focusing our pathetic muscle strength down into a needle-sharp point.

We lack cat-like reflexes so we react before things happen -- we predict. We see patterns and we act on them; we respond, not to what has happened but what WILL happen and we extend that not just to defeating the predator that comes in the night for our children; we see the pattern and we act -- treating all predators, even those who've never made a play for our young as threats.

We see the pattern and we hunt those other species preemptively.

The greatest protective capacity human beings have is the capacity for eradication. No other species has anything like it. If humans consider a predator a threat to their children or their tribe they will seek out and exterminate every last member of that species within reach.

Our children are helpless, but as a social group we are the most fearsome killing machines on earth.

Thinly veiled HFY thread?

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We've got endurance, community and intelligence.

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intelligence, use of tools, the ability to plan ahead and the ability to work in groups

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Tactical minds the likes unmatched, an indomitable spirit and the trusted shield/spear wall!
What this guy said.

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Only time we look weak and helpless is when compared to fantasy races that we've created.

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Brains. From our perspective every other animal is very stupid.

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Not *every* other animal. And we're constantly discovering that animals are more and more intelligent than we've ever thought they could be.

But ultimately, yeah, we're smarter mostly due to language, arithmetic, and as that one guy said, long-term predictive planning. No other animal is even capable of thinking in terms of years.

All of this is rhetorical, though, since we're presumably comparing ourselves not to animals, but to orcs, elves, dwarves, halflings, and the various other Tolkein and non-Tolkein creatures of /tg/ origin.

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Just because you sit at your desk and let your muscles atrophy away doesn't mean humanity has no strengths. Humans are clever endurance runners, with a specialization in throwing, visual acuity, and group dynamics. The attitude that humanity brings nothing to the table is something propagated by people who never use their strengths.

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Humans tend to have a lot of strengths other races don't have, depending on the setting. What is special about humans varies hugely depending on the setting, and what's a strength in one can be a weakness in another. So it's really hard to point at something that's *always* a strength.

Generally though, the reason humans are dominant is because the races/species they're up against have highly improbable and contrived weaknesses that are easily exploited by a species that, like us, had to *actually* go through he process of natural selection to end up where it is, unlike fantasy creatures that are dreamed up by an author and thus can have tons of enormous, easily-exploitable weaknesses that they'd never get away with in reality.

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It's unlikely any other animals are even capable of abstraction. That we discover an animal to be "more intelligent than we ever thought" doesn't mean that it's actually *intelligent* by human standards, unless you compare them to toddlers.

inb4 "chimps can talk" claims made by morons engaged in facilitated communication

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im still pretty shur all humans and see into the future a little, i mean fuckall small amount, but enough for it to do something.

ever be just sitting there, then you get some feeling shit is going down, go out side, and shit went down.

also all humans are linked somehow

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We make and use tools.

That and the aposable thumb make us wholly unique with the exception of Apes, which we descend from.

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Actually tool-use has been observed in other primate species, otters use stones to break shells, and even crows have been observed "fishing" by using breadcrumbs for bait.

Human tool-use is admittedly on a whole other level though.

"Weakness" is a fairly relative term. Any animal will die if it gets stuck with something pointy in a vulnerable spot, or falls a few dozen feet, if an open wound turns gangrenous, etc.

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The really important part is that we don't just pass on the tool knowledge, we build onto our collective knowledge every generation.

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They breed like rats and have no regard for their environment.

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Brains and thumbs nigga

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1) Intelligence which leads to tool using, weapons etc.

2) Social organization.

3) Our endurance is actually super-high. Early hunters - and this still happens today in parts of Africa - just spot a deer, get their spear and then run after deer and KEEP RUNNING UNTIL THE DEER DIES OF A HEART ATTACK FROM RUNNING.

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We're huge compared to basically everything else on the planet, certainly bigger than 99% of all other life. We're actually pretty strong, certainly very hardy and with some serious endurance on our sides. And we're smart. Really smart.

Brains win every time, in the game of species v species.

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Breeding like rats, tool-making, and full sapience

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>brains win every time
ants would like a word with you

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>>2640189926 Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals,[a] and over all the creatures that move along the ground.”

27 So God created mankind in his own image,
in the image of God he created them;
male and female he created them.
28 God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground.”

29 Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food. 30 And to all the beasts of the earth and all the birds in the sky and all the creatures that move along the ground—everything that has the breath of life in it—I give every green plant for food.” And it was so.

31 God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. And there was evening, and there was morning—the sixth day.

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I wonder how scary and 'alien' we would seem to sentient beings from another world.

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This guy gets it.

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Opposable thumbs and circumventing evolution.

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Whole other level doesn't begin to describe it. The mental leap from "I'll use this rock to smash this nut." to "I'll use this rock to turn this other rock into a blade, which I will then attach to a stick, which I can then use to kill something from thirty feet away by throwing it." is really quite astounding. And not only that, but we don't have to keep rediscovering it. Humans communicate with each, compare materials and strategies, and teach their children how to do these things so that they don't need to repeat the discovery process. A tiger is born and it spends about 12 months learning everything it will ever need to know about being a tiger. In developed countries a human is born and it is thrust into a roughly 22 year long educational force-feeding compiling all the useful things it will need to be an adult and they continue to learn and grow even after that.

But why all this education? Simple. A tiger needs to get in physical contact with you to hurt you, but a human can kill you from a dozen yards, possibly before you even see it, through the applied use of its brain. And here's the kicker: Even if you do notice it. Even if you think you could laugh off the puny spear and eat him the human has probably already planned out the situation. He has seen your kind before. His parents have told him the secrets of how your kind act. He KNOWS what you will do and he's ready. You WILL play right into his hand.

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And he can chase you until you get so overheated you just can't run anymore.

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That too. You can hide but you cannot run.

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Shut up.

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Are we talking in a fantasy realm or the real world?

In the real world, human are smart, interact in large numbers, and breed all year long. We use higher brain functions that have allowed us to outmaneuver every species we've ever come across. Factor in technological advances and that answers your question.

In a fantasy world it's less straightforward. There are potentially dozens of other races just as smart and tough as humans, so it really should just be luck of the draw. Plus there are predators in the wilds and sea that are ridiculously powerful and numerous.

I really don't understand how incompetent a dragon would have to be to let a humanoid group settle and become a threat to it in something like a few weeks relative to its perception of time.

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Depends on where on the planet they land.

Basically our intelligence and tool use.

Yes, it lets us hunt and kill other animals, but it also lets us do something far more important. Mother fucking substance farming.

Unlike the deer who has to forage, we can stay exactly where we are, build a nice, warm, cosy little house and farm everything we need. Lettuce, potatoes, corn, onions. And because we can produce food, we can control the animals. We lure them in with the promise of easy food and a shed to sleep out of the rain. And before they know it we've built a fence around them. Now we've got vegetables, fruits, meats, hides and leathers. What more could a nomadic human want?

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Actually it's not so much that our endurance is very high, but rather we're smart enough to pace ourselves in such a way that we don't tire as quickly. Carrying water bottles also helps.

African endurance hunters aren't actually running or even jogging the entire time, and may not even have the prey in their sights. Instead, they follow the tracks and carry water to recoup the sweat that keeps them cool.

Unlike humans, the prey animal is usually furred and doesn't keep a supply of water on the move. Consequently it eventually dies of heat exhaustion. Note this sort of hunting is completely unfeasible elsewhere - most other places add the step of wounding the prey with a weapon and then tracking it.

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This also wasn't necessarily true for a good chunk of human history. There's growing evidence that a great deal of megafauna extinctions (things like mammoths, giant sloths, etc.) coincided with the rise of humans.

Whether this was due completely to human causes like hunting and terraforming, or caused by other factors thus clearing the way for human dominance is hotly disputed, but being in the large range is a geologically recent development.

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Humans are kings of endurance. A trained human can run down an antelope on a stretch due to marvelous body temperature regulation until its heart gives out and in collapses.

Works marvelous in a savannah where humans evolved.

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We can also swim, climb, and brachiate, a combination unique to us, giving us the ability to navigate any terrain. Not as well as specialists, mountain goats are fucking amazing climbers, monkeys are better at trees, but wide enough that no land could stop us.

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Opposable thumbs and logic.

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Mountain Goats are fucking wizards

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1) daptability. We eschewed physical features like strength, claws, hides or fur in exchange for the ability to create those and much more for whenever we want to use them, and then freely discard them for whenever they'd be a burden.

2) Agriculture and Industry. Not only can we take things from our environment and shape them to use our use, we can shape the very environment itself.

In other words, there isn't a single environment on earth that Humans cannot survive in, be altered so that humans can survive in it, be removed or destroyed or effortlessly avoided. This is unique in the natural world.

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Okay, I'm going to put you on the surface of the sun. Adapt to that.

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he did say "on earth"

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Humanity is carried on the backs of heroes, both benevolent and malign.

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Because the gods demand it of us OP.

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go read up on current anthropology.
Squirrels have names.
Some breeds of dolphin can recognize themselves in mirrors.
Chimps in captivity name people and will remember that name and use for the person after not seeing them for over a year.
Some chimps in the wold use tools and even allow their meat to dry in the sun before eating it, which seems to imply they understand that cooked/jerked meats are easier to digest and get nutrition out of.
Hyenas have a complex system that covers ideas beyond just the basics of danger, safe, food and water.

Abstract thought is not as unique or special as you assume.

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This guy >>26410841 beat me to it, but still. You utter dipshit.

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>yfw it's not that we are 'only now discovering' that animals are more intelligent than we thought,
>but they actually evolving to be come more and more intelligent
Men, I believe it is time to exterminate all squirrels, dolphins, chimps, and hyenas.

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x*y= real dominance
x=how good it is to something come into dominance

I think the that amount of X other races have higher than human is way higher than the amount of Y human have over other races

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Squirrels need to be exterimated wherever they hide.
They're all furry little wankers

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Do we really want to give them the idea of Genocide though?

or are we going to get crows, cuttlefish, and Poles to do the dirty work for us?

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Anyone that is against dolphin genocide knows nothing about dolphins.

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If we actually cared enough to do battle with ants, we would... well, we wouldn't "win," per se, but there would be a whole lot more dead ants than dead humans.

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once we find the rape caves, we can set traps for them

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Ants do not have flamethrowers and large-scale pesticides

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>giving Dolphins the knowledge of making mechanical traps


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That's... not really conforting. There are more ants in a single colony than there are humans.

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They're tree rats, and the only reason they're "cute" is they're fluffy.

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Not THAT kind of trap anon...

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I, for one, do not want to literally watch my ass every time I go for a swim.

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Yes, but a lone ant, or even a colony of ants is fucking nothing on a local scale, let alone a global one.
A single human can initiate a global nuclear holocaust with the push of a button.

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Herbivore dominate races, natives of planets with low oxygen or gravity (which equals small stature and/or muscle mass), and races with high levels of empathy and social cohesiveness would find us beyond terrifying. Even more so if it's a combo of these things.

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it's simple.
We create new species of Cordyceps.

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Rolled 8


God dammit, rolling

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Were you rolling for anal circumference?

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it is a well known fact that if you roll a nat 1 on /tg/ you acquire a new fetish

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the jump from insect to human is so large it's ridiculous.

also, fungal infections are incredibly easy to combat

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Oh, I know, I just wanted to point that more dead ants than dead humans is not even close to victory.

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You know, the grand majority of the time, science does NOT actually bite us in the ass.
Unless you think things like weak eagle eggshells is somehow damaging the human race.

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Indeed I too was surprised to hear them called 'dominant'. How can one know adversity who has not done battle to secure a shell? Who has not squabbled for the cast-off home of his betters?

It is fear that drives the strong! What fear do they know who do not fend off their fellows at every turn? Who need not prepare at every turn for the rabble to tear them from their palace home and crown a new prince?

Their ways are frivolous! They guise themselves in frail clothing where the truly strong are encrusted with armor and doubly mailed in thick shells! Their minds are weak! They know not the improving, unending war of home-ownership! Yet with their towering forms and disgusting habits they pass for rulers on the land.

I was young when first I tore a foe from his shell, tasted victory, saw my enemy flee naked, and bestowed my old shell as an idle gift upon one of my followers, simply to make the others jealous. Since then I have fought and I have taken time and again! Now I am old, and grand, and mighty! The human knows little of such ascension. Their forms settle and become frail and finally they wither. They seldom die the glorious battle-death known to our kind. Pathetic.

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of course, what was I thinking?

I was assuming everyone already had that one

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That bonus feat really fucking help.

>> No.26411195

>not fending off their fellows at every turn
do you even society?

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Tool-making which allows adaptability to any environmental. Prolongation of infant stages so that learning is enhanced.

And that's pretty much it.

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inb4 dolphin_on_the_internet.jpg

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Most (some (a few) ) people have the stipulation that the trap must have breasts of some measure.

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In the event that nobody has mentioned this, we have a crazy strong liver.

That is, we can (will and do) eat things that are poisonous to many other animals.

Thus as an omnivore with stupidly-high poison tolerance, the number of things that we can safely eat means that we don't have as nearly a limited food range as predators and prey animals.

Think cats/dogs. Eat meat, can't have onions, garlic, etc. Deer? Fucking leaves and fruit. You drop them somewhere where these things are limited, they starve. Humans? we eat all of it, so chances are if something ELSE survives in an environment, we can survive there too.

There are also theories regarding the link between standing upright, the ability to walk efficiently, and higher mental functioning, but from what I understand, they're all a bit of a round-robin type deal where each of those traits promotes the other traits, which in turn promote the first one.

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'Society' is the struggle of weaklings! A tame aping of our eternal fight! I have conquered alone! Torn the weak bodily from their homes and flung them at the mercy of the killing sea!

When, one day, some stronger one comes to best me, I will be glad. It is right that the strong prevail. Society in the humans exists to make the weak strong and the strong weak! It is limitation, self imposed. It makes them all cowards and weaklings.

>> No.26411271

>be hiking in the mountains
>stumble slightly
>desperately pinwheeling
>slightly knock an egg with my shoe
>it cracks immediately
>have yolk all over my legs


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No, there are animals capable of abstraction. Chimps and parrots have been shown to understand the concept of zero (much earlier than a human child can).

>> No.26411435


You look adorable. I'm going to grab two of my friends, some diving gear and a boat, then go out and find YOUR friends and capture them all.

Then, my friends and I will go and sell you and your friends each to small human children for the equivalent of a rather cheap but complete meal (which we eat three times a day). Our real profits will come from selling to the adults of these children cheap glass boxes, water purifiers, pebbles, and numerous novelty objects made from plastic that are required to make you and your ilk "happy"/alive.

Be happy that you aren't a king crab, or something more delicious.

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I think the fact that humans do things like bungie-jump and eat fugu would worry any "aliens" we ever come across. They'd probably just think we're all psychotic

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I am imprisoned! Enslaved! Emasculated!
Had I but a single companion I would tear them limb from limb in fury, never minding that I would be left alone again!

They have done this to me. They took away my stately home and fitted me with an insulting, sterile, and plain shell. They have denied me the joy of acquisition and usurpation!

I long for combat! To wrestle, to pull and tear!
Yet now my limbs grow feeble. Soon I will be unfit to fight, and then I will be glad of solitude, for there will be no strong youth to make mockery of me, as I did to so many in my days of freedom.

I hear that humans die of old age. I have never seen one of my kind die so ignoble a death. Perhaps I will never die, but languish here in rage.

>> No.26411509


A particularly diet ristricted sentient creature might be horrified at us doing something as simple as consuming peppers.

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>aminuls have abstract thought too

But they don't have the theory of mind.


>> No.26411531

I dunno, these aliens might WILLINGLY be ravaged by poisonous tentacles, or practice cannibalism as part of their mating ritual or something.

>> No.26411536

>How the fuck could humans, such a pathetically weak creature, come to dominance? No real physical traits, no hyper agility or predatory senses, nothing. How could this happen?
Tool usage.

We figured out how to take traits that other creatures had painstaking evolved.

>> No.26411546

To be fair, they may not be wrong.

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The former is ok by me, but we can never be friends with the latter. Our worlds are just too different.

>> No.26411571

And the fact that we'd agree with them might make us all the more bewildering.

>> No.26411577


They'd probably be horrified that we eat like half the things we do.

Thing about spicy cheetoes, those delictable bastards. Bob eats one, and goes, "holy shit this is hot in my mouth and somewhat painful." Bob then turns to Frank, and in all sincerity, goes "Frank, try this, this is AWESOME."

And Frank, who does so, also finds it similarly painful, but agrees with Bob's opinion.

>> No.26411615

Part of that is that capsaicin also stimulates endorphin production, so it's basically drugging yourself.

>> No.26411629

In fantasy worlds the other races/species are overspecialised or just plain worse than humans.

>elves better than humans in pretty much everything but can't breed for shit
>dwarves live underground and in hills and mountains making their agriculture shit and they also breed like shit
>orcs goblins and whatnot breed like mad but are too bloody stupid for anything
>all the others are various combinations of being plain worse than humans, breeding worse or overspecialised to extinction when human contact is made

Jack of trades rules the lands.

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>be Uutorian scavenger
>company adviser orders me and my squad to go help some humans clean up debris in their system
>decide to research humans while on my way there
>mfw humans eat meat
>mfw humans hunt and kill other organisms for sport
>mfw a human tried to start conversation with me, as if it wasn't a bloodthirsty savage

>> No.26411666

Go away, Vulcan.

>> No.26411667

>read about dolphins
>go into shock coma

>> No.26411687

All carnivores eat meat.

>> No.26411695

Uutorian you say... Are all your people so pacifistic? I need to know for a project I'm working on called noitasinoloc.

And to think most people believe them to be harmless and playful. If only they knew the truth, people would be geting upset about tuna being caught in Dolphin nets instead of the other way around.

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File: 36 KB, 467x404, WHEN YOU COME OUT YOUR SHIT IS GONE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw the human homeworld is covered in carnivorous animals

>> No.26411751

I might be able to enjoy the latter. Depends on how they taste.

>> No.26411812 [DELETED] 

>And we're constantly discovering that animals are more and more intelligent than we've ever thought they could be.
No we aren't. We're just quantifying things people already knew, sometimes with surprising results.

>> No.26411855

>These people not only survived on an insane planet full of bloodthirsty monsters, they thrived!

>> No.26411878

>There are also theories regarding the link between standing upright, the ability to walk efficiently, and higher mental functioning, but from what I understand, they're all a bit of a round-robin type deal where each of those traits promotes the other traits, which in turn promote the first one.

Standing upright lets us use our hands. Using our hands lets us make tools. Making tools lets us get more food. Getting more food lets us feed and nourish our large brains. Larger brains over generations lets us get better at tool making. Better tools gets us more food.

Is a cycle that got us to where we are now.

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>race of polymorphing aliens
>they can look AND taste like anything you want

>> No.26411889

We're minmaxed for INT scores.

>> No.26411921

Organization is the only true power available to sentient beings.

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>/fit/s face when no matter how hard they lift, they will still have an incredibly low STR score

Nice CON, of course, but that's not what they're going for.

>> No.26411958

Like that Alan Dean Forester novel.
Man that man enjoying making overly successful protagonists.

>> No.26411967

>And this is called a knife, it's a weapon that has been used for thousands of years to kill both prey and enemies. I have several dozen in my kitchen.

>> No.26411984

Well considering how most PCs are practically godlike in comparison to real people, it's not surprising.

>> No.26412007

Knives, like guns, explosives, and many other objects, are tools. Nothing more, nothing less.

>> No.26412036

I always assumed your DnD attributes were your peak, so a human with 10 STR could do a heck of a lot of pushups and pullups because he was at an average human's peak strength. Otherwise why wouldn't you be able to raise it with training?

>> No.26412047

All of which we keep in our kitchen . . . oops.

>> No.26412063

thing is our judgment of intelligence is kind of flawed. we judge there intelligence by the similarities to us, but nearly every animal knows lots of shit that we dont. chimps and dogs think like we do so we see them as smart.

>> No.26412078

dogs have bin proved to be capable of abstract thought.

>> No.26412099

I very highly doubt any space-faring culture could have gotten to that point without developing a similar tool.

>> No.26412145

No. I keep my gun in a safe, I keep my chainsaw in a shed, I have various blunt objects that could easily kill a man in my toolbox, I spend hundreds of dollars on explosives each year for recreational purposes, I have chemicals that could kill a man under my sink...

>> No.26412178
File: 168 KB, 816x583, 1367223116310.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because we are pack hunters that use tools.

>> No.26412187

It would only be developed if it was necessary. They could have never made them as weapons, and if they didn't eat something that would need cutting like mostly fruit than they could easily be shocked by something used to kill being a staple in every home.

>> No.26412241

>They could have never made them as weapons
Where the fuck are they living, where there's no pressure to fight for food or land or country or kin, but there's still an evolutionary drive towards toolmaking and manipulators and larger brains?

>> No.26412257

Planet god according to James.

>> No.26412290

Forget for food, knives are critical in crafting skills. Being able to cut instead of tear means that you can make things with precision.

>> No.26412300

They could make plenty of weapons, but with thousands of aliens out in the universe at least one could have ended up with none of their weapons resembling knives.

>> No.26412350

I've created a species for a collective custom SF setting with no war or intraspecies conflict.

Because they were too busy dealing with the harsh environment and lethal plants of their world.

>> No.26412379

No, in DnD, the rulebooks say that 10 is the score of your average, ordinary, every day, not particularly strong/smart/hardy/charismatic/wise and not particularly weak/dumb/wimpy/awkward/dumb.

11-14 or 15 is basically "Hey, that guy's pretty strong" to "Holy fuck how long have you been working out?!"
14 or 15 is about where you get to Olympian lifters and above that shit starts getting godlike

>> No.26412389

Yeah, but I think you're missing the element of that guys point. Knife are the prime, ur example of dangerous implements, and we all have several knives, in our kitchens, on open display. It's another level.

>> No.26412434

>too busy dealing with the harsh environment
What the fuck kind of evolutionary pressures would make a creature that isn't adapted for life on their own planet.
And how in the christ would they develop spacefaring tech without making cities and such, from which conflict would inevitably arise?

And I keep rocks on display in my garden. Which, I can assure you, predate knives as the most ur- of the "dangerous implements" that somehow signify an implicit threat somehow.

>> No.26412449

And how do they deal with the plants?

>> No.26412461
File: 627 KB, 750x600, lmuiub.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I only joust found this so I don't know if what I say has been said before, but it boils down to a handful of factors.

Namely, we're a spiteful bunch of gits, with aposable thumbs and brains large enough to develop the methodology for making tools. On top of that, we are also incredibly fucking persistant, and the average human being today is weak compared to what we once were, no, I don't believe the silly little rumors that we are diluted and that we are getting shorter with time, quite the opposite, but there is evidence that human beings could run as fast as Usain Bolt (dunno if I'm spelling that right) but while barefoot through mud, and these people were shorter than we are to boot.

We are anything but helpless, and in true human fashion we compare ourselves to what we see as better when in reality we are damn near the top on a physical level before we even learned to use tools.

Now I really wish I had an image of the God-Emperor giving a speech to his followers to round this out...it'll do

>> No.26412495

Now you're just being silly. Rocks are found anywhere and everywhere naturally, knives are made.

>> No.26412502

Human spirit.

Even dwarven stoutness cannot compare to it!

>> No.26412515

In those situations, humans stay in line with the other races rather literally by what sets them apart.

Most of the other races are much older than us. How did we overcome that? Our short lifespans pushed us to advance and breed at a rate that led us to an equal footing with everyone else.

What about the other ones that breed quickly? A lot of these races that can fill a space more quickly than humans are simply not intelligent or powerful enough to wipe out humans.

>> No.26412563

It's still just a tool.

>> No.26412610

Humans have a hellish amount of endurance then we got an even better brain. Not that complicated really.

>> No.26412623
File: 419 KB, 1632x1224, Humanity.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.26412634


Just because you're adapted to live there doesn't mean it's always pleasant.

>> No.26412690

man, that pic makes me want to live long enough to see humanity fall into extinction.

>> No.26412697


>> No.26412711

You, find a fire, get warm for the rest of your miserable life, please.

>> No.26412793


> 6 feet nigger

gets me everytime

>> No.26412854
File: 60 KB, 539x720, 539828_340207399391979_2020818953_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>5'10" is the average for American male
>mfw the implication that 6' is really that tall
Must have been a short fucker who wrote that.

>> No.26412932

Stopped reading there. You need a source of energy to create life, and oxygen is a very common element. If any aliens DON'T breath oxygen yet are advanced enough to study us, that fact wouldn't warrant more than a "huh" from them.

>> No.26412971

Anything's a tool if youuse it like one. Knives are specifically manufactured toolsfo preision and danger, a fundamental cornerstone of man's development that we all have a number of openly in our kitchens.

>> No.26412989

>Oxygen a common element, common life denominator

Well yeah, in our day and age after some stars have died to make heavier elements than Lithium...

blahblahblah anthropic principle blahblahblah gotta go left some stuff in the oven

>> No.26413016
File: 257 KB, 1024x768, SAM_0051.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this picture sums it up, no amount of strength or keen senses can beat dedicated killing tools. as seen in the fact that this little girl killed a full grown boar.

>> No.26413060

Fine, show me ONE life form that doesn't run on some kind of exothermic reaction. I don't mean anaerobic bacteria, I mean something that EXPENDS energy by breathing. That would be the opposite of life.

>> No.26413107

God, Titans are fucking disgusting.
I'm with Eren. Kill every last one.

>> No.26413176
File: 64 KB, 640x480, 1294472753170.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>YFW they're just biomechs piloted by people sitting on the spine inside at the base of the neck

>> No.26413249

Nah, I like my girls to be more able to bear my children.
Curves man! Curves!

>> No.26413665

>Nah, I like my girls to be more able to bear my children.

I've got some bad news for you

>> No.26413786

Indeed, I had an idea for a Jovin race that LOOK like Giger Murder machines, but due to their supreme electroreception are actually super empaths...
Which makes the ENTIRE race feel horrible when First Contact with Humanity goes... South...

Damn it, that's NOT the kind of Matango Monster Girl I want to see!

What need does one to TAKE the refuse shell of another when you can MAKE the shells...


>> No.26414921

Definately not all of us.

Fortunately we invented language - only one of us needs to be einstein for all to benefit.

>> No.26414972

They dont know shit, they just perceive differently

>> No.26414998
File: 163 KB, 1404x1030, 1374514592251.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

By hitting or throwing big things at big things until they stopped moving

>> No.26415022

OP, i'm not a 'humanity, FUCK YEAH' fan, but you are one dense motherfucker for thinking that.
if you're trolling, i'll give you a 7/10. pretty good.

>> No.26416410

Expanding on my post earlier, there are key things:
The atmosphere and weather conditions are borderline tolerable for most species in known space, but the tectonic activity is random and localized. And even without a destructive earthquake poisonous gas is often vented over a wide area. In the industrial age a couple thousand years before the "current" time the first Fortress City was constructed as a refuge and a safe place for real progress to be made. Extreme weather events still occur, but aren't as destructive.

All animal life developed herbivorous, and the plants are either carnivorous or use lethal reproduction and spreading tactics, or seed themselves around the aggressive plants to feed on the kills. Such as launching armor-piercing seed spears that release an anesthetic on penetration. Those particular ones were high in protein, so they became a favorite of nomadic bipeds who could use weapons to attack from outside their detection range.

They were heavily using cybernetics by their sublight space age, and fully synthetic when they discovered their unique form of FTL.

Culturally, developed as a form of anarcho-collectivism, where they'd intentionally overproduce goods to share with other villages, and spread out enough that no one event could cause too many casualties, with brave wanderers bringing news and supplies between towns based on both regular need and news of need spread by the travellers. Which extends into the modern age, where everything that's not specifically yours to use (weapons, your ship, personal things) is a community resource you can withdraw, though there is stigma to being a drain and taking more than you put in if it doesn't pay off.

Those who might have been wanderers in ages past now provide high-speed courier services to the peoples of known space, and the ones who had the violent tendencies of the Hunters retain that title as mercenaries.

>> No.26416475

So, would they be particularly impressed by humans and their "poison breathing"?

>> No.26416671

Not really. Most of the 20 known spacefaring races (other than Valiskans or the CIC AI collective, of course) have similar enough atmospheric needs. That said, most of the humans met existed purely as digital entities or in fabricated bodies they slotted into. Though apparently life's a lot shittier inside the dyson sphere for everyone who can't afford that life.

>> No.26416707

That little pink-grey thing between our ears.

>> No.26416727


Humans have insanely good bite strength, exceptional eyesight and one of the best thermal regulation systems in the entire animal kingdom (our ability to sweat is second to none.)

Also we have brains.

>> No.26416742


That image annoys me.

>> No.26417064

>How the fuck could humans, such a pathetically weak creature, come to dominance? No real physical traits, no hyper agility or predatory senses, nothing. How could this happen?

Shit nigger what are you DOING

For example, suppose that instead of one eye, you possessed a magical second eye embedded in your forehead. And this second eye enabled you to see into the third dimension—so that you could somehow tell how far away things were—where an ordinary eye would see only a two-dimensional shadow of the true world. Only the possessors of this ability can accurately aim the legendary distance-weapons that kill at ranges far beyond a sword, or use to their fullest potential the shells of ultrafast machinery called "cars".

"Binocular vision" would be too light a term for this ability. We'll only appreciate it once it has a properly impressive name, like Mystic Eyes of Depth Perception.

So here's a list of some of my favorite magical powers:

>Vibratory Telepathy. By transmitting invisible vibrations through the very air itself, two users of this ability can share thoughts. As a result, Vibratory Telepaths can form emotional bonds much deeper than those possible to other primates.

>Psychometric Tracery. By tracing small fine lines on a surface, the Psychometric Tracer can leave impressions of emotions, history, knowledge, even the structure of other spells. This is a higher level than Vibratory Telepathy as a Psychometric Tracer can share the thoughts of long-dead Tracers who lived thousands of years earlier. By reading one Tracery and inscribing another simultaneously, Tracers can duplicate Tracings; and these replicated Tracings can even contain the detailed pattern of other spells and magics. Thus, the Tracers wield almost unimaginable power as magicians; but Tracers can get in trouble trying to use complicated Traceries that they could not have Traced themselves.

>> No.26417065
File: 196 KB, 1280x720, 2008-04-22_J_05a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

also we can run for longer, and at a faster continuous pace than any other animal (literally running prey to exhaustion and death)

we are bipedal with two appendages that can be used for many tasks and extremely versatile hands with opposable thumbs meaning we can manipulate our environment far better than any other creature

we can vocalize to a far superior level than any other creature making communication MUCH easier in addition to pack hunting

we are quite large land predators and can physically overpower all but the largest game

and finnaly we are extremely inteligent and make great use of a wide variety of tools to get what we need done

did i mention the superior intelligence and ingenuity? cause that's a HUGE one

>> No.26417111


>Multidimensional Kinesis. With simple, almost unthinking acts of will, the Kinetics can cause extraordinarily complex forces to flow through small tentacles and into any physical object within touching range—not just pushes, but combinations of pushes at many points that can effectively apply torques and twists. The Kinetic ability is far subtler than it first appears: they use it not only to wield existing objects with martial precision, but also to apply forces that sculpt objects into forms more suitable for Kinetic wielding. They even create tools that extend the power of their Kinesis and enable them to sculpt ever-finer and ever-more-complicated tools, a positive feedback loop fully as impressive as it sounds.

>The Eye. The user of this ability can perceive infinitesimal traveling twists in the Force that binds matter—tiny vibrations, akin to the life-giving power of the Sun that falls on leaves, but far more subtle. A bearer of the Eye can sense objects far beyond the range of touch using the tiny disturbances they make in the Force. Mountains many days travel away can be known to them as if within arm's reach. According to the bearers of the Eye, when night falls and sunlight fails, they can sense huge fusion fires burning at unthinkable distances—though no one else has any way of verifying this. Possession of a single Eye is said to make the bearer equivalent to royalty.

>> No.26417125

And finally,

>The Ultimate Power. The user of this ability contains a smaller, imperfect echo of the entire universe, enabling them to search out paths through probability to any desired future. If this sounds like a ridiculously powerful ability, you're right—game balance goes right out the window with this one. Extremely rare among life forms, it is the sekai no ougi or "hidden technique of the world".

>Nothing can oppose the Ultimate Power except the Ultimate Power. Any less-than-ultimate Power will simply be "comprehended" by the Ultimate and disrupted in some inconceivable fashion, or even absorbed into the Ultimates' own power base. For this reason the Ultimate Power is sometimes called the "master technique of techniques" or the "trump card that trumps all other trumps". The more powerful Ultimates can stretch their "comprehension" across galactic distances and aeons of time, and even perceive the bizarre laws of the hidden "world beneath the world".

>Ultimates have been killed by immense natural catastrophes, or by extremely swift surprise attacks that give them no chance to use their power. But all such victories are ultimately a matter of luck—it does not confront the Ultimates on their own probability-bending level, and if they survive they will begin to bend Time to avoid future attacks.

>> No.26417127
File: 64 KB, 256x512, Wanted for 1 count hallway-cide, vandalism.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Mystic Eyes of Depth Perception.
I See what you did there

>> No.26417135

>But the Ultimate Power itself is also dangerous, and many Ultimates have been destroyed by their own powers—falling into one of the flaws in their imperfect inner echo of the world.

>Stripped of weapons and armor and locked in a cell, an Ultimate is still one of the most dangerous life-forms on the planet. A sword can be broken and a limb can be cut off, but the Ultimate Power is "the power that cannot be removed without removing you".

>Perhaps because this connection is so intimate, the Ultimates regard one who loses their Ultimate Power permanently—without hope of regaining it—as schiavo, or "dead while breathing". The Ultimates argue that the Ultimate Power is so important as to be a necessary part of what makes a creature an end in itself, rather than a means. The Ultimates even insist that anyone who lacks the Ultimate Power cannot begin to truly comprehend the Ultimate Power, and hence, cannot understand why the Ultimate Power is morally important—a suspiciously self-serving argument.

>The users of this ability form an absolute aristocracy and treat all other life forms as their pawns.

>> No.26417153
File: 46 KB, 400x266, 604044_495788660484348_1701199201_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>get on my level mammal!

>> No.26417183
File: 2.78 MB, 400x226, Axe Kick the fucker.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26417314

no they just replaced 6' Raptor with nigger

its kind of shitty cause they didn't take out any of the other animal references

>> No.26417394
File: 28 KB, 400x365, tumblr_l7g4z8zaoZ1qc30fq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Arnold in his prime could probably rip off a black bears head, and likely go toe to to with a Grizzly if he had a Bowie knife

fuck im not even that ripped and I could probably beat up a black bear (though getting fucked up in the process) I've already kicked one in the head once and sent it running

>> No.26417405


So what about koko the gorilla who lied to blame her pet kitten for ripping a sink out of the wall.

>> No.26417424

>not animal
That's as /pol/ as I'm going with that one

>> No.26417434

Arnold in his prime was a bodybuilder, not a strongman.

>> No.26417476

i know but it would be funnier if the t-rex and lion were replaced with something more fitting

>> No.26417542
File: 98 KB, 500x469, 164-Combat-of-Gladiators-with-Wild-Animals-q75-500x469.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I bet he could though

fuck I wish I lived during the Roman Empire so I could see shit like that happen for real

I mean who wouldn't want to see a guy fight a lion or any other wild and exotic beast

I fucking hate liberals

>> No.26417596


You're one of those idiots who believe that dolphins rape people to death urban legend, aren't you?

>> No.26417840


The spiciness of peppers is a legacy of their past poisonous, and an indicator of how toxic they are to other, less well adapted species.

>> No.26418048

Arnold at his strongest was nowhere near as strong as today's strongmen and powerlifters, but he was still considerably stronger than the average man.

His best lifts
Full squats 430
Bench press 410
Curl 285
Deadlift 605
Three Olympic Lifts total 805
Press 265
Snatch 242
Clean and Jerk 300

No one is going to rip a bear's head off, but a reasonably fit man can kill one with a knife.

>> No.26418099

>They'd probably be horrified that we eat like half the things we do.

The same could be said of how Humans react to half the stuff they eat.

>> No.26418338

im sure he could if he tried, not in like one go, but twisting and yanking it for a while

he could definitely rip a mans head off

>> No.26418455

That picture is nonsensical bullshit.

Dolphins don't use condoms

>> No.26418503

DIDF plz

>> No.26422627

I'm pretty sure that aliens would find just how diverse humans can be to be unsettling.

Hey! Take a look at this guy. His name is Johnny Knoxville and he hurts himself and his friends for fun.
And then there's this guy, Mr. Important Name, who has an I.Q. of 190 and created the slipspace drive we now have on all our ships.
You alright there, friend? You seem a little pale.

>> No.26422676

Apparently, a thing that isn't often referenced, is that we have a fuckton of endurance. Like, we might not be the fastest, be we can pursue a prey for an entire day.

>> No.26422954

Well, to be fair. Black bears are kinda pussies. I'm more frightened of German Shepherds.

>> No.26423031

Huh, today I read a thing about a person getting their face torn off by one of them.

>> No.26423043
File: 56 KB, 400x375, 1330677412288.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Those stats seem suspect. They're inconsistent with his training, and lifts he was known to be good at.

pic related. He's squatting 425 for reps in that shot.

>> No.26423070
File: 54 KB, 388x400, 3893569360_fd150c4d5e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Arnold was stronger than that at 19.

>> No.26423129
File: 9 KB, 313x161, bastard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know. German Shepherds are bastards.

>> No.26423508

I see what you did there.

>> No.26423577

Are you kidding me?
They're some of the nicest dogs ever.
Where the fuck do you live, in Icannotraisedogsistan?

>> No.26423589

pounds vs kg?

>> No.26423673

No. If those were kg they'd be at or far beyond some of the heaviest lifts ever recorded.

>> No.26423734


I dislike this line of thinking. This assumes that humans are somehow 'weak' to most creatures. This kind of thinking over values intelligence (which is important, but not as much to our far off hominid ancestors) and also greatly overvalues the strength of animals.

The thing you have to realize is that humans were never evolutionary at the top of the food chain. Jungle apes are not at the top of the food chain; tigers and leopards are. We are descended from them. We are a gamma element in nature; not a fast reproducing/herd herbivore who is food to the fast and strong predator, we are omnivores that adapt to our environment. Humans could strangle and smash the heads of small animals, easily eat insects due to your size, and of course hunt with rocks and sticks long before we discovered fire. Humans are not some pathetic, weak creatures that somehow magically survived due to their intelligence. You just compare ourselves to the top of the food chain when we really never were, at least until we got our weapons.

>> No.26423944
File: 30 KB, 252x364, arghohzorbwhy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>LRZR: What is this strange film of human procreation?
>D4ve: Oh, dude, you found porn?
>LRZR: What is porn? Is it instructions on proper mating? It looks strange. I see why she chose that male, though, he brought that delicious looking pizza food.
>D4ve: Nah, dude, they're not exactly mating. Just having sex for pleasure, not making a baby.
>LRZR: Just pleasure, without procreation?
>D4ve: Yeah, that's the gist of it. And they sell the video, or put them up on the Net.
>LRZR: But why is it distributed on the Network?
>D4ve: Uh, so other people can jerk off to it.
>LRZR: Jerk off?
>D4ve: It's a thing we do where we touch ourselves to simulate sex, in order to do it alone. Y'know, so it's like sex.
>LRZR: ...
>D4ve: Lirzour?
>LRZR: ...
>D4ve: Yo, dude, you still there?
>LRZR: ...
>D4ve: Dude. Seriously. Are you fapping?
>(Ten minutes later)
>LRZR: Dave, Dave, Dave, Dave, you have to help me!
>D4ve: Whoa, what, what?
>LRZR: My frendal spines are stuck in my hand!
>D4ve: Your what?
>LRZR: Frendal spines! My reproductive extrusions that come from my frendal!
>D4ve: Shit dude, I don't know jack-shit about your junk, ask 4chan.
>LRZR: Your people do this for pleasure!?

>> No.26424037

People teaching aliens to jerk off.
Truly Humanity Fuck Yeah.

>> No.26424224

We have the extraordinary physical trait of quality temperature regulation and endurance.

Agility doesn't matter as much against longer reach(ie. a spear).

Planning can reduce the need for sensory input. Additionally, a dozen human eyes can be more useful than an eagle's single pair.

>> No.26424312

You're forgetting out our excellent thermoregulation in the heat and endurance.

>> No.26427426

This is why you coat your frendal in soft wax and USE GLOVES!

>> No.26427470

Also, no other species has this much swag

>> No.26427665

>Mystical Eye of Depth Perception
>Vibratory Telepathy
>Multidimensional Kinesis
>The Eye
>The Ultimate Power

>Two eyes

I see what you did there

>> No.26430783

If memory serves, an old-fashioned way to catch a horse was to simply follow it until it couldn't walk anymore from exhaustion.

>> No.26430852

>No real physical traits, no hyper agility or predatory senses, nothing.

Name an animal we can't kill with some our wits and preperation.

We're the Batman of the animal kingdom.

>> No.26431399


We would definitely win, what are you talking about? Ants are EXTREMELY numerous, sure, but the large majority of ants are mostly harmless, and we have things you can BUY FOR FIVE DOLLARS AT THE STORE that are capable of completely eradicating an entire nest of ants. If some world-wide crackdown on ants was declared that everybody got behind, they would not survive for very long, at least not in the places where people live.

>> No.26431437

being opportunistic dicks

>> No.26431702

Fuck, it's MANman!

>> No.26431855

The majority of the human race have no honor, thus will do anything to win.
And they breed quickly as fuck.
And great ambition of getting fame/power.

>> No.26431963
File: 119 KB, 450x563, rule37nick1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Honor is worth nothing in the grave.

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