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I'm thinking about building an Eldar army. I was planning to grab to boxes of dire avengers, a farseer, and some warlocks just for a start. Any Eldar vets wanna share some advice for a newcomer to the craftworlds?

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I meant to say two

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Unless you're planning on running a Warlock Council deathstar (which works best if the warlocks are on bikes, actually), Dire Avengers aren't the troops you want. Warlocks can only be joined to Guardian units (so Guardians, Storm Guardians, Jetbike Guardians and the Support Weapon Batteries).

Plus, 10 Guardians are a much better filler than DAs for all the Wave Serpents you'll be buying.

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Do not buy Dire Avengers. They aren't the 5 man+ Wave Serpent autopick they were in 5th, and they just got that fucking awful repackaging from 10 models to 5 models at the same fucking price.

Go with Windrider Jetbikes, Guardians in Wave Serpents, and maybe some Rangers. Don't fall for GW's tricks.

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Any time you think of getting an Aspect Warrior, run through this flowchart:

>Are you getting Fire Dragons?
>>If yes, continue with purchase
>>If no, return to beginning

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>not suggesting Warp Spiders
I like you, vertebrate.

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What an odd twist that I would end up with 14 Warp Spiders in various ways during 5th edition and left them mostly unpainted on a shelf due to their points cost....
And then a year after I quit playing the game they get crazy buffed. Guess I better go throw some dice around my LGS before the next FotM codex comes along with wargear that shits on jet packs or something.

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Next codex out is Space Marines and is all but guaranteed to be Dark Angels 2.

So you'll see them everywhere for a month or two before the bandwagon remembers that Heldrakes are a thing.

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