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Does it trouble you that Orcish females are little more than breeding stock in most fantasy settings?

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Orc females don't get much mention one way or the other in most fantasy settings.

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No. It troubles me that other races don't do the same thing with their females though

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You only see male orcs because female orcs are dominant.
See link for how my orc society works

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Half-orcs have to come from somewhere.

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Does it trouble you that Human females are little more than breeding stock in most historical eras?

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Where does it say that?

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By the gods, female orc breasts are the remnant testicles of male orcs!

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Suppose that explains why /tg/ likes them more than real breasts.

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That picture always confused me.

"Orc female" ... erm...it's just a woman with a face mask and red eyes.

Even her jaw can't be THAT different a shape from a normal humans considering the angles of the face mask.

More like "tech/fantasy woman".

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Can't bother me if it isn't true.

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Does it trouble you that Orcish females are little more than Casshern in most fantasy settings?

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Only because that means we never see em. Would love me some femorc battleragers.

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>anglerfish as a model for orcish society
Thats fucking retarded and has nothing to do with your statement. A better example of female dominant species/societies would be the Yautja or Locust Drones from Gears of War.

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>Orcish females are little more than breeding stock
B-but this is my fetish!

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I honestly don't know. In how many and which fantasy realms is this explicitly the case?

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I once played in a game where there was a tribe of half orcs who's origin was that centuries ago these two tribes of barbarian humans and orcs were at war with each other. Long story short the orcs launched a surprise attack and killed all the women and children of the human tribe after luring the men away. Later the human men managed to kill almost all the orc men in an arrow storm after luring them into a 3 sided ravine. The human men now lacking wives and children killed all the male orcs and took their females as breeding stock so they could continue the bloodline.

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Well, unless they were peasants, or people with influence, or were sufficiently clever. You know what? I think you're just wrong.

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Wasn't going to bite, but fuck it. I'm about to go to bed.

Women were seen as vaginas, because that was what they we're needed for. By western standards it -was- one woman per man. Marriage as a concept was a mutually beneficial trade where in the two would conglomerate their skills to help them both survive and produce enough food to live off of.
In the middle ages women and men did the same work, and they had kids so they would be able to produce more crops. This stayed much the same till the rebirth of the independent city (or 'burg') where the shift truly started and continued till the break of the colonial period, with the death of the serf class (see: White Slavery part II: Whitey's gone Wild) and the new freedom from the feudal system, men were now expected to create an excess of labour for the city/state/whoever collects taxes and fight when wartime came, marriage evolved to become a contract where a woman (in trade for her ability to reproduce) would receive the man's payment from producing said labour for the rest of his life (long after she could not produce more children) because this was a transaction the children were seen as his property.

Less breeding stock, more "I want what you have, and you want what I have, let's trade." or "I want what you have, and you want what my daughter has, let's trade."
I'm going to pass out now so half this is probably not going to make any coherent sense, but I will add in: Fuck orkish bitches, gain dragon's riches.

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Instead of cleaving your guts she say: "Show me your honor or you will die"

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Thats the clumsiest and most shoehorned in reference to that oglaf comic I have ever seen.

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Wow, you suck

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Not really.

They're running Orcish Society while they're churning out all those Orc babies.

They stay behind and grow beans and raise pigs with the children and the Elderly.

Meanwhile the males get to do Orc(k)y stuff.

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This. Orcs are basically fantasy Mongolians at their core.

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Thank you.

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Anytime. Orcs are probably my favorite fantasy race. And orks are possibly my favorite scifi race.

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Why would it?

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why is it than males of a species get the be all manner of inhuman-looking huge brutes and such, but females of the species tend towards "human, but with minor aestethic changes like wierd skin-color, funny eyes, a tail, or cute fangs"?

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Because they shared a common ancestor with humans, and the women didn't evolve much.

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>Because they shared a common ancestor with humans, and the women didn't evolve much.


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The females are highly distorted from the human norm, but to be relateable it's thought that they must remain a core of being basically attractive and feminine, that constrains their design a lot.

Males, on the other hands, tend to be cast in dehumanized monster roles where you aren't supposed to relate to them. That frees the design work a lot and lets creators wander away. Even when you want people to relate to them, the exaggerated male image mean you can go very bulky and very rough without people finding it hard to relate to them. Even the most mild male characters tend to be quite exaggerated.

Of course, not everyone follows that..

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Because Blizzard sucks dicks at character design.

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I know, but it's fantasy. Evolution works differently in my settings. Getting angry over how people's settings work and how unrealistic they are is as stupid as being angry because somebody gave their lizardfolk women tits.

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Not angry, just laughing at how retarded that sounded.

Pokemon got evolution better than that.

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see, now that's a believable orc design.

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Had an orc lady in our commoner game, former raider turned farmer. Was pretty funny in a frontier town of like, 20 people tops, the other 18 of whom were human. The racism was even funnier.

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Lots of different ways to have an Orc. Not every setting has them in a patriarchy.

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In LOTR, there are no female orcs. Orcs reproduce by jacking off into mud pits, and a few months later they pull their wriggling spawn out.

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It may be your setting, but that just means your setting is stupid and you should be ashamed.

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>In LOTR movies, there are no female orcs.
FTFY. Tolkien was a little more vague on the matter.

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Lizard tits are pretty much the dumbest thing ever.

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>Your setting doesn't work like mine and is therefore bad.

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It's the misuse of the term evolution, and the poor understanding of how it works that is bad. The setting might be quite entertaining.

But I bet it's not. It's almost certainly stupid drivel.

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>trying to get this argument started back up in an unrelated thread

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>Evolution works differently in my settings.

I'd be completely surprised if you could say how it works in *this* setting.

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I prefer to keep my setting accessible to the layman, and the layman won't know exactly how evolution works.

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The concept you are looking for is not evolution, but rather sexual dimorphism. Because two sexes of the same species cannot evolve at different rates.

For example, the two individuals in this picture are of the same species, but the female barely comes up to the males knee. Thats sexual dimorphism.

A more proper thing to say would be that humans and orcs shared a common ancestor and in their gradual evolutionary development into orcs, less environmental stress was felt on female proto-orcs and thus they experienced less change than their male counterparts. Tying it into their mating ritual/preferences helps, too.

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People throw a fit when there is something so much as a beard on a dwarven female.

Also women like to play attractive female characters for some reason.

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But its stupid, its fucking stupid that you have such an huge inconsistency for no other reason but, what I have to assume, "mah fetish"

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That's what I meant.

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that's fucking stupid as hell.

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Fine, just don't imagine them that way. I don't go into details unless it's an ERP or it's relevant to the plot in some way.

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No seriously, I almost want to murder a hobo now.

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No. What's next, asking if it troubles me that villains kill people in most fantasy setting?

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>Fuck orkish bitches, gain dragon's riches.

Human bard, dragon is your patron, the orcess is your cohort who compensates for your weaknesses in melee.

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Shit son, calm the fuck down.

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Blizzard is good at character design, they just wuss out for the final product.

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>Is that a hobbit?
>Naw, that's a hobo and a rabbit. But they're making a hobbit!

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I blame my murders on you.

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yeah, good character designs, cover the characters themselves in shoulder pads.

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Getting into the weird section of anatomy.
I wonder if orcs actually have smaller penises than humans, comparable to gorillas'.

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It's only stupid because it's true.
Go look up the old troll female model, the one that they dumped because it was too ugly.

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It looks like they are the same species.

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While I respect your right to think about these things, there is no decent reason why you should share these thoughts. Kindly fuck yourself with a rake.

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I just don't like lizards having human tits.

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this is /tg/, who worship and the massive-pauldroned altar of 40k. They have no room to mock the spaulders of others.

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yeah, but its all the character designs in WoW. Warhammer is subdued next to that shit.

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Wow looks like the characters were all made by a Hasbro toy design committee. They are amongst the worst fantasy character designs in popular fiction.

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No, I mean they literally have no room. The giant fucking half-the-length-of-their-arms shoulderguards take up all the free space.

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Look at this fucker's pauldr-- wait, shit

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oh you found one guy.

Still looks stupid.

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Wow, your cherrypicking totally crushed the whole argument! You're the boss! Look at all those losers who was wrong!

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Okay, here goes another shot.

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Shot #3. Here we go.
Big pauldrons big pauldrons big pauldrons, no whammy--!


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that first one does not even have clothes on.

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I think it's because the characters with pauldrons in 40k were always designed to have them, and they're not 'obscuring' anything beneath because they were never supposed to have anything under there anyway.

But Blizzard makes a character which looks good and then shoves giant pauldrons on it later, which generally doesn't look right.

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For real though, here's one with some big ol' pauldrons.
Muradin, a name very cleverly derived from Moradin, the Soulforger and God of Dwarves in Forgotten Realms.
The connection is super subtle, so I'm surprised Blizzard even bothered. I mean, some super hardcore code-crackers made the connection, but that shit is so obscure for the fantasy gaming community as a whole.

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Except for the bulk of his lifespan, he's worn massive great pauldrons!

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You're being sarcastic, right? It's hard to tell over text.

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You've got her in her underwear there, at least show her off in her great battle armour!

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man, that armor is stupid in a lot of ways.

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Now come on, it's like you've never even seen Thrall before his last two years of trying to be a jedi. Motherfucker LOVES pauldrons!

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Is that some kind of space dwarf? What's up with all the blue lights? Is that a thunder hammer?

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I'm comparing Moradin to Muradin and saying that the connection is incredibly clever and vague.

Let's go with sarcasm on this one.
Also, have another dwarf with some pauldrons.
Fuck yeah, Dark Irons.
I like my dwarves how I like my coffee- Black and worshiping primordial fire demigods.

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>blue lights
Magic Titan armor

>Thunder hammer?
... I genuinely have no idea, but I think it is, yeah.

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Oh... can I date you?

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>pauldrons on his pauldrons

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File: 148 KB, 1300x908, gnome_spidertank.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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If a industrial revolution happens in a fantasy world, would orcs become farmers and factory workers?

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why would they need that to start farming?

>> No.26406739

fuck yeah
an accurate explanation
also, never forget epigenetics
the magic bullshit of evolution and gene expression

>> No.26406752

Because hunting as a primary means of food wouldn't support the population of an industry-capable society.

>> No.26406774

no, I mean why would the need to have an industrial revolution before they could start farming? Why couldn't they do it before then? Farms do not require industry.

>> No.26406790

Also, with the increasing benefits with the city jobs, orcs could work in factories to get money for their families so they can buy things they can't loot anymore.

>> No.26406802

Not even as glorious spoils of war?

You are now picturing female lizarfolk wearing severed human breasts raided from villages as decorations.

>> No.26406826

Well, as orcs were always seen as primitive looters, many thought they were just hunters.

Or that's what I think.

>> No.26406846

that's horrible and disgusting.

>> No.26406869

It is. It really is. They should realize they don't need to wear the shriveled remains of mammalian milk-sacs as status symbols to feel beautiful. But fashion is as fashion does, I'm sure it's just a fad.

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With orcs in most settings you rarely ever see the females.
you only ever see the horde of barbarous warriors burning their way across the countryside. mostly orcs are played as the villains, and thus all you ever need is the evil army in a typical setting.

I would assume they would function like a typical tribal society.
females would be needed to pump out babies for most of their lives to keep populations growing, especially with how often orcs seem to wage war.

This does not mean however that females would simply be breeding stock. With the males away at war so often they would be left as the farmers, teachers, matriarchs, so on and so forth. Orc females are the heart of orcish society.

They are no more 'breeding stock' than any other females from any other race at a similar point in cultural or technological advancement.

>> No.26406901

please stop talking before i vomit. Seriously, what you're describing is nauseating. it's like if someone described to you males of the species wearing severed dicks or something. Gross.

>> No.26406926

Hm... what if they were engieneered?

>> No.26406938

Then why bother with females? Just have them be part fungus, and reproduce by spores.

Oh wait...

>> No.26406942


I have a coat made of dried, cured calf skin, a wallet made of eel leather, and I eat undeveloped chicken fetuses every week.

just because the part comes from a human makes it only slightly more terrible.

>> No.26406961


what if who were engineered?
Orc females?
or Orcs in general?
or Orc babies?

>> No.26406964

Good point. The male lizardfolk would have necklaces of human penises or the like. Maybe sow them onto/into their loincloths?

Why? Why the fuck not? Tribals are crazy mofos.

>> No.26406969

Not especially. The orc's whole thing is being a especially dark version of the barbarians from Civilization- crop up, destroy a silver mine, be cut down and repeat.

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I like this.

It means that orcish cultures tend towards queens/matriarchs as rulers of their little kingdoms and Warlord is just the highest military rank.

Possibly the job of Queen is the same as High Priestess.

All outsiders seem to see are the military aspects of their empire because the women aren't stupid enough to volunteer for meat-grinder warfare.

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And I'm sure if you could somehow ask the opinions of the cow, eel, and chicken, they would find your actions and clothing abominable too.

It's disgusting because we are human, and so we can picture that stuff happening to us.

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>Tales of Maj'Eyal orc broodmother.jpg
I really want to run a game set in Maj'Eyal some day, I just love the lore in the game.

>> No.26407018

I fucking hated TBC so much.

>> No.26407041

Actually, they're done pretty well in Skyrim.

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>doing anything well

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File: 197 KB, 900x1186, 18 cha orc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Thats the point, none of those animals are advanced enough to have a sense of self, to have any kind of sentience. Thus (to me at least, opinions and all that) killing them for their body products is a less evil act than say killing a human because you want to wear their scalp. Not all life is equal, why is killing a mouse absolutely fine, but killing a dog isn't? If house flies had sentience and could demonstrate it I would imagine killing them without justified reason would be a terrible crime.

At the same time I can sympathize with the cow before I kill it, it is still a living thing, still feels pain, feels fear etc. But I recognize the value its body has to me, food, clothing, etc and I realize that by killing it I am ending a life form that is ultimately pretty insignificant.

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I tap Christine Larsen's art a lot to show orcs. Tons of orc chicks in that. Someone has posted some of her stuff in this thread, like:


She's got a good variance of style, can draw cartoony or monstrous or human-like serious orcs.

I see people bringing up human societal development a lot in this thread and I'm not sure why because:
1) Orcs aren't human
2) Exceptions exist to nearly every human 'standard' within human history

I think, if you think there's something interesting to do with orc women in your campaigns, do it. The whole point of fantasy is to be imaginative and interesting and challenging (and possibly to have the odd moral lesson, but this is less true in RPGs).

So I wouldn't let 'humans by and large are like X' dictate shit about a fantastical race and their fantastical society, but I'm not bothered by varying depictions of them because fundamentally it's all down to the individual and their accompanying imagination.

>> No.26407164

>and the layman won't know exactly how evolution works.

if they went to school, they ought to have a decent idea.

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>> No.26407206

Are you serious? Everyone in the roguelike thread constantly make fun of it. It is -the- most tryhard setting ever written. It is as if it was created as a parody for people too thick to realize 40k isn't meant to be taken seriously.

>> No.26407213


>tww had a non-cutefase troll
>dem animations
>dat body type
>dat voice
>dem jokes
>dat personality

10/10 would marry, would join tribe, would shrunk competitors heads and sing lullabies to them

>> No.26407230

What about Fantasy?

>> No.26407245


You know that we have uncontactd people as hunter-gatherers right now?

Just imagine, they live as their ancestos lived for millions of years, then suddenly demon spirits start leaving trails on the sky, the night sky is filled with guest stars, flying demons with roaring, spinning wings appear over their forests and sometimes they can see pale ghosts with strange clothes and strange tools doing even stranger rituals. They literally dont know anything about the world beyond the forest they have always lived in.

>> No.26407265

In the grim darkness of the age of haze, there is only foul sorceries.

>> No.26407295

Fantasy has a lot of humor and puns in it, but it was not explicitly written as a joke.

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File: 56 KB, 500x667, mg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Retarded? It's MAGIC.
Don't tll me how my versions of orcs should work...

>> No.26407410


Magic doesnt explain everything. Suspension of disbelief goes only so far.

>> No.26407428

Aren't cargo cults fairly well documented by now though? I'd imagine lots of people have heard of that stuff.

>> No.26407431

Depends on the setting.

>> No.26407439

its from concept artwork for a game.

There is also human/elf and the male orc floating around the itnertoobs

Sadly i los tthem in a hdd crash

>> No.26407459


No its not. If its incoherent, illogical, makes no sense, goes against established conventions without properly explained reasons just to be contrarian you cant wave your hand and scream "MAGIC", you will still just have a shitty setting.

>> No.26407483


Those are the contacted ones. While I admit airports, control towers and planes made of stricks and coconut shells are pretty funny there are some genuinely isolated people, like the Andaman uncontacteds and some amazonian tribes who live at neolithic levels.

>> No.26407507

Because they tried it in the beta, all the testers wanted them more humanish.

>> No.26407520

>In attempts to get cargo to fall by parachute or land in planes or ships again, islanders imitated the same practices they had seen the soldiers, sailors, and airmen use. Cult behaviors usually involved mimicking the day to day activities and dress styles of US soldiers, such as performing parade ground drills with wooden or salvaged rifles. The islanders carved headphones from wood and wore them while sitting in fabricated control towers. They waved the landing signals while standing on the runways. They lit signal fires and torches to light up runways and lighthouses.

>In a form of sympathetic magic, many built life-size replicas of aeroplanes out of straw and cut new military-style landing strips out of the jungle, hoping to attract more aeroplanes. The cult members thought that the foreigners had some special connection to the deities and ancestors of the natives, who were the only beings powerful enough to produce such riches.


>> No.26407551

Half of me finds it funny but the other half finds it sad. It's not their fault they don't understand the modern world.

>> No.26407568

I actually like that. I also like my orcs arabic and/or eastern. Or southern spanish/morrocan.

>> No.26407592


And those are the natives who actually lived with foreignu devirs.

>> No.26407643

>That gnome girl

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File: 58 KB, 510x452, 1363533452806.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

gotta love dem shortstacks, amirite, bro?

>> No.26407684

I don't know. I never liked shortstacks. Before.

>> No.26407696

>I also like my orcs arabic and/or eastern. Or southern spanish/morrocan.
Kill yourself.

>> No.26407704

Why? Orcs are boring. Exotic cultures makes them less so.

>> No.26407706

Magic explains EVERYTHING

>> No.26407717

The [fantasy thing] but [historical culture] is lazy-ass, dull bullshit.

>> No.26407733

Okay. But I still like it.

>> No.26407737


Enjoy, ya crazy bastard.

>> No.26407739


No. It does not. if you really think that you will only end up with hamfisted, forced stories.

>> No.26407764

>implying murder hobos care about the social dynamics of the things in their path of killing.

It troubles me that Orcish females are worth less experience points and rarely carry decent treasure.

>> No.26407837

at the same time they're less equipped and are worse at fighting, so it evens out.

>> No.26407883

It would be fascinating to see how someone from a Neolithic tribe would react to the news that man had walked on the moon half a century ago.

>> No.26407903

I played a game where a tribe of savage shit eating hillmen encountered a tribe of orcs and the two were so similar that they basically merged.

You get orcs, humans and half orcs all living under the same filthy stinking roof.

>> No.26407907

that only works on the implication they would understand the concept.

>> No.26407910

You're presuming they'd believe you, and that they don't have myths and legends about people who have done the same thing.

>> No.26407939

>btw im a grill

>> No.26407953

Orc females don't run society. They don't teach, they don't lead, they don't heal, they barely even move. An orc female sits basically immobile and constantly pregnant. She's not gonna be a cute little green girl with widdle fangs; she's a fucking monstrous gelatinous hambeast that lives only to eat, fuck, and birth. Male orcs bring her food when they want to breed. You want to fuck her and somebody is already doing it, then you tear him off. Didn't bring her food? Hope you like getting eaten mid-coitus.

>> No.26407963

So you've gone all Shin Sekai Yori?

>> No.26407968

No, it means they know their place.

Women shouldn't be concerning themselves with that kind of stuff, their dainty figures simply can't handle it.

>> No.26407972

You've got a point if it isn't consistent with the setting itself. But if it is, the strongest argument you've got is that it's retarded to call them "orcs".

>> No.26407982


Already happens

>> No.26407985

you're confusing orcs with skaven and with your own SSBBW/vore fetishes, dude.

>> No.26407999

>see that thing
>realise you can breed with other humanoids
Holy shit, now I understand why there's so many half orcs

>> No.26408038

Why should this bother me? It only further emphasizes how cartoonishly evil they are.

>> No.26408039

I always assumed that it wasn't that they were weaker, but just that they didn't go out pillaging or hunting or such as often. Like the female Yautja.

>> No.26408050

Now I'm picturing female orcs sitting at home pouting about how their men are always away, but stoically accepting it because boys will be boys.

>> No.26408060

>Females decide upon almost everything in camp, as they influence the males so they do their bidding
>Withholding sex is majorly effective, due to the male Orc's high libido
>Rape is punished socially, since a male who can't convince females to have sex otherwise is seen as no real man.

>Males go out hunting, raiding and plundering to get away from their women, rape without social consequences and feel in charge for a change.

At least in my setting.

>> No.26408065

Looks like my Paladin of Patriarchy has his next target.

>> No.26408070

What if the women are just really whiny and demanding, so the men go on long group excursions to murder other species.

Like fishing trips.

>> No.26408078

somehow, I can't picture whiny, demanding Orc females.
In my mind, it's either >>26408060 or >>26407953

>> No.26408086

Paladin of Patriarchy
Required Alignment: Lawful Dick
Special Abilities: Smite Pussy (Su): A number of times per day equal to the Paladin's Level+2, he may smite any female creature (or a creature that simply exemplifies these qualities) and deal an additional 3d10 damage. This damage improves, adding an additional 4 dice, at levels 4, 8, 12, 16, and 20.

>> No.26408092

>Rape is punished socially, since a male who can't convince females to have sex otherwise is seen as no real man.

Can... can we adopt this concept in real life, too?

>> No.26408098

It will never happen so long as men in power enjoy engaging in rape. Tends to be a common trait.

>> No.26408099

We already have. Why do you think people hate on virgins so hard?

>> No.26408105

>>Rape is punished socially, since a male who can't convince females to have sex otherwise is seen as no real man.
At least until Krognak the Sudden kills all the upper echelons of society because he's actually earning XP.

>> No.26408120

These are different forms of stigmatization. Rationally speaking, most prostitutes have little choice about their position (or at least they perceive themselves as having little choice) and yet a common suggestion for older virgins is to just pay a whore.

>> No.26408121


I think he's referring to how the first thing most men say when they hear someone raped a girl is "you know, she might be lying."

>> No.26408126


Plenty of men in power enjoy being wrapped to the point of helplessness in leather and beaten senseless with whips.

>> No.26408127

They must really love rape then, since power and money are the two easiest ways to get sex

>> No.26408133

And plenty are also molesters or flat out rapists. Worse yet are the ones who encourage their followers to rape and pillage simply to demoralize their opposition.

>> No.26408142

That isn't the first thing society says. If you think that way, I advise you to browse a website more representative of your skewed viewpoint, like tumblr.

She might be lying. Why assume that women are inherently more honest than men?

>> No.26408149


That just makes it worse.

What does it say about women when a man who's at the lowest rung of respect/power amongst men can still get his jollies out of dominating the average girl.

>> No.26408159

I still get a kick out of domination. Just not rape, because it would make me feel bad. I like to fap to the idea, though.

>> No.26408160


People are either S or M, you can't have one without the other. Do you want to police what gives people boners?

>> No.26408163

Man, I want to. I wish everyone had the same interests that I do so I wouldn't have to guess.

>> No.26408165


That's an example of intergroup bias. Same reason most women automatically jump to to console or support a girl they hear has been raped or abused regardless of the truth behind the scenario. Both genders nourish their own self-esteem this way. Keep in mind though, that ingroup bias is not necessarily indicative of outgroup negativity.

>> No.26408171

.....you should be tied up and slapped silly for that S/M statement, whether or not your S or M, because it's retarded to the point of rediculousness.

>> No.26408186

I think you're retarded for trying to artificially enforce social dynamics because you don't like the status quo that has naturally emerged

>> No.26408187

Eel leather isn't made of eel, it's made of hellbeasts called hagfish.

>> No.26408190

Imagine a world where you wouldn't have to hide your sexual interests, because everyone else had them too. Imagine a world where everyone was sexually compatible.

>> No.26408196

I was accused of rape because a woman cheated on her fiancee with me and he found out.

Women can be hideous cunts.

>> No.26408203

There is a massive difference between social dynamics and stress relief. If you don't know what that difference is you shouldn't be using that particular comparison, since it might bite you in the ass a lot harder than you'd expect.

>> No.26408222

Are we talking about african warlords now?
This thread is fucking strange.

>> No.26408229

Orcs are basically african warlords, though.

>> No.26408246

>I was accused of rape because a woman cheated on her fiancee with me and he found out.


>> No.26408251

No child soldiers,not that big on drugs...

What do they like?Drinking,raiding and fighting.
Remind you of someone?

>> No.26408256

Sometimes they lie.It happens you know.

>> No.26408262

I got brought to trial, because obviously as a man I am guilty.

It took three of her closest friends testifying against her to reverse the verdict. Three. Even then, she got a slap on the wrist for wasting police time.

>> No.26408274


>> No.26408275

>no child soldiers, not that big on drugs
Excuse me, sir, but Orcs are totes into that.

>> No.26408276


Are you implying African Warlords are the only people that encourage rape and pillaging amongst their soldiers?

Because I distinctly remember it was only 20 years ago since commanders in the Balkans were encouraging people to seek out Muslim girls and defile them, preferably get them pregnant.

>> No.26408293


The use of rape as a tool of demoralization is oddly enough used by females in power. An example in point, Pauline Nyiramasuhuko, of the Rwandan Genocide. She was accused and found guilty of incitement to rape. Something many consider her responsible for the incitement of thousands of rapes. A few incidents involving her that came to mind are: orchestrating the round up and subsequent rape/murder of thousands of Tutsis inside a stadium, and another case where she had men rape a group of women, burn all but one alive, and leave that last one to spread what happened. She allegedly ordered the militia/troops to rape all the women before killing them. And to top it all off, she was the Minister of Family Welfare and Advancement of Women. A position she used to her advantage obtaining the residences of political opponents to dispatch her rape squads to.

>> No.26408299

I was thinking of vikings or stereotypical mountain scots.But yeah,slavs might fit that description too.

>> No.26408302


I understand that.

I was under the impression it was merely that, an accusation; false rape charges are hardly as common as you'd think, and they don't really ever go to trial.

That's why they're such a big deal when one's revealed to have happened. Of course, that's also because the media wants to remind people that people should assume a woman is a lying whore when they claim they were raped.

>> No.26408316


>One example
>Using it as hard evidence of a trend.

>> No.26408317

>That's why they're such a big deal when one's revealed to have happened. Of course, that's also because the media wants to remind people that people should assume a woman is a lying whore when they claim they were raped
That's so untrue that I'm beginning to wonder if you're even in touch with reality

>> No.26408323


Remember Steubenville?

>> No.26408385


Not using it as hard evidence. Its a simple example to elaborate on. I could have brought up female sex offenders. They often utilize rape as punishment or an expression of their emotional state eg. "I wanted you to feel how I felt" etc. To many of them it is a crime of control and power, one that they vehemently deny sexuality playing a part of.

Once again, I should repeat, this doesn't mean all rapes as a tool of demoralization are female, simply that, the use of rape as a tool to exert power is no uncommon in observation within female sex offenders.

>> No.26408419
File: 27 KB, 500x377, AkRiN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Its more prevalent there.
There are a shitton of conflicts in the Middle East(or Near East) for example,and none feature mass-scale rape.

>> No.26408516


>> No.26408526

You coulda just said "Remember Duke?" if you wanted to just do the exact same thing as him and point out an example.

>> No.26408549

But thats not what I wanted to do, i dont know what Steubenville is

>> No.26408599


Two athletes raped a chick. Coaches covered it up. etc. Its basically the flip of Duke.

>> No.26409147

That "Orc female" is an impostor!

>> No.26409383

A result of a sudden influx of advanced weaponry the cultures in no way had developed rules around the usage of. Western values (as much as they're disregarded at times) come from the gradual co-growth and adaption of the structure of society and executive power. The Africans never had that slow, painful luxury since the Western world just suddenly decided to throw guns at the worst of them in order to destabilize the regions to take advantage of the chaos. I'll say this: I'll never blame a man for being a product of his environment.

>> No.26409405

It's obviously a Shadowrun orc who's been put under several knives and hormone manipulating needles in order to look good on the cover of a men's magazine. Dishonest, but no impostor.

>> No.26409407

Orc males are all disposable cannon fodder.

I say it makes them seem brutish and dangerous, which is the fucking point of the race.

>> No.26409444

No, in Silmarillion it's pretty clear that they reproduce by inserting their penises into vaginas and ejaculating semen.

Movie Urûk-Hai were shown as they were probably to hint at their nature as magical experiments. (They were also crossbred with men.)

>> No.26409498

And that's fine. Especially among /d/eviants, I think there's a pretty serious line between what we fap to and what we'd actually do in real life.

>> No.26409528

Specifically, they raped a fourteen year-old girl, who then got a tremendous amount of shit from the people around her for ruining those poor boys' lives. Despite being raped.


>> No.26409547

Or, you know, sixteen year-old girl. I'm getting my cases mixed up, I think.

>> No.26409654
File: 165 KB, 900x1276, orc lady.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>thread on orc women
>turns into rape 101

post more orc women dammit

>> No.26409687

That's not an orc woman, that's a tribal elf. You can't just take something and call it whatever you like and pretend it's a fetish for burly muscle women.

>> No.26409793
File: 93 KB, 625x1024, watch me.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26409827

Elf fucker.

>> No.26409861

also after looking it up it's a lineage II orc

>google search images bring up female orc


>> No.26409887
File: 43 KB, 800x480, OrcWomanDoNotWant.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Still not orcy enough

>> No.26409913

I can call an elf a human, doesn't make it one.

>> No.26409929
File: 176 KB, 600x477, W20_Draka_600px.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how bout now?

>> No.26409948

WoW shit.

>> No.26409970
File: 119 KB, 663x900, OrcAxeShieldFighterWoman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, I guess that works

>> No.26410022

>the use of rape as a tool to exert power is not uncommon.

Fixed that for you.

>> No.26410084

I hope they don't make a habit of it.

>> No.26410109

i always thought of the orcs more like the eaters of the dead from the 13th warrior

>> No.26410112
File: 65 KB, 500x747, 1366076921333.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>rape/feminism discussion
Does this count as an orc?

>> No.26410433 [DELETED] 
File: 83 KB, 491x700, elf_and_orc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the reason behind the dwindling elf population being that male elves spend all their time doing muscular orc chicks instead of lady elves, in a not to distant future i forsee a lot of pointy eared sorta good looking orcs

>> No.26410448

Sorry lady but I'm pretty sure people would have to be paid before they'd rape you.

>> No.26410528

> The basis of American law is Innocent Until Proven Guilty
> Unless it's rape. Throw him in jail if he's even accused of rape.

>> No.26410570

Isn't that the one where the media had a field day doing the exact opposite of what you're saying happened?

>> No.26411079

...thats a dude i think?

>> No.26411442

Orc women probably find savage, fucked-up looking tribal giants the best-looking dudes though. I mean in their culture, that's what's hot.

>> No.26411555
File: 1.16 MB, 1366x768, elf_amIracist_aretheyclones.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Orcs are elves
>Dwarves are elves (also extinct)
>Those magically adept humans? Surprise, an entire fucking race of half elves
>elves elves elves elves elves oh fuck we love elves so much

The only reason humans aren't somehow elves in TES is because the main conflicts seems to be consistently between elven races and the human races (i.e. Nords and Imperials).
The furries and scalies just screw around with their cocaine-sugar and hyperintelligent ancient trees. There aren't going to be any argonian or khajiit empires, that's for fucking sure

>> No.26411576


>> No.26411603

Srs, I would rather be falsely accused of murder or armed-robbery than 1st-degree rape. At least then I wouldn't have to worry about being convicted with next to no evidence.
Look at the fucking Hofstra false rape scandal. Prosecution was ready to go to trial with zero evidence that rape actually occurred.
The only thing that saved them was the fact that one of the guys she had a gangbang with recorded it, so she recanted.
That by itself was disturbing enough, but what was really infuriated was the way the media reacted. They criticized the young men, between 18 and 20, IIRC, for, not being "more careful", saying they "got a good scare".
As though they could foresee this woman accusing them of rape to cover up the fact that she had a gangbang with four guys in a public bathroom from her boyfriend.

There was another case where a woman misidentified some guy as her rapist, and of course he was concocted on her word alone, only for it to eventually come out that he was innocent after spending a number of years in prison.
Naturally, she was all kinds of fucked up about it when it was discovered that an innocent man had been sent to prison.
I'm sure both plaintiff and defendant lost sleep over that after it was all over.

>> No.26411606
File: 352 KB, 1181x761, eldar_galaxy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>argument over

>> No.26411621


>not loving moon-sugar
>not getting high and living an indulgent and hedonistic life-style off of the money you con/steal from everyone else

khajiit has no time for you

>> No.26411678

Welcome to 4chan

>> No.26411794

And rape is a pretty obscene issue when it comes to both men and women. The way we relate to it is retarded. "Maybe she was lying" is a reasonable response until the crime is proven.
My friends mum told a judge and the community her father molested her simply to maintain custody. He could have been killed because of that lie. Yet some members of society think if the accusation is made against a man no doubt should be given but against a women doubt should be the default stand point. Hell in Australia, where i live, rape statistics are not even recorded in male prisons.
Our whole thought structure when it comes to issues like rape needs to be reexamined for everyone's sake because our bullshit knee jerk responses are to the detriment of both men and women.

>Its okay to ask "Could she be lying"
>Its not okay to say "She was asking for it"
>If a man claimed to be raped by a women i bet my ass you would ask "could he be lying".

>> No.26411841
File: 159 KB, 800x933, tigerman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I read that in a khajiiti accent.
And I'm okay with that.

>> No.26411875

The Khajiit has the most prevalent and lasting empire of all: Drug empires.

>> No.26411900
File: 41 KB, 500x500, 1359382763968.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26412024
File: 6 KB, 202x250, fez.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you are now aware khajiit talk in this guy's voice but in a lower tone.

>> No.26412148

On the reverse, I've seen a video where three woman try to get out of a 14 pound taxi fare by threatening to charge the driver with rape.
He went to the cops with the cabcam's recorded video (with audio). The case was dismissed because of lack of evidence.
The dude had a fucking video recording of the crime being committed.

>> No.26412183

I'm amazed at how ling this thread has gone on without turning into cheesecake.

>> No.26412251
File: 146 KB, 836x1088, orc_shaman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does this count?

>> No.26412306 [SPOILER] 
File: 8 KB, 184x170, zalgoguys.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> mfw when waiting for a Khajiit to say "I said 'Good Day'!"

>> No.26412742

This is why Warhammer/40k Orcs are best. They are spored.

No women.

That automatically means most other fantasy orcs are 50% inferior to GW orcs... assuming 50% of their population is female.

>> No.26412800
File: 107 KB, 639x458, 1372777370763.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.26413344

Eh, then again, this is an orc thread-- they are pretty low on the humanoid xenophilia chart. Below dwarf women, even.

>> No.26413402

It also means no debate over whether or not the females should be hot. Look at all the nerd raeg that happens every time there's a female tau thread. (Not even Mass Effect fans get that argumentative about the plausibility of sexy blue alien girls)

>> No.26413422
File: 901 KB, 500x228, idonteven.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw /tg/ shits itself in abject delight over the 1000% cheese of WH & 40k but gets pissy as hell whenever someone so much as mentions WoW

>> No.26413773


Because WoW a shit.

Night Elves and just purple long-eared humans.
Draenei are blue hooved humans.
Orcs are green warrior-y humans.
High/Blood-Elves are pretty humans.

/tg/ hates Warcraft because even was far was fantasy goes it bland as fuck and wasted potential everywhere.

>> No.26413919


Contrary to popular belief. Tryhard isn't an actual thing. It either is or isn't. Things labelled tryhard are, but are seen as not.

>> No.26413976


>Rewarding murderhobo behaviour.

No, nip it in the bud. Experience is give through great achievements, not per kill.

>> No.26414196

>Dark Eldar are pale hyper-sadist humans
>Tau are blue humans with hooves
>Chaos Marines are crazy superhumans
>Space Marines are zealot superhumans
>Orks are stupid soccer hooligan humans
>Imperial Guard are just humans

Your argument is fallacious and your grammar is garbage. I think WoW is full of cheese and corny as fuck, but please try harder if you want to nail it to the wall.

>> No.26414357

Those tribes havent seen what is worn outside. any contact is likely to decimate their population as they'll be exposed to the same kind of diseases as the north American natives.

>> No.26414582

>my shitty idea got taken apart so I'll just be a fuckhead

>> No.26415851

the Oatmeal is a shitty comic writer and a liberal shill

>> No.26416265

Mmhmm. Meanwhile 97% of alleged rapists don't even see a day in jail. And that's if they're in the 54% that even get reported to the police. No but yeah, feminist conspiracy and all that, woo men's rights, where's the open bar?

>> No.26416291

>tfw Tali

>> No.26416326

> liberal shill
What does that even mean?

>> No.26416370
File: 142 KB, 435x439, 1375299678504.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It means 'murrika.

For real though, it is kiiinda shitty.

>> No.26416471

And how many of those alleged rapists don't see a day in jail because they were found innocent?
"Alleged" just means that you were accused of a crime. Not that you're guilty of it. You're just proving that the standard of trial for rapes is "Innocent until proven guilty (unless it's a rape accusation in which they're automatically guilty even if found innocent beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law)".

>> No.26416644

>You're just proving that the standard of trial for rapes is "Innocent until proven guilty (unless it's a rape accusation in which they're automatically guilty even if found innocent beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law)".

No, that's exactly the opposite of my point. 3% of rape charges end up in jail time. That's absolutely fucking tiny. And you'd still rather believe that rape charges somehow get the preferential treatment where the poor bastard is automatically found guilty. Despite this very obviously not being the case.

Like, let's look at it your way. The system treats people accused of rape as if they were guilty unless proven otherwise. Even with this treatment, 97% of people charged with rape walk free. And those 3% that remain are, what, exactly? Also all innocent because the system chose to believe they were guilty of a crime they didn't commit? Instead of being in the 97% that walk free? Where do you think the actual rapists go?

>> No.26416947

Court systems aren't perfect. Part of the 97% are people who committed a crime and got away with it just as part of the 3% were people who were wrongly convicted of a crime. I won't try to say I know how big of a percentage those make up.
Even with that treatment, 97% of people go free because they are able to prove otherwise. Whether they were truthful or not, I can't say, but I claimed rape charges were effectively Guilty Until Proven Innocent. Not Guilty Until Proven Guilty; legally speaking. Social condemnation is a whole different story, which is what I was referring to in the previous post.

>> No.26417047

Seriously Biowhore, how hard would t have been to at least draw a nice looking render of her face in Photoshop? It's insulting enough that after 3 games the most we get is a 2D photo of her and not her actual unmasked face, but a damn photoshopped Getty Images photo? It's like they wanted their fans to burn them to the ground in sperglord wrath.

>> No.26419001

>How can we differentiate our elves from all other elves?
>Oh! Let's give them foot long ears and eyebrows!
>Their skin is also purple! because there's never been purple elves before ours!
>But won't that look really strange?
>Naw, after people see it enough times it'll seem normal.

>> No.26421245

>Bawwww! Orcs are elves!
Hey, psst!
Tolkien did that too
>that one NElf with different face paint and her hood down
>"Dammit, Sister Lyandrissa, I thought we agreed to wear matching paints! The whole effect is ruined now! And put your damned hood up, quit being such an attention whore!"

>> No.26421296


>Implying I'm the same dude and not just a guy who doesn't condone murderhobo behaviour in his games.

>> No.26421337
File: 920 KB, 660x448, Suddenly, goombas.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Krognak the Sudden
>the Sudden
How the fuck does one earn that name? Did he just suddenly appear out of thin air or drop from the sky one day so they decided to take him in?

>> No.26421444

There are hints that khajit and argonians may also be offshoots of elves.

>> No.26421515

Orcs are supposed to be a twisted mockery of elves though.

Tolkien had dark elves too, although they are not physically darker looking. Legolas and the other Mirkwood elves are all dark elves (Tolkienian wood elves are literally just elves who live in the woods, and can be either high elves or dark elves). Dark elves are separated from the spirit world, and thus they are much mire susceptible to things like selfishness and greed, with Legolas's father being a prime example.

Orcs on the other hand are hideous barbarians. Their music is harsh and foul, and rather than make art and crafts they make machines. Tolkien was ambiguous about the existence of orc women, although if they existed they were almost certainly as hideous and foul as their male counterparts.

It is also implied that orc men can rape human women to produce half orcs-- orc / elf hybrids are never touched upon, most likely because elves have extremely low birthrates anyway, meaning attempts to produce such a hybrid are probably useless anyway. It is mentioned in the books that some of Sauron and Saruman's human spies are ugly and appear to have orc in them, and it is speculated by one character that the Uruk Hai themselves might in fact be part human.

>> No.26421678

And lo and behold, orsimer are twisted mockeries of the chimer they once were thanks to the machinations of daedric lords! Their once-elven god is now a daedric prince for fucks sake, it doesnt get much more corrupted than that. Seriously though, TES mythology/biology is really fascinating and I dont get why you would get all bent out of shape over orcs descending from elves.
>It is mentioned in the books that some of Sauron and Saruman's human spies are ugly and appear to have orc in them
I know, Wormtongue was one such orc-blooded spy.
>and it is speculated by one character that the Uruk Hai themselves might in fact be part human.
I thought it was explicitly stated that uruk-hai are a magical hybrid of man and beast. It is in the movies, at least.

>> No.26421907

>Tolkien did that too
At least Tolkien didn't make it so that hobbits, dwarves, and Men were ALSO elves.

>> No.26422021

Something I am a bit confused about is where Hobbits came from. If I remember correctly, Elves and Men were basically created by God, then Dwarves were created by a lesser deity and given souls by God/Eru/whoever the main creator deity is. Are Hobbits basically mutts who have a little bit of everything, and are diminutive in size?

>> No.26422049

Neither did TES. Dwemer are so different from dwarves the only thing they really share is the same habitat and a few vaguely similar racial quirks. Hell, no one even really calls them dwarves save for a single race of giants, its just a tongue-in-cheek thing the developers slipped in there.

And as for your bitching, theres the akaviri races - snow demons, snake people, tiger people, and dragonmen, I believe, as well as the sload, the apefolk who pretend to be altmer because they are elfaboos, a now extinct race of metal men, the man races save for bretons, and giants among other things I'm missing who all bear no relation to the mer races.

>> No.26422238

There are hints of everything in TES lore. Unless you did it in a game it's a lie. Even then there's still a 50/50 chance.

>> No.26422273

So if Orcs traditionally have a cockney accent
What accent do Orc females have?

>> No.26422322

Elderscrolls... Wikia. Please never link to that website again. Please. Use UESP or IL, anything but the wikia, please.

>> No.26422392

eh, the 40k races are in general more different from humans than the non-humans in WoW. I'll grant you Tau but if you look at the societies of Eldar and Orks they are nothing like any human society in history.

>> No.26422643

The reason Gandalf is so curious about hobbits is because the fuckers just kinda... showed up. Unlike every other race (save dwarves), they weren't part of the song of Iluvatar.

Hobbits are just so intensely mundane that no one really questioned it. Saruman brushes them off as short hill people of no consequence, whereas Gandalf is like, "THEY JUST SHOWED UP. DOES THAT NOT INTEREST YOU AT ALL?!"

>> No.26422884
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The Dwemer are Dwarves in that it's the role they fill in TES, much like how the Squats in 40k are dwarves despite being abhumans. They have big beards, are the shortest of the Mer subraces, and they are technologically advanced. The Norse myths about Dwarves depicted them as being technologically superior to humans (yup, scifi has been around that long), so the Dwemer are the defacto Dwarves of the ES universe.

>> No.26423207

>are the shortest of the Mer subraces
Could be wrong, but I thought that was bosmer.
>and they are technologically advanced
That role typically goes to gnomes in typical fantasy settings.
>The Norse myths about Dwarves depicted them as being technologically superior to humans
Norse dwarves were just really handy craftsmen. It was less technology and more magic. Like flying golden boars and shit. Even Tolkien dwarves were less about TEKNAWLOGEE and more about making intricate crafts.

Either way, dwarves typically arent psychic hivemind superautists who build gods and teleport out of existence.

So yes, they sort-of fill the dwarf trope, but do so in such a way that calling them nothing more than dwarves does dwemer a huge disservice.

>> No.26423304

They are more than just dwarves, but Skyrim is unique in that rather than go the typical route of "our elves are different, our Dwarves are the same", they went the opposite route. The reason I don't mind calling Dwemer "dwarves" is because they are one of the most unique spins on Dwarves I have seen in fiction.

So yes, the Dwemer certainly are more than just dwarves, but at the same time I see them as very cool dwarves, and are certainly deserving of filling the iconic role within TES's mythology.

>> No.26423404

Fair enough. If more dwarves were willing to break the dwarf mold, maybe I wouldnt be so fed up with the race.

Then again, it also goes along with what I always say that its easier to play with common tropes and turn them on their head once you divorce yourself from the iconic names that embody said tropes.

Don't make your dwarves different, just make dwarflike things that are different.

>> No.26424042


Didn't the Argonians like conquer half of Morrowind? I know Morrowind isn't really in any shape to defend from invaders but still. Humans fighting humans fighting elves, while the Argonians expand their marshes. They seem to be the only race that is doing pretty well for itself.

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