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>TFW no dragonblood GF
>TFW no lunar red panda cuddles

You have ten seconds to come up with a useful artifact of 3 dots or lower that does not use any form of numeric value in its effects.

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The Cup of Vitality

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Glorious jade camp stove.

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This artifact provides a heat source on demand without flames, but is cool to the touch at a moment's notice.

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Help me /tg/.

How do I conquer the world without using violence? Eclipse or Zenith caste are the best suited for this, right? How do I make them work?

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Pretty Kitty Revolution.

>1. Appearance 4, Manipulation 4, Essence 3
>2. Perfect Symmetry (double high-Appearance bonuses for the scene)
>3. Glance-Oration Technique (use social attacks without speaking)
>4. Falling Leaf Distraction (people think thoughts are coming from them instead of the Lunar)
>5. Feeding The Bear Progression (force large groups to crave something).
>6. A really good-looking cat (Appearance 4).

>Shapeshift into cat. Activate Perfect Symmetry and Glance-Oration Technique. Use Falling Leaf Distraction against your targets by rubbing up against them, making them think of whatever you want.

>If they resist twice, go for a combo with Charismatic Lunar Trick to make them spend all their Willpower.

>Result: Cat walks into room, sits there for a few hours, everyone present wants a new king, revolution.

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...that's brilliant.

But shapeshifting is Lunar stuff, isn't it? What about solar exalts?

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do percentiles count?

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What if you used Buxomise on a male?

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Paragraph 4, sentence 2.

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>implying appearance can be improved by disgusting balls of fat.

Worst artifact ever.

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Agreed. Girls should keep it natural.

Now, an artifact to turn people into lolis/shotas...I'd pay 6 Resources dots for that.

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Huh? I thought Appearance basically meant cup size.

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Fuck no it doesn't.

Unless you go by the Scroll of Swallowed Darkness which says it is Dragonblooded genetics to have big boobs on females.

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That's wrong and dumb..

Everyone knows that it's leg length.

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Topper Harley: Those are some long legs...
Ramada Thompson: I just had them lengthened. Now they go all the way up.

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Genesis plague granting App boost and Small mutation?

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That feeling when you check Keychain every day in the faint, faint hopes that there will be some sort of update, any sort of update on Juukashi's condition and that maybe, just maybe, his arm will be well enough for him to continue the comic.

Man, I fucking miss Keychain

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He showed up on /tg/chan and made a chapter of Lunar Quest, then went off to other projects.
He said he hopes to get back to Keychain at some point.

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Well, at least there's Scroll of Ivy/Agents of Yu Shan... though that would benefit greatly from better backgrounds...

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I'm definitely enjoying Scroll. It doesn't replace Keychain, but it helps.

Agents... Agents is paced oddly. Which I think might be intentional - sids and all that.

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I think Juukashi's gotten too involved with Lunar Quest and Will of the Undermind and has lost all creative momentum concerning Keychain.

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I just hope he actually does

Or that he keeps writing it and gets someone else to draw if that's the problem

Because I really want to see where the story goes

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Revealing Sundisk- A disk of black and white jade surrounded by an orichalcum ring with convenient handles. With the investiture of (fuck shit that's a number isn't it) motes of essence, the holder can use it to peer through solid material, tuning the piercing vision with twists of the handles. It's seen use by thieves, spies, and surprisingly, doctors.

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Matron Tea (**)
This is actually a category of artifact that is made to help ensure the continuation of Dragonblooded dynasties. There is a variety of Matron Tea for each of the Dragonblooded elements, and when the appropriate element of tea is consumed by a Dragonblooded exalt and that exalt expends all remaining motes, the next procreative act they commit before the next sunrise will result in pregnancy. While Matron Tea does not cause conception in sexual acts that would have no natural chance of conception in the first place, it does completely negate the effects of Maiden Tea on either partner and children conceived under its effects are completely shielded to the abortive effects of Maiden Tea and other chemical abortive agents.

In spite of its utility in ensuring that an heir will be born, there is a superstition that children conceived under the aid of Matron Tea are more likely to exalt as Anathema than naturally-conceived children.

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Have you been watching Lunar Quest on tgchan?

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Never heard of this before.

Not sure I want to read it if the art is like this.

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This one has gone through like FOUR artists across three chapters/revisions.
Hell, the current one shifts an artist halfway through.
Full plot order of reading is
http://www.manseofivy.com/classic-archive (shit art)
http://www.manseofivy.com/respite-archive (gorgeous art, but hella short)
And then the current

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Oh and Ivy has dang good art throughout.

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I hope you're right, because I'm kind of starving for new Exalted material.

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Well, if you're /starving/ you're going to eat it up without complaining about art, just like I did.
The plot I find pretty good. Classic and Respite parts have a couple awesome "siddies in a nutshell" moments.

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http://fivefoldcomicstance.thecomicseries.com/comics/first check that one out too if you haven't.

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I had no idea this existed. Thanks anon.

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Oh, this is based on Burn Legend. Neat.

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Anyone have the new Mask of Winters pic? Is it any good?

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Well that's disappointing.

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Rolled 81

>and that exalt expends all remaining motes
What happens if they had no motes left?

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It's not really well balanced to begin with, since you get the same effect from 1 or 80 motes.

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Balance it out by saying the more motes you spend, the more likely the child will be of whatever sex you prefer.

>captcha: ftsmed arranged

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Or boosts their Breeding rating.

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Considering that it's a consumable Artifact, I'd say it doesn't need anything more to overcome a measly thaumaturgical remedy.

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>Implying Keychain will be coming back

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>implying it won't be back once Lunar Quest is done....

I can dream.

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invisible handjob

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I think it looks pretty good...

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But the MoW perving on titty-chimera was much more badass.

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that sounds dumb, m8

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He's talking about the pic of him in the 2e Lunar book, where he's with the chimera-chick who has something like 3 dd-cup tits in no symetrical fashion.

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MoEP: Lunars
p. 205

Mask of Winters is a badass, scary mother fucker. As opposed to a twatbag in a Beholder halloween costume.

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So. As long as I can play a Solar who can descend into the realm of the Mountain Folk and 'investigate' the Geas, I'm all good.

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You really want to challenge a guy who is completely Elsewhere?

Brave cunt.

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Glorius Solar bump

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So does anyone know how to destroy the sanctum of a terrestrial god?

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Not challenge. Improve upon.

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Start with his cult, upstage him at every turn and perform greater miracles. Then go after what he's the god of. River gods? Pollution. Jungle gods? Deforestation.

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He's a volcano god. He's already blown his load all over our town, so I swam into the lava and tore him in half.

We're already tearing down his shrine and forbidding worship, but I want to make sure he doesn't reform and fuck shit up for us again.

I want to swim down into that volcano and break things with my fists until things are broken, but I think I have to be a little more focused than that.

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Well, you could try fucking with the dragon lines to change the aspect of his demense. Volcano god gonna have a hard time doing jack shit if all the fire essence is routed miles away from his mountain.

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Ohh, rearrange it into a Wood demesne, we need a Genesis lab.

Or you know, we could just ask Gervesin to go in there and murder the guy.

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Well, yeah. If you just wanna kill him, Ghost Eating Attack works. I thought we were going for Glorious Solar Rape in order to make an example of him.

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Or you could get a friendly neighborhood Abyssal to use soul-forging fury and turn him in to starmetal.

Or whatever Solar equivalent there may or may not be.

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We don't have Abyssals, Jade Prison didn't get broken.

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Then you technically shouldn't have Solars or Infernals either, I don't think. Unless you're doing a full on First Age pre-Usurpation game.

That or you're playing a Dragon-Blooded, Sidereal, or Lunar, and neglected to mention that. Then again DB would explain you not seeing an issue with swimming in lava.

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>Glorious Perfected Coasters
In days long gone, it was said that a First Age Solar became fed up with the repeated ruination of his antique tables at the hands of uncultured guests. This Solar proceeded to devise a foolproof method of table protection: the Glorious Perfected Coasters. A GPC may be made of any of the artifact metals, although only the effects of Orichalcum, Jade, Moonsilver, and Starmetal are currently known, as Soulsteel GPCs have yet to surface in Creation.

Once set on a table by its owner, a GPC adheres to it until moved by the attuned Exalt. Said Exalt may move the coaster telekinetically or physically. When a beverage is placed on a GPC, it retains its current temperature as long as it remains within 10 m of the coaster's center. In addition, the coaster attracts and absorbs any and all drippings and spillage within a 15 cm radius.

>Orichalcum: The overall flavor of the beverage placed on the coaster is intensified and improved. This effect lasts for ten minutes, after which the beverage returns to its normal state unless it is deposited on an Orichalcum GPC again.
>Moonsilver: When a container is placed on a Moonsilver coaster, the attuned Exalt may turn the contents into any single pure liquid of choice that is native to Creation. The liquid retains all of the physical and chemical properties normally found in non-GPC-produced examples of such.
>Starmetal: The attuned Exalt may infuse the beverage in the attached container with intangible ingredients, such as the concept of Love or the dictionary definition of deliciousness.
>Jade: Varied, but these effects are often characteristic of the color used. For instance, Red Jade GPCs may give a drink a little extra kick, while a Green Jade GPC may give a drink weak medicinal qualities.

Attunement cost: 1 mote per 10 coasters

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Still a dozen solars who didn't get caged.

>> No.26423850

Are there Charms that allow a Solar to provide his/her own background music?

>> No.26423871

Oh... oh god I want them so badly.

>> No.26423998

>it retains its current temperature as long as it remains within 10 m of the coaster's center.
Those are some huge fucking coasters.

>> No.26424027

Forgot to clarify: the drink doesn't have to be in contact with the coaster. Its container's base just has to make contact with the coaster for the effect to occur.

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You should see the table.

>> No.26424296

>Hypergeometric Table

The Hypergeometric Table appears at first to be an elegant table crafted almost entirely of starmetal.

All people sitting at the Hypergeometric Table are considered to be seated immediately next to each other for purposes of carrying on a conversation, however all people sitting at the table are considered to be in completely different realms of existence from each other for purposes of eavesdropping on conversations or physical combat.

In addition, when placed inside a room the table will appear to fill the space tastefully, allowing room for servants and guests to move around it.

Finally, any number of people may sit comfortably at the table regardless of the size of the room.

In spite of the table's utility for diplomatic meetings, it does not confer any form of protection to any party seated at it from social attacks (aside from its prevention of eavesdropping).

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You roll an Exigent of Ice Cream, of course. The people of Creation will always flock to a temple-creamery to pay homage to the Most Glorious Dessert. All you need is time and the cash for construction crews.

>> No.26424905

I'm lactose intolerant, fuck you.

>> No.26424927

>Implying the temple-creameries don't have lactose-free ice cream

>> No.26424941

t-they do? I've been such a fool, please forgive me my lord.

>> No.26425058

No harm done, Anon. Now come on in, there's always room for more at the creamery.

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We're from the First Age, missed the Usurpation and everything via being stuck in a time warp in the Wyld.

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Yes. It's a Performancce one that gives you visuals and sound.

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Bronze Anymug of Plenty

Produces any non-magical, non-dangeous fluid on demand.

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I would 'wound' that lunar.

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No you wouldn't. You'd get in the same room as her when you suffered a sudden manifestation of Untimely Spaghetti Eruption, revealing you're just an unenlightened mortal. She'd be all "You cannot use essence? Is shame, you might have chance otherwise."

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Uh, hey guys. Did no-one catch

Does anyone have a quote for 'day one' or a link? I can't find it.

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How do you think these two look, tg?

>promise to give a charm each day until release
He probably realised a bit later that it would result in having to publish ALL charms from the corebook, didn't he?

>> No.26433078

Immortal Sky-Scorching Pogo Stick.

It functions as a normal pogo stick, except it allows you jump as high as you desire. Excellent tool for orbital ambushes, a quick escape, or if you're an SMA and just want to be flying over the country you're about to punch Pain-Spearing Anus Termites or Eternal Leaping Shits Curse into the residents of.

>> No.26433231

Meh, those sound like something a Citrine Poxes master would do.
And he does it by standing on the border and launching a plague typhoon.

>> No.26433405

Wow, good for you! You got the reference! We're proud, you can stop lurking, you're a full /tg/ initiate now!

>> No.26434665

That one kind of makes sense, though, since dragonbloods would have been partially selected for fertility.

>> No.26434893

Phantom-Conjuring Performance. Allows you to have your own theme music AND essence powered pyrotechics.

One of the most awesome Solar charms which is very simple, yet allows you to do all sorts of crazy stuff.

Need to hit on a water aspected sailor DB in a ball dance? Have a dance with her, after the band ends a song make some illusionary music starts so that everyone in the band thinks everyone else is starting to play some sea-related song(if possible, her favourite song), conjure some phantom boat creaking sounds around you and charm on.

Need to show your war council some maps so that you can better explain your plans? No need for First Age hologram projectors, just conjure some from pure essence while talking.

Need to quite literally melt the faces(or face equivalents) off the enemy demon army with your awesome air(essence) guitar solos? Just get the follow-up charm that allows you to deal aggravated damage against Creatures of Darkness with a Performance based attacks.

Pretty much one of the best core Solar charms, I'm telling you.

>> No.26434969

Looks like it's time for this Dawn Caste to invest some dots in Perform.

>> No.26435145

You should, my Dawn also did and he(or me) hasn't ever since looked back.

So far has allowed me to do the first one (hitting dat DB ass, later she became one of my lieutenants) and plenty of other awesome stuff. Nothing gets the mortal army you are about to train to become Tiger Warriors more hyped up about their chance of a life time, than giving an essence imagery backed inspiring speech about all the awesome things they will do on the first day of training. Also nothing beats proclaiming "The Sun be my judge, for I challenge thee to a duel to the death over this controversy. You can also bring five of your best men" to the general of the enemy army in front of all his men (when you are all alone against them) while conjuring holy essence light coming down from the sky towards you.

All the others may have their fancy pansy charms for social situations, I have one that pretty much is guaranteed to give me a 3 dice stunt every time I roll Performance.

>> No.26435532

Does the Solar Charm "Underling Promoting Touch" constitute sexual harassment in the workplace?

>> No.26436438

Boob size has nothing to do with fertility though, other than (if I remember right) mild swelling during ovulation. So really the DB women should be having comical amounts of growth and shrinkage throughout the month.

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Okay I need help /tg/. A player character, for reasons I will not disclose, was basically Blacklight from PROTOTYPE and thanks to Siddy fuckery, the Dowager was super weak to disease.

After getting whaled on by a full Solar group, the Blacklight character ate the Dowager and it was ruled that every bit of her was om nom nom'd.

How good/bad/interesting is this for the Blacklight player? And for everyone else?

>> No.26436855

If he actually gains things from the people/spirits (friendly reminder Deathlords are all ghosts), tell him he now has an unusual fascination with little girls, and wants to give one an exaltation, and keep exalting little girls each time the previous one dies, purely for curiosity's sake.

Basically give him bits of Dowager's personality and shit as a result of him having eaten her.

Maybe even have his character suddenly overcome by a desire to do ~something~(cough give a little girl an exaltation cough) then run off, have him make a new character, then later bring back the Blacklight character as a new, physical Dowager.

If you want bad things to happen to him, that is. Otherwise you could give him some info that the Dowager knew, and maybe some of the non-abyssal charms she knew.

>> No.26437043

Oho? Please go on, this is gold!

>> No.26437235

Guessing you're referring to him becoming the new Dowager?

It kind of makes sense that, given what I remember of Blacklight, he would gain the memories and possibly a good deal of the feelings the Dowager had toward things.

IIRC she's towards the higher end of the essence scale, and unless the Blacklight player has higher essence, it makes sense that her personality would re-assert itself over his. Maybe at first, he just wants to find an exaltation and give it to a little girl, to see what she'll do. After a while though, maybe he'll start wanting to harm the rest of the group, or learn some necromancy and summon an undead army. Gradually, he'd become more and more like the Dowager, just in the body of a living male Solar, until eventually very little of the original character remains, and he has simply become a vessel for the Dowager's mind.

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I've been meaning to make a character just like that one. Right down to absorbing other powerful beings. Care to share the stats for it?

>> No.26441748

Presumably he uses a homebrewed charm of some kind to do the actual absorbing.

>> No.26442699

Heaven's Strife is also quite good so far

But i to check keychain at least once a week in vain

>> No.26443465


If you really want to be a dick?

"The Neverborn, seeing a new powerful pawn for themselves, use the gate they had on their Deathlord slave and reforge it so the hook is now in your hands."

AKA: Welcome to being the Neverborn's eternal bitch.

>> No.26443848


At the very least, he should gain a dot or two of Whispers. Even if everything else he gains is good for him, he still consumed one of the Deathlords, who have a direct link to the Neverborn. That won't be pleasant.

>> No.26444082

I think chimeric Lunars have a knack that lets them devour people Blacklight style.
Of course in addition to all the other shit they got.

>> No.26444100


Doing something like that to a deathlord should be like Whispers 5, at the very least.

Hell, I'd even give him a resonance track.

>> No.26444629

New goal: eat the neverborn to make them shut the fuck up.

>> No.26448308

Okay, to the earlier discussion:
How about we compile full list of Exalted comics and stuff?

Keychain of Creation - dead.
Lunar Quest - paused. http://tgchan.org/wiki/Lunar_Quest
Scroll of Ivy - ongoing. http://www.manseofivy.com/ivy-archive
Agents of Yu-Shan - ongoing. http://www.manseofivy.com/classic-archive to http://www.manseofivy.com/respite-archive to http://www.manseofivy.com/agents-archive
Heaven's Strife - ongoing. http://fivefoldcomicstance.thecomicseries.com/comics/first

Anybody got more to add?

>> No.26450351

Depends where you apply your touch effect.

>> No.26450361

>Keychain of Creation - dead.
>Lunar Quest - paused

Dammit Jukashi, why must you suck so much.

>> No.26450399

Aw, is Keychain of Creation really dead? I still have to bookmarked and check on it every day.

How sad.

>> No.26450426

>I still have to bookmarked and check on it every day.

Seriously? You're basically just molesting the corpse man.

>> No.26450473

Well, Jukashi insists that he wants to come back to it.
But at this point it'll be more resurrection than unpausing.
You may as well stop checking. If he comes back to it, it'll be news all around the community.

>> No.26450589


Asteroid Quest is his newest project.


>> No.26451706

Then dammit, we'll make our own Exalted project! With blackjack! And hookers! Someone get Toonami on the line!

>> No.26451907


What I would give for an Exalted anime.

Or an Exalted beat-em-up by Platinum Games. Only they could get the craziness right.

>> No.26451957

It's live action, but this is basically Exalted the movie.


>> No.26451976

At 1:39, there's a guy with an actual perfect defense.

>> No.26451998

This is pretty exalty too.

>> No.26452046

Does Shoot 'Em Up count as a Modern Shard game?

>> No.26452479

No, it's live-action Looney Toons.

>> No.26453633

Now this is almost certainly Exalted.

>> No.26454842

Actually, if you're looking for news related to Keychain, the best place to be is probably right here.

Jukashi could be any one of us!

>> No.26454893

Posting porn!

>> No.26454905

No, all of them got caged.

>> No.26455042


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>> No.26455162

Nope, roughly twelve managed to escape the usurpation, but not survive too long. How do you think the Bull of the North has been going so long before the Return?

>> No.26455219
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>eternal leaping shits curse

>> No.26455247

>Nope, roughly twelve managed to escape the usurpation, but not survive too long.
When those Solars died their Exaltations were trapped in the Jade Prison. Every Solar Exaltation was held in there, all 300 of them.
>How do you think the Bull of the North has been going so long before the Return?
What? He appeared once the prison was broken.

>not Eclipse

>> No.26455262

>When those Solars died their Exaltations were trapped in the Jade Prison. Every Solar Exaltation was held in there, all 300 of them.

>What? He appeared once the prison was broken.

Is this some sort of weird troll, or are you just very stupid?

>> No.26455295

He exalted a decade before the game starts.

>> No.26455345

Actually on occasion a solar exaltation would manage to sneak free of the prison.

However, with The Realm being on top of their game back then, the Wyld Hunt would find the new Anathema and kill them in a quick and efficient manner.

>> No.26455354

>Actually on occasion a solar exaltation would manage to sneak free of the prison.

Head canon is not real canon.

>> No.26455394

>Actually on occasion a solar exaltation would manage to sneak free of the prison.
I challenge you to find an official book where that happens.

>> No.26455444

"A tiny handful of Solar Essences remained free and continued to reincarnate when the prison was sealed"

Core book, page 24

Deal with it

>> No.26458162

I can't remember her name, but I think I remember there being a Solar who exalted the final year of the first age, after the majority of the Solar essences were Jade Prison'd. And is still alive by the start of the game.

>> No.26459435

So I'm looking for ways to make a Solar more resilient to the Wyld Hunt. She's already at a point where one-on-one there's pretty much nothing a DB can do against her, but I'm concerned about onslaught penalties. What options are there for destroying the advantage of superior numbers?

>> No.26459910


Flow Like Blood or Fivefold Bulwark Stance

If you have the latter, apply melee PDV refreshers when coordinated attacks are used.


>> No.26460085

>Fivefold Bulwark Stance
And here I was starting to think my brain made that charm up. I've been wracking my mind trying to hunt down a charm that just negates onslaught penalties, figuring it MUST have been in one of the Scrolls of Esoteric Wisdom or from Ink Monkeys Blog. Thanks!

>> No.26460557

Yeah, Exaltations escaping from prison is bullcrap.

The handful of free ones never were caught in there. Siddies had to seal it up in a hurry.

A 2000+ years old Solar?
Never ever heard of that.

There is Raski, a LUNAR who exalted right before Usurpation, you sure you're not mixing them up?

>> No.26460592

I might be. I just recall there being someone who exalted right before the usurpation and managed to avoid dying for a long ass time. Solar was an assumption.

>> No.26460820

I could be wrong, but I thought Lunars were just a little better at not dying than Solars are.

>> No.26461029

They can be a lot harder to kill with the right charms, and nearly all of them are just plain better at not being detected or escaping if they are.

It's the "I can" versus "I am" duality of how Solar and Lunar powers work.

>> No.26462812


Well, they CAN get up to 20 dying health levels, and 40 -2 levels/20 -1 levels, if they take 10 ox body techniques.

>> No.26463892

Would it be possible for a lunar to free his exaltation from Wyld taint?

>> No.26463934

Definitely should be.

>> No.26463986

How would a lunar go about doing this?

>> No.26464001

Well, on that there is no predefined way. So however you and your ST define the quest.

>> No.26464036

Different anon here. Does the persistence of Wyld taint indicate Lytek's inability to fix the Lunar Exaltations or simply his laziness? Could he be convinced to properly clean up the Lunar Exaltations that get back to him?

>> No.26464071

I find Lytek having great power over exaltations be kinda bullshit.

However, as written he LOVES exalts and exaltations and would have done anything in his power to fix them. So if he did not, he can not. Just like he cannot fix the curse.

>> No.26464102

I personally like Jukashi's variant in Lunar Quest - Lunar Exaltations tried to ADAPT by drawing the Wyld into them, but the process gone fucked up, due to GC and/or Lunars panicking and slapping on the tattoos.

>> No.26465421

Yeah, that's a cool.

So, the quest wouldn't be to /purge/ the wyld from yourself, but tame, subjugate and /control/ it.
I'd set the quest at devouring and subsuming an Unshaped Raksha and reward with some bonus Charms based on Luna's stuff.

>> No.26468216

I like the imminent 3e line, where the Wyld Taint seems to be on the road to being thrown out as a concept and the Lunars changed themselves.

>> No.26468250

Well, it'll be a loong time to see what is actually up with that.
But while stuck with 2E lore, we have to manage with what we got.

>> No.26468370

On the note of 3e vs. 2e, any word yet on how connected to the lore 3e's mechanics will be? My group is in the middle of a 2e campaign that we're hoping to keep running for a very long time (our Scion campaign from Hero to God lasted over four years and we're looking at doing something about as long - if not longer - with Exalted, and we're only about half a year in), and we don't really want to have to hit the reset button. Just introducing new things like Exigents should be fine since our group largely only knows about Solars, Lunars, Dragonbloods, Abyssals, and various gods and spirits, but we're just a little concerned that some things in 3e will make the jump... shaky.

>> No.26468463

I am a bit mystified by how mechanics can be inseparably lore tied at all.

>> No.26468565

Nothing is ever inseparable, but Storyteller games do have a tendency of having mechanics that are coupled heavily with lore to the extent that if you change the lore then certain things stop making sense. If the nature of something changes heavily from 2e to 3e, then odds are the mechanics of that thing will change too. It's just a question of how much.

>> No.26468632

The lunars will probably have Knacks shuffled back into Charms.
Infernals are getting his with total change, but you're not using them so far.
Abyssals are having their charmset remade. No more total mirroring of solars.

>> No.26468634

Speaking of 3E, Righteous Devil Style is here to stay, right? My group and I just started a 2E campaign a few weeks ago and I'm a tad reluctant to scrap my current character.

>> No.26468645


3E won't be coming for a loooong while, your character is probably safe either way.

>> No.26468657

It's in the corebook. You'll be fine.

>> No.26468691

Core Book will have:

Devs -
1) Tiger Style
2) Snake Style
3) Righteous Devil Style
4) Shining Point Against the Void Style*
5) Celestial Ladder Style*

Backers -
1) White Reaper
2) Black Claw
3) Crane
4) Silver Voiced Nightingale
5) Ebon Shadow
6) Dreaming Pearl Courtesan

>> No.26468707

What do the asterisks signify?

>> No.26468711

New for 3ed

>> No.26468737

>Abyssals are having their charmset remade. No more total mirroring of solars.
Well shit. That could actually piss in my cornflakes something fierce. I had planned to introduce a character down the line that's as close to a total mirror of my current Solar as possible. Depending on how far they go with differentiating Abyssals from Solars in charmset that could completely fuck over the concept.

The current release date is October. Whether or not they actually HIT that release date is a whole 'nother thing, of course...

>> No.26468771

Well, I guess you'll have to stick to moral and in-character mirroring, doing the same stuff you planned without being a total mechanical twin.

>> No.26468796

Could you, perhaps, just copy that Solar's character sheet and paste some skulls onto his/her Charms?

>> No.26468816

God, where's that XKCD comic when you need it? The one about any change will break /someones/ workflow?

>> No.26468887

It wasn't going to be a total mechanical twin, just a philosophical mirror that would take advantage of there being some clear parallels. The problem is more that the concept of an Abyssal that is a dark mirror of a specific Solar only really works if Abyssals in general are the dark mirrors of Solars in general. I like the idea that Abyssals will have a bit more differentiation, but if it goes too far then it'll require some slight tweaks to how my group thinks about them even with 2e fluff, and that could kill the character concept.

Yeah, I know the one you're talking about.

>> No.26469858

I don't think they're even completely removing Abyssals having charms similar to Solar, just removing the 'mirror' keyword, and making some of the charms more unique and less "it's exactly like X solar charm except instead of Y, Z happens"

3e Abyssals will be entirely capable of acting as an anti-hero to rival a first-age solars anti-villainy

>> No.26469881
File: 34 KB, 278x386, workflow.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26469914


>> No.26470213

No matter how bad/terrible/misinformed/poorly designed/whatever something is, fixing it in any way angers /someone/.

>> No.26470929

Thus enabling certain people to dismiss all criticisms of any change by categorizing it as The One That's Always There and applying no further thought to it.

>> No.26470964

So you think that people that thought Abyssals being Mirror Solars but with death were in the majority?

That's... that's head-in-the-sand material there.

>> No.26470986

that thought Abyssals being Death Solars was a good thing, that is.

>> No.26471008

>So you think that people that thought Abyssals being Mirror Solars but with death were in the majority?
No, that statement is entirely different from anything in my post.

>> No.26471098

Then what change that you thought you were in the majority about are you complaining about then? Or are you just complaining that >>26470213
in general is a fallacy?

>> No.26471159

He's not complaining about anything, he's further elaborating on what >>26470929 was saying

>> No.26471191

Nobody is actually doing that.
The ONLY complaint about new abyssals in thread was it breaking just one guy's plan. He doesn't even show any dislike of the idea by itself, just that it breaks his plan for one character.

If you want to start a discussion about flaws in the new plan for abyssals, you're free to, but you'll need to actually write something about it.

>> No.26473677

Has anyone else noticed that it's almost impossible to find Exalted games online?

>> No.26473956

Part is the general low popularity of the system (compared to D&D family), part the apathy before the new edition (which was hilariously going since early 2012)

>> No.26473999

I got lucky, the uproar around the kickstarter kicked a few of us into gear to play. I managed to fit myself into a pretty nice game. First really good online game I've had in years.

>> No.26474128

You should tell us about it.

>> No.26474183

I agree. Let it be story time.

>> No.26474926

I got lucky too, kind of. Although it was also my introduction to Exalted, and our ST was the only person with any experience.

(It ended last week because one of the players didn't want to play anymore and our ST was so concerned with keeping the group together that no matter what we did we were going to end up losing 2 people(one who didn't want to play anymore and one who I guess got fed up with us always starting later than the given time, to the point that he took a nap and missed half a session while we were waiting for people to wake up and join the game))

I've actually done a story time or 2 of the game over the past month or two. IIRC, I've mentioned our twilight wanting to go to sperimen while everyone but him and I were essence 2(we were 4, I was a daybreak abyssal) and asked how much of a pain Raksi would be, and then last week I storytimed my first encounter with the wyld hunt, in which I nearly died before our ST had a siddie show up to save me at the last second.

>> No.26474943

I've been posting on and off while we've been playing. We're the First-Age Solars/Lunars cast into the Age of Sorrows. It's been good OOCly: Good player retention so far, everyone gets along pretty well, ST is of the strict-but-fair variety, based on my experience with the breed.

ICly, we're a group of 3 solars and 2 lunars who went for a joyride through the Wyld on a shiny new Indomitable-Class battle cruiser, and came back after a few decades of punching Fair Folk to find we had missed a few centuries back home.

We figured out enough information about the time to decide we should try to kidnap a DB as quietly as we could to interrogate for more information.
30 Blood apes later and some "Shit your pants fear/run" explosive charms from our Firearm-wielding captain, we absconded with two DBs, a Fire and Air aspect.
This was when we learned we are not the best at plans.

Back on our island that we had appropriated, we got two seperate warnings, one from a shadowy Ragara dude who wanted to use us to attack the Silver Princes pirate activities in exchange for distracting the lolhueg Wyld Hunt coming after us. (No jade prison breaking so far in our game, tons of resources to throw at us).

The other was from the Silver Prince, offering safety and information. From the mouth of a mortal who bubbled pitch from his mouth and nearly died after the message was delivered.

We chose to check out the Ragara guy and /mostly/ took him up on the offer. Week and and a half vacation in a Raksha freehold while the hunt is lead in circles to burn itself out, then we go and almost immediately take over an island being ruled by a narcissist jingoistic asshole.

Then we get lured into a pretty obvious trap by the Silver Prince and he took one of the lunars that wasn't super combat focused hostage, and forced us to kneel and accept defeat. At which point he stabbed in the stomach crippled the lunar's ability to bear children and absconded

>> No.26474974

After a few limit breaks and re-aligning of motivations (Mostly to "ruin the Silver Prince's Shit"), we get back to our island, and realize the nearby volcano is starting to smoke.

Some belligerent volcano god named Angus was not interested in hearing about the Creation Ruling Mandate, so after some swinging dicks he erupts the volcano.

This is when we are reminded that we are not good at plans.

After dismembering the god, we're dealing with the aftermath as best we can, while also trying to think of the best way to kick the Prince's face out the back of his head.

Oh yeah, the narcissistic asshole that used to rule the city that we had been keeping prisoner because he was magically Narcissistic, not just regular crazy, and we were hoping to cure him, was busted free during the eruption by/has become some kind or Adorjani Akuma, so there's that.

I know most of the other players follow the Exalted General thread, so I don't know if they'll post to correct me/berate me for posting our life stories.

>> No.26475123

Sounds awesome. As a raksha enthusiast, how much shaping/grace/so on stuff did you guys do, or was it downplayed?

>> No.26475643

It was pretty downplayed actually. I'm really fond of all the Fair Folk stuff too but our ST is less so.

It was mostly just narrative stuff in-between fucking up with the dragon bloods and fucking up with the silver prince.

>> No.26475755


ST for the game.

At the beginning? None. I didn't do time in the Wyld at all, rather just beginning with them coming out of it. I didn't veto Raksha allies or artifacts, but I didn't veto them.

I was just mainly against having a 24/7 Raksha groupie, as I'm terrible with Raksha mechanics.

Also to the player. Remember that one of the rules for the game was having no fun during it. If you're being entertained by it, then I'm afraid we're going to have a talk.

>> No.26475763

>30 Blood apes later and some "Shit your pants fear/run" explosive charms from our Firearm-wielding captain
Said charm covered the ENTIRE FUCKING TOWN, btw.
Very stealthy.

>We chose to check out the Ragara guy and /mostly/ took him up on the offer.
He also roped us in via Eclipse oath equivalent artifact. We were slightly miffed about that. Up to the point of half the circle being ready to eat the curse just to rip him in half right there and then.

>so I don't know if they'll post to correct me/berate me for posting our life stories.
Chill, I frequently post bits about us too.

Raksha vacation was entirely offscreened - ST is not a raksha enthusiast.

>> No.26475778

So I'm not sure what this Exalted is about? Is it like Scion?

>> No.26475901


Kinda. Rather than the children of the gods, you're their chosen.

There's also more PC variety. You can be the chosen of Hell or the Underworld.

One of the Developers of Exalted, posted what it was all about on this friendly blurb here.


>> No.26475974
File: 38 KB, 497x501, 1312913396001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll keep an eye on this then.

>> No.26476016

Are flamboyant Sidereals considered the Fruits of the Loom?

>> No.26476133

I once actually pitched the idea of Starmetal artifact undies to my party. Everyone but the ST thought it was a stellar idea.

>> No.26476319

I know right. The total absence of fun is why I keep coming back. All those other games were totally ruined by their 'sentementality' and 'player IC and OOC chemistry'.

>> No.26476496

That may take a while. At least several months until 3E corebook comes out.

In the meantime, though, there is the internet with all the previous edition's books on it, you may very well read up beforehand.

>> No.26476821


Be a dear and send him the link to mediafire that has all the books from 2e.


I'll dump the previews for you. 1/4

>> No.26476876


>> No.26476883

>At which point he stabbed in the stomach crippled the lunar's ability to bear children and absconded
Not trying to be too rules lawyerly, but unless he was using some kind of shaping charm that wouldn't have kept her from healing perfectly. Did your Lunars get tattooed at any point?

>> No.26476897


>> No.26476925

I know, right? I mean, I'd totally be down for a game over the weekends but we'd need to locate a GM. Well, I'm going to try to get a group together - toss an email my way if you'd be interested in playing, though be warned, we might have to pull straws to see who GMs.

>> No.26476926


And that's all of them.

>> No.26476954


Thanks man, appreciate it.

>> No.26477139

I'm pretty sure it was a crippling effect, not a shaping one. It's just that lunar didn't have a way to resist it and the rest of us haven't gotten the ability to heal it yet. Plus any other magic an ancient superghostsoul might have hit her with.

>> No.26477300
File: 23 KB, 300x392, Neurosurgeon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Doesn't matter. Craft her a new uterus. Hey, why not give her a number of them? One for humans, one for beast-men, one for other creatures, et cetera.

I'm going to miss Craft (Genesis).

>> No.26478410

I'm sure there's going to be an equivalent, but not the 50 different crafting types from2E.

>> No.26478499

How well do you guys think Exalted would fit a "heist" story? I was just playing GTA IV and completed the mission Three Leaf Clover (where you rob a bank, with EVERYTHING going wrong and requiring killing basically 500 cops to escape) and I'm thinking of how awesome a team of Exalted going to steal some of the Realm's shit would be.

Only problem is that Exalted is geared towards epic action more...though the inevitable escape at the end could fit that well. Man, imagine a team of Exalts going on wilder and wilder heists, till they're stealing shit from Yu-shan and Malfeas.

>> No.26478621

You'll want to go with a lower-powered game, possibly Dragon-Blooded. Solars have Larceny charms which would make planning trivial, such as "perfectly steal anything in a certain radius, and no one notices the theft until ten minutes after you leave".

>> No.26478807

And Lunars just make it too easy with shapeshifting and their Elsewhere charms.

>> No.26478837

And Sidereals just pretend to be somebody with the authority to walk out with it.

>> No.26478860

Or you could just wait for 3e, where "you win" binary effects are supposed to be largely getting the axe.

>> No.26479446


I was actually thinking of heists so elaborate that even Celestial Exalted would have to think outside of the box, though maybe lower-powered might be necessary.

>> No.26479493


I find doing it without anima flare for Celestials makes things fairly challenging.

And not because of Wyld Hunt BS either.

>> No.26479736

Doesn't usually take more than the personal pool for a lot of stuff.

>> No.26479939

Unless you combo or otherwise use a large amount of charms/a few high-cost charms

>> No.26480451

Bonus points if your party has no dedicated stealth experts or thieves. Even more if there's no spare XP to spend on the relevant skills or Charms.

>> No.26480925

Social and Performance Charms.

>> No.26481076

New to the game, what does one need to know to run it?

>> No.26481298

Best idea? Wait for 3E in October. 2E is written like a VCR manual in all the parts for mechanics, and is very badly organized. And the Errata is a pain in the ass to work with at this point, too.

>> No.26481310

Latin, Basque, and integral calculus.

But don't take my word for it. Read the goddamn core book.

>> No.26481351


Get the books and at least read through the core book and the storyteller's companion, and probably Oadenol's, Wonders, Lords/Lands, and the Glories books. Then, depending on what kind of game you're running, what kind of exalts your players make, the relevant Manuals of Exalted Power.

That or wait until 3e core releases later this year/early next year and only need to deal with 1 book.

>> No.26481364
File: 16 KB, 300x390, m-night-shyamalan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


top lel, gr8 b8 m8, etc...

>> No.26482013

>Did your Lunars get tattooed at any point?
Lunar tattoos are something the Lunars developed after the Usurpation. If the group's fluff is that they're First Agers that went Rip Van Winkle in the Wyld, then they're not likely to have encountered them... on the other hand, if they've been in the Wyld for what they perceived as decades, then they almost certainly had charms to resist Shaping effects.

>> No.26482094

>2E is written like a VCR manual in all the parts for mechanics
This can be a feature rather than a bug. Proper templating and consistent use of terminology is critical for speeding up play. When my group did Star Wars Saga Edition the GM hated it more than Scion because it seemed like no two abilities that did similar things were worded the same way, so whenever he needed to rule on something he couldn't use a similar ability he knew well as precedent. With Exalted, it's actually pretty easy to sort things out once you get your head into the jargon.

>> No.26482121

In this case it's more like the badly translated equipment from Taiwan where the language obfuscates the important parts and every step is over-complicated.

>> No.26482128
File: 68 KB, 629x794, RedPandaGF.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He's only half-kidding, is the side thing.

>> No.26482168

I heard that this new Ability based Infernal caused an abysmal response from the fans that lead the devs to 180 in their stance. Have we seen anything about what the new direction may be?

>> No.26482208

Eh? Who knows? It's going to be a long ways out.

>> No.26482219

The priority should really go more like this:

Core Rulebook
Scroll of Errata
Storyteller's Companion
Manuals of Exalted Power: Dragonblood
Scroll of Errata
Manuals of Exalted Power: Lunar
Scroll of Errata
Manuals of Exalted Power: Abyssal
Scroll of Errata

Everything else is optional, but I'd prioritize them as Oadenol's Codex, Wonders of the Lost Age, Glories Most High, Lords/Lands of creation, then the remaining Manuals of Exalted Power. Maybe shift one of the Manuals up to before Oadenol's Codex if it strikes your fancy.

It really isn't all that bad. It's meticulous, and you have to be constantly aware of the rules at all times, and there are WAY too many steps for everything, but at least when you follow the steps and know what the words mean it produces consistent results. That's better than can be said of far too many games. It's almost like playing Magic the Gathering before Sixth Edition - it's arcane and janky, but it works.

That's a far cry from saying it's ideal, of course. I'm just saying it's at least *consistent*.

>> No.26482232

She's a raccoon totem, buddy.

>> No.26482294

Derp, meant to point at >>26482121 with that second link.

Also, for the new guy, I'm dead serious about the Scroll of Errata repeat-reading. It is absolutely vital.

I also highly recommend looking up a bit of character creation software called Anathema. It smooths things over SO MUCH when you don't quite know a shitton of charms by rote yet.

>> No.26482547

Ugh... the shittiest thing about Promethean was that Disquiet made it almost impossible to actually keep a party together, let alone have characters actually put down roots and gain long-term connections to the game world. Why the fuck would anyone remotely familiar with White Wolf use it? It's about as pants-on-head-retarded as looking at Scion and saying "hey, y'know what really worked well in that? Logarithmic progression of successes granted by Epic attributes!"

>> No.26482728

Liminals have been since confirmed to not have anything as bad as Disquiet hanging over their heads. They do, apparently, get Disfigurations that show when their animas are up.

>> No.26482768
File: 47 KB, 400x400, chomp reversal.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck the 2e lore.

>> No.26482831

Ah, well then I'll be reserving judgement for when the book comes out... but I'll definitely be pirating before buying that Manual, that's for damn sure.

>> No.26483401

Hm, never saw a mediafire. All I got is http://www.4shared.com/dir/YI_tDi2g/Exalted_-_Second_Edition.html and it's not 100% full, had to gather the rest in random places.

>> No.26483426

Well we need a genesis lab for that. Said uterus was the one we used before.

>> No.26483467

The group's fluff is that breaking of castes didn't happen, it was three from the start. Anti-Shaping tattoos are a buyable artifact like in Shards.

>> No.26483484

They didn't say anything about changing back from abilities.
It's the Reclamation fluff that caused bad reaction and made then change.

>> No.26483497


Crippling effect, not shaping.

>> No.26484881

If you're looking to run, I'm searching for an ST. Toss me an email and we'll chat, aye?

>> No.26486052

>Stealing things with help from Solar Performance charms
>implying the heists wont just boil down to one distracting the whole palace guards with The Heavens Cry Tears of Joy Solar Tap Dancing Methodology
>the rest walk in with absolutely no Stealth or Larceny charms

>> No.26486074

It'd definitely be worth doing once, that's for damn sure.

>> No.26486653

Bank has alarms that go off on any Essence usage.
Have to go in mortal-style.

>> No.26486897

So say you had a player who was really interested in making shields matter for their Solar character. Say their Soak is already getting close to the "might as well be perfect against any reasonable threat" range, and their parry DV is sufficient that even a DB of essence 5 would be hard-pressed to gain very many extra successes on a hit.

Say further that the player isn't especially keen on the idea of throwing shields Captain America style for in-character reasons (the character's driven by survival and defense, so throwing a shield would be the height of insanity).

What might be a decent angle to take on homebrewing shield-related charms?

>> No.26487054


A two-handed mega-shield that you can slam around and use as a weapon

massive parry bonus, good blunt dmg - maybe +8B - not much for accuracy though.

Not for throwing, for beating people with - or being very defensive with.

Additionally, because the shield is so big
http://www.sacredpie.com/escape73.html - like the guy in the middle here
then anyone standing on either side of the wielder of the shield counts as being under the effect of a Defend Other action from the wielder - even if the wielder attacks.

>> No.26487063

The character is a bit too fond of sword-and-board to go for a two-handed shield... but I do like the idea of expanding Defend Another actions.

Would a Solar Melee charm that let a character reflexively Defend Another be stepping too much on the toes of DBs?

>> No.26487174

>but I do like the idea of expanding Defend Another actions.
>Would a Solar Melee charm that let a character reflexively Defend Another be stepping too much on the toes of DBs?

I wouldn't say so - solars are meant to be the best at what they specialize in.

Perhaps a variation of a really (literally) broad sword - that focuses more on defence-bonuses than attack dmg

>> No.26487322

Defend Other charms tend to sit in Lunar skillsets quite a bit, too.

>> No.26487342

Huh. Well, as long as it's something that multiple types of exalts can do anyways I guess I don't have to feel so bad about going all Solaroid Pillager on it.

>> No.26487531


I have the following Defend Other charm on my Solar, and it works great.

Cost: 1+m
Minimums: Melee 4, Essence 2
Type: Reflexive (Step 2)
Keywords: Combo-OK
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: Dipping Swallow Defense

A sudden flash of sunfire does much to dissuade the enemies of Creation from invading. The Chosen of the Sun learned much from their patron, including vigilance. None may be harmed under their watch.

This Charm may be activated whenever a character is attacked within (Dexterity) yards of the Solar, allowing the Solar to interpose her PDV against the attack as if she had used the Defend Other action. The Solar may pay 1m to defend an ally against one attack, 2m to defend an ally for a tick, or 4m to defend an ally until the Solar's next action tick. When used to defend more than one ally in a given action, this Charm becomes Obvious.

At Essence 3+, the Solar may pay +1m to apply her reflexive Defend Other to up to (Melee) allies at once, so long as they are all within (Dexterity) yards. This too is Obvious.

>> No.26487578

The thing I love most about this is that it would be a way to let the GM include enemies that really test my character's PDV and soak without automatically fine-red-misting everyone else in the party.

>> No.26487935

My GM just made my wasp lunar into an akuma.
What am I in for?

>> No.26487949

Egg laying.

>> No.26487965

Oviposition here we come!

>> No.26488164

Wait, what? You say that like you had no choice in the matter. If your ST turned your character into a yozi meat puppet without your active involvement, that's crossing the foul line.

>> No.26488344


>implying his character will care

>> No.26488366

You have to choose to become an Akuma in the first place, they can't just force it on you.

>> No.26488379


Yes, but since the players character is an Akuma, it's not like they'll care about their lack of free will. Plus you get access to one of the six best charmsets in the game.

>> No.26488550

The player is still gonna care about that, though.

>> No.26488675

Akumafication requires explicit, informed, non-UMI consent. You mean your ST just "let" you turn your Lunr into an Akuma.

In which case, we need t know your urge to answer.

>> No.26488682

Exactly. Who gives a shit if the character doesn't care after it happened - they don't have a choice. It's a conscious choice that has to be made to become an Akuma, and if the ST forced it on the player that's bullshit.

>> No.26488847

I really feel like you're inserting phrases like 'I really didn't want to' or 'and then my ST put a gun to my head and made me write a new sheet'

unless he come out and says 'my ST forced me into this against my will' just calm down man. Nothing to rage over here, yet.

>> No.26488958

>My GM just made my wasp lunar into an akuma.
Sounds like he didn't choose it.

>> No.26489431

Huh. Hopefully they don't continue on this bullshit green solar path. Progression that weren't Ability based were one of the biggest reasons I liked them.

>> No.26490788

I still am Le Sad that the devs never published Getimian and Sidereal previews during the kickstarter.
Where mah kung fu tea pots be at, yo?

>> No.26490872

>I still am Le Sad

I would have liked a Lunar preview, though.

>> No.26491216

I personally think high odds of them remaining in their new Ability-based form.

What do you think about new Shintai system?

>> No.26491315

how about a fucking solar preview

you know

a preview of the product we're actually going to be playing in late Q1 2014

rather than a bunch of shit that won't see play for fucking years

>> No.26491853

The previews are about the big changes.
The DB one didn't have any and was boring shit.
Abyssal and Infernal had massive changes and caused massive discussion.
Liminals are all new.

Solars aren't changing. In general overview they are all the same. There is nothing to put into a preview.

>> No.26492470

Might be cool-ish? I'm just not sure I like the idea of having to grab Y charms just so I can have the ability to change my form into predetermined guy X just so I can grab charm Z that was available maybe two charms deep into the old system. That's a shit load of hoop jumping.

I like the thoughts of custom shintais, but the thought of having to become some kind of distinct avatar just to get 'access to a mutation' that allows me to learn Mind-Hand Manipulation, a fundamental SWLIHN charm seems like a major pain in the ass.

>> No.26492657

What am I supposed to do with a brick of yellow jade?

>> No.26492703

Well I volunteered for body modification which gave me an infernal arm covered in old realm which discusses making "them" pay and infernal tattoos.
Is that enough consent for this to happen or is there something extra I might have to agree to?

>> No.26492859

Give it to the twilight to make into something.

>> No.26494237

And/or to figure out how to make more. Making artifacts without commitment costs is hella neat.

>> No.26494335

Its said pretty clearly that the situation for becoming an akuma is more or less exactly Evilbadguydemon: "Do you want to become akuma and taste unlimited power? It will only require for you to allow me to completely remodel your very soul and being and forever be trapped as my slave" Person being asked: "Yes, I want to become akuma". This situation must be reached without ANY sort of supernatural persuasion.

pg. 52 Manual of Exalted Power - Infernals
"The first step in the target’s damnation must be made
by the target herself, who must begin the process with a
prayer to her future Yozi patron, offering her body, soul and
mind to the fulfillment of that Yozi’s desire."

So no, allowing your arm to be made into the Infernal Monster Style infernal arm given by the charm One Hand Fury doesnt make you into akuma. Neither can be the supernatural persuasion effect it imposes on you be used to make you want to turn into akuma.

>> No.26494345

Yellow Jade is always a fluke, and can't be repeated by duplicating the process.

>> No.26494491

So what will most likely happen is I'll be offered a great deal in exchange for being an akuma?
Because the GM said I still have things to discover about the arm.

>> No.26494530

The arm lets the Yozi give you one undeniable order. That's probably the 'secret'.
For comparison, being Akumafied makes you do their undeniable bidding forever

>> No.26494575

Yeah, the process to be an Akuma is eternal and must be done with explicit, unmodified character permission. The Yozis being able to mind control you for a scene isn't an uncommon effect of having some demon body part, but even if they control you they can't make you agree to be an Akuma during it.

>> No.26496600

Alright sounds good. Thanks for the help on what has been a very eventful first exalted quest.

>> No.26496736

Just out of curiosity, who gets to attune with it? How valuable is it compared to ordinary jade?

>> No.26496904
File: 107 KB, 392x439, jy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>How valuable is it compared to ordinary jade?
Yellow jade is essentially a plot device. No one knows how to make it, so any time someone does, they get a lot of attention combined from various gods, alchemists, merchants, hired thugs, and possibly Terrestrials. Apparently there was a lot more of it in the High First Age when mortal soldiers of the Exalted could have their own power armor and other artifacts.

>> No.26500753

Stagnant Conversation Method
Socialize: 2, Essence: 2
Cost: 1m
Combo-OK, Compulsion, Mirror: Beating a Dead Horse follows, Social
Prereq: Any Socialize Excellency

By abusing his understanding of death and stagnation, the deathknight may prevent a debate from progressing even if nobody present has anything further to say. This charm forces a conversation to remain on the current topic even if nobody can gain anything from it. If the scene would end, it is extended by a number of hours equal to the deathknight's Essence.
New Solar Charm: Beating A Dead Horse: this charm functions identically to its mirror.

>> No.26500877

So what, you just do that over and over in a group of mortals, forcing them to continue the conversation for several hours until they all die from exhaustion?

>> No.26500974

You know, I recently looked up Infernal Exalted on the wiki, out of curiosity. Damn if those Infernal Fiend charms aren't literally the most evil thing ever. "Torture your enemy's family and friends, mindrape them into keeping it a secret, mindrape them further to make them think you're a great guy, and then mindrape your enemy with the knowledge that you tortured his family, and also this charm gives you +9000 to hit against him for each family member you tortured. Bonus points for creativity!"

Book of Vile Darkness ain't got shit on Glories That Never Were.

>> No.26501119

Well, it also keeps them from changing the topic from, say... talking about the weather to something like "so how are we going to organize our defenses against your liege's invading army?"

It occurs to me that throwing in a willpower cost to break the effect and making it clear that the deathknight has to stay and participate also probably would have been a good idea... though it would still combo hilariously with those abyssal resistance charms that obviate the need for things like food and sleep.

I really shouldn't get so excited about meta-humor that nobody's going to fucking notice.

>> No.26501175

Infernals are so much worse.
"Hey everyone, remember how AWESOME things were when the Yozis were in charge?"
"No they were horrible. Although they WERE horrible in a really cool kind of way!"
"Right! And remember how AWFUL the gods are?"
"Yeah! What have they ever done for us?"

In about ten minutes you can convert an entire court to demon worshippers.

>> No.26501218

I'm well aware that Infernals have ridiculous charms due to devs love eating babies and raping little girls. I choose to ignore the fact that they exist at all.

>> No.26501258

Awwwww, but some of their charms were actually interesting! Like the one that lets you kick someone so hard they impact twenty miles away in a fiery nuclear explosion that eternally blights the land and gives nightmares to anyone who sleeps in the region. Or the one that makes it really, really hard to see in a 40 sq/ft area!

>> No.26502314

>I'm well aware that Infernals have ridiculous charms due to devs love eating babies and raping little girls.
They do not have ridiculous Charms because of those things. Those things are on the side and entirely divorced from the Charms.

>> No.26504843


But not your exaltation.

In fact, another thing you should consider about your Infernal is that during his swearing in path in hell, how did he react being raped? Did he enjoy it? Cry? Such an answer will speak volumes about the character.

And don't say ignore it! Exalted has EXCELLENT fluff, in fact it's why people play it despite being a terrible system!

>> No.26505059

>eating babies, raping little girls
That is what I was referring to. The character is not forced to participate in THAT. Apparently their character is still mind and body raped by the Yozis though, so that's part of being an Infernal from Hell. I agree that one shouldn't ignore that part of the fluff. I'm going to bet 3e Infernal lore won't change that too much.

>> No.26505728


That's only the Ebon Dragon charmset. Considering that using his charms means that you're tapping into the powers of the embodiment of deceit, treachery, and sadism, you're going down the long, dark to mustache twirling villainy. The charmsets of the other Yozi are morally ambiguous and were designed to be that way from the start.


>I'm going to bet 3e Infernal lore won't change that too much.

Do the Yozi have any concrete plans for the Infernals other than "Here are some powers, use them." Can they still go Devil-Tiger? Have we heard anything about this "Second Wave" of new, more powerful Infernals?

>> No.26505781


Devil Tigers are not really needed with Exigents anymore. IIRC they're going the way of the Dodo.

>> No.26505848


I haven't been on /tg/ long, so tell me; is it normal to love a single edition despite its glaring flaws and to shun everything that comes after it?

>> No.26506002


Yes it is.

>> No.26506199
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>> No.26508933

Devil Tigers are gone, you only get lego-shintai. Second Wave was scrapped after the negative reactions to the preview. There is no info on how the new-new reclamation will look.

Look at the D&D. Every. Single. One of them has that.

>> No.26508997


>Devil Tigers are gone

Aww, I really liked that.

>> No.26509009

It's still going to be one of the last splats released, since the core types (Solar, DB, Lunar, Siddie) are higher priority before the more out there ones. So they've got time to get it right.

>> No.26509491

>tfw 3e Shards of The Exalted Dream wont come out for like 8 years

>> No.26509564

They aren't doing Shards, they're doing an Exalted/WoD crossover.

>> No.26509589

Maybe,. maybe not. Nothing in that video was set in stone. Did you not remember the disclaimer at the beginning, or did you not actually sit through it?

>> No.26509631

Unless there's some huge rebellion against the game/company, they're basically going to get to make whatever they like. I treat it like I do RotSE; they have to say it's not canon, but we all know it's canon.

>> No.26509806

Yes, it wouldn't be "you aren't allowed to make that!".

It, however, can end up "we'll do it some time later... later... later..." and never coming if they keep getting other ideas that they feel are more urgent to get into print.

>> No.26509996





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