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So as everyone already knows, Dark Heresy 2 came out like a week ago. Since nobody wants to run a game, I'll run one for everyone.

I'm looking for four poor saps to test out DH2 with me. Don't expect anything serious - this one-shot will be primarily a series of road tests that will be used to learn the system. That said, there will be a semblance of plot, to keep your sanity together. Expect odd things to happen - for example, you may gain XP in the middle of the session to test out things like Talent Trees, or face enemies designed to try out different aspects of combat. Expect things to take a little longer than normal, as we're all going to be new at the system, and referencing new rules will take a bit. I advise a healthy amount of patience for this game!

I'm looking to run the game some time next week, in the afternoon EST. While I'd like to run the game Monday or Tuesday, if people have better suggestions, I'm open.

I don't have any special requirements for the game this time - if you're interested, send an email to [email protected], stating your time-slot availability for the one-shot. I'm hoping we can get some good data to share with the rest of /tg/, as well as a god-awful clusterfuck of a story to share.

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I'm totally new to the game but I'd love to join if I can. Yuro timezone though.

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Well, if we start early enough, you should be able to participate in the game (For example, if everyone's clear for a game at 2pm EST, that translates to about 9pm in Yuroland).

In fact, 2pm EST would be preferable for me.

For those interested, I reiterate - just send an email with the times (and time zones) and I'll keep everyone updated.

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How should we make characters?

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For now, follow the rules in the book to the best of your ability. Should the process prove...difficult, or there are inconsistencies in character generation, the issue can be resolved on game day. This is, after all, the point of the one-shot. I myself am still reviewing the intricacies of the system.

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What if we don't have the book?

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It's available somewhere. Try


That one should work.

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It's available somewhere. Try


That one should work.

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I hope they havent destroyed the old book.

I love that thing, and through much experience, i hate everything that came after it by varying degrees.

You might call me a; Puritan.

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New system is completely different from the old system.

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Thank you based Anon

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You start out higher powered it seems, but its all relative.

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Will we get help in setting up our character?

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If you want to wait until game day, that's okay. If you want to build a guy before hand, that's fine as well.

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How much?

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The new system is completely and utterly incompatible with the previous five lines. It introduces new things like an action economy, and ports over an Influence system boosted or hampered by Subtlety. The Investigative portion is also reworked to a Clue / Lead system.

You're more than welcome to ride the trainwreck with us!

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Will this game be played over IRC, Skype or one of them fancy virtual tabletops?

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Application is out.
What type of mission do you have planned?

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I can't believe I forgot to say that. I'm gonna run it over IRC, keeping it nice and simple. Any client will work (I prefer Chatzilla). I'll supply the dice roller and everything, and send out the channel to everyone once I figure out whose time schedules fit together..

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Can I still be a Sororita?

Might be game, lemme download the PDF after I finish some Vidya

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I have four slots open, and I just got my fourth application!

That's everybody! I'll begin working out times immediately, and I'll keep everyone posted if things suddenly change!

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Oh boy oh boy oh boy.

I hope Shas picks me. I can't wait to be a Warrior who shoots things with guns and tries his best not to accidentally the entire party with fumbled grenades (RIP my last DH party).

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>full already

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Fuck I never get to join any games.
I love the fuck out of 40k and rpgs yet all I've gotten to play in the way of both is a single session of Only War

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Friend of mine almost did that.
>We went down winding stairs.
>He was last in line, but had initiative.
>There was a convenient hole in the door at the foot of the stairs.
>He throws two grenades.
>Only by miracle everyone made the dodge tests.

Otherwise we would all have taken heavy damage and become sitting ducks for the cultists on the lower level.
Frag grenades ain't nothin' to fuck with.

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Mine was a Firebomb.

Fire is a bitch in oldschool DH. Especially when it bounces off the doorframe right back into our faces when we're attempting to breach a room all tacticool like.

Many Fate Points were burnt that combat.

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Okay, tentatively aiming for the game to be held Monday at 2PM EST, dependent on the Applicants. Observers are welcome, however. I'll post the IRC channel here on game day.


There's always Exelion in September

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> not even with total strangers will I get to enjoy a fun game of Warhammer 40k RPG

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guys pls

pls stahp

I've gotten like 8 applications at this point

I think I should delete the thread

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I was abit late eh?

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My next game. Play as an expendable asset Tau / Dark Eldar mercenary team for fun and profit!

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That sounds fun as hell.

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>Shas gets 8 applications in one hour
>I have to struggle in game-finder threads for days


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You takin' applications?
Totally not going to stalk your threads until then.
But tis a shame, I spent too much time looking up PDF readers.

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That sounds waaaay too fun.

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You want to host one for DH2?
I'm game.

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Three playable Tau classes (Fireblade, Pathfinder, Combat Engineer) supplement two Dark Eldar Classes (Kabalite, Wych), New guns, new vehicles, new equipment.

I'm told it's reminiscent of Shadowrun, even though I've never played Shadowrun.

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The good kinda cultural exchange!
But yes to the fireblade.
All of my yes, especially if I get to stab guys with the Bonding knife.

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As I said, I could possibly get you hooked up for Tuesdays.

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Tuesdays sound awesome.
Wonderin' if there's any homebrew stuff I could add, but better to keep it simple.
Contact details?

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What system does it use?

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We had one character who spent nearly his entire budget on grenades. It was all fun and games until he took a melta to the chest in an enclosed space. We narrowly avoided a TPK, with our guardsman dead due to a terminal case of head-lacking (not to mention the bits of the body the head took with it), our SoB missing an arm and severely burned, our psyker mostly unscathed apart from a shitton of tiny shrapnel wounds and a broken arm, and our techpriest concussed, missing both legs, an eye, and a hand. Cue cyborgification, of course. The Sororita got some kickass roboarms, on which the techpriest mounted a mini-melta and a couple assorted . The techpriest, on the other hand, had a cyber-eyepatch targeting system, mechanical legs, an integrated power fist with which he crushed skulls and punched a Warboss to death, and a whole ton of Inspector Gadget style gizmos on all of the bits. He was a pretty cool guy.

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Rogue Trader.

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Do you have Skype?
I'd just give you the GM's name per mail and tell him about it so he knows what's up.

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Just the thought of Tau/Dark Eldar mercs are cool.
Secretly writing fluff for a set of Guardsmen "Daemonhunters" that joined T'au, working as a shady Anti-Chaos cover-up force from Ethereals, taking in Aliens who worship the emprah.

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>that picture

Heh, take that, xeno rapists.

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Is your name Shas'o R'myr? Well, then, now you see why.

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I had no idea there was a new dark heresy. Does it have any more support than the old one for cyberskulls, servitors, robohounds, and cybereagles?

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So far, not yet.

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That I do sir!
But 4chan, blah blah getting tracked blah blah.
Here is a throw away account for such dealings where I can give you the contact details.
You understand.
Also I made my hotmail when I was 12 and foolish.
[email protected]

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Okay, just so everyone knows, the game is currently FULL.

However, if things change and people disappear / do not respond to confirmation emails, I'll go on through the list, so there's still hope for some of you.

Incidentally, did the board crap out for the past 20 minutes or so?

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Ministorum background.

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Yarl, the Feral World Guardsman (Warrior) is ready to roll. Gonna Guard the fuck out of whatever I'm supposed to be Guarding.

Got pretty good stats across the board... except for my Fellowship, which is 27. Yarl is not a pleasant man to talk with.

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You will be joined by Kezvira, a righteous priest of the God-Emperor from a shrine world (Hieorephant)


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